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#an implied story anyway

…Ok so Tumblr is having bugs with [read more] in asks today so I’m just gonna… Make a separate post for this one because it’s annoying and looks super long haha


YEAY LADYNOIR!!!! I went with a texting one, if Ladybug an Chat Noir somehow exchanged a discord pseudo or something!!! Hope you’ll like it!!

@thecrazyladybug​​ sorry for the double tag+notif from the ask but then you’ll know I answered and didn’t ignore your ask haha

* * * * *

Coccinelle_demoiselle: Akuma

Un_ptit_chat_sur_un_toit: Where?

Coccinelle_demoiselle: 🗼

Un_ptit_chat_sur_un_toit: I guess you mean the Eiffel Tower my Lady but for your information this smiley actually represents Tokyo Tower
Un_ptit_chat_sur_un_toit: just so you know

Coccinelle_demoiselle: Chat Noiiiiiiir NOT HTE TMIE HURRY!

* * *

Un_ptit_chat_sur_un_toit: I had the weirdest dream ever

Coccinelle_demoiselle: Do tell I’m curious

Un_ptit_chat_sur_un_toit: I was doing my homework. For some reasons it was homework about famous French cheesemakers.

Coccinelle_demoiselle: I didn’t know there were famous cheesemakers

Un_ptit_chat_sur_un_toit: Me neither. It was terrifying.
Un_ptit_chat_sur_un_toit: Anyway there was a knock on the door at some point and my father came in. And then he transformed into a GIANT butterfly!!

Coccinelle_demoiselle: :o

Un_ptit_chat_sur_un_toit: and suddenly I was wearing a beekeeper outfit?? And the giant butterfly came with tiny ones and said I had to take care of them because they were my siblings?

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