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#and I had a lot of fun messing with the brush and stuff
giyuusonlyfan · a year ago
Tied Up
Tumblr media
Requested by @sugarsweet-moon​; nsfw zuko x reader where they are trying some bdsm/kinky stuff and it’s the readers first time doing anything like that (or just readers first time at all if you aren’t comfy wif da kinky stuff) so zuko is being super sweet and reassuring and always checking up on them
A/N; I hope i did you justice! I had a lot of fun writing this haha
A soft shiver was sent down your spine as his warm hands laced the silk ribbon around you. You gulped softly as his fingers traced down your spine, dipping his fingertips in the dimples of your back. “What’s the safe word?” His voice was deep and husky, his bottom lip brushing against your ear. “R-Red.” Your voice was muffled by the small gag, but still understandable to him. “Tell me if you get uncomfortable. Remember I love you.”
Those three simple words leaving his lips made you melt. Zuko was always so caring and gentle with you, no matter what. Today he wanted to try something new, neither of you has tried this before, so he surprised when you agreed. You smiled softly when you felt him tie the ribbon in a bow. Guess he was still a softie even now?
Zuko’s warm hands roamed your nude body that was tied up just for him. His soft lips were pressed against your neck, leaving small love bites and marks. You moved your head to the side, giving him more room as your eyes fluttered shut. “Even like’re still so innocent.” Zuko whispered and laid you down softly. You felt something soft get pulled over your eyes. A blindfold-
He noticed your shock and got close to your ear, “Sense deprivation. Don’t worry, it’s only to surprise you, my darling.” He purred lowly in your ear, his hot breath giving you goosebumps. Zuko took notice and tucked a piece of hair behind your ear. “It’ll be worth me.” He pulled away and started to undress, the only way you knew he was undressing was the movement of the fabric. 
You flinched slightly when you felt his hot breath against your inner thigh, soon feeling his hips against your skin. “Z-Zunko…” You whine but it was muffled again by the gag. Zuko smirked and licked your inner thigh, all the way up to your clit. Feeling his hot tongue against your sensitive areas sent you into a moaning mess. Being restrained and blindfolded seemed to make every movement he did much more erotic to you. 
After a few soft kisses down there, he cupped your cheek, kissing you deeply. “Tell me if it hurts okay? I’ll stop if it does. The last thing I want is to hurt you.” He whispered in your ear as he started to toy with your nipples. You gasped in shock, arching your back as well. Zuko smiled and kissed you softly before teasing you by pressing on the tip of his cock in you. You whined, neediness overtaking you. Slowly, he thrust all the way in, earning a loud moan from you. You seemed to get tighter around him, Zuko wanted you to loosen up, so he rubbed your clit slowly. You whined and seemed to do what he wanted, resulting in him starting to move in small thrusts.
He leaned over and whispered sweet nothings into your ear. “You’re doing so good Y/’re so beautiful like this...I love you so much.” Each of his words made you smelt like putty in his hands. Zuko took full notice and did his best to overstimulate you. Whether it was continuing to rub your clit, or suck on your nipples. When he did both of these things you were a whimpering and moaning mess. “Z-Zuko~” You mewled as you bit down on the gag, drool slowly rolling down the corner of your lips.
You got tighter around his cock and his thrusts got more sloppy, signaling that both of you were close. You whined as you started to reach your climax and him reaching his. “Y/N...ah fu-fuck...Y/N!” He moaned as he started to cum, quickly pulling out. You were whining and moaning Zuko’s name the entire time as you climaxed as will.
Your chest rose and fell quickly as you tried to catch your breath. You felt Zuko’s warm hands untie the bow he made and took off your blindfold. Your eyes fluttered open, your e/c ones meeting his golden ones. “Are you okay sweetie?” He asked softly, cupping your cheek lovingly. You nodded and leaned up to kiss him. “I’m fine Zuko.” You whisper and pulled him down to lay with you. He took the hint and wrapped his arms around your waist. “I love you’re so sweet…” You mumbled as you closed your eyes.
“I love you too, Y/N.”
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fluffymisha97 · 21 days ago
I see you
Tumblr media
Summary: Nothing goes unnoticed by your boyfriend, Chris. He sees it all. And so do you. 
Warnings: Implied dirty stuff. (LOL.) None other than that. 
Word count: 1,155 
(Sucky summary, I know! I had fun writing it. Hopeeeee you like it, whoever reads it. You’re all great) 
Tumblr media
You're applying the last finishing touches to your makeup as Chris walks out of the walk-in closet doing his cufflinks. He stops dead in his tracks as he watches you.
So caught up in your own world, you don't notice him. But he notices you. He always does. He sees everything about you. He also sees the things you wished he didn't. 'Your flaws' as you would call them. Although, he doesn't think of them as flaws. He loves everything about you. He loves everything he sees. You. All of you. Everything. Every single thing.
Even how you forget to remove the hair from the drain in the shower. How you always leave a mess after washing your hands, water splashed around the sink. How easily you snap at him when feeling pressured or stressed out. How frazzled you get when going someplace new and unknown. Your nervous tick, where you fidget with your hands like crazy. Or... Or how you still call him 'dude' sometimes. Even that.
None of that matters or even bothers him because you're the one doing it. It's you. And it's been you for a long time now. He hopes for much more time with you. For as long as you'd want him. You're it.
After a while, you become aware of prying eyes.
"Evans, you're staring..."
Chris chuckles as he finishes fixing his cufflinks. He trolls over to you. He stands right behind you. He watches you putting away your makeup still fixated on your reflection in the mirror.
"Cause I can..."
You let out a small hum in return. Smiling softly as his hands found their way to your hips.
"And because it's the only thing that I can do right now."
Your eyes lock in the mirror.
"What do you mean?"
Chris says nothing as he brushes a loose stray of hair behind your ear and leans in to press a kiss to your neck.
"I'd much rather be doing a whole lot more than just looking at you...believe me."
His hoarse voice sends chills down your spine.
"Oh, I believe're poking me in the back."
Yours eyes lock once more in the mirror where you spot his signature smirk. Then his face disappears as he dips down to kiss the column of your neck. You swat and slap his hands away.
"Nope... Not gonna happen, dude."
A low growl sends another wave of chills down your spine.
"C'mon, we haven't been butt-flossing all night to just end up on the bed before we've even left the house."
He purrs in your ear. Purring  like the slick guy he is.
"Doesn't have to be on the bed.. I could take you right here... Up against the wall- I seem to remember plenty of times where you loved that like that time back at your parents place, where they nearly-"
You quickly turn around in his arms wiggling your way out from under them.
"AND that's enough of reminiscing. Now, you cool down and you-"
You point to his semi hard on.
You fix your hair as you throw Chris one dirty look before turning around and walking out of the bedroom. Chris groans to himself as he sulky walks into the bathroom. Barely 5 minutes later, he appears in the hall where you're waiting by the door. He could and would spend hours just watching you. A car honk disrupts Chris' daydream.
You open the front door and look outside. Chris closes his tux as you waltz over to him.
