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*amora walks in and shyly asks* Can I be a puppet too.....? ((She wants to feel included)) ~AmoraTheGamingKitsune

((I knight thee… “puppet”))

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The way Loki first thought of Theo’s freckles “as if someone had thrown mud in his face” and later as “a sky full of stars that could be studied for years and would still leave constellations left unnamed”

I love character development with a spark of love :,)

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Have you ever noticed that AMORA from the MARVEL UNIVERSE looks a lot like NATALIE DORMER? But SHE also goes by ENCHANTRESS. Having the ability of ASGARDIAN PHYSIOLOGY, SORCERY, & SEDUCTION sure makes them a force to be reckoned with. Rumour has it they are 1000+ and is working as an ART CURATOR/RESTORER.

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Who is Amora? Is she a goddess?


Amora is the norse goddess of sorcery and lust! You can find some information on her by searching her name up on my blog. In short, she was discovered by myself and my past coven almost 3 years ago. Most don’t believe in her story, and that’s perfectly okay. Everyone believes in different things. But that whole experience was very eye opening and life changing for myself, so I’m probably one of her only devotees out there. Thank you so much for asking though :)

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