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phil has been making many people (including god) play games over the years so i guess in a couple of hours it will be our turn

as long as he doesn’t make us play “cards against humanity phan edition” i’m fine with it

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All of Phil’s instagram stories from 24/02/21

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I’m suuuuper outta practice lol dont judge too hard pleeease haha but tis phil!!!!

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i cant believe another liveshow is already happening i havent even provessed CAH yet

i know why we took 2018 for granted, we weren’t allowed to have time to let anything sink in, it’s not our faults, it’s just overwhelming and crazy ahhhhhh

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aksjdjd dan and phil mail day because they were having a sale somewhat recently :))

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plssssss it would be so iconic and hilarious

future historians looking back but instead in 100 years they’re making fun of people of rn claiming dnp are gal pals

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13 year old me really thought she’d be somewhere else in 10 years

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Video: Dan & Phil - LOCKDOWN LADS I Full Stereo Live (FHD)

video posted by LonelyWriter (fantastic channel btw) 


Ps the only thing said prior to the start of this video is  

P: Hello, Hello  

D: Hello  

P: Hello  

D: Hi Phil  

P: Hi Dan  

0:00 laughing intro & coat story  

1:10 message #1 @mayhemdjh (how are you?)  

1:46 instastory poll  

2:14 message #2 @snikidy_snike (hello)  

2:50 what is this/who they?  

4:12 message #3 @adamguy1 (“scary” message)  

5:18 discussing titles/ asking the audience  

7:30 message #4 @helloiamcat (quarantine companions)

7:50 message #5 @dnpevermore (Ladydoor Liveshow)  

8:50 message #6 @imvibing (Is this joint content?)

9:10 Dan’s different with Phil

11:07 message #7 @alicejones11 (Box Boys)

12:40 Dan Day (Tuesday) and Phil Day (Thursday)

13:34 first topic How is everyone fed up with lockdown?

15:13 what about Phil annoys Dan the most  

16:15 takeout delivery man story

20:03 message #8 @averyiscool (screaming during meeting)

20:57 message #9 @olatz (potato filter) + beard convo

22:35 individual gaming experiences

23:46 message #10 @planetarymoe (therapy with chaotic cat content)

24:45 What do you miss the most that you haven’t been able to do in a year (introvert branding dead?)

25:44 Boomer Karen Phil  

28:55 message #11 @suneater420 (anime background in zoom uni)

29:55 message #12 @danipanic (slagging off area manager) + dan siking phil out

31:07 haircuts?

32:43 “Straightness? not here honey”

33:01 message #13 @melania_elise (lawyer unmuted)

34:15 dnp psychicness + unmasked taxi driver

36:55 message #14 @botanyqueer (bouncy egg/science disproved)  

38:08 Mirrorbutt IRL, Phil Edition

41:54 Dan Day/Tea Tuesday plans, what would Dan Ban

42:53 Phil would ban sand

44:53 message #15 @bootsocc (sand no, concrete yes)

45:14 D&P apartment spoiler

45:59 message #16 @Iderthnbmb (grass = carpet)

46:30 message #17 @thisnightniall (the Tory government)

47:00 Phil day plans + closing plans

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