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I will answer this one at a time

Grudgby IS still a thing! It’s mainly a more ground-sport but bits of flight are allowed, there’s just a limit as to where you can fly on the field. Like there’s a flying and no-flying zone, but it’s not required. Meaning that Amity could still participate and keep up the “I’m still really good. look! I don’t even need to fly to win!” type thing. She is, tho, comparatively weaker to her other AU counterparts, and has nothing on Luz.

There are plenty of flying sports very similar to the rest of ours. Like soccer but you have to dribble the ball with your feet in the air, etc. Plus a bunch of racing sports.

Luz is stronger than Amity, yeah. Constantly flying around and dealing with monsters is bound to help your muscle, particularly Luz’s back and shoulders as stated in my other post. 
Amity course realizes that Luz is stronger than she thought after she Scoops her but doesn’t like. Realize™ until they’re having a sleepover n Luz is in her tank top when she leans back against Amity and her brain has a minor short-circuit because Oh Wow,,,,Stronk,,,,,,,,

Which is really fucking funny for any other bigger birds. Some like, hawk or falcon tries to start shit and thinks dealing with this little sparrow will be easy but Luz is actually a lot stronger than they thought and lose simply bc they underestimated her. Opposite problem for Amity. She’s often not messed with bc they think she strong bc she’s a bird of prey but in actuality she is a Noodle

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Depending on when this posts, I will be taking a short break as I’ve gotten an art block 😔 that’s on me for like posting so much art in the past week and just going off on that, I got some inspiration today in a discord chat and it was nice, I made some cursed art and some wholesome art like this

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Places of Interests:

Eda’s/Luz’s House, Bonesburg Shopping Mall, The Owl Emporium (Eda’s Shop), Bonesburg Convention Center, Mr. Meds (Pharmacy), The Golden Griffin (Tavern/Pub), Bonesburg Library, Church of St.Jenkins, The Playground, B.P.D (Bonesburg Police Department), Hexside Academy, Mystic Manor (Abandoned), Bonesburg Sanatorium, Lake Pesadilla, Lilith’s/Amity’s House, Willow’s House, Gus’s House, Boscha’s House, Fright Town (Abandoned Amusement Park), The Dark Woodlands (Forest), Bakery, Medusa’s (Hair Salon), Fright-O-Lanterns Pizza Place, Pet Shop, Devil’s Coffee, Bonesburg Drive-In Theater, Hudson General Hospital, Blue Moon Motel, Bonesburg Green House, Bonesburg Art, Science and History Museum, Burger Queen, Emerald Theater, The BNN Building (Bonesburg News Network), Toys, Bonesburg Aviary, Old Cemetery, Wendal Doll Factory (Abandoned), Camp Nightmare, Interstellar Bowling, Arcade, The Old Creppy Farm, Full Moon Cinema.

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Chapter Nine: Forever Hand In Hand

“…Edaaaaa…” Eda turned around to see Luz timidly in the doorway of the kitchen, shifting her weight from side to side. Eda rolled her eyes, possibly knowing where the conversation was going. “I was just wondering if Amity and I could go out tomorrow on a date?” Luz asked. “Oh, so is that the kids call hangouts now?” Eda joked. Luz shook her head. “No, me and Amity are going out on a date.” Luz stated. Eda stopped, looking over at Luz like she was joking. But Luz looked dead serious. “Oh… you and Amity finally realized what love was then?” Eda asked. Luz snorted a little. “Yep, so, can we go?” she asked. Eda thought for a moment. “Give me one second.” Eda said, walking past Luz to the stairs.

“HEY KING! YOU OWE ME $15!” Eda shouted. Upstairs, there was a familiar squeal of rage as the tiny dramatic king of demons threw a tantrum. “Wait, you guys were betting if me and Amity went out?” Luz asked. Eda shrugged. “It was more of a bet that you confessed and realized that she liked you  all this time.” Luz face palmed a bit mentally. “Dang, I’m that oblivious aren’t I?” Eda snorted and ruffled Luz’s hair. “You said it kid, not me.” Luz grinned and playfully wacked Eda’s hand off of her hair and smoothed it back. “So, is that a yes?” Luz asked. Eda nodded. “Just don’t do anything stupid, okay kiddo?” Luz proudly puffed out her chest and grinned confidently. “I’m never stupid.” she said with a smirk and turned around to leave. And then she hit her face on the wall that conveniently appeared. Eda snorted. “Riiiigghhht. Never stupid. Gotcha.”


