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#and 🐈s too
elleaftermidnight · a month ago
sjdkkaks, what must it feel like to get railed by vyn richer and artem wing at the same time 😔
- 🐈
Tumblr media
elle’s feeling thirsty. mdni. or else you’ll never get a s/sr card. 
Tumblr media
your words come out a garbled mess as you attempt to speak, eyes welling up with tears from every single overwhelming sensation the two men are giving you.
vyn lets out a quiet tsk, a look of fake pity crossing his features as he attempts to hold back a groan. a hand caresses your cheek, thumb wiping away the single tear that escaped your right eye, “no one ever told you not to talk with your mouth full?”
you moan around his length, vyn’s hips moving at a steady pace as his cock moves in and out of your lips. 
“you’re taking us so well though.” artem bites his lip, praising you as he rails you from behind, getting dangerously close to release. “what have we done to deserve you?”
vyn chuckles, dark and low, “i think yn just likes getting fucked by two men at once, hm?”
his words send shivers down your spine, feeling both their cocks twitch from inside you. your hands find the bedsheets beneath them, gripping as tight as you can as you come completely undone. 
Tumblr media
my brain just went blank oh god i want this so bad ;-; bc i just !! know !! that artem would be the absolute sweetheart who praises you and vyn would be the lil shit who degrades you a little and it’s the perfect balance?? they’d both be the best at aftercare too hnggg >_<
Tumblr media
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whorefordazai · 6 months ago
OMG YOUR REQUESTS ARE OPENN AGIN, OMG, uhh hi! can I request some separate hcs for Dazai, Chuuya, kouyo with a s/o who can turn into a cat. Like their ability is the same as Natsume’s. OKAY THANK YOUUU ILY 😽
s/o with the ability to turn into a cat
ft. dazai | chuuya | kouyou x gn! reader
genre: fluff
warnings: none
note: sorry this took sooo long to do bae :( these were really fun to write and ahhh I died this was too cute and wholesome I think I went overboard but oh well hehe I love cats
Tumblr media
(disclaimer: I know his ability would technically nullify yours but for the sake of all things wholesome let’s pretend it doesn’t 🙏)
can I just say, he loves cats 😼
they’re his absolute favorite. he likes the aura and mood they give off. being low maintenance helps too. you don’t need to walk them, they don’t make a lot of noise, they eat minimal food, the list could go on and on. total cat person.
so when he finds out you have the ability to turn into a cat, 👀
ngl, he’s all over you. even more so than before. first off—cuddles !!
just imagine coming home after a long day, changing into a cat (I’m laughing hold on 😭), and resting on dazai’s chest. he’ll be a little surprised the first time you do it, because a cat has never done that before 🤔 but now it’s a daily thing !
I heard somewhere that a cat’s purrs can cause vibrations that help you sleep. and that’s proven to be true when dazai sleeps a few more hours than usual :) his sleep schedule is irregular, and he only sleeps when it’s pitch black. and even then, it’s only for three hours at most.
so purring on his chest helps him calm down sleep 😖
since your ability is similar to natsume’s, it’s pretty useful when the agency has to spy on things. you’re a cat—no one is going to suspect you, even if you walk into an underground gang base 🙄
just pull up like “🐈 🤙” and everyone will go about their merry day of criminal affiliation.
little do they know, you’re getting intel and reporting it back to the agency 😏
okay more wholesome stuff ☺️
when you guys sleep together as a cat, you’ll nuggle up and hide yourself in the crook of his neck. he can’t stop caressing or playing with your fur cuz it’s sooo soft (HELP I’M MELTING 🤾)
he’ll just use his thumb and gently rub the space between your nose or tickle your stomach. and even head pats !! SKSJS MELTS
when you decide to be a cat during the day, he’ll definitely carry you around. and I don’t mean in his arms—hehe I mean your body will be hanging from behind his neck and you’ll just be chilling on his shoulders 😎
It’s happened so many times, the agency members don’t question it anymore. however, sometimes you’ll be doing it out in public and a civilian will ask a question.
“Is that...a cat on your shoulder?”
“Hm? Why, yes! They’re my (s/o) 😄!!”
the stranger will slowly back away from this obvious bomb of ~beastality~ that your boyfriend has dropped 😄 <3 (shane dawson who 🤔⁉️)
Tumblr media
not gonna sugar coat it, he’s 100% weirded out. especially if you work with him in the mafia?? like what are you gonna do? meow the enemies away 😭?? kitty fight⁉️
but then he put two and two together and realized you can actually be useful. especially when it comes to going undercover and using disguises to lure people or find out information.
you’re partner 🤔?
he likes dogs, but mostly because he’s had terrible experiences with cats. they scratch him, ruin his expensive furniture, and most of all they never seem to like him (his words, not mine)
I headcannon that once when he was a kid, chuuya tried making friends with this cat for days but the cat scratched and bit the fuck outta him, so went home and cried himself to sleep. poor guy, he really did try 😭 but now he’s:
he’s hesitant, he knows you won’t bite him or scratch his furniture. but you once said:
“If you ever break my heart, your curtains won’t be free from these claws ☺️”
he just nervously smiled, pet your head, and internal shrieked.
okay but imagine the duo you guys are. the partnership. working in mafia affairs with your man. it’s like you go in first, gathering the juicy secrets and then he goes in with his power to totally obliterate the enemies.
after a job well done, he’ll smirk and let you leap into his arms. he’ll rub under your chin and say “good job kitty” (insert howling noises 🐺)
he didn’t realize how much snuggling he craved until you jumped onto his lap, got comfortable, and fell asleep there. at first he’s like “what the fuck ᇂ_ᇂ?” but when he sees you looking so comfortable and cute, he can’t help but feel his heart soften.
he won’t dare move an inch. his legs are hurting? oh well. his back is breaking? oh well. he might use his ability to slightly move you tho, and if you wake up he’ll apologize so much. stuff like “oh god, I’m sorry I tried to move. It won’t happen again. Come back on my lap, okay?”
rai why are you getting excited over those words, you’re not even a cat 🤔
he’ll keep feeling bad until you nod your little cat head, lick his finger, and settle back onto his chest. the both of you snooze away 😴
he’s so careful about his hair—doesn’t let you near it, but he’ll allow you to sit on his shoulder while he lounges around or takes a walk.
sometimes you end up sitting on the top of his head and when you won’t get off (because his hair is so soft and comfortable ☺️) he’ll be forced to walk around pm headquarters with you on his head.
“Uh, that your cat—”
“Don’t fucking ask 🚶‍♂️”
Tumblr media
total cat woman.
she doesn’t know it, you don’t know it, she won’t even admit it. but she’s a fucking cat woman.
I say woman, and not cat lady because that would mean she loves all cat. spoiler alert, she doesn’t. kinda like chuuya, she tried getting along with cats but they’re just too...similar to her?
same attitude, same power, same motives to scratch men in the eyeballs. cats don’t like her, she doesn’t like cats.
or that’s what she wants you to believe 😏
you’ll see it in her eyes, when you gently lay on her lap for the first time and snuggle up to her stomach. she’ll let out a tiny squeak, vigorously look in all directions for a way out, and eventually give up.
you’re. just. too. cute.
she can’t take the adorableness, it’s too much for her. she’s been holding it in for too long . that’s when her switch flips.
she looovess pampering you as a cat. even if you resist, she’ll take you to a groomer or vet to make sure your cat body is healthy. she’ll buy you cat onesies and make you try them on while you’re just like “🧍‍♂️” in the corner.
absolutely no one can touch (man handle) you except her and golden demon.
speaking of golden demon, she actually lets you sit on her lap uwu
kouyou has hundreds of pictures of you on her phone as a cat. It’s her guilty pleasure for when she’s missing you 😞 if she ever gets caught (most likely by chuuya) she’ll deny ever doing such a thing.
she’ll even buy you cat toys and a liter box (you told her that you don’t need one because you don’t use the bathroom as cat, but she didn’t listen of course 😎)
“kouyou, I’m not gonna take a shit on your carpet. I know how to use the bathroom—”
“Nonsense. One can never be too prepared.”
Tumblr media
tag list: @uwu-monster101 @14th-century-homosexual-spirit @dai-tsukki-desu @i4gumi @cross-crye @starglow-xx @ranposlover @bsdwhore @arimakii @shadyteacup @smadhuman @knjksj0301 @neighborhoodfriendlysimp @rirk-ke @mushroomplantasia @pickleisrandom @3-am-depression @its-chuuya-bitch @mars-bakery-shop @luftdum @dazais-belladona @ijustwantfreenetflix @fashionablyfailing12 @dazailiones @atsushisgf @coveringthebiconissue @the-wholesome-ranpo @missshrek @todorokichills
Tumblr media
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bajipaws · 2 months ago
Your theme is so cool! I hope this is the right spot to request - may I request fluff/humor hcs of baji, draken, mitsuya, and inui planning to have a movie night with their gn s/o so they go to the grocery store and leave their s/o to go to the next isle and just comes back to find them mildly panicking because there's so many different snack choices? Feel free to add on ty!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
#CHARACTERS: baji keisuke, mitsuya takashi, seishu inui and kazutora hanemiya! | gn!reader.
#CONTENT+GENRE: “Let's rest in each other's arms and forget about everything!!!....after our quest to the store.” w/ romance, fluff and humor.
#A/N: TYYY FOR THE REQUEST 🐈🐈🐈I replaced Draken with Kazutora since I don't write for him :[
Tumblr media
Chilling in your room after a long day filled with Toman meetings and work, Baji deeply exhaled as he rolled to the other side of your bed, where he found you still working on your homework. The teenager placed his hands on his chin, and stared at you with a pout.
"(Name)." He called out in a quite irritated voice.
You hummed, flipping over to the next page of the math book you were reading the questions from. "Yes?"
"Pay attention to me!" He whined, absolutely offended at how you were so concentrated on doing homework, that you forgot to pamper him with kisses and hugs. "...You've been on that damn chair since we got back from the meeting, which was like an hour ago by the way!...Take a break, godamn." Baji groaned, getting up and making his way to you.
You sighed and made your chair roll to where he stood as you had your pen on your upper lips. "But Baji," You spoke; where anyone could hear the tiredness that came out of your mouth. "This essay is important, you know. I need to get it done by to-"
Baji didn't let you finish. He made you get up from the chair by grabbing your hand and move you towards your bed, where the delinquent practically tucked you it was barely 8PM.
Eyes wide open and blinking rapidly, you were shushed once again when Baji saw you open your mouth. "You're tired! No way I'm gonna let you continue some dumb work where your mental health is clearly more important." The black haired teenager declared with a serious look, pecking your lips and caressing your face gently where you almost fell asleep because of how warm and comfortable you were.
"...That's why I'll help you out!" Baji enthusiastically stated, jumping back on his feet as he made his way towards your chair.
That immediately made you get up, in fear of Baji messing up the assignment you've been working on for the past hour. "N-no, it's okay! I'll simply continue it later." You said, masking the panic with a smile.
Oh you love Baji to death, yes, but there was simply no way in hell you're letting him touch your school work. (Nope...)
