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Sitting in Arcane Character's Lap
Pairing: Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Sevika, Silco, Viktor, Jayce, Mel, Ambessa x Reader
Tags: established relationship, developing relationship, teasing, gentle kissing
A/N: Who's lap would you wanna sit in the most? For me it's Vi, Caitlyn, Silco, Sevika, Jayce and Ambessa.
Tumblr media
Actually Jinx would be the one sitting in your lap more often than not. She's very clingily and just likes to wrap her arms around you while sitting down working or reading.
She'll let you sit in her lap if you really want to, but what ever the case she has to have her arms around you at all times. She's also very cat-like at times, not wanting to get up from your lap even when you want her too and constantly trying to move closer into your touch.
"Ya really need to learn to stay still sweet stuff. I'm tryin' ta cuddle with ya and ya keep moving around. Or maybe you like me squirming on top of ya?"
Tumblr media
Vi loves it when you sit in her lap. She'll wrap her strong arms around your waist as your hands find purchase on her shoulders. Like Jinx she also likes to nuzzle into your touch.
Vi loves to pull you close and leave little kisses over your neck, inhaling your scent, hearing your breath hitch as you try to break away because her kisses are tickling you but she keeps you in her lap anyway, enjoying the sound of your laughter.
"I like this you know, a lot. Having you close like this. You're really warm sweetheart. You can sit in my lap any time you want, just like this. And I mean that, whenever you want, under any circumstance."
Tumblr media
She loves to pull you onto her lap after a long day at work. Sometimes if you visit her at work she'll let you steal a few minutes with her, but it's mostly when she's off work.
She will let you tangle your hands into her hair as you slowly undo her ponytail. She loves to spend time in silence just looking at you, memorizing every little detail of you. She's also a fan of sitting in your lap if you want her to, but she prefers to have you sit in hers.
"I haven't seen you for long today, I'm sorry for that darling, but I'm here now. Come and sit down, let me kiss you. Do you want me to get us something to drink or eat? Or we can just spend some time, just like this, what ever pleases you more."
Tumblr media
The only time when Sevika actually lets you be on top of her is when you're sitting on her lap.
It doesn't matter of you're at the Last Drop, the brothel or at home, she'll pull you onto her, she likes to feel you squirming on to top her as she leaves kisses and bites all over your neck.
"Come here sugar. Well? Come on, you know how much I love to have you here. That's it. Oh don't mind any of them, they're just jealous that they can't have you. Focus on me instead."
Tumblr media
He's grown used to people being clingy since he adopted Jinx. You always worried that you would cross some kind of boundary or come off too strong if you just casually sat in his lap but he was actually the one who pulled you to him the first time.
Silco will just sigh in mock annoyance when you sit down. However he will follow it up with a greeting and a kiss. But if Jinx comes in she will make fun of you both for being all gross and sappy.
"Well hello my darling, you're a little late today. Did you have problems along the way? No? Well that's good. You can sit here if you wish. Now let me give you a proper greeting."
Tumblr media
Viktor acts annoyed whenever you sit in his lap, mostly because he has a lot to do and you're a very nice distraction to him.
He will try to get work done only for you to pull him into a kiss. He will frown at you for like half a second before he returns the kiss with just as much passion. However if you want to stay on his lap you have to stay still for a while, he can't afford to get too distracted after all.
"You know you don't always have to sit in my lap. I do like it, of course, it's just... incredibly distracting. Yes, I know. I want to be close to you too I just need to have time to concentrate on my work as well, alright love?"
Tumblr media
Jayce will get a big, dumb grin on his face when he sees you walking towards him, and somehow that smile will become even bigger when you straddle his lap.
He runs really warm most of the time so he will pull you into his chest and wrap his big, strong arms around you while he tells you about his day. He loves it when you run your hands over his chest and kiss his jaw while sitting on top of him. The pleasant sigh that he lets out is always a nice thing to see after a long day of being away from him.
"Ah, I think I'm developing a headache. I'm sorry it seems like I won't be much fun tonight sweetheart. Oh! Hey, uh, yeah you can stay here. You know I don't mind you in my lap. Hmm... that feels nice. Thank you, what would I do without you?"
Tumblr media
Mel doesn't let you sit in her lap often nor does she want to sit in yours. Which is why the moments when she wants either are all the more special.
It'll usually be in moments of vulnerability or when she really, really wants to be close to you. You always let her instigate those moments. She'll sit on your lap, very slowly, her eyes never leaving yours, her hands cupping your face before she pulls you into a kiss.
"Why are you looking at me like that darling? Are you surprised. Haha, you can be really cute at times. Can you hold me for a while, I know it might be out of nowhere but... oh. Well thank you. This is... pretty nice I must admit."
Tumblr media
Ambessa likes to have you on her lap. She'll always look at you like you're something both precious and something to be conquered. She loves to see you squirm under her gaze.
She loves it when you trace the scars on her face or kiss them, it's one of the rare moments when she softest up and lets her guard down. But she can flip back to her hardened warrior self on a dime if needed.
"Sit. There you go, that's nice isn't it? Now, tell me sweetheart, do you enjoy spending time with me? I certainly enjoy you. I like when we do this. It relaxes me somehow. To hold you like this. Strange isn't it?"
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sevikasmainwhore · a month ago
Hello there! i’ve been reading your stuff for a while and your writing is magnificent! May i request HC’s of arcane women reacting to their s/o squirting?
thank you 💝
Arcane Ladies reacting to you Squirting ♥︎
Requested ⇢ Yes/No
Type ⇢ Headcanons ❥, Fem!Reader, Slight Degredation
Tumblr media Tumblr media
❤️ Vi didn’t think she was that good when it came to sex since she didn’t have a lot of experience, she always rushed into things so it was like her adrenaline made up for less experience. She did what she wanted with your pleasure in mind. So when she has your legs up over her shoulders with you sitting on the kitchen counter while she’s face first in pussy, her fingers pumping in and out while she’s sucking on your clit it was like everything faded to black. “Ah…Ha..V-Vi..” You struggled to moan out. Everything just felt so good. And she kept going, not giving you a second to breathe or anything. Your stomach started tensing up and your legs felt hard. You were about to cum. You try to push Vi away but it was a really bad attempt. “Vi…Ah…Vi” You choked out. You didn’t want it to happen on the kitchen counter. It would’ve been gross but I didn't care. “Come on now Y/n” She spoke low, going right back to her pace. That got to you and with that you yelped out a moan, your juices going right in Vi’s mouth. She looks up at you in surprise with a huge grin and swallows. Your breathing heavily and trying not to fall while Vi gets up from in front of you, wiping her face. “I didn’t think you had it in you” You felt weird about it but Vi comforted you, going on and on about how many more of those you could give her.
💙 Caitlyn asked if she could experiment on you. Like a test or something. It was weird at first but you didn’t assume the worst with Caitlyn and went for it. You weren’t sure what to expect but it certainly wasn’t planning on Caitlyn having taped a vibrator to your clit while having your hands typed up behind with your face in the pillows. It was almost evil. You felt completely at her mercy and it was nothing you could do but take it. “That’s it Y/n” Caitlyn stood over you playing with your pussy, teasing your opening with her fingers. It was too much, your stomach started twisting and tensing and knotting up. You were about to cum, about to give what Caitlyn was asking for. With a choked out a moan and released all over the bed, leaving a puddle of your cum. You were too out of it to notice Caitlyn’s eyes widen. You coated her hand with your juice and she couldn’t help but taste it. You cringed at the sound of her sucking on her fingers.
💛 You should’ve guessed Mel was up to something when she said that she was hungry. You didn’t think much of it but here you are now lying in your back in the bed while Mel has your legs over her shoulders as she eats you out. You’re not sure how long she had been going at it but your legs felt numb. “Ha..” You choke out, voice raspy from moaning. You were sensitive and it was starting to hurt a little. Mel knew this but just kept eating you out from clit to your entrance. “Ah..ha.ha..” you cried out. Your visions started to get blurry, stomach started twisting up in a know. With your back arching and Mel’s tongue literally fucking you, you released all over the bed and her mouth. She looks up at with a shocked but lustful expression swallowing your juices. “You taste good” Your out of breath and out of mind to even react. She crawls up to you wiping her mouth. “I’m not done with you yet”
🧡 Grayson was still at her office when she called you up there to come visit her. She said she didn’t want to be lonely and your sitting at home all pretty and waiting for her. So now you were sitting in her lap while she peacefully did her leftover paperwork. It was going good until you started to get bored and horny. “…sheriff…” “Hm?” She didn’t look at you but continued with her work. After maybe a minute of silence Grayson looked at you with concern until she saw that look in your eyes and got the hint. She fixed you to where you were now straddling her while seated on on of her thighs. She continued with her work while you got busy. You hugged her neck and start grinding your hips, rubbing your pussy on her thing trying to get some sort of rhythm going. You felt her hand on your back, like it was guiding you. You moaned in her ear, your hips going faster. You should’ve asked for her help. Too late now. It felt good already but it would’ve felt even better with Graysons fingers inside you. You start grinding your hips a bit more just at the thought of her finger you on her desk. You clench your thighs on her, grinding faster as you feel your release coming. Grayson noticed you sudden pace change and whispered in your ear “Cum for me sweetheart” That really hit for you and you released in her thigh, leaving a huge stain in her uniform. You were she wouldn’t mind but it was still embarrassing. Grayson help you ride out your orgasm by holding onto yours hips as you finished. She lifted you up and sat you on her desk and looked at the giant mess you made. “Someone was excited” You cringed in embarrassment and she laughed. It was your first time and that’s her reaction???
🤎 You didn’t know Ambessa had a thing for filming. She had you in between her legs while she fingered you. You had your head leaned back on her shoulder, moaning. At the foot of the bed was a camera recording. It was embarrassing and it made you feel exposed. Ambessa took advantage of that. “Smile for the camera Y/n” She said in your ear, her pace speeding up. Her fingers were huge inside you. She hit the spot everytime and you couldn’t take it anymore. Your body was tensing up and Ambessa could feel you about to cum. “Come on darling, give me what I want” She demanded, using her thumb to rub your clit. At that you lost it, releasing all your juices over her hand with a loud moan. “That’s my good girl.” Ambessa was happy and shocked all at once. She didn’t think you had it in you but she was so glad she got it on camera.
