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muckse12 · an hour ago
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neekid · an hour ago
The best thing that has ever happened to me was when I was watching Attack of the Clones for the first time ever (like 6 months ago) and when Anakin says "we came to rescue you" I said out loud "good job," moments before Obi Wan says that exact thing in the movie and I will never feel that cool again in my life.
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ahsoookaa · 2 hours ago
Ahsoka Tano Is Bad For Your Health
"Check again," Anakin demanded.
"Sir, I've checked her blood twice. This is Ahsoka Tano," Kix said, looking slightly irritated.
"Then why did she bite me?" Obi-Wan looked annoyed.
"Instinct?" Ahsoka offered up. They turned towards her. "She probably felt threatened. Plus she was yelling about Sith right?"
"She’s not you. She’s an imposter or something. It isn't possible for her to be you," Anakin said and Ahsoka sighed.
"Time travel through the Force isn't… unheard of," Obi-Wan said hesitantly. "But it's just myths."
"Clearly not," Ahsoka pointed out, gesturing to Fulcrum.
"Time travel? That's crazy," Anakin said.
"She appeared out of thin air and landed on you," Ahsoka said, before a smile started breaking out on her face. "Oh… oh my god… she- she landed on you- I-" she started laughing as she realized exactly who had landed on Anakin.
"This isn't time travel," Anakin denied.
"He's right. It's not," Fulcrum had awoken. "This is a Sith illusion."
"Ahsoka," Obi-Wan made to move towards her, then remembering what happened last time, decided against that.
"My name is Fulcrum," Fulcrum repeated. "And I won't tell you anything."
"This isn't a Sith trick or illusion," Obi-Wan said.
"Yeah? I have a feeling you can't prove it," Fulcrum did admittedly share some behavior with Ahsoka, but it all seemed… meaner. Her words clearly meant to defend herself, rather than get a laugh.
"Well, assuming you'd rather not open yourself up to the Force-" 
Fulcrum let out a bitter laugh. "Yeah, that's not happening."
"Well, then I can only tell you what I know about you," Obi-Wan said and Fulcrum sighed, motioning for him to go ahead.
"You are Ahsoka Tano. Master Plo Koon brought you to the Temple when you were 4 years old, but before that, you were nearly enslaved as your village didn't realize the man trying to take you was an impostor," Obi-Wan said, as gently as he could, figuring neither Ahsoka would like to be remind of that.
Ahsoka and Fulcrum both reeled back in surprise, proving his point.
"How did you-"
"Master Koon mentioned it when you were a child. It was a concern," Obi-Wan said to Ahsoka, who nodded a bit hesitantly. "Do I need to go on?"
"H-how did you… how?" Fulcrum looked… angry. "You… have you accessed some of my memories already? Why are you keeping up this illusion? I'm not gonna believe it!"
"Why not? The Force works in mysterious ways," Obi-Wan said and Fulcrum opened her mouth as if to answer, but finally just shook her head, collapsing back onto the bed.
"Just… go."
"I can tell you more-"
"No!" Fulcrum yelled. "I don't want you to tell me more!"
"You don't want this to be real?" Obi-Wan questioned and Fulcrum scoffed.
"What are you, my therapist?" Fulcrum rolled her eyes. "Go away."
"Sir," Kix interrupted, before Obi-Wan could start up another discussion. "Don't start arguments in my med-bay."
"Right," Obi-Wan said. "I should inform the Council of this anyway, they'll want to know."
"The Council?" Fulcrum didn't look angry anymore. She just looked sad.
"Yes," Obi-Wan nodded. "Time travel is practically unheard of, they'll want to know."
"We're on our way to the temple?" Fulcrum asked and Obi-Wan nodded. Fulcrum sighed, closing her eyes. Obi-Wan looked at her, an unreadable expression on his face, before he walked out. 
"I'm gonna… go be… anywhere else," Ahsoka walked out quickly. Kix sighed, walking out with his datapad.
"So, you're really…" Anakin trailed off, taking in her appearance. This was… this was Ahsoka. Why did she look so sad?
"Yes," Fulcrum agreed. "I'm… sorry I landed on you."
"Oh that's fine. I might get you a warning label though. Not 2 hours and you've injured both me and Obi-Wan," Anakin joked.
Fulcrum smiled. "Yeah? What'll the label say?"
"Exposure to Ahsoka Tano is very bad for your health?" Anakin offered and Fulcrum let out a short laugh.
"That works," Fulcrum said, as she stared ahead.
"Ahsoka. Why won't you look at me?" Anakin asked and Fulcrum sighed.
"I- I can't Anakin. It's too hard. It's… it's too hard," Fulcrum shook her head. "Don't. Don't ask me why. I don't think I'm ready to tell that story yet."