"Hmph, whatever. I just wanted to help you." Baji spoke in a quite sad tone as he crossed his arms.
You felt bad upon hearing how dejected he was. Slowly approaching your lover with your hands inviting him to cuddle, a genius idea suddenly popped in your head.
Baji felt infinite comfort with your arms wrapped around him, so once you broke the hug he looked at you in total disbelief, a frown replacing his grin he had just moments ago.
"Hey! What was that for?"
"Let's have a movie night date!"
↳♡ Baji couldn't be more confused. He had his mouth wide open as he scanned your face, ready to ask for more but you quickly took his hand which left him even more bewildered.
"To make it up for not spending proper time with you, how about watching a movie together?" You suggested, taking out your wallet. "I'll buy you your favorite snacks, and put your favorite movie on...What do you say?" You asked with the biggest smile ever.
Because of how busy you two are, the only time you 'hang out' with each other is during Toman meetings, and occasionally during lunchtime at school.
Baji shrugged his shoulders and looked away with a pouty face: you were too kind and cute for his own sake. "You don't have to do ALL of that, you know? Being with you is enough to make me happy...and for me to call it a date."
↳♡There's a tiny convenience store right next to your house that's open 24/7, so you decided to head over there to grab some snacks while you and Baji were happily chatting about some stuff as you held hands, looking forward to spend some time together.
↳♡Upon entering the market, you were met by the cold and fresh air that the AC provided, which made you sigh in relief since it was a surprisingly hot night.
"Okay so here's the plan;"
You didn't want to take long to shop for your items, you and Baji wanted to get out and finally be able to relax in each other's arms as quickly as possible.
"I'll go to the salty-snacks area, and you'll go to the sweet-snacks area. We'll meet up in like, 5 minutes at the checkout line." Baji continued with a serious look on his face.
You nodded with the same expression, and gave him a thumbs up. "Mhm, understood!"
You exchanged a 'Good Luck' handshake, and each of you bolted to the opposite direction where your stuff are supposed to be.
↳♡Baji was done with everything, looking content and satisfied with the snacks he picked. He was making his way towards the checkout line, expecting to see you there but a perplexed look appeared on his face once he saw the place totally empty, except for the cashier.
"Maybe they went to another waiting line, and I missed them?" Baji thought deeply, hand on his chin as he shook his leg.
But his thinking process quickly got interrupted once he heard a faint, familiar squeal. Baji popped back into consciousness and sighed, knowing that this sound came from you. The teenager made his way back to where he originally was, carrying a shit tone of snacks that almost fell off his hands every second.
"(Name)~....where are you?" Baji called out as he walked between every aisle of the store. "Oh! They're probably still in the sweets section."
↳♡Baji began walking to the left where all the candy and dessert were, growing more and more impatient after each second since all he wanted to do was cuddle in the warm comfort of your bed. After a while of searching, he finally found you standing in front of a chocolate stand.
"Oh, there you a-"
"...'Ah'?" Baji repeated in confusion, putting the snacks aside as he slowly marched towards you.
You turned around with a panicked face, hands and pockets full of different types of sweets. "B-baji!" You stuttered out in a loud way, rushing towards him as you showed the pockys that were in your hands.
"Hm-WOOH." He exclaimed as you shoved the pockys right on his face.
"Look! Look!"
Baji tried to shove you off of him as he looked away. "I saw them just fine before you know!?...What's the fuss even for? They're just damn pockys."
You quickly turned around, dragging him with you to the stands. "Okay, but look !" You ordered, holding two types of pockys now.
Baji glanced to your right hand and to your left hand, eyeing the products you were holding with a nervous look. "W-what about them?" He asked, taking a step back since you were way too close. "One is chocolate flavored, and the other one is strawberry flavored." Baji stated as he crossed his arms.
"That's the problem!" You claimed in an intense voice. "Oh God, there's even more-" You gasped, making your way to your mini-cart, which made Baji's eyes widen as he tried to think of what the fuck got into you right now.
"There's just so much to choose from!" You said, finally looking at your boyfriend. "There's the pockys, the lollipops, the marshmallows, the gummies, the chocolate bars, the caramel-"
↳♡Yep. You're too cute for Baji. Before you could continue your rambling, you felt a pair of hands around your waist...and cold cheeks rubbing against yours that was followed by a wave of kisses all over your face.
"You're adorable, damn it." He said, pressing a gentle peck on your forehead. "Eh, who cares: you don't have to choose pretty, put anything you want to get in the cart!"
↳♡Thankfully, you were the one who had few braincells in your relationship with Baji: if you had listened to him; you two would be passed out on the floor from the sugar rush just before you could play the movie.
"You know what, let's just buy ice-cream."
↳♡Baji found you so adorable that he took like, 811719 pictures of secret. Oh, he kept bugging you and clinged 1000% than before because of what just happened.
"Hey, hey do it again!" Baji said, poking your cheeks as he had his hand wrapped around your head.
"D-do what again!?...Also, how about I carry you on my neck back to my house since you're not going to respect my personal space?.... You're gonna make my ice-cream fall you dickshit!"
↳♡For the rest of the walk back home, you were dealing with a more-clingy-and-affectionate-than-usual Baji, while you were trying to balance yourself from falling with the bags because he was basically treating you like a monkey bar.
↳♡Though you ended up giving in once you saw Baji excitedly waiving for you to come as he adjusted the pillow fort he built while you were preparing the snacks and movie.
↳♡Once comfortably seated together, Baji bought you closer to his chest as he rested his head on top of yours, caressing the palm of your hand with a big satisfied grin that you were both finally relaxing together without any worries or interruptions. Totally didn't snap more pictures through out the movie date.
Tumblr media
↳♡You were staying over Mitsuya's house for a sleepover, it was a chilly and peaceful Friday night where the both of you were free to do as you pleased since you were done with school and Toman work...meaning you could spend time with each other.
↳♡It was a very busy and tiring week for your boyfriend, so you wanted Mitsuya to relax to the maximum without him worrying about any responsibilities or duties he carries all the time. Once the door to his house was opened, you were met by Luna and Mana clinging on each of your leg as their happy giggles greeted you. Mitsuya came running in a hurry to scold his little sisters and get them off of you.
"Sorry about that hope it didn't make you uncomfortable!"
You quickly shook your head and flapped your hand. "No, no, no...don't worry about that; your sisters are adorable aww." You said, patting the their heads with a smile.
"You're finally here!" The older sister spoke with excitement.
"Mhm, that means we can play together again!"
This made you and Mitsuya laugh, nodding in amusement as you recalled the fun you had together last time you came over; where Luna and Mana threw a tea party...and how you were the special guest.
↳♡Once you set one feet inside the house, you were immediately dragged by two hands to the living room. Mitsuya followed you again as loud gasps came out from his mouth, apologizing about his sisters, again.
"(Name), (name)! Can you do my hair?"
"Ah, no! They're gonna color with me!"
You couldn't just choose a sister and leave the other one alone, so you tried to think of an idea where you could spend time with the both of them at the same time. As you were deep into your thoughts while the two sisters were bickering, your eyes shifted to Mitsuya who was desperately trying to calm them down...but you noticed that he was wearing something that made you think deeper.
"An apron?" You muttered, blinking slowly.
Mitsuya's mouth formed an 'O' shape as he looked down. "Ah! Yeah, I was planning on baking cookies, but you came earlier than exp-"
"I want cookies!"
"Me too!"
The young girls were now pestering their older brother, jumping back in forth as their demands to eat cookies grew louder and louder. You were back to 0 again, trying to think of a possible idea that would calm them down, AND an idea that'd bring you fun.
"Say, Mitsuya?"
"Y-yes?" (The poor boy was trying to keep his beloved little sisters standing still on the ground.)
You moved closer to him as you took his hands. "I take it that you didn't start baking, right?....How about we have a movie night all together?"
↳♡As soon as you proposed this idea, Luna and Mana were running around you and Mitsuya in circles, chanting 'Movie Night, Movie Night!' while you were going dizzy because of them.
"A...'movie night'? Hm." Mitsuya thought, grabbing you closer. "Sure! Though we need to go grab snacks from the grocery store, we'll decide what movie we're I mean they're gonna watch once we come back." He said with a frowned smile, pointing at his sisters who were now already at the door waiting eagerly for you.
You gave him smile and nodded your head. "Mhm mhm, let's g-"
"Ah no, let me give you a proper greeting first." Mitsuya grabbed your cheek and gave it a thousand pecks, before he offered you a tight and warm hug. "I'm glad you're here."
The delinquent felt you nod in his shoulders, you gently caressed his back as you hummed, kissing him back on your turn. "Happy to have you with me."
↳♡You were now walking down the streets, a hand wrapped around Luna's and the other one down your pocket; same thing with Mitsuya. The girls were talking about what movie they wanted to watch, and occasionally pointed (and excitedly stared) at a random stray cat that appeared every now and then.
↳♡You finally arrived to your destination, fist bumping Luna with a grin. As soon as you entered the market, your eyes started to scan every part of the store for potential special offers on tasty snacks. But after a while of walking around, you found yourself completely alone.
"Uh, Mistuya?...Luna, Mana? Argh, I must've wandered too far in my thoughts. It's okay, I'll see them at the checkout line."
↳♡You suddenly found yourself standing in a popcorn aisle, stocks filled with special offers even!
"Hm, a classic snack for a movie night never sounded tastier!" You proudly exclaimed as you checked the price. "It's even cheap! This is just amazing."
↳♡Just as you were about to take a box, your eyes were met by another pack of popcorn...and a second one...a third one...a fourth one...
"S-so many flavors?!?! How am I supposed to choose one now??" You loudly stuttered, eyeing the products nonstop which resulted into you getting dizzy.
↳♡While you were busy deciding on which pack of popcorn you should get, loud 'Oh, big brother! I found (name)!' 'Huh, not true I found them first!' were heard all over the place, which were quickly followed by shushing.
↳♡Once Mitsuya, Luna and Mana fully approached you, they all shared a confused look with each other because you were literally questioning a bag of popcorn.
"Hey...(name). We're all done in here." Said Mitsuya with a hesitant smile as he held the snacks in his hands.
You quickly turned around with a serious yet nervous look. "Mitsuya!" You called out, voice matching your face.
"What's u-"
"Salt, cheese or sweet?"
"What do you me-"
"Ah! There's even a bacon flavored one?!?!"
↳♡Yep, you spent a whole 5 minutes running from shelf to shelf then to Mitsuya, who had a completely confused look on his face while his sisters were literally clapping their hands because they thought this was funny.
↳♡Mitsuya couldn't help but laugh at your reaction though, plus Luna and Mana are just making this more hilarious so he just bit the inside of his lips but that obviously didn't help so he fucking
Yeah he placed the snacks on his mouth to hide his smile while he tried to distract himself from making anymore noises.
↳♡In the end, you chose a pack of popcorn (finally!) and went back home as everyone was laughing and remembering what happened back at the market. (Luna and Mana totally didn't tell that story during one of their tea parties!)