Meanwhile, on the couch, Amity was having a gay panic attack (every Tuesday).

‘Did all of this really just happen?’ she thought. She sat there, almost dumbfounded. Like, this whole situation felt so…rushed and unreal. Was she dreaming? Only one way to find out…

“Hey Amity!” The familiar voice of the chipper Luz called from the side. And with that, Amity smacked Luz’s arm. “Ow?” Luz whimpered. “What was that for?” “Sorry,” Amity sheepishly said. “Just wanted to make sure that this was real.” Luz rubbed her arm. “Oh, well…that was one heck of a way to determine that, wasn’t it?” The two laughed awkwardly, feeling like this situation was a bit awkward.

“So…has Eda agreed to the date?” Amity asked. Luz nodded. “But,” Luz said. Amity froze, hoping to the Titan that Eda wasn’t gonna set up a bunch of boundaries. Although, Eda didn’t seem like that type of witch to do so. “I’m impatient and restless, so therefore, we will have our date in about…” Luz looked at her wrist. “15 minutes!” Wait, how could Luz tell time? Was there an invisible clock on her arm? Must be a human thing. Wait, 15 minutes? NOW? “I’ll be right back, I’m going to go set everything up!” Luz said with a cute grin. “In the meantime, you could go talk to Eda if you’d like?” And with that, Luz had already rushed up the stairs.

“…What just happened?” Amity pondered aloud. That was ten types of information and it was too much for Amity to handle right now. But taking Luz’s suggestion, she went to the kitchen to talk to Eda.


“Hey there, kid.” Eda said, as Amity made her way into the kitchen. Amity gave a small hum of greeting before awkwardly standing still. The two were silent for a moment before Eda spoke up. “So, you and Luz are together now?” she asked. Amity nearly choked over that. She broke into a fit of coughs.

“Woah, jeez kid.” Eda chuckled. “Didn’t know you’d have that kind of reaction.” Amity tried to ease her aching throat from the violent storm of her coughing. She was pretty sure her face was tomato red at this point, from embarrassment or lack of air she didn’t know. Finally, Amity managed to recollect herself, heavily breathing to try to regain control of her quickly beating heart. “Well…” Amity quietly said. “Not exactly. I think that’s the point of this date.” The two went quiet, not sure of where to bring this conversation.

“Hey,” Eda said after a few minutes. “Not to be a Nosey Witch, but…how do I put this lightly…why did you come here? I mean, I got some bits and pieces of what may have happened, but I want your story first.” Eda asked. Amity froze. 'Is she gonna rat me out to my parents?’ Amity was starting to panic again, but some part of her mind was telling her that Eda was really not that kind of person.

“Well, I ran away from home.” Amity bluntly stated. Eda raised an eyebrow. “And-” “Don’t tell me. It’s your parents isn’t it?” Eda interrupted. Amity nodded, slumping a bit. “Hey, I understand. Maybe I wasn’t in the same situation as you were, but I had to run away from home when I got cursed.” Eda said. Amity was silent, but looked at Eda with interest. “My parents were worried of me getting caught by the Emperor. And Lilith was already with him at this point. So really, I wasn’t safe anywhere. My parents were desperately trying to find a way to either undo the curse or find me somewhere in a forest where I could live the rest of my days as a beast. Personally, I sort of knew that there was no way to undo my curse and I didn’t like the idea of just forever living as one. So, one night, I just…left. And that’s how I got here.” Eda said. Her eyes seemed glassy, but she shed no tears. Shaking her head, she turned over to Amity. “My point being, aside from the tragic backstory,” She started. “Is that I get where you’re coming from. Sort of. And trust me, I knew your parents back in school. Both jerkwads who thought they could control everyone. Couldn’t control me though. And they can’t control you, either.” Eda placed her hand on Amity’s shoulder. “So if you need to stay here for a while, or hell, forever, you’re always welcome to stay.” Eda finished with a grin. Amity shakily smiled back at Eda. “Thank you.” She whispered, her voice quivering a bit. “No problem, kid.” Eda said.


