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sarahgaskarth1487 · a day ago
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Dil is 7 years old today.......
I feel so fucking old rn
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dailydnp · a day ago
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amazingphil via instagram story 24/09/21
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phanphobic · 2 days ago
Phil’s secret project is “gay and proud” a 75 minute video with 35 mid roll ads of Phil walking the streets of Rawr(xD)enstall and throwing rocks at straight people
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pinof · a day ago
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Tumblr media
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danandphilnews · 2 days ago
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earlsgrey · a day ago
dan and phil had teenagers in such a chokehold a few years ago that people would make edits of their checkered bedding . that was just the internet back then i guess
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phantangled · 2 days ago
me every time dan and phil post things: oh is this it? are we being eased in for more content? they’re up to something. are we gonna see them again??? hellooo??? are you coming back?? aaaaaa
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feelingofcontent · a day ago
DNP Rewatch: A Festive Day in the Life of Dan and Phil!
Tumblr media
Date video was published: 12/20/2014 (X)
DNP Main Channel Rewatch: 254
The 2014 DITL video! The last one had been back in August 2013. This is my absolute favorite DITL and probably one of my top five DNP joint videos of all time. Get ready for me to have way too much to say about it.
0:00 - sleepy morning + quiff Phil! We’ll see a surprising amount of that in this video.
0:05 - “almost a week till Christmas,” so they must have filmed this just a few days before it was posted
0:25 - no waking up Dan in “his” bedroom like in the first two DITL. Hmmm...this scene doesn’t seem staged at all...especially since Phil’s laptop is already open on the arm of the sofa. Unless he just left it like that overnight.
Tumblr media
0:37 - love that the other advent calendar on the mantle in the one they made. 😂 There are 18 of the doors opened on it, so they’re probably filming this on the the 18th or 19th of December.
0:47 - they both jump into doing the theme music as soon as Phil says “titan”
0:57 - that is pretty late for them to be putting up the decorations! Phil looks sad about it too.
1:01 - sad tinsel. I think Phil had the silver piece in the background in his last video. And the little WALLE in the background here, from all the way back in PINOF. 🥺
1:17 - this domestic insight, just 😭😭😭
Tumblr media
1:26 - full circle back to the first DITL video. I wonder if they watched the previous DITLs before filming this one.
1:41 - so many mugs.
1:48 - Dan did not want that one because it was very hard to actually drink out of as he discovered in DITL London. I really bet they did watch the previous ones shortly before many references back!
1:55 - awww, happy warm Phil
Tumblr media
2:13 - such a dramatic sigh but he goes to get it anyway!
2:25 - well that is a terrifying way to burn a tealight...put it on a dish!
2:33 - I love that there is no explanation for this in the video. Phil is superstitious about new shoes on the table, which they had both tweeted about before.
2:40 - Dan fashion show and an encouraging Phil
2:47 - immediate smile when Dan notices Phil there
Tumblr media
2:56 - why does Phil looks SO GOOD in this clip. also, as usual a weird/slightly horrifying poem from his brain.
3:02 - love that they both decided to wear holiday jumpers. They also wore these same ones for their December radio show. Also the Dan lean-in 🥺
Tumblr media
3:12 - PJ tweeted about this DNP visit!
3:27 - this whole leaving scene is possibly the most domestic part of any video - the candle argument, the coat adjustment, the stop in the bathroom to check their hair, Phil checking to make sure Dan has keys, the spider checking and joking... I mean.
4:13 - more throwback conversation to DITL London
4:35 - so glad he chose not to lick his hand. Even more horrifying in 2021.
4:40 - Dan talked about this and falling up the escalator in What not to do on Public Transport
5:00 - “bit corporate isn’t it?” but caves immediately because Phil wants to. 
5:10 -  Love that Phil orders while Dan finds a table. Love that Phil makes Dan draw something happy not just a sad face. Love Dan’s huge smile after that.
5:33 - Dan really can’t say much he was reading his phone in the clip right before this!
Tumblr media
5:58 - Dan’s talking about this weird incident that Phil posted a clip of on LessAmazingPhil
6:18 - they always go to at least one nerdy shop in the first DITLs!
6:36 - the things they choose to zoom in on in this shop...Dan with Spiderman’s crotch a few seconds before this and now Phil on the shirtless guy book cover. subtle, lol.
7:29 - I had actually heard of this board game prior to this video because Wil Wheaton did a TableTop episode. I remember being so surprised to see DNP wanting it!
7:39 - Phil and his weird people encounters. 😂 And Dan just mocking him for it.
7:59 - they did, in fact, go to see Matilda the next summer.
8:10 - oh my god this clock scene. Of course Phil wants to make a game of it. And then Dan with the seemingly slight fudging of what he was pointing at. And this look and then both of them giggling. 👀
Tumblr media
8:32 - that start of Dan’s running! This is around the time or shortly after he had started to see a therapist (according to the timeline he gave in Daniel and Depression), so thinking he probably wanted to start for his mental health.