Tumblr media
↳♡ Slowly swinging side by side with Inui as you watched the sunset and intertwined your pinky with his; truly made this date one of the best you ever had so far.
"Hey Seishu, look at the sky!" You suddenly called out, pointing at a nearby cloud that flew right above your heads.
Inui quickly followed your finger as he hummed, eyes growing big once he saw what you were talking about. "Woah. It looks like a-"
You couldn't shrug away the need to say it at the same time. Inui smiled, giving the swing a push strong enough that got him close to your cheek and peck it, which left you beam in adoration at him.
"You're cute." The blond commented, caressing your hand as he went back to stare at the sky to find other clouds that would make you smile some more. His eyes quickly fell down though, where he had spotted a small convenience store that stood right at then end of the empty, quiet playground.
"Hey, (name)." Inui said, getting up from the swing. "Wanna have a movie night date back at my place?......Lucky for us; there's a market nearby where we can grab some quick snacks." He continued, hand pointing to the right.
You got up on your turn, grabbing your boyfriend's hand as you nodded. "Only if we cuddle."
Inui pulled you closer to him, tucking a strand of your hair and proceeding to give your forehead a quick kiss. "...Of course."
↳♡Once inside the mini market, a sudden crave for some delicious sweets came over you.
"Oh Seishu, I'm gonna go grab some box of cookies real quick."
Your boyfriend was currently crouch-sitting in front of a pretzel stand, eyes scanning from the top to the bottom stacks as his head nodded, proceeding to give you a thumbs up and a hum. "Mhm, alright, I'll be here in the meantime....Don't get lost, pretty~"
You playfully rolled your eyes at his remark. "I've got nothing to worry about, handsome: you're always gonna find me either way."
Inui tiled his head a little bit, a tiny grin appeared on his face. "Always."
↳♡You managed to find the sweets section after a while of wandering around, already drolling over every dessert that your eyes laid sight on.
"Okay so..." You let out a sigh, thinking about how many boxes you should get. "These ones are kinda small, so how about getting the biggest box instead for the both of us?... Plus it'll be easier to carry it."
↳♡Grabbing a box of chocolate chip cookies was a whole success!....But that success quickly drowned deeply once your eyes met a completely different delicious box of cookies.
"A chocolate chip box of cookies....and a dark choco one. Great." You exhaled loudly, rubbing your chin as you stared at the boxes.
"The choco one sounds tasty as hell, but you should always stick with the first option! Alright, let's put you ba-"
And once again, ANOTHER box of cookies caught your attention.
↳♡Inui was already done choosing his snacks, a huff escaping his mouth once he realized that you weren't here. "Hm. That's weird; I don't see (name) anywhere...I thought they'd be back? Well, guess I'm going to go find them."
↳♡This wasn't the first time Seishu came to this market, so he knew where every section and items were. The boy began walking to the right, recalling your previous words about 'looking for cookies' as he tried to remember where this aisle was.
↳♡Next thing he knows, you bump into him where you almost fell if it wasn't for Inui holding you dearly and tightly.
"(N-name)! Be more careful please, you could hurt you-"
"...I-inui?-" He repeated, quite flustered.
You let go of your boyfriend, who's eyes couldn't be more wider as you dragged him back to the cookie aisle.
"Hey, slow down a little bit please!"
"Seishu, this is important!"
".....What is?"
↳♡How utterly, totally rude of your boyfriend: he can't understand that you're having a hard time choosing a snack; and you NEED his help.
"No, this date ABSOLUTELY needs to be perfect...that's why I need to choose the perfect snack!" You declared with a serious voice, looking down back again to eye the products.
↳♡The blond male couldn't help but smile. He got closer and gently patted your head, then pulled you to a hug as he hummed a familiar melody. "You do know that every date is perfect if I have you right by my side? It doesn't matter what we do..." was what he said right before he dropped a quick kiss on your lips.
You cleared your throat and patted his back, looking away from his gaze. "R-right, let's get them both..."
Tumblr media
↳♡Today is an extremely important day for your boyfriend: during the ENTIRE damn week, Kazutora was begging you at every part of the day (and ungodly part of the night) to watch a brand new movie that recently came out, and how you both NEED to watch it no matter what.
↳♡You, of course, were looking forward to spend time with Kazutora and have fun watching a movie together, but this week was just filled with so much tests and finals; that you needed to study at all times. Though you promised him you'll be able to watch it during the weekend.
↳♡Once Friday came by, Kazutora was just jumping and vibrating with excitement as he shook you all the way to school.
"Kazu, I know you're excited but it's 7 in the fucking morning; we still got a day filled with exams-"
"I don't care!~ I'm gonna spend time with my favorite person ever tonight! (finally, godamn it...)"
(Did Kazutora even study?)
You sighed, pecking his cheek before he grabbed your waist as you continued to make your way to school.
↳♡Day barely over, Kazutora was already dragging you out of class with an excited smile. You quickly mirrored him though: he's an idiot that loves you.
↳♡It was around 5PM, you had some free time right before your movie night date, so you decided to take a stroll around a local park to pass the time.
"(Name), your bag must be heavy! I'll help you-"
"Oh, 'tora you're too nice."
"...if you'll kiss me!"
Sigh, Kazutora was simply just adorably stupid. He grinned amd smirked all the way once you planted several kisses on his face.
"Ah, so sweet..." The tattooed delinquent said, caressing the spots you just pecked.
"Oh, speaking of 'sweet', why not go buy some? The movie is like what now...3 hours??? Yep, we totally need snacks."
"Eh, I don't think we need sweets since you're literally here to provide me with some." He teasingly said, tapping on his cheek.
↳♡You entered a grocery store that was right next to the park, there wasn't much people so you were gonna finish up fast and get back to Kazutora's place to finally start the movie date.
↳♡You trailed a little bit too far away from Kazutora, you realized that since you were now standing in front of a candy aisle. An aisle full of candies that made your stomach growl for some right now.
↳♡You began looking around the first stack, humming as you thought about which candy could be sweeter and tastier than the other, and most importantly which one could be enough for a 3 hours movie night date.
↳♡But your eyes couldn't stop moving around the whole place, eyeing every single candy that stood in front of you as your thoughts got deeper, and deeper.
↳♡You weren't sure how long you were standing there, but that was surely long enough for Kazutora to make him come and search for you.
"Oh, you're here! What's taking you so long?"
↳♡Kazutora got 0 response...and reaction. You were too busy internally panicking because of how much candy there were; so many to choose from, so many that were just tastier than the other, so so so so many...
↳♡Your boyfriend quickly picked up on what was happening, giggling as he grabbed you closer and twirling a strand o your hair.
↳♡Literally told you the same thing as Baji. You almost gave in once you saw his puppy eyes, but came back to consciousness once you saw him stack the damn cart with a shit tone of candy.
↳♡You ended up buying a SAFE and HEALTHY amount of candy that would keep you sane for the night. In the end, Kazutora got what he watched: some delicious snacks and his lover's warmth.
Tumblr media
#Saturday 25/09/2021.
#©: bajipaws.
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inky-page · 3 months ago
Haiii~! It’s the nonnie who asked for the Albedo with the shy artistic fem s/o who downplays her abilities! If it’s okay, can I ask for big brother Diluc headcanons with a little sister reader (like not “little little” but a 16 y/o hehe) and they have a sibling picnic together? Thank u!! Also take some 🍓🍑🧁 too, and please take care as well. One last thing- you can call me “🐈‍⬛ anon” just to make things easier, Inky-chan!
Picnic for...
Tumblr media
Fandom: Genshin Impact
Character: Diluc x little sister reader
Warnings: none
Note: 🐈⬛ it is! Thank you so much for requesting! I really hope you like this.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It was a normal day for everyone in the city of wind. Well, aside from the fact that the weather was beautiful!
It was sunny, but not sunny enough to be considered hot (even though it was summer) because the clouds were in front of the sun, blocking its view, and creating perfect weather for...
You had just stepped out of the house and were making your way outside when you noticed the almost perfect weather.
The wind was slightly cold, and you let out a sigh as to how refreshed you felt. That's when you thought, 'why not have a picnic with Kaeya and Diluc?'
To be honest, for the last few days, you and your brothers--yes, Kaeya and Diluc--haven't been spending time with each other, no time at all.
While Kaeya was busy with his duties at the headquarters, Diluc had been busy with his own work, which included the tavern and the family business.
You felt slightly down because you couldn't spend that much time with your only remaining family members, your brothers. But...they had duties, and you understood that.
You looked up at the sky and concluded that it was the perfect weather for having a picnic. 'I wonder if both of them are free...' You thought to yourself as you made your way towards the headquarters, to ask Kaeya, first, if he would like to go have a picnic with you and Diluc.
"Well, let's just go and check." You said to yourself in a low voice, merrily making your way towards your desired destination, and enjoying what nature had to offer.
After some time, you reached the headquarters, and as you were climbing the stairs, you heard someone call out to you.
"Huh?" You muttered but turned around nonetheless, and you saw Amber making her way towards you.
"Heya, ___! What's up? Here to see your brother?" She asked with a warm smile, now standing next to you. You gave Amber a grin and nodded, she has been nothing but kind to you since day one, and if you were being honest...she was your favorite person in the headquarters after Kaeya.
"Yep! I was going to ask if he wanted to hang out. It's been a long time since I last saw him, you know?" The two of you started walking, but the girl suddenly stopped and turned towards you, "oh, I just remembered...sir Kaeya isn't here. He went on a mission this morning, and won't be coming back till dawn...I am sorry, ___."
Amber truly felt sorry for you, it was easily noticeable in her eyes and the tone she used. So, you mustered a smile and said, "oh, is that so? Well, can't be helped! He has his duties, haha. Well, next time then!"
Yes, you were sad. But you knew that being the captain wasn't easy for Kaeya. It involved a lot of work. Plus, there's always a next time!
Amber nodded her head, "I will inform him you came, little ___!" And she hugged you, "I need to see lady Jean. Let's talk more later, okay?"
You hugged her back, "I am only a few years younger, you know?" Amber laughed as she walked away, "yes, but you are still young."
Kaeya wasn't there, so you made your way towards the tavern, hoping that Diluc was free today.
As you walked, you noticed a lot of people, children, elders, parents, and they were all enjoying their days. They all had happy smiles on their faces, and a smile of your own appeared on your face.
A child smiled at you, and you smiled and waved at him. It really was a perfect day.
Soon, you reached the tavern. And again hoped that Diluc was free.
"Hello?" You called out, stepping into the empty tavern. After a few seconds, you heard Diluc's voice, "___, is that you? Please close the door before you come in, alright?"
You sighed, it wasn't your fault that cat came in and broke almost twenty wine glasses! Or was. You had left the door open, after all.
"Yes, yes, I am closing the door, don't worry." You muttered to yourself as you closed the door.
Where was he? You remembered from where you heard his voice. The storeroom?
You made your way towards the storeroom, and sure enough, Diluc was checking if the apple cider and wine bottles were in their respective areas on the shelves.