About 13 minutes had passed, and Eda and Amity were happily chatting away with some anecdotes about Luz. Both hardly noticed the time going by until the familiar voice of Luz called down from upstairs. “Amity, I hope you’re ready for the best date of your life!!” Luz called. Amity giggled a bit. “Well, Eda.” Amity said with a grin. “It was nice talking to you.” She started to leave. “Wait, kid. Before you go, there’s one thing I need to tell you.” Eda said. Amity turned around to face the witch. “If you break her heart,” Eda started coldly. Amity gulped. “I will personally find you and break your kneecaps…” Amity started to sweat nervously. “Or I’ll send Hooty after ya, if I’m too lazy.” Eda finished with a casual shrug. Amity squeaked, and nervously scampered out the room.


Amity made her way upstairs before being dragged into a room by a unknown force.  The room was dark, but smelled faintly of chocolate and lavender. Suddenly, the lights turned on, and there in the center stood Luz in an otter suit with the tutu over it. Amity realized that this was peak romancing. “Luz…” Amity struggled to say without breaking out into laughter. “My name is not Luz. I am…AN OTTER!” Luz cried, pointing her finger to the sky. Or in this case the ceiling. “Well, okay Otter.” Amity playfully smirked. “Now, if I may direct your attention to your outfit of the night, ma'am.” Luz gestured to a chair that had a cat onesie sitting on it. On the table right next to it were flowers and a box of what seemed to be the smell of it, chocolate.  Amity was doing her best to not laugh, but with the look on Luz’s face made Amity’s heart melt. She could tell that Luz was trying her best, and she was doing a date the way she wanted to have a date. And if that involved wearing an otter suit, so be it. It was more romantic than the boys Amity’s mother tried to set her up with at parties. “I’ll let you get changed, and when you’re finished, meet me in the room across from this one.” And with that, Luz bounced out the door (how she did that will remain a mystery till the end of time).

Amity felt touched. Luz was putting in so much effort into making this a great date. And yet, Amity was worried that it would be an Azura book club part two, falling into the same things that was done at said book club. To put her mind at ease, she took the cat onesie and put it on. After successfully putting it on, she turned her attention to the box of what was probably chocolates. She opened the box to find a note from Luz.

“Hey Amity,

I’m rushing a little bit, but I remembered that Eda and I went out to the market a few weeks ago and while I was browsing, I bought this for you because I thought you might like it. But I never gave it to you for some reason, I might’ve just forgot, ha ha. (typical me, amirite?)

Hope you like it!

~ Luz Noceda”

Amity smiled faintly, and reached into the box to pull out a chocolate statue of Amity and Luz hugging. Welp, if Amity wasn’t already swooning before, she definitely was now. Putting it back in the box and closing it, she went to the door across from the room.

Outside on the door was a sign that said, “For mi amor, Amity Blight” Amity had no idea what mi amor meant, but she hoped it was a good thing. Opening the door gently, she gasped at the sight.

The room, while still dark, was decorated with floating lanterns, which contained some light balls in them. In the center of the room, was a table and two chairs with two light balls in a jar in the center. Farther away, near a window, was a long table with treats and drinks placed all around it. Luz was near the window, carefully holding a small box in her hands. Hearing Amity come in, Luz turned around and smiled at the other girl. “Hey Amity!” She cheerfully chirped. She skipped over to the girl and gasped dramatically. “OMIGOSH! You look so adorable!” Luz cooed. That got Amity flustered. She felt her cheeks heat up at an alarming rate and she felt the need to hide her face into the hood of the onesie. Taking her hand, she guided Amity to the table and chairs. Amity took a seat, trying to not become so overwhelmed. Luz made her way to the treats table. “You want anything?” Luz asked. “What do you have?” Amity asked. “We have some hot chocolate with a dash of cinnamon, some chocolate toads, this weird gelatin thing that King gave me, and some apple pie with some whipped cream.” Amity thought for a moment before saying, “Give me the apple pie.” With a grin, Luz carefully cut out a piece of the pie and placed it onto a plate. She grabbed a fork for Amity and brought it back to the table. “Anything else, madam?” Luz playfully asked. Amity giggled. “I’ll have some hot chocolate as well.” Luz nodded, and grabbed one of the only two mugs of hot chocolate and brought it back to the table. Luz quickly went back to the table and got some stuff as well (it was the gelatin). She sat back down and the two started to eat.

