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ershebet · a day ago
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I watched "American Psycho" for the first time and didn't expect this movie to be funny
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I was in the mood to draw on the theme "two huge imperialist rival countries are trying to keep the alarming trash in their heads away from the people surrounding them
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americanphysco · 2 days ago
kinda gay for men to have business cards with bone white coloring and silian rail lettering like are you trying to get boned? do you want another man to rail you? that's what I thought, fagtrick gayteman.
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candyredterezii · 2 days ago
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american-boyboss · a day ago
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catboyjerma · 2 days ago
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I just got a nose job done two days ago but I would overdose on cocaine and kill myself right now . The spontaneity and fickleness of the human brain.
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doomh3ad · a day ago
could you write thigh riding with bateman and a sub reader? tysm!
i'm kind of obsessed with you just calling him bateman like he's your coworker i love it anon thanks for the request sorry it's so short omg <3
patrick bateman + thigh riding with sub reader (nsfw under cut, i'm so sorry forgive me for my sins)
Fuck, he really is as toned as he told you he was. That workout routine paid off.
When Patrick had invited you to sit on his lap, you didn't think it would lead to this. Gasping as you try to catch a breath, whining at the sensation as you move. His grip on your waist helps, but he told you before - this is on you.
Patrick doesn't hold back on telling you exactly what he thinks, though, even if that contributes to how you're shaking and nearing the end.
"Look at you. So desperate," he laughs, and fuck if it doesn't make your thighs clench and heart race even faster.
You're still trying to recover, breathing uneven, when Patrick looks down at you and smirks. He snaps his fingers down at his lap.
"Clean up your mess."
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dedirkification · a day ago
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He's into murder and executions, mostly.
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lanaknowsitried0 · a day ago
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If he’s a serial killer than what’s the worst that can happen to a girl that’s already hurt ;)
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droogie · 2 days ago
hey if you like:
a clockwork orange
taxi driver
american psycho
death note
junji ito
any & all horror films & books
goth music
courage the cowardly dog
lucky star
lemon demon
we should be mutuals
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jackedup180 · 29 days ago
literally any upper middle class tiktok self-identified ‘that girl’ in a pastel workout set with a thirteen step skincare routine and a green juice is a million times closer to being patrick bateman irl than any self-identified sigma film bro
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polishlolita · 2 months ago
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americanphysco · 2 days ago
if patrick bateman actually managed to get a reservation at dorsia he never would've started killing people.
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sunscones · a month ago
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there is an idea of a Barbara Roberts; some kind of a perfect doll. but there is no real me: only an entity, something illusory, something... plastic.
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arideo · 2 months ago
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american psycho x mean girls
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doomh3ad · 13 hours ago
Age gap and corruption kink with patty 🥺👉🏽👈🏽
patrick bateman + age gap & corruption kink (mentions of nsfw, blood, it's patrick he's a freak)
He'd always loved your outfits. Every day you'd prance into Pierce and Pierce, something that could, at a push, be considered formal attire adorning he body he admired so often.
Patrick really thought you were doing it on purpose, teasing him, his cute little secretary wanting a taste of an older, more experienced man. He'd first thought it was the money. He was good at what he did, and that meant a very successful career - did you just want someone to spoil you, buy you expensive handbags or more of those teasing outfits?
But you didn't request a reservation at Dorsia, outright refused his gifts on occasion when you thought it was "too much".
Patrick had never met anyone that thought there was a too much.
You were unique. He wanted to dissect you, if not physically then mentally, figure out what made you so enticing to him, how you tilted his world simply by existing. It disgusted and enthralled him.
So he'd charmed you, wined and dined you until you were wrapped around his finger. But there was something that separated you from the countless women he'd been with - he first thought it was your innocence, but he realised it was what he wanted to do with that naivety.
He wanted to fucking ruin you, until your pretty body only responded to him. Until there were tears in your eyes that he would order you not to shed, until your blood soaked his pristine white sheets. He wanted to parade you around, his gorgeous young plaything, for everyone to see what he'd make you of you.
Patrick often wondered what he could make you do, how far you'd go. If you'd degrade yourself for him. If he told you to drop to your knees in an alleyway, would you? He laughs to himself as he thinks you, as you are now, probably would. You're just so trusting of him. It's as sweet as it is hilarious.
He headed to the bedroom, where he knew you'd be waiting in the position he showed you, resolving to start taking you apart, piece by beautiful piece, and putting you back together as he wanted.
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aweega · 6 months ago
gonna go to a reddit filmbro circle and tell them there's gonna be an american psycho remake where they change patrick bateman's name to patrick bateperson. played by atheist bale
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jaubaius · 9 months ago
A person called OwlKitty changed the Business Card scene from “American Psycho” to the guys showing each other pictures of their cats on their phones… and it could possibly be the greatest masterpiece ever😭😂
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jodiumchloride · 10 months ago
i relate to patrick bateman not because i hate women or gay people or whatever but because i too can sit on my ass and do fuck all every day and my internal monologue will be like "i'm deranged. i'm inhuman. i'm a twisted fucking cycle path
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junkfoodcinemas · 4 days ago
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American Psycho (2000) dir. Mary Harron
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deadlightcircus · 8 months ago
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