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- I had a biscuit for breakfast with jam this morning like a fatass

- then I had my vitamins ! I take a teen daily vitamin and an iron supplement

- then I had 1 noodle of Mac and cheese

- my sister looked worried bc I hadn’t eaten in 12 hours so I ate half of a granola bar and gave my sister the rest

- then I ordered 2 tacos and rice and,, I got too scared to finish them either of them

Total cals: 772

Cals burned: 323

Total net cals: 449

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Ive had a few really carb heavy days (again). But, not letting it stop me! Everyone has a few bumps, that’s why it’s a journey. I’m trying not to hop on the scales throughout the week.

Today I am working from home. I’ve got a few Skype calls this afternoon and a webinar tonight! I’m going to try and get out this morning for a walk and then do a class later.

Meals for the day should include Weetabix for breakfast, maybe a sandwich for dinner, and I’m making a pea and ham soup for tea.

Happy Thursday 😊

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Treating myself tonight to a few glasses of wine and (diet) lemonade! I’ve been working really hard on my 20,000 word MA dissertation. It’s not due until October but I am starting work as a teacher in September, so I want it done by August, so I only have to proofread it! I am also going to be doing my PhD in January 2021, so I need it to be perfect. The more time to proofread and look back will be better!

Most of my sources are in French and stuck in French archives. 20,000 doesn’t seem like a lot, but I swear I’ve already invested 6 months of research.

Happy Tuesday 😊

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