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hellacioushag · 16 hours ago
prythian’s got talent part II:
helion conjures light and puts on a nsfw fireworks display featuring his epic tale of love for his lady of autumn
emerie and mor accompanied by the fleet of valkyries preform as a dance squad while also showing off some of their sword and shield tricks
lucien performs a fire baton and dance while wearing a grass skirt, making some of the ladies and men in the audience swoon at those powerful thighs 
 amren decides to recite some poetry about her adventures after escaping the prison while varian, cresseida, and tarquin act out her words with a water display  
cassian, rhys, and azirel preform an aerial acrobatic performance that tells the story of one of their greatest snowball fights
gwyn and the priestesses preform a haunting melody featuring feyre, nesta, and elain sporting body paint and preforming an interpretive dance about their journey from human to fae which leaves the audience breathless and shaken with emotion
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highladyofink · 19 hours ago
Me: *has wholeheartedly suspected believed that Nessian are mates since the moment they met*
SJM: *confirms in ACOSF that Nessian are mates*
“I am your mate, for fuck’s sake!” Cassian shouted, loud enough for people across the river to hear. “You are my mate!
Nesta blocked it, driving her fist into his nose. Bone crunched. Bellius howled, falling back a step.
And Nesta hissed, “Because my mate taught me well.”
He chuckled, leaning his brow against hers. Nesta closed her eyes, breathing in his scent. “You are my mate, Cassian,” she said against his lips, and kissed him softly.
“And you’re mine,” he said, kissing her in turn.
Nesta considered. Then pulled something out of her pocket. A small biscuit, swiped from a tray in the birthing room. “Then here. Food. From me to you, my mate. That’s the official ritual, isn’t it? The sharing of food from one mate to the other?”
He choked. “These are my two options? A frilly mating ceremony or a stale biscuit?”
Her face filled with such true light, it nearly stole the breath from him. “Yes.”
Me: *choking on my tears with ecstatic fangirl screaming* OHMYGODS THEY ARE MATES!!
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hacawijo · a day ago
I made a thing! Fair warning, the results aren’t necessarily balanced, because some people have more intense opinions than others, it’s LIFE OKAY. I love you, ACOTAR fandom, and there is more coming 🧡
If you’re curious, I got Lucien 😎
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lightlyblooming · a day ago
ACOTAR Characters Finding Their Mate Headcanon
This is excluding Rhys, sorry. You know how he'd react, anyway.
Tumblr media
The moment Cassian found out that you were mates, his entire world flipped around. He had to take a few days away, just to centre himself. To stop from bursting into tears from joy.
For his whole life, he'd wanted to find the perfect partner. Someone to settle down with. Someone to laugh with him and drink with him and stay up in the dead of night with him. A true companion. A true match. Someone to love, and someone to be loved.
For the year or so that you two had been purely friends, Cassian had thought he'd found a best friend. In the way that he'd always be in love with you, but had come accustomed to the idea that you'd never reciprocate his emotions.
So when he found out you were mates, he had a mix of feelings. Overjoyed excitement. Validation of his love. And worry. Worry that you'd feel obligated to comply with his wishes. Because of that, he didn't tell you.
However, you found out. When you did, you were finally able to get up the nerves to approach Cassian and confess your feelings. The love and affection you've felt for him for so long.
After you confessed those feelings, the bond instantly snapped into place. Making you two a Mated pair. You spent the rest of the night--and most of the week--in each other's arms, boarded up in your apartment.
At first, he'll hate himself. For falling in love with you and falling out of love with Morrigan. For being forever bound to you, despite not being worthy of your attention.
Slowly, over a good handful of years, he'll come to terms with the bond. Come to appreciate it. Still, he isn't able to get up the nerve to tell you. The one thing worst than forever being on the sidelines is being rejected straight out.
Over the course of a year, Azriel starts to show his love of you in small gestures: An extended hand when you're down, a friend who never leaves your side, gifts here and there, even a few "dates" that neither of you really felt comfortable or ready to call dates.
In the end, you found out. Should that be through a kiss or a game of chance, but you did. The moment it became present in your mind, you were certain that Azriel was the person you'd want to spend the rest of your life with.
After a long talk, a fair amount of hugs and cuddles, Azriel was finally in a place where he could accept the bond. And, gods, the nights you spent together right after were pure bliss. You couldn't have asked for a better, more doting, mate.
When Morrigan first found out you were her mate, she was both excited and terrified at the same time. She'd fallen in love with you, despite the small amount of time you've been together. She thought you were the most spectacular person to ever exist. But, you were a woman.
No matter how much she cared for you, the thought of having to tell everyone that she was mated to a woman made her ten different types of nervous.
So she kept the mating bond a secret, to keep herself from pain. She kept you at arm's length, forcing herself to be satisfied with you as a friend.
However, sooner or later, you find out that you're mates and unlike Morrigan, you don't have the restraint needed to keep it to yourself. So you tell her the second you see her. In private, of course.
Seeing your excitement about the whole thing comforts Morrigan, and she feels content enough to explain to you why she had kept it from you.
Still nervous, she was hesitant to fully accept the bond. But, with some convincing (also known as you pulling her into a hug and peppering her with kisses) she gave in.
The both of you spent a good week hidden away in your home, wrapped in each other's arms, in complete bliss.
Amren had thought her time to find love was over. After all, she was tens of thousands of years old, yet she had never found a single person that she fell head-over-heels in love for. Really, she couldn't understand those who did. People were people. They were all flawed beings trapped inside meat suits. She could never understand how someone could see another being as perfect, stunning, and worthy of everything that existence has to offer.
That is until she met you.
When she first laid her eyes on you, she thought you were like every other person to meet her. Lesser. Not as powerful nor as smart. Another wisp of time and essence trapped inside of a body. Soon to be forgotten and soon to fail.
However, the longer she spent with you, the more she learned how wrong she was.
Your joy for life was strangely fascinating. She thought it was weird how much you loved the night sky, the sand between your toes, the feeling of grass on your skin, the chirping of birds. Within time, that fascination turned into admiration. It was only a matter of time before she fell in love with you.
Then, one fated day, she found out that you were her mate. It shook her to her very core. She didn't even think it was possible for her, a being completely different from your own, to have a mate. Let alone one so wonderful and alive.
For the first few months, she locked herself away, unused to the emotions that sparked in her chest at the idea of your smile. It took a while for her to get even remotely used to it. And even longer to feel like it was time to tell you.
When she did, though, it was done in the most fumbling way. There were no words she could use to describe what she felt. She didn't even know what it was herself. You two spent the rest of the month together, travelling the Night Court and enjoying each other's presence.
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What are your top 10 and bottom 10 ACOTAR characters?