9:11 - Dan talks about the “guy wearing the white sheet in Manchester” in What not to do In Town. Their reminiscing faces are too much.
9:19 - Phil is so excited about this. He had tweeted a couple times in the past about Moomins (1, 2)
9:37 - the excitement about the treats and the festive drinks and decorations and Phil’s teasing 😭
10:04 - they film fairly often in the back of cars and I just feel like must be so awkward, but it doesn’t seem to bother them. And Phil’s hair is quiffed again!
10:28 - and the stairs song! Which they are too prepared for so it must be a regular thing they say/sing. This video has SO MANY moments that I love.
10:51 - Phil just sitting while Dan hauls the tree box out. Maybe Dan lost rock-paper-scissors.
Tumblr media
10:59 - reminiscing about THE TREE now, which is the last time they decorated on camera
11:09 - why is this a common theme in DITLs!? lol. Love that they’ve lit the candle again after getting home.
11:22 - “stop doing that” as he can’t control his giggles. sure.
12:03 - okay, Phil had to go get the other decorations! The “Christmas faces” are slightly horrifying
12:22 - that is the most horrifying. also, Dan and Phil themed toys/decor even in the bathroom.
13:02 - Dan’s little messed up piece of hair in the back is so cute. Also love that they have the garlands up and everything at this point too.
Tumblr media
13:19 - even more quiff-Phil!
13:31 - their fridge contents are not great
14:04 - unexpected filming but a huge grin anyway from Phil. Also, how do they make just answering the door so awkward, lol. Also: what is that picture in the background in the bathroom(?)
Tumblr media
14:32 - they’re so excited about this set up and dinner plan
14:43 - and now glasses Phil! Also, arguing about wrapping neatness. I love it. Although when we see Phil’s wrapping in a minute, I think I might agree with Dan...
15:03 - PJ will end up with one of these face banks
15:10 - Phil came up with some decent gifts for Kath this time, although he didn’t think she had good ideas.
15:18 - I find it so cute that Dan wants to keep the cookbook
15:30 - Dan looks almost embarrassed to share this. He’s also got something “12 Days of Christmas” themed in that blue box on the chair. Although apparently a lot of his family just wanted money.
Tumblr media
15:37 - I have no words for Dan filming this closeup and then them choosing to keep it in the video.
16:16 - Phil’s trying to be all serious with his wrapping tutorial and then the tape just immediately falls. 😂
Tumblr media
16:40 - “it’s endearing” Dan does look pretty endeared, lol. Dan’s concerned because the face banks are actually gifts from both of them, at least according to PJ
17:04 - wow, Vine mention
17:25 - Dan’s just expecting Phil to come up with a great pun on the spot. Also, the lobster thing is an old reference.
17:39 - I think I mentioned this in the last DITL post, but I like that we do see even in a short video that they spend some time alone. That’s just so normal, especially for introverts even when you’re that comfortable with someone.
17:45 - Phil will keep reading that book over the holidays
17:48 - we did see the inside of the chest. So what is Dan implying here, lol.
17:52 - well then. Dan’s giggly face though.
Tumblr media
18:08 - soft piano Dan 😭
18:25 - Ariana Grande had sent them both cat ears after they met her for the radio show
18:37 - a glimpse at the early gaming channel set-up.
18:46 - we don’t actually see that footage in the gaming video
18:51 - it must be pretty late at night by this point considering it was dark when they came home 
19:15 - Phil’s first instinct is to throw it of course
19:18 - this face and the sweater paws. I can’t. 😭
Tumblr media
19:25 - and of course a joint ending. 
19:40 - Dan is so sleepy and happy seeming here
Tumblr media
20:13 - awwww 🥺 The last video of 2014!
One difference from the first two DITL is they don’t even pretend that they’re going to see other friends/invite someone over. Just the two of them hanging out and they seem quite happy with that. This is probably the most “domestic” of the DITL videos. I love it so much.
Phil went to his parents’ on the 23rd to celebrate Christmas. He had Swedish food, was very excited as usual, got a stocking with a toothbrush and animal socks, and watched Guardians of the Galaxy. Dan went to his family’s on the evening of the 24th after a candle incident (lol, though I love that he was burning the candles even without Phil there. He started the tradition of yearly Christmas pictures of Colin. And also posted this.
On to the 2015 videos, and the start of the TABINOF/TATINOF era!
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beth-does-art · a day ago
Tumblr media
Phil doing the photosynthesis
Photo reference from Phils Instagram
Drawing idea from @potatocupcakeval
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dailydnp · a day ago
amazingphil via instagram story 24/09/21
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phandomreversebang · 2 days ago
Phandom Reverse Bang 2021 Masterlist!
