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working-dreamer · 5 months ago
Sure, I’ll say it.
Sonic and the Black Knight is a fantastic game that deserves a Switch remake. Shoot, throw in Secret Rings. Make it a duo remake. Those games have amazing stories that are hindered by the gameplay- but only because the controls were beyond what the Wii could reasonably handle at that point in time.
Black Knight handled its controls better, but you could still argue that the game’s controls were not the best overall. The Switch is basically a evolution of the Wii in terms of controls anyway so those two games could be amazing on the Switch now that the hardware can utilize the game’s mechanics.
If Skyward Sword (a Zelda game that was mostly hated because of its controls) could be fixed up and ported to the Switch and can be considered a great game now because of the control changes… then legit I think the same could be done for Sonic and the Secret Rings/Black Knight. Those games have an amazing story and characterization that doesn’t get enough love. And if the games got updated with Switch controls, I’d bet a lot more people would enjoy the stories those games tried to tell.
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blahwithasideofblah · 2 months ago
So I just realized Amy March was the original Sansa Stark...
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almost-spring · 5 months ago
I finished dragon age 2 again and I'm sad
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zuko-just-wants-his-honor · a month ago
The songs in Season 2 of The Witcher are so good. Joey Batey has a nice voice. After binge watching the first season last week, I finished Season 2 the day it came out.
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nosfelixculpa · a month ago
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coffee-fueled-sloth · 3 months ago
Far Cry 6: You can pet animals, from dogs to pelicans.
Also the protag occasionally sings along with the radio, like so:
10/10, I am truly livin' la vida loca.
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batwoods · a month ago
physically about to throw up
#i do not ship jaskier and geralt although i do See that the homoerotism is there and definitely on purpose #but this is like... 'oh we saw the shippers and we want to be in on it but we are just gonna have a laugh though' #i do think it's clear enough that it's a joke that no one will get their hopes up about an actual acknowledgement of jaskier's feelings #which remain absolutely subtextual and only used as a joke since none of it is textually canon #and i get that then there's the videogames in between the canon and this adaptation which complicates matters even more #but at the end of the day jaskier remains deeply heterosexual! #my point is that although i love to see it and the song is very good and this whole thing is FUNNY i Don't Know how to feel about it #i Don't Know if it's tasteless to laugh at lgbti+ people for shipping them (even if it's done so well. like this is artistic and honest) #or if it's fine because they are in on it and are and have been aware of the ship before they even started s1 and maybe ship it a bit #themselves but cannot change the canon so they opt to put the ship in as a bit of a joke that does acknowledge their subtext #and also take the chance to honor that through what's and amazing song that would also work as a serious ballad if this was textual #so they are giving people crumbs but at least they are doing something? #good or bad idk but i do know this is not queerbaiting given there's literally a book and game canon that we know they won't change #even if they put this subtext in so if people dare to say that they are plainly stupid #also if there wasn't a canon these thing would absolutely and merely be mostly homophobic jokes from the get go #with no hopes of resolving in anything else and thinking it would be otherwise just mean people don't know how to analyze media! #anyways lots of feelings i guess I'll just enjoy the song because it's good and i Don't ship them so i have no hurt feelings #a lot of typos here sorry #Spotify
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lindorthedragonslayer · a year ago
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#ff7rweek ▪ Day 3: Command — Option A: Yellow + Option B: Music & Lyrics { credits: #00008 }
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rhinoyo · 9 months ago