Hello sweet anon, I first wanted to thank you so much (you brightened my day with that😊) and before we start I just thought to tell you that this turned out rather long, so I summarized it at the top and put my whole reasons under the cut😄
1. Elain/ 2. Azriel/ 3. Nuala & Cerridwen/ 5. Lucien/ 6. Amren/ 7. Alis/ 8. Nesta/ 9. Cassian/ 10. Feyre
10. Morrigian/ 9. Graysen/ 8. Rhysand/ 7. Cauldron/ 6. Attor/ 5. Amarantha/ 4. Ianthe/ 3. Luciens Brothers/ 2. Beron Vanserra/ 1. -
+ 1. Elain
Ok, so I just love this female. I love how Elain is not portrayed as the type of woman who does need a weapon to get what she wants. It is true that one might take her outstanding beauty as a weapon (it sure is) but she can achieve a lot of good things by just using her words and charisma, letting peace remain, before one might do the wrong step and start a war.
Elain is in my opinion though not only charismatic, but also really … yeah silent and well behaved. She does not need to be the centre of the party or a conversation, we have learned she enjoys the company of silence too and her language or the way she is, just speaks on another level. One might say she has a stick shoved up her ass, but I don’t think that this is the case, simply bc we have seen Elain act on her own emotions as well, she just seems to prefer to hold up that mask of her human days around her family, she can use curses too and also have dirty thoughts (her reaction to Azriel on solstice (this was no shock, fear or whatever one might claim!)) god forbid!
Something I also love about her is her seer ability, I am most of the time really intrigued by the future, so seeing her look into the still foggy realms of what is to happen, is really interesting.
+ 2. Azriel
This boy just deserves all the love this world has to give! One of the reasons probably bc dark and broody males with a whole wall of mystery build around them are my typ. But no, seriously – I think Az is one of the most misunderstood characters, mostly by his family.
Bc even though he has known the greatest part of his family for 500+ years, no one seems to understand him, his feelings or his wishes (Thank you Rhysand!) as everyone just assumes Azriel is Azriel and is just ok with being where his family is( Obligated to be the fifth wheel for the rest of eternity!😭)
Something which I also think the IC mistakes is his silence. It might seem as if Azriel barely has anything to say, but I guess it is more the other way around, as we have figured out that if he talks it is always well thought with deep meanings, at times even poetic from the bottom of his heart and often used to motivate or encourage someone. I just think he picks his words so carefully bc he is afraid to give away too much of himself and that everything he might say, or every thought he harboured, could be used against him, so that he would be wounded (THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THAT RHYSAND!)
+ 3. Nuala & Cerridwen
I just love both of them, so I was not able to put one of them on a fourth place.
Anyway, Nuala and Cerridwen are two characters who are also majorly underestimated. Those two have a quiet side which makes most  of the people around them forget that they even exist, which is pretty noticeable from Feyres, Rhysands and even Nestas pov (though I am not gonna lean too wide out of the window with her since I haven’t read Acosf yet) Those two could literally plan to overthrow an High Lord and we would only know the moment it is too late,bc everyone seems to forget about their existence. Something I also love about them, is their whole character. We don’t know much about them now, but it already is noticeable that they accept people like they are, for they have no fear of Azriel, nor do they act around Elain as if she were made of glas.
+ 5. Lucien
Lucien is just an innocent bean who deserves all the love in all of Prythian! I might be an Elriel stan, but you might want to address the fact that not even one rooting for Elriel is oblivious to the shit show which took place in Luciens life. Undermined son, lover killed in front of his eyes, abused/used by his best friend and on top of that practically homeless. He knows that he can’t go back to the spring court yet, for things with Tamlin did not yet settle down, he also knows he isn’t also really home at the Night Court and god forbid if he ever thought of entering Autumn again! If it wouldn’t be for the Band of Exils (Thank god they exist) he’d be all lonely and without a roof over his head.
And this is something our sassy, witty fox does not deserve.
+ 6. Amren
Amren is just a character I identify with. She seems like as if she is only caring about her own stuff and only mind her business, while in truth she just doesn’t know how to express the love she feels for her family, as we know from her former past she did not even receive love, and just cares the most about her family.
Something I also love about her is her whole behaviour if one is to doubt her size. In my country I barely scratch the minimum of average height, so a friend of mine likes to make jokes about my size (much like Cassian about Amren), so seeing how she just shows him his place with a glare or some sharp words is just satisfaction to me.
+ 7. Alis
The kindness with which Alis treated Feyre in Acotar just sort of stuck to me and as I did not really find a character in Prythian, who was born there, who had the same kindness as her – she just stayed.
+ 8. Nesta
Nesta is a character I absolutely love, in Acotar I do admit I did not pay that much attention to her or Elain, but I just love how strong minded she is. She had been fighting for her own goal the moment she got spit out of the cauldron and she did not particularly stray from that. I also adore her for her strength – she wouldn’t even have been in the need to learn combat in order to hurt someone, as Nesta just analyses the people around her so much, so that she’ll know exactly what would feel to them like a gut stab.
The fact that Nesta is a huge bookworm and a dreamer in her own way makes her even more awesome.
+ 9. Cassian
Now you can just love this guy! He might have his ups and downs, but in the end he always worked his way out of them. Cassian just has such a big heart, that much like Nesta, he would do anything in order to protect his family and loved ones.
And while he is great to cheer one up, he might not be the brightest candle on the cake, but he would still go to the end of the world if it meant he could fight and protect those he loves. Something I also liked was that he is practically the one who started this whole thing with the females training while Rhysand just let the Illyrians do like they please.
+ 10. Feyre
As the main character we had learned a lot about her and I am happy that she is alive, has her freedom, is in love with her mate, has a child, a loving family and a really high title (*cough* High Lady). But what I think she could have done different was the way of how she treated both, Elain and Nesta, during their traumas.
Even though Nesta might not have shown her trauma that clear in the beginning, she could have still looked over the plates rim once it was almost tearing through one’s ears in a painful scream of help that Nesta was not fine. And judging someone straight out mad or considering it while you yourself have not even a real clue of how this whole Prythian thing works is just a big no-no. Elain doubted herself already enough, Feyres fear that she might have gone mad was not helping the situation.
And well Nestas story is one I can’t particularly dive into yet, but from what I have read (Acofas) she dealt with it the wrong way. It might have been that she and Nesta did not have the best relationship and she might have even wondered if she was entitled to bound with her sister on such a topic, but when Nesta pushed each of them away Feyre should have not moved away from her.
Feyre already did a lot for her, true, but Feyre knew herself how it was to have a trauma and she herself had pushed help, in the first months, away, but however I am overall just happy she got her happy ending.
- 10. Morrigian
I have criticized Morrigian already a lot, but I will just say it again.