"That's my car. I'll see you there."
You close the distance between the two of you, and place a soft kiss on Chris' awaiting lips. He pouts as you pull away far too soon to his liking.
"The two cars thing is maybe a bit too much. Come to think about it."
"Yeah, well maybe - it's too late to do anything about that now. I'll see you in an hour."
You grab your purse from the staircase along with your coat.
"Did I tell you yet how extremely beautiful you look?"
"Aww, babe- it's cute you think that you're gonna get lucky saying that."
Chris' soft smile slowly turned into a goofy smirk. You know him too well.
"Well, can you blame me?"
"Nope, I guess not."
You giggle at his goofy grin and blow him a kiss before moving out the door.
"Love you."
"Love you too."
Tumblr media
Later that night 
"And the Oscar for best supporting actress is.... Y/N Y/L/N for-... This is Y/N first academy award win and 2 nomination...-"
Chris glances over at you. You're completely stunned and shocked. He can't contain his happiness as he walks over to you and pulls you up from your seat hugging you close. Your breathing picks up and you tremble in his arms. He presses a kiss to your cheek but soon you're being pulled from his arms. Scarlett hugs you tightly as she congratulates you and urges you to go up on stage.
Everyone in the room is standing up while clapping their hearts out. Chris beams as you join Gary Oldman on stage who hands you the statue. He kisses your cheek and congratulates you too. Chris grins to himself knowing how close you must be to fainting due to you meeting Gary Oldman, an icon. Chris snaps several pictures of you on stage as you begin to talk. A messy and unrehearsed speech you never thought you'd need. A nudge in the ribs brings Chris out of his daydream. Scarlett gives him a look.
"Ow- What?"
"Cutting it a bit close now, aren't we?"
"What are you talking about?"
"People have eyes, you know? They'll eventually see it if you keep up this game."
Chris looks at you again. Pouring your heart out. Thanking your parents, rest of the family, your friends, coworkers. You thank RDJ for getting you a gig in the MCU. That's how you and Chris met.
The thing that people are watching is you getting an award. They all carefully watch the big screen by the stage. What if they saw the real thing? What everyone sees now is Chris congratulating his costar and friend. What they don't see is you being the love of his life. At least not really. Of course there would always be people speculating but that was something you both could live with. For now, the only thing that mattered was you two.
"- Again, thank you, thank you, thank you for this incredible honor...I feel blessed and blessed with so many amazing people in my life that makes all of this worth it...- and just know that I see you all. I see you."
Chris' heart soars from that last bit knowing exactly what you meant. It was directed at him.
Because as much as he sees everything about you... You see him. Like you’ve always done.
Tumblr media
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thetrashywritingwitch · 2 years ago
Hello! I was thinking of this the other day and I thought it would be super cute/ funny. Scenario: Katsuki unwillingly doing face masks with his s/o and bakusquad walking in on. Please and thank u!
God I…love this. so much. it’s so FUCKING cute GOD! also s/o will be gender neutral since you didn’t mention a preferred gender
Tumblr media
Bakuogu always had naturally clear skin thanks to his mother’s quirk - no blight of teenage acne or a blemish to speak of. That didn’t mean he didn’t take care of his look, though. Because of his quirk and how much he sweats, he was nearly obsessive about hygiene and took at least one shower a day, brushed his teeth vigorously, and didn’t skimp out on good products. 
He used all this to back up to booming “NO” towards you when you asked him to have a date night in and offered up face masks as a way to relax. 
“You want me to put some mud shit all over my face?” he grit out when you’d added an unplanned addendum to your date which was just supposed to be a night in to watch some move with a lot of explosions so he could relax after getting all his homework for the week done. “The hell would I do that for?”
You gave him a wet set of puppy dog eyes, but knew that would only get you so far. “Katsuki…don’t chicken out, I think it’ll be fun. And yeah, yeah, I know you already have perfect skin or whatever, don’t have to rub it in…hell, I bet you might even like it!” You had to frame it in some kind of competitive way for him to not completely blow the suggestion up into the air. 
Bakugou clicked his tongue. “I wanna sit and do nothing for one night-”
“Do you not like it because you think it’s girly or stupid? Nah…I bet you think it’ll be too hard or you’ll make a mess. Yeah, that’s it I think. I understand, it’s fine, don’t worry about it. You’re not exactly the most delicate person so-”
“The hell did you say?!” Bakugou jammed a stern finger right in your face, lines of agitation marring his face that was fairly calm (for Bakugou, anyway) just moments before. 
“You’ll get premature wrinkles if you keep making that scowl, ya know,” was all you could mutter before he picked you up and carried you unceremoniously to your room while screaming something about face mud and stupid fucking wrinkles. 
“This stuff smells weird.”
“It’s not supposed to smell good, shit that smells good has added fragrance that does nothing so what’s the point.”
“The fuck, why is it so cold?!”
“It’s been sitting in a glass jar!”
The back and forth could be heard behind your bedroom door as a movie played in the background. The solitude was broken when your door flung open revealing Ashido, Kaminari, Sero, and Kirishima nearly barging into your room before stopping, knocking into each other as a result. 
“Why’d you stop?” Kirishima said from the back of the group. 
“Oh…my god,” Kaminari muttered, hand pointing with shaky fingers towards the two of you. “What…Bakugou?!”
“Oh my gosh no way! Face masks are so fun!” Ashido screeched before the entire room fell in complete silence. 
You and Bakugou sat on your floor, half his face covered in green slime while yours was sitting neatly on your skin as it dried. Everything was still, not a single flutter of hair disturbed the eerie lack of sound. 
Then, Sero and Kaminari burst out laughing and ruined everything. 
“What are you guys…wah, Bakugou? What’s that stuff on your face, bro?” Kirishima asked, finally getting a good look in the room. 
Sero couldn’t breathe, but Kaminari managed to take out his phone and snap a horrible picture of smoke pouring out of Bakugou’s nose and palms as he chased them out of your bedroom waking up the entire dorm floor in the process with his screeching. 
Kaminari did not send out the picture to the whole school knowing that he really would die in the process. After the whole ordeal Bakugou was surprised to find the half of his face - the half the mask was on - felt…kinda nice. 
He bought up several jars, one for himself and one to share with you, only this time he’d lock the bedroom door. 
