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#american horror story
undeadcortez · 2 days ago
what shower sex with the evans is like
included: kit walker, kyle spencer, jimmy darling, james march, rory monahan, kai anderson, austin sommers, colin zabel, and alex the manager | both fem and masc readers included, some remain gender neutral
liked the fic? tell me! reblogs, comments, and asks are always welcomed and encouraged! it keeps writers like me and many others motivated to write more content for you for free :)
warnings: smut — 18+ only!! shower sex, bathtub sex, oral (male receiving), penetration (both male and female receiving), public sex, and i think that’s it
a little note: this is horrendous and arguably the worst thing i’ve ever written. take this one with a grain of salt because i struggled.
Tumblr media
prefers showers
kit always showers twice a day — once before work and once afterward
you usually catch him in the shower after he’s worked; mornings really aren’t your thing and the added elimate of him being so dirty turns you on
you usually hop in a bit after he gets in, stripping while he hums in the shower and crawling in behind him, wrapping your arms loosely around him
it starts off innocent, always. you convince him you just want to help him clean off and relax in the warmth of the shower.
but then as you lather in the suds, hands traveling down his body, things start to get a little heated
kit loves it, though. the shower is his second favorite place to do it — first, being the car
gn! reader:
kit was tense under your touch, worn out and stressed from the long work day he had just endured. your fingers lathered the soap over his shoulders, moving down to his pecks, collecting the grime and sweat that resided on his skin. traveling further south, your hands spread the sudd down his stomach, over his abs and happy trail, just above his pelvis, decorated in deep brunette pubes. his breath hitched in his throat, his eyes lighter than usual as they stared down at you, almost caramel in color. “touch me, sweetheart,” he commanded, boston accent thick and warming you up more than the water bearing down on your ever could. you took his cock in your hands immediately, beginning to pump him as his own hands flew to your bum, kneading the globes in his fingers. “just like that, suga’. had such a rough day, ‘s nice to come home to you,” he praised, leaning his back against the tiles with a deep moan.
Tumblr media
prefers showers
it’s nearly impossible to be spontaneous about showering with kyle
and kyle isn’t the biggest fan of shower sex — but oral in the shower? baby boy is weak for it
louder and whinier in the shower than anywhere else, and it’s a problem when the only showers available to the two of you are either his fraternity’s or the dormitory’s
constantly have to remind him that he needs to stay quiet
gn! reader:
“shh, baby,” you cooed as you looked up at kyle through your damp lashes, watching as the warm water streamed down his bare chest. he was panting, eyes screwed shut as he leaned back against the shower wall’s tiles. “i-i’m trying,” he mumbled and you could tell he really was. with a hum, you brought his throbbing, almost purple cock to your lips once again, only suckling for a moment before he was whimpering louder than before. carrying on, you didn’t have the heart to stop again, sinking your throat fully onto his wet cock. he was shaking, tears beginning to fall down his flushed cheeks, but the water ate them up. his nails aimlessly gripped at the wall behind as he writhed against it, begging for you to keep going. you’d have a lot of explaining to do to the fraternity boys when you got out of here.
Tumblr media
prefers showers
it’s no surprise to anyone that jimmy doesn’t shower very often
he’s always used to baths as there’s no showers on the show’s grounds, and they’re just time consuming
though, after meeting you — and the nice shower in your apartment complex — he loves to shower, especially if you’re offering a bit more than just a quick rinse
honestly, he’ll probably want to shower every time he comes over, mainly because it always leads to something more.
fem! reader:
bent over to full capacity, your palms lay flat on the edge of the tub, just inches away from the mildew staining the corners. jimmy roughly pounded into you from behind, the filthy squelching of the act harmonizing with the stream of falling water. your tits swayed every which way as you tightened your obscenely wet cunt around his member. “i’m close,” jimmy whimpered out while all you could do is grip the tub’s edges best you can while jimmy sped up, chasing his high. 
masc! reader:
pinned between jimmy and the shower wall, you whimpered as jimmy’s throbbing cock rubbed between your ass cheeks. “jimmy,” you moaned out, practically begging for him, and all he did was bring a clubbed hand to your bum, making it sting harshly. “i’m just enjoyin’ the view, sweetheart— le’ me enjoy for a few more minutes, okay?” he persuaded, continuing to rub his cock between your cheeks.
Tumblr media
prefers baths
baths are far more sensual, james insists
he loves to have you as close as possible and even the closeness of a shower just isn’t going to cut it
he aches to feel you between his thighs, your back pushed against his chest
and he won’t admit it, but he loves that he’s able to touch and taunt you easier in the bath
fem! reader:
james’ fingers lazily run up and down your thigh, chin resting against your shoulder as he basked in the warmth of both your closeness and the water. he pushed a few gentle kisses to your shoulder, the teeny hairs above his lips tickling at your skin, sending a shiver down your spine. “james,” you mewled breathlessly, tilting your head back as his fingers brushed along your folds. “yes, darling?” he asked, though he knew exactly what you needed, his pointer and middle finger locating your clit and pinching it between them, earning a yelp from you. “please, james,” you practically begged, writhing against his chest and he only smirked. “patience, my dear, the water is still hot.”
masc! reader:
“oh, fuck,” your voice was strained from james’ hand around your throat, his metal rings pressing firmly into your skin. his other hand was wrapped around your cock below the inches of rose-scented bubbles. his hand expertly stroked your member, any bit of precum disappearing into the bath water. “hold on for me, darling. i can feel you growing closer to orgasm, but hold on,” james instructed as he watched your knuckles turn white as they gripped the edge of the tub. throwing your head back against james’ shoulder, you choked back a sob, your lower abdomen on fire until james said the magic words, “let go, dearest.”