First of, I don’t hate her. Morrigian is a character who I think has a lot to tell, as we know she kept the biggest part of herself a secret until now, but I just don’t like how she claims to trust the IC while in truth she refuses to tell them of her sexuality (the thing she seems to be afraid? of the most.)
I know the Azriel pining after her for 500+ years, was a lot of pressure on her back, but she could have also just told him she wasn’t interested or loved females (if she wouldn’t have been fine with telling Rhys). However I think she is going to be one of the more important side characters as I think her situation and everything that follows, pretty much sums up how gays/lesbians and other LGBTQ members feel now a days. And I think her journey is sort of supposed to help to overcome those struggles.
I at least hope she gets her journey.
- 9. Graysen
Graysen was an ass for breaking the engagement of like a toddler, that’s it – end of the song. If he would have told Elain he couldn’t trust her bc she lied to him – ok.
But the tune makes the music! Keep that in mind,Nolan!
- 8. Rhysand
Now Rhysand is to me a character who tip toes on a two sided blade.
I normally do like him, he is kind and caring and no doubt would die for the people he loves, but he has a very, very hard time separating work from private life. The example I’ll go with is the big bad magical solstice. He might have claimed that the kiss between Elain and Az could have invoked a blood duel, if Lucien would have notice, possibly even provoking a war between Night and Autumn (work) but his ulterior motive were Feyre and Nyx, no one blames him for that, but it is a private reason and excuse he should not use while speaking as the High Lord.
And again, when Az starts doubting the Cauldron with choosing the wrong mate for Elain, Rhys assumes it is just lust speaking from Az and commands him as the High Lord to stay away from Elain (low blow of assumption, but not my point) while he then offers to pay for the pleasure halls Azriel could possibly seek out (according to him). With what money would he have paid it, his own (private) while he was speaking as the High Lord, or the exchequer (work)?
You see my point? Anyway Rhys is a loving character, but he is just a bit troubled ruling an entire court (this huge) and having a family to take care of. Perhaps he is having it settled in a few years, but until then we will just have to wait and see.
- 7. Cauldron
I don’t really know if you can call the Cauldron a character, but I just placed it here as I hated how it had humiliated Nesta and Elain.
The bloodshed it caused was also nothing I ever want to mention again.
- 6. Attor
Now just the Rainbow and the attack on Velaris, just this, nu-uh man.
- 5. Amarantha
I hated her for killing innocent fae, enslaving High Lords or in general and setting up ‘riddles’ (games) in which the life of helpless fae was depending on a human who could barely safe herself with a bargain. Something I also kind of take personal is how she treated Jurian, I mean ok – he deserved a punishment, but like setting him in chains and having him barely at the minimum of survival would have been also fine.
- 4. Ianthe
Just the Suriel! This was when I took things personal! (I’ll add an 11 to the list above – I loved the weaver!)
- 3. Luciens Borthers
Luckily, most of those little shits got what they deserve.
I don’t grow up in a family very high in statues, so I don’t know how it is, but no matter if poor or rich – siblings should fight together instead of against each other! And most definitely not kill the female their brother loved!
- 2. Beron Vanssera
I hate him for having hesitated saving Rhys, watching how his sons treated Lucien and how he could possibly let anything as terrifying, as what had happened to Mor, happen. Also – it’s just the way how he treats his wife!
Someone really hadn’t drunken his ‘respectful juice’, for the last fucking Millenia!
- 1. /
I don’t really despise a character entirely, as I know each and every one has a bright and dark side of the coin (Still trying to find the bright side of Luciens father and brothers though)
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worldsnotsaid · 2 days ago
A Court of Silver Flames Analysis + Review + Thoughts (pt.2.1)
Tw: Abuse, Gaslighting
This scene is very heartbreaking. Like this re-read is just messing with me because it’s so messed up.
I re-read these first couple of chapters for this and took some highlights since I didn’t the first time around so some events are a bit out of order! I’m still comparing this to Tamlin in MAF
There is weirdly an argument about whether or not this scene is exactly like Tamlin’s — people make the claim that Feyre and Rhysand had no other way with dealing with Nesta. Others claim that Nesta did nothing for the war effort, and that because it was war, and everyone participated, Nesta has no right to her depression. 
(1) Taking away someone’s choice, going as far as to destroy their home is abuse. Nesta does not want to move into the House of Wind:
[Nesta]: “I’m not moving to the House of Wind,” Nesta said. “And I’m not training at that miserable village. Certainly not with him.” She threw him a look that was nothing short of venomous.”
[Amren]: “It’s not up for negotiation,” Amren said, breaking her vow to keep out of the discussion as much as possible for the second time in so many minutes. The eldest of the Archeron sisters had a talent for getting under everyone’s skin.”
Nesta does not want to go to the Illyrian Camp because for starters, they are discriminatory towards outsiders and second, Devlon already expressed disdain for Nesta in the previous books. Like they believed she was a witch! Secondly, this is basically how Feyre’s interaction with Tamlin went in MAF:
[Feyre] It was like being hit with stones—so hard I could feel myself cracking. But I lifted my chin and said, “I’m coming along whether you want me to or not.”
[Tamlin]: “No, you aren’t.” He strode right through the door, his claws slashing the air at his sides, and was halfway down the steps before I reached the threshold.
In this scene, Feyre is expressing her want to leave, and Tamlin says that she has no choice but to stay, that the decision isn’t up to her. Her then precedes to shield the house around her. Is this not what the IC is doing to Nesta? How is it up to them to decide what liberties Nesta can take? And to be clear, if you think that Feyre and Rhysand have this right over Nesta because she spent that money, are you not basically validating what Tamlin did to Feyre?
And then we get this line from Cassian:
“More than that, did Nesta understand that this meeting wasn’t to condemn her, but instead came from a place of concern? Her simmering stare told him she considered this purely an attack.”
I just—I just cannot believe that Sarah included this line, acted like this behavior was okay because they meant well. Did Tamlin not mean well too then? Should we pat him on that back because his aim was to protect Feyre “from herself,” 
(2) There really isn’t a choice because Cassian again tells us that Nesta could never be welcomed in the humans lands:
“The human world was behind them. They could never return.”
And THEN, we get this scene which is arguably even more disgusting because it literally, almost word for word, is what Tamlin does to Feyre.
Nesta turned to Feyre, lips pulling back from her teeth. “And these are my only options?”
“I—” Feyre caught herself before she could say the rest—I’m sorry—and squared her shoulders. Became the High Lady of the Night Court, even without her black crown, even in Rhys’s old sweater. “Yes.”
“You have no right.”
