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The Assignment

Inspired by the amazing @kawaiikat54

Here’s the summary I wrote for AO3 bc I’m very proud of it:

Janus has never had a good life, raised to be a perfect assassin for the Dark Kingdom. Even though he hates his life, he follows all of his orders and does what he can to protect his little family. But what happens when he’s given an order he can’t follow through?

Patton is the Prince of the Light Kingdom. His family sees him as just a pretty face, a bargaining chip for peace between the two Kingdoms. He’s given up everything for his Kingdom, even his chance of being happy with the love of his life by being forced into an arranged marriage with the High Queen of the Dark Kingdom. But what happens when he’s kidnapped by someone who’s lived through more horrors than Patton could ever imagine?

Roman is the personal knight and lover of Prince Patton. At least, he WAS Patton’s lover, until they broke up so Patton could marry the High Queen. He hates having to pretend that he no longer feels anything for the Prince. But what happens when Patton disappears in the middle of the night?

What happens when the stars align just right? When a tortured soul refuses to kill? When family and duty are abandoned over love? When pain and anger override all thought? When three men, destined to be apart, fall in love?

Warnings: Child assassins, child abandonment, I’m pretty sure this counts as child slavery, mentions of murder, mentions of torture, these characters will suffer

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Analogical- Two Sinks

TW: n/a

Logan and Virgil had been dating for two years when they finally decided to move into one room, the rooms that belonged to them were right next to each other so they combined the rooms to make one big one and added a bathroom. The couple loved their room, it wasn’t anything special but it was theirs.

The room was kept clean and orderly, the book shelf was dusted and the books were in order, the dressers had neatly folded clean clothes in them the tv cabinet was put in order by year made. The closest was full of clothes on hangers, Organized by colors.

The room was amazingly clean, it looked like nobody lived in it. But the bathroom… The bathrooms a different story.

Virgil had many make up products, eyeshadows foundations, primers, make up brushes, beauty blenders; the man had a lot of make up. Virgil’s routine to put it on his makeup : sit on the counter and put his feet into the sink so he could sit comfortably on the countertop. Next he would apply his primer and after that to his concealer, he then did his foundation and after the foundation was ready he did his famous under eye bags when his make up was done he would spray it with setting spray or he would use setting powder depending on what kind of day it was.

The routine always baffled Logan he never understood it. They had two sinks one of which belong to Virgil but Virgil always round up using Logan’s sink. Logan didn’t wear make up he simply washed his face in the morning, brushed his teeth and was out of the bathroom in five minutes.

One day Virgil was doing his routine when Logan spoke up, “Virgil?” The emo perked his eyebrow out I show he was listening, “why do you always wear makeup and why do you sit on the countertop?” Virgil chuckled to himself at his nerdy boyfriend, when Logan would ask a question his eyes would light up and he would smile but just a little, “Well I wear makeup because I like it and it makes me feel good. I sit in the countertop because it’s easier on my feet and back then standing.” Logan nodded.



“I love you.”

“I love you too, honey”

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Analogical - Coffee

Tw: makeouts

It was 3:07am.

Roman stopped singing

Patton’s cartoons were turned off

All was quiet with Remus and Janus

Only two sides were left awake, Logan who was working on paper work for an upcoming event and he lost track of time: Virgil was sketching a picture, he found that sketching helped with his late night anxiety and insomnia.

Logan sipped his coffee cup before he realized it was empty. Virgil went to sip his coke when he saw his bottle was empty.

Logan peeped his head out to make sure that Patton and Remus were asleep, if ether then saw him awake he wouldn’t be aloud to sleep. Virgil made sure Roman and Janus were asleep because if they were awake Virgil would be awake for days because those two use him as a messager.

Logan went into the kitchen to find the coffee pot was already on, he then looked to the side and found Virgil sitting on the counter, holding a bottle of coke and holding a cup of coffee for Logan. The book smart side smiled lightly at his anxious friend, “How did you know?”

Virgil smiles, “I heard your computer’s low battery signal about 10 minutes ago. The sound stopped so I knew you were coming down here because you also left your charger down here and you needed a refill.”

“I assume you needed a refill as well?” Logan added, they both laughed a bit, “Yeah. I did”

Virgil handed Logan is coffee and the two sat in comfortable silence, “Hey L, can I try something?”

Logan put down his coffee and turned to Virgil, “Sure, go ahead.” Virgil hesitated before grabbing Logan’s hand and pulling him closer, “Is this okay?” Logan was now standing in between Virgil’s legs and they were very close.

“Yes.” Logan answered. Virgil and Logan put their foreheads together until Logan spoke up in a whisper, “Virge, May I try something?” Virgil whispered back, “Yeah.”

Logan pulled his forehead back and made eye contact with Virgil before closing the gap of space between them, Logan kissed Virgil.

