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mercurianbisous · a month ago
Acotar characters if you asked them to buy you pads
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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therandomfandomgal-insta · 6 months ago
Lucien: Didn’t your parents ever warn you about strangers?
Feyre: Yes they did. But Rhys is not a stranger.
Lucien: Oh yeah? What’s his last name?
Feyre: *scoffs* Of the Night Court
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hellogoodbye14 · 3 months ago
Feyre watching Rhys play with a giggling Nyx in the middle of the living room
Feyre: I thought you were at the court of nightmares for the meeting?
Rhys: *blowing bubbles on Nyx’s belly* yeah it finished early
Feyre: Rhys... you left twenty minutes ago..
Amren stomps in glaring and pointing a finger to Rhys with death in her eyes
Amren: STOP IT, you cannot keep leaving these meetings just like that. To leave me in that horrible place out of nowhere!
Rhys: but I-
Amren: no you listen to me boy, you will not keep pulling this, you have duties.
Feyre: what happened?
Amren: Our high lord keeps bailing on meetings or wrapping them up way to quickly without any warning whatsoever. You always do a better job Feyre at your duties, he just keeps slacking when its his turn!
Feyre turning around to see Rhys smiling down at Nyx and letting him play with his tie
Feyre: Rhys you cant just..
Rhys: look I miss him okay? I like being here when he is awake and I can not not come and see him every time his mental shield brushes mine wondering where I am.
Amren: you need to be responsible
Rhys: nope, I have a second which is you for a reason. You and Mor can handle the meetings. Perhaps even better than I can. I’ve never been selfish but Ill be damned if I wont be selfish now and spend time with my family.
Rhys: Now if you’ll excuse me, Nyx and I are going to go flying.
*Rhys’s wings suddenly appear and Nyx squeels with joy*
Rhys kisses Feyre on the cheek before walking out the room.
Feyre looks back at Amren expecting to see her giving a death glare to Rhysands back but she turns and see’s something completely else.
She see’s Amren smiling at Rhysand’s retreating back with one single tear tracking down her face. She moves her gaze to Feyre and says,
“Over 500 years, I’ve known him for over 500 years and this is the first time I’ve actually seen him living for himself. For his family. Thank you Feyre.”
She bows and exits the room.
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cahrilean · 5 months ago
Angels Like You - Part 2
Tumblr media
requested : yes / no
A/n : Sorry this took so long to come out! I was way busier than I expected and this took more time than I planned to write! But thank you all for all of the feedback on part one, I was not expecting that!! I hope you like this!
warnings : mentions of smoking (very brief), mentions of drinking, mentions of sex, angst, I didn’t proof read this-
word count : 3.1k~
Part One
Tarquin's spies had been documenting your every move since you first showed up on the shores of the summer court. 
Not that the two spies, one a short female with red hair so bright it was nearly impossible not to spot her, the other a grossly handsome male, had much to report. You had spent the last month lounging around your beachside cabana, drinking cheap drinks brought to you from a bar only half a mile away or swimming until your mind was clear again. Since you asked Mor to bring you here, you hadn't had any contact with the Inner Circle, but you knew they were well aware of your whereabouts. 
Today the heat had been near unbearable. Which you found ironic since back home, it is still winter. Though, the summer court didn't seem to understand how seasons worked. You were laying in the sand, legs sprawled out against the warm water that crashed on your legs, a drink- something a little too sweet, with an overpowering coconut flavor- in your right hand. You took another swig, grimacing at the taste. The drink didn't have nearly enough alcohol in it, a fact you only knew because the bastard you called mate was still clouding your thoughts. His words from your argument still burned into your mind- you needed another drink. Rising from your seat in the waves, your now empty cup in hand, you made your way up the beach.
The bar you had essentially been living off of these past few months was practically empty- save the two females swapping spit in the corner and Ravi, the curly-haired bartender who gave you his familiar smirk.  "What did you think of the drink?" He purred, the dark-skinned fae male- who you admittedly had been sleeping with this past month had gotten accustomed to mixing experimental drinks for you. 
"Too much coconut, not enough alcohol," You replied slipping into, the bar stool.
Ravi shook his head, pointing at you with a well-polished finger, "I wouldn't get comfortable if I were you. You've got company upstairs."
Dropping the cup on the wooden counter, you stood back up, trying to regain your composure before facing Tarquin's spies. The male would likely be stubborn but easy to convince to leave you the hell alone, compared to the female. You had been waiting for Tarquin to make a house call or to have his spies threaten you- part of you was surprised that it had taken the High Lord this long. Climbing the wooden stairs, not bothering to make your approach silent, you reached the landing pushing through the beads that hung in the archway. 
The living room has three washed-out green couches pushed against the three walls facing the window, a large table in the middle that still had cards from the previous night's game scattered on the surface, and a carpet that had one too many burn marks from forgotten joints. On said couches were not the two spies that had been trailing you, but Rhysand, Mor, Feyre, and Amren, all wearing the same dull expression. 
It took everything in you not to turn back around. Rhys motioned with his hand for you to sit and only opened his mouth to talk once you had done so. "I want to start by apologizing." You nodded to show you were listening but didn't meet his gaze. The day you and Azriel had found the mirror when he left you in the street, you had asked the inner circle one question, which had ultimately led you to cut off communication with them for the time being. 
Rhys cleared his throat and began, "We shouldn't have kept it from you, though we fi-"
Cutting him off, you spoke up, "I'm not mad because you kept the fact that he's my mate from me." From across the room, Amren gave Rhys a look that said, 'I told you so, boy.' When the group stayed silent, you explained, "I'm not mad at all, not at you guys at least. At the moment, when I asked you if you knew, I already knew the answer but, hearing it out loud just felt like confirmation that he would always come first to you guys- and it hurt but, I'm over it now."
Mor's nose scrunched up in rigid offense, "Please, Azriel does not come first. You are a part of this family just as much as he is. He asked us, you know, not to tell you, we all thought it was for your benefit. We thought he wanted you to find out on your own, but I've realized now that wasn't the case." The three others nodded in agreement as you swallowed down the emotions that rose. A month apart and hearing his name said out loud sent a wave of anger and longing through you.
"Did he tell you all about what happened under the mountain too?" You inquired, running your hand through your hair. You had assumed he wouldn't. The shadowsinger wasn't one to communicate things like that unless his rage was overwhelming.  
Amren shook her head, her short bob shaking on her shoulders, "He hasn't stepped foot in Velaris since he winnowed you there." So Azriel was keeping his distance too. A cruel and satisfying grimace spread across your face. At least he was robbed of his right to his bed too. 
"That's part of why we are here," Feyre intervened, "We wanted to check on you but, we need your help."  Besides her, Rhys nodded.
"No." They hadn't even asked yet, but the words raced out of you anyways. 
Rhys shook his head, "We're not asking, Y/n. The Queens, they're active again, and this war we won't win without you or Azriel fighting by our side."
You shook your head, "You want an Azriel search party, ask Cassian. I'm not going to look for him." 
Amren cut in again, "What do you think we've been doing this past month? We didn't need to look for you- Tarquin has been demanding to know why you've been a beached whale on his shores- but we can't find the boy." With a sigh, she sat up, her silver eyes taking in the room, "We need you to find him. This war is a lost cause without him."
Without any hope, you asked, "Can't you just use your daemati power and demand he comes back?" 
Rhys shook his head, "He's out of reach." From the look on his face, you knew that asking you had been a last resort. 
"What makes you think I'll be able to find him?" You asked with a frown. Azriel was one of the best spies in all of Prythian, and he was a shadowsinger. There was a good chance tracking him would be impossible. On top of that, you weren't entirely sure you were ready to face him. 
Feyre gave you a small, knowing smile, "You're his mate."
Azriel's POV
Azriel sat at the edge of the lake Cassian had told him about, the one he had taken Nesta to. He had been here for just over a month, yet, he felt no different. Where was this self-reflection the legends promised? 
He sat back on the rocks, his wings cooled by the stones. Picking up a smaller rock, he threw the damned thing into the lake. From where he sat, he could hear the clatter of the rock to the lake's floor. Azriel wished it was him. 