Nesta erupted. “You dragged me into this mess, this horrible place. You
are why I am like this, why I am stuck here—”
Feyre flinched. Rhys’s rage became palpable, a pulse of night-kissed
power that tightened Cassian’s gut, every warrior’s instinct beaten into him coming to attention.
“That’s enough,” Feyre breathed.
Nesta blinked.
Feyre swallowed, but didn’t balk. “That is enough. You’re moving up to he House, you’re going to train and work, and I don’t care what vitriol you spew my way. You’re doing it.”
This is abuse. This is disgusting. Nesta does not deserve this. I don’t care what you believe about her. Whether or not you think she is a horrible person, but there’s no way in hell that anybody who read both MAF and SF can look at this scene and not see it for the parallel that it is.  Feyre does not deserve any autonomy over Nesta’s body just as Tamlin didn’t deserve any control of Feyre’s. 
And it gets worse. This whole intervention could literally choke.
Then we learn that the IC has had several conversations about Nesta without her being present or her opinion for that matter:
“They’d all been discussing her, deeming her unfit and unchecked, and— “You didn’t care before,” Nesta said. “Why now?”
Feyre toyed with her silver-and-star-sapphire wedding ring. “I told you: it wasn’t that I didn’t care. We—everyone, I mean—had multiple conversations about this. About you. We— I decided that  giving you time and space would be best.”
I feel like I’ve been repeating myself but is this NOT WHAT TAMLIN DID???? Did he not have conversations about Feyre’s future? Without her present? Make decisions on her behalf, because he thought they would benefit her?
It just keeps getting worse:
“You’re going, even if you have to be tied up and hauled there. You will follow Cassian’s lessons, and you will do whatever work Clotho requires in the library.” Nesta blocked out the memory—of the dark depths of that library, the ancient monster that had dwelled there. It had saved them from Hybern’s cronies, yes, but ... She refused to think of it. “You will respect her, and the other priestesses in the library,” Feyre said, “and you will never give them a moment’s trouble. Any free time is yours to spend as you wish. In the House.”
My brain is literally short circuiting from these parallels. I don’t know how the hell Sarah thought this was okay? How she didn’t see how bad this was. At least — and I know the bar is literally below hell at this point — the scene with Tamlin acknowledges that he was wrong. For the love of god, Tamlin — fucking Tamlin — learned his lesson to some degree. Feyre and Rhysand won’t even admit that this is fucking wrong. I’m livid at this. At the message this is sending. YES, AND I STAND ABSOLUTELY FIRM IN THIS: FEYRE IS ABUSING NESTA. This doesn’t invalidate the harm that Nesta may have cause Feyre, but if your argument is that Feyre had the right to do this because of their past?? Block me immediately. 
Omg, just look at this:
“You had no right to close up my apartment, to take my things—”
“What things? A few clothes and some rotten food.” Nesta didn’t have the chance to wonder how Feyre knew that. Not as her sister said, “I’m having that entire building condemned.”
“You wouldn’t dare.”
“It’s done. Rhys already visited the landlord. It will be torn down and rebuilt as a shelter for families still displaced by the war.”
Nesta tried to master her uneven breathing. One of the few choices she’d made for herself, stripped away. Feyre didn’t seem to care. Feyre had always been her own master. Always got whatever she wished. And now, it seemed, Feyre would be granted this wish, too. Nesta seethed, “I never want to speak to you again.”
Do I even have to explain everything wrong with this?? Do I? And the way Feyre insults her existence, invalidates her home. And if anything, this proves that Nesta isn’t even materialistic. She literally asks for just basic necessities. Like her asking for rent in FAS is villainized even though she is just literally asking for money just to live. 
Ugh, I’ll continue later, I don’t even think I can handle any more of this scene tonight. And again, yes, it does get even worse. I haven’t even touched on Rhysand. 
sorry for typos, I’m totally angry typing.
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incorrectacomafquotes · 2 days ago
Amren: i am small but knowing.
Rhysand: you don’t know what the top shelf looks like.
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mhootie · 2 days ago
Gwyncien part 2
Do not fret there is also a bit of gwynriel in this too. I’ll be tagging people who asked for this specific part 2 below.
Lucien hated coming to the night courts winter solstice celebrations. The sole reason he went every year was because of Feyre's birthday, contrary to popular belief that it was to see his mate. He much preferred to avoid his mate instead of sit in a room with her and the Shadowsinger. But he suffered through it for his friend, potentially his only true friend. She had been better to Lucien than he ever had to her, so in a way he was trying to earn her forgiveness- even if she claimed to have already given it. He secretly hoped to see Gwyneth Berdara again this year. She was beautiful- much like he remembered her mother looking. However, he truly just liked talking to her, to someone who understood the pain of a disinterested mate. It was a nice perk that it also seemed to enrage the one male to have caught his own mate's attention. He felt a bit smug about that if he was honest with himself. His three gifts were tucked neatly at his side as he stared up at the mansion. Feyre created a beautiful house. He should not have expected anything less given her paintings. He needed a moment to gather his bearings after winnowing directly to the river house. He would stay for an acceptable amount of time, or at least enough time to make Feyre happy, and then he would depart. It always made his skin crawl to be around Elain, simply because he knew it displeased her. He could do this though-for Feyre.
"Are you going in? Or do you plan to stare at the door a little longer?" A giggle escaped from the female behind him. He turned quickly only to let out a breathy chuckle himself.
"Did you want a turn staring at it? We could do it together. Might make the evening more bearable somehow." Lucien sent the copper haired female a half grin which she returned with one of her own.
"You caught me. I was hoping to have my turn to avoid going in as long as possible, but alas it appears I may need to share." Gwyn gave a long sigh as if she were exasperated by the situation. The easy banter between the two started to loosen the knot that had formed in Lucien's chest.
"It's lovely to see you once more, priestess. You look beautiful." And she did. The last time he had seen her, she was wearing her priestess robes. This time around she wore a loose black dress. Her hair was mostly down with some braids keeping it out of her face and a dainty necklace around her neck. Some might say she looked rather plain. Lucien knew better than that. For her, this was a big step. To be dressed at a celebration in anything other than her robes had to be stressful. A magnificent smile lit up her face.
"You look rather handsome yourself. I was actually hoping to see you tonight. I wanted to discuss a few things." She looked around as though someone might be eavesdropping. "Not right now though." He had a feeling he knew what she wanted to discuss.
"My ears are yours whenever you need them." Lucien then offered his arm to her. She slipped her hand through the crook as they made their way through the door. The night suddenly seemed less daunting. He could face Elain and Azriel tonight without his emotions getting the better of him. Gwyneth would keep him busy that much he knew and was thankful for the unspoken deal they seemed to have made. They would stay by each other's side tonight if only because most of the night court's inner circle had paired off. Rhysand never truly left Feyre's side, Varian is the only one to actually enjoy Amren's company, Cassian and Nesta disappeared to have sex rather frequently, Emerie and Mor spoke in hushed whispers to each other most evenings Lucien attended, and most unfortunately Azriel and Elain never really left each other's side these days. Lucien normally felt like the odd one out, but without Gwyneth it would have been painfully obvious.
