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kids watching a kid's show: haha look mom (main characters name) is so cool they are so strong and pretty I hope them and (love interest) end up together
teenagers/adults watching a kid's show: so here's my essay about why this character rIGHT THERE doesn't have the recognition they deserve bc of all the trauma they've experienced — clearly more explored in the books — which is worth a whole spin off. And also DID YOU NOTICE THAT LOOK THAT CHARACTER GAVE THEIR BEST FRIEND IM SMELLING GAY ROMANCE IN MY TABLE
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sthegardener · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Hugs of joy for the cold days. The song is only on Spotify, but if you only use Youtube, it’s on 40:07:
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gay-in-space5 · a day ago
amity: ow! paper cut…
luz: want me to kiss it?
amity: what?!
luz: whenever i get hurt, my mom would give it a kiss and it would feel better!
amity: oh…human thingy…sure?
-one hour later-
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jess-the-vampire · 2 days ago
The Wittebanes and the Smart and Subtle Hints to their Dynamic
while the nature of the brother’s personalities is still up for interpretation i actually think a lot of the reasons people lean towards philip being the oddball and his brother being a more strict individual is not just based on what we do know currently about philip
but it’s also their designs that give off that impression and i wanna talk about it and why people expect their dynamic to be a certain way currently, let’s just start with the designs (Because it’s fair to assume this is exactly how they’ll look when animated).
Because their statues are a good way to tell us a lot about them without words, because of how they’re dressed and positioned:
Tumblr media
Philip has his long hair (that’s actually considered unconventual for the time period and place he would’ve lived in), his coat is unbuttoned which expresses he has a more free personality and cares far less about his appearance and looking proper, and his statue and pose kinda squeezes him in. He kinda looks like he doesn’t wanna be there and the way he’s positioned behind his brother sorta makes him seem like his weird sidekick despite these statues being dedicated towards both brothers for some reason or another.
His brother on the other hand, fixed hair, buttoned up coat, dude looks like he’s trying to impress someone and look some form of dignified. He gets to be up front and in some form of heroic pose which makes him seem far more like the leader among the two of them.
It’s entirely possible these could be incorrect observations of their characters based on these statues (I mean, art can overexaggerate a lot), but the best kinda character design is the kind that can give you some understanding of a character based on appearance alone. How a character dresses and their poses can say a lot about them and this does do that.
You have one brother taking the spotlight and the other sinking into the back.
And honestly, i think it’s also because of how toh does sibling relationships that leads people to think of their dynamic as being a certain way.
Toh sibling relationships are typically “Gremlin/ the one who had to deal with the gremlin”. One’s usually more goofy and laid back and the other is usually the one to counter it, like eda/lilith, amity/ the twins, and arguably for some people....hunter/luz.
if you’re looking at these two with that in mind, philip’s more likely to be the “Gremlin” of that dynamic based on the stuff mentioned above. Being the more free spirited of the two based on his design.
Works better thematically too as belos (with the philip/belos theory in mind), has a lot of comparisons to eda, having a downfall with their sibling, being cursed, training their own magicless witch.
But also with luz, as philip being an oddball could parallel with luz’s failed attempts as fitting in on earth before she went to the isles. It’s just in his case him being an oddball would be met with far harsher treatment back on earth in his time period.
It would make belos almost a tragic mix of luz and eda, and the show loves it’s parallels and foils between characters.(And both are the “Gremlins” of their sibling dynamics)
I think the only big difference that’s super interesting, is unlike eda, it comes off like Philip’s brother was the more beloved of the two because of how his statue is presented and probably because he fit in and Philip did not. So while the brother will arguably become Lilith's parallel in some form or another, there are differences and philip’s the more likely of the two to hold envy of his sibling’s success.
These are all observational and could be wrong down the line, but the main takeaway is the reason i think the fandom came to a lot of these conclusions about these characters even before they get to do more due to smart design, how it handles siblings, and it’s love of parallels and foils within it’s cast.
So if this all turns out to be correct observations of their personalities, then the show did a great job implying it before they even got to be onscreen.
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hehedeetails · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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novelist-becca · 23 hours ago
Luz being afraid to admit her feelings about Amity out loud in front of people ≠ oblivious
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Coven Guard: Let’s go, kid. You are going away for a long time.
Luz: Let me ask my girlfriend.
coven Guard: It’s not a choi-
Luz: Sorry, she said no
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ahhjaydraws · a day ago
Tumblr media
🐦 Huntlow Week Day 4: Sleep 🐝
@huntlowweek: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7
This was a bit rushed but I still like how it turned out.
And look, Luz activated some light glyphs for people to see how adorable they are cuddled up together, and with their palismen too!
Tumblr media
Okay maybe not... Luz, get your ass back in bed.
They're having a sleepover at The Owl House btw.
Hours later, they woke up next to each other and well...
Tumblr media
What a night... Definitely a sleepover they would remember.
SAVE THE OWL HOUSE! - Petition​​
— — — — —
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trevorendeavors · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
November 28, 2021. Idea given to me from Bicelcius Vampire! Luz being fascinated with Amity’s cotton candy hair and Amity being enamored with Luz’s larger hands. Also proud of these hands I drew. The lighting was pretty fun too.
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lumity27 · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The more I see Dana throwing things like this, the more I start to wonder about the new episodes of THE OWL HOUSE.. Also, do these posts mean that 2B of the owl house will return soon? 😏🤨😍😍🎉💜
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