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Steven sat on the couch the gems of his friends and the strange fusion sat motionless on the table before him, “your human half won’t stand a chance against my injector” he couldn’t stop thinking about what Cuprite said, what did it mean? Suddenly the front door bursting open “Steven! I came as fast as i could! are you okay?” It was Greg, his dad the once Mr. universe who upon coming to beach city met his mom rose “holy sh- she really got everybody!” Greg stated surveying the table “is that them?” He asked spotting the two pink gems, Steven nodded in response “I don’t get it” greg stated “why did they do this?” “No idea” Steven admitted “but what i do know is that my powers are acting off” Steven said summoning his shield, or tried at least as the item fizzled and glitched before finally dissipating “how come” greg asked “i think it might have to do with this” Steven said as he pulled out the long menacing weapon and pushing the button on it’s handle, Greg flinched slightly as the item activated revealing it’s pink blade. “Dad there’s something wrong with me, i have no idea what’s going on” Steven said after a deep sigh “schtu - ball don’t worry things will be alright, I mean so what if you don’t know what’s going on? I don’t know what’s going on all the time” Greg gestured “look things are gonna be okay soon the gems are going to reform and they’ll be back better than ever” Greg continued holding pearl’s gem in his hands. Suddenly the gem glowed and pearl raised into the air “see? look here she comes, good old pearl” instead of “good old pearl” however something else happened an holographic oyster shape formed around the gem “huh well that’s new?” Greg said “please identify yourself” the gem demand “um..greg universe?” Greg said “greetings Umgreguniverse, please stated preferred customization options” Greg looked to Steven confused “um….what am I suppose to say here?” “I dunno” steven said shrugging “default setting selected, Please stand by” the gem confirmed descending and landing on the kitchen floor. The shell opened and pearl ascended now wearing some form of dress with puffy shoulder pads and a translucent material draping over the top of her skirt “Pearl!” Steven called out running over to the newly reformed gem “Pearl, thank goodness your back” Pearl stood there for a second before finally walking over to Greg ignoring Steven “how do you do? ~🎵” Pearl sang as she bowed to Greg “my Umgreguniverse ~ 🎶” she continued looking to Greg “thank you for bringing me into the world, i am at your eternal service ~ 🎵” Pearl continued holding Greg’s hand and kneeling down before him “welcome to your new pearl ~🎶” Steven and Greg looked on with confusion “whaaaaats going on!?” The two said in unison “could her gem be cracked?” Greg questioned “looks fine to me” Steven said inspecting the gem on her forehead, Steven suddenly looked over to the table seeing another one of the gems reforming this one had a very square build, red coloring, and her gem was located on her left palm “Ruby!” Steven said “ar-are you okay?” He said walking to the table “Ah! Who are you? You’re not my assignment” The small gem demanded getting into some form of defensive stance “I could really use an explanation?” Greg said scratching his head “allow me to illuminate!” Pearl budded in, twirling over to the gem “A ruby guard ~🎶” Pearl sung “but just a single one? they tend to come in teams of three or more ~🎵” Pearl continued before another gem reformed. This one a lot more different than Ruby her build was more circular, her coloring was blue and her gem was located on her right palm “a precious sapphire, she sees the future, that’s who the ruby’s for ~ 🎶” Pearl continued to sing as the other gem came into being “My sapphire” Ruby announced to the blue gem “as my sworn duty and soul purpose, i will protect you with my life!” Ruby swore crossing her arms “I know you will, that’s why I predict you won’t last more than a day” Sapphire said in a cold response “huh?” Ruby squeaked out “come now” Sapphire spoke coldly again as she and her small soldier got off the table backing away and giving space for the other gem that was about to reform the next gem was short, chubby, and purple her gem was located directly on her chest “Amethyst!” Steven said “hey Amethyst?” He called the gem’s name again “hey amethyst?” Amethyst mimicked “what? No. You’re Amethyst!” Steven said trying to get her attention “what? No. You’re amethyst!” Amethyst said continuing to mimic Steven “you must be right, this is an amethyst ~🎵” Pearl sung out “except an amethyst is big and strong, this one is not the best example, something is clearly wrong ~ 🎶” Pearl continued “I do say something is clearly wrong, what are we all doing here in this strange place?” Pearl shrugged with Amethyst copying her movements “Pearl, don’t you recognize them? Don’t you recognize me?” Steven asked the confused servant, Pearl pondered for a minute “well I certainly recognize my Umgreguniverse” Pearl gestured to Greg “oh boy” Greg said in response “as for you?” Pearl took a close look at steven. A light blared out at Pearl and Steven, the heart shaped pink gem started to glow float in front of them “get back!” Steven shouted suddenly the gem rotated upright into a proper heart shape, as the gem reform rubber-like arms wrap around Steven trampling him to the ground once she finished reforming he was able to get a good look at the gem, she wore a whiteish pink top complete with a pair of puffy magenta shorts with two diamond buttons stitched in, to match her gem her hair was done into two heart shaped buns completing her look was a pair of puffy pink sleeves, magenta shoes, striped stockings, and pink gloves she looked at steven her eyes now looking large and cartoonish accompanied by a large playful smile. “I’m so exited to meet you!!!” The gem rang out between giggles “y-you’renot..mad…? Steven said a bit shaky still, the gem only tilted her head in response “mad? Why would I be mad at my……BEST FRIEND!!!!!” The gem shouted out laughing giddily “this will be fun! Aren’t you the lucky one?” Pearl sang again as Greg helped Steven up “her cut is perfect and she’s pink as well!” Pearl continued leaping over to the newly formed gem “she’ll bring you endless entertainment, your new best friend spinel!” Pearl finally concluded her song after explaining the gem “YOOOUUU!!!” Steven called out pointing at the gem angrily “what did you do to us! Why do you