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angelltheninth · 15 hours ago
Me @ Arcane characters
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uselessbard1031 · a day ago
Like this post if you’d read an Ambessa X Reader if I wrote one — tryin’ to get a feel of the fandom crossover of my reader pool 👀 🤔
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terrapia · a month ago
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Is there anything so undoing as a daughter?
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hattersarts · a month ago
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ME??? PREDICTABLE??? how dare you.
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aprillikesthings · a month ago
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Y’all I cannot with these people lolll
First tweet
Second tweet
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councilor-medarda · a month ago
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I would set the world ablaze to protect our family. No. I stopped being part of this family the moment you cast me out!
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emryn · a month ago
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Mel’s character design is flawless, I loved painting her✨💛
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bamf · a month ago
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The Alornian General, Sonnem Parlec, used to find his enemies blindfolded. He said a man’s mind hides behind his body [...] But if you don’t accept certain realities I fear you’ll end up like General Parlec. Slaughtered with your eyes closed.
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alexkablob · a month ago
Obsessed with the Medarda mother/daughter relationship like it’s literally Ambessa’s like “being a girlboss means crushing your enemies and seeing them driven before you and hearing the lamentations of their women” and Mel is like “ugh NO mom I’m not LIKE you I think being a girlboss means smiling at your enemies at a cocktail party while you drop poison into their wineglass” and Ambessa is like “WE’RE WARRIOR QUEENS IN THIS FAMILY YOUNG LADY” and Mel is like “NO I’M A DIPLOMATIC INTRIGUE QUEEN IT’S NOT A PHASE MOTHER—”
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marina-rasteniye · a month ago
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inspired by this tweet jayce: be gone bi thoughts!
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cylonalyna · 25 days ago
Me: I'm watching Arcane for the plot.
The plot:
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sockich · a month ago
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He's for me, dear. I'm off to sample the local cuisine.
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terrapia · a month ago
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But mark me, child, if you want to last in this world, you must learn to be both the fox and the wolf.
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milfsource · a month ago
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AMBESSA MEDARDA | Arcane – 1.08 “Oil and Water”
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hadesisqueer · a month ago
Arcane as The Onion Headlines
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smolsawyer · a month ago
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“Where did you get those big eyes? My father. Where did you get those lips? My father. And loneliness? My father. And that broken heart? My father. And the absense, where did you get that? My mother.”
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edomeilair · a month ago
styling / costuming in arcane
I think we've all marveled at the art in Arcane, and how every character is so meticulously and wonderfully designed and brought to life. While almost all the characters have something really cool to note in terms of their 'look' and overall design, I think general consensus is that Mel has some of the best / most aesthetically delightful character design i.e. SHE'S HOT and we are all aware. So I was gonna talk about that because of just how much goes into her. But then also got carried away talking about a few of my other fave style notes.
Arcane is so good about using costuming to build character:
Silco wouldn't have half his menacing swagger without those sleek, well-tailored waistcoats, cravats, and the occasional showy frock coat he sometimes wears.
Given his upbringing and how almost everyone else in his circles dresses, his clothing feels like such a statement as well as a costume. He dresses in clothes somewhat similar to a Piltovan gentleman, and he's really deliberate with it. I read it as a statement: I may have clawed my way up from the dirt but I can play the dandy, the gentleman, and look better doing it, too.
It makes me want fic about a younger Silco, the boy who resurrected from the brackish waters of Zaun, and how he built that boy into the man he becomes -- and why he chooses to dress the way he does. If someone has written this, do link.
His clothes really, really set him apart from Vander, Benzo, Sevika. Even fellow chembarons like Finn don't dress like he does. There's rarely a hair out of place so moments where his hair flops over his forehead, when he's agitated or angry or dying, are always kind of striking.
He likes fine, well-crafted things. No sloppy Henleys or ill-fitting cargo pants for this guy, lol, Vander no shade to your hot dad gear. And perhaps for someone who grew up seeing the wealth, power and privilege of the top city, his clothing choices speak to that desire for that power or to project it. Which probably says interesting things about Silco's approach to ~revolutionary~ change and his vision of the Zaun he wants to create.
His scars are important too. But would need a post. The fact that he wears a bit of foundation/powder to cover them up when he goes topside fascinates me.
But there's always the hint of eccentricity which I love and menace, underscored by his colour palette (dark greys, black, dark reds, I think I recall a dark, forest green and maybe dark blues, with only accents and flourishes of metallic gold, a silvery-white).
Got to love how on the bridge scene his popped collar is absolutely bigger than Jayce's, it's a bit crass, I think, and that's deliberate because it shows that while he's good at wearing a gentleman's clothes, he's still a bit other.