The night had been rather overwhelming for Gwyn. She had been around the inner circle a handful of times most recently, but having so many dynamics in one living room felt stifling to her. Nesta's relationship with her sister's was still rocky at best, Amren usually said something to piss someone off, Azriel and Elain being around appeared to make everyone uncomfortable, and apparently Gwyn and Lucien being friends seemed to make the group just as uncomfortable. Gwyn could not figure out why. If perhaps the irony of the situation was too great or if Lucien's background had something to do with it. Whatever the reason, almost everyone tonight side-eyed Gwyn as she sat with Lucien. She knew Elain and Azriel thought she was doing it just to piss them off. Gwyn just truly enjoyed Lucien's company. He was easy-going and made many jokes. When Gwyn was not engrossed in conversation with Nesta or Emerie, she was joking with the one-eyed male. If only he had been her mate she had thought to herself.
"Present time!" Mor exclaimed from her spot on the couch next to Emerie. Gwyn felt herself becoming red- she had not realized that gifts were exchanged here. She had already exchanged gifts with Nesta and Emerie (a song for Nesta that was recorded on her music box from Cassian and a particularly steamy book for Emerie that included two female leads). She felt overwhelmed as everyone started setting gifts beside her. While Gwyn felt ready to leave the House of Wind, she had not managed to venture the streets of Velaris. She could have asked the House for gifts for everyone, but truly she did not even think anyone would get her something. The most surprising to her was when Lucien plopped a gift on her lap. She could not hide her shock.
"I am sorry. I did not get you anything." She felt ashamed and refused to look up from her hands as she addressed everyone. "I did not realize you all exchanged gifts. I am sorry." She repeated.
"We did not expect you too." Feyre sent her a small smile. "We got you something because we wanted too, not because we wanted something from you." The tension eased the slightest bit. That did not stop the red from flaming her face.
"I expected a gift." Lucien announced loudly. It had Gwyn cringing. "I demand you play us a song." Lucien was sending her a grin that released the rest of the tension in her chest. Azriel shot the pair an icy stare, not necessarily a glare, but close enough.
"Yes!" Nesta shouted after him, clearly having one too many sips of wine. Gwyn could not hold back her giggle. "You have to sing for us. Your voice is beautiful."
Gwyn could feel Azriel's stare from across the room. It had shifted into a less hostile look. It did not appear as though he was trying to hide his interest though. A conversation between the two suddenly popped into her head.
Do you, though? Sing?
She wished now more than ever to hear him sing. She wanted to sing with him, but was not willing to put herself out there in front of everyone. He would likely say no and then she would have to scrape any piece of humility she had left to sing alone after rejection. She would not ask Azriel to sing with her- this time. She hesitantly sat at the piano, Nyx sitting by her feet watching intently. As soon as she started playing the toddler laughed and clapped his hands. It gave her the confidence to keep going. She sang one of the many songs she had memorized. There was really nothing special about it, but she felt alive especially with the way Azriel was staring at her. She could almost feel his shadows slipping towards her. She missed them. Actually, she missed everything about Azriel. Before the whole mating bond/Elain situation, they had been friends. He was one of her closest friends and she felt as though she lost that. It was not only her fault. He also felt uncomfortable being her friend now. It made her sad so she decided not to think on it anymore. She finished her song which resulted in a round of applause from everyone.
"Beautiful!" Emerie cheered with a wide smile on her face. Gwyn looked to Lucien who was smiling ear to ear which was rare for the male who only seemed to give half grins and sarcastic smiles. She finally looked at Azriel, who unfortunately was not sporting a smile, instead a rather intense look took over his face. A shadow reached out to caress her hand. It was so quick she questioned whether it even happened. No one else seemed to register it. After that, everyone continued to open their presents. She received a painting from Feyre of Gwyn cutting the ribbon for the first time. It honestly had the female tearing up. Cassian got her new Illyrian leathers that fit her much better while Mor bought her a butterfly knife which was a much better improvement from her birthday where she gave Gwyn a shampoo that never lost its smell. While everyone was distracted opening gifts, Gwyn decided now would be the best time to talk with Lucien, who had gotten her earrings the same color as her eyes. She signaled the male to follow her to the kitchen. They were surprisingly given little attention as they made their departure.
"I was thinking about your invitation," she started off. She leaned against the counter top with her arms folded in front of her. "I was thinking I could leave with you, and if you are willing, you could help me gather some intel with the band of exiles." Lucien seemed to mull it over as he stood next to her, their shoulders almost touching. He leaned against the counter tops as well while running a hand over his jaw. Gwyn waited with bated breathe.
"When?" Was all he answered. She could not read how he was feeling about the situation which had her feeling even more nervous.
"Uh, tonight?" It sounded like a question even to her ears. She figured she would never fully know when she was ready to leave until she actually tried it. Worse comes to worse and Lucien could just winnow her back to Velaris. No harm done.
"Have you told anyone of this?" He asked quietly.
"No. They wouldn't understand.” They probably would understand, but they would most likely try to stop her. She did not want that.
"You have to tell someone." He glanced at her before turning his body to be completely facing her with one hand on the counter.
"So they don’t think I kidnapped you." She found it hard to believe that anyone other than Nesta and potentially Azriel would think Lucien kidnapped her. Best to not have them looking for her though.
“Oh right. I’ll leave a note for Nesta and Emerie to find after we have left.” She did not particularly want to leave her sisters, but she needed to finish what was started in Sangravah. She could not possibly travel a world where any of those Hybern soldiers still lived. A goodbye note might convince herself to stay, but having Lucien here made it less likely for her to cower.
“Okay. We shall leave tonight. Gather whatever you want to take and I will winnow us away after.” He already started to walk away.
"Thank yo-" she began to say when a shadow darted into the kitchen. She immediately stopped speaking. She should have known he would be listening in.
"Mind if I steal Gwyn for a moment?" Azriel cut in, looking quickly between the two with narrowed eyes as if he was suspicious of the pair.
"Sure." Lucien drawled with a roll of his eyes. “I will see you later, Gwyneth.” He gave her a meaningful look and then he was confidently strolling back into the living room.
"Hey." Gwyn finally started the conversation after a few uncomfortable minutes of Azriel just staring at her.