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cirrus-grey · a month ago
Nonbinary Jon headcanons
He uses he/him pronouns because labels are arbitrary and he really does not want to have that conversation every time he introduces himself
Masculine clothes are Fine – he doesn’t feel particularly strongly about them one way or the other, and most days he wears trousers and a button-up shirt. Ties occasionally, jackets/sweaters depending on the weather
He does, however, have a very nice skirt/blouse combination shoved in the back of his closet, and he’ll wear it sometimes on the weekends if he’s feeling it
Never at work, though, there’s too many tripping hazards in the Archives already without adding a floor-sweeping hem to the mix
He has a strong preference for feminine formal wear though. If he’s going to a formal event, he is wearing a dress
(Not heels, though – tripping hazard again)
Necklaces are great, until they’re being used to strangle you
Rings have the added benefit of making your punches hurt more, if you find yourself being kidnapped
Getting his ears pieced looks way too painful. He likes the way earrings look, and he’s got a couple of clip-on pairs, but he doesn’t really use them anymore
He spent most of his life with short hair because it was low-maintenance
Then everything with the Archives went down and he didn’t have time to get it cut
Long hair is so freaking easy
You literally just put it in a ponytail and you’re done
He’s never going back
(Also Martin will run his hands though it really soft and slow, push it back from his forehead, help him brush it or tie it back…)
(He is never ever ever going back to short hair)
Makeup can be fun on occasion but it takes way too long to do all the time
Same with nail polish (he also tends to make a mess of both when he’s out of practice – which is often)
He doesn’t have strong dysphoria. Still, sometimes he wishes he could change his anatomy at will, if only so he didn’t have such a hard time finding feminine clothes that fit
Dating sucks. He spent a long time thinking he was just afraid of getting pressured into sex, but realized later that it had a hell of a lot more to do with the gender role expectations being so high
It’s one of the reasons he liked Georgie so much. She never expected him to be the “man” of the relationship
It’s one of the reasons he loves Martin so much. Martin didn’t bat an eye when Jon came out to him, just shrugged and asked if he needed to change any behaviors that were making Jon uncomfortable
(He didn’t. He’s always understood Jon for who he is, even before he had the right words for it.)
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lostinspidey · 2 years ago
hi hi!! if ur still doing blurbs i would loVe “Am I your lockscreen?” “You weren’t supposed to see that.” with pete! 💜
peter invites you over for dinner at six, and by ten pm you’re a mess of limbs and blankets on may’s worn out couch, sipping from mugs of gourmet hot chocolate she made for dessert.
“one more, baby?” he asks sleepily, the opening credits to another episode of the office already playing in the background.
you nod, smiling into a kiss you press against his cheek. may’s already in her room, and your parents think you’re at a friend’s house, and this is nice, getting to spend alone time with peter. even if he can barely keep his eyes open.
he presses his palm against the side of your face when you draw back, urging you to kiss him properly. and so you do. he tastes like warmth and whipped cream and him, fingers brushing through your hair.
he doesn’t pull away until the theme song is long over, thumb grazing along your cheekbone. “you have fun tonight?” he asks.
“mm-hmm. may’s sweet.”
he nods in agreement. “she likes you a lot, you know.”
you rest your head against the back of the couch, and peter’s thumb keeps its tempo on your cheek: back and forth, back and forth.
“you know who else likes you?”
“god, peter, please don’t say it.”
he grins. “but i waaaant to.”
“but it’s so cheesy,” you stress, and your laugh is abruptly cut off by peter kissing you again, moving tiredly as he peppers a few tiny kisses against your bottom lip.
you’re the one to pull away this time, and he studies your face in earnest, tugging on your heartstrings.
“i do,” he whispers.
you nudge his arm, feigning annoyance, but you can feel the heat rising in your cheeks as he laughs.
he starts to make grabby hands at something over your shoulder, and you realize it’s his phone, perched on the edge of the end table next to your side of the couch.
“need your phone, do you?” you tease.
“mhm. gonna take a quick nap. need to set an alarm.”
“i’m kidding! i wanna show you something.”
you chuckle and reach behind you, picking up his phone, careful not to scratch your fingers against the many cuts and breaks in his screen. (how often does this boy drop his phone, anyway?) you place it in his open hand, thumb pressed too hard against the home button, and the screen illuminates with -
“am i your lockscreen?” you can’t help but immediately ask, already knowing the answer.
he clears his throat, quickly unlocking his phone. “uh, you weren’t supposed to see that.”
it’s a picture he took of you for his photography class last week, perched on the edge of a bench in central park in a sundress that matches the water behind you. he’d helped you pick it out - had a particular vision for the series of photographs he took of you. it was cute, getting to watch him work at something he was so clearly passionate about.
you giggle at the blush rising in peter’s cheeks. “why? it’s cute.”
“‘cause i’m not finished editing it yet.” he reaches for your hand, yet he doesn’t make eye contact with you, looking down at his phone instead. “i, um, i was gonna mess with the lighting and stuff, and i was gonna show you once i was done, but i… this picture of you is so pretty. see?”
he pulls up the picture from his photo app, and now you’re smiling wider, bashfully cupping your face in your hands.
you’ve never been good at accepting compliments, and peter knows this, so he lowers his phone, clearing his throat again. “anyways. want me to show you this video i found? it’s a bunny sleeping on top of a dog.”
he starts scrolling through his playlist of animal videos on youtube, eyes shining bright and sincere from the light bouncing off his phone screen. seven seconds into the video, the bunny stirs in its sleep, and you lean forward, capturing peter’s lips in a kiss that means both thank you and you’re cute too, you know.
what you fail to mention - until the next morning, at least - is that peter is your phone’s lockscreen, too.
(send me blurb requests!)
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tjswings · 2 years ago
Make a fanfic where tj gets mad at reed for flirting with cyrus
Okay I don’t really agree with Reed flirting with Cyrus but I do think he was making fun of TJ’s crush, so here’s my take on your request and that, if you will.
TJ was walking to his locker when he spotted two people together he absolutely never expected to see: Cyrus and Reed. He frowned, forgetting about his English assignment and making his way over to the two boys, who were chatting by Cyrus’ locker. Reed was leaning over him, so close it made TJ uncomfortable. He was grinning down at Cyrus with an expression which either meant he was teasing, or he was flirting; TJ couldn’t tell. As he got closer, it became more and more obvious: He wasn’t blatantly teasing him.
“Cyrus,” TJ said, approaching the boys. Cyrus smiled at him and then TJ turned to his best friend. “Reed,” the name came out more testing than he had expected. Reed gave him a subtle wink.
“I was just telling Cyrus how cool it is that he’s running for class president,” Reed explained. “You definitely have the face for it,” Reed said quieter. Cyrus half smiled, half frowned, unsure of what Reed was really saying. TJ completely frowned. “A lot of the kids running are average looking, you know? But you’re pretty. You’ve got great hair, your eyes, like,” he leaned in closer, “sparkle, and you’ve got an amazing smile. I’d vote for you just based on your smile,” he grinned. TJ wanted to push him. He wanted to grab him by his jacket and yank him down the hallway. Wanted to slam him into the lockers and tell him to back off. But he didn’t, he grit his teeth and watched Cyrus.
He had gone pink, and started playing with the stars of his backpack. “Thanks,” he said lightly, his eyes darting to TJ quickly, then back at Reed. TJ tried to make himself seem unbothered, but he was sure it was obvious.
“I mean it. I like watching you talk, you could be a really great class president.” He was so close to Cyrus, TJ’s nails were digging into the palms of his hands.
“Thanks,” Cyrus replied, still blushing, “I hope I do too.”
“You’re really smart about politics and stuff,” Reed continued. “You wanna meet up outside of school sometime? You could teach me about politics, why some people feel certain ways or do certain things,” he said.
