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#ana aesthetic
notnirvana · an hour ago
ayy we in the negatives
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lemon-juicez · 5 hours ago
Omg stop, my hand looks so good in the one pic, I'm gonna cry
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skinnydippingcel · 8 hours ago
June 15th 2021
Ramen 300
Paprika 50
Paprika 50
Banana 100
Sausage 100
Walking 200
1.5l water
Total=400 calories
A little too low for my liking but our classes won’t be divided anymore so I need to go to my goal a little faster xD. My „never under 500 for too long“ rule still stands tho! Plus I really didn’t drink enough today
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theflowerizzy · 10 hours ago
Should I do those kinda videos what I eat in a day ?????
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borboleta-miana · 22 hours ago
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O corpo da Kendall é minha religião!
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pixieviv · a day ago
pls stop weighing yourself everyday. weight yourself every 4/5 days when you're regulating, or if you're obsessed like me then every other day. seeing it fluctuate between the same 2-10 lbs is going to drive you insane !
stay safe ♡
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dis0rdered-bby · a day ago
This man just booked a $500 hotel with a rooftop pool for our SECOND date and now I have to fast for ages to feel even remotely okay in a bikini
I was unprepared for the impact a sugar daddy would have on my ed, but here we go 😅
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