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As Promised I have Screenshots of the Amon Fight

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This isn’t a character I have given too much thought to so bear with me, but I imagine Amon wandering for a very long time. I think leaving the North wouldn’t have even occurred to him at first: he survives on his own, maybe for a year, before ending up in Ba Sing Se. His time in Ba Sing Se is very similar to his time wandering the North: he is utterly alone, even though he’s surrounded (suffocated, really) by people. He sees what the Dai Li do there, and once he ends up in Republic City, sees the metalbending police force and is immediately reminded of his time in Ba Sing Se.

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Next time you master all of the elements by age 17, save every bender in the world from equalists, learn how to energybend and spirit bend, stop 10,000 years of darkness covering the world, stop a civil war, open the spirit portals, bring back the airbenders, save the world from the red lotus, and bring an end to the expansion of Kuvira’s earth empire, we can talk about how much you hate Korra.

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Tarrlok: I’ve never encountered a bender as strong as Noatak.

Me, writing Yuiko and Amon folding his ass like a napkin:

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I found this photo from 06/2020 on my camera and even though he is out of focus I like it

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I’m doing a series of elf oc portraits to practice drawing faces and some other lineart technique!

The first one is my sunfire man Amon, enjoy! 💖

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There is a cryptid in by basement

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korra and maka using firebending to save tenzin and his kids from having their airbending taken away from them which, as amon said, would “rid the world of airbending” is such a nice visual when comparing it to how firebending was once used to do exactly what amon tried. in this scene, it’s used to protect airbending.

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