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Sleepover thoughts

Cassian: If someone tells us a joke and everyone laughs but I don’t get it….

Cassian: does it mean the joke is bad or *gasps*

Cassian: or does it mean I AM the joke???

Amren: if you don’t shut up and sleep you’ll be more than just the joke

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Being best friends with Mor. Going on walks through Velaris, listening to her gossip about whatever conversation she last eavesdropped in. Her stealing your clothes but refusing to admit it.

Cassian teasing you ALL THE TIME. Waking up super early every morning to train with him, because he wants to make sure that you can defend yourself. Him knowing you can handle yourself but also getting super protective over you.

Flying lessons with Azriel, where you slowly get him to start opening up to you. Being the only person he feels comfortable talking to, and him being fiercely loyal to you.

Amren being her usual sour, bossy self, but every one in a while you convince her to share tiny bits about her life before she came to Prythain. Knowing that you can count on her to give it to you straight while others might try to sugar coat it.

Rhys being AN OVERBEARING MOTHER HEN, but you know it’s because he would do anything for his family. Flying with him through the Night Court as he points out places he spent time in with his sister as a kid. Him being vulnerable and talking to you about his mom and Under the Mountain.

Having family dinners in the House of Wind and watching Mor and Cassian bicker while Azriel tries to hide his smile. Trying to ignore the fact that Amren is drinking blood one seat away from you. Laughing as Rhys makes jokes about his brothers. Feeling so so happy and loved, because you’re with your family.

I would simply DIE. My life would be so complete.

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I highly doubt that SJM will kill any of the core characters. Aelin, Dorian, well everyone almost die, Rhys, Feyre, and Amren have actually died. However, the books always deal with the aftermath showing the lasting trauma and angst to the character but especially the characters they are close too. Unfortunately none of out favourite side characters are safe (feyre’s dad, Rhysand’s whole family, Aelin’s parents, Conall, and Sam, just to name a few). In most cases this would make it hard to believe the stakes, and in some ways it does. But at the end of the day the books have always been about what the cost of success, winning the war, etc.

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For the employees of Terra and Cadre magazines, the Annual Prythian Printing Holiday Away was usually a weekend full of festivities. However this year, with less than twenty fours before the trip, haunted memories cause two employees’ secret affair to fall into shambles–their hearts along with it. Will a weekend in the mountains be a time of healing  or are the scars left behind too deep to overcome

Trigger warnings: non/con, abuse, ptsd from abuse


A/N: this is pretty hefty chapter, but trust us, this is the part everyone has been waiting for. The big bang is coming y'all 😏. Now that fun is out there, Meg and I wanted to let you all know that this chapter does handle Nesta’s past and what happened with Tomas. All the trigger warnings mentioned above will be talked about in this chapter. We did our best to handle the situation in a delicate, but pointed manner. The topic of abuse in any regards is a hard to read subject. I know for myself it is, coming out of a seven year long abusive relationship. Please if you or someone you know is in a damaging relationship of any kind. Get help. Get out. I know personally this is easier said than done. You can do it. You can get out. And you will be okay. I promise you. Our inboxes are always open if you need someone to talk to ❤ @starborn-faerie-queen​ &  @illyrianwitchling

Keep a lookout for character lists this week for our next project Archeron. Which you can find more info here.


A Holiday of Healing




Had Nesta foreseen the future and knew that sitting out of sledding would have eluded to being harassed by a guy, she would’ve participated. Usually a few selective words to a man’s ego would convince them to give up and walk away like some pathetic dog with his tail tucked between his legs. This guy, this James, Matt, or whatever the hell his name was, he was a different breed. He was unrelenting in his pursuit of her. No matter her words, silent looks, or simply ignoring him, he kept on. The word no clearly not in his vocabulary. Then he reached for her, tugging Aelin’s book down with a wolfish, predatory grin. His dark eyes settled on her breasts, licking his lips.

“I’m only trying to say hello, sweetheart. Maybe take you inside for a warming conversation. You don’t have to be so rude.”


Nesta didn’t give a damn about his words or how rude she was acting. But that word. That’s Cassian’s word and for her. Regardless of what was happening between her and Cassian, hearing it from someone else, especially someone of this nature, perturbed her. Finding herself wishing Cassian was here by her side. Not because she couldn’t handle herself, but because this ass of a man wouldn’t have approached her. She could be reading in silence.

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I have seen people say they think there will be a feysand baby in acosf but I really don’t think so. She was very quick to say “maybe” and shrug. That felt more like a no to me? If it was true I feel like she would have avoided the question a bit more as to not spoil anything or say something like “I cannot confirm nor deny.” Like she likes to say. Or Is that just me?