Cyrus frowned, “That’s psychology.” He looked back at TJ for a moment.
Reed shrugged, “Yeah that’s like political though, right? You can teach me that stuff, you’re smart,” he grinned. “Doesn’t really matter though, I’ll just listen to you talk. I’ll tell you if your speech is good, if you look good, maybe pick out your outfit?” He looked down, “You should definitely wear khakis, they look great on you. And a red shirt, the one with the white collar? You wore that last week and I—” That was it, TJ stepped in, slamming his hand into Reed’s chest. He stumbled back slightly, laughing.
“Sorry, Cyrus, I forgot Reed and I had a project due next period that we haven’t finished,” TJ lied, probably very poorly, as his voice was thick with anger. He didn’t wait for Cyrus to respond, or even look at him, he pushed Reed down the hallway by his chest. When they were around the corner, he grabbed his shirt and spun him around, “What the hell,” he hissed. Reed was smiling at him. “I’ll punch you,” TJ warned.
“No you won’t,” Reed replied.
“Why were you flirting with him?” TJ pressed.
Reed faked a gasp, “Flirting? No!” TJ pushed him against the lockers, causing a few people to turn their way. “Relax, man,” he had finally stopped smiling, “I’m just messing around.”
“Messing around? You’re fucking with him, fucking with his feelings,” He hissed.
“Oh really? Am I?” Reed pushed TJ off of him, but stood his ground against the spot TJ had trapped him in. “How can flirting with a straight guy fuck with his feelings? He’s straight, right? That’s why you have no chance?” Reed tested.
“You’re a dick,” TJ said, pushing him back into the lockers and then letting go.
“Seriously, TJ, why are you mad?” Reed brushed down his shirt, “All you do is rant about how he’s definitely straight, think about it,” he pushed.
“Are you high?”
“You’re mad. You watched him react to the things I said and it made you mad,” Reed explained.
“You were repeating shit I’ve said,” TJ shot back. “His smile? That red shirt? Dumb shit I’ve said.”
“Funny shit you’ve said,” Reed laughed. “So? It’s not like he knew that. It’s how he reacted.”
“Which was what?”
“He got nervous, he blushed, he kept looking,” he poked TJ in the chest, “At you.”
TJ shrugged, “So what?”
“So he’s not straight, you idiot,” Reed concluded.
“That’s not proof,” TJ said. Reed shrugged and turned to walk off but TJ caught him, pushing him up against the lockers once more. “And if you flirt with him,” TJ pushed him harder, “Ever again. I will hit you.”
Reed rolled his eyes and pushed him off, “Make it so I don’t need to.”
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jobean12-blog · a year ago
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Word Count: 767
Summary: Bucky hangs out while you’re making waffles and he’s a pain in the the best way ;)
Author’s Note: This is for the HBC’s @the-ss-horniest-book-club​ continuation of drunk drabbles and Character Appreciation Day for Bucky Barnes! I took the fun prompt below from @prunes-said-bucky​ and of course used Bucky because well...let me tell you. I honestly love Bucky with every fiber of my being. If you couldn’t tell already for how much I write about him haha but I just think he has the best heart. I think of him just the way I write him, shy but sexy and sassy when he’s comfortable- lots of fun and really soft and sweet. I just want happiness for him and I like to try to give him that in all my stories! I hope you enjoy this and thank you all for reading and sharing this all with me! Much love always!!! ❤❤❤
Tumblr media
Warnings: fluffy fun, flirting, teasing, Bucky eating an apple like he would eat you out...
Tumblr media
Checking the recipe, you grab three eggs from the fridge and gently place them on the counter. You crack the first one with expert precision and grin to yourself, taking the next and readying it. “Wow, you did that first one perfectly doll!” The surprise at hearing Bucky’s voice startles you and your hand slips, cracking the egg oddly and making a mess.
You hear him suck his teeth behind you and when you turn around, he gives you a sheepish look. “Sorry.” You start picking out the broken pieces of shell with a smile, “it’s ok, you’re so quiet though. I had no idea you were here.”
Before you crack the third egg you throw him a warning look, “no distractions this time!” He puts his hands up in mock defensive and smirks. The last egg cracks perfectly and you throw away the shells, beginning to mix your batter. “Whatcha making?”
“Waffles! I’m trying a new recipe because last week they weren’t fluffy enough.” You hear the loud crunch of an apple and out of the corner of your eye see Bucky taking a bite. “They tasted great to me!” he chimes in through a mouthful. You reach over the counter to grab your recipe book and notice he has some apple on his beard.
“Hey Buck, you uh, you have some stuff…right there.” He wipes at his chin but misses so you move closer and brush your thumb over his bottom lip and beard. “There ya go.” For a moment, the air gets thick with tension and you can feel yourself start to blush, so you quickly get back to your waffles.
“Can you pass me that milk please,” you ask without turning around. He comes up behind you and leans against the island, handing you the milk and biting into his apple again. It seems to be a particularly juicy apple because he keeps sucking on it after every bite.
“Any more apple on my face?” Narrowing your eyes, you look him over and shake your head no, adding the milk and mixing once again. Bucky moans around his next bite and it stops you in your tracks, the sound making your body tremble and cheeks continue to warm.
You can see him out of the corner of your eye as he takes another bite, his pink lips wet with the juice from the apple. His sucking noises get louder as he takes more bites and you try your best to concentrate on your cooking. You’re gripping the spatula so tight your hand aches and when he moans again you spin on your heel and stare at him.
His eyes are closed, and he licks his lips, appearing to savor every bite but you know he’s just torturing you. “Enjoying that apple huh?” His eyes pop open and they’re a deeper shade of blue than normal. Instead of answering he licks his lips again and takes another bite, keeping his eyes on you while he slurps on the flesh.
With a grunt you go back to your waffles. “Would you like one Buck?” When he doesn’t answer right away you turn to him again and see he’s still chewing. He swallows and runs his tongue over his lips. “Sure, doll. Thanks!” You’re staring at his mouth and he instinctively wipes around his beard. “Did I get it?”
This time you grab a napkin and hand it to him, not trusting yourself to be that close to his lips again. Instead of taking the napkin he gently wraps his fingers around your wrist and pulls you into him. “Can you get it for me?” You reach your hand up and swipe your thumb over his top lip and the corner of his mouth.
“Beep, beep, beep…” The waffle timer goes off and you jump. “Shit.” Opening the waffle iron, you take out the fluffy and golden goodness, dropping it onto the plate. You busy yourself with the next waffle and try to ignore his obscene slurping and sucking sounds. Whipping around, spatula in hand you yell, “are you done with that damn apple yet?” There’s not much left around the core, just his lips pulling the last of the juicy bits off.
“Almost! You ok there doll, you look a little hot.” Glaring at him you shout, “I’m fine! I just want you to stop fucking that apple with your mouth!” No sooner do the words come out that you’re gasping and turning red as the apple. “Well. Lucky for you I’m done with the apple,” he says, grabbing your hips. “Now it’s your turn.”