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Post-time jump Jayce's penchant for that stylish and showy frock coat with the gold and scarlet epaulettes and the Talis House sigil is a clever way of showing us just how far he's come up in the world, and also emphasizes that he has dandyish but charming showman tendencies. He's become Piltover's resident golden boy, giving out interviews and speeches, being the main attraction at any party he graces, having people swooning over him, his face plastered all over air cruisers.
And he loves it. This needs to be emphasised. He LOVES IT. Even when he's self-deprecating about it or has some discomfort. This man was drinking from a mug with his own face on it, there's arrogance to him, ambition, selfishness that I just kind of enjoy. It's not like he got the love for extravagant clothes from Ximena who we see in mostly matronly dark colours. I read/watched his lore and I feel like Arcane did a great job of bringing in some of his classic traits but in such a way that he's not insufferable and there's more complexity to him.
Also, someone pointed out that his main colour palette (gold, white, black w/red) and the epaulettes kind of mirror Mel's, so he and his lover match, which is so cute, I gave myself diabetes.
Also, could be interesting to think about Jayce and class, because he wasn't poor or even working class. His family was from a lower house and had some wealth and renown given their inventions. But he wasn't from a mercantile clan like the Kirramans either by any means. He's always been ambitious, he's always been driven by innovation, progress etc. He wants to help people and make Hextech accessible but he becomes one of the most effectively corrupt people on the show, lol. So he sits oddly, is all. And it's awesome.
We know from his childhood drawings that he fancied himself a bit of a hammer-wielding hero or warrior. So there's also something reminiscent of military/navy uniforms with this coat, like an 18th century soldier or the kind pteruges you'd see warriors wearing in old Greco-Roman paintings. It's fun to think of a young nerdy Jayce, whose greatest power was his brain, fantasizing about building big ass weapons and becoming this idealized version of a ~warrior~ defending ~tomorrow~. Only when he's confronted with a small piece of the reality of what that would mean i.e. blood, gore, death is he kind of horrified (likely not for long lol).
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His clothing also serves to set him apart from Viktor, who still mostly dresses the same as he did pre-time jump, has very little interest in his appearance and that's only partly because he's chronically ill and wholly focused on finding a cure (like I'm sure he gets money for co-inventing Hexgates and other software, he's definitely not broke, one assumes), never came from a wealthy background, nor does he have much interest in public life (or really any life beyond Hextech and finding a way to survive). They're on very different paths.
The moment we see Ambessa, we're aware she's a warrior and of her high status. She wears reinforced leather armour, gauntlets, heavy boots, she has a cape with some kind of predatory animal fur on it.
Her signature colours are red (blood), grey-silver-slate (armour). There's nothing soft or yielding about her, reinforced by how proudly she wears her scars, the badges of every war she's fought, and every victory -- since she's still standing and swaggering (never walking). Notice, in her arrival scene, Elora is also wearing those colours, which we can then assume are Medarda colours. Even Mel is wearing a rare completely black dress (usually all her clothes have at least accents of white on them) in her signature style.
She wears red lipstick, a bloody gash of a smile. Her hair is like a lion's mane. And we know she 100% bites.
Tumblr media
Mel's styling choices become that much more interesting once we meet Ambessa and see how other Noxians dress, and they were already plenty interesting. It becomes clearer how much precision and thought Mel (and the person who designed her) puts into her ensembles, and how much they're almost a rebellion against everything that the Medardas represent and the kind of power they project to the world, and assertion of her own.
She favours ivory and pearly whites, black and gold as her colour palette. All of her dresses are made of ultra-feminine, soft, silky, gauzy materials that move with her body, so it always looks like she's gliding or slinking rather than just trudging, marching, walking about.There’s a sensuality and an edge to her outfits—the keyhole cut-outs, the low backs, the fitted bodices with deceptively modest lacy necklines overlaying them, the draped skirts with thigh-high slits. I’ve written at length about what kind of underwear she’d need to wear under these clothes, because, believe me, I’ve thought about it a lot.
Mel absolutely understands the power she holds in the clothes she chooses to wear, and she wields that power effortlessly. Her clothes are deeply representative of the power she wants to cultivate and project. Her clothes are as much a statement and costume as Silco’s are.
Mel, the artist, comes through in her clothing as well for me. Every ensemble is a masterpiece, hell, she’s a masterpiece, so there’s that. But also, there’s these little things like her indigo eyeshadow, the jewellery woven through her hair and the earrings. The detached sleeves she sometimes wears (gloves too) that feel almost romantic and like a call-back to what she wore as a child.