Admittedly he likes the silence of the lake, that even his shadows had stilled in it’s wake. But even in the quiet, his thoughts still screamed at him, refusing to let him forget what he had said to his mate. Another thing he had done wrong, handled wrong. How was he supposed to come back from that? Without stripping himself from his clothes, he jumped, gliding in the air for a few seconds before the cool lake water met his skin.  
Mate. The word- you had grown to despise- hit you like a ton of bricks as you watched Azriel jump in the shockingly blue water. Finding Azriel had only taken two weeks, three days ago you has started the hike up to this lake when you figured he may have come here for the silence. Even while roughing it in the mountains, the male remained fit and was still as handsome as ever. Here he was, a few yards from you, shame washed through you when your anger that had fueled your hike up the mountains subsided into nerves.  Perhaps you could go back now and tell Rhys that he'd gone mad, jumping into a lake during this time of year- honestly, it was a miracle the water hadn't frozen over.
As if summoned by thought alone, the male broke the surface, his eyes falling on you. His face instantly becoming unreadable, Azriel didn't get out right away. Instead, he sank back under the water as if he hadn't seen you. When Azriel finally climbed out of the water, the sun was setting, a few stars appearing in the sky. The two of you didn't speak when he grabbed a pair of pants and a shirt from his bag before he disappeared into the woods. Nor did a conversation spark when he set up a fire and began to cook dinner. 
By the time you finished the two rabbits (neither of you had been able to eat much anyway), the sun had disappeared the peaks, the stars and moon keeping the two of you company, he spoke. "Did Rhys send you?"
His voice was hoarse as if he hadn't used it in the time he'd been away. Your answer lodged in your throat. Was this how it was going to be for the rest of your time together? Former friends separated by a mating bond because you were unlovable. When Azriel raised a patient brow, you nodded your answer.
Silence fell on the two of you again, the shadows around Azriel making him blend into the night. The only sound the light chirping of the insects and the leaves rustling in the soft wind. Unlike the warm beaches in the summer court, the mountains of your court were still slick with ice. The fire did little to warm you, even though your thick layers. How the hell had Azriel managed to swim in this weather?  He may have been an irritable prick, but you still cared about his well-being, "Why were you swimming during this time of the year?”
The male didn't lookup. His gaze fixed on the fire. When he didn't answer, you got up to sit next to him, perhaps talking would be easier if you didn't have to look at his face. Azriel looked hollow. It was as if the male you knew had gotten left behind in the freezing water. You hated that it worried you, but you knew that it should. “Fine don’t tell me,” you murmured, tossing another log onto the fire.
"Azriel." His name was foreign on your tongue. "Why didn't you tell me we were mates?" Again he stayed silent, not necessarily ignoring your comments. You could see him processing your question. Weighing it, testing the answers in his head, what you would give to know what he was thinking. 
After a long moment, he sighed, "I already told you-"
Not letting him finish the sentence, you grimaced, "Yeah, I get it you don't want me. That doesn't mean I didn't have a right to know." 
Azriel stood up, a hand in his hair, "How would you have reacted if I told you? Why would I have told you just to hurt you? Sometimes knowledge is twice as painful as ignorance." His words held some truth to them, but that did little to ease the storm inside of you.
"I would have found out eventually, you know," You spat, turning away from him, hugging your knees to your chest.
Azriel muttered something under his breath, too quiet for you to hear before answering, "Well, it took you long enough. You didn't even feel it on your own. You had to be told, who knows, you may have never figured out anyway." The shadows that swarmed Azriel had spread enough that you could see his face when you turned to look at him. From the look on his face, he wasn't the Az you knew, his body masked in shadows, his face ablaze in agony and rage, glowing under the fire's light. 
"Are you mad that I didn't figure it out on my own? That's bullshit, such fucking bull Azriel and you know it. First, you're mad I found out, now you're mad I didn't figure it out on my own? Pick a fucking struggle," You snapped. 
Azriel's head snapped up, "I'd prefer you hadn't found out at all, but, sorry I'm a little offended you didn't notice in all the time we spent together." You and Az, at one point, had been practically inseparable. That was what hurt the most. 
"You know you know me better than anyone," You seethed, "We spent so much time together, training, reading, going on missions. Now it's like you're a stranger. I don't want my mate. I want my friend back." Azriel flinched from where he stood, turning away from you. His wings and shadows tucked in tight. 
You stood up to now, turning your gaze to the sky, you willed your voice to soften, "It hurts that you don't want me the way I want you. But I've lived with it for this long it wouldn't change anything anyway-"
Azriel cut you off, "It gives you hope." 
"What?" you muttered.
Azriel sighed, "Hope. The bond would give you hope that things would change. That we could be more than friends but, we can't, I can't-"
Not being able to stand to listen to him reject you, again, you whispered so quietly that if Azriel hadn't stopped talking, you wouldn't have known he had heard you, "Why am I not good enough for you?" 
"It's not you! Can't you see that?" His voice broke as he sank to his knees, "It's me. I'm not going to be the one who drags you into a life of misery because that's all you will get by being with me." Somehow, these felt like the first honest words he had said to you in the past month.
With a heavy heart, you mumbled, "I thought you didn't want me. That this bond was a mistake." Azriel tensed as you recalled his words, his shadows swarming now, reaching towards you. 
The shadowsingers eyes met yours, his glassy, but no tears fell, "You deserve to be with someone better than me. I have nothing to offer you. The only promise I can give you is that I would never be good enough. I'm a mess, Y/n. Why would I willingly bring you into this? Willingly burden you with me?" Pain washed his feature, a hurt you had never know clear in his eyes. 
Getting down on your knees, you took his scarred hands in your own, ignoring how he flinched slightly, "Azriel, you can't do this on your own anymore. You can't keep pushing me away because you think it's what's best for me. You are not a burden. And you don't get to decide for me whether or not your presence would be a heavyweight on my life. Do you think you're the only mess here? Some days I feel like I'm falling apart and that I'm all alone, but you know what? You've always been there for me. And I can only hope that you will let me be there for you." 
A tear escaped Azriel's eyes, his shadows swallowing the two of you as he cried, "I'm sorry. For everything." He was silent for a moment before leaning forward, his head resting on yours,  "All I want is for you to be safe and happy. I thought you'd be more likely to find that without me. I know you don't want to hear it but, I don't deserve you. I don't think I ever will be, but I'm selfish, and I knew that if I told you about the bond or that if I accepted it, I would never be able to let go. Mate or not, I've wanted you for so long, but that doesn't mean I deserve you." Azriel's confession hung in the air as you moved one of your hands up from his hand to his cheek.
"Azriel, you do know what the bond means, right?" You asked him with a small smile.
Azriel's face softened, muttering, "We are bonded for life-
"No!" You scoffed, "We're equals. You are mine, and I am yours, equals. It's not about who deserves who. We are two halves of a whole. We have the same value."
It was Azriel's turn to scoff, "Yeah, I'm going to have to disagree with that." The tears were gone, his voice, while it was still hoarse, was playful, his shadows dancing in the firelight.
"Well, I disagree with you, so I guess we're at a stand-off-" the words stopped, your tongue-tied, as you felt the bond snap into place. The feeling was like coming home, warmth spreading across your body as you stared at the male in front of you. 
Azriel's hands left your hands coming to cup your face, whispering, "I'm done running from you." He leaned forward, his lips ghosting yours, "Can I kiss you?" 
"Yes," you muttered, eyes fluttering shut. Kissing Azriel was so much better than you imagined. His lips, slightly chapped, still felt soft on yours. The feeling wasn't the electric feeling you had read about in books. Kissing Azriel, was dancing on the beach in the rain. It was watching the sky during Starfall. Kissing him was something you had only dreamed about, something a few moments ago you would never have believed you would find. Your hands moved to his hair, tugging at the ends, eliciting a groan from the male. 
"No," Azriel said, taking in your confused face, "If we don't stop now, I am going to fuck you right here. And the first time I bed you, I don't want the stench of some other male on you."  
You could feel your face turn red. You had forgotten about Ravi and the activities of the summer court. "So, we have a lot to catch up on?" You asked with a nervous smile.