"Diluc?" You went closer to him and stood right behind him, trying to peek over his shoulder to see what he was up to. "Oh, ___. Hello." Diluc answered, looking behind him to see your smaller frame.
"This is a surprise. You never come here." He added and now turned around. You nodded your head and hummed, "well, I came here because I had to ask you something!"
He raised an eyebrow and started making his way towards the door, you followed his lead. "And what is it that you wanted to ask me?" You suddenly turned sheepish, and your brother noticed your change in behavior.
You started, “um...” and looked behind him, Diluc nodded his head as if to say 'go on'. You cleared your throat, "are you free?" He looked slightly confused but said, "yes, is there something wrong?"
You shook your head, "of course, not! Just look to at the weather!" You motioned with your hands towards the window, Diluc with his arms crossed looked at where you were motioning.
"The weather? Yes, what about it?" You deadpanned, "isn't it beautiful?" You asked him with a sweet smile.
That's when he understood where you were getting at. "If you wanted to go on a picnic, you could have asked like a normal person, you know?" You laughed, "but that's what I am not. I am your chaotic little sister, remember? Hahaha." Diluc just nodded his head with a barely there smile, because he knew exactly what you were talking about.
"Well, if you want to go then...we'll need things for lunch." He suddenly said, moving over to the kitchen. You looked at the clock, and sure enough, it would be lunchtime in a few hours.
A happy smile formed on your face and you ran towards the kitchen, "can you make those sandwiches again?" You asked with a pleading face. He turned around, "which sandwiches?" Diluc questioned.
"The ones you made for me last weekend when you were home!" He made a thinking face, but suddenly remembered which ones you were talking about. "I don't see why not..." And he smiled, "can you pass me those sesame seeds, ___?" You nodded your head, "of course, chef."
After you helped Diluc in preparing a few things, you both made your way towards a garden, that was always adorned with some type of pretty flowers. A breeze would always be blowing, and not many people would go there, aside from the elderly because that place was peaceful.
As you walked, you asked him various questions about different topics and Diluc answered them with ease. "So, wait, you completed that book in a day?!" You asked him in shock, "it's not a big deal, but yes. The topic of the book interested me, so I didn't stop reading."
And, the questions and answers continued until the both of you reached the garden.
There you saw, old mister Candice and her husband, they smiled and waved at you. You grabbed the basket with one hand and waved at them with the other, a smile adorning your face.
"Where should we sit?" You questioned and looked around for the perfect spot, "oh, there! That place looks comfortable!" He looked at where you were pointing and saw a place that was surrounded by three trees, and because of the trees, the place looked calm and peaceful.
So, you set your things there. After some while of talking, Diluc opened the book that he had brought with him and began reading. You were too busy eating the sandwich (yes, before lunch time) to notice the figure sneaking up on you.
Suddenly, you felt two large hands on your shoulders and you flinched but turned around nonetheless, the sandwich was in your mouth and you were about to scream before you noticed the person who stood behind you, trying to hold in his laugh.
"Kaeya?!" But it came out muffled because you were still eating, he laughed. And Diluc just sat there...the book in his lap as he saw the interaction. "Why in the world are you here, Kaeya?" Diluc questioned, Kaeya hugged you and then turned to face "Relax, Diluc. Amber told me that ___ came to ask me about hanging out. But, I was out on a mission.
Suddenly, a betrayed look came on Diluc's face as he looked at you, "you went to him before coming to me?" He asked, and Kaeya smirked, "that's right. Now you know who's her favorite."
Diluc glared at Kaeya, who smirked in return. Then Kaeya sat down next to you and reached for a sandwich in the basket. "They are for ___." Diluc scolded him, slapping Kaeya's hand with the book, the blue-haired male winced. "Nah, Diluc's just kidding. There are a lot of sandwiches." You told him and went back to eating...your third sandwich...
"So, on to the topic at hand. Who's your favorite brother?" Kaeya smirked again, of course, he had to rub it in Diluc's face.
You looked at the both of them slowly, still munching on your sandwich. "None of you." Your answer shocked them and Kaeya choked on his sandwich.
"I rather have Amber as my sister."
They just...looked at you.
And after a while of making a serious face, you burst into giggles. "I am just kidding! I love you both. And I don't have a favorite."
And that is how your picnic went, with both of your older brothers. You laughing at their childish banters and just...enjoying your time.
Tumblr media
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hoodhookage · 5 months ago
well! if you must know--i cant help but feel like kazuha would really want to start a family, and he'd be really gentle and loving when u guys make love,,, i'm really just soft for him!! i could be way hornier about him but i think some softer headcannons would be a good change!! -🐈 anon
HMMMYOU are so right. that wouldn’t hurt at all. i forgot i made him call the reader a slut in the thing i wrote LMFAOOO but very right. this is what i think pls chew me out if you disagree
regardless if he’s on top or not i just think there would be a lot of touching. like A LOT; handholding, hand(s) in your hair, maybe your hands in his. it’s just so sweet if you disregard the occasional tug from when he starts to hit deeper.
you could be on top and it won’t even necessarily be cowgirl. it’s just the two of you moving against each other real lazily while you’re in his lap. i like it.
you know when one of you are close when you start to try and pull one another impossibly closer, whispering that you love each other so much while you start to let your orgasms gently wash over each other
he doesn’t even need to make you cum hard, it’s gonna feel just as good
he would find a way to make every single position— unnatural or not, comfortable for both of you (you especially) and he just carefully drags you along him in his rhythm
no shame in saying it!!! he would tell you a lot beforehand he would want to fuck you,,,,,i’m sure of it. he could make anything incredibly vulgar sound so natural. i wanna hear him say things like “i’m here,” and “i know” when he can hear your voice shake or when you call his name
yeah he’s gonna make you a big sucker for reassurance if you already weren’t one before. his words are so genuine but they’re able to make you way too turned on for your own good
the pace is just so steady but he can’t help but get sloppy when he gets carried away kissing at your neck or when he’s just watching your facial expressions change as he’s tracing his fingers over your body
i don’t wanna be biased but i think kazuha has huge switch potential yeah i’ve kind of said that about almost all of them but the appeal is really in there for him
yeah he’s such a sweet boy. lays on your chest or let’s you lay on his. runs his fingers through your hair afterwards. does whatever kazuha would do after sex. jk i think he would continue to let his fingers draw over your own.
if you have any other things since this was kind of everywhere please tell me€>\¥|£&&@ oops
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murderlight · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Introducing Cat Scratch Fever: The Hardcover Edition! 🐈✨
Featuring the amazing @livray25's illustration and cover art, the lovely @trevoshere's editing and layout magic and yours truly for the story (including a brand new epilogue!) this beauty is available now, from us to you. 💕
This book is 476 pages of pure grimmichi goodness, fully chaptered, professionally laid out by Trevo and featuring a Very Secret Bonus Illustration, just because Liv is amazing. You won’t know what it is until you get the book!
Wait, so what’s on the back? Oh, that’s a secret too. 😏
Get it here!
As usual, these books are purely available as a physical version of the online story, meaning I take absolutely no profit. The cost of the book is solely the wholesale price, meaning you’re paying only for the ink, paper, production and shipping. I also have no hand in the binding, as your copy is specially printed and sent fresh and direct to you. But... 
If by chance there are any flaws in your copy: it’s unlikely, but sometimes weird things happen during printing. Please contact the site directly with photos of any flaws and they’ll replace your copy as necessary.
On a final personal note from me, a beautiful amount of blood, sweat and tears were shed in the creation of this absolute labour of love, with a lot of trial and error, extensive twitter DM meetings, helpless laughter, outraged laughter, exhausted laughter, hair-tearing and true stubborn delight from start to finish. This book could not have happened without Liv and Trevo bringing their unique tenacity to the project, and I will forever adore them to pieces for sticking with it. We achieved everything we wanted. I love you both so much!
So once again, from us to you, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. 💜
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pillarfuckeranon · a month ago
Hellooooo! 🐢
Today I'm asking you about some Jojo (also Okuyasu, Anasui and Polnareff pwease 😰) headcanons about... A singer S/O! 😼✨ I've been thinking about it for a long time and would really LOVE to see these babys reacting to someone singing to them... I would like it to be a bit in my context, I sing a little R&B and this style, and I would like to see how they would react if I sing them a song like "Aint Got You by Alicia Keys" or "All the man that i need by Whitney Houston" something like that 🐈🌸 (Choose the one you want, Im sorry if Its too much but Im very excited)
Tumblr media
This flirt will learn the songs too, so he can sing a duet
He will always ask you to sing for him
He might even suggest forming a band
He absolutely adores your singing
Sing him to sleep, please
He tries to sing with you but he doesn't have the voice for it
He lives for you so you can bet he's your number one fan
Man will make custom fan merch for you
He's a bit of a crazy fan
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wattpadscapcons · 4 months ago
good afternoon! I was wondering if I could ask you for garcello x fem!reader headcanons where she doesn't talk much because in the past she was very talkative and people made her keep quiet? Also, i wanna be 🐈 anon :D
Hola cat anon! Welcome to my blog!
Garcello w/ Quiet Fem!S/O
- He's not exactly bothered by that fact you don't talk much at first
- He had just assumed you didn't have a lot to say
- That was until he noticed that you shifted around on your feet a lot and carried a look that read to him as "I want to say something."
- "Y/N? You ok?" "Hm? Yeah." "You look like you got something on your mind." "Mm." "You afraid I'll laugh at you or something?" "No, I'm afraid you'll knock me over." "What?" "Whenever I talked too much back in high school, people would knock me to the floor. Didn't even give me a warning."
- Ok he's going to have to threaten (beat up) a few people
- And you're going to therapy
- He'll try to get you to talk more often, and to get you to speak your mind, even if others don't like what you have to say
- "You don't have to stop talking if you have something to say. Those people aren't here anymore are they?" "No." "And you know I'm never going to hurt you right?" "Yeah." "Then you should feel free to speak your mind." "Well in that case-"
- You talked a lot more that day then he had heard out of you in the years you'd been dating
- You still have the tendency to be quiet
- "You good Y/N?" "Yeah, I'm fine. Just can't think of anything to talk about."
- Others are surprised to hear you talk so much
- He'll yell at anyone who tells you to stop talking
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fluttering-tbz · 5 months ago
╭───── ( 🐈 )
gentle roses ༄ ‧₊˚ wc ≈ 1.7k 。゚・ fluff!
scenario ࿐ a secret admirer keeps leaving roses made out of tissue on your desk. you make it your mission to find out who it is with the help of your friend, kevin. ✗ not requested
warnings !!! none (:
pairing ๑ bsf!student!kevin x student!fem!reader
{ a flutter note 💌 i recently watched a movie and the character showed how he made paper roses. i was so happy to learn how to do it so i made this <3 the ☆s by the way signal a lil time skip, nothing major tho }
Tumblr media
╰─────── 💓
you don’t really know what happened to you. what felt like a minute ago, you were just getting out of a class and reviewing your assignments and the next well, your thoughts drifted to another world. you got distracted with senseless questions like, what is really considered a sandwich? or a soup? before you realized it, the bell rang, signaling that you had one minute left to get to class. realizing you still a had long way to go, you picked up your pace and tried to get to your next class, art, on time.
breathless arriving to your next class with about 10 seconds to spare, no one really paid attention to you. they were busy working on material or talking amongst themselves. breathing a sigh of relief, you scanned the room for an open seat. a familiar hand waved in your direction.
it was kevin! thankfully, he had saved you a good seat by placing his backpack in one next to his.