Her hair is rarely ever out of place, and so when we do see her getting unraveled physically (Jayce's big mouth is good for some things, and those things include cunning linguistics), it serves to underscore the ways in which Jayce is sneaking passed her metaphorical / emotional armour.
Tumblr media
The gold is an undeniable symbol of her status and wealth. But gold also denotes things like enlightenment, higher ideals, purity because it’s such a precious metal. Also watch @iamnowafinnsimp’s video expanding on some of these ideas.
As a child, she wore clothes reminiscent of Shuriman or Solari style/symbols. We aren’t really told what it means but my personal head canon is that her father may have hailed from one of those peoples. Some of the design carries through into her adulthood, obviously, in the colour palette, potentially the armour. There are also a few shots of her just staring at the sunset that made me wonder….
THE ARMOUR. It’s interesting to note that all of her outfits are designed to frame and show her armour. She doesn’t wish to hide it. Many of us assumed this was jewellery or tattoos at first, much like probably everyone does in-show verse as well. My current personal head canon is that the armour is actually fused to her body or under her skin (including the gold freckles), so perhaps there was ferromancy involved, have written about it at length here. Either way, it’s another revelation of her cunning and self-preservation. She projects this soft yet extravagant, seductive elegance and yet she’s running around with possibly magic armour and may in fact be a walking weapon. Mel despises war, but she’s not an idiot. She is prepared. Maybe that’s the Noxian in her, or the Solari/Shuriman. Or perhaps it’s her embodying what it means to be both the fox and the wolf subtly, but I love it.
Her only concession to her family clothing-wise is wearing the Medarda ring. This again is an important piece of characterisation because despite being the banished, disgraced one, a part of her still loved them and maybe even wanted to be taken back into the fold. And it’s why her ultimate rejection of that by removing the ring is so impactful.
It’s important to note that she doesn’t dress like anyone else on the show. No one. Not like anyone in Piltovan society—I scoured that rooftop party and street scenes to see what everyone was wearing. Not like Noxian Medardas with their armour and leathers. And certainly not like anyone in the undercity. She’s a singularity. And she knows that. It’s a part of her power, it’s part of what makes her really ridiculously attractive, and why I’m obsessed with her.
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lady-griffin · a month ago
I would be remiss to not bring up that Arcane brought not one but two mature, older women into the picture, who can FUCKING GET IT
Like damn
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guepedaddy · 27 days ago
mtl who do you think would be the most into any bdsm?
Little disclaimer: BDSM has a very large scale. To limit/help myself, I'll only mention the domination/soumission aspect of bdsm.
Who would be the more into a dom/sub dynamic?
Having sex? Witouth an heavy dom/sub dynamic? Not possible for her. She eats dom, she sleeps dom, she breathes dom, she is dom. She would be the more into a dom/sub dynamic, including a 24/7. (It goes witouth saying she is not interessed in being the sub of the relationship)
Sevika, Silco
Though they each have their preference, they have the same opinion about dom/sub dynamic. They enjoy a lot dom/sub dynamic and they're huge dom - no way in hell would they trust anyone enough to want to be a sub. But having a pretty, pliant pet? Of course they want it. I think they would too like a 24/7 dom/sub relationship.
Though he'd not enjoy a 24/7 dynamic, he loves doing scenes. He loves to see you eager to please him, loves to see you react to his words, loves to take care of you (Vander is the best at giving aftercare: you can't change my mind). By the way, Vander's first tought is to be a dom, as he always has been one, but I'm pretty sure if he trusts you enough he can be a sub.
My inital thought was: she could be interested in such a relationship, but it would be as a dom. How wrong of me and thankfully this fanart opened my eyes and I saw the light in the possibilty of having her as a dom. Though she's not very experimentated, she's eager both at taking care of her sub and make them whimper.
I can't really put him higher (though I'd love) because he is so caught in his experiments he can't allow a lot of time to sex (and even less a 24/7 dynamic). Though he could be a gentle dom (or even a mean one if he feels very stressed and need to relax), I see him more as a sub, who would like to be taken care of and commanded around - let the pressure loosen and not having to be in control all the time.
I think she can enjoy a soft/light dom/sub dynamic, but she won't be into a heavy one, nor a lasting one. Some scene, here and here, some order, there and there. However, I think she is far more interested into being a dom than a sub.
Don't hesitate to send me your angsty, fluffy and smutty thought about Arcane or Marvel (main fandoms these days)!
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nirelaz · a month ago
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Thank you mama Medarda, where would we be without these tokens of love
happier, probably
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