Azriel flashed you a wicked grin, "I'm not sure I want to hear about it." 
You laughed, "Are you sure? I hear fae males love these kinds of stories, especially coming from their mate." Azriel let out a loud laugh that echoed off the lake. You, however, were quiet, the word mate ringing in your ears, the term no longer stung. The bitterness it carried washed away. That alone made your smile double in size as you joined your mate in his laughter. 
I might write a NSFW part 3 but I don’t know yet...
Also this was inspired (only the chorus) by Angels Like You by Miley Cyrus - hence the name.
Taglist /s: 
General Azriel : @lovelywxxb​ @katiebellf​ @tastedlikedamnation​ @azriel-mate​ @carlotinhajujuba @gcfty @gliteryunicorns​ @famousbasementpainter​ @starlightorstarfire​ @imperishableblade @notsuzegomes​ @paulis0499​
Angels Like You : @tastedlikedamnation​ @azriel-mate​ @gcfty @gliteryunicorns​ @imperishableblade @zerxfaithinhumanity​ @notsuzegomes​ @ffff  
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daggersbehindmysmile · 3 months ago
I have seen many azriel x reader where he spends time with elain which hurts the reader, but then suddenly realizes that the reader is his mate, he apologizes and confesses. The reader accepts the apology, accepts the bond and happy ending
If i was ever in this situation, as if azriel was my mate, who 99.5% of the time never had a expression on his face but laughs and smiles with another female, thinks she is his mate, gives her necklaces which would obviously very much hurt me. And when he realizes that i am his mate, apologizes and says that now he is in love with me... i will literally blow up. I will just simply ask azriel to leave me aloe and go back to her. How can y/n forgive him so easily, i cant understand. Maybe she is too head over heels for him. Azriel stans may defend him but think by puttig yourself in the situation : How can you accept the man who has hurted you so badly? Like if he is distracted by a female he can be distracted once again
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lightlyblooming · 4 months ago
ACOTAR Characters Finding Their Mate Headcanon
This is excluding Rhys, sorry. You know how he'd react, anyway.
Tumblr media
The moment Cassian found out that you were mates, his entire world flipped around. He had to take a few days away, just to centre himself. To stop from bursting into tears from joy.
For his whole life, he'd wanted to find the perfect partner. Someone to settle down with. Someone to laugh with him and drink with him and stay up in the dead of night with him. A true companion. A true match. Someone to love, and someone to be loved.
For the year or so that you two had been purely friends, Cassian had thought he'd found a best friend. In the way that he'd always be in love with you, but had come accustomed to the idea that you'd never reciprocate his emotions.
So when he found out you were mates, he had a mix of feelings. Overjoyed excitement. Validation of his love. And worry. Worry that you'd feel obligated to comply with his wishes. Because of that, he didn't tell you.
However, you found out. When you did, you were finally able to get up the nerves to approach Cassian and confess your feelings. The love and affection you've felt for him for so long.
After you confessed those feelings, the bond instantly snapped into place. Making you two a Mated pair. You spent the rest of the night--and most of the week--in each other's arms, boarded up in your apartment.
At first, he'll hate himself. For falling in love with you and falling out of love with Morrigan. For being forever bound to you, despite not being worthy of your attention.
Slowly, over a good handful of years, he'll come to terms with the bond. Come to appreciate it. Still, he isn't able to get up the nerve to tell you. The one thing worst than forever being on the sidelines is being rejected straight out.
Over the course of a year, Azriel starts to show his love of you in small gestures: An extended hand when you're down, a friend who never leaves your side, gifts here and there, even a few "dates" that neither of you really felt comfortable or ready to call dates.
In the end, you found out. Should that be through a kiss or a game of chance, but you did. The moment it became present in your mind, you were certain that Azriel was the person you'd want to spend the rest of your life with.
After a long talk, a fair amount of hugs and cuddles, Azriel was finally in a place where he could accept the bond. And, gods, the nights you spent together right after were pure bliss. You couldn't have asked for a better, more doting, mate.
When Morrigan first found out you were her mate, she was both excited and terrified at the same time. She'd fallen in love with you, despite the small amount of time you've been together. She thought you were the most spectacular person to ever exist. But, you were a woman.
No matter how much she cared for you, the thought of having to tell everyone that she was mated to a woman made her ten different types of nervous.
So she kept the mating bond a secret, to keep herself from pain. She kept you at arm's length, forcing herself to be satisfied with you as a friend.
However, sooner or later, you find out that you're mates and unlike Morrigan, you don't have the restraint needed to keep it to yourself. So you tell her the second you see her. In private, of course.
Seeing your excitement about the whole thing comforts Morrigan, and she feels content enough to explain to you why she had kept it from you.
Still nervous, she was hesitant to fully accept the bond. But, with some convincing (also known as you pulling her into a hug and peppering her with kisses) she gave in.
The both of you spent a good week hidden away in your home, wrapped in each other's arms, in complete bliss.
Amren had thought her time to find love was over. After all, she was tens of thousands of years old, yet she had never found a single person that she fell head-over-heels in love for. Really, she couldn't understand those who did. People were people. They were all flawed beings trapped inside meat suits. She could never understand how someone could see another being as perfect, stunning, and worthy of everything that existence has to offer.
That is until she met you.
When she first laid her eyes on you, she thought you were like every other person to meet her. Lesser. Not as powerful nor as smart. Another wisp of time and essence trapped inside of a body. Soon to be forgotten and soon to fail.
However, the longer she spent with you, the more she learned how wrong she was.
Your joy for life was strangely fascinating. She thought it was weird how much you loved the night sky, the sand between your toes, the feeling of grass on your skin, the chirping of birds. Within time, that fascination turned into admiration. It was only a matter of time before she fell in love with you.
Then, one fated day, she found out that you were her mate. It shook her to her very core. She didn't even think it was possible for her, a being completely different from your own, to have a mate. Let alone one so wonderful and alive.
For the first few months, she locked herself away, unused to the emotions that sparked in her chest at the idea of your smile. It took a while for her to get even remotely used to it. And even longer to feel like it was time to tell you.
When she did, though, it was done in the most fumbling way. There were no words she could use to describe what she felt. She didn't even know what it was herself. You two spent the rest of the month together, travelling the Night Court and enjoying each other's presence.
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azaideen · a month ago
My Little Fire
Chapter 6
First < Previous > Next
I turned around to meet hazel eyes and dark wings shining under the colorful brightness of dusk. Azriel was handsome, with his leather suit adorning those glittering cobalt stones. I looked up to his face, just to see it turning red under my gaze.
I smiled widely, I could look crazy, but I was so glad to see him that I didn’t pay it any mind. And I wouldn’t let this opportunity slip through my fingers.
“Only if you stay for dinner.” I said.
He was nervous and his eyebrows were knitted together, his shadows dancing over his shoulders. But before he could refuse my offer, I said: “Come on, please, Azriel. You left without saying goodbye and it’s already too late for you not to be hungry after having to fly over here. And I also have more questions, please.” I finished quietly.
I made the best sad face I could, pouting and my eyes down. And I could see the exact moment that he gave in. He sighed loudly, closing his eyes and I knew. I smiled again and also did him this time.
We went inside and found my sister in the living room. Nesta was reading on the sofa and Elain was watering some plants by the window.
They both turned to us when we entered the room and almost jumped with surprise by seeing the male by my side. I had to bite the inside of my cheek so as not to laugh at their pale faces.
“Nesta, I invited Azriel to dinner. I’ll prepare it and call you both when it’s ready.” I affirmed without giving any space for her complaints.
Azriel greeted them with a short nod, his face still. They didn’t say a word, so I turned and left the room, the Illyrian on my heels, not wanting to be left alone with them.
“They don’t like my presence. I think it might be better if I just leave, Aideen.” he said concerned as we got to the kitchen.
“Don’t pay them any mind. I like your presence, so stay, please, I insist. I’ll make dinner and wouldn’t complain if I had some help, if you wouldn’t mind helping me.” I placed my hand on his elbow to assure him that I wanted him there. And his shadows, as it seemed, wanted to stay too, as they curled up on my wrist and forearm.