"Hey." An awkward silence ensued after that. It left Gwyn confused. She thought he came in here to discuss something specific. She took the time to truly analyze him. She always thought he was beautiful, classically attractive like Elain. It made them quite the couple. She wished he wasn’t so handsome, it made their situation much more difficult for her. Perhaps if he was less attractive she could ignore the mate bond, she thought wryly. He looked tired, per usual, dark circles were more pronounced under his eyes which looked sadder than normal. He was tense as if he was preparing for a fight which made no sense to her. They had never truly fought, physically or verbally. She was just about to ask him what was wrong when he finally spoke up.
"What were you two talking about?" The question had Gwyn smiling wryly. As if his shadows hadn’t told him.
"Nothing." She refused to tell him even if he already knew. For some reason she felt if she told him, he would be upset with her. Another awkward silence lapsed.
"So I figured I could give you your gift now." Azriel glanced down at the small package in his hand that Gwyn only just noticed. His shadows were swirling all around him, exposing his cool composure for what it really was.
"I didn't get you anything." She only felt slightly guilty considering he was in an open relationship with the third Archeron sister while also being mated to her. She kept her eyes firmly planted on her own hands which were clasped tightly together in front of her.
"I don't deserve anything from you anyways." She hated hearing that from him. Even if he was being a royal asshole, she truly believed he deserved the world. Azriel shifted on his feet uncomfortably. He ran a hand through his hair roughly before shoving the package towards her, stepping closer to her than he had been in awhile.
"Not true." She muttered as she delicately unwrapped the package. It was beautifully wrapped and part of her wanted to ask if he had Elain wrap it. Once opened, she spent a few minutes just staring at it. She was not quite sure how to respond to this.
"I know you said it does not bother you that your necklace was originally meant for Elain, but I wanted to give you one that was and will only be for you." There was a dozen or so stars in some sort of collection. She assumed it was a constellation but she did not know which one. It was beautiful she could admit, and knowing how much he enjoyed star gazing made her feel much closer to him than she should given his current relationship status. It felt almost inappropriate to accept, but she knew she could not deny him.
“What is it?”
“The constellation Andromeda.” He said so quietly it was almost a whisper. She was trying to remember if he had ever mentioned this one before but she honestly could not think of any reason why he might pick this specific constellation over another.
“Why this one?” She did not want to give him any reason to believe she cared as much as she did, however, curiosity was eating her alive.
“Her name means ruler of men.” Her heart squeezed. How unfair, she thought. He was allowed to give such a thoughtful gift, but she could not truly tell him how she felt about their current predicament.
"Thank you. It's beautiful." She wanted to say so much more, but was feeling tongue tied.
"Just like you." Was his immediate response. He said it almost like it was a reflex but it only upset her. Elain was in the next room over and he was sweet talking her.
"You cannot say that." She muttered a bit flustered.
"Sorry." He glanced down, appearing to notice how slim the space between them actually was. She felt suffocated by how close he was. The bond was yelling at her to touch him. His shadows seemed to want the same thing.
“Do not apologize. It just makes it harder for me when you say those things.” She realized this was the first time she had been alone with Azriel in a long time. She also realized she would not see him for a long time when she left with Lucien. It made her sad. These are the excuses she used to justify her next actions. She swears she never would have done this if she was not planning on leaving with Lucien tonight. Consequences be damned she thought. She quickly grabbed his face in her hands and brought her lips to his.
For the first time since the bond snapped into place, Gwyn felt tension ease from her shoulders. He was hesitant for only a second, letting out a groan and then they were off to the races. It’s as if they both knew this would be the last time they would get to do this. The kiss was rushed and heavy, passionate and wild. It was more than Gwyn could have ever dreamed. His hands were everywhere. Her hair, her face, her waist, and even lower. Gwyn let out a squeak when one of Azriel’s hands squeezed her backside. It did nothing to slow down the kiss, however. He was everywhere, even his shadows were caressing her. Her hands were not much better. They ran through his hair, tugging at the soft strands. Slowly, they traveled down- over his shoulders, finally resting on his waist to pull him even closer. There was much more tongue than Gwyn imagined. It surprised her even more at how much she liked it. How much further she would be willing to take it if they were alone. It was only when Azriel moved to work on her neck that she realized how much further their kiss went than the small peck she was expecting. Putting her hands on his shoulders, she pushed him stumbling back a few steps herself.
“I wanted to do that at least once. Sorry.” She felt the need to explain herself given that she practically just mauled him. His shadows were surprisingly calm for once, though his face was flushed bright red. It almost made her want to laugh at the idea that she made the Shadowsinger blush.
“Gwyn-“ he began but she did not want to hear anything he had to say, even if that was not quite fair.
“See you in training.” She tossed over her shoulder before fleeing quickly from the kitchen.
Fuck was the only thought pounding through her head.
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railarey · 2 days ago
Mor, drinking: Being a slut only seems to work out for guys. I mean, Cassian and Rhysand snagged the two most eligible females in Prythian. How did they do it? By being sluts.
Amren, a bit drunk: What about me?
Mor: You weren’t even available and Varian got you. And how did he do it?
Amren, nodding: By being a slut.
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cocoscomments · 2 days ago
Possibly Over Analyzed
I know all my posts have been Nesta centric lately but what can I say other then after re-reading A Court of Silver Flames 3 times in the last 4 days I think I became a little Nesta obsessive but hopefully in the best ways possible. 
The reason for pouring over ACOSF so much is because Nesta has, if she wasn’t already, become my favorite character. The reason for this is out of all the characters, and this is totally debatable and would love to hear what you think, I believe, she is the most complex and possibly one of the easiest to relate to (at least for me). 
She is the most complex because we know very little about her upbringing before they were poor. What we do know is that
1. she was trained to be a tool used by her mom for conquest and social standing
2. Her grandma was abusive both physically and mentally
3. Both parents were absent. Mom doesn’t show much love and affection and their father became a lifeless blob as well was away doing Merchant things.
4. Mom didn’t care about education. 
5. They were rich and Nesta was expected to find a good match and set the standard for her sisters. 
Now we can make this excuse about any of the Archeron sisters but when it comes to Nesta we really only see how people around her treat her, how she responds, and what Feyre and the IC think. 
With that being said I found it quite fascinating that Nesta did not lash out nearly as much as she could have and what fans of Nesta wanted. I feel she had every right to raise hell when Feyre stated, “it is about how it reflects upon me, upon Rhys, and upon my court when my damned sister spend our money on wine and gambling and does nothing to contribute to this city! If my sister cannot be controlled, then why should we have the right to rule over anyone else?” (34). This brings up so many red flags for me one being a ruler should never think of controlling their subjects; It should be about being a servant to the people. However that is another post for another day. 