“you’re a lifesaver kev, thank you!” you thanked your friend, giving him a quick hug around the shoulders. the bell rang as soon as you sat down, meaning you had just made it. you began to place your supplies and notes for class on your desk, until you noticed a napkin. you were pretty sure it was either a napkin or tissue. whatever it was, it had been placed on the middle of your desk and you didn’t even notice it. had it always been there?
this wasn’t just a piece of soft cloth though. it had been hand-formed into a rose. it was so cute. your lips curled inwards and a pout formed, a slight coo coming out at the sight of the rose. you took it in your hand, handling it with great care.
“hey kev,” you poked his shoulder to get his attention, “did you see anyone put this on my desk?”
your friend just shrugged his shoulders, “hm, nope. i wasn’t really paying attention.”
“ah,” you nodded your head, understanding that he too didn’t know who this secret rose giver of yours was. “it’s really cute. i’ve never been given a rose like this before.”
you noticed kevin’s mouth form a smile, but he quickly cleared his throat and pretended to wipe something off his mouth. his smile disappeared and you didn’t think much of it. kevin was horrible at lying, but you wondered why he was doing so. his cat-like smile always gave him away - maybe he was friends with whoever left this for you and wanted to keep his friend’s identity secret. whatever the case was, you were touched by whoever left you the rose.
you kept getting these roses for a week before you started to turn on investigator mode. it only happened in your shared class with kevin, which was art. you knew whoever this person was, they were artistic and could create something out of nothing. it was a gift only a true artist would have.
“kev! you have to help me find this person. you come to class earlier than me, so maybe you’ll catch them.” you pleaded, trying to get him to help you. he just smiled and continued to paint.
“i told you - i haven’t seen anyone. it’s always there as soon as i get to class.” kevin didn’t really seem that interested in digging deeper with this rose admirer you had.
“okay well there have to be people who came before you,” you peaked around your canvas, looking for anyone to make eye contact with you, “who’s here before you come to class?”
“there’s haknyeon and chanhee…” his voice sounded flustered, as if he wasn’t sure himself. you pressed your hand to his forehead, checking to see if kevin was feeling alright. he froze at your touch, locking eyes with you for a second more than what you were comfortable with. realizing the awkward situation, he shooed your hand away.
“earth to kevin? you good?” you were genuinely confused as to why kevin was suddenly so out of touch with you. usually, he would make jokes or even teased that some guy was madly in love with you as you painted or sketched in class. this past week though, he’s been off.
“me? i’m good! here, tomorrow, i’ll come really early and try to catch whoever your rosy friend is,” he wriggled his eyebrows, making you chuckle, “okay? let’s focus on painting.”
you too, had a plan. the next day, you asked for an excuse to get to art class early. you planned to watch the classroom and catch your admirer in the act. it was quite genius to you. you didn’t want to of course scare away whoever it was - heck you’d act like you didn’t even know. but, to whoever it was, you wanted to pay their act of kindness (or was it love?) back to them.
you peered inside the classroom, trying not to get caught by your teacher or other students; and most importantly your admirer. you noticed kevin was already there as well as some other classmates. you took note of everyone, considering them all suspects. but, you couldn’t help but notice kevin’s shaking leg. he was bouncing it up and down, as if he were nervous. he closed his eyes, took a deep breath and reached into his bag and grabbed a clean tissue paper.
he laid it flat on his desk and then folded in half. his pointer finger and middle finger were separated by the tissue as he wrapped it around both fingers. carefully taking out his fingers, he twisted the bottom.
then it hit you. kevin was making a rose out of tissue.
as he finished, he placed it on the desk next to him and placed his bag in the vacant seat - just like he had when you got to class with seconds to spare. he acted like nothing had happened and got out his materials for art.
kevin was your admirer that made your roses.
you sunk down, not quite sure what to do with this information. he was such a great friend to you - he lit up any mood and comforted you lots. he may be a bad liar but, he was an amazing human being. he gave you hugs and patted your head whenever you did well in art and could tell instantly when you were having a bad day. he’d quickly draw a funny sketch of you which never failed to cheer you up. he was your shining moon. similar to his tissue roses, he was something everlasting to you.
the bell to get to class rang, so you casually stood up and walked to the front door of your art class. students piled out of class, in a rush to get to their next class and not caring who they bumped into on the way. you realized you were in their situation. you were so busy in your own life and your own thoughts that you never really took the time to look around you. to live in the moment. to appreciate the people around you. its the way you never really noticed how kevin had cared for you as you shooed it away as him being friendly. thinking about it more though, those actions may have been more than just ‘friendly’ for kevin.
you didn’t want to get ahead of him, though.
walking into class, kevin looked surprised as you came earlier than usual. “got lightening in your shoes today?”
“there weren’t that many people in the hallway today - totally weird.” you replied coolly, not wanting him to catch onto you. though, by your stiffness, it was kind of obvious that something was up.
you awkwardly shifted in your seat and remembered the rose awaiting you.
“oh yeah! the uh, rose was there when i got here,” kevin scratched the back of his neck, avoiding eye contact with you, “sorry i couldn’t catch them.”
“it’s alright! i know who it is anyways.” as soon as you said that, kevin’s eyes almost bursted out of his eye sockets.
“y-you do?” was all he managed to choke out.
“well, it’s just a suspicion,” you twirled the rose in your finger, pretending to smell it, “but i think it’s chanhee.”
“chanhee?” you watched kevin’s reaction as you said your classmate’s name - he was relieved and almost…angry? maybe not angry angry but definitely, he was upset.
“yeah, i don’t know. just a suspicion,” you set the rose on the corner of your desk and continued, “but hes cute and he drew roses for that one art project, remember? if it were him, i wouldn’t mind.”
“why don’t you go confirm its him then?” kevin mumbled. you held back a chuckle at his childishness. sure, you felt bad for toying with him like this but, you just wanted to see how he truly felt about you.
“should i?” you began to stand up in chanhee’s direction but kevin’s hand quickly grabbed your wrist. stopping you, you turned around to look at him.
“what? you said i should go confi-“
“can you come buy a snack with me?” kevin blurted, “i’ll buy you one too.”
nodding, you followed him outside. even though the bell rang for you two to be in class, it didn’t seem to matter much. kevin, now holding your hand, led you to a vending machine.
“i’m kinda feeling something sweet so maybe the honey-“
“i like you.”
kevin sighed. “i like you (y/n). i’ve always liked you. you always appreciate my work and never question my personality. you’re there for me, laugh at my jokes and it sucks that i’m not really yours.”
well, that’s a confession. you could tell kev was nervous as he struggled to make eye contact the whole time and tapped his fingers against your intertwined hands. all you could do was smile at your precious boy.
not quite sure as to what to say, you pulled him into a hug. you could feel him smile as he placed his head on top of yours, stroking your hair. you felt his heartbeat speed up at the close contact of you two. pulling away slightly, you looked up at him.
“i don’t deserve you, kev. you’re such a sweetheart and undoubtedly my favorite person on this planet. i like you too.”
with that, he pulled you into another tight hug, twirling you two around the vending machine. giggling, you continued, “though, if you want to date me, i have one condition.”
he turned his head to the side, curious. “and what is that?”
“you have to teach me how to make roses out of tissues.”
less surprised, kevin laughed. “you saw me today, didn’t you?”
“yeah…sorry caught you in the act babe.”
his smile grew as you called him that and nodded. he brushed his nose against yours, like a cat showing affection.
“whatever makes you happy kitten.”
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animeyanderelover · 8 months ago
I also wanted to ask... I really liked the ‘other world reader’ head cannons that you did and I was hoping if you could do the same with the chimera ant (Meruem and his royal guards)
Again other world reader? Wow, this really is a trend.
Tw: Yandere themes, unhealthy mindset, unhealthy relationship, obsessiveness, possessiveness, delusional thoughts, isolating, locking away, killing, threatening
Other world s/o
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🐈🎻💥👑All of them actually sensed you even before you were really there, feeling suddenly this incredible explosion of mysterious power, the sky suddenly changing color. And the royal guards instantly were ready to protect their king. But as weird as it sounded, they also felt a bit scared. They had never felt such power before, not to mention that whatever this was, it definitely wasn’t Nen. What was this power?
🐈🎻💥👑But as fast as the sky had changed it’s color and had set this unknown force free, just as fast it all disappeared in the blink of an eye, everything suddenly turning back to normal. With one small thing, Pitou seeing and sensing it first. They had seen everything very clear, their senses being higher than Shaiapouf’s or Youpi’s. They had seen that the sky had spit something out, falling right into their En. Apparently a human, falling right to the face of the earth. And the royal guards just watched, on still high alert. But it didn’t look like the human was conscious, Pouf already considering the problem as solved. They would be dead meat the moment they would hit the ground. They would just bring the corpse to the king.
🐈🎻💥👑That’s what they had thought. But the human didn’t die. Because seconds before they could smash the ground, they suddenly slowed down a bit, still falling pretty hard, but not enough to die. Bringing the royal guards back to being on alarm. Was this a Nen ability? It wasn’t, Pitou obviously would have sensed it that this hadn’t been Nen. What was it then? Some sort of technology you had used? Humans couldn’t fly. But now that Pitou took a closer look they discovered something interesting. You somehow felt different. It was hard to describe, you didn’t have any Nen or something like this, but the feeling you gave off. It felt...different from other humans they had encountered so far.
🐈🎻💥👑Their king obviously wanted to know what was going on, being pretty impatient about what had just happened and what this energy had been all about, demanding an explanation. And the royal guards explained everything, including the human that had fallen from the sky and magically slowed down, Shaiapouf instantly telling his majesty that they would take care of the new threat, killing it as long as it remained unconscious. And that was where the king disagreed, having sensed that whatever this energy had been, it hadn’t been Nen. Not only that, but Pitou’s explanation that this human had felt somehow different had awakened his curiosity. He wanted it alive, at least until he had found out what he had wanted to know. Shaiapouf obviously disagreed with this, begging his king to just let him kill this human. Komogi was already a big obstacle for him. Another human was the last thing he wants his emperor to get in contact with. But Meruem’s word was final, ordering Neferpitou to bring him the human.
🐈🎻💥👑Meruem, Shaiapouf and Menthuthuyoupi returned to the throne room, waiting for Pitou’s arrival which didn’t take too long. Only minutes later Pitou returned, looking quite satisfied, the human being thrown over their shoulders. And without much care they threw you done, explaining that they had been so kind to wake you up and that you had rambled some weird stuff about why you had suddenly fallen into this “Anime”, also saying whilst looking with a spark of worry yet curiosity that you had apparently known all their names. And this wasn’t good, at least in Pouf’s opinion. You had known them without him even ever realizing this threat?! Shame on him!! What kind of royal guard was he?! Meruem on the other hand was more interested in how you knew him the names of his royal guards. He had never seen you, he was sure of that. And he was quick to confront you, asking you with his tail being dangerously close to you from where you knew his royal guards names and why you had called him Meruem. What were you? And from where had you come from?