“Alright, I’ll stay.”
I went about the kitchen picking every ingredient to prepare the food. Roasted chicken and some other things to fill the plate. The chicken was already in the oven, I had left it ready when I went to the forest, so Nesta might have put it in.
“What do you know about cooking?” I asked. “I know that you have many years on your account, but do you know how to cook?”
He laughed and said: “Yes, I do know how to cook. But I don’t do it often, I can be a little out of shape for that.” He answered embarrassedly and I smiled.
“No worries, I’ll take it easy on you.” He smiled, showing his perfect teeth on a smirk that made my insides crumble. I had to gulp the sigh that threatened to leave my mouth.
Entreguei a faca para ele cortar a cebola e comecei a preparar a panela com alho e azeite. Quando ele terminou me entregou as cebolas picadas.
I handed him a knife and an onion and started preparing the pan with olive oil and garlic. When he finished and gave me the small pieces of onion I regarded him.
“For me you are not out of shape” I said smiling at him.
“Good.” He answered sweetly.
I continued preparing the food, mixing the onion with the rest and then adding the rice and the broth. I mixed a little more before noticing I haven’t grated the lime peel.
“Azriel, could you keep mixing here for me, please? I need to get the lime.” I asked.
He nodded, standing from the stool where he had sat to observe me cooking.
He positioned himself beside me to take my place, and when he took the cable of the spoon his fingers brushed mine lightly, but it was enough to set my heart on a high pace. Losing a beat of it, I turned to look at him. His eyes were already on mine and my breath hitched by the sheer intensity of them.
I came back from my thoughts and quickly took my hand away from the cable. Turning to the shelves where the supplies were.
I extracted the juice from the lime and grated it’s peel. But when I turned again, Azriel had still to move, he was watching me intently.
“You must mix it if you want it to come out right.” I stated smirking at him.
Coloquei o suco e retomei a colher o agradecendo, ele assentiu e voltou ao banco, mas dessa vez olhando para os pés com os cotovelos nos joelhos e as mãos unidas. Não entendi o motivo da sua mudança de humor, então tentei mostrar que estava tudo bem e não estava brava com um sorriso ao perguntar:
He jumped a little and began to mix with the spoon, his cheeks the faintest shade of red. I laughed breathlessly, coming closer to him to make sure the food hadn't burned.
I added the juice and the peel, retaking the spoon from him. Azriel nodded when I thanked him and strode back to the stool on the corner of the room. Sitting with his elbows on his knees and his face brooding.
“What are those stones on your uniform? I noticed that both you and Cassian have them, but his are red. Is it some kind of Illyrian tradition?” I asked taking in the cobalt stones.
“Yes, they are called siphons, and are used to canalize our power, otherwise it will get out of control. It makes us use it properly. Only the Illyrians who go through the rite have the chance to receive a siphon, but they usually only get one.” He answered calmly and I felt the dark cloud that had taken his thoughts leave.
“But you and Cassian have seven of them. What does that mean?”
He smirked. “That we are, in fact, the most powerful Illyrians to ever exist.” He boasted and I felt my eyes going wide with amazement, making him chuckle.
“Should I bow or run is a better option?” I said playfully. But Azriel didn’t laugh.
His face was serious. “Neither of them. You don’t have to be afraid of me. I would never touch you with bad intentions.”
Thinking about his “intentions” made me blush.
“You look alike, you and Cassian, but you are not brothers, right?” I continued and he nodded. “So every Illyrian is like that, so…?”I trailed off, blushing at my thoughts, at what I was about to ask.
“So… what?” He asked smirking. Smug.
“Smug.” I answered smiling at him and saw his grimace while laughing. He glared at me.
“You think I’m smug even when you were about to compliment me.” He stood and started walking in my direction with slow steps. My heart started racing faster and faster at each step. His wings, that before were tucked on his back, now were slightly open and his shadows wrapped my waist, making me jump, startled.
“W-who told you that I was about to compliment you?”
“The beautiful red on your cheeks.” He answered when he was close enough to breathe the same air as I. I had to incline my head fully back to be able to look at him properly. He was towering over me.
I blushed even more when his hand touched my face, trailing his thumb on my cheek tenderly. My breath hitched.
I could only stare at him. His hazel eyes melted honey gold. And his perfect reddish lips. I regretted looking as soon as his tongue darted out to lick his lips, making my insides crumble.
I wasn’t able to suppress the sigh this time.
Azriel :
I wanted so badly to kiss her that I couldn’t think about anything else. I focused on her eyes. Dark brown, that consumed my every dream. The reddish color of her cheeks only accented the constellations of freckles. The strawberry and lily scent, which I could smell even after days away, was almost my loosing. But when I was about to get closer another scent registered on my nose. Burnt.
“Oh no.” I said then turned to the oven.
Since my smell was better by being Fae I could take it out before burning too much. When I turned again to see Aideen, she was still in the same place I had left her, looking at me with a puzzled look, not even noticing the reason why I had moved away. I wanted to laugh at seeing that I could effect her too.
“Luckily it didn’t burn, otherwise we would only have rice for dinner.” I said, taking her out of her trance.
She shook her head a little as if she wanted to put a thought away.
“Good.” Was all she said. Her breathless voice almost made me stalk back to her. But Elain entered the kitchen before I could move.
“Sorry to interrupt, I just came to take the plates to prepare the table.” She said lowly, for sure still afraid of me.
I nodded and started cutting the chicken to make it easier later. Aideen finished the rice and handed me a cloth to hold the baking tray while she took the pan.
We carried everything to the dining room and sat down to wait for Elain, who went to call Nesta.
I sat by Aideen’s side, trying to fit my wings on the chair.
“I’ll get the stool for you to be able to sit comfortably.” She had noticed my struggling and offered to help. She was perfect.
When I noticed that I hadn’t answered she was already by the door.
“No, please, sit down, I’ll get it.” I said standing and pulling her chair for her to sit back.
She glared at me, but sat.
I went to the kitchen and took the stool with me.
When I arrived back at the room, the tree sisters were already waiting for me. Nesta glaring openly at me. I kept my expression even, changing the chair for the stool and sitting by my mate’s side one more time.
Aideen took my plate and served me.
We didn’t speak for a while, until she turned to me.
“You didn’t answer my question earlier. Are every Illyrian alike, or is it just a coincidence for you and Cassian to have the same features?”
Sua curiosidade era tão atraente quanto fofa, ela mexia com meus sentimentos e me fazia diferente, um diferente melhor, mesmo que ainda não soubesse disso, mesmo que mal nos conhecêssemos, eu era seu.
Her curiosity was as attractive as it was cute. She played with my feelings in the best way possible. She made me different, a better version of myself. Even though she didn’t know it and we didn’t know each other. I was hers.
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akpoptrashbag · a month ago
here’s the thing. my sister asked if I had read the acotar series and I said no because I was scared she would judge me for reading spicy books but then she started nagging at me to read them and now I have to read them and pretend like its the first time ive read them even though ive read them before because i don’t want to admit I was lying. help. 
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jvwhyte · 2 months ago
Girl or Boy mom/dad energy, ACOTAR
Cassian -> Girl Dad
Nesta -> Girl Mom
Gwyn -> Boy Mom (i am a firm believer in this, she radiates them biggest boy mom vibes.)
Emerie -> I cant decide ??? 😩😩
Mor -> Girl Mom
Azriel -> Boy/Girl Dad (but specifically like three/four boys and one girl)
Feyre -> Boy/Girl Mom (has equal amounts boys and girls)
Rhys -> Boy/Girl Dad (has equal amounts of boys and girls)
Lucien -> Girl Dad (i can see him with boys too but then again i want him to have like seven daughters?? 😩)
Elain -> Girl/Boy Mom (Majority girls but has maybe one or two boys)
Amren/Varian -> would be against having children but then has a suprise daughter ? (or they have zero kids, i can't decide.) Varian seems like a cat dad tho.
Eris -> He radiates big girl dad energy but i can see him having like three+ girls and one boy.
Tamlin -> He doesn't even deserve the sperm in his ballsack so i say therapy.
