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niftyvisuals · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Hello everyone!
With 10 days to go, we've reached the second stretch goal. Now steadily heading towards the next one to hopefully secure ourselves some partial voice acting for our beloved cast >w<)9
It's Shawn and Lilith's turn to be featured in our character spotlight today! Now we can settle if he's Darryl's servant or Lilith's. 🤴⚔️🐇
◆ Shawn is an excellent listener, but despite popular belief, most of the advice he gives is a little… too literal, to say the least. Asking him for advice on how to pick up boys, for example, might be met with the suggestion to lift them from the knees.
◆ Perhaps fittingly, Shawn enjoys knitting and crocheting in his free time. Most of his creations are baskets and cutesy accessories for Lilith; Darryl jokes that her wardrobe is easily twice the size of his own.
Tumblr media
◆ Homunculi are not known to be particularly expressive, and Shawn is no different. Instead, Lilith seems to have taken it upon herself to ‘react’ for him, and she tends to become especially expressive whenever her caretaker feels unusually strongly about something.
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laulyssa · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Suuli Mel'Pomme
The Wanderer | [she/her] | 32
Bright and conversational, Suuli has always been a magnetic presence for those looking for an empathetic ear. With a playful glint in her eye, she has an unnerving knack of asking just the right question at the right time, drawing truth and vulnerability out of those least willing to give it.
Such skill has been a lifeline for Suuli. At age 23, Suuli set out from the Shograss Steppe for the long eastern coast of the Wu Con Ret Kingdom, searching for people in need of her services; discourse and companionship in death. While few places are welcoming to the Kehn, that does not stop Suuli.
Because she is as Kehn, and to the Kehn death is a duty.
Tumblr media
Under a fisherman's awning
Amidst the gull cries and fisher calls, hoarse laughter rings out from under the protection of a salt-crusted canvas tarp. Suuli smiles sheepishly, happy to have the dying man’s happiness at last.
The ocean smelled worse than she imagined. That’s what she told him. Seashore funk, fish heads, and seaweed sex, it reminded her more of boiled cabbage than anything.
Despite his circumstances, he laughed.
“Wouldn’t recommend gettin’ any closer then, young lady. I smell like death.”
Words to accompany a whiff of warning; ocean musk from the port mix with a smell so pungent, so barbed, it would be enough to make milk curdle; it is the smell of flesh free from life.
She scrunches her nose more in jest than in genuine disgust.
“And what about life?” She prods.
“What’d you mean?”
“I mean, if you smell like death, what does life smell like? What did your life smell like?”
Tumblr media
Stronger Legs
On the crest of the hill Suuli pauses to shift the weight of her pack. It has become easier to bear despite its increasing weight. Before, the weight of a sleeping pad and two days worth of food was enough to exhaust her after only a few hours. Now, the horizon of her own limits is far from view.
Tumblr media
A Clifftop Manor
The widow was surprisingly lively for someone preparing for their own funeral. Suuli watched her flit back and forth between her writing desk and window, wry after being dragged from the city gates and straight into the estate of the late local real estate mogul.
“I trust you’re familiar with wills in solemn form.”
She was, indeed, not familiar with wills “in solemn form”.
“Uh, well, as a Kehn, I can’t be the executioner of a will. It would be immoral.”
“I’m well aware,” the widow ushers Suuli towards the writing desk with one hand and, wetting an ink stone with the other.
“You are responsible for an execution of a different nature. Sign here,” she taps a lacquered fingernail on a piece of parchment and Suuli, unable to get a word in edgewise, dutifully obeys.
“Excellent. The funeral is scheduled four days from now. A room has been prepared for you in the meantime. I expect you in my personal chambers tomorrow evening groomed and… washed.”
Tumblr media
Mu’hana, The City of Pearls
Plumes of smoke rises from the city in great belows of iridescent purple, not from any individual chimney or flare, but from the city as a whole.
No one had believed her when she first spotted the smoke, only a trickling stream of haze at the time. Even the elder Kehn of the Artel couldn’t see it at the time. How could a child without her horns be privy to the fate of a city leagues away?
They did come to believe her, years later. It was her birthright that she was the first to see, a fact she was once proud of but no longer. There’s nothing to be proud of seeing eventual tragedy.
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twincovesgame · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to Twin Coves…
Step into the shoes of a newbie private investigator as they unravel the series of supernatural murders that shake their small seaside hometown.
Demo Features:
15k words!
9 mysterious hotties!
1.5 hour playtime!
4 CGs!
3 flavors of waffles! 🧇
1 ending! (We got endings already, folks!)