🐈🎻💥👑It was for you a situation to cry about and you did cry a bit, knowing that he might not believe you and end up piercing your head. But lying wouldn’t be useful either, so you told him, or to be accurate stuttered, the truth out. And this caused different reactions. Shaiapouf was enraged, yelling at you that you shouldn’t lie to his king like this. Did you think that his king was dumb?! Meruem on the other hand just stared at you, judging whether you were lying or not. His intuition was very sharp, not getting the feeling that you were lying to him. And that definitely caused his interest to grow in you. He had never really thought about whether other worlds really existed or not. Sure, there were countless theories, but the possibility that you were from another world fascinated him, the thought that he would be the first and only one to explore such a secret to his world made him somewhat excited. Had you any proof that you were from another world?
🐈🎻💥👑You did, pulling with shaking hands your phone out and showing him different pictures, including him and his royal guards, some even showing him and Komogi playing Shogi. And Meruem was sure that some of the photos from him, most likely fanart or screenshots from mobage cards, were scenarios he had never done before. It was enough for him to believe you, Shaiapouf on the other hand searching desperately for an excuse to prove that you were just a liar. That you just wanted to trick the king. So when you suggested out of nowhere that he could use his Spiritual Message to convince himself that you weren’t lying, he was shocked?! How did a disgraceful creature like you knew his abilities?! Nevertheless, he had planned on doing it anyways, letting his scales scatter around you and allowing him to see your emotions. And he would have lied if he would have said he didn’t feel despair when seeing the emotion honesty. You weren’t lying, giving Meruem the final confirmation that you had spoken the truth.
🐈🎻💥👑It was Meruem who decided to keep you, feeling excited to have a universe traveler in his palms. He would be most likely the only one who would owe someone like you and a king should have after all very rare things under his possession. And you were one of a kind. Neferpitou approved, they themself being very curious about you. Menthuthuyoupi hadn’t really an opinion about you back then, just doing as the king acted. And Shaiapouf blamed himself. A catastrophe!! Two humans near his royalty!! How could he call himself a royal guard when he couldn’t even keep all the scum away from his king?!?!
🐈🎻💥👑At first life was pretty hard for you, Meruem expecting you to listen to him and follow his every wishes. When he asked you questions, mainly about your world and you, you had to answer them all, no matter how private they were. You had to be always with him, no matter what. And you had to treat him like a king and know your place. Or else he would punish you. Neferpitou was most likely the guard Meruem ordered to keep a eye on you. Not only so you wouldn’t try anything, but also because he knew that Pouf wasn’t the most fond of you. Youpi was the one who acted the most respectful to you, being very polite.
👑And Meruem was also the one who became obsessed with you at first. It was most likely due to the fact that he had considered himself as superior, believing that he knew about everything there was to know in this world. But there wasn’t. A simple weak human, not even requiring the cells needed to activate Nen, was the thing that held the key to one of the hugest secrets in his world. It was intriguing for him, knowing that he was the only one who owned someone like you. Whilst life with him was at first pretty hard, over time he became much more softer with you, mainly due to the fact that you teached him, next to Komogi, a lot more human traits. After some time he even wanted you to call him Meruem instead of king or majesty. He liked that name, especially when it came from your lips. He wanted you always near him and after some time even allowed you to spend some time with Komogi, letting you watch the matches and taking pleasure in teaching you how to play games like Shogi. It didn’t matter that much to him that you were bad at it, just encouraging you to keep trying.
🐈Neferpitou was the next one to become obsessed because their king had formed an obsession with you. But even before that they had displayed a huge interest for you, their cat-like curiosity getting the best of them. They felt more than just honored when their majesty chose them as your personal guardian, taking their role more than just serious. Most of the time you were with the king, but there were moments where Pitou got some time alone with you and these times were used to ask you some questions about your world. Pitou would be in this scenario a lot less cruel than as if their king would be already dead. Simply because the king ordered to not hurt you. And Pitou is undyingly loyal to their king, following his orders. They took over time a clear liking to the fact that you found their tail and ears so appealing, even allowing you to pet them and pull on their ears or tail. Since Neferpitou also possessed the most medic knowledge, they were the ones who always took care of you if you hurt yourself.
💥Youpi was the third one who fell for you. He had never really had an opinion about you before. He had followed orders from his king. His king had wanted you and he had accepted that. And as long as you didn’t possess a threat he had never had a problem with you. So his obsession would root from the adoration he often sees the king displaying with you. His majesty looks happy with you, making Youpi fond of you since you make his royalty happy. And this will lead to his obsession, the more he watches the more he would start feeling something for you. He has no human DNA in him, making him never really realize his feelings for you. He would just start protecting you from the distance, not really minding that Pitou spends the most time with you. As long as he knows that you make his king happy and you yourself are healthy and happy, he’s happy as well.
🎻Shaiapouf, the most extreme Yandere here, is the one who would fall the last for you. He saw you at first just as another thing that would make his king weak, even worse than Komogi. He would need a bit of time, where Meruem and Neferpitou will be very careful with him, until he would finally start accepting you and starting to view you as the only human worthy being with his king. And you can believe that when he found out about his feelings he threw a drama tantrum, crying and whining about how disgusting he was, daring to not only fall for a human, but for his king’s darling as well. How could he dare?! At the beginning he would be a bit of a stricter type, expecting you to be the most perfect you can be for his king, often lecturing you about your behavior. But overtime he would start getting more and more delusional and more and more into worshipper mode until he’s reached his full obsession. And from there he would start envying Pitou’s spot, wishing to be in their position. Would try about everything to gain your trust and proving to Meruem that he can take good care of you, preparing your food, making your bed, buying you clothes and being always there when you wish for something. Would be over the moon if you would compliment him or and feels also a certain pride, despite knowing he shouldn’t, that you like his wings so much. He isn’t worthy of such honor! Would be also the type to try to isolate you from everyone except his king of course.
🐈🎻💥👑Meruem would figure it out on his own, the interest his royal guards seemed to have formed with you. Let’s be honest, Shaiapouf probably even told him himself, sobbing for forgiveness for such a sin and earned most likely a slap from Meruem’s tail, crashing into the wall. Meruem isn’t someone to share and Shaiapouf was prepared to take his punishment. But then you interfered, begging for forgiveness and asking Meruem to not kill Pouf. And that led to Shaiapouf crying even harder, wailing that you from all people shouldn’t ask for forgiveness, especially not for such lowlife like him.
🐈🎻💥👑It will still just work out in Meruem’s favor here since all of the royal guards only listen to him and you, but he’ll always have the last and final word. The royal guards wouldn’t get much private time since you spend the biggest part of your time with Meruem. Menthuthuyoupi prefers anyways to adore you from a distance. Pitou as your personal guard gets some time alone, liking to play around with you like a cat with it’s owner. And Pouf, over time being able to rank as your personal servant, would be the one to wake you up in the morning, serve you breakfast, play the violin if you ask him too and take care of your wishes, also being ready to prepare everything if you should tell that you want to learn something new. Meruem would be actually really happy whenever you want to learn something new, liking it when he can teach you, or watching how you practice on your own. Would feel really mad whenever Pouf teaches you something, leading him to order Shaiapouf to leave you. Shaiapouf would be from all the royal guards the most eager to spend time with you.
🐈🎻💥👑But neither Menthuthuyoupi, Shaiapouf nor Neferpitou would ever dare to touch you or kiss you, that right only reserved for their king. Meruem would overtime force you into these kind of things, after he learned that people tend to do this. He would often demand you to sit on his lap whilst sitting on his throne or hold your hand. The only kind of affection the royal guards will get is when you touch them and all of them would absolutely love this.
🐈🎻💥👑No one is allowed to touch you, scratch you or make you cry. You’re kept away from all the other Chimera Ants, no one of those four wanting you near uncultivated foot soldiers. That does not mean that some might know about you, but they would just never see you. And they better do not talk bad about you because Meruem will find out about it, his royal guards reporting everything dutifully to him. And that person will get executed in a cruel way.
🐈🎻💥👑Komogi would be your only friend and only person allowed next to you. Meruem feels sympathy for Komogi and likes her, the only reason she’s allowed to be your friend. And judging by the way how she acts towards Meruem, she would be totally respectful and dorky around you, using honorifics since you’re the king’s partner. Not everyone is that appreciating of this though, Shaiapouf disliking Komogi and seeing her as a danger for you and the king.
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nanamisflowerfield · 7 days ago
hello! can I request koga, toichiro, tatsuomi, and nachi from ayakashi romance reborn with s/o who's super forgetful? like they can easily forget what they did or said just now. xgehhd sorry if it's a little vague, thank you in advance if you decided to take this request :) I hope you're having a lovely day or night!
Aw, I love it! Thank you so much for requesting Ayakashi! I just love this game so damn much ;w; I hope that I wrote them well (didn't got far with the story too...)
I hope that you like it and have a great day/night too!
Tumblr media
👹 Being forgetful wasn’t as great as people thought it could be. Sure, you forgot a few bad things that once happened or forgave others easily, because of it, but there were times, Koga was too worried about you little problem. 👹 “Mh… What did I wanted to do again…?” You asked yourself, staring at the ground while you held your chin in your hand, trying to remember that one task that you needed to do. 👹 “There you are.” You heard your lovely boyfriend behind you, who walked towards his adorable s/o, that would want to flip tables over because they once again forgot what they wanted to do. “Are you alright?” 👹 “No, Koga… I’m sorry… I really have to do something important, but dumb me forgot to write it down. What is wrong with me?” As you turned around, your arms embraced the ayakashi while your (e/c) eyes teared up. 👹 “Maybe it wasn’t that important.” Koga tried to reassure you, patting with one hand your head, while the other one held you tightly until he heard your stomach growl like a hungry bear. 👹 Your face blushed as you turned your head away from your boyfriend, who chuckled at you. “I think I know what you forgot again. Come, let’s go and buy you something to eat. I don’t want my s/o to starve again, like yesterday.”
Tumblr media
🦊 He is prepared for anything! Toichiro thankfully has everything you needed and can also read you like an open book. Even if you forgot anything, he surely will know what it is. 🦊 He will also tease you a lot, making you a flustered mess. It will always make him chuckle and happy to see your redden cheeks. It’s the best thing to see on mornings. 🦊 “Were are you going, love?” You glanced over your shoulder, staring at your smirking boyfriend. “Out. Why?” – “Haven’t you forgot something?” Your eyes widen. You forgot something again! Oh no, what was it? 🦊 After a few minutes of standing in front of the door and thinking about it, you finally realized what you forgot. A goodbye kiss! With a smile and pinkish cheeks, you kissed Toichiro’s cheek, before saying bye and meet your friends. 🦊 “I don’t mind the kiss, love, but you forgot your shoes!” You heard him behind you, now facepalming at yourself. “I’m an idiot.” – “You are my idiot, love.”