What really upset me was how Feyre went about sending Nesta to the House of Wind. It had to be about control despite protests and because Nesta is making Feyre look bad. Feyre does not mention it is about love, that it’s about seeing Nesta destroy herself hurts her. That they are all there because they love her and want to see her better. They are afraid that they may lose her and want to help. An intervention is about the person’s closest friends and family surrounding them and supporting them. Reminding that person they are loved and if possible they want to help. 
Yes, an intervention needed to happen. Nesta needed to get help but the intervention should have been conducted by Elain. Who was really there to help and support Nesta? Who did Nesta view as an ally within that room? Nesta could have easily called out how judgmental they are, how the IC has isolated her long before she isolated herself from them. (This is seen with Cassian literally pulling away from her whenever the IC is around. He also doesn’t deny the fact that the IC does not want them together and that they have talked about him needing to stay away). She could have called out the IC for being hypocrites and asked what they were doing at her age, how did they deal with their PTSD after their first war. Also from my understanding, it comes across as Nesta is a total introvert and the rest of the IC has a hard time understanding her for that.  
So she is complex because all the other books leading up to this one we have seen what everyone else thinks of her, how they respond and treat her. We as fans see all the ways in which we wished Nesta lashed out, the points she could have made. BUT, we also have written up our own version of how we wish that she had people in her corner to do it for her. So it begs the question, how reliable was the other books narrators? Was Nesta ever really the monster everyone feared? 
Which leads me to my last point as to why I think Nesta is the most complex with her relatability. Who hasn’t lashed out at someone they care about/love because they felt backed into a corner? Who hasn’t put up walls around people who they think hate them without knowing them? Who hasn’t regretted saying something that could have been hurtful and not known how to make it right? Or who thinks what they did/said was unforgivable? Nesta is complex because she recognizes her flaws, owns them, and is doing everything she can to heal the parts of her that hurt her and others around her. 
What needs to happen now is the other characters need to come to terms with the ways in which they have treated Nesta. Cassain owning up to the fact he pushed her away and treated her differently around the IC. Feyre owning up to her mistreatment of Nesta. Rhys and Mor for judging her before knowing her. Az for seeing her and treating her as a human and doing nothing to stop others mistreatment of her. Elain, in away, using Nesta as a weapon and a shield to hide behind. That is another reason Nesta is complex because she is the bigger person. She apologized to Amren, she owns up to her mistakes and the wrong doings in their friendship. 
Nesta shows time and time again that yes she has hurt people and done things that have hurt others but she is flawed and working on her flaws. She doesn’t need to be perfect. She is owning up to the fact that it will be one step forward and two steps back but she is still fighting to be better today than yesterday. And she doesn’t care if others own up to their part or not cause she is working on herself and that is what matters. She is trying to change and be better because she wants to be better.
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Tumblr media
Amren - The High Lord’s Second in Command
Amren is such a mood, I love her sass 🙌
|| Instagram: pallasillustration ||
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dreaming-of-azriel · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I feel like this has Amren & Nesta vibes.
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fromstarlight · 3 days ago
Amren: I don't hate everyone. I'm just old as dirt and pretty sure if I was supposed to be nice to you, I'd know at this point
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Tumblr media
Lady Whistledown’s VELARIS PAPERS
Issue 389, article 1
Dearest Citizens,
At last! It is time to celebrate and rejoice, for our beloved High Lord has returned!
This author believes she can speak for every citizen of Velaris in wishing a hearty and warm welcome home to High Lord Rhysand, whose sacrifice and strength has kept us safe from harm these long and painful forty-nine years. He has been sorely missed.
However, a little bird has chirped in my ear that his return is not without its own interesting details.
Upon winnowing to his residence, rumour has it the High Lord was incredibly shaken. When he first arrived, he crumbled in his cousin, Lady Mor’s, arms. This author   was unable to   glean what words were exchanged between the two, but it was enough that even the Morrigan looked troubled.
The intrigue! Why was our High Lord in such a tizzy when he came back? What could have happened to make the long-anticipated return of our beloved Rhysand a much less joyous affair?
Thank you, High Lord, for bringing us this exciting development, since the most interesting event that has happened in the past month has been General Cassian’s dalliance with an anonymous faerie in a dark alleyway outside of his favourite party spot. Tsk tsk, General. We don’t want Rita to find cracks in her walls!
 The General's tryst is hardly newsworthy compared to the High Lord's return. Rest assured, dear reader, this author will endeavour to discover what made Rhysand so unsettled.
Ever yours, Lady Whistledown
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earlsgrey · 3 days ago
feminist king rhys is homophobic and that’s why he won't let amren and nesta get together 
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harperbrynne · 3 days ago
6 years ago this beautiful book was published, and we started on an amazing journey alongside so many great (and not so great) characters. I never would have thought I’d ever be reading Nesta Archeron’s story, yet here we are. I can’t wait to read the next spin-off and who it features!
And let’s not forget there’s an ACOTAR TV adaptation underway!!
Throwback photo to Sarah J. Maas signing a copy of ACOTAR at a Barnes & Noble in New York City in May of 2015! Photo from @bloomsburypublishing
Tumblr media
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kayla-2 · 4 days ago
Anyways look at Feyres besties.......
The Second and Third in Command of the Night Court
Tumblr media
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duskandstarlight · 4 days ago
Embers & Light (missing scene- prologue)
Notes: Happy Wednesday everyone! Instead of giving you a teaser for chapter 36, I’ve decided to finally post the prologue of E&L. I wrote this first before any of the Cassian or Nesta POV’s. It’s the foundation on which the entirety of E&L is set and now you know that Nessian are mates though not mated (and after my mention of Rhysand knowing it for a long time), I thought I’d give you an insight into how that scene played out.
For those of you who missed it, this is the nod in chapter 35:
The urge. That’s what Rhys was referring to. His brother had always known the truth. From the moment Cassian had left the family dinner table as he was plagued of images and sounds of tangled flesh and laboured breathing. Of Nesta entangled with someone else. It had been like shiny, fierce splinters stabbing through his heart. Cassian had escaped to the wine cellar on the pretence of bringing up more wine, only for Rhys to find him and for Cassian to admit what he was sure his brother had suspected for a long time.
Embers & Light--Prologue Rhysand
Cassian stood abruptly, his strong legs hitting the table so hard that the dishes clinked together angrily.
“Cassian, can you not?” Mor bit out, steadying her wine glass with a hand as the liquid slopped over the rim. The red seeped into the white table cloth, deep as blood. Amren eyed the stain with a wistful expression, as if she wished to replace the food on her plate for a different meal.
Rhys frowned at his friend, his beautiful face contorting but then his expression cleared, suddenly a blank canvas.
“Getting more wine, are you?” he asked Cassian smoothly, swilling the dregs of wine in his glass. “Get a good bottle.”