Tumblr media
prefers showers
rory will whine if you don’t shower with him
he swears up and down that it’s not because he wants to see you naked or anything
although it totally is; little horndog always wants to see you naked
he tries to make it as innocent as possible, but it always takes a turn somewhere
he’s also the loudest in the shower, much like kyle
you don’t know if it’s because he thinks the water drowns the noise out (it definitely does not) or if he just is more comfortable there, but he’s incredibly loud and whiny
fem! reader:
with your back flush to the tiled wall of the hotel shower, you moaned, tugging on the soaked, red locks that resided between your fingers. rory’s hot breath overpowered the steam of the water as it bounced on your neck, pounding deeper and deeper into your cunt with increasingly loud moans. “oh my god, yn!” he cried out and you quickly pressed a wet hand to his mouth, your own moans coming to a halt as the man in front of you whined and trembled. “quiet! the whole hotel can hear you, monahan,” you demanded, but the second you removed your hand, he was back to his loud self immediately.
masc! reader:
rory was shaking against the shower wall, a leg hiked up and pushed against the tiles. you ran your hard cock between his cheeks, the tip just barely pushing against his tight hole, making it wet with precum. “promise to be quieter this time, red?” you questioned with a bit of taunt, honestly not minding how shaky and loud he was in your shared shower — it was always just nice to tease him sometimes. “mhm, i promise,” he said, knowing he was lying, and you knew just as well as he did. sinking into him, though, letting his tight walls engulf your cock as the water ran down his crack, you knew you wouldn’t care how loud he got. in fact, you would fuck him as hard as you could to make him louder, craving to hear his pretty moans bounce on the tile.
Tumblr media
prefers showers
much like jimmy, it’s no surprise that kai doesn’t frequent the shower; there’s more important things to be done
when he’s at home, kai likes to take showers alone — it’s his sacred place to think
though, that doesn’t mean you don’t surprise him sometimes anyway
he’s usually upset at first, but the minute you drop to your knees, he’s smirking and grabbing fistfuls of your increasingly wet hair
but, most of the time, if you are to have sex in the shower, it’s in public, like in the gym showers
he likes the added element of getting caught in the shower with you
fem! reader:
grunts filled the steamy air as kai pounded into you from behind, chest pressed firmly against your back and a hand cupping your tit expertly. fingers tweaked at your rock-hard nipples, rolling them between their tips as that sweet spot inside you was being attacked by the blue-haired man’s raging tip. “don’t you dare fuckin’ cum yet,” kai warned over the noise of the shower, his other hand cascading down your body, following the several trails of water until he reached your clit. he messily rubbed over the sensitive bud, a near scream ripping from your throat. then suddenly, the hand was gone, slapping across your mouth to muffle whatever guttural noises were spilling past your lips. “quiet, whore,” kai hissed in your ear, though you both knew he was aching for you to be louder, “someone’ll hear.”
masc! reader:
kai was strong. very strong. and you’d think that he would be a bit weaker after a full blown workout, but here he was: holding you up by the undersides of your knees, pounding ruthlessly into your ass as he held you towards the water. it rushed its way down your body, collecting all the sweat from your skin and washing it down the drain. you threw your head back against kai’s shoulder, panting, but gaining no oxygen due to how steamy the shower was. “fuck, fuck, fuck,” a series of curses left your lips and burnt onto kai’s ear, his hips only speeding up as the wet pounding noises filled the gym showers. they didn’t even stop when kai heard the bathroom doors creak open.
Tumblr media
prefers showers
hates shower sex — like he genuinely can’t stand it and would rather just shower alone where he can sing as loud as he pleases and think about his next work
on the contrary to what he thought, it’s so dry; and where the hell is he supposed to put his feet?
that’s when you show him the wonderful world of getting a blowjob in the shower
shaky, trembling mess to be honest, always has his back pressed against the shower tiles, gripping onto the little ridges with force
has definitely slipped a couple of times, which leads to a shower bar being installed — much like the one has adorning the wall above his bed
gn! reader:
borderline uncomfortably hot water ran down the pale cascades of austin’s chest as he threw his head back against the black tiles of his shower. you were placed in your knees before him, the tip of his cock engulfed by your lips as you suckled on the near purple head. he was writhing against the wall, hands buried in your soaked hair, gripping and tugging as his knees buckles and nearly slipped. you pulled him out of your mouth to warn, “we installed that bar for a reason, pet. use it.” removing a hand from your hair, he gripped onto the shower bar beside him. he was grateful for it as he squirmed once your fingertips brushed along his balls, making way to his entrance.
Tumblr media
prefers baths
after a long day at the station, all colin wants to do is sit down, surrounded by vanilla-scented bubbles with you straddling his lap
baths just relax him better — he sleeps easier and the aromas of the salts and bubbles soothe him
isn’t a huge fan of full on sex in the bath; poor baby just wants to relax and be comforted
and nothing gets him more relaxed than a little cock warming ;)
fem! reader:
your nails dug into the plush skin of colin’s shoulders as you sunk down onto his cock, earning a shiver and a small moan from the man beneath you. a shaky breathy left your lips, wafting against colin’s as you sank fully down, engulfing his full length in the warmth of your cunt. he was quick to bury his face into the crook of your neck, nuzzling his nose up just below your ear as the french vanilla bubbles and salts embaraved the both of you. running your fingers through his damp hair, you sat, unmoving and silent in the tub for several moments. that was until a subtle whine left colin’s throat and a little buck of his hips had you moaning above him.
masc! reader:
chest pressed to his back, colin leaned back, head resting on your shoulder as a string of soft whimpers and pants left his lips. your tip was pressed firmly against his entrance, encouraging him to warm you while he relaxed after a hard day’s work, to clear up his foggy mind. he eventually began to sink down, fingers clutching the sides of the tub until his knuckles were starch white. a moan emitted from your chest as he fully took you in, the water splashing around you as he finally relaxed against your body. “so, zabel,” you started with a few subtle kisses pressed to his shoulder, “tell me all about your day.”