Tumblr media
🐈 Nachi was one wonderful boyfriend. Not only did he do everything in your household, but he also wrote down what you should do and shoves those small papers into your pockets, so you won’t forget anything. 🐈 “Have you bought the milk?” – “Uhhh… N-Nachi… I think I forgot it there… I will go and grab it again.” You laughed, scratching your neck until you were interrupted by your cat-like boyfriend, who sighed at you. “Don’t worry, I know that you would forget it anyway, so I bought a bottle of milk already, just in case.” 🐈 Nachi is always prepared. He knows you better that you might know yourself! 🐈 “Here is a grocery list. Please, don’t forget anything this time.” Nachi smiled, his tail wiggling as you patted his head for a few seconds, before you waved at him. It surely was a typical day for the both of you. 🐈 “Mh… Fish… Check… Milk… Check… Salad… I think I bought it… What was the last point again?” Your eyes wandered down, staring at the last words, he often wrote down. “Hehe… I love you too, Nachi.” You hummed happily, walking towards your home you shared with the ayakashi, only realizing that you had forgot your shopping bag once again…
Tumblr media
🗡️ You stood in front of a bookshelf alone. Tears nearly escape your eyes, but you are trying to stay strong. Sure, you were in front of it for three hours, but that’s normal for you, as you have forgot which book you wanted to bring over to your boyfriend, who was waiting for you at your place. 🗡️ Thankfully, Tatsuomi knew you very well, which is why he had want to come along, but you shoved him back inside your house, telling him that you can do it alone, as you were a great adult and could remember such an easy thing. 🗡️ Unfortunately, you have forgot the title of the book. “Were you searching this book mayhap?” A tall man stood next to you, pressing a book into your hands as you looked at the man. His face looked very similar to your boyfriend’s but he had a mustache and blond long hair on his head. It couldn’t be Tatsu… right? 🗡️ “Uhhh… I guess… Thanks… I will just ask my boyfriend, when I go back. Thank you, sir.” As your eyes glanced down to the book in your hands and up to the man, you realized that he had disappeared. Maybe it was a ghost? That was weird. 🗡️As you opened the door, you walked to your living room, seeing Tatsu sweating a few drops, as he had shoved something into his bag. “Are you alright?” – “Oh, (y/n)! That was the book I wanted, thanks! You really remembered it.” Your boyfriend interrupted you, grabbing the book out of your hands, as you raised your eyebrow. “Alright… I will go and make us some tea.” You said, forgetting to ask him what he was trying to hide in his bag, while Tatsu sighed in relief that you haven’t seen the fake mustache and wig in his bag.
It would be lovely to be supported with a small ko-fi.~ :3
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alderiasamantha · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Headcanon #1
•Enhypen when you’re unexpectedly run into your ex while out on a date with them•
Pairing: Enhypen x reader
Gender: Neutral
Word Count: 1,182 words + emojis
✿ Lee Heeseung 🦌✿
✿ grocery dates was very common with u both
✿ so you too was in the grocery store at the mall yk buyin groceries doin ur own thing~
✿ u separate ways for a lil while..he was in the ramyeon aisle (ain’t surprised ✌️✨) and you was in the chips aisle.
✿ when u like bump into someone and was like gonna apologize then you saw ur ex’s ugly ass lookin face and went 😬.
✿ luckily for you, you had a knight in shining armor to rescue you.
✿ “hey babe I found this new ramyeon packet and I really wanted to try….it….”
✿*hee looks at you and then ur ex u ur ex then u ur ex and u ur ex (u get it)*
✿“Hee! Oh, can I see that? Oh maybe we can try that sometime…” you say avoiding eye 👁 contact with ur ex and pulling Heeseung away to the next aisle
✿“Angel, what and who the heck was that???” “Sorry Hee, that was my ex and I really didn’t wanna see him in the grocery store of al places 😓”
✿ Baby went “oh, ok” and continued the rest of ur grocery shopping date.
✿ Would ask u questions abt ur ex back at home 🏡 though.
✿Park Jay/Jongseong 🦅✿
✿ u and mister Jay was at a shoe store (cause we all know he loves shoes 👟😒✋)
✿ u saw this really cute shoe and wanted to see one that was in ur size.
✿ so u walked up to one of the employees askin him bout if there was a shoe in ur size until u stopped mid sentence and went “oop- I’m so sorry”
✿ u kinda panicked and went to Jay tugging him outta the shop
✿ manz was so confused like “baby?? What’s goin on? Why’d u pull me out?? Did something happen?” He was so confused 😐 like fr fr
✿ u finally explained to him that he was ur ex and ur past relationship didn’t really end well so u didn’t wanna see the dude rn..
✿ plz ✋😭 he was so patient and understanding when u was explaining to him and was like “ahh I see” (probs teased u a bit cause cmon it’s Jay) so u went to another shoe shop-
✿ Sim Jake/Jaeyun🐶 ✿
✿ jake decided to take his precious dog 🐕 ,Layla on a walk.
✿ he wanted you to come with him so y’all can hang out and do sweet couple stuff
✿ so u two were walkin talkin to each other bout ur day an all
✿ when you see a very familiar face then u go 🤭
✿ then u hide ur face in Jake’s shirt he was like “?????”
✿ u explained when u both got home and he understood immediately (didn’t question u abt ur ex tho cause he knows ur not really comfortable talkin bout em)
✿ Park Sunghoon 🐧 ✿
✿ it would be rude of me if I didn’t say you two went on an ice skating ⛸ date
✿ so yeah that’s exactly what u two we’re doing
✿low key Sunghoon showing of his skills to u to impress u but yeah…
✿ when u was goofin off tryna copy his spins and tricks u fell on ur bottom and it hurt
✿ just before Sunghoon could help u up someone beat you to it
✿ his face was lookin like “😐👊”
✿ ofc u say thank you and when u clearly sees his face u go “🤐🤐”
✿ so u quickly skate away and Sunghoon catches up to you
✿ ofc asks what was wrong
✿ u explain and he low key teases you a bit but ofc won’t take it too far
✿ Kim Sun-oo 🦊✿
✿ you guys were in a bath and body works are sumn buying facial masks moisturizers and all that jazz
✿ he found this item that looked nice and asked u to ask the cashier what price it was cause he was still lookin for some other stuff
✿ ofc being the good s/o you are u go and ask the cashier
✿ but when u see the cashier u we’re along the price ur face went “😱” like a deer caught in headlights
✿ so u get the price, say thank u to the cashier and practically ran back to Sunoo
✿ she a runner 🏃‍♀️ she a track star 💪
✿ he noticed u liked a little pale so he asked u what’s wrong then u explain
✿ then he giggles 🤭
✿ g i g g l e s
✿ mf giggles
✿ lovingly ofc cause u looked so cute 🥰
✿ how do u look cute when ur pale? Idk 🤷‍♀️
✿ Yang Jungwon 🐈 ✿
✿ honestly u two weren’t that big on dates outside
✿ but u two were so bored so u said why not
✿ so now ur here in the department store at the mall looking at whatever
✿ for some odd reason you were looking at the utensils 🍴 and plates they had on display
✿ guess who bumped into a plate and dropped it on the floor out of there clumsiness???
✿ you that’s who 🤭😙
✿ Jungwon was like 😨😨😨😨
✿ you were like 😨😨😨😨😱😱😱😱 too
✿ guess who was there and saw the whole thing in front of there 👀??
✿ ur ex
✿ who worked at said department store 🏬
✿ ofc u had to pay for it
✿ and so u did
✿ get ready for a big lecture from Jungwon!!!
✿ in conclusion Jungwon doesn’t let you go near the glass or display items anymore 🥰🥰🥰
✿ Nishimura Riki 🐆 ✿
✿ like Heeseung u was in the grocery store
✿ shopping for ingredients for a bunggeopang making date at home
✿ Riki wanted to go with the original ingredients
✿ while u wanted to spice it up a little
✿ well not literally
✿ so I went on searching for that ingredient u wanted to add to ur bunggeopang
✿ and u just couldn’t find it
✿ so logically u asked a person who worked there
✿ now here’s the twist
✿ all the workers were blue with a white collar, yeah?
✿ so u found a guy that had that same shirt 👔
✿ surprise surprise u asked the wrong guy
✿ and if it wasn’t any worse u ran into the person u had a previous relationship with
✿ u kept on apologizing and they kept saying it was 👌 ok
✿ so then u zoom it’s there lookin for Riki
✿ u find him and he sees ur panting a bit
✿ “bub, what happened to u? U look like u ran a marathon”
✿ “sorry I saw my ex and sprinted here”
✿ “ah ok 👍 so which bunggeopang ingredients did u want?”
✿ literally un phased at all cause he knows u 💕 love 💕 him now!
⭑・゚゚・*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼✿ ⭑・゚゚・*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼✿
A/n: first time doing this so sorry if it sucks 😀🤙
P.s. I was doin this while their album was on shuffle 🔀
P.s.s this is in no way in any form to condone dating these boys, this is merely a work of fiction which my stupid brain pooped out.
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dolls-of-the-west · 2 months ago
Hi! Hope you're having an awesome day <3
Can I request Joe and Ranmaru with a gn s/o who's a humongous cuddlebug?
Thank you!!! I hope you are aswell! :]]]
While in the process of making this I decided I don't want to write oneshots so I'm sorry if that's what you wanted. I hope you still like this tho!
he definitely is too!
although he would be surprised if you wanted to be affectionate right away when you start dating, he’d probably get used to it soon enough
I kinda get the vibe that hes touch-starved, so he’d want to cuddle whenever
of course, if you dont like pda then “whenever” can just mean whenver your alone!
Speaking of when your alone
He'd definitely prepare blankets, soft music, or a movie, and anything else to make you comfy when you come over :)))
VERY bushy and flustered!!
like he’d barly be able to talk if you hug him
But he still enjoys it! Especially when he gets used to it after a while
Shockingly, HE might even inniciate it at some point
Also if you want to touch or play with his hair, he'd definitely lean into your hand
Like a cat! 🐈
While joe would probably close his eyes while you cuddle, i can def see Ranmaru either staring at you or anywhere but you the whole time
Alr, that's all! Thank you sm for your request, istg I love joe and ranmaru more then anyone else
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goldie90 · 5 months ago
The ideal pet for each Sawyer
Bubba: A Cat 🐈
Tumblr media
A cute fluffy kitten would be just perfect for Bubba. He would absolutely adore it and cuddle and play with it at any chance he get.🤗 Most likely he met his furry little friend when one day it just showed up at the Sawyer´s property. It was love at first sight and he wanted to keep it. At first Drayton wasn´t very fond of the idea, but in the end he begrugingly allowed Bubba to keep the cat, with the justification that it could be useful, because it hunts mouses and rats. (Secretly Drayton loves the cat, but being the grumpy old man he is, he would never admit it. But when no one´s looking he pets the cat and gently tickles it behind it´s ears 😊)
Nubbins: A Dog🐕
Tumblr media
Nubbins likes to spend a great amount of time outside, so a dog would be ideal for him. He would probably take it with him anywhere he goes, so when he hitch a ride, the people who pick him up would not only have to deal with the crazy guy who tries to sell his pictures to them,📸 but also with the dog who´s meanwhile chewing on their bags.🙄 Also, he would take the dog to the graveyard with him, so it can keep watch while he´s busy robbing some graves. Then he would share the bones he found with the dog,🦴 giving every piece he don´t need for his art projects to it. He would also try to train the dog to hunt escaping victims down, cause why not? The dog seems just perfect for the job and it´s a nice thing to do together. Drayton most likely hates the dog, because it always steals his shoes and chews on them, already destroyed more than one pair in the process. Also, one time he even caught it chewing on his broom, which is the worst thing the dog could ever do to him. He only allows Nubbins to keep it, cause he thinks it could be useful to have a dog, but he don´t want to have it in the house, so the dog stays outside, or so he thinks. Nubbins will often sneaks it inside when Drayton is at work or asleep. 