They all watched Cassian’s retreating back. Azriel’s shadows gathered around him, hiding his face completely, and Amren tutted, picking a bit of lamb out of her teeth with a sharp nail.
“Stupid girl,” Amren muttered.
Feyre shot a sharp, questioning look at Rhys.
Not now, he shot down the bond, resting a hand on her knee in apology.
“Is anybody going to enlighten me?” Mor snapped, her eyes glinting as she looked between Rhys and Feyre. “Not all of us have a fancy bond to throw questions down.”
Standing, Rhys threw his napkin onto the table. He levelled a stern look at his cousin and waved a hand over the wine stain. It immediately vanished.
Feyre smoothly poured Mor a new glass. “Do you want to go shopping tomorrow? I want to try the new lingerie shop along the Sidra.”
Rhys heard Mor sigh theatrically as he headed towards the door. “You think you can change the subject with shopping? I’m not that simple, Feyre.” A pause. “Wait, is that the shop next to Hadley’s with the red lace matching set?”
He felt his mate’s laughter down the bond and Rhys sent back a loving caress.
Good distraction, High Lady.
Rhys found Cassian in the wine cellar, leaning against a particularly expensive rack, his wings drooping unceremoniously on the floor. He didn’t turn when he heard his brother come down the stone steps, nor did he bother to hide the way he cradled his hand in the other, his knuckles red.
Punching a wall wasn’t usually Cassian’s style, especially given it was an easy way to break bone, but Rhys would spare him the lecture today.
Shakily, Cassian shook his injured hand before he pressed his palms hard against his closed eyes, as if he was willing the pain to wipe away whatever he had seen.
Something told Rhys that the vision that had plagued Cassian at the dinner table wasn’t the first he’d seen. Rhys had long suspected that there was a connection between the eldest Archeron sister and his brother, but Cassian had not confided and it was not in his nature to push. Cassian would usually tell him things when he was ready, but seeing his brother like this… it changed things.
Rhysand leant against an adjacent wine rack — less expensive, but the most used, telling by the empty rings — and made a mental note to replace the bottles as Cassian turned to face him.
“Fuck off, will you?’ Cassian muttered, but his words held no bite. They were only laced with a tiredness that Rhys understood too well.
“Is it what I think it is?” Rhys asked eventually—casually—as if the question were trivial rather than life-changing.
Cassian clenched his throbbing fist and nodded once… barely. His knuckles were bleeding and a dusting of sandstone clung to his skin—an angry, bloody dusting of powder.
Loosing a sigh, Rhys handed his brother a dusty bottle of red. It was a wine which Cassian had been hounding him to open for the past century. “Let’s get drunk.”
Cassian shook his head.
“I don’t think you have ever refused an offer to get comatose before,” Rhys said lightly.
No response. A muscle feathered in Cassian’s jaw.
Fine, Rhys thought and ditched his tactical line of questioning for something more direct. “Does she know?”
Cassian’s laugh was hoarse and bitter. Rhys watched his brother’s hazel eyes darken to the point of black. “Who the fuck knows. Have you met Nesta?”
“Unfortunately,” Rhys replied drily, folding his arms across his chest and ignoring the snarl that unleashed itself from his Cassian’s throat.
Rhys had his own issues with the eldest Archeron sister; issues that would not solve themselves overnight, knowing his tendency to hold a grudge—especially when it involved the welfare of his mate. “If she’s breaking through your mental walls then the power she took from the Cauldron didn’t leave her when the King was destroyed. Is this the first time it has happened?”
Cassian palmed his face and pinched the bridge of his nose tightly with his forefinger and thumb. “I’ve had flashes. Nothing like this. Most of the time, I can’t feel anything, it’s as if she’s completely clamped down on the connection at her end. I want—” His voice shook, his rage surging to the surface. “I want to kill him, Rhys. It’s taking all my control—”
“Having to watch Feyre bed Tamlin was the worst thing I have ever experienced,” Rhys interjected softly. “It was worse than the torture, Under the Mountain… all of it.” He stepped towards his friend—his brother—and rested a hand on his shoulder. “Go to bed. Don’t fly tonight—that’s an order. If you even step out of the House I will have Amren cut off your bollocks. Understood?”
Rhys waited until they were getting ready for bed to talk to his mate. Feyre was carefully taking off her earrings. He watched them clink into her jewellery dish one by one from his position on the bed, the small gold stars at the end of the thin chains sparkling in the gentle faelight.
“We need to talk about your sister.”
Feyre didn't bother to ask which sister he meant. Instead, she came to stand between his legs at the edge of the mattress and laced her hands behind his neck.
She looked into his eyes, searching. Tell me what’s going on.
I can’t. He sent a loving caress down the bond—an apology. Trust me?
Feyre stared at him for a moment before laying a palm on his cheek. Ok. Then she said out loud. “I’ll sort it tomorrow if you promise not to get involved.”
She kissed him then, her lips soft and pliant. He groaned when she pulled back and wrapped his arms around her, bringing her body flush against his.
As if sensing his distress, she kissed him again.
“I love you,” she whispered and his heart squeezed at her unconditional trust, given so freely to him. She seemed to understand what he thinking without a response, pushing him back onto the mattress. She leant over him, her hand sliding down his bare abdomen until she hit the waistband of his shorts.
She looked at him, a wicked glint in her eye. “Now, I believe we were rudely interrupted earlier. Shall we start where we left off?”
Tags (let me know if you want to be added/removed): @arinbelle @superspiritfestival @sayosdreams @perseusannabeth @mylittlebigplanet @biggestwingspan-az @bellsqueen @ekaterinakostrova @bookstantrash @prophecyerised @rainbowcheetah512 @awesomelena555 @wannawriteyouabook @callmestarky @lovelynesta @melphss @darkshadowqueensrule @laylaameer01 @a-trifling-matter @grouchycritic7794 @thalia-2-rose @champanheandluxxury @swankii-art-teacher @princessconsuela02 @lavendergoomsltd @little-diyosa @princessofmerchants-reads @jeakat @sjm-things @imwritingthesewords @nestable @inejbrekkxr @silvernesta @inyourmindeye @amelie775 @helen-the-weirdo @pizzaneverdisappoints @wishfulimaginings @trash-for-nessian @my-fan-side @sophilightwood @valkyriesupremacy @vidalinav @onceupona-chaos @inardour @thesunremembersyourface @teagoddess99 @ellies-iced-coffee @nehemikkele @misswonderflower @nessiantrashh​ @miamorganvel18 @kawaiteacup @nestaa-stan @castielspelvis @haigrr @dont-take-life-to-seriously @pixieelea @lanyjoy-13 @dontgetsalmonella @thewayshedreamed @fangirlishwandering
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