Hi guys! We want to thank everyone who took the time to join the event and make it super fun as always. This is the masterlist of all the amazing fics and art pieces created for the event. Don't forget to share share share!
Sparks Fly by @counting2fifteen: Dan and Phil’s vacation after Vidcon is going well, until a mistake from Phil sets the whole thing up in flames. Beta: @catboydan. ART by @schnaphan
Raise the Woof by @paradisobound: Dan started his own dog bakery after a trip through Pinterest gave him the idea of baking a cake for his family dog Colin. The bakery is a success and Dan loves the fact that he gets regular customers coming in all the time to order cupcakes. One customer, in particular, comes in every day and goes by the name of Phil. But Phil never brings a dog with him…Why? Phil is a werewolf and likes eating the cupcakes himself. Beta: @through-this-night. ART by @effingmeteors
Opposites Attract by @succubusphan: Phil comes home and finds a letter. Beta: @effingmeteors. ART by @schnaphan
Youth -Season 2- by @r3ad3r1: Dan and Phil are both young actors at the beginning of their careers: after being minor characters in the TV series “Youth” they are going to be the focus of season 2. They come from different backgrounds: Dan has a family involved in the business, Phil does not. They have different attitudes: Dan stays with producers and directors, Phil hangs out with the other actors. Let’s see if being boyfriends on-screen will affect them in real life. Beta: @catboydan. ART by @anironsidh
I'm happy at home (happy at home) You're my best friend by @anironsidh. Phil decides to go back to university for his PhD in English while Dan works on writing his book, but they must find a way to stay close while it feels like their lives are going in separate directions. Beta: @indistinct-echo. ART by @isthisadrawingiseebeforeme
blind date gone wrong?! (not clickbait!) by @overmayhead: When Phil gets stood up at a blind date his colleague Bryony arranged for him, he certainly doesn’t expect the evening to end with a kiss in the pouring rain in front of a load of supermarket bins after almost sneezing his brains out. Beta: @microoowave. ART by @hiwatari-art
Forever Home by @possumdnp: Phil’s wanted a dog for as long as he can remember, and now that he and Dan are moving into their new house, it’s the perfect opportunity. But there’s just one problem. Phil’s allergic to dogs. Beta: @microoowave. ART by @unicornosaur
something so magic about you by @silentdescant: Under the full moon isn’t the only time Dan and Phil do business in the forest, but it is certainly the time of month they do the most business. Phil thinks it’s because that’s when all of the supernaturally-inclined creatures come out to play, but Dan’s cynicism bleeds through whenever he argues that it’s just because the full moon “seems witchy” and that it’s akin to a tourist trap. Phil rolls his eyes, every time.
or: Dan believes that magic exists; he sees evidence of it every day with Phil. He just doesn’t believe he has any magic of his own. Beta: @stefycubi94. ART by @sevensforasecret
With enchantment on your side by @jestbee: Dan finds photos, and then he finds the person in them. Beta: Lackless. ART by @jorzuela.
Somebody find me, find me love by @anironsidh: Phil Lester likes working at the little cafe he's been at for awhile. It's nice, calm, and he feels accepted for being gay there unlike what he knew before. When the cafe's owners bring in a new piano player to entertain on Friday nights, Phil finds his world thrown upside down by the stranger who's captured his attention (and who the owners think he has a crush on, which he does not thank you very much). Beta: @paradisobound. ART by @marranje.
won’t let you pass me by by @glowingatmosphere: When Phil walks into work that Thursday evening, there’s someone new sitting in Cornelia’s place at the piano. Beta: @irrationalqueer. ART by @marranje
Ride Into The Setting Sun Tonight by @succubusphan and @icequeenjules26: The start of a new season gives Dan the opportunity to finally win the world championship but his animosity with Lester and his reckless behaviour could ruin it all. Art by @toffeelemon.
Reasons why (Dan and Phil’s vacation) are a fail by @kneebleed: A series of a few unfortunate events that occurred to (kind of) rich people during their vacation. Beta: @indistinct-echo. ART by @paradisobound
off the record by @fictropes: His entire life is just going round and round in really fast circles, at least that’s what he tells interviewers when they try and pry a little too much. Beta: @sierraadeux. ART by @toffeelemon
Wouldn't it Be Nice by @succubusphan: Dab’s life is in shambles, his most precious friendship is in danger, but maybe a change of scenery could help. Beta: @through-this-night. ART by @polar-bears-making-pancakes
As Fate (or a really weird guy named David) Would Have It by @husbants: Phil has been stood up. Just as he’s leaving, a frantic (and absolutely handsome) guy rushes in the restaurant, looking for his own first date. Maybe tonight won’t be as bad as it once seemed it would. Beta: @paradisobound. ART: @hiwatari-art
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danandphilnews · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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