💜 Sevika wasn’t new to this at all. She just never thought you had it in you. Of course she can go round after round but she just never thought about getting one from you. Until one night you both had a steamy make out session on the kitchen counter. Sevika snuck her hand in your pajama shorts. “No panties, huh?” She snickered out using one of her fingers to tease your clit. You moaned, hurrying your face in her neck. She used her mechanical hand to grip your hair, forcing you to look at her. “No, look at me.” She was rubbing your clit, using your wetness to make it more sensitive. She kept teasing your entrance but never made an attempt to penetrate. It felt like punishment. Was it for not wearing panties? A rather harsh punch to your clit got a loud moan from you. She chuckled and continued teasing you. “Ah-Ha..Please..” Sevikas torture on your clit was getting to you. You were trying to not fall off the counter, clinging onto Sevika like your life depended on it. She just kept going, playing with your clit. Your stomach started twisting up in a knot, tensing up. You were about to cum. Sevika felt it so she plunged in her fingers, hitting that spot immediately. This sets you off. With a loud moan you released in her hand, drenching your shorts while Sevika kept pumping into you. “That’s it, good girl.” She pulls out your of shorts, bringing her hand up to your mouth. You get the hint to start sucking. “Can you give me one more? I know you can” Sevika carried you to the bedroom where she surely got multiply orgasms out of you that night.
💟 Renata was working late when you decided to come up to her office and give her a little “surprise”. She wasn’t expecting you to show up in a trencoach with a full lingerie suit underneath but it wasn’t bad. In fact she took full advantage of it. Within minutes the set was discarded somewhere on her office floor. So now here you are trying to keep your knees from buckling on her desk while Renata was sucking on your clit while pumping her fingers inside you at a fast pace. It was like she was trying to get something out of you, which you were sure she most likely was. She stopped the torture in your clit, licking you done your stomach all the way up to your mouth where she shushed your moans with a kiss and whispered “Look at you, taking my fingers so well” You let out a moan. She chuckled and kept sucking hickeys on your neck and her pace never faltered. Your stomach started tensing up, creating a knot. You were close. “Come on, Y/n, give it to me” At that you could hold it in anymore. With a loud whine you released all over her fingers and desk, your juices making a mess everywhere. Renata looks at her hand with a surprised yet lustful face. “Look at what you did” She brought her hand up to your mouth and shoved her fingers in your mouth. You weren’t sure if she was upset or not but after that Renata made you lick up your own mess while gloating about good she fucked you.
🤍 Cassandra was bored and had called you in to entertain her. Being the good partner you were, you tried indulging her. Cracking jokes and what not but that didn’t do anything for her. She motioned for you to ‘Come here’ to which you happily obliged. She had you lie across her lap and she snuck one of her gloved hands in your pants. With you across her lap she had you at her mercy. Reaching to your front she starts rubbing at your entrance, trying to get her glove wet enough. With enough teasing her glove was soaking and she pushed her finger inside. You moaned out in the arm of the chair she was in and she kept going. “Disgusting, you’re letting me fuck you with a glove?” She spat out, keeping her pace and hitting that one spot that drove you crazy. Your muffled moans where getting a bit louder as you hit into to chair. Your start humping back onto her finger looking for some sort of release. The fabric inside felt so good you were ashamed that you were getting off to it. Cass kept hitting that one spot of yours it just felt too good. Your stomach started tensing up and you just couldn’t help yourself. You released all over her hand creating a mess of her glove and dress. Cassandra pulled away and scoffed at you in disgust. It sounded as if she was upset but she was far from it. She took of her glove and stuffed it in your mouth making you “taste yourself”
Tumblr media
note: i miss kore :c (seviks)
side note: if you ever feel sad, masterbate. is that too personal?
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thehoundwrites · 3 months ago
pet play with the arcane women + Illaoi?
Yes yes! My name is Hound for many reasons, babe
NSFW MDNI 18+ (added their favorite pets)
Tagging: @nora-xox @colourfulkidglitter @midnightsk13s @biphrogg @sevikasmainwhore @trashbod @petitepersephone (pretend I rembered I have a tag list)
[Pet play is one of my favs, bdsm kinks are so fun to write]
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sevika loves her subs eager and ready to please her, loves being worshipped and looked up at with hearts floating around your head absolutely enthralled by the sight of her. Watching her slowly undress as your chained up to the bed. Whether youre a pretty little puppy to excited for her to use you without a leash. Or a loving little bunny eager to service her for some of her loving tender side as she'll hold you afterwards. Or even a shy hesitant fox not super excited but happy to please her when she gets you wet. She wants someone who squirms just from her words, unable to look your owner in her eyes cuz you know she's looking at you like a a piece of meat. Her precious little slut. Ready and eager and desperate for her like she deserves. She loves putting a little plug in your ass letting your cunt drip for her as she holds you down and gives you what you so desperately need. She'll put you on your knees, with a collar that's says "Sevika's", have you eat her out as your groveling naked on the ground floor pressed to your knees mouth open for her. She'll be mostly dressed, shirt pulled up pants down. Her muscles sore from work, covered in a bit of sweat looking down at you. She'd make you kiss her boots, earn your way to her strap. She loves watching her precious little pet try to gulp all of her cock down your little throat, a hand on the back of your head pushing you down more. Her metal hand holding a lit cigar watching you work her strap. Then put you on the bed your ass in the air spitting on her strap so she can ram into your pussy hitting your sweet spot over and over and over until your drooling and begging like a good whore should.
"Tsk, you're already so wet for me, huh pretty girl? That's it princess show me how much of a slut you are for me. Such a good girl, have you been touching yourself while I was gone? No, not even humping your pillow like a desperate little Mutt? Good pet.. Daddy is gonna make all those disgusting thoughts drip out of your little pussy. On your knees. That's it. Strip. No no, take your time. Aw, i know you can take it I thought you were gonna be good.. Take it then. Yea that's it? You liked getting fucked like a dirty little animal? Yea? Then Daddys gonna fill that cunt up to the brim with my cum. Oh yea you like that? Take it. You're daddys perfect pet, yea? Yea? Beg like a stupid whore. You want daddy to breed you? Cmon then beg you filthy little slut."
Tumblr media
Grayson is here to please her sub, she's a service dom. All she wants is for you to cum over and over saying her name like it's the only thing keeping you alive. Like her name is better than air. So she's okay with any pet you want, puppy's, kittens, foxes, vixens, bunny's but doesn't really like the farm animals as much. Such as ponies or cows. But is open to trying. She does so far have preferences for Kittens and Vixens. The less eager more bratty / slutty ones. The ones to mess with her because they want the consequences. Loves seeing your pleasure in the faces you make as she fingers you. Is into punishing you when you misbehave, secretly likes walking in on you breaking rules, taking off your leash, humping your pillow. loving when you thank her for spanking you. Knowing every slap to your bare ass on her thighs makes you drip onto her. Wanting nothing more than to stick her tongue or fingers into that aching cunt just to get a taste of her pets sweet cum. Likes making you all red-faced before she even starts. She loves tying you down a but so she can pleasure you how she wants teasing your throbbing clit, letting you ride her face, her thighs and her strap. Because good pets deserve to hump themselves stupid. Will absolutely control your orgasm for hours.
"Oh sweetheart, I can't believe you couldn't follow mommy's rules? Have I been to hard on you? You couldn't wait for mommy to get home before you started to hump your damn thoughts away. I know you need mommy to help but you're just a dumb little pet baby, you know you need to listen to mommy's rules. Cmon now dear over my lap. Yknow what happens when silly little pets misbehave. Maybe if you behave while I'm here then I'll let you cum. Otherwise I'll be leaving you tommorow tied up in that pretty silk you bought. Oh, what was that? You're not supposed to enjoy my punishments but darling your pussy is dripping wet. Oh I bet this is what my pet wanted. You wanted to ger punished huh sweetheart? You like making mommy angry?"
Tumblr media
Bunnys and vixens, 100%. She prefers them slutty and eager. While the personalities tend to differ a lot between the two. Vixens being more luxurious and lustful, Bunnys are more innocent and there for the love and attention. Both tend to be eager to be railed. Loves the marking implements in pet play, giving you a collar with your title making you stay by her side at all times. Sitting on her lap when both of you are out. And you're a good pet for her, you have to be, she'd be more into a mix of permanent/ and not permanent versus only during sex. She loves control. Tends to see others around her as lesser. She's prideful and she needs to feel superior even in relationships which is a reason she likes petplay. She'd keep a little bed for you, collars, toys, treats. She might even get a cage for yoy if you were comfortable with it. Loves when she's day drinking on her couch and you're naked on your knees with your leash in her hand. Ready to come hump her thigh, or eat her out whenever she orders you to.
"I've had a rough day, on your knees little one. Good girl. Why are you not naked. I'll count to three before I take them off myself. Ah see I knew you could behave. You look so pathetic. Do you want your mistress my pet? Oh prove it. My shoes are still on my pants are not off. Work. Good pets do as their mistresses command do they not? Faster. Mommy's getting imaptenient. Look up at me. Yes that's it dear you want me so bad hm? Then beg, shove that mouth onto your mistresses cunt, yes that's it little one. That's it, just where yoy belong pretty girl. Oh you're covered in my cum such a good pet. Such a pretty slut for me. That's it spread wide little one, go on show me. Tsk you're already so wet. Do I make you feel that good. Sh sh pets don't talk they whine whimper and beg. That's it. Take it all inside that pretty little pussy. You're acting like a whore sweetheart. If you're gonna act like one then I'm going to treat you like one. Such a good girl, you did so well. Aww. Does my baby need some love, oh you poor thing yoy can't can't move can you?"
