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gyllenhoe-f99 · 24 days ago
Italy got both the gay Euro and the straight Euro this year huh
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randomlonelytorment · a month ago
Me vibing to songs that are in a language that I don't speak a single word of:
Tumblr media
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thechevypickup · 6 months ago
theyre making new "evil genders" (ceowife, female oil baron, male rethrifter, and 'suburban boutique-ownerhusband')
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Måneskin's Italian songs: beautifully written lyrics with gorgeous meanings and sounds in both Italian and English. Amazing melodies and overall absolutely some of the most beautiful songs you've ever heard.
Måneskin's English songs: I'm kinky and horny. Wanna fuck?
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agapantoblu · 2 months ago
It's not about winning, it's about organizing next year's Eurovision two steps from the Vatican city border and make it the gayest thing in the past 50 years
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arctic-hands · 4 months ago
I love talking about this so here's another instance of me talking about it: during the 504 Sit-Ins, wherein disabled activists occupied federal buildings in 1977 demanding better protections from the US government as they delayed enacting the regulations set forth in 1973's Rehabilitation Act, specifically the section entitled 504, which was supposed to provide better access to education and employment for disabled people, and the accommodations needed for such.
The activists, disabled or sick in a variety of ways, occupied multiple federal buildings across the the USA. The occupation of 50 United Nations Plaza Federal Office Building in San Francisco lasted 26 days, the longest of the protests, and I believe the longest occupation of a federal building in the USA's history.
The protest was spear-headed and led mostly by disabled women, many of them queer disabled women.
The length of the occupation was only made possible by the support of the Black Panthers, who brought food to the activists daily and stood their ground against the FBI when the feds tried to stop them from entering the plaza in an attempt to starve the protesters out. The Black Panthers then proceeded to bring hot meals every day for the rest of the protest, which ended with the enactment of the 504 regulation
Moral of the story: mass movements and protests work better when you have solidarity among various movements who, while initially fighting for different people, are all fighting for a common goal--rights, safety, empowerment, etc--and the Black Panther Party was demonized by the federal government and individual authorities not only because they were they fighting for the rights, safety, and empowerment of Black people, but because they were fully capable of and did bring unity among the many civil rights groups fighting for the individual causes, in a way that would have enacted great change in this country had they not been infiltrated and destroyed from within, arrested on bs charges, or flat out murdered by the federal government.
Anyway the history of disabled rights are unknown even among the modern disabled, the involvement of the Black Panther Party is even less known, and without the 504 regulation laying down the base foundation we probably wouldn't have the ADA so here's your history lesson informing you about all this. And thank you Black Panthers ✊🏿♿✊
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ahhrenata · 6 months ago
Hello there! Idk if you're currently taking requests so I'll just shoot you the idea for entertainment —Cody dropping Obi-Wans lightsaber because he has to catch something far more valuable instead...being Obi-Wan lmao (yk from the RotS post where Cody picks up the lightsaber and looks up as if expecting Obi-Wan to follow)
(From this post)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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businessbois · 4 months ago
2:03:05 Hello yes it me no pranks today just vibes :) (April 1st, 2021)  
Phil: “Tommy’s like— Tommy’s your biggest hype man, dude, holy shit.” Wilbur: “I could just go to Tommy and just be like—” [vocalizes] “—and he’d be like ‘AWWW.’” Phil: “He’d be like—” [claps] “‘OHH WILL!” Wilbur: “He’d go ‘OHHH WILLLL! You gotta release this, man, you gotta release this!’” Phil: (laughing) “Like ten seconds of you just going—” [vocalizes and then laughs] Wilbur: “He’d go ‘AWWW WILLLLL!’ He’d do that.” Phil: “That’s such a good impression. That is exactly what he would say.”
4:05:53 Dream SMP April Fools Prank Time (April 1st, 2021)
Dream: “I played— When I played Tommy, um, my, uh, my new song—well, it’s not done but when I played him it—he just started singing, like, a parody, like, two seconds after he heard it.” [laughs] Bad: [gasps] “Oh my goodness, I love doing that. Okay, here, here, here, we’re gonna—  I’m gonna do that real quick.” Dream: “No, Tommy went— No, this is what happened, Tommy went— Tommy went—” [singing to the tune of Mask] “‘But the fact is, I’m evading all my taxes’ That’s what Tommy said and I was like ‘Oh my god, of course.””
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caostalgia · 2 months ago
Me quedé con las ganas de que nos hubiera ido bien.
— And
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rauko-is-a-free-elf · 8 months ago
Please consider...
At the next JIBCON (when the world is finally not dying and open for business again), Jensen and Misha walk out on stage for their cockles panel. Jensen’s wearing Dean’s clothes and Misha’s got the trenchcoat that he jacked from set and we love them for it.
Misha’s smiling and waving and blowing kisses to the fans and being an all around adorable little shit. Jensen’s doing his “fake grumpy with the fans” thing even though he really loves us.
Jensen: All right, all right, that’s enough. Settle down!
He waves a hand at us while Misha smirks at his fake grumpy boo.
Jensen: All right. Everyone get out your phones and open your camera apps. Don’t look at me like that just do it. 
Misha: You really think they’re all not already filming?
Jensen: Shut up. I wanna make sure. [turns to the crowd] And for the love of Jack hold them in landscape mode. No one wants your vertical videos. [mimes turning phone]
Misha: [snickers]
Jensen: We good? Okay. Now, I want all of you to be quiet. Just be quiet, watch, and film. We’re only doing this once so you better capture it right. [points out at the crowd with that “I mean it and I’m watching you look”]
Jensen: [turns to Misha, nods]
Misha: Dean...Why are you- Dean what are you doing in the Empty?
We freak out a little but do our best to hold it together and be quiet for this.
Jensen: Really, Cas? [rubs a hand over his face] First of all, man, you can’t just dump all that shit on me and leave. [jabs a finger in Misha’s direction] Not cool! You didn’t even give me a chance to say anything...
Misha: Dean, I-
Jensen: And secondly, [stares, visibly melts] you’re really gonna stand there ant tell me all about how everything I do is for love...and then ask me what I’m doing here? Really?
Misha: [eyes widen] 
Jensen: [swallows and steps forward in to Misha’s space] I love you too you dumb son of a bitch. [grabs Misha by the tie and kisses the fuck out of him in front of all of us]
They eventually part, breaking into a laugh, grinning at each other from where they’re still leaned against each other with foreheads touching. Jensen finally turns to us and waves us down and they laugh at us as we collectively lose our shit.
Jensen: [points out at the crowd] You guys got that, right?
Fans: YES!(+lots of incoherent screaming let's be honest)
Jensen: Good, ‘cause that’s the last time we’re doing that.
Misha: [smirks at Jensen and activates the dom brow, giving him a look suggesting that, no, that is absolutely not the end of it.]
From the way Jensen's blushing and grinning at his shoes, we assume Misha's probably right.
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alexkablob · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
My favorite coup d’etat, “five teenagers and a grad student beat up the head of state”.
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