The food wasn’t bad, Amity’s apple pie and hot chocolate were really nice, to Amity. But the gelatin almost made Luz gag. It was a horrible taste, almost tasted like a bitter flavored dead rose. Or broken dreams. “Food not that great?” Amity asked, noticing Luz’s disdain. Luz nodded, almost spitting out some pieces. “I’m gonna sue King for this.” Luz jokingly muttered. “Hey, don’t sue me! I only have two stars on DemonYelp!” The voice of King called from an unknown place. The two girls laughed. “Well, if you don’t want to finish yours…” Amit got up and grabbed a fork. “You can have a bit of mine.” She scooped up a bit of her pie and raised it to Luz’s mouth. Luz ate it and  Amity moved the fork away. “Hey,” Luz started after she finished chewing. “I got something to show you.” “Right now?” Amity asked. “Yeah, I’m sorry if you wanted to finish.” Amity shrugged. “Eh, I wasn’t really that hungry.” She said. The two got up and Luz motioned for Amity to follow her.


The two made their way down the hall, until they got to a ladder. “Here, I’ll help you up.” Luz said, as she started to climb. She grabbed hold of Amity’s hand and hoisted her up, almost effortlessly, but really Luz kind of struggled since she has weak nerd arms. The rain had stopped, and the stars were starting to fade a bit since morning was coming soon. Traces of dark purple could be seen hiding behind trees. Luz sat down and patted the ground next to her, motioning for Amity to sit next to her. She sat down cross-legged and took down the hoodie of the onesie since it was a little muggy outside because of the rain. Luz took out the small box that she had stored in the pocket of her otter suit and handed it to Amity. Wordlessly, Amity opened the box up to reveal another box. “Open it.” Luz said. Amity opened the box to show a tiny figure of Azura spinning slowly around as soft music played.

“Luz, where did you get this?” Amity gasped. Luz smiled. “I bought it at a convention last year. It was my favorite purchase hands down. I asked Owlbert to get it for me since…I wanted to give it to you.” Luz explained. Amity’s eyes widened. “But, Luz, this is yours.” Amity stammered. “Amity, I have plenty of Azura stuff. You can have it. I want you to have it.” Luz insisted. Amity closed the box and without another word, leaned forward and gave Luz the biggest hug ever. “Thank you, Luz.” She whispered into her ear. Luz returned it and softly whispered back, “No problem.”

The two started to feel something. A thought that both have had, time and time again, but without knowing if the other’s feelings were returned. They let go of each other for a brief moment, but still held onto each other’s arms tightly. Amity started first, slowly leaning in, eye closed. Luz followed, slowly leaning forward. Both felt like their heart’s were going to pop right there and then from the moment of nervousness both felt. But both didn’t care. And with a small bit of determination, the two kissed. Their first kiss.

Luz had only ever written what a first kiss had felt like, but now, she really needed to rewrite those stories. It felt…magical. Whether that be from Amity being a witch or love was just magical in itself.

Amity didn’t know what a first kiss should feel like, but now that it was happening, Amity wasn’t sure where to place her feelings. They were all positive, to be sure, but there wasn’t just one. It was a myriad of emotions all overlapping at once. But there was one emotion that Amity could pinpoint. Love. Overwhelming love.

The two moved away, with the feeling of the kiss still lingering on their lips. “…Woah.” was all Luz could say. All thoughts had been drained and their head was empty. “So…” Amity said. “Are… are we official now?” Luz grinned, and gave Amity a small kiss on the cheek. “Of course.” Luz whispered. The two smiled at each other.

“I love you, Amity Blight.”

“I love you Luz Noceda.”


Last chapter soon guys! Hope you enjoyed this one! I think this may be the longest chapter of this so far.

~ Chaos

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Luz hands Boscha a fidget spinner and says “you looked like you needed glasses since you couldn’t see how good you had it”

Luz makes it a Point to be lovey or show off Amity just being Happy whenever Boscha walks by as a subtle “haha she likes me better” sort of thing to piss her off.

Amity used to do the same thing before she dated Luz but would instead have The Most Obvious flirting that would make Luz self-combust. Catch me thinkin abt Luz and Amity singing Take A Hint to piss off Boscha and just. Amity getting Very Close to Luz during that countdown near the end but then shoving her back and continuing and giving Boscha the most righteous look……I am Gay

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She realizes that Luz is hella into the big teef and all that self-conscious shit gets YOTE. It eventually gets to the point she barely thinks twice about it n is just. happy kitten noises.
Course Luz still has that instinct of “oh shit big teef scary” and is also a disaster so there was. A certain situation where she got nervous and pulled away. Damn that hit the pride

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Chapter Four: Snuggles Are Basically Cuddles

It has been 4 weeks since that day. When Amity had to go home and rethink everything she thought about herself, Luz, and their relationship. True, they weren’t the best of friends, but Amity was trying her best to be better to Luz than she was originally.