Tumblr media
prefers showers
loves shower sex; honestly has seen every porno involving a shower or tub from adult world
alex is a painter — he gets very messy sometimes with his work
will try to get as messy as possible with it at times, even dirtying you up with acrylics to try to coax you into the shower with him
it works every time
he starts off innocent, washing away the many flakes of dried paint on your body with his old spice body wash
then his fingers start to drift along the cascades of the water down your body
fem! reader:
the soap ran along your folds as alex’s expert fingers glided through them, egging on your moans. they filled the bathroom of your shared apartment, bouncing off of the tile walls every which way and flooding into alex’s ears, only encouraging his movements. his fingers ran along your clit, making you throw your head back onto his shoulder, gripping his other hand with your own as it lay on your stomach. “you’re already close, aren’t you, lovie?” he questions as he messily rubs your bud, his curly hair sticking to his forehead from the steam in the small space. you nodded, nearly seeing stars as he continues his ministrations. he only does it for another fleeting moment before completely pulling away, smirk wide on his pretty lips before shaking his head, “gotta get clean— that’s why we’re here.” You glared at him, never a fan of his teasing, “you’re gonna get it once we’re outta here, sweet cheeks.”
masc! reader:
alex was putty in your hands. his own were on the tile wall, trembling as your hand wrapped around where he needed you most, pumping him skillfully. his mop of damp, curly hair bounced as he tilted his forehead onto the wall before him, grunts and little whimpers leaving his puffy lips. “‘want y’so bad, yn, p-please,” he begged in nearly incoherent slurs, nails scraping along the tiled wall in attempt to find any balance. your other hand held his belly, pulling him back close to your chest, your hard on pushing against his bum. “keep beggin’, cutie,” you commanded as you sped up your motions, watching his precum ooze onto the wall, but immediately be swallowed up by the water pounding on it, “want your beggin’ to be the only thing i hear over this shower.”
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blkroyalty1 · a day ago
Tumblr media
ᴀʟᴇxᴀ, ᴘʟᴀʏ ʙᴇᴀᴜᴛɪғᴜʟ ʙᴏʏ ʙʏ ᴊᴏʜɴ ʟᴇɴɴᴏɴ
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niconation · a day ago
Tumblr media
Behind the scenes of "American Horror Story: Double Feature" - Catch Nico in episodes 7-10 of this season, streaming on Hulu!
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cordeliasdarling · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
i’ve never seen this bts of lana before, it’s so beautiful i can’t
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dreamypqulson · 2 days ago
imagine you start dating cordelia and you finally get to see the real her. no makeup, hair messy, her body language relaxed and not so proper, she’s giggling and happy and all you can focus on is the butterflies in your stomach when she lets out that pretty giggle. she’s not the all and mighty supreme in that moment, she’s just cordelia.
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1k74s · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
wip 🚧
lana winters !! one of the most powerful ahs characters and my personal favorite :>
i need to finish dr thredson but like i said i hate and i can’t draw men >:(
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lesbianicdelia · a day ago
𝐅𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐢𝐬𝐧'𝐭 𝐬𝐨 𝐜𝐫𝐨𝐰𝐝𝐞𝐝 𝐚𝐭 𝐚𝐥𝐥
a/n: I didn’t know what i was thinking...anyway enjoy?
There was a faint purple stain in a shape of a foot on the floor. Wilhemina frowned at the sight, gazes burning over the stain on the floor as if it would evaporate itself into nothing just by her stares. She disapprovingly shook her head, eyes rolling to the back and she took in a sharp breath and breathed out heavily, her hand readjusting its grip over the head of her cane.
The woman continuously trotted with ease and poise to where she was headed, forcibly ignoring the mess with huge effort, then a trail of the same right foot mark ahead of her was what she discovered next. She clenched her jaw tight, piqued of this mess.
She had poor tolerance for indolent individuals who couldn’t bother to properly clean up after themselves, the woman could simply not comprehend how hard it was to clean up for some. It pained redhead’s eyes dearly that if she were to find out who did this, she would subject them to a hell of traumatic scolding that would make them this as their last mistake in life. It didn’t matter if it were one of her girlfriends.
She only had one rule and that is to keep this place spotless and well intact. She didn’t like seeing things where it didn’t belong. So, when Audrey Tindall kept placing her keys anywhere else in the house but the bowl she strictly told her girlfriends were for their keys, she made sure Audrey would take her rule seriously and since then, Audrey never misplaced her keys and had always put a coaster beneath her beverage. Same went for Billie Dean; no exceptions, no favourites; she was the lady of the house.
She was fuming, Wilhemina felt like she had to remind her girls again of what would be the consequence of this—
Wilhemina’s facial structure melted into a soft form, her perfectly shaped brows had calm and her mouth fell open with a surprised gasp. Her feet halted, eyes marvelling at the sight of a newly varnished console table, that she, for weeks had been so repulsed by its colour. Audrey bought it with the desire to make the redhead uncomfortable, just because she was bored and she felt like testing Wilhemina that day.