"What happened to you Ahsoka?" Anakin said softly.
Fulcrum turned to look him in the eyes and he almost wished she hadn't. She looked tired, and sad. He could feel the pain she felt, although he was pretty sure she wasn't projecting on purpose.
He never wanted Ahsoka to feel pain like that. He wanted to protect her. He tried. Apparently it wasn't enough.
"A lot," Fulcrum stated, as if that could explain for the pain he saw. 
"That seems like an understatement," Anakin said, giving her a look.
"It is."
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marshmallowsweetheart · 3 hours ago
any fix it fic HAS to include dooku and obi-wan bonding over being the only people in their lineage who aren't literal rat people
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favoritesticle · 3 hours ago
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reyturnofbensolo · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Mike del Mundo!
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reyturnofbensolo · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This game doesn’t have any business being this GREAT like it should’ve been a STAR WARS movie!!!
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ahsoookaa · 4 hours ago
Ahsoka Tano Is Very Bad For Your Health
Anakin wasn't sure why he was in the med-bay. And he knew from experience that was never good.
"Sir?" Kix walked over. "You're awake."
"Yeah, uh… what happened?" Anakin asked, and Kix sighed.
"Well, someone fell on you," Kix said slowly and Anakin looked confused.
"What?" Anakin said in confusion.
"Someone… appeared, right above you. Gave you a pretty bad concussion," Kix said. "She’s uh, right over there." He pointed at a bed which held an adult togruta woman. She actually reminded Anakin of Ahsoka.
"I must be concussed because I'm pretty sure you said she appeared above me and I'm pretty sure that's not possible," Anakin said and Kix shrugged.
"I assumed it was a Jedi thing sir. She had lightsabers," Kix said. Anakin looked confused, sitting up to get a better look at the woman. 
He didn't have much of a chance to look at her as Obi-Wan and Ahsoka walked in. Kix decided to go check the woman over, leaving Anakin to talk to them.
"I'm starting to wonder if you are an actual walking hazard. Actually, no, I don't have to wonder, you clearly are," Obi-Wan said without preamble. 
"What?" Anakin said in confusion.
"Uh, you managed to get a concussion without even being in a fight," Ahsoka pointed out.
"Wouldn't that make her the walking hazard?" Anakin pointed at the woman, and Kix looked up.
"Actually that doesn't seem far off," Kix said and they looked at him in confusion. He elaborated. "She's got a lot of old wounds. Lightsaber scars. Uh…" Kix looks confused as he looks at her scans. 
"What is it Kix?" Obi-Wan asked.
"We got a match in the system. She's a 100% biological match for… Ahsoka Tano," Kix said.
"That's impossible," Anakin protested. "Ahsoka is right here. Not… in her 20's."
"Aww, you really think I'm in my 20's? That's sweet," the woman… the imposter… stirred. "Where am I?" 
At first she had seemed… almost playful, although tired. Now she seemed to realise she didn't know where she was, and was closing herself off.
Anakin told himself that meant it couldn't be Ahsoka. Ahsoka knew what the med-bay looked like.
"Where am I?" She repeated harshly, dropping any playfulness she had shown before.
"Relax. You're on the Resolute," Obi-Wan said, and the woman just cemented the idea she was an imposter, as she became more tense.
"That's impossible," the woman said, and Anakin scoffed.
"And why is that?" Anakin asked, not trying to sound kind like Obi-Wan did. Someone was trying to… he wasn't sure yet exactly but he was mad. Plus, she gave him a concussion.
The woman reared back in shock as she saw him, absolute horror on her face. 
"Vader." She said softly, looking around.
"What?" Anakin said in confusion.
"If you could give us your name, that would be a big help, I'm afraid there must have been a mix up in our systems," Obi-Wan was continuing to try to be diplomatic.
"Fulcrum," She snapped at him, none too pleased. "Now where am I really?"
"You're on the Resolute like he said. Why do you look like me? Why did you come up as me in the system? Are you me?" Ahsoka finally spoke up, startling the woman who apparently hadn't noticed Ahsoka before.
Honestly, Ahsoka was pretty small and this woman was tall.
"I'm not you," Fulcrum said as she looked around, as if she were going to… do something. Attack them maybe? 
"If we could all calm down and hopefully figure out what's going on-" Obi-Wan had been trying to step toward Fulcrum, maybe in an attempt to calm her, but she… did not see it that way, because a moment later she had bitten him, causing him to yell in surprise, as no one had been expecting her to do that.
"What in the-"
Kix rushed forward injecting Fulcrum with some sort of sedative, causing her to let go of Obi-Wan's arm, and fall backwards.