But what if she was failing? What if what happened last time was setting their relationship back a peg? What if Amity’s feelings would hurt Luz? Her mind was just plagued with what if’s and doubts of these…feelings.


It just so happened that the next day, it was raining. And more surprisingly, it was normal rain. Cold, musty smelling, nasty rain.  And Amity hated it. ‘I wanted this day to be normal so my mood wouldn’t be ruined but noooo.’ she thought, as she made her way over to the library. Entering, she shivered as rain droplets fell off her face and onto her clothes. She made her way to the romance section and pulled the book. The door opened, and Amity quietly made her way inside, still shivering. Luz was already inside, making another light spell. “H-hey Lu-Luz.” Amity shivered, her teeth chattering. This caused Luz to look up in surprise and concern. “Amity! Are you okay?” Luz asked, getting up from her spot and making her way towards Amity. Her heart started to beat fast as Luz drew closer. Her lungs started to squeeze and she found her throat would not release any air. She started to cough, hard, covering her face in her arm and turning away from Luz as to not cough on her. “Amity…” Luz whispered, pressing her hand onto Amity’s arm. Amity choked a bit on her cough. “Oh geez, Amity, you’re cold as ice! Are you okay?” Luz asked, panicking. “Yeah, I j-just-” Amity let out a cough, almost making Amity gag. “The rain is just really bad, ha ha.” Amity wheezed out. Luz frowned. “Here, come sit down. I’ll get you a blanket.” Luz guided Amity towards the mint green beanbag and gestured for her to sit. Amity, not so gracefully, plopped down on the beanbag. Luz quickly grabbed her a mug of hot chocolate and a blanket. She handed Amity the mug and draped the blanket around Amity’s shoulders.

“Lu-Luz, I’ll be-” Amity let out a sneeze, almost kitten like. Luz tried not to giggle by how cute the sneeze was. “It’s okay, Amity.” Luz grinned. She sat down next to Amity with her own blanket. Amity shivered a bit and took a sip of her hot chocolate. Suddenly, she felt something warmer than the blanket snuggle up next to her. Luz had draped their blankets together and she had snuggled up against Amity. “Luz…” Amity whispered, feeling her face heat up. “What if you get sick?” she asked. Luz shrugged. “Hey, I’ve gotten a cold before, I’m basically immune to it now.” Amity laughed a bit. “Luz, I don’t think that’s how it works.” she giggled. Luz smiled, and started to wrap her arm around Amity but stopped. She gave Amity the look of 'is it okay if I do this?’. The intense heartbeat of Amity had grown louder with each thing that Luz had done. Almost as a silent agreement, Amity cautiously wrapped her arms around Luz in a hug. Luz, just as silently, committed and wrapped her arms around Amity. The warmth that came from Luz, not just her temperature, but her caring and kindness towards Amity. Amity, for a small moment in her life, felt safe and secure. Like she could be in the arms of Luz forever with no one else around to watch, judge, or harm them.


“You know, I kinda forgot this is a book club meeting.” Luz whispered. Amity was silent. “Hey.” Luz said. “Did you fall asleep?” No response. Amity was out like a light. And all Luz could do was wrap her arms tighter around Amity. 'What if this changes things between us?’ Luz thought to herself in the back of her mind. She could feel Amity’s heartbeat and the small inhales as Amity slept. 'Okay, that’s a kind of creepy thing to notice about her.’ Luz thought to herself. She sat there, still holding Amity as if she was a baby kitten. 'I hope Eda doesn’t get mad at me if I arrive home late.’ Luz thought. But that thought was quickly diminished as Luz felt Amity let go of her. “Luz? What happened?” Amity yawned, stretching her arms. “You fell asleep.” Luz said, ignoring the fact the two were snuggling. “Oh.” Amity rubbed her eyes, and rolled her neck to the side. “Should we, um… start the book meeting?” Luz asked meekly. Amity stared for a moment, before facepalming. “I totally forgot that’s what we’re here for. I am so sorry.” Luz shrugged and smiled. Luz turned around in the chair and grabbed her copy of Azura. “Shall we begin?”

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