Virgil kissed back instantly and wrapped his arms around Logan’s neck, and tangled his fingers into Logan’s hair. Logan wrapped his arms around Virgil’s waist and pulled him closer to deepen the kiss. They were now heavily making out, pushing their bodies closer with each kiss, the two kissed for so many heavenly minutes.

“I love you, Virgil.” Logan stated, Virgil hugged him.

“I love you too” Virgil kissed Logan again. They two hugged and kissed once more.

“It’s only 3:15, we can go back to my room and watch a movie? If you want?” Logan offered, Virgil chuckled, “Sure, but on one condition.” Logan looked Virgil in the eyes, “What is that?”

Virgil kissed Logan again, “That it’s a movie date.” Logan kissed Virgil forehead, “Okay, but I have a condition too?” Virgil smiles, “What’s that?”

Logan kissed Virgil’s lips again, “That you will become my romantic partner.” Virgil smiled, “I would like that very much.”

The two kissed once more, late nights dates became they’re favorite thing to do.

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Birthday Cake

Virgil glared at the upper cabinets, cursing the height of his husband who loved to cook. He knew the benefits of having the cabinets set for the taller one’s comfort but was still allowed to be annoyed by the height. Grabbing a step stool, he climbed onto the counter before reaching for the dish he’d wanted to use.

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Logan was used to the other sides coming to him for advice. Patton often asked for recipes, Roman liked to bounce ideas off him, Janus enjoyed irritating him into debates, and Remus often needed knowledge on the particulars of human anatomy.

The only side who never came seeking advice was Virgil–Virgil told him it was because he didn’t need anything, he just liked talking to Logan.  Logan wished he fully believed that, but he appreciated the sentiment nonetheless.

That was why Logan was a bit alarmed when Virgil tapped on his door and asked for some help.

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Remus vs. Roman and Analogical; The lover

Remus and Roman has only two things in common, they were both creativity and they both had a huge crush on Virgil. Another problem that arose was Virgil is cluelees about the whole ordeal. Roman and Remus being brothers, the competition was high. Virgil was walking into the living room looking at his phone when Roman approached him,

“Greetings, Virgil.” Virgil mumbled a hi and kept walking, he sat on the couch to be confronted by Remus,

“Hey Virgil, Care to accompany me to the mall? I heard Hot Topic has a sale, anything you want on me.” Virgil looked at him and pondered for a second, “Sure, let’s go.” Remus got up, followed by Virgil and the two left. Roman slumped onto the couch. Patton walked into the room,

“He went with Remus, didn’t he?” Roman groaned a response, Patton sat down next to Roman and hugged him, “Don’t worry Roman, you will get your chance.” Roman hugged back and a few tears started to fall from his eyes, “Am I not good enough? I try really hard, but nothing happens.”

Patton’s heart broke at the sound of Roman crying. Patton ran his fingers through Roman’s hair and said, “Roman, Virgil isn’t the best at picking up any cues, but anxiety cues. So maybe go a little farther with it, like asking him to lunch or going to the park. Something that is a natural date.” Roman picked his head up and smiled, “Patton, you are a genius! Thank you.” Patton smiled, “No problem, now go win his heart!” Roman ran to his room and started writing down every though and detail that popped into his head.

A few hours later ~

Virgil and Remus came back with many bags all labeled from Hot Topic. Virgil thanked Remus then took all the bags to his room. Roman walked out and Remus started to gloat,

“Well, it appears that Virgil loves me!” Roman smirked, “Don’t be so sure. For I have a plan that will definitely win Virgil’s heart, it will be so grand that I’ll have to carry him home because of how amazing it was!” Remus laughed,

“Don’t make me laugh, he will never even go with you! He went with me and didn’t even say hello to you. You will never win his heart. You can’t even win a hello!” Virgil cleared his throat,

“Excuse me! I am not an object! How dare both of you treat me as an innocent princess that will run to you over any small deed! You guys are fucking assholes!” Virgil walked away fuming. Roman and Remus looked at each other and fought.

Virgil walked into Logan’s room and flopped down on his bed. Logan, not looking up from his laptop, said,

“They fought over you didn’t they?” Virgil groaned in response. Logan got up and sat next to the face down Virgil,

“I love the free stuff, but god it’s annoying.” Logan looked up and said,

“Well, maybe we should let a secret out of the bag.” Virgil looked at Logan with a pout.

“Don’t give me that look Virge. You know it’s the right thing to do.” Virgil groaned then spoke, “fine I’ll tell me we are dating after Roman takes me to the mall.”

Logan laughed, “Fine, but at least get something useful.”

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Family + High School Au (because why not)

Patton lost his husband right before his son Virgil was born, he raised his son on his own while coping with the loss of his husband.

