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#amon koutarou

It was…surprisingly good! Probably one of the better live action anime movies I’d seen. Glad they chose to make Mado the main villain, obviously. Wish they’d made it a little clearer why he was so hellbent on killing Ghouls though. Could have made for a stronger sense of dilemma for the audience.

The casting was spot-on all round, and for a relatively low budget, the kagune effects weren’t bad. The wigs were the worst part by far, which I suppose if that’s the biggest criticism I have is a good thing!

Watched it subbed, but the fact they got the anime dub voice actors to reprise their roles and dub this too is a nice touch. Might rewatch it with the dubbed audio some time.

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Qs Amon AU time! 

In the Qs Amon AU (yeah i really should find a proper name huh), the Qs quickly accept him as the home husband he is (apart from Mucchan, who’s dead scared of him for a while) and huh Urie highkey idolizes him but he’s still the no mouth emoji so he just hangs out around him not saying a word - and Amon is still at rock bottom emotionally AND he recognized Urie’s name and he was like :) so he doesn’t talk much either. So they work out together and Urie is mentally taking notes for everything and, out of the whole family, Amon is the only one he respects so when it’s him that cooks (bc they take turn, with Haise), it’s the only times Urie eats with them and helps.

And just like Amon is asking Haise ‘what did I do to Mutsuki for him to hate me so much?’, Haise is asking Amon ‘how do you manage that???’ every time.

So like, you’ve got Mutsuki always with his mama Haise - and then you’ve got Urie who sticks with daddy Amon. Saiko and Shiragin aren’t annoying, they love both.

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