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#an orb
phoebehalliwell · a day ago
seeing as how Paige's Whitelighter side so strongly affected how her witch power worked, how do you think her power would have presented if either Piper or Phoebe had died, and she'd gained freezing/exploding or premonitions? and, I don't know if you've ever talked about this, but what do you think the sisterly dynamics would have looked like if Prue had lived and one of the other sisters had died instead?
hi it took me So Long to find this post but here’s my thots on each potential trio dated to about a year ago but like yeah you know it’s still p accurate in regards to paige’s power itself i think telekinesis really is the best translation to a whitelighter power because you go from moving things to teleporting them i think for piper’s powers like you could go the “combustive orbing” route which is just piper’s blasting power w extra orbs added on but i don’t really know how you’d do freezing. you might have to go into the whitelighter power bank to try to find a better ability to translate? idk none really work for freezing. actually instead of um combustive orbing you could have photokinesis fuse with that and kinda give paige a flash bang power. not as useful as piper’s but definitely still workable. premonitions again i think is pretty straightforward and def doesn’t really gel with orbing but this could combine with whitelighter sensing into a more advanced form of premonition maybe
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Okay so I do sort of want to make an Ultimate Spiderman Team, only because
1, I wanted to make my old Spidersona into an actual OC
2. I have tons of ideas for a White Tiger OC
3. So I’ll take Watami and Darian and put them on this team, and just get rid of Marco and Hasani
5. Plus I get to make some Spiderman villain OCs for them. I’m thinking Black Cat, a Vulture OC, a Lizard OC, a Symbiote OC and a J. Jonah Jameson OC
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flowers-of-io · 2 days ago
It’s always great to see all the pre-Hellmouth Eris/Toland takes, it has this doomed romance™ energy and oh the vibes of getting to know that mysterious and menacing sage who you’ve just hired to figure out black magic for you and is probably exile-level dangerous but also kinda handsome???
But I like to think about them as only growing closer after they’ve met again in Shadowkeep. There’s something in this “oh I thought you were dead” moment, and Eris reassesing her views on him (“I now respect his dedication to learning the ways of the Darkness and surviving despite them, much as I had to.”), and reconciling over what had happened & the tragedy they inevitably shared. “Eris torments herself for her erstwhile fireteam and the fates we marched into together. An appreciated but needless penance.” Looking back at each other’s paths, very different yet interweaving, and meeting somewhere in the middle. Building something together over the smouldering wreackage, not out of mere necessity.
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spidermanifested · 3 days ago
Hello, how are you doing today?
Did you sleep well?
well it is 5:22 am and i am awake for no discernible reason so im about to guzzle water and then try very hard to go back to sleep. i hope this.answeres your Question
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dissonantdreamer · 4 days ago
Seth seems like someone who picks his nose and eats it.
Seth seems like someone who tries to pick other people's noses and eats it cause he's a nosey ass bitch.
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spidermanifested · 4 days ago
How are you doing today?
Has the pain caused by the vaccine gone away?
oh its LONG gone, it was only like 2 days after the shot that were rough!! everythings normal now :^) thank you for thinking of me though
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vergilsfedora · 5 days ago
I feel like the people who say ebony & ivory are useless... in every other game other than dmc 2
Need to know,
That I immediately slaughtered first round dmc 3 Vergil, with the power of ebony & ivory & keeping my distance.
👈 😎👈
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technoplane · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
“capture the shiny from this piggy” is a wonderful phrase
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kakakariko · 6 days ago
gideon the ninth but instead of being dropped off at canaan house it's the mansion from anmesia the dark descent
i want to say nothing would change except alexander would be there causing problems
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starmansymphony · 7 days ago
kirby 🤝 f-zero anime
little to no internal logic when it comes to the lore but goddamn it i love it to bits
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spidermanifested · 9 days ago
Just curious, do you know any languages other than English?
i do not unfortunately... in terms of what languages i know Any small amount of, i can read hiragana and katakana but i know like nothing in the way of actual functional japanese and have only retained enough knowledge of mandarin chinese from middle school (which i took because the alternative was having to conjugate spanish verbs) to make me sometimes instinctively pronounce kanji as the mandarin equivalent in my head and confuse myself
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spidermanifested · 10 days ago
What the fuck was my last ask do I even know how to tipe.
Yes it was "epic bido enjoyer" I don't know what happened there.
i have seen so many misspellings of bido that at this point i simply intuitively know when someone is trying to say bido
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