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“Justice is complete virtue” (EE IV.1.15:27). 

“Justice is the greatest of the virtues” (NE V.1:28). 

“Justice is all virtue combined” (NE V.1:30). 

“The best is the one who uses virtue not in his own interest but in another’s interest, since that is the hardest thing to do” (EE IV.1.18:8-9). 

“Justice is not a part of virtue but the whole of virtue” (EE IV.1.19:9-10). 

“What is just will be equal. This is something agreed by all without argument. And since what is equal is a mean, what is just would be a kind of mean” (EE IV.3.3:13-15). 

“What is proportionate is a mean and what is just is proportionate” (EE IV.3.12:12-13). 

“The lesser evil is more choiceworthy than the greater, what is choiceworthy is good, and what is more so is greater. This, then, is one form of justice” (EE IV.3.16-3.17). 

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Hei! Jeg heter Lou eller Moss og jeg har lært norsk i omtrent fem år… dessverre kjenner jeg bare litt norsk og jeg bruker google translate for noen setninger her. Jeg håper at når jeg skriver blir jeg bedre!

Hi! My name is Lou or Moss and I have been learning Norwegian for about five years now… unfortunately I only know a little Norwegian and I’m using google translate for some phrases here. I hope that as I write I get better!

I also have just started learning ancient Greek on Mango (I highly recommend that app if you can get it through your library) mostly because I am a Hellenic Polytheist, but also because ancient languages are very interesting to me. We’ll see how that goes!

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Random acquitance: So… What are your studies about exactly?

Me: Uh… *tries to find an easy explanation* *just remembers weird stories about gods, powerful men who were actually dumbasses and indoeuropean etymologies that make you realize everything in your life is a lie* *gives up* Yeah, you know… Latin and Greek?… Yes, like… Gladiator? Spartacus? Oh. Okay.

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