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#amusement rides
mwagneto23 hours ago
sigh. top idk how many things that happened in jungle cruise
they tried to recreate the amusement park ride. like within the movie there was a whole ass scene that was just the ride but irl. it does not work at all ever
dwayne the rock johnson somehow has a tamed jaguar that respons to like a dozen voice commands and wags her tail like a dog
the gay character (macgregor but that's long so I'll be calling him mcgee) is. the worst stereotypes ive ever seen like seriously something straight out of an at the time progressive but in hindsight very homophobic early 2000s movie
the rock tells the woman (lily?) she cant bring all her luggage on board. turns out she only brought one bag and the 20 or so giant boxes of clothes belong to her brother because.... gay people right. haha
mcgee uses the words "i keep my eyes elsewhere" to describe himself being gay. the rock mhms and says well. to elsewhere and drinks and then passes the bottle to mcgee. this is supposed to show acceptance but it just makes it look like the rock is gay
the rock is perfectly fine with gay people but he draws the line at women having rights despite having spent the past 400 years in the jungle (with a tribe whose chief is a woman)
literally some of the worst body horror i have ever fucking seen in a pg13 movie it is far beyond enough to traumatise a child
mcgee kills a man
in her first scene lily is perfectly okay with killing 5 innocent old men who were just standing around. the only reason they survive is bc all 10? swords she threw at them miss by an inch
the villains all speak accented english. the rock, despite being the villain's brother and a native spanish speaker, speaks perfect unaccented english
the german villain says schei脽e before being graphically killed on screen
way too many jokes about someone pissing their pants. like seriously mcgee non jokingly says he pissed his pants while covering his crotch TWICE and later they show someone w their pants soaked
also like. an insane amount of innuendo??? especially in one scene i will do my very best to forget (and that post is NOT all of it just the homophobic parts)
multiple jokes so homophobic they would've made me gasp and say fuck off even if this movie was 20 years old. but it came out today
what an utter shitshow
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prokopetz6 months ago
I know a lot of people boggle at the existence of pendulum rides (e.g., those pirate ships that go upside down), but the ones that really concern me are swing carousels.
I mean:
Tumblr media
Like, consider the sheer number of individual potential points of failure in this thing, and what happens to the affected rider if one of those failures should in fact occur.
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tearuntold2 years ago
If you鈥檙e having a bad day watch Jungkook, Tae and Jin have the time of their life on an amusement park ride ft. a struggling cameraman in the second round
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unexplained-events2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Action Park
Also known as聽鈥淎ccident Park鈥, this park opened in Vernon, NJ in 1978. It is considered one of the most dangerous amusement parks.聽Founder and CEO Gene Mulvihill鈥檚 philosophy was that amusement park visitors should be in control of their experience, envisioning a park where patrons managed the ride--including how fast and how high they went. And that鈥檚 exactly what he created at Action Park.
For example, the Alpine Slide (3rd pic on the right) was described by a former employee as聽鈥渆ssentially a giant track to rip people鈥檚 skin off that was disguised as a kid鈥檚 ride.鈥 The Alpine Slide concept was simple enough: you sat on a sled and descended down concrete tracks using a hand brake to control your speed, either slowly or at a speed described by a former park employee as "death awaits鈥. The park saw its first fatality on the Alpine Slide, when a 19-year-old employee rode off the track and hit his head. According to New Jersey鈥檚 records, there were at least 26 other serious head injuries and 14 fractures attributed to the Alpine Slide.
The Tidal Wave Pool, nicknamed The Grave Pool (pic on 2nd row - left), which was filled with fresh water as opposed to sea water could have waves that reached 40 inches at the highest blast.聽The 12 lifeguards on duty rescued, on average, 30 people a day on high-traffic weekends.
The most notorious ride was definitely the Cannon Ball Loop (bottom).聽According to one urban legend, when park owners sent a dummy doll on a test run of the ride, it came back with no head. Gene Mulvihill offered his employees $100 to test out new rides, including the Cannonball Loop, and despite employees winding up with bloody noses and bruises, he opened the ride. One person even remembers hearing that a patron got stuck at the top of the loop, causing the park to build a hatch to aid in future rescues. Just a month after it opened, and after countless injuries were reported, it was shut down by the Advisory Board on Carnival Amusement Ride Safety.
Action Park was finally closed in 1996. It had 6 fatalities (3 drownings, an electrocution聽,and a couple skull injuries). In 2010 is was re-opened under the name Mountain Creek Water-park
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weirdlandtva year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Disneyland attraction, (THE EXTRATERRORESTRIAL) ALIEN ENCOUNTER. 1994-2003. Concept art and images of the show and the characters.
(That鈥檚 an alien Tyra Banks in images 5 and 6.)