Chop Top: A Parrot🦜
Tumblr media
Look at this colourful bird - isn´t it groovy? That´s what Chop thought when he first laid eyes on his feathered buddy. Also an animal that is able to talk? Really groovy. Chop will try to teach it singing all his favorite songs🎵 and damn, will he be proud if it actually works! The parrot will live in a cage in his room, but will barely ever be in it, cause most of the time it will either sit on Chop´s shoulder or just freely flying around the house. And of course, it not only sings songs, but also talks and one of the things it can often be heard saying is “Music is my life” Also, it might called Drayton a “dog dick “ a few times and told him to “Lick my plate” much to the amusement of everyone in the household, except Drayton. He don´t like the bird and demands that Chop keeps it in his room, but of course Chop doesn´t listen and so the parrot still flies freely and happily though the house.
Drayton: A Fish🐟
Tumblr media
I don´t think that Drayton would even want a pet in the first place. What is it good for? He already got his broom🧹and that´s the only friend he needs. But if he´d decide to get a pet it would be a fish. A nice looking fish in an aquarium that he would put in his room. It´s the ideal pet for him, because it´s quiet, it doesn´t need much attention and watching it swim around can be really relaxing. So after a long day with lots of work, Drayton will sit in his room and just watching the fish, thinking about how easy life must be if you living in an aquarium and have nothing to worry about. No work, no taxes, no brothers who´s driving you insane.... Yeah, being a fish would be really nice. If he thinks about it for too long, he might even get jealous of the fish, to the point that he almost wants to beat it with the broom, but of course, he would never do this. He don´t want his broom getting wet, also he spended a good amount of money on the aquarium. (That´s just what he tells himself, but the truth is that Drayton really loves his fish, but of course, he would never admit it) 🙄
Grandpa: Well, due to his health state, he isn´t even able to take care of himself, so he definitely can´t take care of a pet. And because of that I think the best thing for him would be....
A stuffed cow
Tumblr media
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ughgclden · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
now closed!!
hi besties!! so, i hit 900 followers and i can't even begin to thank you all?? i started this blog thinking id get maybe a few followers and i was terrified id be a little outsider, but everyone's been so lovely and i luv you all sm - im holding all of your hands rn <33 thanks so much for all the love and support, you're all the best :') but now - onto the celebration! send as many as your heart desires! open from sep 1st to sep 7th
fandoms available; dead poets society, hp (both golden trio and marauders era), grishaverse, stranger things, maze runner, and fear street
this is themed around some of my fav songs, some of them don’t rly match the asks but it’s okay <3
Tumblr media
🐈 fallingforyou; a celebration classic - ships! send me a little about yourself (looks, personality, interests etc.) and a gender preference + fandom(s) and i'll ship you with someone! these can be platonic and/or romantic!
🧸 remember when; send me this emoji and i'll provide you with a nice memory i have - feel free to share one with me too if you'd like!
🤎 dreams; send me this emoji and i'll make you a lil moodboard + list few things that remind me of you/your aesthetic
🍰 the night we met; send me this emoji + a short description of your personality and interests + a character and i'll write you a short blurb about how you met/your first date!
🦌 golden brown; cym! i may not do as many of these as im scared of annoying my mutuals by tagging them in things but, c'est la vie!
🎞 put me in a movie; similar to ship requests - tell me a bit about yourself + a fandom and i'll tell you how i think your life would be in that universe! this includes friends, love interests, and just general excitement you'd get up to - these may take a little longer to write!
🍨 3 flowers; let's spread some love!! send me this emoji and i'll tell you three things i love about you/your blog!
Tumblr media
and that’s it!! again,, i can’t thank u all enough - it’s unbelievable how happy this silly lil blog and all of you make me <33 hope u enjoy the celebration - take care of yourselves ily!!!
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prince-honeypaw · 5 months ago
could you do baby hitoshi and cg aizawa hcs, and something to do with kitties? like going to a cat café together or getting a kitten! 🐈
♡ You know the key to my heart...
Tumblr media
♡ Going to the cat café would be a huge reward for baby Shinsou.
♡ Whether he's been doing well in class, taking care of himself, or been particularly well behaved- When they turn a certain corner he knows they're going to the cat café.
♡ It's free regression juice.
♡ When he gets accepted into the hero course, Aizawa feels that the little rugrat deserves a break. He's been working so hard for months, what kind of a caregiver would he be to deprive Shinsou of kitty time?
♡ But, he obviously doesn't tell him where they're going, just says to dress to regress. It makes Hitoshi jittery.
♡ Shinsou always wears his cat pouch hoodie to the café! The one with the cat ears on the hood.
♡ He always swears that one day he'll sneak a cat out in the pouch, but that's a pipe dream.
♡ His words always get a little jumbled up the closer they get. Just starts to babble about the "ki-ki"s and "papapapapapa!"
♡ He's excited! He's shifting into baby mode.
♡ They order the same thing every time: A cold brew coffee, strawberry milk in a lidded coffee cup, and thirty minutes with the cats.
♡ Hitoshi needs his milk with a lid because he gets clumsy!
♡ He's also absurdly respectful to the cats there. Timidly peeking at them from a table when they trot over, tugging on papa's sleeve with the widest eyes.
♡ If he's verbal he only refers to them as Mr/M(r)s [Name].
♡ His favorite is a big, black cat with round, blue eyes named "The Overseer".
♡ He calls her Ms. The Overseer, or Se-se!
♡ Shouta is fond of an old tripod tabby, affectionately named Grandpa.
♡ Hitoshi is bad at playing with the cats since the toys tend to catch his attention too.
♡ He can't help it, he's too small!
♡ Usually has to be carried out because he ends up half asleep with his face in a cat belly.
♡ Aizawa will learn that his little one has gotten delicious, pink milk in one of his pockets later.
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whaleofatjme1920 · a day ago
hfhfsh you just did my scar ask (sf) and i was very happy with it!! i hope it’s not too much of me to ask for another the second time in a row but!! the gang (minus todd and neil bc they’re dating ofc) with a super sporty s/o? like they can do all sorts of athletic stuff and even excel in it! thank you again!!!! <3
- 🐈
The Gang with a Sporty SO
[Warnings: Like, none?]
[AN: hope this is everyone!]
Sal Fisher
I feel like Sal is into sports. He's pretty athletic but deceptively athletic.
He loves that you're sporty though because I feel the two of you would go out and do sporty things together! It's a lot of fun for him because he likes getting out once and a while.
Likes watching you do athletic stuff because he finds it really incredible. I feel the two of you would train together, maybe get into couple's workouts lmfao.
If you're on a team or something he always comes to watch your games. Is your biggest cheerleader.
Honestly he brags about you every now and then lmfao.
Larry Johnson
He is not THAT athletic but he can appreciate a game with friends every now and then.
Having you as his SO, I feel he gets into sporty stuff just because you're so excited to include him. It makes him smile to see you happy. Is he good at some of the things you're doing?? Kind of.
I feel Larry likes to actually workout when he's stressed so the two of you probably workout together. He likes spending time with you.
He too will brag about you.
Takes lots of pics of you lmfao.
Ash Campbell
She's a little sporty? I think she'd never say no to actually spending time with you.
She likes track. Ash will absolutely go on jogs with you. It's a cute early morning date thing.
I feel the two of you honestly get a little competitive because Ash DOES have a competitive side to her.
The two of you are honestly a sporty power couple because she becomes more sporty during her relationship with you.
When she's not actually doing the activity with you, she'll actually sketch you while you're doing stuff! You're her favorite muse.
Chug Cohen
He likes watching sports, not actually doing them.
However that doesn't mean he isn't your biggest supporter and number one fan!! Wants to hear about all the things you get up to and is so happy you're happy.
He watches you do stuff, and also watches games with you at home. A lot of your time with Chug is actually cuddling with him on the couch, maybe him massaging your muscles as the two of you softly talk about your day.
Chug is a little interested in the things you do because he just wants to learn about you.
You can try to mention him joining you and he will only half consider it.
I have a feeling Maple would fall in love with sports and general exercise because you're so magnetic about it.
She already likes seeing you out there, joins you for things like yoga and agility training. Also bike riding. I just get the feeling Maple likes cycling.
Maple always has something warm and energizing when you get back home and are tired from said sports and heavy activity.
She too comes to your games and is your number one supporter. She's so pleased to have someone like you in her life because she thinks you're a good influence. Also likes to trace your muscles.
Maple is such soft, sweet energy and she brings that to you as often as she can.
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coldsilentnight · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I can read the room too, meow!”
Request; Gin stimboard
For; @travelerkins ‘s contest
Mod notes; Final post! I loved getting to work with some new sources!
(Post 4/4)
🐈 - 🐈 - 🐈
🐈 - 🐱 - 🐈
🐈 - 🐈 - 🐈
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wattpadscapcons · 4 months ago
Hello again! i would like to ask for ruv, whitty, senpai and garcello with a fem! reader that can transform into a cat :DD -🐈
That 1. Is way too many characters, and 2. it's ok that your identity is out Cat Anon. I will be picking Senpai and Whitty.
Whitty w/ Fem! S/O That Can Transform Into A Cat
- With him, this kind of thing would be normal
- "Cool trick Y/N." "Thanks! Now can you pet meeee?"
- He doesn't want to pet you but accidently does it sometimes
- "Ah, sorry." "It's fine. It feels nice."
- He gets confused where to take you when you get hurt, a vet or a regular doctor
- Please change out of cat form to eat, don't weird him out
- He'd carry you around if you want him to, you aren't all that heavy in your cat form
Senpai w/ Fem! S/O That Can Transform Into A Cat
- This is completely normal
- He's well aware that you're both in a video game, so that only makes sense that you could do something unusual
- "A lovely form to take my dear Y/N. You look so cute like this!" "Ah watch the fur!" "Sorry."
- He literally wants to pet you all the time
- Even if you're not in cat form
- "You really can't help yourself can you?" "No not really."
- Full on simp, carries you and does anything you want him to
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