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prole-log · a day ago
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NABISCO Workers have made Danny Devito their strike mascot. Incredible to see.
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boffin-in-training · a day ago
I feel bad for leftist gentiles on one point and one point only the sheer breadth of our radical thought and the amount of context needed to understand it.
Now your average gentile has contributed to the sort of silencing and cultural hegemony that not only makes our shit harder to parse but scares a lot of us off from explaining it, but like try explaining the very basics of the American syndicalist, anarchist, socialist, and communist traditions of the last 100 years Zimmers Immigrants against the state helps explain and Nora Levines While Messiah Tarried also helps, as well as Anna Elena Torres article the Anarchist Sage. has a link on our resource page to a yiddish version of our little red songbook from 1919(?) and a modern yiddish contact page written by some asshole who is more literate than yours truly.
But Jewish anarchism is divided not inherently by the language you chose in the language wars and the side you chose in the jewish enlightenment. But it also absolutely wasn't Emma Goldman was influenced by Chassdim lines of mystical thought. You have the socialistic yiddish speaking bundists who largely were of the enlightenment and secular, you had socialists with alternative mocking Haggadas, and anarchists with Yom Kippur Balls. Other anarchists had sincere services with anarchist prayers mixed with traditional ones, or O(o)rthodox services. The threads of mainstream zionist thought were at their most charitable doomed for cooption and pandering to European/Colonial powers but there were absolutely off the shits developments that were anti colonial inherently ranging from anarchist to communist thought, AND you had anarchist and communist thought buying into a colonial project and doing mental contortions to justify or ignore it. This is not getting into the assimilationist vs anti assimilationist divide which was tied to the language wars and to secularism but was not exclusive.
In the simplest and innacurate taxonomy of thought before you reach idealogy you have
Hebrew vs German(any other gentile tongue) vs Yiddish (forget standardized vs dialects)
Assimilationist vs Not
Secular vs Religious
Enlightenment vs Not ( using not has the unfortunate side effect of placing the first as the default I do not know a better way to phrase this but keep the bias of the wording in mind.)
It is not a 3 ways fight it was and continues to be a dozen way fight within just the left wing tendencies and within a largely but not exclusively Ashke centric "mainstream" of thought.
Also it sure as fuck aint dead or ancient history the free voice of labor stopped printing in the 70's, my favorite radical zine Timtum printed in the 90's and Tohuvabohu is right now putting out radical yiddish and anarchist work
This is to ignore the music of the Yiddishkeyt movement such as Brivele, Shtumer Alef, Geoff Berner, Daniel Kahn
The radical yiddish theatre tradition and the songs preserved partially by the youtuber yiddish penny songs.
Oh and the audiozine skin in the game is a great thing for understanding part of the very provisional whiteness jews "enjoy" in America.
This is a surface level exploration and intentionally linkless but @ me and I'll talk about anything I know enough about to in good conscience discuss
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fromgreecetoanarchy · 2 days ago
On moments like these, at 3 minutes past midnight of 18 September 2013, Antifa rapper Pavlos Fyssas surrounded by approximately 30 fascists of Golden Dawn Party in Keratsini, Athens and while fighting on his own against them, he is being stabbed to death. 8 years later WE DO NOT FORGET WE DO NOT FORGIVE
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heartattackmedication · 8 months ago
Help us kick Bezos in the dick
Boss Baby Bezos is at it again! Amazon opened a union busting website for people to report workers unions, so lets do the world a favor and waste Jeff’s time, money, and life energy (I hope) by spamming his website with bogus reports. Eat shit, Jeff.
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hellyesbro · 3 months ago
I know the news is in the pocket of the ruling class and everything but I can't fucking believe ppl in philly created an entire fucking les-mis style blockade around a city block to stop cops from evicting houseless folks and that wasn't major breaking news.
Like CHAZ was in the news for fucking weeks meanwhile philly had a colossal group of homeless people set up a tent city, a bunch of black bloc folks erected a barricade by breaking into construction sites and stealing supplies, then used that barricade as a bargaining chip to negotiate the city into giving 100 homes to public housing, and nobody fucking knows about that except for a few of my friends irl. What the fuck.
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c0nt8ct · a month ago
The Federation of Anarchism Era in Iran and Afghanistan is accepting donations to help activists escape Afghanistan. The country is likely to fall to the Taliban within the next few days and they won’t show any mercy to activists fighting for freedom there, so please help out if you can.
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left-reminders · 9 months ago
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prole-log · a day ago
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arguablysomaya · 7 months ago
hmmm. not to be a communist on main but you deserve more than just necessities actually
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decolonize-the-left · a month ago
"I just wanna remind all my chronically online leftists if youre sitting around debating theory and asking questions like 'When is the revolution gonna happen?' um... but you are not at places like this, you're not donating....
Umm, you are missing the fact the revolution is happening right now. Water protectors, Indigenous, non-indigenous allies are coming together to protest against a multi-national oil corporation going through sovereign treaty land. So if you're asking yourself 'when is the revolution happening?' I'd say it's happening right now and you're just not part of it."
What can you do? Watch part 2 where they explain. I've linked their Linktree as well since it contains sources on how to get involved & where to donate (as well as the Google doc they mention in the video). (spoiler tho: get involved or donate)
Other useful things:
Red Lake Bail Venmo: Stars_On_Stone
Red Lake PayPal:
Learn More & donate: Stop line 3
Stay Updated:
Giniw Collective
Camp Migizi
Honor The Earth
Lakota People's Law Project
OP's links & Google doc:
src: x
edit: updated to fix the links and added some more
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radicalgraff · 24 days ago
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“Property will cost us the earth”
Seen in Savannah, Georgia
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glozirina · a year ago
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hater-of-terfs · 7 months ago
I didn’t even consider that soap could be made out of bacon grease, like when I heard “animal fat” that just never came to mind
I am once again thinking about neighborhood-scale networks of DIY and mutual aid where community wealth could be created literally for free by collecting things that people would otherwise throw away
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anarchistfrogposting · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
you can bring attention and sympathy to your protest without incriminating the individuals and groups attached to it. keep your friends and allies safe. don’t film riots.
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