Tumblr media
She prefers the more mainstream ones: kittens and puppy's, but wouldn't mind a bunny. Willing and eager or eager and bratty. With illaoi you'd be on a ship so you'd probably have something similar to temporary pet play but with free use perks, as long as neither of you say no then she wants you to climb into her lap and ask for her, rub yourself on her leg when the crew sits around telling stories and she sits on a box parted from the main group so she can feel you up and readjust your collar. She'd have special collars for you mostly with golds and greens because youre her pet and she knows what looks prettiest on you. Loves when you get too needy to help yourself. Crawling up to her giving her those sweet little doe eyes, she's down for fucking you almost all the time after all the two of you are trapped at sea most of the time. She won't play around she'll make you say exactly what you want from her when you want it. Will refuse to fuck you unless she gets to hear you say it or see what a pathetic stuttering mess you become. Loves when you come to hump her thighs mindlessly like a bitch in heat. When you rub against her hip as you fall asleep in her arms. Absolutely adores seeing you on your knees with your leash in her hand and a tentacle shoved in your holes. See how red your face gets as she looks down at you fingering herself watching. Makes you eat her out while she uses her powers on you. Also her size kinks comes out big when she's your mistress.
"You're such a needy little slut for me babygirl, my desperate little puppy needs me so bad. Is that cunt dripping for me yet my pet. No you need something from your mistress? Mhm no cmon now sweetheart you know the rules, you have to tell me exactly what you need from me. Uhuh, speak up. Mistress doesn't understand rambling. Oh? You want me to breed you darling? You need my cock to fill you up, oh but your poor little pussy couldn't handle me. You're such tiny little thing, such a helpess little whore aren't you. Hmm, let's go into my cabin unless you want everyone to see what I'm going to do to that pretty pussy. Oh you look so good on your knees, you're mine aren't you? Say it? Louder? Oh I thought you wanted to be a good pet for me little one,, you look so full bunny, do you feel full? Tell mommy how they feel. Cmon kitty lick it up like a good pet, that's it. Use that perfect little tongue. Mmh such a good girl, use your fingers. That's it, oh you're moaning. You better scream my name when you cum for me little one"
Tumblr media
Kittens, Vixens, Kittens and Vixens: although she doesn't care what pet you are as long as she's the mistress. She does prefer more entitled pets, ones she'll have to teach better than to mess with. Puppy's, Bunny's and Foxes tend to be extremely eager or desperate, and more about loving /nurturing. Where as Vixens are entitled, they deserve what they want, they get it, they're the perfect pets so why be desperate. And Kittens tend to be somewhat bratty or misbehaved not following rules and such. She wants to train a pet, to be her perfect sub. Or not formally but loves punishing and enforcing her authority on her pet. Reminding them who's in charge, who they belong to. She'd tie your hands behind your back, cheek to the floor and ass in the air.
"Wow, really? Just blatantly disrespect me, I come home from the council, from rules and regulations to my pathetic little pet thinking she can do whatever she wants. Are you stupid? Have you forgotten who's bed out sleep in? Who's food you eat? I spoil you rotten and you turn around and start being a dirty little animal? A misbehaved little slut. Someone's gotta teach you where you belong. You can't even behave, while I'm gone. Pathetic. What? You want me to stop? You don't like tasting the floor do you, well that's all pathetic whores get. How's my heel feel in your cheek. Not good? Oh let's see how long you can handle your mistresses personal wand strapped to your clit before you pass out. Oh no I'm just gonna sit back and watch my favorite show. Id offer champaign but it seems you're a bit.. tied up."
Tumblr media
She loves bunny's the most, puppy's too. But innocent loving little bunnies are her thing. Bunnies are more innocent than puppies, and she enjoys cuddling and tender love that comes with having a pet. They're equally as excited for Vi to come home as Vi is to come home. Excited for some gentle kisses, make-out sessions, hugs, pats. Anything that Vi wants to give her pet, she'll take it like a good girl cuz all she wants from Vi is just her lovin. She loves kissing all over your face, placing gentle nips at your skin, hearing your cute little giggles squirming on her thighs, getting eager as she spoils you with love. She wants you to rock on her thighs as she takes your clothes off slowly. She loves eating out so all your cute little noises just fuel her. She loves seeing you in a collar, she really wants it to be red but won't give you too much grief if you pick another collar. But she'll spoil you whatever her precious girl wants she gets. She's very protective of her pocket puss pet.
"Heyy baby, aww you're so excited for me to come home aren't you bunny? How's my sweet thing doing. Cmon don't just look at me? You want something from me pretty girl? You know I'll give you anything you want." "Mm your skins so soft princess, you're so cute humping leg, look at you you're getting my pants all wet. Ohh no shh, you can take it. My tongue feels good huh? Wait till I fill you up have my strap rubbing inside that perfect little pussy. You want me so bad sweetheart, you're making the cutest little noises for me precious. That's it ride my cock baby I wanna see those pretty tiddies bounce. Such a good girl for me. Fuck you look so good bouncing on my cock. I love you so much my little bunny"
Tumblr media
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sevikasupremacy · 3 months ago
Confessing Their Love To You
Grayson, Sevika, Ambessa
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
➼ Both of you guys started out as just colleagues.
➼ Grayson had always been impressed with you since the start.
➼ You took your job seriously and you had the potential to be the next Sheriff of Piltover.
➼ You always helped Grayson with everything. That means staying up late with her in her office to work on some paperworks.
➼ Honestly, Grayson enjoyed your company. And you did too.
➼ But what she didn’t realized was that she started to grow fond of you. She was in denial when she started to develop those feelings.
➼ But the fact that you were always there with her, it only made her feelings toward you stronger.
➼ At one point, the other enforcers started to suspect it. Honestly it was pretty obvious that the Sheriff was falling for you. So instead of you following Grayson during work, it’s her following you.
➼ Late one night, you were gathering all your belongings, ready to head out after a long hour of paperworks. As you were about to head to the door, Grayson wrapped her arms around you, pulling you in for a back hug. She leaned her chin softly on your shoulder, closing her eyes as she relished the moment.
➼ “I can’t deny this longer so… Y/N… I think I might have fallen for you. I know this is sudden but please… listen to me… I felt this for a while now but I wasn’t sure if it was actually real… But I know now… I want you to be mine…
Tumblr media
➼ Working as one of Silco’s goon isn’t an easy task.
➼ But with this older woman by your side, you had no trouble finishing your job.
➼ Since the start, Sevika had always kept an eye for you, making sure you were able to handle all the difficult tasks Silco had given.
➼ You, on the other hand, was like her little supporter.
➼ Both of you had been through all the ups and downs.
➼ That’s when Sevika started to develop just a tiny crush on you.
➼ Honestly she didn’t even know she was falling for you when one of Silco’s goons was flirting with you at the Last drop.
➼ After that incident, she acted cold toward you, refusing to even look at you sometimes.
➼ When you have had enough of her unusual actions, you decided to confront her when she was at her office. Sevika somehow got a little annoyed when you pointed it out.
➼ When you wouldn’t stop complaining, Sevika pulled you into a rough kiss before pulling away, leaning her forehead against yours.
➼ “I like you okay? There I fucking said it. Happy now? Or are you gonna keep complaining? I know what I did was stupid but I can’t stand seeing you smiling with other people… I always wished you could smile and look at me like that…”
Tumblr media
➼ You were a councilor in Piltover and Mel’s best friend.
➼ But you have never seen her mother before—
➼ You heard a lot about Ambessa Medarda. Actually you were quite nervous whenever Mel told you stories about her.
➼ Let’s just say when you heard that she was coming for a visit, you were beyond terrified.
➼ But things went unexpected when you and Mel finally saw her. It was as if the moment she stopped in front of both of you, her eyes immediately met with yours.
➼ When Mel introduced you to her, you realized that she wasn’t that scary at all. She was actually… charming?
➼ After couple of days had passed, you and Ambessa started to grow closer. She would find excuses to talk to you alone. And one day, things started to become different…
➼ Ambessa had invited you to a room for a private conversation. You didn’t think anything about it so you agreed on meeting her there.
➼ But the moment you took a step into that room, Ambessa locked the doors, snaking her strong arms around your waist, pulling you in.
➼ She locked eyes with you, her lips curved up into a smile as she watched you with adoration.
➼ “Do you even realized what you had done to me? Oh I fell for you since the day I saw you my dear… You were so beautiful standing there… So perfect for me… Oh I want you all to myself…”
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cyan-skulls-writing · 4 months ago
"If you want to get a reaction out of her you have to do some wild shit like grab her titty." Ok so let me do it, please write them getting their titty grabbed playfully ♡. I'm a nipple pincher.
ok jesus, fine, here it is
Arcane Characters + Getting their Titty Grabbed
i’m gonna call this one nsfw just to be safe, 18+ only minors DNI
with: Jayce, Vander, Finn, Sevika, Ambessa, Grayson
gender/body neutral
See, you grab his titty and Jayce gets really confused. He’s never done this to anyone, he thinks it would be disrespectful, and he doesn’t find it disrespectful when you do it to him, he’s just?? Confused?? Jayce has massive tits he just doesn’t know that, no one’s ever told him, and you think that’s a damn shame. If you pinch his nips, now he thinks he gets that this is like. A sexual thing for you? He’s not against it he just doesn’t understand.
“Hey, what— uhhh. Baby? What are you grabbing my chest for? My— I don’t have— ah! Okay, okay, I think I get it. Can we uh… explore this somewhere more private, though?”
Vander is just sort of bemused. He tries to laugh it off but you are fucking latched on there like a starfish and you’re not letting go. You pinch his nips and he barks like a small dog. In private he will be groping you back, in public though, he turns bright red and leaves the room. If he has to drag you off of him he will.
“Hey— what are you— ah! Alright, I’m, uh, gonna go.”
Finn like. Doesn’t react. This is insane but he actually doesn’t really care that much. There is nothing you can do to this man to embarrass him, he is unshakable— until you pull out the “good boy” in public. Something about it just makes him melt— its the only way to push him anywhere near subspace, and making him soft in public sort of really embarrasses him.
“Oh, hey. Do you need something? Hahaha, you sure you don’t want something from me?”
As stated, this will get a reaction out of Sevika. The reaction is she throws you over her shoulder to drag you to bed and fuck you stupid. If shes blushing like crazy, that’s nobody’s business but her own. She is not playing around. Your ass will be bright red and she will deal back the pinching until it hurts you to wear a shirt. Your tits will be sore by the time she’s done with you.
“Hey, honey, what’s— hey! Alright, come on. No, no, if you wanna be a brat, I can handle that.”