Patton decides to move him and Virgil from Boston, Massachusetts all the way to Orlando, Florida. Virgil is now 14 and entering high school. In his high school he meets Logan Pierce, a stiff yet nice guy. Logan is paired with Virgil for the year to make sure he is okay. They have the same class schedule and on that schedule thier last class is Mr. Phoenix, the theatre class teacher. Roman knows what it’s like to be alone and scared so he watches out for Virgil.

Halfway throgut the year Virgil gets sick and needs to go home. Roman, being overprotective and on lunch stayed with the boy to make sure he got home okay. Patton walked in and boom, instant connection. They exchange phone numbers and a week later they are on thier first date.

Logan, seeing how Roman asked out Patton, decided to ask our Virgil who happily said yes. Patton and Roman get to talking when they get on the subject of kids. Roman has a little brother named Remus who he adopted; Virgil’s age. They talk about thier husbands passing and just got to know each other. After 7 dates they make it offical and start dating. By the end of freshman year Logan and Virgil as dating as well.

Patton and Roman spend a lot of time together, so do Virgil and Logan. The only problem his Virgil doesn’t know about Roman and Patton doesn’t know about Logan. Each just thinks that they are best friends and not dating.

During sophomore year Virgil and Logan hit a rough pack, however they work it out and celebrate thier 1 years anniversary. Patton and Roman do the same. Roman introducted Remus to Virgil saying that he thinks they would get along and they did quite well.

During junior year, Remus transferred into the school where everyone else is. Roman decides that he wants to marry Patton and go to Virgil for permission. After seeing how happy his dad was and trusting Roman, he gives him permission. On the night of summer break’s beginning Roman pops the question and Patton says yes.

Senior year, Virgil and Logan are stronger than ever and Remus started taking interest in his art prodigy named Janus. The two start dating soon enough. Remus, Janus, Logan and Virgil graduate on June 12th, and Patton and Roman get married on June 27th.

Roman and Remus move in with Virgil and Patton. Virgil going to the states university on a full ride scholarship and Remus taking online classes while working. Logan and Virgil share a college dorm and continue to let thier relationship grow. Remus graduates with a masters in Chemistry, working in labs soon after his graduation. Janus graduated with a pre - law degree and was heading to law school. After 6 years of hard work the two graduate with doctorates; Virgil for nursing and Logan for business. Roman and Patton couldn’t be prouder.

One day Logan comes to the house without Virgil leading to the inevitable conversation, he wants to marry Virgil. Both parents agree and give permission. Virgil said yes, no questions asked.

The wedding was amazing, Remus was Virgil’s best man and Janus was Logan’s best man. Patton and Roman gave Virgil away, and cried watching thier boy get married.

They all lived happily ever after.

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6. Finishing work. I have huge amounts of difficulty with actually finishing stuff, even when I want to – just ask my 20+ wips. Other than that, though, em and en dashes and hyphens always give me trouble. 


The heavens above are beautiful, yes, but still, they’re no match for the cosmos he sees in Logan, the stars and galaxies and universe that make him up. Virgil remembers reading once that everything is essentially made up of stardust –– looking at Logan, he believes it. 

It’s not my absolute favorite piece of prose I’ve ever written, but of my published pieces, it’s definitely one of them. This is from songs and stars and silence (of loving you), the third part of my ‘of thunderstorms and stars’ series. 

There are a lot of things I’m proud of from that series, including the stargazing scene and the line “Still, the first time the boy with a hurricane’s eyes enters Mugnificent (the coffee shop Logan very reluctantly works at), he swears the smell of ozone fills the air” from a storm in your eyes (lightning and dark skies)but when I was writing songs and stars and silence, this was a line I was quite proud of. I wanted it to mirror the same emotions Logan expresses in asiye, the unconditional love and awe they feel for each other, but this time through the frame of it continuing even after many years of being together. My favorite part about them in the of thunderstorms and stars verse is the fact that, though of course they have their arguments and issues and disagreements, their love for each other is based on understanding and trust, (and also involves copious storm and star analogies). They understand each other amazingly well, but that has never made them any less awestruck by each other. 

songs and stars and silence isn’t even close to being one of my most popular fics, but it’s one that I hold very close to my heart, and this is one of the lines that I adore about it. 


“You’re a very good kwaken,” he says.

Janus just stares at him. “…Sure, whatever,” he answers, turning away and taking a huge bite out of his grilled cheese.

These lines are from Changes, Tricks, and Trust, my most recent fic, and they are my favorites for a very simple reason: the mental image of little kid Patton telling a very petulant Janus that he’s a good kraken makes my entire heart happy. 

This one isn’t deep or even thoughtful. I just love ctat! Patton. 

Fanfic Writer Asks!

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Summary: Virgil remembers how he was treated and realizes, for the first time, that he didn’t deserve what he went through. 

TW: Flashback, descriptions of past abuse, violence, past gaslighting, mental breakdowns, crying, swearing, threats, blood and injuries

Sympathetic Light and Dark sides


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