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hellogoodbye14 · 2 months ago
heyy can you write one shot in which inner circle plays never have i ever??
“Good lord…. Look at those two”, said his cousin.
Feyre and Cassian were both sitting on the couch in the living room. Laughing so hard, tears were running down their faces while Feyre was punching a cushion every time a new laugh erupted. Yeap they were absolutely sotted.
“You’re just mad they raided the cellar without you Mor.”
Rhys moved towards his laughing mate, coming up behind her and kissing her neck. Feyre jumped and turned around smiling. She reached up, placed a hand behind his neck and pulled him towards her for a kiss.
Cassian groaned, “ugh no no don’t ruin our fun time with your never ending make out sessions”.
Feyre giggled and pulled away while Rhys raised an eyebrow at Cassians statement. “Correct me if Im wrong but I was subjected to that just yesterday courtesy of you and Nesta… my office.”
Cassian shrugged and offered a wolfish smile, “doing it in places we’re not supposed to turns my girl on and I’m always happy to oblige.”
Rhys just rolled his eyes. Mor coughed, Cass and Feyre finally realised there was someone else in the room. They both turned towards the formidable blonde standing in the entryway of the living room. Both their eyes, wide…. As if they were two kids caught with their hands in the cookie jar.
“ I can explain” said Feyre, her hands raised up in surrender.
“Yes please, explain.”
Feyre pointed towards Cass, “he made me do it!”
Cassian gasped, “you little tattletale!”
Mor moved, grabbed a bottle from the table nearby and slumped right in between Cassian and Feyre.
“I need to catch up.”
Mor was just about to take a big sip when shadows suddenly entwined the walls and Azriel walked in.
“Damn he’s all sexy and broody when he walks in like that.”
Rhys chuckled, his mate was very honest when drunk. He raised his eyebrow at her “sexy and broody huh?”
Her cheeks reddened but she just shrugged, “it is what it is”
Azriel didn’t respond to the byplay and just snatched the wine bottle from Mor’s hand.
“Hey!”, she stopped her argument right there because Az was chugging straight from the bottle.
“Woah there home boy, whats going on?” Cassian asked.
Azriel remained silent and sat down in the one seater next to the sofa. Rhys knew Az was at the training ring with a certain priestess, he usually always had an amused smile after their dagger throwing sessions but lately Az seemed tightened up, as if he was exhausted trying to restrain himself.
“How about we do something fun?” Rhys suggested, trying to help out his brother from the obvious interrogation which was about to ensue.
Azriel gave him a grateful nod.
“OH MY GOD YES!” , “HELL YES” Cass and Feyre exclaimed.
Mor, “how about a game of never have I ever?”
Amren of all people entered the living room and said “hmmm I’d be down with that.”
“Seriously? You?” Said Azriel.
“Yes I love knowing everyones secrets. It shouldn’t be a surprise Shadowsinger. I certainly want to know some of yours, you’re as mysterious as they come.”
Az just chuckled as Mor handed everyone a glass of wine.
“Okay! Okay! I’ll go first! Ummmm never have I ever lied to get out of going to work”
Cassian, Azriel and Amren drank from their glasses.
“Remind me what I pay you all for again?” Rhys asked as Feyre gave them a shocked look.
Feyre was next, “umm never have I ever used someone else’s toothbrush.”
Mor and Cass took a sip from their drinks.
Rhys looked at Cassian suspiciously, “who’s did you use….”
Cass looked sheepishly at Azriel.
“You did not. Tell me you did not Cass or so help me god.”
“I did. Just once…. Okay twice.. okay damn it three times! I forget to bring necessities on long missions okay. Its not a big deal.”
Everyone chuckled as Azriel glared at Cass.
“Alright, my turn” said Azriel smirking at Cassian.
“Oh shit”
“Never have I ever shaved my head and given someone my wrong name just to get out of trouble.”
“That was a low blow”, said Cassian drinking from his cup.
Feyre’s eyes twinkled, “please elaborate”.
“Lets just say when I wrecked that ONE tiny building in the summer court, I had to do certain things in order to TRY getting out of trouble.”
Mor was snorting and laughing, “oh cauldron I remember that!”.
Even Amren smiled, “oh yes Cassian without his long luscious locks. It was a delight.”
Feyre, “I want to see!”
Rhys smiled at the memory and sent the image to Feyre telepathically.
Feyre was laughing so hard, she almost choked on her wine. “Oh I’m painting that for sure.”
“You wouldn’t do that to me.”
“I obviously would. Okay Amren your turn.”
Amren smiled and said, “never have I ever had a threesome.”
Rhys, Azriel, Cassian and Mor all drank from their cups. Feyre raised an eyebrow at Amren.
“So you never did?”
Amren shrugged while picking her ruby red nails, “oh I’d be keen but most people used to be terrified of me. It was hard enough finding one forget about finding two people.”
Cassian chuckled, “I’m pretty sure young Rhys and Azriel would have volunteered.”
Rhys felt his cheeks burn and saw that his other brother was blushing red too. It was no secret that both him and his shadowsinger had once invited Amren to their beds.
“Have you guys…. “ Feyre pointed at the three Illyrians, “ever… you know.”
“No no we don’t know Feyre. Please elaborate.” said Cassian with his eyes glimmering.
“Oh you know what I mean”
Everyone laughed and Feyre looked towards her mate.
“Yes we have Feyre darling, a few times during our wild youthful years.”
Rhys smirked and sent a thought down the bond. Feyre blushed and suddenly aroused energy could be felt in the room between the two mates.
“Oh for cauldrons sake, reel that back in” groaned Mor.
The mated couple laughed and smiled at one another. Rhys offered a caress down the bond and Feyre gave one back in return.
Before he knew it, his feet were moving and he was picking up Feyre.
“Hey! We were still playing!” yelled Cass, but it was all in vain. Rhysand and Feyre were too lost in eachother and were moving towards the doorway.
Feyre offered them a salute over Rhys’s shoulder and called out, “to be continued later”
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cahrilean · 6 months ago
Call Out My Name - Azriel x Reader
Tumblr media
A/N : Hi!! I really liked this request so I hope you like it ! 
re a/n : I posted this earlier but the tags weren't working 
Warnings : Angst
Word Count : 2,140 ~
requested : yes / no
Fifty years ago, you had been taken prisoner by Amarantha. Twenty years separated from your mate. It would have been more bearable if the bond hadn’t been dormant for the past ten years. As silent as the grave, you had tried to reach Azriel but, you never had any luck. Little did you know, Azriel had felt the silence too. The despair of the silent bond nearly killed him, you were dead, and he didn’t get to say goodbye. Death was the reaper at his door, but e wasn’t going to die yet, not until that bitch was dead.
Watching Tamlin tear Amarantha to shreds hadn’t been nearly as satisfying as you thought it would be. You wished it had been you, you and Rhys, who had torn her into bits. After all, she had done, she deserved to suffer more. Amarantha did not deserve a quick death. You knew you shouldn’t complain though because she had fallen you got to see your mate again.
Azriel plagued your mind. In four hundred years, this was the longest the two of you had spent apart. It was also the first time in four hundred years the bond had gone silent. When you weren’t worrying about him, you were missing him. When the bond had first gone quiet, the fear of his death crept in. Though after trying (and failing) to keep your worries from Rhys, your friend had comforted you by assuring you Azriel was alive. Of course, he then ruined the moment by telling you, ‘You’re probably just so detached from your emotions now, you’ve lost touch with the bond.’
Rhys was right; the loneliness and misery of being under the mountain had settled under your skin, creating a rift between you and the bond. You just hoped that the Mother had mercy on Azriel, hoped that he hadn’t come to the same conclusion that you did when the bond went silent. Fifty years, one of these days, you would have to properly thank Feyre curse breaker for unknowingly reuniting you with your mate.
The curse breaker stood before you now, talking to Rhys. As much as you owed her, you still couldn’t believe that Rhys would take his sweet time getting back to the inner circle. In case you forgot, we have a family to reunite with, you thought, practically shouting it towards Rhys, cursing yourself for not being able to winnow.
I know.