Ambessa is a little bit scary about it— she grabs your wrists and moves your hands away. She doesn’t speak, doesn’t have to, the look on her face is enough to get you to stop. In private, though, she doesn’t care if you use her tits as your own personal stress ball. Shell just go on with whatever she was doing until you come out and tell her what you want.
“Hi baby, how are you? Hmm. What? Do you need something? Aww, come on, honey, use your words.”
Grayson is an unmovable rock, unless you grab her tits in front of her enforcers. She’s red immediately— she has you off the ground in a moment, lifting out of reach of her chest and lecturing you ass she puts you down elsewhere so she can try and regain her dignity and the respect of her subordinates.
“Wha— no. I can’t believe you, doing this sort of thing in public, I have to be respectable to these people—“
the quote “I’m a nipple pincher.” made my soul leave my body
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sevikasgf · 4 months ago
getting strapped by powerful women. Thats the post.
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sevikasleftpussyflap · 22 days ago
arcane character and how they cook?? i feel like theyre either amazing chefs or burn water on the stove😭
Hello! I usually only do Sevika but I tried my hand at the other characters I simp for so if it sucks no it doesn’t <3
Wouldn’t know much beyond warming things up. If it’s meat, then it’ll definitely be a bit tough and leathery. This is not a problem for her and she’ll take a bite and moan into it like she just made a five star meal. Next time, cook the meal yourself and give her a task she can’t mess up like chopping vegetables
Speaking of chopping vegetables, she’s no longer allowed to use her blade. She sawed halfway through the countertop early on into its installation
And speaking of her prosthetic, she tries to show off by skewering ingredients with her claws
Burns herself and doesn’t even blink. Has been grabbing the pan of food off of a hot surface with just her hands until you caught her doing that and yelled at her. Her metal arm is scarred to hell. She probably just didn’t feel like buying mittens and wouldn’t use them enough to justify the purchase
Even when you get mittens for her, she’s not wearing them. She’d fold them in half and use them that way, if anything
Housewife kink housewife kink
Would just lean back and smirk as she watches you, spooks you by coming up behind you and wrapping her arms around you, pries your hands off whatever you’re holding to bring them to her lips, stays distractingly close to you, pressed flush against your back
Beneath her. She has servants for that. But if you wanted to be all romantic and have a lovely, relaxing evening cooking with your wife, she’d reluctantly agree. I say wife because I think she’s the type to snatch up anything she wants as hers
She does occasionally cave to your demands but she really finds the whole ordeal tedious and unnecessary. Would try to sneak in one of the cooks when you weren’t looking
You come back from the bathroom to see her literally throw the chef in the pantry/out of your line of sight
“Darling!” She’ll chime, feigning nonchalance and sounding like you just came back from a year long trip
“Ambessa-“ You’d start to scold.
“No, no, he forgot his… spatula.”
“It’s his favorite. Right?”
She’ll try to convince you to just eat something raw. Voices her very loud opinion on which steps she deems a waste of time (waiting for water to boil)
“My heart, you don’t need to cook these. See?” Talks to you like you’re an imbecile and takes a chunk out of the still-moving lobster
Makes a show of tasting anything by vulgarly licking and sucking on her fingers
No. She’d burn herself and whatever she’s attempting to cook. Either really raw or really burnt. You would have to banish her to the doorway because she just gets in the way. And she’d try to sneak tastes before it’s done, sticking those dirty ass, bandaged fingers in the pot, literally burning herself but still moving to stuff it in her mouth as she mutters “ow ow ow ow”
Whacking her hands with the spoon does nothing but make her pout and make you feel bad
She gets bored fast. Will turn around three seconds after you tell her not to do something and do it
Attempts to distract you. Will come up behind you, place her hands on your hips and start swaying with you, but she soon begins to misbehave and get carried away with neck kisses
You try to give her harmless tasks to keep her hyperactive brain satisfied. Maybe you’ll be successful when you ask her to show you what she was able to pickpocket/steal today
“That looks like it’s done.”
“10 more minutes, Vi.”
“But it’s all-“ She gestures desperately at the pasta. “Noodly.”
“Needs to soak.”
“… Can I just get mine then-“
On an unnecessary, sadder note, I imagine she’s more goofy and laid back with you because you make her inner child feel safe.
Probably the only one who’s decent. He probably tried to learn more sophisticated things once he got rich, things he didn’t have the chance to when he was growing up in the undercity. Very fancy and by the book, serves irritatingly small portions. Wears an apron and mittens with his colors and you have to as well if you’re helping. Maybe one day you surprise him with a less elaborate dish, something messy
He would attempt to eat it with utensils before submitting to his roots and digging in with his hands
Okay but watching him chopping something, dress shirt sleeves rolled up on his forearms, dexterous fingers gripping the blade? Carving into it like he would flesh-
Views the whole ordeal as a science experiment. What happens if you mix these ingredients together? She’ll find out!
You’ll constantly get whacked with those braids because she moves around the kitchen like a tornado
Wants to do everything right by your side. What are you working on? She can help. Wouldn’t it be so cute and romantic if you cut things together?
Chooses unnecessarily large knives for tasks that require small ones
“Toots! Wouldn’t it be faster if we used the flamethrower?”
You’d have to give Jinx her favorite juice and maybe she’ll be okay with sitting on the counter and watching you cook instead.
If she is, she’d make concerningly happy noises when you bend over or flex your muscles as you cut something up. You’d look over to see big blue eyes unabashedly staring at you, laying on her stomach, head in her hands as she kicks her feet
If she was in a more serious mood, she’d actually stun you with how precise she is. While she may be occasionally overzealous with some ingredients, she could be pretty decent if she tried. It’s like making a bomb, sort of.
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sevikasangel · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
୨ ✎ ‧₊arcane milfs + cuddling
Including: grayson, cassandra, camille, sevika, renata, ambessa
⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ ⋆✦⋆ ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯
Grayson: she is very affectionate and a hopeless romantic, her love language varies between words of affirmation and physical touch, so she will mix them when cuddling. She will whisper sweet nothings in your ear while holding you. She loves wrapping her strong arms around you from behind, praising you in how beautiful you are and how much she loves you. The feeling of you being so vulnerable in her arms warms up her heart, she would nightly promise to herself that she would protect you with her own life if she had to.
Cassandra: although she wouldn't describe herself as a touchy person, Cassandra would particularly be fond of small gestures of affections, such as snuggling with her lover after an exhausting day at the council. She is a bit awkward with it firstly, slightly embarassed to admit how much she needs this physical comfort. However, she will melt when you wrap one arm around her from behind and kiss her on the back of the head. It would be her little getaway from the real world, as she could forget about everything and just revel in the warmth of your company.
Camille: at the beginning of your relationship, Camille wouldn't admit that she loved cuddling. She would have an irrational fear of you interpreting that as a weakness. Fortunately for her, you always knew that she was lying about that little fact. It would take her some time to loosen up around you and completely give herself to you. Once you've broken her walls, she will love to have you besides her on the bed while she lays on her back, your thigh draped over her hips and your arm loosely falling over her waist while with one hand she holds the book she's reading and the other strokes your hair. She will throw little playful comments here and there on how cute and needy you look, calling you her little cuddle bug.
Sevika: her favorite part of cuddling you is how needy you get. Sevika loves to be reminded of how small you are compared to her, and how she craves to protect you from all the evils around the world. Her favorite cuddling position is have you sit on her lap and hug her tightly, while she smokes her cigar and holds your waist with her free, human arm. She will kiss you on the cheek ever so often and kiss you softly on the lips, even if she is gambling at a bar. She is not ashamed to show affection for her lover, these assholes better know not to mess with you. If you are doing this at home, after she is done smoking, she will pick you up in her strong arms and carry you to bed.
Renata: as the extremely busy business woman she is, the Chem-Baroness will grasp any opportunity she has to be close to her lover. She loves cuddling you after a stressful day. Often, she will come home from work and find you asleep, your body not handling staying up so late. It would bring a smile to her lips when she climbed in bed and pulled you into her strong arms, listening to your grunt and whimper, opening your eyes to needily stare at her from over your shoulder. She'd kiss you on the lips very gently. You'd say how much you missed her and beg her not to leave again, it would make her smile a little and tell you not to worry, that she loves you, and that she wasn't going anywhere soon.
Ambessa: she is a great cuddling partner. This woman gives the best bear hugs, and she will give them proudly to you whenever you were laying in bed, enjoying some quality time together as a couple. She particularly enjoys being under you, servicing as some sort of pillow while holding you flush to her chest. It reassures her that you are there, safe and sound in your arms, and that she is able to provide safety for you. If someone wanted to hurt you, they would need to snatch you from her first, and you were both well aware no one would dare challenge the warlord.
⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ ⋆✦⋆ ��⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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depressed-simp-writes · 4 months ago
horny time
Arcane women's kinks
warnings: NSFW obviously, 18+ content
giving=doing to someone, receiving=having done to them, both is both
Tumblr media
versatile dom
overstimulation, giving
restraints, giving
choking, both
spanking, giving
thigh riding, receiving (she likes having her thigh ridden)
breeding, giving
light impact play, both
strap ons, giving
tit fucking, giving (when she's wearing the strap)
Tumblr media
overstimulation, both
breeding, giving
thigh riding, both(mostly recieving)
gun play, both
marking, both
nipple play, giving
impact play, both
edging, both (mostly giving)
orgasm control, giving
choking, both
voyerism (would really like to watch her lover masterbate)
Tumblr media
hard dom
impact play, both
edging/orgasm denial, giving
knife play
primal play (predator)
breeding, giving
pet play (owner)
free use (user)
thigh riding, receiving
Tumblr media
not into a lot but into some things
bondage, giving
body worship, both
praise, both
spanking, both
overstimulation, both
orgasm control, giving
role playing
Tumblr media
soft dom
praise, both
body worship, both
body painting, both
orgasm denial/edging, giving
overstimulation, giving
mommy kink, title of choice
Tumblr media
hard dom
impact play, giving
knife play
overstimulation, giving
petplay (owner)
edging/orgasm denial, giving
primal play (predator)
degradation, giving
free use (user)
thigh riding, receiving
size kink
Tumblr media
soft dom
praise, both
role playing
having her strap sucked
orgasm control, giving
marking, both
restraints, giving
body worship, giving
sorry if its short, i wanted to make it as accurate for each character, in terms of how I get their vibes, so i went with what felt natural. what are your headcanons for these characters if you have them? feel free to tell me in the reblogs or comments or in an ask (if those work for this blog, idk) and thank you for reading <3
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musez · 4 months ago
Arcane ladies as random tweets/memes on my phone
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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svkahug · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
.*# petnames ; headcanons
featuring: mel & grayson & sevika & ambessa content: f!reader & fluff & light angst & suggestive
m.list askbox
Tumblr media
mel calls you dear. dearest. any form of the word.
it falls from her lips sweetly, lightly.
it's cunning, makes you bend to her whim and do anything she asks. it's the equivalent of mel's puppy eyes. she would smooth out her voice, make it drip with honey so that in the end, you'd begrudgingly do whatever it was she needed.
it's funny, how in an argument, she makes it sound like a warning.
when she leans forward with that look in her eyes that pinned you down, speaking in low tones. dearest.
but sometimes its just soft, when you're tangled and painted in the hues of morning light. morning, dear.