Knowing the blonde’s intention, Wilhemia did not give in and secretly fumed over it for days and ignoring Audrey.
Now, this newly varnished piece of furniture matched the interior of the house, she no longer find it irritating to stare at. She liked it.
The woman reached the bedroom after being unable to find anyone in this huge home. In the en-suite bathroom, the shower was running and steam coming off of the little opening of the door. Wilhemina’s annoyance was forgotten, after taking off her thick belt and the blazer, she managed to waltzed over the door by herself, her cane resting over the post of the bed.
And there, she found the person she least wanted to see yet her heart fluttered. It was you.
 Wilhemina’s heart hadn’t fully wrapped itself around you, the idea of you being in this relationship, it felt crowded. When Billie Dean and Audrey started seeing you, she felt anger and jealousy, she didn’t know much about open relationships, but it was them who found her too, it was them who nurtured her battered soul and loved her. As much as Mina wanted to oppose, she couldn’t, when she saw you her heart strangely skipped a beat, she understood why both women would gush about you day and night but she was not ready yet. She couldn’t accept you instantly.
You knew of this, which was why you tried to behave in your best around her. And now that both Audrey and Billie Dean were away leaving you alone in this house with Wilhemina all you wanted to do was beg them to take you.
It was difficult to please the redhead, so difficult that you had given up before even trying. But you couldn't stop yourself from wanting her approval, from wanting Wilhemina's consoling hands around your waist or thighs like she did whenever Billie or Audrey would lurk around her after their bad days and she would give them butterfly kisses around their faces and shoulders followed by whispering sweet nothings into their ears. They'd both be flushed red at Wilhemina's sweet remarks, something you couldn't match no matter how hard you tried.
So today while Mina was out you immediately gathered all the materials and the can of purple wood varnish you had purchased days ago, finally able to act on the plan. Actually, it was Billie's suggestion, and when you contacted Audrey about it, she was overjoyed because she, too, thought the flashy finishing of orange varnish was terrible.
“I saw what you did.” She stated, loud enough to be audible in the shower, you stopped and turned off the shower, running your hand over your hair and blinking the water off your lashes as you tuned in to Wilhemina’s voice. The tingle in your stomach was back, heart hammering fiercely.
Wilhemina bit her lip, hand reaching out for the knob of the door. The woman swallowed, “May I come in?” you sucked in a breath, nodding as you looked at the little crack before voicing a ‘yes’ which was only when Mina decided to push the door further open so she could let herself in.
She quickly glimpsed over the floor where your clothes seemed to be hastily discarded, your white shirt stained with purple then her eyes settled over the mirror, where from that angle, she could vividly see that clear view of your bare backside.
You cursed under your breath, biting your lower lip and sighing, she wasn’t due to be at home in at least an hour or so, that was indicated in the note she left this morning so you thought you had time to clean up. You looked back and watched her gulp, posture tensed as she leaned herself against the counter. “Are you okay?” No, she was not. She did not know what came over her and thought that coming in here was brilliant.
“Yes, yes, I am okay.” But you didn’t listen, you walked away from the shower, completely aware of your bareness and Mina’s eyes that continuously trying to resist you.
“What are you doing?” Even if she was intimidating, something about the situation felt like you had the advantage and control, stopping in front of her you placed the back of your hand onto her forehead, your brows creasing. “You’re hot but I don’t think you are sick. Perhaps a nice cold shower would help tame your temperature down?”
“No. I’m good. I should leave.” She was shuffling on her feet, ready to get away but you stopped her.
“Why do you always avoid me?”
You were attractive, almost innocent looking, you were such a sweetheart and she was very charmed by you but she couldn’t help but wonder if she were to give in, she might break your little fragile heart, taint you with impurities. You were beautiful she didn’t want to touch you, afraid of the things she could do.
Wilhemina huffed, smirking down at you, she walked to you with no troubles and towered over your petite body. She was amused when she saw your confidence crumbled at your feet, the eye connection faltered giving away your fear and you submissively lower your head.
With the little gap, Mina’s eyes became aware of the tiny blotches of varnish on your skin as well as the fading bite marks on your chest. Your wrists had marks from your previous sexual activity with the two blondes. She shook her head, tongue clicking as she run those cool fingertips over the discoloured skin. It was the first time she saw you like this and as much as it gave her pleasure and joy when Billie and Audrey would be writhing in pain and begging her, body filled with marks.
Her knees buckled at the sight of you. Her heart was filled with the desire to protect you. She wanted to wrap her arms around you and protect you, even though she knew they never meant to hurt you and you wouldn't have had these if you weren't having fun in their company.
Mina tipped your head up with her finger. “Would you like me to help you clean you up?”
You happily nod your head and Mina stripped the rest of her clothing before getting into the shower with you. It was a mix of disbelief and awe—how you stared at her, you could no longer shy your eyes from how gorgeous the redhead was, the length of her neck going down to those legs, her skin looked so radiant and supple. There was a smirk painted on the woman’s lips, catching how you gawked at her breasts.
Wilhemina’s hands were gentle on your skin, tracing then curves and taking in the beauty of your form. It was evident in her eyes that she was stunned by you and you couldn’t help but chuckle at how Wilhemina’s hands would try to avoid touching your chest area.
“It's all right. I believe we're girlfriends as well." And you gave her that bright grin and your nose wrinkling, she could no longer hold herself back.
Wilhemina’s lips tenderly kissed you, eyes slowly closing at how she took her time to appreciate your lips, it was unlike anything that you had felt before, all three of them had a distinct way of kissing your and making sure you were melting. A moan slipped from your lips as your arms looped around the woman’s neck.