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theamberwriter · a year ago
I saw the prompt list and i was thinking maybe 8 with aizawa! Like he comes home to his gf being silly and cute. You decide the rest uwu
Tumblr media
[I'm flattered you sent in a request! ✨ I love writing for Aizawa, and there needs to be more for him in the world! I had fun with this one!]
Pairing: Shouta Aizawa x Reader
Word Count: 1451
Prompt: 8 - “You’re under arrest for being too cute. Put your hands where I can hold them.”
You were so glad that it was Friday. You’d taken the day off, that meant you had a long weekend. And goodness knows you needed it. You ran a large hero supply store. It was quite a demanding job. Being the big boss, you didn’t get days off a lot. But the department of health and labor had cracked down, forcing you to take weekends and vacation days. It didn’t matter if you ran the company, you needed to take care of yourself too.
You paced around your apartment. Your husband, Shouta Aizawa, was at his teaching job. So you were alone. Honestly, it was nice having you time.You loved your husband dearly, and wished you two were able to spend more time together. But you needed your own time, too. Or else you’d go nuts!
You spent the morning cleaning, it was surprisingly nice. After taking care of a large store, doing housework was a cinch. And being able to take your time brought you much needed peace. You put on a CD, humming along to the lyrics. Your bobbed your head to the beat. Slowly you began to dance along as you cleaned the bathroom. It started with shoulder swaying, then moving your cleaning brush in time with the music.
You used the broom as a dance partner as you swept the kitchen. Dramatically posing as you hit intense points in the song. Your mind imagining a whole audience sprawled in front of you. You spun around and shook your hips, sweeping the dirt into a pile. Calming down just long enough to get the grime into the dust pan and toss it in the trash.
You used the mop as a microphone. Trying not to slosh water around too much. The last thing you wanted was for Shouta to come home to a bigger mess. With both of you being so busy, it could be hard to clean as thoroughly as you wanted. But since you were being forced to take days off, you finally had the opportunity to do some proper housekeeping. As well as surprise your husband. It wasn't an opportunity you got often, so you wanted to take advantage of it.
You decided to use your quirk to help with dusting. It was sort of like telekinesis. But not as flashy. You gave things wings, and could control where they went. It wasn't extremely helpful for much. But you found it useful for getting stuff off and onto shelves. You just glad you could control multiple items at once.
You gave a few spray cans of furniture polish wings. Along with rags to follow behind them. You took a can and a rag yourself. You had the objects moving around you to the beat. Like the dishes in the Sword in the Stone movie. You decided to push it, and get the vacuum going too. The more you had control over, the harder it was to concentrate. But you really wanted to get the house clean and tidy before Shouta got home.
Once that all was done, you went around and touched all the objects that weren't where they were supposed to be. A few dozen objects flew into the air. Again, you danced as they swirled around you. Singing loudly and badly to the music. You picked up a few more objects as you spun. Trying to place everything where it was supposed to go.
Your heart leapt as you spun straight into a pair of arms. Shrieking, everything lost its wings and fell out of the air. You stared straight up into the beautiful, amused eyes of your husband. He was giving you a mischievous smile. Your face filled with heat. You just knew he'd caught you goofing off.
"Looks like I have one more criminal to catch today. - You’re under arrest for being too cute," he teased, taking your hands in his. "Put your hands where I can hold them.”
You laughed nervously. "Welcome home, Shouta, I didn't hear you come in."
He kissed you chastely, then went to the stereo. "I would suppose not. You got this so loud. The neighbors are going to hate us."
You rolled your eyes, but smiled. You started to go back around and touching the things that slipped your quirk. "Now you're just being dramatic. How was your day?"
"Nothing special. Had to separate Bakugo and Midoriya, again," he groaned, sitting on the couch. He watched your every move, you could feel his eyes on your back. "We caught a petty thief when I was on patrol. So it was rather uneventful. You look like you've been busy. - I thought you were told to take it easy."
You shrugged, not looking at him. "I'm fine. Just tired. With All Might's retirement, I've had to take extra security measures. It's just going to take getting used to. I promise, I didn't over do it."
"You're pushing the limits of your quirk. Hire a security team. You don't have to take it upon yourself to control all fifty security cameras." Shouta's eyes bore into your back.
You knew he was upset with you. You'd had to personally give wings to all the store security cameras, and check every single nook and cranny yourself. Crime was getting worse. It got taxing. Along with never having taken any day but holidays (when you shut the store completely) off, you were forced to for your health.
When you looked over your shoulder, Shouta's mouth fell into a flat, disapproving line. "How much have you used your quirk today? Your nose is bleeding."
You put a hand to your nose, pulling away to find blood. You gasped, you hadn't even noticed. "I didn't even -"
Shouta took your other hand gently. "Let's go clean you up."
You sat on the lid of the toilet while Shouta hunted through the medicine cabinet. You felt like a child who'd been caught drawing on the walls. Finally, he turned to you. He had a cotton ball in one hand. In the other was a rag.
Silently, your husband wet the cloth. He crouched to your level, but avoided your eyes as he wiped away the blood. Then he shoved the cotton up the side of your nose that was bleeding. Shouta stared at you, still crouching.
"I yell at you because I love you, you know," he said finally. "I can't have you go and do stupid things."
You sighed, eyes dropping to your lap. "I know. I'm sorry. I just really wanted to surprise you."
"The dancing was enough." You caught the smile, and teasing in his tone. "I just want to know you're still going to be in one piece when I get home."
Shouta kissed your forehead, then stood and offered you his hand. You took it, and followed him back to the living room. He sat on the couch, pulling your against him tightly.
"So what did you have in mind for movie night?" His voice rumbled under your ear. "We're both finally home early on a Friday after all."
You smiled to yourself. Butterflies paraded through your stomach. You were so glad that he'd remembered. This was a tradition you'd had while dating. You couldn't remember the last time you two were able to have movie night while you were married. Even your honeymoon was cut short on account of a villain attack.
But you had something a little different in mind. You trapped his face in your hands and kissed him, roughly. Deeply. Slowly. You smirked, "I was thinking, if I was under arrest - Why don't you do something abo -"
He smacked the back of your head. You groaned, to which Shouta grunted in response. "Behave. You strained too much for that today. Now pick a movie."
"Alright," you groaned, curling back into his side.
"Maybe tomorrow," Shouta said quickly, you almost didn't catch it. Your face grew hot. But you could help as you smiled to yourself, and began throwing out suggestions. Most of which were immediately shot down. Finally, you ended up with the movie you'd seen on your first date.
This lead to you and your beloved reminiscing about old memories. The beginning of your relationship. The beginning of your marriage. He remembered things you didn't think he had. This flooded you with more warmth and happiness than you felt you could contain. You couldn't wipe the dopey grin off your face.
You both fell asleep on the couch. Contentedly. Happily. Lovingly. You woke up briefly, and gave Shouta a kiss on the cheek. Immediately settling back into the warmth with one thought on your mind; it was going to be nice having days off.