Tumblr media
sevika ... well she has lots up her sleeve. for being the silent type, she sure knows how to run her mouth. an endearment seemed like something that'd tether you to her.
girlie. doll. sweetheart. there's a variety of them, specific ones for specific times.
girlie when she's had too much beer, flirting with you like it's the first time she's seen you around the last drop, like she suddenly forgot that you're actually with her.
doll is more casual. you had dinner yet, doll? can you look at my arm, doll? it's a greeting. her lips on the top of your head. hands roaming from behind.
sweetheart when you're fighting. when she's sardonic, sarcastic and annoying. perfect combination that usually leads to, somehow, making out until you can't remember why you were even quarreling.
Tumblr media
grayson calls you deary. as easy as breathing.
it slips out when she comes home, calling you from the foyer. asking for the most mundane thing from another room. when she sneaks up on you and swears it's not on purpose.
she says it with kind eyes, tone light and easy.
sometimes it's teasing, poking your side, bumping your hip to lift your spirits.
you caught up on this, teasingly mocking her rasp voice, her generous accent and using it against her. she'd laugh and ask you if you wanted it gone. an affronted no, course not, deary, would be your custom answer.
you've tried calling her petnames, of course. but none of them stuck. it's as if you knew cooing out her name in the bleak lights of morning was the only thing that could get her back to bed.
Tumblr media
ambessa calls you darling.
in conversations, beckoning you over, it's there.
noxians are known for their resilience, survival in the harshness and it bleeds into their ways. marking your other half was an unyielding tradition, passed down through generations. giving the other the mark of their clan. tattooes, sygils and totems.
it was making your claim. predatory instincts, ambessa a might say. in the harshness of it all, everyone needed to know who called to who.
for her, it's endearments. when she places a hand on the small of your back, and rolls out the what do you think, darling? when someone's been too flirty in the room.
it doesn't fail to make you all gooey, gets your heart in a skittish.
maybe it's the outlandishness of it all. of a woman like her, adored and adorned in honor and prestige with every step, rolling out a darling at the end of her sentence.
maybe it's her voice, the deep timbre of it and the stark difference with the word. but it doesn't feel wrong with her, like she has no difficulty in easing it out for you, when you're alone and when you're not.
it makes you feel like you've been dragged into an alleyway skirmish and it doesn't lose its effect.
Tumblr media
i was gonna do more angst but then i held back cs its 3 am and im feeling merciful for yall fruit baskets. i'll release the angst as a fic bye
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angelltheninth · a month ago
Hey!! If ur request is open can i request a Arcane characters You know all of them when the reader wakes up after sex and then cant walk properly? Like thyre But and buddussy hurts? Ehheeh👀 but feel free to ignore!! No pressure ^v^✨
This is for everyone who wants to get banged into oblivion by these characters. And I think that's a lot of people.
Pairing: Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Silco, Sevika, Finn, Grayson, Viktor, Jayce, Ambessa x Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, rough sex, morning after, teasing, love bites, marking, domestic fluff
A/N: Let's be real this would be a dream come true for so many.
Tumblr media
Jinx would find it really funny. She'd tease you endlessly for the whole day, but also offer to kiss it better.
You don't really feel like you could go for another round with her for at least a week. But the gesture was nice even if you suspect that she only offered to see you blush. Jinx would be really proud of herself that she actually managed to fuck you silly and promises to do it all over again once you're up for it again.
"You're walking real funny there sweet cheeks, are you that worn out? Ah, I thought you have more stamina than that. Maybe we should work on that a little after I kiss it better. You can't take it? That's not what you said last night haha. I wasn't kidding about the kiss though, come here."
Tumblr media
You begged her for it and she more than delivered. Vi would lay back and watch you wobble towards the bathroom before quickly running up to you and picking you up in her arms.
She'd take care of you for the whole day in order to make up for being so rough you can't walk properly. Would give you a long full body massage to get you to relax while whispering softy in your ear about how much of a good time she had last night.
"Was that a bit much for you sweet stuff? Hey if you can't walk right I've got no problem carrying you around all day. Then again I don't really need to excuse to cling onto you now do I? Come on, up we go, getting some breakfast. I think it's safe to say we both worked up quite the apatite last night"
Tumblr media
Caitlyn would only fuck you that hard if you ask her really nicely. Oh she knows you want it, but she wants to hear you say it.
She'd leave a lot of kiss marks on your inner thighs. Would spend the better part of the morning kissing them all over again and the rest of the day pampering you. She'd get some grins and chuckles from her subordinates when they see the way you're walking next to her.
"How are you feeling darling? Was that too rough for you? Hmm, I'm glad you enjoyed it, I certainly did. Look at all these marks, I just want to kiss them better all day. But we have work to do sadly. Heh, yes I fully expect them to comment on this. Don't worry, I'll make them take on some extra paperwork if they tease you too much."
Tumblr media
Silco would enjoy watching you walk like that around his home and around his office.
He doesn't fuck you like that often but when he does you have trouble walking for days, especially if he knows that he has you all to himself for a long amount of time and he can really indulge in you. He will gently run his hands across your body, stopping at your thighs where he will spend a bit more time before moving downwards, massaging and kissing his way all the way to your toes.
"Sweetheart... you're having trouble walking huh? Understandable, you enjoyed yourself a lot last night didn't you? Come here, you can rest on my lap. No one's gonna walk in don't worry, and even if they do, I'll just send them away. I can lock the door if you wish. But then I fear I might be too temped to do it all over again. You know how much I love fucking you in my office."
Tumblr media
Sevika would do this kind of thing a lot. Sometimes even multiple times a day, in fact its even better when you're still so sensitive.
She'd love to brag about it, but not with words but by having you walk with her. Other people can clearly see how thoroughly fucked you are but they also know that they can never have you. Sevika would fight anyone who makes you uncomfortable.
"Try to keep up with me sweetheart, people are staring. You're right, I do let them stare. But only because it lets them know that I'm the only one that can fuck you into oblivion. And kiss you like this. Don't worry though, I'd never let them touch you."
Tumblr media
Finn would have you walking like that like you're on display, with all of his love marks there for everyone to see. But much like Sevika he wouldn't let anyone touch you.
However he would definitely love having you in his lap while he's talking business to other and teasing you at the same time, slowly and sensually running his hands over your body, making you wish you were alone so that you can have a repeat of last night.
"Sit over here kitten, I want to have you close today. Sorry about them, they've had a very long night. I know you loved every second, so did I. Your ass hurts? Haha, oh don't worry, I'll kiss every part of you better once I get you alone. And then I'll make it hurt all over again."
Tumblr media
Grayson only does it when she knows she'll have Marcus cover a big part of her shift so that she can take care of you and cuddle with you afterwards.
On days like that she doesn't bother with wearing much clothes and neither do you because you know how much she loves seeing you with bite marks all over your inner thighs and shoulders. She likes having you sit in her lap early in the morning while she reads the newspaper, after which she'll take you into the shower to help you relax, while being careful not too overstimulate you further.
"Don't worry about work today sweetie, we got all day, just for the two of us. Of course I want to take a day off for you. Yes I know that the entire department will know why but frankly I don't give a damn. I get a whole day to cuddle and kiss you."
Tumblr media
Viktor loves to sit back and watch you stretch, groaning as you try to rub the ache from your muscles due to the night before.
He takes a long time to get out of bed himself, preferring to stay in bed for most of the day actually and cuddle. He's massage every part of you that aches, sometimes getting just a bit too close to getting you going again before he pulls back.
"Morning darling. You're looking well. You might want to get something for your throat though, you were screaming pretty loud last night. Ouch! What? I'm only telling the truth. It was my fault? I suppose. Let me make it better then."
Tumblr media
Jayce fucking loves making you walk funny. He can't help but get a smug smirk on his face when he sees you almost fall over when you try to get out of bed only to have him pull you back down to him.
He'd kiss you all over, slowly tracing his fingers over your body, tracing the marks he made the night before. He'd wrap his arms around you and carry you while you have your legs wrapped around his hips and he kisses your neck, slowly smoothing his hands over your back.
"You're looking well babe. Was last night too much? Oh? Glad to hear it. I'd love to do it again, you know I would, but let's take care of your first. No, not like that! You have such a dirty mind! I do love it, you know I do. Hey stop squirming, I know you're ticklish but let me pamper you a little will you?"
Tumblr media
Ambessa would wear the fact that you can't walk straight like a badge of honor, beaming and smirking about it all day.
As much as she'd like to do it all over again she also knows that you need a break. She'll give you a nice massage while you're in the bath and continue it on the bed, laying you on your stomach, her hands running across your body, making you groan and moan when she presses just right. Of course she wouldn't miss her chance to tease you either, promising to make it even better next time.
"Do you know how much I love seeing you this way sweetheart? Shit, as much I want to fuck you again I think you need a little break first. We can cuddle a little, then a bath, and then I'll use my hands on you. I knew your mind would go there, I love how dirty you can be. All the more reason to take a bath later."
