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#am I wrong
waitwhathelp · 23 hours ago
I’ve been trying to figure out what the Williams livery reminds me of and it’s been driving me crazy but i finally got it
It’s Dory
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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royalty-purple555 · a day ago
Bisexual flirts with lesbian to get attention of said lesbian’s gay brother, it fails miserably. Gay brother is an idiot
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heat-ness · 2 days ago
Jester *being amazing at tracking*
Caleb *sucks because too distracted by awe of Jester*
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klarsynt · 2 days ago
emil just seems like the person to have a sugar daddy
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cheetoflavoredcake · 2 days ago
context; the message, before it was edited, said sooga was a bottom and honestly yeah, i see it. Wise words.
Tumblr media
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idyllique-chagrin · 2 days ago
Nothing's right. This was not supposed to go like this. Everything's wrong. Nothing is okay.
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abow123456 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Bobby: an idiot sandwich what?
Buck: an idiot sandwich chef
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autisticdinosaur19 · 3 days ago
Instead of rebooting Night at the Museum just make a sitcom that's based off of it or something
Personally I'd 100% prefer watching everyone deal with just random shit and being hilarious than having them remake the movies
I mean it's not much of a competition but I'd still love to see them do this.
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urdiscordkitten · 3 days ago
all the mentally ill gay kids love english.
I don’t make the rules
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yarart4ever · 3 days ago
So I have noticed a theme...
Midoriya -> Po
mix of Bakugou and Todoroki -> Tigress
Aizawa -> Shifu
mix of Kirishima and Sero (and a tiny smidge of Mineta ((even tho I hate him)) bc of height) -> Mantis
Kaminari -> Monkey
mix of Iida, Jirou, and Tokoyami -> Crane
mix of Yaoyorozu, Uraraka and Tsu -> Viper
All Might -> Oogway
Mina -> Mei Mei
Inko Midoriya -> Mr. Ping/Li Shan/Po's mom
One for All -> Kai
Dabi -> Tai Lung
Eri -> Lei-Lei
Japanese -> Chinese
bubbly and traumitized MC wanting to become a hero but being underestimated bc they're outcasts but then turns out to be one of the most powerful people alive: Midoriya and Po
tritagonist with family/anger issues bc of trauma and is commonly shipped with MC: Todoroki, Bakugou, Tigress
tired, also traumitized teacher who has to take care of broken idiotic babies: Aizawa and Shifu
said broken idiotic babies: class 1A and Furious 5 (plus Dragon Warrior and the pandas)
side character with pink aesethic, acts like a total queen, and can dance (and are who I simp for): Mina and Mei Mei
parental figure who's always been there for MC: Inko and Mr. Ping (and somewhat Po's mom and Li)
literal god amongst their world who mentors MC: All might and Oogway
villain with blue color scheme (bonus points for blue fire manipulation) who was actually a prince fallen from grace because father figure denied them their supposed "destiny": Dabi and Tai Lung
villain who opposes literal god but also has some homosexual undertones and shows signs of being a total simp for said literal god: One for All and Kai
a literal baby, a precious ray of sunshine, a motherfrikin child who needs to be protected at all costs: Eri and Lei-Lei
in conclusion...
BNHA is the counterpart to Kung Fu Panda. no I do not make the rules, nor do I take criticism
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moonlighthobi · 3 days ago
bts most underappreciated song
now can we please talk about the fact that am i wrong is one of bts' best songs but yall just skip it??? how???? i really dont see whats missing?? the song has everything
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yailea · 3 days ago
Judging by his MC skin, Ghostbur or Alivebur’s emoticon smile to drive fear into the fans would be =)
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cartooncas · 4 days ago
I feel like 2005, 2008, 2010 , 2013 and sadly 2021 are the supernatural years
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kattmeithmath · 4 days ago
I think Origins!Ranboo should be feral. As a treat.
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its-tortle · 5 days ago
wait oh my god i’m probably late to the party but erin kellyman is the perfect fancast for rose weasley
Tumblr media
i mean-
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Chimney: *Calmly sipping coffee*
Buck: *Running by covered in flour* AHHHHHHHH!
Eddie: *Running by carrying a sack of flour* GET BACK HERE!
Chimney: *Calmly brushes flour off the counter*
Chimney: So it's going to be THAT kind of day.
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x-h3kk3ning-x · 6 days ago
White parents: you are my child. You know nothing of racism. You are just following these youth trends, I did too back in my younger days.
Their kid: I'm 30, mom.
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emilythebookqueen · 6 days ago
I just know Rhys would love You Belong With Me (Taylor’s Version)
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