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yandere-sins · 10 months ago
Hi! I’m here since requests are now open, and also because I adore your blog AHH- 💞💖 Could I request some yan! stuff (hc or stories, whichever one you want) of where the main three (bakugou, todoroki, and midoriya) are in love with the same smol, sweet, soft girl? thank you!!
Ah! Thank you so much!! I am so happy you enjoy it :3 Thank you or requesting! I chose the reader pov because it fitted better for what I was thinking about. Hope you still like it!
»»———————— ♡ ————————««     
♡  What a missmatch of characters you attracted to yourself, despite not being responsible for the mess they create. They’ve all been brooding over the affection they feel for you, giving you little ‘hints’ of it like giving you chocolates on valentines day, or returning the things you thought you ‘lost’ even though one of the others took them from you for keepsake. Bakugou even once just huffed at you instead of getting mad that your shoulder brushed against his on a crowded train. It’s a start, right?
♡  Up to a certain point you would have said that you were well-aquaintanced with the three of them. You’d hang out with Midoriya over lunch, work together with Todoroki and Bakugou saved you from quite a few instances where people threatened you for something on the streets, and he happened to conveniently walk by. But the real deal and your first mistake only started when Izuku asked you out on a date, and you weren’t nice enough to say no which the other two expected you to do. Izuku could have taken one or two refusals before getting upset, but you went straight to, “Sure, when?” and off you two went on your merry little date while Bakugou bit his nails and Todoroki didn’t sleep all night wondering if you two were still together
♡   Thus, the game was on. Shoto made sure to have a monopol on your time, asking you to do projects or finish work together, taking you out for dinner afterwards. But you still had Midoriya on your mind, which made you spent your ‘free days’ with him, otherwise he’d sulk and demand some more time from his partner. Even if you two weren’t officially dating, you somehow felt responsible for giving him more time, not like you disliked him after all. However, the worst of the three would always be Katsuki, since he’d simply demand you to come with him now when he felt like it, no matter what you were doing. He is as unpredictable like that, and even if you have fun, the guilt of leaving the other two behind is weighing down on you a lot
♡   So you begin to take your distance. No more dates, no more projects together, and you’d simply bolt the other direction when you saw Bakugou march down the hallway towards you. Unease falls over you, as they start to show up at your house, asking to be let him. At first it’s always just one of them, then two, suddenly all three of them. The third day they do that, they won’t even leave for the night, constantly riling each other up and announcing that you can’t be left alone with any of them. You moved your home (they even helped you pack up your stuff ironically), and they followed you to the new one even if you made sure they didn't know the address. Running did little when you couldn’t hide
♡   Their arguments grew louder and more prominent. A constant sound pollution in your home, and you begin to feel happy when they are asleep and snore peacefully on the floor next to your bed. It’s when you make the second mistake, which is listening to Todoroki as he gets up in the middle of the night, sits at your bedside and asks you to come with him. Simply run away, he’d keep you save from those lunatics, and you could live a peaceful life with him. God, you wanted nothing more than your peace
♡   For two days, everything seems perfect. You can breathe and you are at peace, with Shoto by your side who seemingly makes for a perfect boyfriend. But however they did it, they other two found you, and suddenly, you were close to tears again and your little world collapsed. This wasn’t funny like a rom-com anymore, and they aren’t your lovers or roommates or anything close, they don’t even pay rent despite living in your home, which is also where you are brought back to, Todoroki now being the scapegoat for everything which he shrugs off with an  innocent indifference
♡   The last mistake you make is to finally break down in front of them when you reach the peak of endurance you brought up for their doings. Whoever you thought these men were, you were wrong. You had been too nice, too understanding, and too naive to see. And when Katsuki - of all people - comes close to comfort you, you are quick to wrap your arms around him tightly, gaining some confused stares before he smirks at his rivals, hugging you back tightly, asking if you want to be let go as he carries you over to your couch and sits down. If only you hadn’t said, “No, I don’t want to let go,” you may have avoided the aftermath. But lucky for you, you could neither see the shamless, prideful grin on Bakugou’s lips that you chose him, nor the stares of horror, jealousy and rage in the eyes of Izuku and Shoto
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mammons-sugarbaby · 11 months ago
The bros reading MC’s diary Part II: Romantic!
Lucifer ⦁ He'd started giving MC piano lessons after their RAD classes, they'd requested it and he wasn't going to pass up a chance to show off his talents. ⦁ After MC leaves he notices they forgot their things, namely a few schoolbooks and notebooks ⦁ He also notices when he gathers them up that one notebook seems different than the others and opens it to see what it is ⦁ It's a daily journal of their time in the devildom ⦁ He flips through a few more pages and lands on a page that, to his surprise, is about him ⦁ He goes to the beginning and sees where it becomes less about general happenings and more about him
Diary Content ⦁ "Lucifer agreed to teach me how to play the piano! I've already been practicing a little so he would be impressed at how quickly I learned. I feel bad for lying but... It's a chance to be close to him, to get him to notice me. Sometimes it's hard to concentrate with him right next to me, and when our hands brush against each other...It take everything in me to keep my composure!"
⦁ "I'm so excited! Lucifer is taking me to Restaurant Six tomorrow! He says it's to reward me for my hard work, both for my RAD classes, and how well I've done in our piano lessons! My heart was beating so fast when he asked if I would like to go. I'm going to go shopping later for an outfit to wear, it has to be something special! I know it's just a treat but....I'm just going to pretend we're on a date."
⦁ "I'm so embarrassed! I was waiting for Lucifer in the music room and I started daydreaming about us sitting next to each other. Lucifer turned to me and our eyes met and I confessed my feelings and....then he leaned in and kissed me! So I was shocked when Lucifer was right in front of me suddenly asking if I was okay. For a second I thought the kiss had actually happened...But he just said we had better start lessons...and I was too nervous through the whole thing I kept messing up...I think I irritated him because he said that I I obviously wasn't able to pay attention and that continuing would be a waste of time..."
His Reaction ⦁ He had been surprised at how quickly MC had learned and suspected they knew more than they let on, and though he wanted to be mad or disappointed about the lying, he was actually impressed with the lengths they went to get his attention. He made a mental note to be more....attentive during their next lesson.
⦁ Lucifer recalled his shock at how well MC had dressed for the occasion, he hadn't expected them to go all out. At the time he felt a little guilty for not putting more effort in his attire, but seeing how MC stared at him and how they blushed when he looked at them or complimented them, he doubted they cared. He would ask them again when he had some free time, this time he would specify that this time was more of a...romantic occasion.
⦁ He recalled that day well, he had entered the music room and saw MC staring at nothing, a hint of a blush on their face. It had taken a few moments for him to get their attention, and now their reaction when they snapped out of it made sense. He felt bad now because he had snapped at them, but he would make it up to them in the future. He looked forward to teasing them, and....he'd be lying if he said he hadn't thought about kissing them at times.
Mammon ⦁ He was looking through MC's stuff to sell for quick grim ⦁ Finds an intricate looking book, it's looks expensive ⦁ He opens it and notices its a scrapbook ⦁ He soon realizes that there a lot of cut outs and pictures of him ⦁ And there are full pages of writing ⦁ Of course he's going to read about what they have to say about him, The Great Mammon!