look like this!? WHAT’S GOING ON!!!” Steven said proceeding to shake the gem, the only response he got however was just the gem giggling and poking his nose with her finger “boop! That was fun, but now it’s your turn ~” Spinel said as once again she wrapped her elastic arms around Steven shaking him up and down vigorously midair while laughing “W-W-W-Would you cut that out?!” Steven cried trying to get the her attention. Suddenly Spinel stopped shaking him and also laughing, “Thank….you…” Steven said catching himself before Spinel suddenly dropped him on to the floor and began walking over to the table as soon as he got up he was able to see the real reason why she dropped Steven the other pink gem on the table, the other pearl had started reforming. Steven immediately ran over to stand beside the rubber gem who was rather amazed by what was happening, just like before an holographic oyster formed around the gem this time pink instead of blue “please identify yourself” the gem asked just like Pearl the only difference was that her voice was a bit more softer than Pearl’s, Steven let out a calm sigh “Steven….Universe” he replied knowing full well what was going to happen next “greetings Steven Universe, please stated preferred customization options” before Steven could say a word the pink gem jump over to him “oh oh oh!! You should model her after you!!” Spinel said “After me?” Steven questioned, suddenly a net like scan came down upon Steven catching him off guard “customization scan complete, please stand by” the gem said “no no no wait!!” Steven said trying to stop the gem but it was too late as the shell landed on the floor opening and revealing the pearl. Unlike their pearl who’s look was more fancy and uptight the pink one wore something a lot more similar to Steven’s she wore a hoodie with translucent sleeves, her hair was done into two poof pigtails with a star hand band across her head, just like pearl she wore a translucent skirt which under it was a pair of shorts and instead of ballet shoes she wore a pair of doll shoes that looked slightly similar to Steven’s shoes, as soon as the gem stepped off the oyster she walked across the kitchen floor straight to Steven and Spinel who were standing still in anticipation “how do you do? My Steven universe, it’s nice to finally be in your presence ~🎵” Pink pearl sang “I promise to be your eternal servant, welcome to your very own pearl ~🎶” Steven sighed, while Spinel was in utter wonder at the new gem “wow!!! You got yourself a new pearl, so cool!!!” The gem said unable to control her excitement “wait, wait, wait, you two don’t remember?” Steven said to the two gems, Spinel and Pink pearl just stood in confusion “remember what?” the two said in unison. “Y’know the stuff you said about how i won’t stand a chance against your injector?” The two gems looked to each other for a second before looking to Steven “nope” Spinel shooked her head “not a thing” Pink pearl agreed Steven sighed knowing that they really didn’t remember a thing, suddenly the door opened lion stepping in through the door into the area “Lion!” He said to the large pink wild cat who was approaching Steven “it’s good to see your okay” Steven said petting the large animal “oh yeah! and since your here i might as well store this in your mane” he said trying to shove the weapon into Lion’s mane with no effect, as it simply slides off Steven’s hand “I can’t store things in lion’s mane that’s one the most easiest things i can do!” Steven said “my Steven universe?” The pigtailed pearl said generously “would you like me to hold that for you?” Steven looked down at the object although he’d rather not give to her since he was rather unsure he didn’t have much of choice as of right now “alright you can hold on to it just please be careful with it” he said handing the item to the gem, suddenly his phone rang he picked it up out of his pocket, “Hello?” “Steven is everything okay over there?” It was Connie this brought immediate relief to him, Connie was her best friend or was given they were now dating “Connie! Is something wrong, are you?” “I think I should be asking you that” Connie asked Steven “I was on my way to space camp when i heard a loud rumble, I looked over to beach city to see that thing sticking out of the hill on top your house” she said rotating  her phone towards the injector now sticking out of the hill like a mosquito on someone’s arm Steven ran outside to get a good look at the injector for himself and she wasn’t wrong it stood there looming over his house threateningly “well golly!” A voice rang Steven looked beside him to see Spinel standing right beside him “that thing sure is big, so you wanna climb it something?” The gem perched up jumping in place “what no I, ugh aw man what am i gonna do?” Steven wondered hopelessly “i got no friends help me except-“ he then shifts his view from the injector over to little homeworld “Bismuth, Lapis, and Peridot” “Connie i need you to do me favor” while Steven talked to Connie on his phone Spinel found herself scanning the pearl standing next to her “so your his pearl?” She asked the pink gem standing next to her “i am and you are?” Pink replied curiously “I’m Spinel” she chirped happily extending her hand literally “and it’s a pleasure to meet you!” Pink pearl giggled as she shook the small rubber gem’s hand “Okay connie i’ll see you there, bye” Steven concluded hanging up “okay guys we need to head over to the others so c’mon” Steven told as he starts running off to beach city with Spinel and Pink pearl following behind before coming to a halt as he notices that the others aren’t following instead Pearl summoned a parasol from her gem and used it to shield a wary Greg from the sun. Amethyst, standing near them, shape shifted into Greg, leaving a confused Pearl to constantly switch between holding the parasol over both. “Ruby? Sapphire?” Steven asked looking over to the two gem “she’s not going anywhere!” Ruby growled “I do see us following him to the countryside” Sapphire reassured the small soldier “Never mind! We’re going” Ruby begrudgingly allowed as the two joined Steven in going to beach city leaving Greg with Pearl and Amethyst who had now shapeshifted into Pearl “Wait!! Don’t leave me alone with these two!” Greg begged “just keep an eye on them for now. We’ll be back” Steven confirmed, and with that Steven, Spinel, Pink pearl, Ruby, and Sapphire went off towards the Town in the distance where hopefully they can figure out what to do.

