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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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#and I can’t drink the water

Question for the witch side of tumblr:

Is it cool if a person takes the leftover gallon jug of water that their piercer made them mix with sea salt to make saline for their new piercings, and uses it to to make a shitload of moon water on Halloween? Asking for a friend

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Hello! How did you know I hadn’t drank water?? You’re amazing!

5. rainy, foggy autumn days or cold, sunny autumn days?

Rainy and foggy! Except I’m remembering rn this one Halloween I walked home from a party and it was raining so hard and I though I lost my phone so I had to walk back and I know I was crying and I ruined my white converse….. so maybe very light rain because that autumn night sucked (And my phone was not lost I’m just dumb)

6. favorite horror movie to watch on Halloween?

The ring traumatized me as a kid, so I’d watch it for the sake of nostalgia lol

18. describe your ideal autumn day?

The PERFECT autumn day is the day the dodgers win the World Series. I don’t ask for much

20. alcoholic or non alcoholic apple cider?

I love hard cider (shoutout to angry orchard). I’ve never tried hot cider though, do people put alcohol in that too?

29. do you like cold weather?

I like it when I’m indoors. I had never experienced a snow storm until last year and it’s beautiful af but i can’t imagine waking up and going to school/work every morning in those conditions. That’s wild

30. what was your favorite autumn activity as a kid?

Seeing a new twilight movie in November lol

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Welcome back to “why am I angry”

A: anxiety/stress

B: sensory overload

C: misophonia

D: tired

C: hungry

E: Depression

F: all of the above

It’s up to YOU to find out! *game show noises*


Originally posted by various-cartoon-awesomeness

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My brain: drink coffee and tea and hot chocolate and soda-

Me to my brain: no,, I will get Sick and feel Bad

My brain, once more: …everyone drinks all of these… u r dumb

Me to me: bold words from something that can’t handle the consequences if I drink any/all of those

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