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Az: I want to die.

Cassian, on his phone: Honestly- same.

Az: *on the edge of a cliff* you’re friendship skills are unparalleled.

Cassian, still on his phone: tell me about it.

Az, calling Rhys: yeah you definitely need to take it away from him.

Cassian: *starts doing renegade*

Az: Quickly.

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Amren: I am 30% death, 20% violent and 60% blood.




Feyre: Now I’m no genius, but isn’t that…

Cassian: Yeah, it’s wrong, she forgot 100% short.

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Mor: why am I here?

Feyre: I said there were drinks.

Mor: oh yes.

Mor: where are they?

Feyre: I lied.

Mor: How long have we been friends? You know what- doesn’t matter. We are no longer friends. Don’t talk to me. Ever.

Feyre: Cass is in the infirmary.

Mor: oh shit what happened?? Why didn’t you tell me??

Feyre: you would think I was just saying it.

Mor: okay that’s true.

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I’m bored so I’m staying with the topic of characters as food that I started but this time… 

ACOTAR characters as various nonalcoholic beverages (from my perspective)

- Feyre: pumpkin spiced latte - basic; hate in theory, but in reality is not as bad as I remember; somehow simultaneously over-hated and overrated

- Rhysand: oat milk - in the words of Jack Whitehall, “we have got enough”; “substitute” “milk” product so it’s pretending to be something it isn’t; trendy, but there’s a portion of people that really hate that it exists

- Cassian: hot chocolate - people are reminded of something warm and welcoming, but forget that it can be very layered; people forget it’s “hot” chocolate and underestimate it’s capacity to injure

- Azriel: black coffee - people love the aesthetic, but forget how bitter and difficult to swallow it can actually be; often, people try to soften it to be a little sweeter and not so dark so it can be palatable, but then it just isn’t black coffee anymore, is it?

- Mor: lemonade - queue “lemons to lemonade”; sweet and bright, but can also have hints of tartness and bitterness; not the most ideal drink for most people, but the people who love it really love it

- Amren: lemon juice - unpalatable in large quantities unless mixed with other drinks; sour

- Nesta: lemon and honey tea - depending on the person, they can either overdo it with the “honey” or the “lemon”; well-loved by certain people, but generally not as much as sweet and trendy coffee drinks

- Elain: orange juice - bright, reminds you of morning and sunshine; generally sweet, but people often ignore the sour aspects

- Lucien: regular coffee with cream and sugar - not as in-your-face as black coffee with aesthetic appeal, but still great; underrated; underappreciated until you realize how essential it was to keep things functioning throughout the day

- Tamlin: Diet Dr. Pepper - most hated drink in existence, questionable value in both drinking experience and nutrition

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Where is Azriel’s mother ? Is she dead ? The only thing we know about is that she was friend to Rhysand’s mother and that’s all. Also : what happened to his father ? To stepmother ?To his two half-brothers? WHY NO ONE TALKS ABOUT THEM.

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Okay just plain curiosity do you think endgame will be elucien or elriel? I just wanna see the numbers




do you think SJM is gonna pull a fast one and do neither?

(If this flops I delete it and pretend it didn’t happen lol)

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A random thought I often have is when feyre has a baby rhys could legit just take her pain away (like he did with Clare in acotar when she was getting tortured) and she can just pop that baby out like it an average Tuesday. Or during a bad period he can just say oop no more pain… just imagine a husband that can do that for you. Amazing.

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ACOTAR Characters as things I have said:

Feyre: I feel bad for my life. Poor thing is useless.

Rhysand: I’m bringing sexy back *starts to dance a little*

Cass: *in online school with mute button malfunctioning* Well I’m going to say poop and let’s see if she hears me.

Az: *glares at everyone while playing a sport/game* *subtly slides back into the shadows*

Mor: Of course. OF COURSE you’d make this about some boy.

Amren: oh I wouldn’t die for you. I’d kill for you- but then again I want to kill regardless so really no I don’t care about you.

Elain: (all alone) Cheers *chugs down bottle of water*

Nesta: Now you will question how I turned into such a demon. And the answer is the world. (Also: if you touch me with that one more time- I WILL SHOVE IT RIGHT UP YOUR-)

Lucien: please note the sarcasm.

(Bonus!) Tamlin: Wow, I’m an asshole.

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Anyways Uh here’s my rendition of Lucien and jesminda. I’m sure everyone views her differently but here’s my take

Move always wanted to know more about jesminda and who she was as a person I know she’s a lesser fae and is supposed to be non humanoid features but I took artistic liberties. And I used the vines up her arm as a parallel to elain.

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