End chapter 1 - to be continued……

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Jasper and Self-destruction

Jasper is well-known for her determination, stubbornness and not giving up until she accomplishes her mission. She said it herself: “Jaspers don’t give up”.


Being born in the Beta Kindergarten on Earth has made her develop an obsession with constanly proving her self-worth to others and herself. While she’s considered a very powerful quartz and a gem role model for other gem soldiers on Homeworld, that type of praise is never good enough for her. She still thinks she’s “flawed” in some way. She still believes she has to keep fighting to reassure to herself that isn’t weak and she is capable of defeating any foe.

Jasper isn’t someone that takes defeat very easily as deep down she is a very insecure character. Her desperation for winning can make her do incredible risky things and put herself on danger.


Her actions may sometimes may make her look like an hypocrite.The best example of this was when she called Garnet an walking embarrassment for being a fusion but moments after their fight, she asked Lapis to fuse with her despite considering fusion a “cheap tactic to make weak gems stronger”. The reason she is willing to break Homeworld rules that are so important for her is because she always feels like she has to come out on top in every battle she takes part in.

Along with her inferiority complex, Jasper clearly lacks support system in the series. She’s usually alone, with no one to help her with her personal issues unlike other characters. Her fusions are unstable as she doesn’t understand what fusion is about and sees her partners as tools to become more powerful than actual allies or friends.

“I was wrong about fusion. You made me understand! Malachite was bigger and stronger than both of us! We could fly!”

There are hints that she’s aware of her loneliness and wants someone to stay with her. Like when she asked Lapis to be Malachite again even though Lapis told her multiple times it was a terrible idea. Another example of this was when she shown to be very sad after the quartz monster left her and she said “Everyone i fused with never wants to stay”.

The more battles she loses against the Crystal gems, the more agressive and desperate she gets. Jasper’s character arc in the series is about self-destruction as she continues to refuse to change and accept help to the point she would rather be corrupted than be healed.


While there are characters that show what happens when you let others help you, Jasper is the opposite of that. In many ways she acts as a foil to Amethyst: She’s what Amethyst could have been if she hadn’t been born smaller than the other quartzes.

Jasper is a “perfect quartz” by Homeworld standards, yet she’s incredibly miserable in the system she has lived in her entire life. During her corruption in “Earthlings” she expresses how fighting has made her unhappy and cope with her issues in very toxic ways.


Jasper represents someone who is born in a very controlling and authoritarian regime that only mades them more miserable as time goes by. The only way to avoid losing oneself in the caste system is by leaving and escaping from it.

Her corruption into a gem monster proves you don’t need to be a fusion or a “flawed” gem to be hurt by Homeworld’s caste system. Also proves you can have a privileged position Homeworld but that doesn’t mean you can’t be affected by the strict rules and expectations.You can still be a normal gem and still be destroyed in other multiple ways.

In the end, the lesson we get from Jasper is that ask for help doesn’t make you weak and it’s important to find healthy coping mechanisms that don’t have a very negative impact in our physical and emotional health.

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