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sevikasmainwhore · a month ago
hi tink tink!!
how do u think the arcane ladies would react to seeing their thick gf in booty shorts? it’s getting so hot here it’s hard to wear anything else
btw i luv ur writing 💕
please cause it’s hotter than a mf out here 😭 omg yes please keep using tink tink, it’s so cute and makes me feel special 💝💝
Arcane Ladies reacting to your booty shorts ♥︎
Requested ⇢ Yes/No
Type ⇢ Headcanons❥
Tumblr media Tumblr media
❤️ Vi knew it was getting hot. It was doubt in that so when she first saw you in your shorts she couldn’t blame you. Until she started noticing you in them a bit more. How your thighs made the perfect bulge, how they made your ass look nice and round. Vi could’ve sworn she felt a little bit of drool out the corner of her mouth. You were getting a popsicle from the freezer when Vi came from behind you, claiming she wanted a “hug”. “Vi stop, it’s hot baby” You complained. You could feel her hands lowering down your ass. “Let me cool you down a bit” Vi did not in fact cool you down at all.
💙 Caitlyn was in disbelief really. Of course it was over 80° outside so she really didn’t think too much of it. She’d stare anytime you’d walk by her. Always have the urge to grab your ass, like it was just staring at her. Of course she’d be respectful and keep her hands to herself. Because they were so short a bit of your ass would peek out and Caitlyn couldn’t help herself. You were laying down on a blanket in the living room in front of the fan when Caitlyn came from behind you just planted her head on your ass. Like it was a pillow. “Caitlyn, it’s hot” “That’s not my problem” You scoffed “Get off” She nuzzled up more “Do I have too?” You let out an exaggerated breath. She wasn’t getting up anytime soon so might as well just let her stay.
💛 Mel had actually taken a day off her counselor duties to take a trip to a private pool area she thought you’d like. Everything was going well. Bags were packed and ready and she had her swimsuit on underneath a covering. But when she saw you in your shorts, she was at a loss of words. “You ready??” You ask, so happily. “Yea…” For the whole day, Mel couldn’t stop staring. How your ass just peeks out of the shorts, How you took your sweet time, prancing around the pool before actually getting in. You were probably doing this on purpose because you could feel her eyes on you. Whenever you walked you made sure to sway your hips because you knew you’d get something out of her.
🧡 Grayson knew you had a fat ass. She also knew that it was getting hotter by the minute so when she’s home just enjoying her day and you happen to walk by with your shorts on and a tank top she didn’t think too much of it. Until she started noticing how your ass pokes out of them every time you bend down, or even when you’re putting them on and she’s just watching you jump to pull you then up. If it wasn’t already how outside she’d be burning up already. “You like em’? I made them out of some old pants I wasn’t wearing” Grayson chuckled “You look absolutely delicious, would you wear those for me again?” She pulls you by your waist in for a hug. You couldn’t help be flustered at her words. “Grayson, it’s hot” “Oh well”
🤎 Ambessa was a very intimidating, powerful women. You wouldn’t think she’d think or look at you in such a way. But she’s only human so when you came out of the bedroom in your shorts and a tank top she was speechless. It was a hot day in her kingdom so it was only right for you wear something that revealing, she just won’t let you leave anywhere in it. You tried walking her out the door and she stopped you halfway out. “That’s far enough” You huff and pout. “I wanna walk you out” “Not in those in your not” You looked down at your outfit confused. “Amby, it’s hot” “Yes, but that’s for me and me only” She was referring to your ass. You could tell from her voice and with that she left you feeling all hotter then before.
💜 Sevika had actually made you a pair out of some pants that were a bit too tight on her. She didn’t think they’d fit so tight on you though. You were getting ready to go out with Sevika when she stopped you half way out the bedroom door. “What’s wrong?” You asked her. It was a really hot day i’m the Undercity, hotter than usual, and it was only right you wore the shorts today with a tube top and nice crop top jacket. Sevika didn’t think so though. “You’re not leaving like that, at least not without me doing something about it” You wasn’t sure what she meant but leaving the house with hickeys and love bites all over your thighs and neck wasn’t what you had planned.
🤍 Cassandra had taken off a few days because of how hot it was. She’d stay at home with you and cool off, laying on the couch or even sitting in a chair reading a book while a fan blasted on her. You’d come in with her with ice cream in your shorts and a shirt she gifted you. She lost all her focus. She couldn’t stay on one sentence anymore. She’s glance up from her book and she you with a spoon full of ice cream and your legs propped up on the couch. You were showing a lot. She kept her composure or at least she tried too. “Y/n, could you bring me some too?” She asked so sweetly and you obliged. She didn’t really want any she just wanted to watch you walk away and how your ass poked out of them. She didn’t feel guilty about it at all.
💟 Renata liked the way they squeezed you. It was a hot but chill day in the Undercity and Renata was having the best day of her life. Just watching you walk around doing things she asked you too. It was like a game to her but it wasn’t fun at all too you. “Can you bring me that file from my desk?” “A drink of water please.” And so on. It was tiring and you were sick of it but being able to watch your ass bounce and poke out of your shorts made Renata the luckiest women alive. Of course she did make it up to you by just letting you rest, bringing you your own cold beverage and even letting you nap in front of an electric fan, but she’d never tell you why she had you doing all that.
Tumblr media
𝗕𝗼𝗻𝘂𝘀 ⇢ Do they eat ass?
𝗩𝗶 ⇢ Yes
𝗖𝗮𝗶𝘁 ⇢ No
𝗠𝗲𝗹 ⇢ 50/50
𝗚𝗿𝗮𝘆𝘀𝗼𝗻 ⇢ No
𝗔𝗺𝗯𝗲𝘀𝘀𝗮 ⇢ Yes
𝗦𝗲𝘃𝗶𝗸𝗮 ⇢ 50/50
𝗖𝗮𝘀𝘀𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗿𝗮 ⇢ No
𝗥𝗲𝗻𝗮𝘁𝗮 ⇢ Yes
Tumblr media
note: my body just shuts down every time it’s too hot. the amby nickname is so cute to me. 50/50 means either they’ll do it on a really good day or other times they won’t do it.
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1mxg1ne · 7 months ago
League of Legends/Arcane - Ambessa NSFW
// wish she sampled this coochie instead of the local cuisine
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex): She needs to admire her handiwork, she'll give you a simple task like fetching her some water purely to watch you limp away or to see how obedient you are, will you tell her no, whine that you can't or simply follow her order.
B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s): Her arms, she could spend hours telling you of all the battles she has won in Noxus and point out the scars on them. On her partner she isn't really picky, but she appreciates a pretty face, she'll grab you by the chin and turn you this way and that with a pleased hum examining you intently ,chuckling to herself if you can't meet her gaze.
C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person): She has one rule and that's that you aren't allowed to cum before her. More on that later.
D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs): Not really a secret since she'll tell you herself , huskily growl it in your ear about how good and obedient you are for her and how this body of yours could help her win wars, could drive men and women to their knees and how you'd do anything for her ,right? Even let someone else use you purely to please her. She won't actually have you fuck anyone else, but oh does she think about it, this idea that you'd do anything for her, even whore yourself out.
E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?): //This woman FUCKS! She FUCKED and will keep FUCKING!
F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual): She’ll manhandle you into several positions but somehow always ends up with you on your stomach and her entire weight on top.
G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc): She doesn't mind a bit of humour during sex, making her laugh and putting her in a good mood will get you rewarded.
H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.): She really doesn't care shaving or trimming.
I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…): Not really the romantic type, but if she finds out you like that, she'll fill up a room full of roses and then spend hours eating you out. That's romance right?
J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon): Why would she do it herself, when she can have someone else do it for her?
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks): Pet play, Primal play, Submission etc
L = Location (Favourite places to do the do): Anywhere really, she doesn't have any place she particularly favours either, whenever and wherever strikes the mood.
M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going): Enthusiastic consent, she wants her partner to be eager for her, eager to cum, eager to please, its a major confidence boost as well, she doesn't need it, but it helps.
N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs): I can't honestly think of something this woman wouldn't want to try at least once.
O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc): This woman feasts, she'll have you folded up for the longest time, her fingers and tongue working in sync. When she is done she'll pull back and lick her fingers clean too.
P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.): Definitely rough and fast, she is relentless, and wants to have you screaming her name and pleading.
Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.): Doesn't feel particularly strong for or against them, she'll use them as a form of punishment ,but otherwise she does not like to be rushed.
R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.): Yes and no, her mood drops so quickly if you suggest something she might not like at that moment, but if she is in a good mood ,she'll hum and expects you to explain exactly what you want from her, the setting, what you want her to do to you, how you want to feel, everything, she'll take note of everything and have it prepared, so it's exactly how you imagined it.
S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…): For a woman her age she can definitely last for a long time, does it to torment you. She could be fucking you for hours, but you can't cum until she does so she keeps holding herself back, enjoys it thoroughly if you frantically try to get her to cum before you cum, takes it as more of a challenge though to last longer to see if you can hold yourself back as well.
T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?): Several butt plugs with tails ,a large selection of strap ons and a wand or two. All toys she buys for you herself and expects you to try them out in front of her.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease): Absolutely, you don't get to cum until she tells you or she herself is done, if you dare to cum before her ,you are getting punished, and oh does she love pushing you to your limit so you break and she gets the pleasure of punishing you.
V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make): She is loud, i know she is loud, she has no shame and why should she, she couldn't care less if the whole of Noxus hears her.
W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice): Did anybody say pet play, absolutely, this woman doesn't just want to own you as a pet though, she wants you to sit next to her on your knees during a meeting, she wants to scratch under your jaw and coo at you like an actual cat/dog.
X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?): Oh she is insatiable and would want a partner who can match her, she needs someone who can be available for her any time she pleases.
Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards): Pretty fast , she'll ask you to tell her about your day but falls asleep mid way through, but it's fine because she makes sure you are barely awake yourself by the time she is done.
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sevikasupremacy · 4 months ago
Calling Them Mommy
Grayson, Sevika, Ambessa
Tumblr media
➼ Ngl it caught her off guard when you first called her that.
➼ Both of you were enjoying a moment of intimacy in her ahem— office. Let’s just say the woman needs a break after all the arrests she had done and she couldn’t wait until both of you were back at home.