Diary Content ⦁ "Managed to sneak in another magazine that featured Mammon without anyone noticing, I'd be so embarrassed if anyone found this book. I feel like a kid with a crush drawing hearts all over everything's fun, and it's not like anyone is actually going to see. I'm almost embarrassed at all the times I've written about confessing to him."
⦁ "He makes my heart stop sometimes I swear, every time he looks at me, my mouth goes dry and I feel like I can't breath for a minute. He's just so damn hot. And he's funny too! And even when he's hyped up about another plan to make quick grim, even if it makes absolutely no damn sense, I can't help but nod along and want his plan to succeed."
⦁ "I know it's dumb but I just want to march over to him one day and demand to know how he feels about me. Sometimes he acts all flustered around me and his face looks like he's blushing, but then he says something that dismisses everything and just...crushes me a little. Today we were hanging out and one of his brothers teased him about being around me all the time and he told them it wasn't like he wanted to, he was just helping me with classwork. Which he was, and poorly at that, but it hurt a lot, I had to get out of there before he saw me cry. He apologized later but....he just gives off such mixed signals...I wish he'd just say how he actually felt."
His Reaction ⦁ He's floored, he had absolutely no idea they felt this way. At most he just thought they were a fan of his. But they were right, they had written what seemed like a hundred different ways of confessing their feelings to him. He felt his get hotter and hotter with each page he read.
⦁ He had just figured MC was kinda shy and was supportive towards everyone. He even thought they were fake laughing at his dumb jokes to make him feel better, especially since everyone usually groaned and said his joke was stupid. But the fact that they actually found him attractive and funny? He wanted to run to MC and wrap them in a bear hug.
⦁ Mammon hadn't realized he'd been hurting MC all this time, making them feel like he was stringing them along. He just got so embarrassed and didn't want anyone know how he felt about MC. He already got so much shit from his brothers, teasing him about falling for the human wasn't appealing. But he'd take their teasing over continuing to hurt MC this way. He couldn't bring himself to admit his feelings outright, but he wouldn't deny them anymore. 
Levi ⦁ He'd gone into MC's room to retrieve some games and manga he'd lent them ⦁ He saw a pile of books near a neat stack of games and assumed they'd left it on their desk for him. ⦁ It wasn't until he got back to his room and was organizing them that he realized he grabbed a book that wasn't his. ⦁ He opened it then quickly shut it after realizing it was their diary. ⦁ He argued with himself to read or not to read, but he saw his name! ⦁ Deciding, he opened the diary again, he just had to know what they were writing about him
Diary Content ⦁ "Hung out with Levi in his room today. He was watching a new show, as usual, and I asked if I could join him. He said sure, but there wasn't a whole lot of space to sit, so I tried clearing away a few things so I could sit beside him without being too close. But I guess I was still nervous being so close to him because I kept fidgeting and bouncing my legs. Eventually he got annoyed and grabbed my legs and put them in his lap!! I was so shocked my brain felt like it short circuited."
⦁ "While I was playing co-op mode with Levi tonight, he got in a rough spot and I ended up saving him. You would have thought I'd saved his actual life! He threw his arms around me and told me I was the best player-2 ever!! My heart was pounding, he usually wasn't so...hands on? I'm probably weird for thinking about it, but I imagined him kissing my cheek."
⦁ "Every day I feel like it gets harder and harder to be around Levi, I get so....tongue tied! And my heart feels like its beating a thousand times a minute! My face gets so hot and i feel like I can't even look at him or I'll confess on the spot! I haven't been hanging out with him as much because....I really like him but I'm sure that he'd think having a 'normie' crush on him would be lame and gross. And he seems so down lately I just want to cheer him up and see him smile again! Maybe I can give him head pats to cheer him up? It would give me an excuse to touch him at least..."
His Reaction ⦁ He remembered that night, mainly because when he had realized what he'd done, he got so embarrassed. MC had been really quiet and would barely look at him, of course they'd be disgusted by a gross otaku like him...
⦁ His brain had to take a moment to process the last sentence. They wanted him to....KISS them??? He hadn't thought about it when he had hugged them because he was so happy, but afterwards he couldn't stop thinking about it, how he wanted to wrap his arms around them again, to hold them..
⦁ So THAT'S why they had been avoiding him!! He thought after the previous two events, they were grossed out by him but....they liked him?? Like liked him?? He honestly couldn't wrap his head around it, he wanted to think it was some trick but....this was MC's diary, why would they lie about something that was only meant for their eyes?? MC liked more that a friend....He couldn't get them out of his head for the rest of the day.
Satan ⦁ MC returned some books he'd lent them ⦁ While putting them away, Satan realized they'd accidentally given him one of their books ⦁ They'd already left though, he opened it to see what the book was about ⦁ It was a thick journal and he realized it was specifically a diary ⦁ And the page he'd opened to was about him ⦁ Intrigued, he sat down and flipped to the first page.
Diary Content ⦁ "Satan offered me a few books today that he enjoyed and suggested we start reading together so we could talk about them. I pointed out he's a much faster reader and he said we could limit it to a few chapters a week. He's so considerate and I really would love to share something like that with him! I know he gets a bad rep for being the avatar of wrath but he's surprisingly gentle most of the time. And I like a lot of the books he reads, so we have that in common. And if there's something I liked but he didn't personally find interesting, he still talks with me about it in detail and lets me be excited. Usually people ould just brush me off because they didn't care."
⦁ "I went to Satan's room earlier to hang out but he was so engrossed in reading I don't think he noticed me come in. I just found a spot to sit and started playing on my d.d.d, but I couldn't help but get distracted by him. I love watching his facial expressions while he reads, if he's around others his face gives nothing away, but when he's alone, or with me, that mask falls. He finally noticed me when I giggled at his shocked expression and seemed embarrassed, but I told him it was something on my phone. I would hate for him to put that mask up around me, I like seeing him openly himself."
⦁ "Today I almost pulled a huge pile of books on myself by accident. I didn't realize when I was trying to get a book from the top shelf that there were books piled on top of it! Luckily Satan was there to catch it before it fell and warned me to be careful. But when he stepped in to stop the books, he'd grabbed my shoulder and pulled me against him, like he was trying to shield me. Then when the books had steadied, he turned me around and asked if I was okay. The look of concern on his face...I can tell he cares about me. I know he didn't mean anything by it, but I swear my heart fluttered for the rest of the evening. I know I liked him before that it cliche to say I think I fell in love? Maybe not that serious but....I definitely have strong feelings for him."
His Reaction ⦁ He was touched at MC's words, he already felt like they were a kindred spirit, but this really made him feel even more drawn to them. He loved being able to talk about a story with them; and realized soon after they had arrived and started reading together that they weren't as fast a reader, which made sense he'd been reading for much longer than they had been alive. He knew how it felt to be dismissed, and even if he didn't find a particular book to his liking, hearing MC's thoughts and feelings on it somehow made him see it in a different light.