And you gasped onto her mouth when you felt her delicate hand cupped your breast, she was careful massaging the breast, feeling how hard your nipple was against the centre of her palm. You felt safe, there was pleasure, a vast amount of pleasure but the first time she laid a hand on you, you felt most safe and protected.
She wedge her thigh between your legs and when your core hit the skin, you whimpered into her and she abandoned your lips to nip at your neck, placing fresh kisses and marks. Her hands were deft, she knew where to touch and apply force that had you moaning and bucking into her.
With your back on the wall, Mina held onto your waist to steady you as she kept placing kisses all over your chest before wrapping her lips on your nipple, her other hand caressing the expanse of your thigh, effectively making you ache with so much desire over her fingers.
“What is it that you want, little one?” she had a sexy smug grin on her face, one that you had become familiar overtime, one that would pop on her lips whenever Audrey would be one second away from kneeling in front of her to get what she wanted. Her tone was provocative, she tucked a piece of your hair behind your ear and she had this sultry look in her eyes that had you sighing deeply as your forehead landed onto the crook of her neck, your breath kissing her skin. “Fuck me now.”
And there was a sound that escaped in between a cry and moan, Wilhemina plunged her fingers inside, slowly thrusting her deft digits and reaching for the spongy spot and when she found it, she pressed on it, curling her fingers and your hips rolled.
It was taking everything from you to keep yourself standing while Wilhemina incessantly bring you pleasure with the combined work of her lips and your skin and her fingers buried in between your legs. You felt it, the heat building up at an advanced pace, “Oh god,” you had your eyes shut, forehead pressed to the woman’s shoulder and hand gripping on her arms. You were breathless by the time you came onto her fingers and Wilhemina brought her fingers to your mouth for you to clean your mess.
“Now that’s the kind of mess I do not think you mind cleaning.” And that was when it only downed to you that you hadn’t cleaned the stains on the floor, it slipped your mind the moment you enter the bedroom and saw how dirty you were with all the stains. With your cheeks bright red, you muttered an apology to the woman, who acknowledged it by stroking gently on your cheek.
“It’s all right, you’ve got all the time to clean it after this.”
“Right. I will clean it after this, I promise, Mina.”
Eventually, you were finishing everything up as Wilhemina stood proudly against the wall, satisfied with how clean the floor was. She gave you a gentle peck on the kiss and told you to follow her in the kitchen right after you tucked all the cleaning materials away.
Preparing for dinner was easy, you mainly did as what Wilhemina instructed you to. She loved how you weren't as loud as Audrey, commenting on everything the redhead did or how you never questioned her as Billie would distracting Wilhemina from what she was doing . She was in love them but sometimes she just wanted to shove a fork down their throat to shut them up and give her peace because she swear those two knew how to push all her buttons.
Everything was civilized, the peace that hung in the air made Wilhemina felt so relaxed the pain in her back that started to throb with the lack of her cane had magically slip away, it was a perfect night. After you tasted the sauce like the woman asked, you gave her a thumb up and a huge adorable grin. Mina let herself be carried by your charms and smiled when typically she would roll her eyes at anyone who was so bubbly.
After settling down the wooden spoon and let the sauce simmer some more, she wiped corner of your lips and brushing the sauce onto her apron before kissing down the spot that had you frozen in place. It was so random, full of innocence and purity.
“Thank you.” You said, voice was suddenly small and shy. Billie Dean was right, you were something else because as soon as those pink lips of yours curved into a grin again, Mina could feel her chest warming crawling up her throat. Once again, the woman was mesmerized.
“Aren’t they cute, darling?” if it wasn’t for the comment neither of you would have noticed Audrey who was pressed onto Billie, both smiling in pure joy at the sight of you Mina. “Billie! Audrey!” you shirked and shuffled toward the two blondes. It was the sight of happiness for Wilhemina.
She watched you made your way over the two with a huge grin on her face. Now, her girls were all complete. While you had your head buried in Audrey’s neck and Billie’s hand soothing your back, the medium gave the redhead a loving look, before looking back down at you.
She quirked an eyebrow, playfully giving you the look, “Would you be a sweetheart and tell us about your day?” she said as if she knew what had happened earlier in the shower, well, you wouldn’t be surprised if she—they did.
Bashfully, you gazed at Mina and Audrey before nodding at Billie with your lip caught in your teeth.
“Spare no details, love.” The added wink from Audrey had the blush on your face intensifying, they certainly knew how to make you feel things.
“I love you.” You mumbled onto Billie’s neck before pulling away to wrap your arms around the other older blonde who awaited you with open arms and the charming smile of hers. “You too. I love you, too, Audrey.”
After that, you looked over your shoulder to find Wilhemina still staring at the three of you. You didn’t say it but your eyes showed it, your expression displayed what your mouth couldn’t say and the words simply hung on the tip of your tongue and it was enough, Mina felt it, she knew and that was enough.
This is enough.
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goodegrrrl · a day ago
Where do broken hearts go?
Pairing: Cordelia Goode x Wilhemina Venable
Words: 1,930
Warnings: torture
Notes: I wrote this at work at 4am and my brain is not really working. I am sorry if it doesn’t really make sense 💕.
Taglist: @twistedpoeticjustice, @lesbianicdelia, @isle-of-earle, @sweetestberryofthebunch, @angelxsarahp, @goodeday2u, @lucyintheskywithxanax, @cordeliass, @devotedtofictionalwomen, @ka-s, @billiedeansgirl, @honeybeawhore, @talulahmae, @sisterxwinters
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Tumblr media
Cordelia was pacing back and forth in the cell Michael Langdon had put her in. He had cast a spell over the room, preventing her from using any of her powers to escape the dark underground complex. She had been there for days and was clueless as to was his plans were for her.
