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#anakin skywalker

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(Death and blood warning!!!!)

24.Kiss of life 

You sobbed, holding his limp body in your arms. Blasters cauterized wounds, but when your bones break through your skin you’re not so lucky. 

You shook him weakly, his helmet removed. His blank eyes stared straight ahead, the brown seeming to glow in the foggy light of the trenches. You sobbed harder, pressing your forehead against his. 

“I-I” You hiccuped, “I can’t lose you Rex! Please!!” You shouted, shaking him once more. You closed your eyes, your tears leaking onto his sweat and dirt covered face. You pressed a soft kiss to his still warm lips. 

You rested your forehead against his, your sobs now silent and your throat now sore. Your eyes were squeezed shut, muttering words of hope over and over. 

Rex coughed, scaring the hell out of you. He coughed aggressively, looking at you. “Rex?! How?!” You hugged him tightly, Rex holding you back. “I have no idea.” 

Anakin Skywalker stood a bit away, staring at the too many dead men around him. He saved Rex’s life through the Force, but you didn’t need to know that. 

The war was almost over. Skywalker had to practice this special skill.  

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Ahsoka: Why wouldn’t Obi-Wan invite us to his party?

Anakin: He thinks we’re gonna embarrass him in front of Satine, which, frankly, is insulting! *stands up quickly and knocks over a bowl* Aww man, all the orange soda spilled out of my cereal.

Captain Rex: *facepalms in background*

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I’m once again asking you to stop calling me out like that


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Darth Vader v2 #24 (2018) main cover by Elia Bonetti & Giuseppe Camuncoli

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me 🤝 asparagus_writes on ao3 🤝 Spiderman’sUnfriendlyNeighbor on ao3: trying to turn “Human Lightning Rod Anakin Skywalker” into a tag 

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It certainly does! I LOVE the idea! I will so have to write something for this. Thanks 🥰

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So. I’m on an episode where there’s a suspected traitor amongst the Clones. This is in their barracks. I just…

Then you have Chopper who is clearly having trouble with his mental health after battle. Poor guy, I want to hug him. He needs to talk someone and have a long break.

Obi-Wan and Ventress flirting is something. Like y’all need to just get married already.

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another sequel to @obiwanobi’s ex-sith anakin au (here and here), and at this rate… yea. yea we’re gonna have to archive this on ao3 (soon)

anyway here’s 2.8k words of tonal inconsistency

et si les étoiles sont cachées

Obi-Wan barely sleeps a wink through the night. His mind turns and whirls as he battles between second-guessing his decisions regarding the former Sith sleeping in his bed and planning on what to do going forward. Anakin knows how to cloak his own signature well enough, that much Obi-Wan can observe, but he will not stand a chance if Masters such as Yoda or Windu search his presence. And then there is the matter of the elusive Darth Sidious’ death, as well - Obi-Wan can only assume that it would be classified information on the Confederacy side, but even then, the Force only knows what kind of hell would break loose once his body is discovered. It doesn’t help that he could barely pull his hand out of Anakin’s without him frowning in his sleep and stirring. He simply has to stay put, with Anakin’s very likely feverish body pressed up against his side in a bed that is only snugly enough for two.

In meditating all of those scenarios, he forgets to account for the hell that breaks loose in his own quarters upon the return of his apprentice.

“Master, what were you thinking?” Ahsoka hisses, eyes darting from him to the closed door of his bedroom, from where the sound of Anakin’s pacing is obvious. Her hand is still clutching one of her lightsabers, alert.

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That is the Zygerria role reversal au! Wherein i draw on @fialleril ‘s Tattooine slave culture

“I am well aware of my own flaws, Master.” and Obi-Wan flinches, drawing startled looks from both Cody and Rex and something in Anakin’s chest burns as he ignores the questioning [Master?] from his bond with Ahsoka.

He inhales and tries to smother it all down, tries to wrangle more than nine years of slavery into a vault and away from the rest of his brain (it was Hutt Law that the child stayed with the mother until they turned five, slave children stayed young for a long time on Tatooine).

“I’m the best qualified for this mission and you know it, I can do this Obi-Wan, trust me.”

Rex shifts, uncomfortable, “General maybe—”

Anakin shakes his head, eyes never leaving Obi-wan’s, “Not now Rex.”

Obi-Wan is silent, eyes searching and mind probing the old training bond.

Anakin stands firm and pushes his determination-steady-conviction towards his old teacher.

Finally Obi-wan sighs, crumbling in on himself, looking far older than he is and oh so tired. 

“I can not stop you, Anakin, but I am begging you to think this through.”

Anakin Skywalker, he-who-was-once-slave-and-will-now-be-slave-once-more, smiles bitterly, “I already have. It’s a good thing that it was too dangerous to take my transmitter out. They’ll never believe you if it’s new, I’m too broken in.”

There is something like sorrow singing in the air as Obi-Wan releases his emotions into the force and understanding is beginning to dawn on both Rex and Cody.

Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker takes a steadying breath.

And little Ani Skywalker from Tatooine exhales.

He does not shake.

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how would you guys feel if i wrote a fic where anakin or obi-wan went with ahsoka to capture maul

bc i want angst

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In which Leia gets grounded by her dad, and neither party realizes it.

I wasn’t originally going to show StarKiller until much later, but since just dropping his name brought on such a positive response, I decided to include him in panel 3.

The background in the last panel is taken from a film. It’s supposed to depict a view from the Jedi Temple. Given that the Jedi Temple was converted to an Imperial Palace, Leia is now living in a former Padawan’s dorm.

[pt1] [pt2] [pt3] [pt4] [pt5] [pt 6] [pt 7] [pt 8] [pt 9] [pt 10] [pt 11] [pt 12] [pt 13]

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SWTOR-AU, they’re stuck on Taris together. A team-up between a Sith Apprentice and a Republic Senator for the purpose of survival ends up becoming a little more than that. What with the ominous noises coming from the darkness around them, they decide to put aside their differences of allegiance at least until they get out of these ruins.

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Ahsoka and her two dads masters

I wanted to draw the Clone Wars Trio in the Jedi armor. I feel like I don’t draw these three together enough.

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