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#amy santiago x jake peralta

                                                                      AMY SANTIAGO


“…Dont trip? Have you ever met me before Jake?” Amy asked the man already taking a thermostat out of her purse. “Open your mouth please.” She asked trying to get the thing in his mouth to see if he had a fever.


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*Jake and Amy setting up an IKEA desk*

Amy: okay so I think we were supposed to run the cables through the back here

Jake: ah yes that would have made more sense

Amy: but I think what we did is fine, right?

Jake: it seems fine to me…but you’ll always know it’s *technically* wrong


Jake (whispering): you’ll always know

Amy: you’re so mean to me

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a little late but either way here comes peraltiago father’s day-headcanons:

  • mac is just about 8 months old and has gotten pretty good at sleeping through the night by this point. but this fine morning, a sunny june-morning, knowing it’s his daddy’s first official father’s day Mac is excited to kick off the day and starts making gurgling-scream-wordlike sounds at 5 am. His repetitive “dah. duh. daaah” obiously means daddy, Amy utters half-asleep prompting Jake to get up before falling back asleep. 

  • When Jake reaches his son’s crib he’s met by his favorite view, one that will forever make him melt. Mac is kicking and waving around every little limb of his and immediately smiles upon seeing his dad’s tired face appear above him. “Hey, bud. You calling me, huh?”. The infant screams in return earning him a laugh from his dad. Father and son alike

  • Jake picks up Mac, gives him a morning kiss and hug before bringing him back to bed with him to (hopefully) sleep for a bit longer. He places Mac in between him and Amy lying on his side smiling tiredly at his gurgling son as he dozes back to sleep to the sound of his son talking to himself. Once in a while he’ll feel a tiny hand whacking his face or tugging on his curls but after 8 months it’s a feeling Jake’s gotten used to (almost) sleep through
  • Next time Jake wakes up, fully, it’s almost 10 AM and the bed beside him is empty and he momentarily freaks out at the absence of his son. Though he quickly notices Amy too is gone, notices the smell of pancakes and thus quickly puts 2 and 2 together.

  • Upon entering the kitchen he’s met by Taylor Swift’s “Mine” softly playing in the background, meanwhile Amy is by the stove flipping pancakes whilst confidently, as if she was born to, resting Mac on her hip. “Sleeping past 7 AND breakfast? What have I done to deserve this?” Jake jokes before giving both Mac and his wife a good morning kiss.

  • “Go sit and we’ll tell you in a minute” Amy orders with a knowing smirk and Jake can only oblige although he’s always slightly worried whenever she tells him to leave her alone doing secret stuff in the kitchen (in the few years they’ve lived together they’ve already had to change the stove once and used two fire extinguisher). Nonetheless he sits down on the couch.

  • minutes later Amy joins him with one arm around their son on her hip and the other hand holding a plate with pancakes in the shape of DAD surrounded by small pieces of fruit because balanced diet i key. “Happy father’s day, daddy,” Amy says in a silly voice acting as Mac. Mac squeals loudly as if he understands what’s going on and the moment causes tiny tears to appear in Jake’s eyes. He grabs Mac from Amy and gives the baby a long tight hug whilst his lips are attached to the dark, tiny curls forming on top of his son’s head. Afterwards he kisses Amy who’s sat down by him on the couch. “Thank you. This is the best… I love you both so much,” he says with a shaky voice but smiles widely. “We love you too and are so thankful to have you aka. dad nr. uno in the world.”

  • After suffering some teasing about her cooking skills, Amy offers Jake the breakfast plate and the three of them share a few bites of pancakes and warm coffee on the couch, Mac still in Jake’s lap and Amy leaning against her husband’s side, as Paw Patrol plays on the tv.

  • After a lazy morning playing with their son and putting him down for an after lunch-nap, the family go for a walk in the park and enjoy a calm day out. This is when Amy (and Mac, of course) give Jake his second gift aka. “his first official dad-mug”, Amy says, which is a white mug with Mac’s handprints in dark purple paint and the text ‘World’s coolest dad’ on it. It’s safe to say that another tiny tear escapes Jake’s shiny eyes and he is once again hit by the fact that his tiny family is the best thing in the entire world and he is indeed the luckiest human being alive.

  • Later that night, after picking up dinner at Jake’s favourite take-out place and eating on the couch, Jake is the one to put Mac to sleep. The task turns out to be very easy as he’s already dozed off in Jake’s arms whilst him and Amy had a late dinner after feeding Mac. Before carefully putting him down in his crib Jake presses a long kiss to his baby boy’s head and tells him “I love you so much. Thanks for the best father’s day so far. Can’t wait to be around for so many more.” 

  • Then, after making sure he’s tugged in and still asleep he makes his way back to the living room, baby alarm in hand, where his wife awaits him wearing lingerie he’s definitely not seen before and thus a way more… x-rated father’s day gift. Jake could sure get used to being celebrated like this once a year.
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A/n : Ahhhh my first one shot !!!! Thank you for requesting

Everyone thought that Rosa Diaz was the tough, secretive, scary girl, even her colleagues at the ninety-ninth precinct. However, you knew better. Rosa and you have been in a relationship for the past seven months and in your words Rosa was “like a coconut” hard on the outside but soft on the inside, and that connotation stuck. You loved calling Rosa co-co and darling , among other things, especially when it made Rosa blush deeply.

Rosa is closed-off, anyone one can tell that and that is the reason you hadn’t shared the details of your relationship with anyone. That didn’t stop you from showering Rosa with subtle love during work. You’d leave little notes on her desk, leaving Argo’s apple pie in another container so that Charles doesn’t get to pick on Rosa. She would send you random flowers and subtly kiss you when there’s no one around.

You both thought that no one really saw it, but Amy was picking up the hints and her smirk was impeccable when she was telling others what she figured out. Wanting to out you both, everyone started dropping bombs. Charles came over when you both were working on a case and said how your personalities matched each other and you would look great together, and you both sassed him back instead. Rosa was asked by Jake about the note in her lunch, she had to confess about having a girlfriend. You both thought that this intervention would stop there, but it didn’t, everyone would randomly ask Rosa random things about her relationship with the “mystery girl” and she would reply with a smile. Jake swore he had never seen rosa go “soft”.

You decided to surprise Rosa by returning a day early from your parents’ house after a week of holiday. You were in the lift, unable to wait to kiss Rosa and spend the day with each other at your shared home.What you didn’t know was that the squad were having a game night behind the door you were just unlocking. As you entered the house you shouted “Hey darlin’, I’m home early. Come here and give me a kiss.” When you turn around you see everyone staring and smiling at you, “Oops?” you said feeling guilty that you ruined the secret. Unexpectedly, Rosa just smiled and motioned you to come over “Come here baby, we just started the game. You can be in my team.“ She kissed your head as you spent the rest of the night laughing and earning heart eyes from the rest of the squad.


Originally posted by coveylj

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Virgil doesn't accept Gifts
Patton to Logan: I'm about to give Virgil his gift!
Logan: Oh, did he lift his no gift policy?
Patton: Well, no, but he would never open a gift, right? But what if his gift didn't look like a gift?
Patton: I left it in a cardboard box in his room. There's no card, just the words open me now, which I wrote with my left hand so he wouldn't recognise my handwriting.
Logan: So, Just to recap
Logan: You left an unmarked package in Anxiety's room on a random monday with a suspicous message on it that looked like it was written by a crazy person.
Virgil 0.5 seconds later: bOMB, THERE'S A BOMB!-
Thomas and the oter sides: *panics and start screaming*
Logan: Great gift, babe
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