The cell she was occupying was only illuminated by a few candles. The walls were high and dirty. In the corner a dirty mattress had been placed, a metal toilet next to it. No sink and no running water.
The far away door clicked. She stopped pacing and waited, afraid to move. She figured it must be Langdon who would finally tell her what he was going to do to her, but instead of the blonde warlock, a woman appeared.
„I’m Wilhemina Venable. Welcome to Outpost 3.“, the woman was dressed in a black dress, a belt with a golden buckle framing her waist. Her dark red hair was perfectly put up, not a hair out of place. Her face was devoid of any emotion, her big brown eyes lacking any warmth or kindness. She was walking closer towards Cordelia and only then she noticed that the woman was using a cane, one of her hands gripping it’s handle tightly.
“What are you going to do to me?”, the Supreme was standing directly in front of the other woman, only separated by the bars.
The other woman smirked, giving the Supreme a cold, hard look. “We are going to have a little fun.”, her voice sounded unlike anything Cordelia had ever heard before. There was some underlying softness to it, but yet it sounded bitter and harsh. “You’re only to refer to me as Ms. Venable.”
Behind Ms. Venable two men appeared. They were wearing black overalls, their faces hidden under their hoods, sunglasses sitting on their noses, covering their eyes. One of the men opened the cell with his key. They stepped inside, roughly putting their hands on the supreme, pressing her to the wall and letting the handcuffs click around her wrists. Out of the corner of her eyes she could see Ms. Venable smile contentedly.
“That will be all.”, she motioned for the men to leave. “And you -“, her eyes landing in Cordelia, “follow me. If you’re good, I might make it quick.”
Cordelia followed the woman. She was wondering why she was walking with a cane when she had no apparent reason to do so. She tried to use her powers once again but realized they were still not working.
She wished she would have been able to say goodbye to her girls, wished she could hug all of them one last time. She wished she could be in her greenhouse again, tending to her plants and potions and dancing in the moonlight.
Never would she have thought that death would come like this. She always thought that she would eventually start fading, making room for the new supreme after having lived a long life.
She was shaken out of her thoughts when Ms. Venable violently tapped her cane on the ground. “Are you deaf? I said enter.”, she pointed to the door in front of Cordelia who hesitantly entered.
She was standing in the middle of an empty room. The light was piercing through her eyes making her head hurt. No windows were to be seen, the whole space made out of concrete. Shackles were hanging from the tall ceiling. Cordelia could feel her heart beat in her chest and was sure Ms. Venable must be hearing it too.
The redhead unlocked Cordelia’s handcuffs, meeting her eyes with a stone cold look on her face. “Undress. Fully.”, her voice clinical, “I want to make sure you are clean.”
Cordelia gave her a long look, not quite sure what was happening to her.
“UNDRESS.”, Ms. Venable had raised her voice, tapping her cane to emphasize her words. “Or do you want me to call someone to do it for you? Would you enjoy that more?”
Cordelia realized she should probably follow the other woman’s orders, so with trembling hands she started to unbutton her blouse. She felt out of place in this dark space. Her cream colored top and floral skirt being a hard contrast to her steril surroundings. She could feel her throat constrict, her eyes burn. She willed herself not to let the tears fall, to let herself be even more humiliated by the other woman. She took off her skirt and her heels, leaving her standing in front of Ms. Venable in only her underwear.
“I said to undress fully.”, she gave her a malicious smile, clearly enjoying degrading the woman in front of her. Cordelia closed her eyes momentarily, trying again to transmute back to her beloved academy, but it was no use. She unclasped her bra and took off her underwear.
Cordelia couldn’t look at Ms. Venable anymore. She felt humiliated, degraded, violated. Her tears were now making their journey down her porcelain cheeks, running down her skin like a river along the valley. Her whole body was trembling, shaking.
“I thought you were supposed the most powerful witch on earth?”, she could hear the laughter in Wilheminas voice, reminding her of her deceased mother, “What a shame. I don’t even want to imagine how weak the others must be.”
Ms. Venable took a hard look at the witch. She looked so different from when she had first met her. Completely stripped of her power, her dignity, her decorum. She found her heart flutter. “Now lay down and don’t move.”
Cordelia did as she was told. She had given up, not seeing a way out anymore, surrendering completely to the woman in front of her.
She felt her skin hit the cold ground, a shiver running down her spine. Then a hard beam of water hit her delicate skin, making her whimper. She was hosed down completely, the water being cold as ice. Two men appeared, holding brooms which were equipped with metal brushes on their ends. When they started vigorously brushing her skin she let out a scream, tears running down her cheeks and violent sobs escaping her. She felt her skin being torn apart, felt it being ripped open.
“That’s enough.”, Venable tapped her cane on the concrete twice, “Now secure her hands in the shackles and bring me the whip. The one I always use.”, she sounded excited and Cordelia felt sick.
The men violently grabbed her on each side, putting her hands in shackles and hoisted her up. She could feel every fiber of her body hurting, could feel her muscles ache and giving up on her.
Ms. Venable stood in front of her, letting her finger ghost over her face. Cordelia looked up, amber eyes meeting Wilhemina’s dark brown ones and for a split second Cordelia could see right into her soul.
Wilhemina tore away her fingers, taking a step back hurriedly as if she had been burned. “Whatever you think you’re doing - I strongly advise you to never do that again.”, her voice was cold and barely above a whisper.