"This is a trick!" She screamed. "I know it is! Just come face me instead of hiding behind your Sith tricks like a coward!" With that last bit of insane screaming, she passed out.
"Ow!" Obi-Wan held his arm close, checking over the damage.
Kix set the woman back on the bed she had been resting in and walked over to Obi-Wan. "Yeah, Togruta's have nasty bites. Her fangs may have done some damage, let me check that out."
"Togruta's have fangs?" Anakin said. He turned to Ahsoka. "Do you have fangs?"
Ahsoka simply grinned, showing off her tiny fangs.
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maeve-on-mustafar · 4 hours ago
AU where there is no war, but Anakin's been recently Knighted and is now being sent out on all of these honeypot types of missions where he has to dress up in sexy outfits and try to/actually go though with seducing marks, and Obi-Wan ends up tagging along to "protect" Anakin but actually quietly pine and seethe for him until the point where he has to leap in to rescue and then finally make his feelings known.
But just. Obi-Wan silently dying inside when freshly Knight nineteen-year-old Anakin is sashaying around in incredibly skimpy clothes and trying to pretend he's not jealous when other guys are putting their hands all over him.
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anidalalover99 · 4 hours ago
So this is where it all began, when the universe told me you are mine. I feel as if I've stepped into the divine. Such a love as ours transcends all of time.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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willowcrowned · 5 hours ago
Where does Anakin fall on the line of dirty talk to praise kink? I feel like he's really into it whether someone's praising him OR playing into some humiliation kink but I feel like the two blend into one another anyway
I mean the key thing to consider with any of Anakin's kinks is whether it makes him feel like the specialist most precious baby boy in the galaxy, and by extension, safe and loved. So my short opinion is that he's into a lot of stuff, humiliation included, just because it's possible to spin lots of kinky activities into something that would make him feel like the center of attention.
My slightly longer opinion is that he has a praise kink a mile wide, but it's less specifically about praise (ex. "you're such a good boy") and more about things that tap into the part of his little rat brain that tells him he should feel safe when people approve of him, with a notable example being possessives (ex. "my good boy"). Which. I mean, fucking hell Anakin. Go talk about that in therapy.
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helbertinelli · 5 hours ago
I have a headcanon that Padme helps Anakin perform maintenance on his right arm. He was working on it one time and using the Force to move some tools and she offered to help. Over time it became something they do together.
Anakin remarks one time he regrets not being able to hold her with his real arms. Padme reminds him of the time they rolled around on Naboo before the war. She also tells him she feels comforted and safe when he holds her with his right arm. She knows it’s him.
Yes she so would do this!!! Like in TPM she cleans up R2-D2 and then in AOTC (in the book and I think there's a deleted scene), she finished putting together C-3PO, so Padme is definitely mechanically inclined at least. So it would have been cool to see her helping out Anakin with his mechanical arm or other mechanical projects.
That last part is so cute. I like to think that Anakin made sure the touch sensors in his hand were top of the line to make sure he can feel that he's holding her when he touches Padme.
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webtrinsic1122 · 6 hours ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Star Wars - All Media Types, Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Anakin Skywalker & Ahsoka Tano, Obi-Wan Kenobi & Anakin Skywalker & Ahsoka Tano, Obi-Wan Kenobi & Ahsoka Tano Characters: Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Aayla Secura, Ahsoka Tano, CT-7567 | Rex, CC-2224 | Cody Additional Tags: Lekkus (Star Wars), Hurt Ahsoka Tano, Protective Anakin Skywalker, Master & Padawan Relationship(s), Father-Daughter Relationship, Brother-Sister Relationships, Protective Obi-Wan Kenobi, Restraints, Jedi as Found Family (Star Wars), Team as Family, Angst and Hurt/Comfort Summary:
Ahsoka's lekku are bound to the point of pain.
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mando-punk · 6 hours ago
The beliefs that Anakin deserved to redeem himself because he was taken advantage of and manipulated by the literal worst person to ever exist and also that he's a grade A fucking moron who made bad decisions and absolutely lost all validity when he murdered a bunch of babies can and should coexist.
Aka fuck Anakin tbh but bringing Palps back to life, thus undoing the one good thing Anakin ever did, was fucked up and the sequel trilogy needs to answer for it's crimes. (This among MANY)
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ladykryze · 7 hours ago
They had kept the captured Mandalorian for three rotations now, and Vader could sense that his crew was growing weary of her, wondering what else he could possibly want from the woman. She had already talked. Oh, she had sung like a bird. She was rude, and she tried her best to keep her mouth shut, but once they hooked her up to the machines, she would say anything to make them stop.
But Vader couldn’t shake the feeling that she knew more, if only he had the right questions.
Chapter 5 of Heart of Beskar is now up here!
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