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bunchofboots · 4 days ago
Reading reviews for rocks on Amazon and people are complaining that they're too hard or rough and giving them like 2 stars. I'm just like, "'s a rock, ma'am." Lets focus on the things that matter, like none of the reviews tell me what they taste like?
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authorrobertrogers · 2 years ago
Top Customer Review
"La Jolla Shores Murders: A Bishop Bone Mystery by Robert Rogers is one of my favorite Bishop Bone mysteries.
As the title suggests, the story takes place in La Jolla, California -- an elite seaside community near San Diego. At a party held to reconcile the different factions of a community conflict, the hostess is found dead in her garage with a hatchet embedded in her skull. The guests are now suspects, along with a homeless man who was seen in the area during the party.
An attendee at the soiree enlists Bone to investigate the murder before suspicion falls on her. Bishop takes on the task and uncovers secrets many of the guests would prefer remain hidden.
The story is action-packed with brutal fight scenes, encounters with the local police, investigative tradecraft and a second murder.
Rogers keeps the reader on his toes as the plot takes several twists and turns, and pulls off an unusual surprise ending which is very satisfying. Another original and enjoyable whodunit by Robert Rogers, La Jolla Shores Murders: A Bishop Bone Mystery is not to be missed!" —Seaside Mayhem, Amazon Customer
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amazon · 5 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Economy choice for today's ninja. (x)
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amazon · 6 years ago
Tumblr media
“Received this knife as a gift for my 18th birthday. Wish I'd have known what it was because as soon as I touched it, I grew a mustache and became a Navy Seal. Mom fainted and my dad laughed and handed me a beer. I was born a girl.“ - Kristi L.
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sharemycosplay · 2 years ago
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Who doesn't love Mera! #Cosplayer @cosplay_and_coffee showing off her awesome Mera suit. Check out her review over on #YouTube. #cosplay . . #meracosplay #cosplaygirl #dc #dccomics #dccosplay #cosplaylife #cosplaysidebyside #aquaman #aquamancosplay #costest #youtubereview #amazonreview #fb #tb #sharemycosplay
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