It hurt most when the whip hit her skin the first time. She could feel her skin being ripped open, could feel the blood running down her back. The second one came down on her lower back and she let out a silent scream. After a while she just felt numb. She could see in Ms. Venable’s eyes how much she was enjoying this, how she was able to let out her anger, finally feeling like she was the one in power.
Cordelia felt how her body started shutting down, felt how it grew heavy, how her muscles weakened, how her bones were crushed. Her vision was blurry, her head hurting and when she couldn’t keep her eyes open any longer she let herself be taken by unconsciousness.
The Supreme was back in her cell when she woke up again, laying on the mattress with a blanket draped over her beaten body. She closed her eyes, willing herself to disappear. She would gladly welcome death for she thought her soul would not be able to take any more of the pain she was feeling. Her light having been blown out by the torture she had had to endure.
She could feel where her skin had been torn open by the lashes, could feel where the metal brushes had burned her body. Silent tears were making their way down her face, her sobs silent as she let them escape, pulling the blanket tighter around herself.
“I am sorry I had to hurt you like that.”, Cordelia thought she was hallucinating when she noticed Ms. Venable standing a few feet away from her. “I had no choice. They would have killed you if I wouldn’t have agreed to.. to do it.”
Cordelia buried herself deeper into the mattress, covering her ears with her hands, willing her brain to quiet down. She felt the mattress dip, felt a gentle hand being placed on her shoulder. She whimpered.
“Langdon is going to end the world. He is planning the apocalypse - that’s why he took you. You’re the only one who could probably stop him.”, Wilhemina took a deep breath, averting her gaze, “I agreed.. I agreed to hurt you to buy time. I contacted your academy and they are on the way. They’re coming.”, she whispered, letting her thumb rub circles over the supremes shoulder.
Cordelia opened her eyes, meeting Wilhemina’s gaze. When she had touched her the spell Cordelia had cast over Mina was broken and She looked at her absolutely terrified. She felt the tears gather in her eyes, realizing what she had done to her girlfriend.
“Even with a spell cast over you - you still feel for me. You still protect me.”, Cordelia whispered.
“I am so sorry.”, Wilhemina whispered, pushing Cordelia’s blonde locks behind her ear, “I never wanted to hurt you like this.”
Cordelia held out her hand and Mina grabbed it without hesitating. She pulled her down to her, silently asking to be comforted, to be held, to be protected at last. The redhead carefully laid down beside her, vary of not hurting her any further as she opened her arms for the supreme to seek shelter in.
Cordelia let her beaten body rest in Mina’s gentle embrace, burying her face in the curve of her neck, her arms resting around Mina’s midsection. Careful not to hurt the blonde witch, she softly let her fingers ghost over her back. “I am so sorry, so sorry.”, she could hear the pain in her voice, could hear her anguish. “Shh.. it’s okay. It’s what had to be done.”, the Supreme whispered.
They could hear a war going on upstairs, but only had eyes for each other, blocking out the outside world. Cordelia was too weak, to beaten, too shaken to fight and Mina had sunken down a dark abyss of an even deeper hatred for herself than she would have thought possible.
They were two broken pieces which desperately clung to each other in hopes to become whole again.
Mrs. Robichaux’s Academy was filled with laughter. The girls were sitting around the big white table, chatting over dinner. Outside the world was slowly getting dark, the moon slowly replacing the sun, casting a warm glow through the windows.
Cordelia and Mina had long gone upstairs, seeking shelter in their private room. Mina was gently caressing the Supremes sides while she placed sloppy kisses all over her face. Cordelia gently hummed in approval, burying deeper into Wilhemina - finally feeling whole again.
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u1travi0lett · 2 days ago
Dating Cooper Day
Cooper Day x fem!reader
Warnings- swearing but apart from that nothing :)
Type- fluff sorta?
Tumblr media
Okay so dating Cooper would be like a literal a dream. He’d treat you like a princess and would literally never do anything to hurt you.
You’d always be holding hands, like always.
You play with his rings constantly, which he claims is annoying but he secretly loves it. (If your lucky he’ll give you one, it’ll be way too big for you tho so you better put it on a necklace or something)
Laying in bed, staring at the ceiling and listening to MCR while holding hands is a daily thing. You both bond over music so small moments like these mean a lot to you both.
You two make out ALOT. And I mean a lot, a lot. You usually initiate it as Cooper can be a little shy at times but once you have him hooked, he’s hooked. If you suddenly pull away from him during a make-out sesh he’ll get really pouty and try and pull you back to him.
He can be REALLY clingy at times, who am I kidding, he’s always clingy when you are together.
He loves it when you sit on his lap facing him, his arms wrapped around your waist and your hands resting steadily on his shoulders (this is where most of the makout seshes start lmao )
Although he hates to admit it, he loves cuddles ALOT. Even more than making out (surprisingly).
He loves it when you let him lay between your thighs. You’ll play with his hair in moments like those. Massaging his scalp and detangling the numerous nots he’s acquired throughout the day.
Wearing his band tees 24/7 and him thinking it’s the hottest thing.
Sleepovers every weekend, you falling asleep in Cooper’s arms while he hums some tune of a song you both love.
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dreamypqulson · a day ago
Burnt Out
Summary: Harriet has been under the weather but won't let herself relax being so dedicated to the show. That is until her body just gives out in your arms, finally allowing you to take care of her.
Pairing: Harriet Hayes x Reader
Word Count: 1400
Warning: Vomiting, the usual sickness stuff.
Tumblr media
Harriet was a go, go, go person. She worked on the show, then she had a movie coming up, then she had this and that and so on. Of course it stressed you out a lot, the only thing you did was be on the show every week so when you did have free time, Harriet was still filming so it was hard to finally get time to just relax with her.