1 (or more) murders!
and a whole lot of choices!
Tumblr media
Twin Coves is a paranormal romance meets murder mystery themed visual novel currently under development. It features a customizable protagonist, 9 male love interests who may have secrets of their own, and choices that could very well lead to an early grave if you’re not careful.
This game is rated MA-17 and includes discussions of death and grief, characters dealing with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD, references to and brief depictions of blood and violence, alcohol use, strong language, and content of a sexual nature.
Tumblr media
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englishotomegames · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Arcadia Fallen
Release date (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Steam) English: November 17th, 2021
“When a young alchemist apprentice is unwillingly bound to an illegal spirit, they suddenly find themselves tied up in a war between humanity and magic, and must join a group of unlikely heroes to escape their own doom, hopefully saving the world along the way.”
This is a new game by Galdra Studios! You can buy it from here, or from Steam here. A version for Nintendo Switch is set to be released later this year.
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jelpiparade · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Hello~! This is Jellyfish Parade, a small indie dev that makes otome games and VNs. I wanted to share our kickstarter here for our newest game, Belle Automata!
Belle Automata is a science fiction otome game. Play as Aureve [renameable], a sentient tapestry-weaving android who's been given a new life when she is purchased by a mysterious benefactor after the death of her former master. Navigate this new strange world with humans, cyborgs and of course romanceable androids!
Support us on Kickstarter | Wishlist us on Steam! | Try the Demo
If fully funded, the completed game will include:
2 Love Interests
5-8 hours of play depending on reading speed
Full VA for all voiced dialogue
Blinking animations
6 endings
Stretch goals include:
2 additional love interests
6 additional endings
5-8 additional hours of play
Fully Voiced VA for non-dialogue portions
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the-remainder · a month ago
Tumblr media
A new Ilar piece made for celebration of releasing the Act 2 on Steam.
If you buy it you will help support us while we are working on the final Act. And it’s nice to hear positive feedback because they always boost our motivation. :)
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vanade · a month ago
Tumblr media
Halloween with the Halloween Scrooge ghost bois. They get that evening off, btw. 
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kin-silver-jewel · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Looks like I’m doing that picture sam @twincovesgame! Congrats on reaching the first stretch goal! I guess I could put it up for a vote. Rook or Azriel? Or both?
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niftyvisuals · a month ago
Tumblr media
Royal Order Demo - Released!
Time to set sail out on the open sea! Royal Order's first demo is now officially released on both Steam and Itchio.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The demo covers the first 10 weeks of the Visual Novel and is meant to give you a feel for its gameplay, art style and writing. 
Please note that the full release will contain additional scenes for these parts of the story. In addition, some of our assets are still works-in-progress and will be polished in the final release.
Demo Features
◆ 52k words, around 5 hours of gameplay
◆ 7 death endings
◆ 1 survival ending (3 paths)
◆ 15 CGs (incl. gender variations)
◆ 29 Chibi Illustrations (incl. gender variations)
Our Kickstarter campaign is set for the 10th of November 2021 at 3PM GMT-4! More information will be announced soon.
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dulcetgames · a month ago
Tumblr media
👻 Get your spook on Scholars! 
Sweet Elite's Ch. 9 is FREE to play until October 31st!🎃 
Happy playing! 🎮
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twincovesgame · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
💙💙💙 Back the game on Kickstarter HERE 💙💙💙
Step into the shoes of a newbie private investigator as they unravel the series of supernatural murders that shake their small seaside hometown.
Twin Coves is a paranormal romance meets murder mystery themed visual novel currently under development. It features a customizable protagonist, 6 (possibly 9) male love interests who may have secrets of their own, and choices that could very well lead to an early grave if you’re not careful.
This game is rated MA-17 and includes discussions of death and grief, characters dealing with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD, references to and brief depictions of blood and violence, alcohol use, strong language, and content of a sexual nature.
Tumblr media
Links: Demo | Kickstarter | Patreon | | Twitter | Ko-fi
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ligiawrites · 3 months ago
AU: "The Bloodchemist" #1
Tumblr media
Hematita 7. Mathias
(let chance decide >> AU) + "Your lips may be sweet, but your heart"
AU: The Bloodchemist
cw: descriptions of blood, drinking blood, and manipulation. Brief sexual innuendos.
Tumblr media
BEING one of the few human professors remaining in Opala's Blood Academy of the Regenerative Arts—a fancy, if not misleading name for a vampiric science academy—can be exhaustive, but you like the work you do. You're fed, protected, paid, and educated on subjects that range from simple mortal knowledge to the very rare and sought-after work of the grand Vampire Alchemists of Old.
