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#amphibia season three
princess-unipeg · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anne’s got her internet access back. Anne is ecstatic and the Plantars are impressed
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luna--dragon · a month ago
Tumblr media
Ever since I saw this screenshot, I thought "I wonder what their disguises actually look like?"
Naturally, I decided to use my incredible editing skills and
Tumblr media
How has anyone been fooled?
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pyroclastic727 · 4 months ago
Notes from the crossover panel
Watch it here
Matt looks forward to the role reversal where Anne takes care of the Plantars
Anne’s parents will be fully-fledged characters and core cast members
Amphibia and Earth time travel at the same rate
Clip from Amphibia Season Three
“Marcy’s alive. She’s just gotta be. And with her and Sasha still stuck over there, one thing’s for sure: we gotta find a way back.” -Anne
Anne hides the frogs in the trash
“Oh, and I’m not gonna tell them that I plan to go back and stop Andrias. Or that Andrias betrayed us. Or that Marcy did. Or that Sasha did. And not a WORD about my weird glowing blue powers!” - Anne
Sprig doesn’t know what the blue powers are
Polly says that they’ll fix Frobo up in no time, and then meets a furby
Anne’s dad passed out when he saw Sprig
Anne’s parents have Thai accents!
Anne’s dad doesn’t like her hanging out with Sasha--a scene that was supposed to be in Reunion before being cut for time
Crossover Table Read
Dana and Matt have been anticipating a crossover table read for a while
“If you wanted me to help, you should have mentioned something two apple bloods ago” - Eda, to Luz
Hooty was a kitten, apparently
“I can’t believe it- another Anne? And better dressed!”
Anne called Luz her “bestie”
Sprig thinks that Maddie Flour would love to meet Luz
Eda likes Polly’s “chaotic energy”
“kid friendly hellscape on top of a giant carcass” Bonesborough is officially a carcass
Anne wants a sleepover with Luz
Anne and Luz have a dramatic sleepover breakup and the voice actors strongly imply that we should make sleepover AUs
Anne, to Luz: “Never give up! You can do it! We’re both gonna get home, I just know it.”
Luz: “You’ve got that right. Take care, Anne! I love your hair.” gayass
Eda stole Hop Pop’s wallet
Amity, rehearsing talking to Luz: “Hey, Luz? Remember that kiss thing? Well I don’t! We can just go back to normal! Hey, do you wanna help me study, for, uh...Titan, I forgot what kind of magic I use!”
Q and A
The hardest part of this for Brenda Song was to visualize the world and “enter” it
Marcy’s death and Anne’s relocation shocked Brenda Song, as did the character development
Justin Felbringer sees himself in Sprig’s adventurous nature, how he jumps into things and quickly makes friendships
Justin Felbringer loves Sprivy and finds them adorable. His favorite thing is their similarity in interests and passions
Bill Farmer related Hop Pop to onion layers and enjoys adding to Hop Pop’s character
Bill Farmer thinks that Hop Pop was right to bury the box, but not to keep it a secret. (It’s notable that Anne intends to keep her Amphibian life a secret)
Amanda Leighton is proud that Polly has legs, and that her adventures have given her metaphorical legs and growth
Sarah Nicole Robles was surprised by how emotional Owl House got to go with Luz; the character is mostly an open book and doesn’t keep secrets
The most challenging acting, for Sarah Nicole Robles, was Luz in the season 1 finale, due to the action scenes. She does not want to show the efforts (action grunt noises) on camera
Brenda Song says that her efforts are elegant, while Sarah Nicole Robles says hers are...spit-covered
Matt Braly can do the cartoon head shake sound. He is very good at it.
Brenda and Sarah struggle with drinking and eating sounds sometimes
Brenda Song recorded in her closet during covid, so a lot of the sounds had hanger effects
Wendie Malick finds it relatable that Eda “dances to her own drum.” She likes seeing Eda’s hodgepodge family as an example that there’s a place for everyone. It’s a reminder for everyone: figure out what makes you uniquely you, and spend time with people who celebrate and empower that
Eda is a sassy badass, yes Wendie said that, yes they blooped it out
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veramoonmin · 24 days ago
Marcy Wu is a child, but nearly lost her only friends, and broke her legs. She helped build a kingdom, and got stabbed the heart.
Tumblr media
Marcy Wu is a child that tried so desperately to apologize before succumbing to her lethal wound and falling to the ground in tears. She died and came back from the dead. She immediately was faced with a horrific abomination of her two friends fighting her, and survived.
Tumblr media
Marcy Wu is a child that was thrown around like a ragdoll, and got chained to a chair. She watched in horror, knowing she was helpless as a helmet that did god knows what descended slowly from the ceiling, about to attach itself to her.
Tumblr media
Marcy Wu is a child that had tubes painfully attach themselves to her body, making her go limp as if she were dead. She has a helmet controlling her thoughts that dislocated every single fucking bone as it got her to sit upright, and made her smile as if an elderly axolotl god wasn't using her as a vessel.
Tumblr media
Marcy Wu is a child who is afraid of being alone. She is a child that got good grades despite playing games in class. A child that would almost run into open lockers from being too distracted. A little girl who promised to help a kingdom.
Marcy Wu is gone.
Tumblr media
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luna--dragon · 24 days ago
Olivia's Greatest Fear: Her family hating and disowning her for failing to protect the lands as she vowed to do.
Marcy's Greatest Fear: Her friends hating and abandoning her after trapping them in another dimension to avoid just that.
Yunan's Greatest Fear: Bug.
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i don’t think anne’s powers are gonna corrupt her in a “powers bad” sense but until they’re not just tied to her emotions i think that they’re going to eat away at her and hurt her. as long as they’re connected to her losing her loved ones, anne is going to be weighed down by her powers.
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