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co-written with @sebthesnipe (also the artist of our chapter emblems)

inspired by @easy-meta-knight 

 First / Previous / AO3 (where the formatting is so much better, what the hell tumblr?)


Logan was exhausted. 

Two weeks camping in the humid cloud forests of Chiapas, working every waking hour, and only managing two showers since the day he had arrived. The conditions would take their toll on any normal man. Luckily, Logan was by no means ‘normal’. He may have, much to Daedalus’ annoyance no doubt, managed a small spell that allowed for a consistent boost of energy. He was certain, however, that once he allowed the enchantment to fall, he would collapse.

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i think that logan should give virgil an awkward pat on the back

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Catboy simp Logan is so appealing to me in so many ways (bullying Logan, Raymond stanning, it’s just so silly and makes me laugh, bullying Logan again) and I try to tie it less to Virgil and make it more of a fun general thing but like. It’s so hard not to when Virgil acts like That

The way he slowly warms up to people? Him sitting on surfaces that aren’t supposed to be sat on? The hissing? The big pupils when Logan compliments him in My Negative Thinking?????? Combined with my analogical brainworms?????? its doomed logan really do be simping all the time

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It has been 8 days since they last interacted, which is 8 too many

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Analogical secret identity AU where Logan is a popular star trek fic writer and Virgil is his number one fan and both are crushing but they’re homoerotic rivals irl send tweet

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And Analogical fans, how are you all? (Personally I’m feeling pretty great.)

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Listen it’s very wholesome to me that perhaps

It is reasonable HEJWJS that Logan helps out virgil when virgil is worried about situations, like him helping virgil out with the call to the doctor

Is it fully canon? On screen, who knows. But in my heart? Yes sir :D

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hey analogical fans, are you thinking about virgil knowing that logan writes fanfic? did virgil find out on his own, or did logan ask him to proofread, or did logan even ask him for ideas? do they write together?

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logan & virgil kings of being at the beginning of the new videos

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Pairing/s: Analogical

Warning/s: Kissing, implications of anxiety, and self-deprecating thoughts. If there should be more, feel free to let me know.

Summary: One night, Virgil finds Logan alone, gazing at the glittering sky. It takes Virgil every ounce of his being not to fall for the starry-eyed nerd in front of him, not knowing that he already has… 

Genre/s: Hurt/Comfort, Fluff

Word Count: 4366

Author’s Note: Leave it to me to make a Moceit ficlet and write this monstrosity after. Likes and reblogs are highly appreciated.



“It’s getting pretty late…” Virgil stood solemnly across from Logan.

The night was warm. Warm enough to make the air heavy with musky scents of nature. From the sickly sweet smell of freesias to the shallow whiffs of grass, every little detail stood as an unashamed reminder of spring.

The evening breeze grazed his skin, wrapping him in its sultry embrace when he found Logan, seated on the ground, lost in his own head. The surroundings sighed. It was a delightful change from the usual cold nights that blew mercilessly at whoever was found awake and rattling with restless thoughts.

Restless thoughts like Logan’s.

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virgil turned roman into a nerd bc logan lives in his mind rent free

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You can also read on ao3

One last huge thank you to @strongindependentcheesecake​ for beta reading this whole thing. I appreciate it.

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4

The lucky few who have a soulmate are born with heterochromia, with their left eye being the color of their soulmate’s eyes and their right eye being their own color.
Not only was Virgil one of the lucky few to have a soulmate, but he was given four. His left eye changed colors every time he blinked, rotating between his four soulmates’ eye colors.
His rotating eye colors caused him to be a bit of an outcast growing up, but when he finally leaves for college, things start to fall into place.
This is the journey of five strangers finding each other.

Pairings: DLAMP with background Remile

Warnings: None I believe

Words: 4999

Taglist:  @touchstarvedvirgil @lamp-calm-sanders @ninjago2020 @confinesofpersonalknowledge @secret-novelisthost18 @phander-sides @sherlock-lives-on-bakerstreet @bookbingingproblem @viana-dascolli @sharktryingtofly @crofters-n-falsehoods @turnedthefreakingfrogsgay @little-kat07 @romano-hottopic​​

Patton was very, very, very excited. It was finally time. They had all finished school and they were finally moving in together!!

Patton couldn’t help but be giddy as he helped bring up boxes into their shared condo. While it was more expensive than getting an apartment, with four of them (hopefully five, soon!), the extra space was very much needed.

Patton was just so happy to finally have his three soulmates together. He couldn’t help but constantly be hugging on one of them. While it was a bit inconvenient while they were unpacking boxes, none of them dared complain about it when Patton was pressing such soft kisses all over their faces.

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11- “Excuse you, I can be as dramatic and ridiculous as I want, outside of work hours. You can’t stop me.”

 Virgil raised a hand to shield his eyes from the bright glare of the light pointed right at him. Squinting to see past it, he did his level best to glare his disapproval at his two best friends.

 “Guys, is this really necessary?” he grumbled.

 “Oh, definitely. You’ve been acting weird for months and every time we ask you manage to deflect. We’re simply taking proactive measures to find out what’s up with you before it comes around to bite all of us in the butt.” Janus adjusted his gloves, looking every bit the super-villain-interrogator he was pretending to be.

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i think about the “actually your favourite character would love you” post every goddamn day

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