On top of your lectures and studies, as your mother, and her mother before her, you're a Draco. A Commander, if you will, representing the humans on the small kingdom-island of Opala during the meetings of the vampire council.
Because of that, you're used to being invited to parties such as this, in which the gold in the guests' gowns compete with the Grand Castle's decoration.
Still, you're not used to being invited to the company of Count Mathias Jan Yvanson himself.
You let out a trembly sigh as you clasp your hands at your back and offer him a low bow. When you straighten your back again, you meet those steel-grey eyes focused on you.
"Count Mathias," you greet. You glance at the Count's sibling and gulp. The way Mandreis Jay Yvanson plays with their dagger sends a cold jolt of danger down your spine. "Your messenger forgot to mention the reason for my visit, so I brought an early version of my yearly report with me." You try to smile, but the pressure of Mathias's gaze has you almost wincing instead. Schooling your expression, you add, "I work on them gradually, rather than filling them a day before my deadline."
You never liked that word. Not when an immortal—and very much deceased—being stares at you like Mathias does.
"How... dutiful. Thank you, Commander." Mathias reaches for the folder your personal guard offers and hands it to his sibling. With a wave of his hand, Mathias sends young Valência away.
You two share an uncertain gaze, but you nod—if the Count wants her out of his office, there's not much you can do about it. When Valência closes the door at her back, Lady Melike Jal Yvanson locks it.
There's humor in their voice when Mandreis says, "Please, Commander. Do sit down. Breathe."
And only then do you notice that the loud clack of the iron lock has sprung you to your feet. Your heart is racing; you must control yourself. With the sketch of a smile, you swallow hard and pivot around to look at the Count. Mathias holds your gaze and offers a hand, palm up, to receive yours.
You hesitate. Mathias narrows his eyes.
A pair of delicate hands rest on your shoulders and pushes you down to your chair. Those same hands draw a gentle caress on your hair, combing it back and away from your face... and neck.
"You know how much my siblings appreciate candid humans, Commander." Melike brushes a gentle thumb on the exposed skin under your jaw—you shiver—and focuses on your hair again. "So I'd suggest using all your honesty right now."
Your reflection on a closed window shows Lady Melike tying your hair with a long ribbon. The silk in it is glossy and of a deep, dark red. When Melike brushes the ribbon over your shoulder and lets it fall across your chest, you have a distinct impression that you're not looking at fabric, but at your impending death.
She smiles. People often say Lady Melike's threats are the most elegant in court, but you never realized how much until now.
Mathias opens and closes his hand again. This time, you place your hand on his.
"I'm... I'm ready to be honest, of course. Always." You decide to embellish your point a little more and to talk about honor, force, or discipline, but no words come out.
"I think this family is tired of your pretty words." Mathias raises your hand and turns it around. "We all know you haven't been honest with me."
On the inner part of Mathias's wrist, you see the small punctures on the place he often offers you to feed on. On the inner part of yours, the vampiric powers he lends you almost make you see your blood pumping in your veins.
Mathias touches you. Only one finger, resting cold and hard against your warm skin. It's part of the ritual, and you know it; your heart picks up. You lick your trembly lips and hold back a whimper as Mathias slides a long nail on your skin.
When was the last time he fed you, anyway? A week ago? Three months? It feels like a decade. Your lips burn, your mouth aching with hunger and desire. Deep down, you know you shouldn't.
Don't drink it. Keep it in your mouth again. Resist!
But you can't.
"Such is the luck of a ghoul," Mandreis says. "Half of the time in control of their humanity and free will, and the other half, kneeling before us with an open mouth." They get up and stalk towards you, tossing up and catching their dagger. "Now be an excellent little ghoul"—They stab their dagger on the backrest of your chair with a thump—"and tell us everything you've been doing for the crimson market."
"Everything you've been doing behind our backs," Melike adds.
"And everything you'll do to make me happy," Mathias completes.
Your eyes widen. They know.
"I did—"
"Don't say you did nothing," Mandreis growls. "We know of your little experiments in alchemy."
"We know you've been selling them for the highest bidder," Melike says. "The blood chemist, is it? Such a dreadful title. Such a grave offense to the blood that feeds you."
"My tinctures were harmless!" you lie. "Only a little tinge of vampiric blood to heal illnesses and treat Life Force wounds on the—"
Violence flashes in Mathias's eyes, and you feel the blood draining from your face.
"Do not lie to me, Commander." The Count walks around his desk and nudges Mandra and Melike aside. He takes in your expression, smirks, and bites his wrist. "You'll not lie to me." There's a thin trail of dense, purple-red blood running down his forearm when he stops in front of you. "You'll drink me," he says.