*jumps up and down* the 8path soundtrack is absolutely gorgeous and i think you should listen to a sea breeze blows RIGHT now
#cos talkz #IVE TRIED TO HOLD BACK EXPRESSING MY NEVER-ENDING LOVE FOR THIS OST FOR SO LONG BUT I CANT *NOT* TALK ABOUT IT ANY LONGER #THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG IN THE SOUNDTRACK AND I LOVE IT INFINITELY ACTUALLY #8path tracks do such an incredible job at conveying feeling and setting and they all match their locations/scenes/characters SO WELL #like AGHHGGH!!!!!!!!!!! THIS ONE!!!!!!!!! the feeling of the coastlands and the beginning of journey and the ocean and the air and ITS JUST. #ITS PERFECT IT TRULY IS #my other favorite songs are town veiled in white!!!! the decisive battles + battle at journey’s end!!!! the coastlands & riverlands!!!! #AND THE **MAIN THEME** #AND MANY MORE BUT THOSE ARE THE ONES THAT COME TO MIND #TOWN VEILED IN WHITE.... ITS *SO GOOD* #it plays in northreach and so i connect it with theri’s ch4 and it just brings feelings of vague sorrow and peace and snow and it’s just #ITS SO SO PRETTY.... <333333 #AND THE BATTLE THEMES..!.!!!! OGHHGHH THEYRE SO GOOD. JUST THE WAY ALL OF THEM ARE ARRANGED IS **FANTASTIC** #the coastlands and riverlands themes are just wonderful because i clearly connect them with tress + alf respectively and i love them #AND. AND. THE MAIN THEME..!.!!!! IS JUST COMPLETELY AMAZING ITS JUST SO GOOD #it fits SO WELL AS THE THEME it’s wonderfully wonderfully composed to fit the emotions of Journey #and opening the game to it + the lil visual of the travelers walkin around their respective lands IS ALWAYS SO NICE #ANYWAY. THAT WAS A LOT OF TAGS. IN SUMMARY THIS GAME’S MUSIC IS SPECTACULAR AND I HAD TO TALK ABOUT IT EBDKEJKD #thank you if you read this i’m sorry i ramble so much HEHEJGJB <333333
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a-queen-of-the-clouds · a year ago
Not to be controversial but I geniunely believe that the reason swifties act like End Game is the worst Taylor song is just because one day y’all decided Ed Sheeran was public enemy number one and that’s ok but that song is actually fun and you’re just annoying
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novaneondream · a year ago
Ok but quiCk because I just saw a new trailer for the new Gintama Final Movie and I- HHHHHH the way I experienced 10,000 different emotions in the span of a minute and a half :) got me laughing and then crying in the next couple seconds in good ole Gintama fashion. The way I’m not emotionally reADY. aHaha... it’s fine.
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reachthezeneth · 10 months ago
NO CHEATING! you’re starring in a movie with the last person saved in your camera roll and the last song you listened to is the title. WHO/WHAT IS IT?
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Honestly, this is gonna be my day dream material this week: me and the bros living life to the fullest ✨
Tagged by @fraaawst , thanksh yo! 💕
I am tagging @efe-uno, @landofnorris, @nathanieldewalde (I know Laura tagged you but still lol) and @hotdadlicense ❤️❤️❤️
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wanderingbandurria · a year ago
The song title doesn’t have to start with a V, just has to have it in the name, right? I’ve got one for you: The Smiths - There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
Hi hi hi! Thank you so much for this song!!! It's such a classic and yeah hahaha this is sort of cheating in the game but I'll allow it!!! So - this is shaping to be a longer fic that I can handle without beta again, so I'll be posting it during the week. This is such a Sirius-running-from-Grimmauld's song, and it spells angst, but I decided to go to a different route that I'm pretty excited about exploring!
In the meantime, I want to offer this picture I took a few months ago for reference/inspo for an Aussie Tradie! AU I meant to write - the fic for this song won't be about that but it has some similar scenes with country-side road trips included, so I hope you like it and accept my apology for the delay 💜💜
Tumblr media
Also, for everyone else that sent me amazing songs: thank you loves!!! You are all the best. I intended to spend my Sunday listening to music and writing but life happened (nothing too terrible, just... My partner being injuried, which means I have to take care of things at home on top of the end of the semester) - so I really hope I can manage to keep playing this and give you guys some nice answers in the next two weeks.