This week was awful though. She had clearly been coming down with something but each time you brought it up, she dismissed it either by storming off angrily or just telling you it was allergies. You knew it wasn't just allergies though; it was the middle of winter, a time where Harriet doesn't get allergies.
"Harry come here" you said moments before she had to go on stage and rehearse. She did as she was told, standing directly in front of you to the point where your bodies were almost touching. "Are you alright?" you queried, moving her hair out of her face.
That was the thing; you knew Harriet was terribly sick just by her appearance itself. Not that she wasn't beautiful because she was, you would still think she beautiful was even if she had been living in a dumpster for twenty years. It was just that her hair was all disheveled, her makeup was smudged, and she wasn't in her normal put together attire, she chose to keep her outfit more on the comfortable side.
"I'm fine. I told you that" her voice tried to be stern but it only came out hoarse, raspy, and low. She knew that was a dead giveaway so she looked down at her feet, avoiding eye contact with you.
"Well i know that's what you told me lovey, but i just don't believe you. You can hardly speak without breaking into a coughing fit" she crossed her arms up to her chest as to show you that she was in charge here although it didn't even faze you because all you cared about was making sure she was okay and her health was perfect.
"I'm not sick so if you excuse me, i'm going to go practice" she stormed out dramatically. You let her because honestly, if she wanted to play that way then you were going to let her. Although, that fear that she was going to wear herself out just really scared you so you weren’t going to stop constantly checking on her.
You were sitting in your dressing room when you heard a knock on your door. You had guessed that it was Harriet coming to apologize for her behavior earlier but when Matt walked in with a nervous look on his face, your heart sort of stopped.
"Y/n? Harriet's in the bathroom throwing up. I don't think she should do the show this week." If Matt was saying that Harriet should sit out than you knew it was serious.
You didn't have to hear anymore before you were running to the bathroom. Of course you were a bit disappointed that she didn't listen to you because if she did days ago then by now she probably would've been cured but, you would always still be there and take care of her.
When you walked in, you saw Harriet leaned over the toilet and you instantly kneeled down to her. She flinched when you touched her back because she didn’t even hear you walk in. "It's okay, it's just me." you cooed, holding her blonde hair back. "It's okay" you rubbed your hand up and down her back. You noticed a few tears rolling down her face and you felt awful that you didn't have some kind of magical powers to instantly make her better, that all you could do was sit there and try to comfort her the best you could.
When finished, she instantly fell into your arms. Her body was weak, limp. "Oh baby" you said, your fingers running through her hair. At this point her tears were flowing down much heavier than they were moments ago.
"We're gonna go home, okay?" She hardly had enough energy to produce words, the best she could do was nod and bury her head deeper into the crook of your neck.
After you slowly scooted your girlfriend off your lap, you gently grabbed her arms and helped her up. She instantly fell right onto your body. What the hell did she catch? You wondered as she couldn't even hold herself up. Sure it scared you, you've never seen her this sick.
"My head hurts" she muttered. You wouldn't have been able to hear her if it weren't for her head resting right on your shoulder. "I know lovely, hang in there. I just have to grab our stuff and then i'll give you some medicine when we get home" you spoke, soft, low, keeping in mind that she probably wouldn't be able to handle your normal voice.
You were afraid for the car ride home because driving a sick person around was never good; you were worried about her getting nauseous. But, you reclined her seat so she could lay down and she simply fell right to sleep so all went well.
"Harry" you whispered, moving the hair out of her face. She lightly stirred and opened her tired eyes. "We're home" the quietest groaned escaped her lips. The car wasn't very comfortable to sleep in but you knew that she probably preferred just staying where she was over having to walk all the way into the house, change into comfortable clothes, take medicine, and then finally be able to get into bed.
So, you made it easy on her. You got out of the car and walked over to her side. "Don't you have to be at rehearsal?" You could see that suddenly, she was worried that you were missing out on work. "I'm sitting this week out to take care of you, love" she began to get out of the car with help from you and once again, resting her entire body on you as you both walked into the house.
"But-" she let out a soft sigh.
"You're sick as a dog, sweetheart, i'm not leaving you all alone." She could hardly keep her head up to walk so leaving her alone for a whole day would be the last thing you would do.
Right as you entered your house, you dropped your bags that you were carrying with your free hand, on the ground and made your way into your shared bedroom with Harriet.
"Here we are" you muttered, almost to yourself. You placed the actress on her side of the bed and she practically melted right into the mattress. "Stay right there, i'm gonna get you some medicine." She hummed approvingly and you quickly scurried off to the connected bathroom.
It was when you were digging through the cabinet for the medicine that you heard her break into a coughing fit. Your heart felt like it cracked in half. You hated when Harriet was in any pain or distress because you could feel that pain too; your love for each other ran so deep that any emotions she experiences, you experience too.
Only seconds later, you walked in with a small pill in your hand and a cup of water. Her eyes were droopy and you hated having to keep waking her up but it's just that she's so tired that she could fall asleep while standing up.
After she took the pill, you helped her into more comfortable clothes which consisted of just a tank top with only underwear because her body had felt like it had been under the hot sun for hours.
“Thank you-” she murmured “-for taking care of me.” You crawled into bed beside her “you don’t have to thank me lovely. I’ll always take care of you” you kissed the top of her head after she rested her it on your chest and you wrapped your arm around her, drawing calming circles with your fingertips on the soft flesh of her stomach.
“I love you.”
“I love you Harry” You said, smiling once her breathing had peacefully evened out.
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