And as much as you try to resist the urge, you obey, flaming lips meeting the freeze of the vampire's skin.
"Your lips may be sweet, but your heart is coated in greed, huh." Mathias pats your hair as you suck his blood, his power reaching out and covering every inch of your body. "I like that, Commander. But I want that greed to serve only me. You will not lie to me ever again. Is that clear, pet?"
And you raise your head, delighted and spent, your eyelids heavy over your eyes.
"Yes, My Liege."
Mathias clears the corner of your lips with a thumb and slides it into your mouth. You let him open it and move your head this way and that, checking for himself that yes, you drank it all.
"Good." He leans back and licks the place your lips touched. "Now tell me about your experiments, Commander. I want to know every little thing about them."
Tumblr media
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stchematelier · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
After a stressful week, a dispassionate college student becomes attracted to a stranger met at a Halloween party, only for this encounter to become deadly. Will they survive the night?
The Raven is an upcoming +16 horror visual novel project for Spooktober VN Jam 2021. The game contains mature content, descriptions of gore, vermiphobia, blood and implicit sexual content.
Pronoun and Gender Choice
Gender Customizable LI
Original Soundtracks
Five Endings
To see more behind the scenes, follow us on Twitter (@/strng_notes) or Tumblr (@stchematelier). We will be posting weekly updates.
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traumendesmadchen · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
I’m alive...and so is #Chronotopia! COVID tried to silence me but I just don’t know when to give up 😅.  I'm slowly dusting off our social media accounts, progress will follow as soon as possible!
Since it’s been far too long, here’s a screenshot from the Bear Ending. Behold, my finely crafted word, packed with emotions. Truly, I don’t need any translation as this piece of dialogue just speaks for itself! 😆
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the-remainder · a month ago
The Remainder Act 2 released on Steam!
Get it here!
Finally those who were waiting for the Steam version can read the continuation of the story. We hope you will enjoy it and leave us a review if you do!
Help us spread the word! Reblog this or tell your friend about our dear magi. <3
Tumblr media
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vanade · a month ago
Tumblr media
I just finished the final version of my #spooktobervnjam visual novel! It was a demo for that game jam, and now 4 weeks after the jam, it’s a completed story.
Halloween Scrooge is "A Christmas Carol" meets Halloween, and you can flirt with the ghosts! (Please flirt with the ghosts). You're the grumpy main character, freshly moved to a new town and unenthusiastic about celebrating Halloween. Three handsome ghosts make it their mission to convince you otherwise.
This is a linear visual novel with choices that affect flavourtext and a customizable protagonist name (gender is unspecified/neutral throughout!). Download or play it on web at here! 
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kin-silver-jewel · 2 months ago
Hey Sam @twincovesgame I finally have a frame to fit them all. Only need Mr. Luna to fill it 😁
Tumblr media
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herotome · 16 days ago
Devlog #52
Hi-ho, Wudge here! It's that time of week againnnn.
Organized my notes and now have a pretty hardy start to Jade's scene. I still want to flesh it out a bit but it has more of a natural flow now.
Still... editing... Griffin's scene.... ONE last part remaining 😩
Tumblr media
Big props to Remnantation, we've finished rendering Dart's helmet sprite!! Might add just one more little touch to it soon. A little animated touch.
(Playing through Dart's screen looking for something to screencap, heck, I wanna smooth out the flow of this scene too. :\ I'll get to it when I edit.)
Bought an external hard drive and backed up everything there. I'm reluctant to send my computer to the computer vet though, because that process will take like two weeks. e_e I'll keep using it for a while longer.
I... for legal/financial reasons.... finally have to come up with a studio name/register as a business. Blehhh. I thought of a pretty decent name, but the department of business website in my country is so not user friendly. We'll figure it out though. It's like pulling teeth but eventually they'll run out of teeth.
Code! The lovely @synstoria worked on some code to make my life easier: a minimum width for the namebox, a timestamp for the checkpoint system, and ensuring you can exit menus by pressing ESC. <3
I've been steadily drawing expressions for everybody... except Dart, who's spending his screentime in a helmet. I get to push off expression drawing for him for a while lol, yayyy. But let's see - so far I've sketched out...
Warden: 26 expressions
Griffin: 12 expressions
Mia: 28 expressions
Jade: 4 expressions
Not all of these will make the cut of course - they're just concept sketches - but I'm glad to finally be making headway.
I hope you’re all staying safe and keeping warm.
Much love,
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