I haven’t seen him in fifty years. Rhys stiffened as if he remembered just how painful this waiting must be for you. Wrapping up his goodbyes, you placed a heavy hand on his shoulder. You were going home. Rhys bowed to Feyre, his head snapping up before he stumbled backward and winnowed you home.
Well, it wasn’t home, but the Night Court was certainly a start. Rhys fell onto his knees when you appeared in the moonstone palace. Mor was standing there, waiting for the two of you, she looked worse than you remembered, but her beauty was still prominent. The stars in Rhys’s eyes winked out as he rasped, “She’s my mate.” Knowing who he was talking about, you smiled Feyre curse breaker was Rhy’s mate.  
“The two of you could be quite the power couple. Should that beast Tamlin step aside,” You said to him, trying to keep your voice steady. A mate whose heart belonged to another, this was mo easy fate. Mor looked over at you then, as if she hadn’t noticed you before, and gasped.
Mor shook then, tears falling from her already glass eyes, “You’re alive!” The blonde pulled you in for a hug, more of a death grip, but you held onto her with everything you had. You had missed her more than you had let yourself feel. Mor’s voice quivered as she said, “We- we thought you were dead…Az said you- oh my gods Az-"
Cutting herself off she, and seemingly summoning Cassian and Amren from thin air as the two of them burst into the room. Cassian’s eyes went wide as if he had seen a ghost, "You’re alive!” Gratitude, love, fear, and worry all etched the warrior’s features as he stared at you.
“Where’s Azriel?” The first time you had spoken his name out loud in years. You hadn’t allowed yourself to say it before, names were power, and under the mountain, somebody was always listening. When no one answered, all seemingly finding the moonstone walls fascinating, you tried again, letting the pain show, “Where is my mate?”
Amren drummed her nails along her forearm. The only sign of her guilt was the distance in her expression as she looked at you, “We don’t know.” Her short bob of dark hair shaking ever so slightly as your face fell.
“What do you mean you don’t know?” Your voice shook, the heavyweight on your shoulders digging in. Questions burned into your mind. Where was he? Was he ok? Why didn’t they know-
Cassian cleared his throat, “About ten years ago, Az said he felt the bond go silent. He was- is- convinced that you’re dead. Even though he couldn’t leave Velaris, he has stayed, so hidden none of us have been able to track him. We know he’s still alive because of the charges on our tab. We just don’t know where he is.” Though Cassian spoke softly, the words burned. At least he’s alive.
“I am going to find him.” The preeminence in your voice shook the room, your family knew there was no room to argue with you as you grasped Mor’s arm, “Take me to Velaris.”
When the first week had passed, your hope was still present. By the time the second week had come and gone, your hope was breaking away. The mating bond, which you were practically screaming down at this point, was still silent.
“Maybe he left Velaris?”  Rhys questioned that night at dinner. With the pressure of finding Az, you hadn’t been able to swallow a bite of the stew the wraiths had made. Cerridwen and Nuala had offered valuable information for your search, but every place they had suggested had turned out to be a dead end.
Cassin, who had already eaten two bowls of the stew, added, “He wouldn’t have left, not yet. There is no way he doesn’t know your back, Rhys. Have you been wearing your hood when you look for him (y/n)?"
"Yes, should I not be?” You asked. The hood in question was a cloak made of black fabric so dark it seemed to be weaved from the night itself. When you wore it, shadows covered your face, making you unrecognizable to anyone who didn’t know the cloak belonged to you.
Amren shook her head and said sharply, “That’s your problem. Az doesn’t know you’re here. Show him know you’re here. Try tomorrow instead of going out and looking for him, try doing some shopping, talk to people. If you get the people are talking about you, he’ll find out.” You hadn’t thought about that if Az sensed your presence, he would bolt. The cloak was infused with so much magic, it even masked your scent, so of course, he wouldn’t recognize you. Their advice was encouraging enough for you to finish the entire bowl of stew.
The next day, you went out to the town all on your own, leaving your heavy cloak at home. The bitter air was sharp as you inhaled, making your way down to Azriel’s favorite blacksmith in the city. You might as well start somewhere he would love to go.
In the last fifty years, the biggest change in the shop was a new sign. You found the blacksmith in the back, hammering away at a rather delicate-looking sword. Upon noticing your presence, the male stood up straighter, pausing his work. “Are you here to buy something, or are you here thinking we’ve got your mate shoved in a closet somewhere,” He greeted with a small smile, “If you do, it will be on the house."
You had come here so many times formalities were no longer necessary, even if it had been fifty years since you stepped in the shop. Not bothering to disclose your reasons for being here, you said, "You caught me. You’d think he’d be a little more forthcoming with his wife back in town.” You knew the blacksmith could hear the bitter tone you tried to hide with a joke but, he laughed anyway.  To your surprise, you did too.
“I haven’t seen him in quite some time, but if I do, I’ll let him know you’re looking for him,” his voice was sincere, but his eyes were full of pity.
Heading out the door, back onto the streets of Velaris, you called, “Thank you. I might take you up on that free weapon."
The rest of the day was just as unsuccessful. No one at any of Azriel’s usual places had seen him. Nor had any of the people at the places the two of you used to frequent together. The sun was setting now, and the first few stars were visible in the sky, the temperature dropping to a cold that bit you with every step forward.
You turned the corner, now only a street away from the river. Your favorite book shop was on this street. The second story of the building had one of the best views of the river in Velaris. You had never had the chance to take Azriel there; you had only discovered it a year before Amarantha’s forces took you and Rhys hostage. The ache in your chest deepened as you walked up to the shop. You hadn’t realized how much you wished you had been able to take him here. How much you had been hoping that today would be the day you would reunite.  It had been a foolish hope to think he would just be out and about when none of the inner circle had been able to track him down.
The book shop, just like the blacksmith’s shop, had remained the same after all of these years, from the shelves lining the walls to the deep burgundy carpet. Even from outside, you could smell the cinnamon, and vanilla, as well as the books, all scents you would never tire of. You let out a chocked sigh, "Where are you, dammit,” you muttered, letting a hand press into the glass.
To your left, the door opened, a swift high pitched bell ringing as it did so. For the first time in fifty years, you felt a tug on the bond, more like a yank, before a wave of emotions crashed down on you, causing you to stumble back from the window. There was enough fear and panic that it threatened to consume you. And then, standing in the doorway of the bookshop was your mate.
His whole body went rigid, his eyes widened with longing and fear. Then he was walking away towards the river. You chased after him, following right on his tail, trying to grab his hand. Azriel didn’t turn around as he said, “Leave me alone."
The command nearly made you stop but, the pain in his voice that he didn’t bother to hide made you keep walking. Following him until you were at the edge of the river, "Azriel. Look at me.”
“No.” His shadows seemed to disappear and consume him all at once. Before you could say anything, he spoke again, “When I wake up, you will be gone. And I will be all alone again.” Something in him snapped, causing him to turn around, showing you just how broken he was.
Pain surged through you, right down the bond. “Listen to me Az, this is real. I’m real,” You took a hesitant step forward, and when he didn’t move, you approached him, taking his face in your hands, “I’m here.” In your hands, Azriel shuddered; his eyes were glassy as his hands traced up your body until his scarred ones were resting on top of yours.
“You’re real,” he breathed, tears falling down his cheeks. The relief and joy that rushed through him crashed into you. Azriel pulled you into a tight embrace as if he was afraid of letting go. “I- I thought you were dead,” he confessed, his warm breath fanning your neck.
“I’m here,” you said, your voice shaking, “I thought I was never going to get to see you again.” Azriel pulled back then, leaning in so his forehead was resting on yours before he repeated your words back to you, “I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere.” Standing here in his arms, it was the first time in fifty years you truly felt at home, and no one was ever going to take that away from you again.
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catluvrr3 · a month ago
rhys: amren and mor told me that the span of an illyrian male’s wings says a lot about the size of… other parts.
rhys: they also told me that azriel’s wings are the biggest.
the whole fandom:
Tumblr media
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heyovivi · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♥ 𝓜𝓸𝓻 𝓼𝓽𝓪𝓶𝓶𝓮𝓻𝓮𝓭, 𝔀𝓮𝓮𝓹𝓲𝓷𝓰, 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓫𝓪𝓫𝓮 she brought to the bed was not the small, still thing she’d been holding, but a full-term winged boy. His thick cap of dark hair lay plastered to his head as he mewled for his mother.