➼ Grayson was peppering your body with kisses, her hands touching every inches of your skin before moving her lips lower to a specific area between your legs.
➼ Just as it could get even more overwhelming, you murmured that one nickname, making the sheriff stop in her tracks, an obvious red color on her cheeks.
➼ After a short moment of silence, she’ll gently insert her thumb into your mouth, feeling your soft tongue, before parting your lips, forcing you to repeat what you had said earlier.
➼ “Come on Love… Mommy wants to hear you again. Say it again. Say it. Don’t be so shy now…”
Tumblr media
➼ Since you were Sevika’s lucky charm, she always had you perched on her lap when she was gambling.
➼ But that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t tease you. She’ll raised her thighs up a bit, applying pressure to your sensitive area at random times before snickering at the sight of needy you.
➼ At one point, you couldn’t handle it anymore. So you had to take matters into your own hands.
➼ When Sevika was busy gambling, you leaned closer to her ear, whispering that one nickname before begging for her to fuck you.
➼ You could literally feel the woman’s body tense up before yelling at the others that she didn’t want to play anymore. You thought you pissed her off but before you could even finish your thought, Sevika threw you onto her shoulder, giving you one harsh smack on the ass before heading to the backroom.
Tumblr media
➼ “You really couldn’t wait until we go home huh? You want Mommy to punish you that bad? Such a brat…”
➼ You didn’t know what gotten into you but you were certain that you were extremely needy for this strong woman.
➼ You were doing your daily routine, massaging Ambessa in the gigantic tub. Seeing her naked didn’t make things easier. You needed her but didn’t know how to hint to her.
➼ So while you were squeezing her shoulders, you leaned closer to her ear, nipping on it before calling her by that nickname. You froze, not sure if she was okay with it.
➼ But the moment you feel your bare body getting pulled into the tub, you knew what was going to happen.
➼ Ambessa’s hands groped your body, her lips attacking your neck, biting and sucking until red marks were visible. Before you could even gasp for air, the woman had already pulled you to straddle her before kissing you roughly on the lips.
➼ “Oh Darling… You want Mommy to fuck you right here? So needy for me…”
Tumblr media
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thehoundwrites · 3 months ago
Kisses with the arcane milfs + Illaoi
18+ MDNI
Tagging: @nora-xox @colourfulkidglitter @petitepersephone @midnightsk13s @trashbod @biphrogg (lemme know if you wanna be tagged)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
▪She loves showing how much you mean to her, your first kiss was probably cheesy. A romantic gesture or on a date she'd take your knuckles and kiss them slowly. Look into your eyes and ask "You look so beautiful right now, may I kiss you darling?
▪Kisses with Grayson always seem to make your heart skip a beat, they're short and sweet, or long and romantic. Rarely ever hungry, or desperate or hurt. Simply soft, loving gestures.
▪ She's a gentleman she loves kissing your fingers, your knuckles your palms, telling you how sweet you are.
▪"My dove, my dearest, my love" the way she looks at you in these moments you'd swear if you could melt from the heat.
▪Forehead kisses as she leaves for work, if you're upset about anything, stomach kisses, pecks on he cheek before work, long passionate kisses because she loves the feeling of your soft lips against hers. (She's also a fan of pressing her forehead against yours.)
▪GIVE HER A FOREHEAD KISS ISTG, be equally as romantic with her. Kiss up her arm, kiss her beauty marks and wrinkles you'll make her a happy woman.
▪Kisses bring pleasure, she kisses a lot of people. Most of them are to gwr what she wants, whether it be sex, or admiration. It's rarely ever a romantic thing. But when they do they need to mean something to you as well as her.
▪ It's easy to tell when the change with her feelings happen with you. The difference between her lustfilled kisses with others, with you before. And now.
▪ You couldn't call her kisses desperate, perhaps needier. She needs you now. Needs to feel her lips on you, needs to touch you in ways that mean something.
▪She loves to kiss your face specifically your forehead, because she loves the fact she's so much taller than you.
▪She also really likes kissing your jaw and around your lips but not always directly on them. And any scar you have if you'd letter she'd just rest her lips there's She kisses over your body.
She liked when you kiss her lips mostly, or her jaw. She loves you close to her lips incase she wants to kiss back.
▪I feel like she's much more wary, it's not that she doesn't crave romance, or intimacy in this way. She hated being vulnerable. She'll end up refusing to kis people or do anything romantic. Because in the end that makes anybody she decides is worth the risk will make her weak. And those are the two things she hates the most; loved ones getting hurt and feeling weak or vulnerable.
▪ Your first kiss was probably later in the relationship, but it was a desperate clingy please be safe I cant lose you kiss. She held you close, almost clinging onto you. A deep messy passionate kiss.
▪She loves kissing your lips mostly, along with your nose and forehead. She wants to see your face heat up, your nose scrunch, your need and want for her touch. It's reassuring but also you're cute.
▪She'll also bring you into her and kiss the top of your head, ever so gently. Her arms wrapping around your body. She also likes to kiss anything she knows you have insecurities about if you'd let her.
▪Loves when you kiss her scars, her cheek or her nose. Loves having her coat bone kissed too will tease you for kissing her though and tell you how pretty you are. Kiss the palm of her good hand and please kiss her murder claw she's so insecure about it.
▪She's very open about her sexuality, and her hedonistic pirate life. She'll most likely kiss you as soon as you let her.
▪ She's a hedonistic confrontational polyamorous pirate she has flings, relationships, partners and so on. As she said "one man is simply not enough"
▪ Kisses with her can range frome the sweetest gentlest touch you've ever felt, holding you like she'll break you, to rough passionate I need you I love you. Or even romantic.
▪She has so many emotions and she actually allows herself to feel them (characters above please take note)
▪ She'll often kiss you after a victory, give a soft kiss to the back of your head as you fall asleep. Give you a bow and kiss your knuckles up your arm and to your mouth. She loves letting her lips trace around your skin in general.
▪ If you kiss her anywhere she'll tease you. Call you cute. "Aww good girl" kiss her lips to get her to shut up and you'll be fine. Kiss her neck she's sensitive about it. And if you sit in her lap she loves forehead kisses but will deny it.
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acupofqueercoffee · a month ago
“Save me once and I’ll save you forever”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Part #2  “I am, darling, yours”
cw : nsfw // thigh riding // cunnilingus // light angst
ao3 — https://archiveofourown.org/works/39277077/chapters/99055242#workskin
Tumblr media
Frantic is the hummingbird that is caught behind your bony cage as the sinfully soft lips of the warlord grace you with a flower-blooming, butterfly-inducing kiss.
Hips cradled snugly in her hands, you are gingerly repositioned on one muscular thigh. The smooth, elegant silk of the negligee that is precariously clinging to your frame is gifted to you by no other than your generous lady, and you have a sneaking suspicion that it will be torn off your body by her very own hands.
Mounted on luxuriously toned lap, with the soft material resting at your thighs, your exposed knee is licked by dewdrops hiding amongst coarse curls. A small desperate sound is bubbling in your throat, but when a sly hand snakes down your buttocks, a meek little mewl is chased out of your lips. It takes shelter in your lady’s hungry mouth.
Meanwhile on the supple swell of your cheeks, grappling the fabric reveals to the warlord a sweet delightful surprise. You are entirely bare, bar the flimsy nightgown that is leaving little to the imagination.
Velvet on diamond: where she is hard with mementos from her many wars, you are buttery smooth. If she concentrates hard enough, she can almost feel every twitch, every flutter, like a sinful, sensuous kiss of a butterfly. Greatly galvanised by the silky warmth of your folds along with liquid heat oozing out of your core, it is the warlord’s turn this time to feed your famished mouth with her delicious growls.
Erratically, your chest ascends and descends, frenzied huffs and puffs leaving your glossy, swollen lips once carmine lips bid them farewell, bridged only by a translucent thread of your combined saliva glistening under the gentle illumination. A twitch in her lips however gives rise to the crumbling of the fragile bridge.
“Naughty girl.” Her voice, smoky as whiskey and spicy as wine, douses you from head to toe in thrilling tingles.
Meek and unsure in your movements but irrevocably aching, you slowly begin rubbing yourself against your lady.
“I am yours to use.”
A choked little noise is let loosed at the words that goes tumbling down the canals of your ears. Brows knitted, eyes dewy, you search your lady’s face. Her signature snarl is absent, replaced by the softest, most dazzling smile. Not a single line is to be found between those salt and pepper eyebrows, instead something soft reflects on the calm chocolate pools of her eyes.
“So, use me, darling girl.”
A whisper-soft kiss on the very tip of your nose digs out of you a whimper.
“M-my lady Ngh-”
“Use me to your heart’s content.”
The gentle guidance of her hands on your hips together with words of encouragement that skim across your lips infuse confidence into your tentative moves. You ride her impressively toned thigh a little more desperately, a little more relentlessly. The texture of her battle scars and the rippling of muscles bring to you with them a sweet suffering, and the sensation is oh so divine that liquid lava flows in your veins.
“That’s a good girl.”
“Oh, my adorable rabbit.”
“Mmm, perfect girl.”
“You’re so wet for me.”
Rhapsodies of sweet praises drench you in intense jubilation that you feel as though you can conquer the world. Her words, your strongest armour. Her affections, your most powerful weapon. With both of them in your possession, you are peerless.
Your doe-eyed gaze, hazy with euphoria, lands on your lady’s face, oh your handsome and beautiful lady, who has only showered you with kindness and generosity. Lovingly, gingerly, a dainty hand cradles a scarred cheek before lips collide once more. This time, it is you who seek her, moaning against her lips, longing to taste her.
The warlord who is notorious for her ruthlessness and aloofness towards her opponents yields without so much as a thought. Not only is the conquest offered to you on a golden platter, she goes as far as divulging to you her secret techniques. That wicked, delicious tongue of hers expertly leads you, an amateur novice in a wild tango like a well seasoned dancer.
Untamed though they are, the meticulous ministrations leave your cunt obscenely wet, the pathetic thing practically buzzing with sweet anticipation at the idea of the thick muscle working its magic between your folds, and her fingers, in their dexterity, caressing the deepest parts of you that never in your wildest dreams will you be able to reach.
