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freddysglove · 2 days ago
slasher reactions to being surprised with a hug
includes: jason, bubba, michael (OG and RZ), freddy, chucky, tiffany, ghostface (billy and stu), pyramid head, jeff the killer, and amanda.
- he'd automatically assume that it was someone trying to ambush him
- he'd turn around ready to kill whoever the attacker is, but would immediately sheathe when he saw it was you
- he would smile a little under his mask at the sight of you and hug you so hard that he picks you up
- still wouldn't be happy that you could’ve gotten yourself hurt surprising him like that, though
- he couldn’t be actually angry with you, but after you broke the hug he'd shake his head at you in disapproval
he was working on a new mask for you as a present. while he worked, you came up behind him and startled him; making him accidentally cut the skin halfway up the cheek. you’d spend the next few minutes consoling him while he held his broken gift. after hugging him a bunch and apologizing profusely, you sat down with him and suggested to just stitch the skin up. you could see in his eyes, behind his own stitched-up mask, he had an, “oh. duh.” moment.
- more big hugs after you both finish the mask
- you won’t be surprising him while he works anymore, though
- yeah not a good idea
- he would turn his head and slam you into the wall with one hand on your throat
- not happy with you even after he realizes it’s you
- would stand there for a few more seconds while cutting off the circulation to your brain to make sure you got the hint not to do that again
- after he drops his hand from your throat he’d show zero remorse
- later he might make you some popcorn or throw you a store-bought cookie as an informal apology
if we’re talking about old man myers, he’d remove his hand faster than young michael. grandpa would shake his head at you and glare. in his own way, he was calling you stupid. he gets more tired of your shit the older he is.
michael (rz)
- he’d turn around with his defenses up
- would look down on you while tilting his head
- it would be a bit awkward
- he wouldn’t hug back at all, he’d just stand there like a statue examining your every movement
- when you removed yourself, he’d be just as still as when the hug started
- he would follow you around later blocking your pathways to ask you for a hug without actually “asking”
- he wouldn’t stop until you figured it out
- even after you did, he still wouldn’t hug back
- still, he’d look content and relaxed- which is something you never saw 
- you’d have to move his arms yourself if you wanted him to hug you back
- after you did that, though, he’d basically never let go
- ‘perfect, now nothing can touch them without getting through me’
- “someone miss me?”
- he’d know it was you before you spoke a single word. 
- he controls the entire universe around you while you were dreaming, you weren’t sure why you ever thought you could actually surprise him
- he’d turn around and kiss you roughly
- no matter what your intentions were, he’d assume they were sexual
- he’d hug you back, but his hands would always have ulterior motives
- his gloved hand would reach around your torso and cut down your shirt until the fabric fell through the cracks in the catwalk
- voila wet dream
- would be very startled
- he was reading a book on voodoo when, out of nowhere, he gets picked up off the ground?!
- “what the fuck?” he’d shout 
- before he could bend down and bite your arm, he heard your snickering
- “i’m not a stuffed animal. jesus.” he’d complain
- you’d turn him around and laugh at how surprised he still looked
- he’d grumble about how he should just kill you because, “then i wouldn’t have to deal with this kinda crap”
- he’d still let you hug him to your chest, though. no complaints then.
- “oh!”
- she’d do a cute little shriek before looking down and recognizing your hands
- she’d giggle and wrap her hands in yours
- “did you miss me, sweetface?”
- she would turn around and plant a gentle kiss on your lips before getting back to what she was doing
- she’d invite you to sit with her while she did her work, though
ghostface (billy)
- his shoulders would immediately go stiff
- he’d turn his head and recognize the smell of your shampoo
- “need something?” he’d ask to hide the fact that he was gaining anything from this
- he rarely ever hugged you back, but that didn’t mean that he didn’t still enjoy your hugs. secretly.
- he didn’t like to show vulnerability, but he was extremely touch deprived
- so he very much appreciated the one-sided hugs you’d give him
ghostface (stu)
- “hey, doll!”
- he’d know it was you without any hints. 
- he would turn around and pick you up while laughing to himself
- he loved hugs, but he loved this even more
- walking around with you on him or in his arms made him feel like he owned the world
- he was more than happy to show you off
- often, he was the one to surprise you with a hug
- at parties, he would pick you up off your feet while you were mid-convo with someone else to drop you on the couch and cuddle with you
- you were pretty sure it mostly stemmed from jealousy, but he’d never admit it
pyramid head
you had followed him on one of his hunts, snickering to yourself as you followed closely behind. he had just finished taking out a smaller monster and was moving into another room. in your mind, this was you getting back at him after he scared you several times back when you first met. 
- he’d shriek inhumanely in surprise, so loudly that it would make you jump back
- “it’s me, it’s me!” you’d have to repeat as lifted his sword off the ground while walking toward you
- after staring for a few moments, he’d drop it hard on the ground with a loud clunk
- he’d pick you up and throw you on his shoulder so he knew where you were at all times
- if you came with him on any hunts after that, he always had you over his shoulder
- once you got to your home your ribs would be sore from hanging over his back for so long
jeff the killer
- he would finch from the sudden contact
- “what are you doin’?” he’d remove your arms before turning around to glare
- he didn’t like hugs
- especially when he didn’t initiate it
- he heavily preferred cuddling (again, only when he initiated it)
- while in bed, he’d turn to you, usually half asleep, and nuzzle his head into you
- you get brownie points if you play with his hair until he falls asleep
- if you ever spoke to anyone about the cuddling, though, he’d make sure to never do it again
- amanda would also be a flincher
- you could basically feel her skin jump from the sudden contact
- “hey, you scared me.” 
- she’d finally release the tension when she realized it was you
- she’d put down whatever she was doing to wrap her arms and hands around yours and close her eyes
- she didn’t get to relax often, so she really enjoyed these moments
- it would probably transition into holding hands and walking to the bed to cuddle and watch a movie
- since she always made sure to fall asleep before you, she’d hold you while you dozed off 
- she would run her fingers through your hair as she watched your sleepy face
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Most people are so ungrateful to be alive, but not you.
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Been needing to make this for awhile now.
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Amanda doodle at work
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Amanda and Danny :)
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amanda constructing intricate rituals to touch other women, I see what’s up
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sugar-mushroom · 2 days ago
I drew a drawing based on the last saved photo in my gallery
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superfreak-archive · 6 months ago
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Favorite horror movie advise: Things you don’t want to do this Halloween
Michael and Laurie should be here as well but I didn’t had de time to make one of Halloween I’m sorry
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danny got a secret admirer
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gallyg · 9 months ago
I hate when I get obsessed with multiple things at once because it's like "oh no, I spent all my free time playing Yugioh, I was supposed to waste the afternoon thinking about what Thanksgiving was like at the Jigsaw Killers' place :("
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Some scary scary people
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gracesledomas · 2 months ago
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2000's Horror Appreciation Week ⤷Day 1: Favorite Final Girl - Amanda Young
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Pick a movie. Keep one actor. Everyone else is a Muppet.
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amanda >_<
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Saw 2004 promotional posters by Shoolery Design
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hello mandy yassification
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Girlfriend material
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It’s me I’m bitches
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