♥ 𝓝𝔂𝔁, 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓜𝓲𝓻𝓪𝓬𝓵𝓮
♥ 𝓓𝓸𝓷’𝓽 𝓰𝓮𝓽 𝓶𝓮 𝓸𝓷 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓮𝓪𝓻𝓼? I had a little debate with myself whether or not he would have point ears and genetically speaking it’s most likely he wouldn’t unless High Fae features overrule the gene pool. But anyways, because Nyx was conceived while Feyre was in her Illyrian form I assume her shapeshifting abilities also change her ears from the pointed high fae to the rounded Illyrian ones. And because Nyx is 3/4 Illyrian I assumed that it’s more possible for him to have rounded ears rather than pointed.
Anyways, enough about ears. (However if you guys find somewhere saying he has pointed ears tell me and I probably still won’t change it 🤣)
I’m kind’ve curious to know what role Nyx is gonna play in the ACOTAR series but can we all agree that at some point he’s probaly gonna be kidnapped. Like let’s be honest, all babies get kidnapped in stories and are held for ransom at some point—mostly TV shows but like Nyx is a special miracle baby so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone like Koschei or Beron tries to test the wrath of the IC by kidnapping the little baby boy.
Anyways, I hope you guys like this. I had to go through about a dozen refrences beause honest to god (or gods depending who you are) I didn’t know how to draw a baby. Like the head I got it was just the body that I struggled with. At some point Nyx looked like a bobble head figurine and I had to start all over!
♥ 𝓒𝓻𝓮𝓭𝓲𝓽𝓼: @therealsjmaas
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acourtofpointythings · 2 months ago
I’m just saying— it seems a little sus to me that Aelin, Amren, and Nesta lost their powers (or some of it), but the men around them or a reason they did so got away almost or completely skate free. Sarah… what’s happening?
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mhootie · 4 months ago
Gwyncien part 2
Do not fret there is also a bit of gwynriel in this too. I’ll be tagging people who asked for this specific part 2 below.
Lucien hated coming to the night courts winter solstice celebrations. The sole reason he went every year was because of Feyre's birthday, contrary to popular belief that it was to see his mate. He much preferred to avoid his mate instead of sit in a room with her and the Shadowsinger. But he suffered through it for his friend, potentially his only true friend. She had been better to Lucien than he ever had to her, so in a way he was trying to earn her forgiveness- even if she claimed to have already given it. He secretly hoped to see Gwyneth Berdara again this year. She was beautiful- much like he remembered her mother looking. However, he truly just liked talking to her, to someone who understood the pain of a disinterested mate. It was a nice perk that it also seemed to enrage the one male to have caught his own mate's attention. He felt a bit smug about that if he was honest with himself. His three gifts were tucked neatly at his side as he stared up at the mansion. Feyre created a beautiful house. He should not have expected anything less given her paintings. He needed a moment to gather his bearings after winnowing directly to the river house. He would stay for an acceptable amount of time, or at least enough time to make Feyre happy, and then he would depart. It always made his skin crawl to be around Elain, simply because he knew it displeased her. He could do this though-for Feyre.
"Are you going in? Or do you plan to stare at the door a little longer?" A giggle escaped from the female behind him. He turned quickly only to let out a breathy chuckle himself.
"Did you want a turn staring at it? We could do it together. Might make the evening more bearable somehow." Lucien sent the copper haired female a half grin which she returned with one of her own.
"You caught me. I was hoping to have my turn to avoid going in as long as possible, but alas it appears I may need to share." Gwyn gave a long sigh as if she were exasperated by the situation. The easy banter between the two started to loosen the knot that had formed in Lucien's chest.
"It's lovely to see you once more, priestess. You look beautiful." And she did. The last time he had seen her, she was wearing her priestess robes. This time around she wore a loose black dress. Her hair was mostly down with some braids keeping it out of her face and a dainty necklace around her neck. Some might say she looked rather plain. Lucien knew better than that. For her, this was a big step. To be dressed at a celebration in anything other than her robes had to be stressful. A magnificent smile lit up her face.
"You look rather handsome yourself. I was actually hoping to see you tonight. I wanted to discuss a few things." She looked around as though someone might be eavesdropping. "Not right now though." He had a feeling he knew what she wanted to discuss.
"My ears are yours whenever you need them." Lucien then offered his arm to her. She slipped her hand through the crook as they made their way through the door. The night suddenly seemed less daunting. He could face Elain and Azriel tonight without his emotions getting the better of him. Gwyneth would keep him busy that much he knew and was thankful for the unspoken deal they seemed to have made. They would stay by each other's side tonight if only because most of the night court's inner circle had paired off. Rhysand never truly left Feyre's side, Varian is the only one to actually enjoy Amren's company, Cassian and Nesta disappeared to have sex rather frequently, Emerie and Mor spoke in hushed whispers to each other most evenings Lucien attended, and most unfortunately Azriel and Elain never really left each other's side these days. Lucien normally felt like the odd one out, but without Gwyneth it would have been painfully obvious.
The night had been rather overwhelming for Gwyn. She had been around the inner circle a handful of times most recently, but having so many dynamics in one living room felt stifling to her. Nesta's relationship with her sister's was still rocky at best, Amren usually said something to piss someone off, Azriel and Elain being around appeared to make everyone uncomfortable, and apparently Gwyn and Lucien being friends seemed to make the group just as uncomfortable. Gwyn could not figure out why. If perhaps the irony of the situation was too great or if Lucien's background had something to do with it. Whatever the reason, almost everyone tonight side-eyed Gwyn as she sat with Lucien. She knew Elain and Azriel thought she was doing it just to piss them off. Gwyn just truly enjoyed Lucien's company. He was easy-going and made many jokes. When Gwyn was not engrossed in conversation with Nesta or Emerie, she was joking with the one-eyed male. If only he had been her mate she had thought to herself.
"Present time!" Mor exclaimed from her spot on the couch next to Emerie. Gwyn felt herself becoming red- she had not realized that gifts were exchanged here. She had already exchanged gifts with Nesta and Emerie (a song for Nesta that was recorded on her music box from Cassian and a particularly steamy book for Emerie that included two female leads). She felt overwhelmed as everyone started setting gifts beside her. While Gwyn felt ready to leave the House of Wind, she had not managed to venture the streets of Velaris. She could have asked the House for gifts for everyone, but truly she did not even think anyone would get her something. The most surprising to her was when Lucien plopped a gift on her lap. She could not hide her shock.
"I am sorry. I did not get you anything." She felt ashamed and refused to look up from her hands as she addressed everyone. "I did not realize you all exchanged gifts. I am sorry." She repeated.
"We did not expect you too." Feyre sent her a small smile. "We got you something because we wanted too, not because we wanted something from you." The tension eased the slightest bit. That did not stop the red from flaming her face.
"I expected a gift." Lucien announced loudly. It had Gwyn cringing. "I demand you play us a song." Lucien was sending her a grin that released the rest of the tension in her chest. Azriel shot the pair an icy stare, not necessarily a glare, but close enough.
"Yes!" Nesta shouted after him, clearly having one too many sips of wine. Gwyn could not hold back her giggle. "You have to sing for us. Your voice is beautiful."
Gwyn could feel Azriel's stare from across the room. It had shifted into a less hostile look. It did not appear as though he was trying to hide his interest though. A conversation between the two suddenly popped into her head.
Do you, though? Sing?
She wished now more than ever to hear him sing. She wanted to sing with him, but was not willing to put herself out there in front of everyone. He would likely say no and then she would have to scrape any piece of humility she had left to sing alone after rejection. She would not ask Azriel to sing with her- this time. She hesitantly sat at the piano, Nyx sitting by her feet watching intently. As soon as she started playing the toddler laughed and clapped his hands. It gave her the confidence to keep going. She sang one of the many songs she had memorized. There was really nothing special about it, but she felt alive especially with the way Azriel was staring at her. She could almost feel his shadows slipping towards her. She missed them. Actually, she missed everything about Azriel. Before the whole mating bond/Elain situation, they had been friends. He was one of her closest friends and she felt as though she lost that. It was not only her fault. He also felt uncomfortable being her friend now. It made her sad so she decided not to think on it anymore. She finished her song which resulted in a round of applause from everyone.