While teeth and tongue make a series of onslaughts on the warm, wet cavern, hips stuttering wildly, you see-saw your way to the sweet, tantalising ecstasy dangling before your eyes.
By the time you escape from her mouth, it is to seek refuge in the nook of her neck. You nuzzle the flesh there, feel the fluttering of her pulse on your raspberry suffused cheek. The peculiar but not unfamiliar fragrance of your lady pervades every sporadic bout of air you take which furthermore nestles deep in your nostrils.
Her scent reminds you of all the things you love. Greens of the forest. Browns of the earth. Coolness of the rain. Warmness of the sun. Lady Ambessa Medarda is mother nature personified.
Your arms are tightly twined around her neck, and when her thigh, oh her cruelly merciful thigh gives a sudden skyward thrust, “Mmmp-” you cannot help but close your lips around her pulse point. The salty sweetness seeps into your tastebuds. You savour it for now, aching to get a taste of her ambrosial nectar from its source.
Simultaneously, cool lips on the hollow of your throat do what they do best: mark you hers, colourful little artworks being painted onto your skin by virtue of spine-tingling nibbles.
“Ngh- L-lady Medarda-”
“Ah- I- hah”
The warlord holds you close as you fall apart, cooing into your ears and stamping peppermint kisses onto your haywire pulse.
“Let go, precious girl, let go.”
“I’ll be there to catch you, I promise.”
And that has been the detonator for the dam to break.
Cunt clenching and thighs trembling, your copious juices drench your lady’s expensive thigh, and your hot, ragged breath sears her skin. You leave your traces on her exquisitely chiseled body in your own way. It is in the form of your viscous nectar making a beautiful mess out of the warlord, saturating her in your scent and dripping down toned muscles to find home on the settee below.
On the other hand, since it is your first time experiencing an orgasm of this caliber, it renders you super sensitive with aftershocks wreaking tremors on your frame.
Your lady has not only been the stairway to cloud nine but also the only haven on earth for you to safely return to. Every step of the way, she is there with you — your greatest salvation. So, cradled in her arms, you take your sweet time recuperating, relishing in the way her soft lips brush your cheek in a delicate caress, while her fingers draw placating patterns on your back.
Still, there undeniably remains a blazing ball of fire deep within your core that you reckon will reduce you to ashes unless it is doused by your lady’s wickedly talented mouth or smothered by her exquisitely long digits.
Well, lucky for you, she seems to share your sentiments.
“Please, my lady. Inside. I need you inside.”
“And I want nothing more than to have you sprawled naked across my bed, helpless and quavering beneath my mouth, undone by my fingers.” She tantalises you with salacious whispers. “I will claim you over and over again until not an inch of your exquisite body is left unmarked.” Her nose nuzzles the underside of your jaw, kisses delightful red hues into your skin.
“Does my dear girl fancy the idea, hmm?”
“Yes- oh yes.” Through breathy moans, you manage to whine out your pathetic plea. “Hurry up and take me to bed. Please.”
One thing leads to another and the next thing you know, you are perched on a strong forearm, and being escorted out of the library. The chilly air follows small rivulets along the inside of your sticky thighs to your folds, moist, succulent as little shivery sensations spread through your body. You hug your lady’s neck a wee bit tighter, nuzzle your face against her fragrant throat.
True to your prediction, no sooner have you reached her chamber than your nightgown is reduced to a mere floorcloth.
“Well, aren’t you a scrumptious little morsel?”
It is the first thing she says as her eyes admire your state of wreck and ruin.
As soon as you are landed in the sea of satin, she has taken her agonisingly sweet time torturing your tender breasts. With an assortment of kisses, licks and bites, her mouth has journeyed all the way down your frame where, once she reaches your hips, releasing an almost animalistic growl, she has rewritten her very own letters over the bruises left by that bastard, signed with a particularly vibrant bloom on your hipbone.
Cheeks suffused with pretty pink and pupils blown wide, you are the loveliest thing, Medarda decides, amongst myriad of things she has in her possession.
Bare beneath her wolfish scrutiny, your blood sings sweet serenades to your hammering heart, for you are being admired like an art but not appraised like an object.
Suddenly, your hips are caged in her hands and you are being dragged, legs coaxed over her shoulders as her mouth makes a direct descent onto your glistening lips, swollen, sanguine and aching for her touch. An experimental lick that is bestowed upon your folds has your back arching and your eyes rolling into the back of your skull.
“Please- m-more-”
Slowly but surely, your pleas are answered, and at long last, your cunt is enveloped in that wickedly clever mouth you have oh so desired.
Accompanied by a whimper, your hand flies to her head, fingers entangling in her salty peppery hair, once your clit is discovered. “Oh- hngh-” The swollen pearl is rolled around her tongue like a candy. She suckles you hard, moans at your taste which furthermore triggers electricity to zap into that sweet bundle of nerves.
You are coloured frenzied at the feeling of a wet muscle poking through your folds, abusing your tightness, effortlessly breaching your walls. It punches the air out of your lungs, fireworks exploding behind your eyelids, when her tongue wiggle and wobble, the tip of it pressing impeccably into the exquisite spot that makes your toes curl.
She explores you like she is starved, never cutting corner, only navigating through the narrow canal like an experienced adventurer, admiring every fine details. Every nook and cranny, she inspects; every ridge and furrow, she admires, for that is the only treatment you are deserving of — to be eternally cherished.
“Ngh- L-lady Medarda- ah-”
Poor little you, powerless against your own body as it goes beserk. Fingers keeping white-knuckled grip on her thick, curly tresses, your hips ascend, in pursuit of more contact with your lady’s nefariously talented tongue. The warlord chuckles at your ploy, a warm, lovely sound that pulses into your folds, into the very heart of your cunt. The vibration that hits you is painfully exquisite, colossal in its frequency as it rumbles through every stick of bone in your body.
Around her head, your thighs quaver uncontrollably.
Never in her life has Ambessa Medarda imagined herself, she thinks with fond amusement, surrendering herself to someone else, and yet here she is, bending to your every will and letting herself be used as you please. To think that a little lass has swept the ruthless warlord off her feet! How miraculous indeed. She is falling hard, falling fast, and nothing can keep you away from her, not even herself she realises, because she is in too deep.
By the time those dexterous fingers join the wicked muscle to caress that throbbing bundle of nerves, “Oh-” you are reduced to a moaning mess. They work in harmony, tongue curling at a dizzyingly delicious angle that, she has discovered, will make you flutter, digits flicking the adorable little button that is throbbing ferociously beneath her fingertips.
She can tell that you are slowly falling apart. The quietest, breathiest moans that are tumbling out of your lovely lips, the kind of sound that is ambrosia to the warlord’s ears, especially when it is the sound of her name on your lips. With an additional aim in mind, she doubles her assault on your liquidy cunt, eager to bring those lovely little noises out of you again.
Her wish is granted in no time.
“Lady Medarda- Nghh- I- ah-”
Due to your lady’s mind-blowing mastery, it does not take you long to be toppled over the edge. While outside, a sheen of sweat glistens on your quavering naked frame, inside, you smother your lady in a bone-crushing hug. As soon as you erupt into the warlord’s mouth, not a dot is spilled, for diligently, she laps up every droplet of your nectarous juice.
The sight of your lady that greets your eyes once the fog subsides is quite the vision. Like an intricate cobweb, your dew clings to her chin, and your cheeks suddenly burn, when you are reminded once again that she has eaten you out like she has done the lobster just a couple of days ago.
You are swiftly yanked out of your little stroll down memory lane by the tip of a tongue that lazily pokes through moist lips to lick the wetness, your wetness, off them, and you watch, unable to tear your gaze away, as her fingers are sucked, one by one, into her mouth.
A frustrated little noise escapes in your failed attempt to gravitate towards your lady, to be enveloped in her arms and to have her enclosed in yours. A rich, husky chuckle that leaves your lady’s lips however has flowers thriving inside your ears, but you only whine, brows furrowed and teary eyed, as you open your arms, silently beseeching, for her to fall into.
With a sweet, smile on her lips and a warm look in her eyes, the warlord crawls up the bed to take you in her arms. Instantly, she locks you in an untamed kiss. The feeling of her bare breasts against your own is a lovely queer sensation. It has you mewling into her mouth, and by the time she releases you, your heart feels as if it has been running a marathon.
Chest heaving, mind hazy, you look at your lady with big glossy eyes.
“I- i- you. What about you, my lady? I want to taste you, too.”
Lies. Not entirely per se.
Yes, it is true that you want nothing more than to get a taste of your lady.
But at the same time, you almost reveal your terrible confession.
“Patience, darling.” Her reply is accompanied by a soft kiss which falls onto your forehead. “We have all the time in the world.”
Do you? Or, is it just a poor attempt at an excuse?
Are you going to wake up in the morning only to discover that you have been left alone again?
Before you can spiral further into your somber thoughts, a gentle thumb on your cheek pulls you out of your musings.
“I’ve been meaning to ask you, little shepherd....how did you come to be in the palace?”
You seek her eyes, but shy away just as quickly at the intensity of her stare.
“Nearly three years ago,” What you do not mention is that it is about four years after she has left. “my home became the target of a group of bandits. They feasted on my sheeps, ransacked my home, and yet my little possession did not please them. So, as I was being hauled out of the cottage, I had to watch all that I had burn down to ashes in front of my very own eyes.” You have made precious memories with her in that quaint little cottage that you use to call home. The drawings you have painted together. The books she has read to you. They are no more. “Exhaustion led me to pass out eventually, and by the time I woke up, my life had been turned upside down. From becoming a slave and being purchased by an aristocrat at an auction to being offered as a gift, so they labelled but merely a plaything really, to that man.”
You have surely believed that you will never see her again, but in your moment of desperation, she has appeared out of thin air like a knight in shining armour.
When you peek a look at her face, you are startled to find not your sweet, generous Lady Medarda, but the callous warlord whom you have seen in the bathhouse. Donning a snarl on her lips, there is a storm brewing behind those eyes.
You realise, as soon as a thumb gingerly trails over to your still healing wound, that her ire is not at all directed at you. It is further evident in the way she cradles your face in her hand, tilting it a tad to drop a feather-light kiss on the apple of your cheek.
“Come with me to Noxus.”
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