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archiesoniconlinea year ago
Tumblr media
Inktober Day 28! 聽Theme: Ride. 聽"The space sickness you will eventually get is not the responsibility of Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park or its subsidiaries. Send any complaints to the inventor of space. Thank you."聽
聽Art by @chacolachao聽聽
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softomi9 months ago
The Things They Carry For You
Miya Osamu
He keeps hair ties in the cupholder of his car. He gradually noticed the way you put your hair up when you two ate together. It started slowly, he didn鈥檛 even know he was keeping them in his car at first. You had set one there out of habit from when you were in your own car. It wasn鈥檛 until he noticed the way every time he put his drink in the cupholder, it would just slightly be tilted. Since then, he usually designates the front cup holder to your hair ties. When he discovered that the hair ties can actually snap, he invested in a pair of scrunchies; he read online that they lasted longer than the bands.
Tsukishima Kei
He doesn鈥檛 carry it often, but ginger. He knew you were prone to motion sickness because you had mentioned it one time in a fleeting conversation. You weren鈥檛 extremely susceptible to motion sickness but even so, you tend to avoid doing things that may bring it up, such as amusement park rides. He says that you鈥檙e too nice though, it鈥檚 hard for you to turn down yours or his friends when they suggest going on a ride. The first time you two were at an amusement park, you got so nauseous that he had to take you home early; it made you feel really bad. His mother told him that ginger helps combat the nauseous feeling, so the second you tell him you鈥檙e not feeling well, he鈥檚 having you chew on the ginger he brought.
Akaashi Keiji
It鈥檚 an app on his phone. It tells you your horoscope for the day. He saw how excited you were every time someone brought up horoscope readings. While he wasn鈥檛 a heavy believer, he knew that you enjoyed those types of things. You had even taken him to see a fortune teller and a tarot card reader because you were truly curious and thought it would be fun. Ever since then, he downloaded an app that gave daily readings based on your astrological sign. Some days he would read them to you and others he may just send a text. There鈥檚 even a section dedicated to couples, he only sends the ones that are happy and says he forgets when the horoscope says that it鈥檒l be a hard or bad day.
Iwaizumi Hajime
He keeps a blanket in the back seats of his car. It started when you had left it there after going to the movies with him. The next time, you two were taking a particularly longer drive than normal, Iwaizumi likes the coldness of the car so when you started getting uncomfortable, he was going to turn up the temperature when you shrieked. You pulled your forgotten blanket and wrapped yourself in it, telling him he could keep the temp low. While you had taken that blanket home with you, he bought a new blanket to leave in the back seat so that you鈥檇 never have to feel cold again.
Sakusa Kiyoomi
Tissues. While it was something that he was already used to carrying around, he began to notice how he ran out more frequently when he was with you. You asked for tissues to blow your nose, to stick your gum on, and to even wipe splotches of dirt or grime off. He was all for it, in all honesty, he liked the way you asked him for a tissue because it meant that you were using it to clean or get rid of something. He was even head over heels for you when you asked him for a tissue and you used it to pick off something you had seen on his shoulder. Definitely would buy out a whole department store of their tissues for you to do that again.
Miya Atsumu
He isn鈥檛 shy about it, he keeps pads/tampons for you. He obviously knew that at some point you were going to ask him to buy some for you but the fact that the first time you did was at such an inconvenient time, made it all the more reason to stash some in his glove compartment. You two were at a dinner party and it was the black tie kind of party. So when you called him from the bathroom, obviously anxious about the surprise visit from mother nature, he had to drive fifteen minutes to the nearest convenience store to buy some for you. He kept the spares in his car and it鈥檚 honestly saved you and lots of other women in his life.
Tetsuro Kuroo
He carries lotion, not just one, he keeps various scented lotions wherever he is. One in his car, one on his office desk, one in his briefcase, one in every room of his place. He might even have a mini sized one in his jacket or pocket. You two met simply because you asked him in one of his classes if he had lotion. Coincidentally, he did have one in his bag since the cold weather makes his hands dry. He learned that you, too, had dry hands frequently, thus you were always asking for lotion. You always thought it was something he carried all the time before you two started dating, but in actuality, the first day you asked was the first day he bought one. He does admit later though that you were just too cute to not carry lotion for.
Oikawa Tooru
An engagement ring. He鈥檒l twirl it in his pocket, only he knows it but he thinks it鈥檚 like teasing you. It鈥檚 been kept in every pocket of every outfit he鈥檚 worn in the last three months. You had jokingly mentioned that it would be funny if he just randomly proposed at the most random spot, he kind of took it to heart. At first he started carrying it because he wanted to see how it felt, but the first time he held it in his hand, you walked out of the bathroom. Your hair in a towel, toothbrush hanging from your mouth, he looked so guilty; you couldn鈥檛 help but question him why he was sweating buckets.
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sylvanna5 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Knoebels at night // Summer 2015
please do not remove caption!
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giftshopofcuriosities5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nara Dreamland, Japan鈥檚 attempt to mirror Disneyland abandoned in 2006. Here are some eerie pictures of the park before demolition in 2016.聽
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