"Beautiful!" Emerie cheered with a wide smile on her face. Gwyn looked to Lucien who was smiling ear to ear which was rare for the male who only seemed to give half grins and sarcastic smiles. She finally looked at Azriel, who unfortunately was not sporting a smile, instead a rather intense look took over his face. A shadow reached out to caress her hand. It was so quick she questioned whether it even happened. No one else seemed to register it. After that, everyone continued to open their presents. She received a painting from Feyre of Gwyn cutting the ribbon for the first time. It honestly had the female tearing up. Cassian got her new Illyrian leathers that fit her much better while Mor bought her a butterfly knife which was a much better improvement from her birthday where she gave Gwyn a shampoo that never lost its smell. While everyone was distracted opening gifts, Gwyn decided now would be the best time to talk with Lucien, who had gotten her earrings the same color as her eyes. She signaled the male to follow her to the kitchen. They were surprisingly given little attention as they made their departure.
"I was thinking about your invitation," she started off. She leaned against the counter top with her arms folded in front of her. "I was thinking I could leave with you, and if you are willing, you could help me gather some intel with the band of exiles." Lucien seemed to mull it over as he stood next to her, their shoulders almost touching. He leaned against the counter tops as well while running a hand over his jaw. Gwyn waited with bated breathe.
"When?" Was all he answered. She could not read how he was feeling about the situation which had her feeling even more nervous.
"Uh, tonight?" It sounded like a question even to her ears. She figured she would never fully know when she was ready to leave until she actually tried it. Worse comes to worse and Lucien could just winnow her back to Velaris. No harm done.
"Have you told anyone of this?" He asked quietly.
"No. They wouldn't understand.” They probably would understand, but they would most likely try to stop her. She did not want that.
"You have to tell someone." He glanced at her before turning his body to be completely facing her with one hand on the counter.
"So they don’t think I kidnapped you." She found it hard to believe that anyone other than Nesta and potentially Azriel would think Lucien kidnapped her. Best to not have them looking for her though.
“Oh right. I’ll leave a note for Nesta and Emerie to find after we have left.” She did not particularly want to leave her sisters, but she needed to finish what was started in Sangravah. She could not possibly travel a world where any of those Hybern soldiers still lived. A goodbye note might convince herself to stay, but having Lucien here made it less likely for her to cower.
“Okay. We shall leave tonight. Gather whatever you want to take and I will winnow us away after.” He already started to walk away.
"Thank yo-" she began to say when a shadow darted into the kitchen. She immediately stopped speaking. She should have known he would be listening in.
"Mind if I steal Gwyn for a moment?" Azriel cut in, looking quickly between the two with narrowed eyes as if he was suspicious of the pair.
"Sure." Lucien drawled with a roll of his eyes. “I will see you later, Gwyneth.” He gave her a meaningful look and then he was confidently strolling back into the living room.
"Hey." Gwyn finally started the conversation after a few uncomfortable minutes of Azriel just staring at her.
"Hey." An awkward silence ensued after that. It left Gwyn confused. She thought he came in here to discuss something specific. She took the time to truly analyze him. She always thought he was beautiful, classically attractive like Elain. It made them quite the couple. She wished he wasn’t so handsome, it made their situation much more difficult for her. Perhaps if he was less attractive she could ignore the mate bond, she thought wryly. He looked tired, per usual, dark circles were more pronounced under his eyes which looked sadder than normal. He was tense as if he was preparing for a fight which made no sense to her. They had never truly fought, physically or verbally. She was just about to ask him what was wrong when he finally spoke up.
"What were you two talking about?" The question had Gwyn smiling wryly. As if his shadows hadn’t told him.
"Nothing." She refused to tell him even if he already knew. For some reason she felt if she told him, he would be upset with her. Another awkward silence lapsed.
"So I figured I could give you your gift now." Azriel glanced down at the small package in his hand that Gwyn only just noticed. His shadows were swirling all around him, exposing his cool composure for what it really was.
"I didn't get you anything." She only felt slightly guilty considering he was in an open relationship with the third Archeron sister while also being mated to her. She kept her eyes firmly planted on her own hands which were clasped tightly together in front of her.
"I don't deserve anything from you anyways." She hated hearing that from him. Even if he was being a royal asshole, she truly believed he deserved the world. Azriel shifted on his feet uncomfortably. He ran a hand through his hair roughly before shoving the package towards her, stepping closer to her than he had been in awhile.
"Not true." She muttered as she delicately unwrapped the package. It was beautifully wrapped and part of her wanted to ask if he had Elain wrap it. Once opened, she spent a few minutes just staring at it. She was not quite sure how to respond to this.
"I know you said it does not bother you that your necklace was originally meant for Elain, but I wanted to give you one that was and will only be for you." There was a dozen or so stars in some sort of collection. She assumed it was a constellation but she did not know which one. It was beautiful she could admit, and knowing how much he enjoyed star gazing made her feel much closer to him than she should given his current relationship status. It felt almost inappropriate to accept, but she knew she could not deny him.
“What is it?”
“The constellation Andromeda.” He said so quietly it was almost a whisper. She was trying to remember if he had ever mentioned this one before but she honestly could not think of any reason why he might pick this specific constellation over another.
“Why this one?” She did not want to give him any reason to believe she cared as much as she did, however, curiosity was eating her alive.
“Her name means ruler of men.” Her heart squeezed. How unfair, she thought. He was allowed to give such a thoughtful gift, but she could not truly tell him how she felt about their current predicament.
"Thank you. It's beautiful." She wanted to say so much more, but was feeling tongue tied.
"Just like you." Was his immediate response. He said it almost like it was a reflex but it only upset her. Elain was in the next room over and he was sweet talking her.
"You cannot say that." She muttered a bit flustered.
"Sorry." He glanced down, appearing to notice how slim the space between them actually was. She felt suffocated by how close he was. The bond was yelling at her to touch him. His shadows seemed to want the same thing.
“Do not apologize. It just makes it harder for me when you say those things.” She realized this was the first time she had been alone with Azriel in a long time. She also realized she would not see him for a long time when she left with Lucien. It made her sad. These are the excuses she used to justify her next actions. She swears she never would have done this if she was not planning on leaving with Lucien tonight. Consequences be damned she thought. She quickly grabbed his face in her hands and brought her lips to his.
For the first time since the bond snapped into place, Gwyn felt tension ease from her shoulders. He was hesitant for only a second, letting out a groan and then they were off to the races. It’s as if they both knew this would be the last time they would get to do this. The kiss was rushed and heavy, passionate and wild. It was more than Gwyn could have ever dreamed. His hands were everywhere. Her hair, her face, her waist, and even lower. Gwyn let out a squeak when one of Azriel’s hands squeezed her backside. It did nothing to slow down the kiss, however. He was everywhere, even his shadows were caressing her. Her hands were not much better. They ran through his hair, tugging at the soft strands. Slowly, they traveled down- over his shoulders, finally resting on his waist to pull him even closer. There was much more tongue than Gwyn imagined. It surprised her even more at how much she liked it. How much further she would be willing to take it if they were alone. It was only when Azriel moved to work on her neck that she realized how much further their kiss went than the small peck she was expecting. Putting her hands on his shoulders, she pushed him stumbling back a few steps herself.
“I wanted to do that at least once. Sorry.” She felt the need to explain herself given that she practically just mauled him. His shadows were surprisingly calm for once, though his face was flushed bright red. It almost made her want to laugh at the idea that she made the Shadowsinger blush.
“Gwyn-“ he began but she did not want to hear anything he had to say, even if that was not quite fair.
“See you in training.” She tossed over her shoulder before fleeing quickly from the kitchen.
Fuck was the only thought pounding through her head.
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