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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
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Behold the intense stare of the Argentine toad [Rhinella arenarum], a species native to Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and Uruguay. These toads are often found near bogs and other stagnant water sources, and are locally abundant in certain areas. This toad was found in Canelones, Uruguay, by photographer Gabriel Paladino Ibáñez.

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Today there has been Biting Practice!

(Gumby only had a Mini-Bite to share today)

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There is Frog-Blobbing on the Ledge!

Voigt has put her Feeties away for later and she is wearing her Spherical Spring Green Jacket!

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What Delicious Disgusting Medicine!

Gumby will please have Another Serve!

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Atelopus carrikeri, or the Guajira stubfoot toad, is a species endemic to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range in northern Colombia. These extremely rare toads are known to possess two color phases. The golden specimen pictured here is of the most common variety, but a burnt orange color phase has recently been discovered as well. Images by ProAves Colombia.

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Today’s Best-Most-Softest Nose-Cushion is Voigt!

Gumby has had the Most-Comfortable Nose-Nap!

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Someone has been BOKKING!

(It wasn’t Barry, he is just stretching his Inflatable-Orange-Musical-Sac-of-BOK! It was probably Bruce)

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#2981. Mudpuppy - Exploration Sketches

Feel free to input your vote for which Mudpuppy will be explored for tomorrow and Wednesday’s daily :)

Artwork prints and more available in my store

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Look closely at this slime and you’ll see the developing bodies of dozens of American toad tadpoles [Anaxyrus americanus]. American toads typically lay eggs in March and April, with their offspring hatching in as little as 3 days, depending on the water’s temperature. Tadpoles feed entirely on plants and detritus for the first few weeks of life, only switching to insects after growing legs and losing their tails. Image by Bonnie Kinder.

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Wanda thoroughly checks the Hand to make sure there are no treaties hidden in the Fingers or the Thumb!

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There has been an Important Meeting In The Corner for Gentlemen Pobblebonks!

Barry and Bruce discussed BOK Matters and care tips for Glorious Yellow Beards!

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An Asian common toad [Duttaphrynus melanostictus] sitting in the grass of a residential area in Mantin, Malaysia. These toads are locally abundant and often found in the pet industry with more exotic names, such as “black spectacled toads” or “chocolate chip toads”. Images by iNaturalist user Fl_amit.

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New year, new soaky bowl for E-mail! First pic is him peeing in it because that’s what toads do when you introduce them to a fresh, pristine, unsoiled new water bowl.

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Why are you offering Voigt a cricket when there is Delicious Pinky Finger??

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A Very Smiley Gumby is has come to the front of the tank with her Glossy Moss Green Onesie and her Nostrils of Happiness!

She has received a Treatie of Good Behaviour!

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Today’s Pobblebonk Pile has gone well!

Bonk is pleased! Bruce is Top Frog! Barry is Squashed.

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