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amphibianaday · a day ago
If you have not already could you do a Strawberry Frog? Pretty much the frog version of Strawberry Cow.
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day 686
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thegirlalmightysswords · 21 hours ago
Season 3 sneak peak
“Don’t you think is time to say goodbye to those childhood friends of yours?”
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amphibianaday · 22 hours ago
I would like to request the frog playing the piano from Over the Garden Wall
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day 687
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headlikeanorange · 5 months ago
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Pool Frog
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dinodanicus · 14 days ago
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A female diplocaulus in search of a quiet place to lay her eggs. 
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mels-nature-blog · a year ago
Found thousands of tadpoles on my hike, thought tumblr would enjoy bustling tadpoles in these uncertain times.
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great-and-small · 4 months ago
I was leaving my apartment last week when I literally stopped and gasped at seeing the most beautiful frog on my sidewalk. I snapped a quick photo with my phone but as you can see this did not appropriately capture the stunning amphibian:
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So, even though I was running late for a lab, I sprinted back to my apartment to get my camera for an extremely quick photoshoot and earned myself a couple weird glances from my neighbor. I’m so glad I stopped to give this absolutely gorgeous animal his due.
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I realized after the fact this fellow is actually an invasive Cuban tree frog (whoops! Gotta look at the toes) but I’ve never seen one this big. I really wish we didn’t have such an issue with invasive species around here; this handsome boy should be in Cuba making all the other tree frogs swoon with his good looks, not hopping around on my sidewalk. Even so, I’m happy that I got to see him and happier still that my photography skills are finally getting to the point where I can capture these animals the way we see them in person!
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amphibianaday · 2 days ago
Could you draw a costa rican variable harlequin toad?
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day 685
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fresh-frogs · 4 months ago
What’s your favorite thing about frogs?
I like it when they. When you turn them and then they. reposition a little to face where they want. Like this
U know
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