Y'all can keep sending me songs if you want to!!! I'll be sure to listen to them and I'll be thankful as hell of having some distraction while I navigate life 💜💜💜
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astralis-shipping · a year ago
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echo-leech · a year ago
I cant stop thinking abt how, for some reason, the five humans did not attempt to cope with the whole torture-forever-by-a-rogue-ai by using escapism? Everybodys different, i know, but in their place i probably wouldve ended up living in my head instead. Although AM could probably interrupt that, persistence and stubbornness are not lacking within me
But i do think itd be very funny is AM actually chose the humans while avoiding anybody that could count as a storyteller or artist or musician, just cuz he didnt want to deal with all that lmaooo
#ok but i do think that ellison intended it to be that in the original short story all of em were completely randomly chosen #i think itd be more of a fucked up painful thing to know that out of millions of ppl u got to live. u get to be tortured. #and he'd leave you in a constant state of confused anxiety because did he choose randomly but if he didnt why did he choose -- #whereas the game and radio drama pretty clearly aim for him to have chosen them specifically (especially nimdok) #but yes choosing them specifically i put money on him having a list of ppl and goin 'hmmm no not u not u... not u u would make funny songs-- #--to cope and we cant have that' #i just think art is an integral piece of the human spirit and maybe some angst over losing it (either cuz none of em have the skills or-- #--AM pried it outta their skulls) would be good. very good #theres actually a really amazing fanfic series on ao3 that ive read 3 times over now that kinda addresses it #also yeah i do see why it would prob be brutally squashed. the human mind likes to fixate on pain and misery; i find it likely that even if- #-they did try ultimately it would end up upsetting at least one person leading to tension and arguments to shut up instead #hm #i guess you could also point out that hope is often tied to art and in painful situations if it feels like theres no hope then theres no-- #--hmmmm dont knoe the correct but - no ability to create because why bother when it doesnt matter #*finger guns* yeehaw man thats existential bullshit i deal with daily. but itd be much worse if you were among the last humans alive #and the future is just full of nonstop misery forever #so #this is a bad take in general but it keeps bouncing around in my head half formed #i cant figure a way to formulate and develop it better so im just gonna throw it here and try to forget abt it #but absolutely yes go read that fanfic series its called animal vegetable mineral by stilitana #fucking amazing i still need to leave a comment + want to reread it again its so good. actually wanna reread+ comment on a buncha ihn fics #echo leech speaks
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Hey 😀
eeep! hey babes, your song is....
Tumblr media
Trampoline by SHAED 😘❤️
hey let's make a playlist!
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limit-list · a year ago
why hello there!
i have snatched you a song! it is “Lemon Boy” by Cavetown! another song that masquerades as an upbeat song but is actually!! very sad!!! i did say in my last post that it’s emo hours, but feel free to ask for a different song if you’d like a happy one!
send me a “hey” and i’ll give ya a song :)
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saoirseunaronan · 2 years ago
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i don’t wanna touch you, i don’t wanna be just another ex-love you don’t wanna see i don’t wanna miss you like the other girls do
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noonfaerie · a year ago
I'll be boring, but how about top 5 of your fave songs? :)
this is impossible, because I literally have 30+ fave songs and can’t rank them, but as of TODAY, I’m hyperfocused on these:
i want it all /queen
maybe, i /des rocs (actually, no, EVERY SINGLE ONE of his songs, I’m serious, he is the king of music)
oh no (made in muscle shoals) /the revivalists
oh john - choir ver. /the hope county choir; from far cry 5 ost + the rest of the cultist songs as well
vagrant song (deep south) /ryan ike, joshua du chene; from where the water tastes like wine ost + white rider from the same ost
dream on (cover) /scott bradlee’s postmodern jukebox, morgan james
house of the rising sun (cover) /the house on cliff
you’ve got to walk /the bedquilt ramblers, ben babbitt; from kentucky route zero ost
—   💌 put “top 5” anything in my ask
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orallech · 2 years ago
Getting through the ending of control mood:
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