⦁ He hadn't realized he let his guard down around MC so much, it almost made him embarrassed to know they had seen him make all sorts of silly faces, but reading that they enjoyed him being comfortable around them made him smile. He did trust them, more than he realized. And it didn't appear that they were aware that they too, made silly faces while reading. But they didn't hide it when they were around everyone else, in fact the only time he'd see them have a blank expression while reading, was when they were reading something erotic. He laughed because when he asked what they were reading to make their face so intense, they immediately turned red and they got embarrassed.
⦁ He remembered that day, how he saw the books teetering on the edge, that sharp worried feeling, and the way they felt against him when he pulled them back. He was able to stop the books from falling, but he was actually prepared to shield them with his body. And seeing their face, wide-eyed and a light blush across their cheeks, he was surprised at the restraint he had; because right then he had wanted nothing more than to lean in and kiss them. But he didn't think that they held the same feelings for him and didn't want to make them uncomfortable. But now he knew they felt they same way, and reading about them falling in love, even jokingly, left him smiling for the rest of the day.
Asmo ⦁ He went into MC's room to show off some new beauty products he'd bought ⦁ They weren't in their room, so he texted them, they replied they'd be there shortly ⦁ he takes a seat on their bed and notices a notebook on their nightstand ⦁ He opens it and sees it's their diary ⦁ And more importantly, they're writing about him
Diary Content ⦁ "I almost managed to flirt back at Asmo with a straight face today. Almost. He's too good! Whenever I do manage to flirt back, the next thing he says leaves me a stuttering mess...I know he flirts with everyone so of course he's going to be amazing at it, but I wish I could fluster him at least once! I think he would look really cute being a blushing mess."
⦁ "It's hard not to take him seriously with the things he says sometimes. It's too easy to read into things. I know he's just teasing me and he doesn't mean the things he says, but today, we were sitting next to each other and he just! Put his arms around me! And said I was one of the cutest humans he'd ever seen!! He's seen thousands of humans, I don't see how I could possibly compare. I even said so and he took my face in his hands and had this really serious look on his face. He told me I shouldn't be so critical of myself and he knows cute when he sees cute! Then he told me we need to have a self care day soon."
⦁ "Asmo!!!! Kissed my cheek!!! Then whispered in my ear!!! All he said was "See you later~" but!!! I swear I couldn't speak for a solid 10 minutes. I sat there and daydreamed about kissing him back, and wrapping my arms around him, and holding hands, and going on cute dates, and all that during class! I missed everything!! And there's a test coming up.....The boy is going to be the death of me, especially if I fail this test and Lucifer finds pathetic as it might be to actually have a crush on the avatar of lust, knowing full well he doesn't feel the same way, it's just how he acts...I might just tell him how I feel so he can shoot me down and I can get over this silly little crush."
His Reaction ⦁ He loved when MC tried to flirt with him, loved seeing their face and seeing them try so hard to act unphased. There was a time or two when they actually had said something that caught him off-guard and made him blush, but he's well practiced at  hiding his feelings. 
⦁ He remembered that day! MC was wearing such a cute outfit and looked absolutely stunning, he couldn't help himself! And then when they put themself down it made his stomach drop. He couldn't believe they actually tried to compare themself. He wanted to go on a who lecture about how everyone has something about them that shines and they shouldn't compare themself, but them again he technically compared them to all the other humans he'd seen....He still meant what he said though, yes physically they were cute, but they sounded cute, acted cute, just....everything about them he found endearing. Even when they were angry, or sad, he thought the were one of the most attractive beings he'd laid eyes on. It threw him off when he thought about it too much, so he did what he did best and deflected, and pushed those thoughts and feelings down. But he couldn't just let them continue to think that they couldn't compare! So he suggested a self care day to try and lift their spirits.
⦁ Oh honey....he wasn't joking. More and more he found himself being serious when he flirted and asked after them. After a while he realized he was pursuing them, it was shocking because usually he was the one being pursued. He had figured MC had developed a crush on him, who wouldn't?? But it made him feel strange because he reciprocated their feelings. He started to plan to ask them on a date under the guise of studying, since they were...distracted during class. He didn't want them to get punished if the failed a test. Lucifer would blame him and tell him he wasn't allowed MC. He wouldn't follow the rules of course, but it would be a pain to try and sneak around to see MC. His thoughts wandered and he imagined kissing MC, something he'd done plenty of times before, but this time it made him blush and he felt giddy and nervous.
Beel ⦁ To be fair, MC told him he could borrow their study notes, but didn't tell him where in their room they left the notebook ⦁ He sees what he assumes is the notebook on their bed and grabs it and heads to his room ⦁ Once he gets settled, he opens it and reads half the page before it clicks that these are definitely not study notes ⦁ This is their diary, and they were writing about him ⦁ He shuts it so fast, super embarrassed, but he can't stop thinking about what he'd read ⦁ Guilty, he opens it to read more
Diary Content ⦁ "Beel asked today if I wanted to go with him to Hell’s Kitchen, he heard they had one of my favorite foods back in stock. I was surprised and asked him how he knew it was one of my favorites, I had only eaten it twice. He told me he notices how my face changes when I eat something I particularly like, and how I make a little humming noise. I was really embarrassed and it made me a little self conscious, so I told him I'd get back to him about it. I hated seeing his face fall...Then he apologized and said he'd see me later, which made me feel even worse!! I just... the thought of someone paying that much attention to me, to notice what I like and how I act when something makes me happy...I'm not used to it. Of course I found him later and asked him if his offer still stood and I swear his smile made me forget for a moment that there wasn't a sun in the devildom."
⦁ "I failed a test today!!! Lucifer is going to kill me...I told Beel about it and he asked if I would be okay if he helped me study. I told him I would be so grateful! I was so happy I hugged him without thinking and I swear I saw him blushing, I mean I was too but then he told me I could always come to him if I ever needed anything. I swear my heart jumped in my throat. He's always looking out for me, I know he's nice to everyone but....he always makes me feel like I'm special to him. I'm probably looking into it way too much but I might have a small crush on him. Not that he feels the same way, and I'm okay with that, but it's nice to know I have someone I can always count on."
⦁ "I want a black hole to open and swallow me!!! I'm going to hide in my room until I go back home I'm so embarrassed!! I was eating lunch with Beel and I was eating a  jelly pastry and he noticed I had some on the corner of my mouth so he asked me to hold still for a second, and wiped it off with his thumb then licked it! I just...couldn't stop staring at him and his mouth....He thought I wanted some of the food he was eating so he offered to let me have some, then held it out for me to take a bite. Then!! Asmo walked by and said how we were so cute together, feeding each other and acting like a cute couple! Beel was confused and told him we weren't dating, and Asmo looked surprised and told him that I had a crush so he thought I had asked him out. I haven't been answering my phone and I've been hiding out at Purgatory Hall for a few hours now. I don't think I can face Beel after this...."
His Reaction ⦁ Beel had seen Hell’s Kitchen had a dish that MC really enjoyed back in stock for a limited time, so he wanted to surprise MC. He thought he'd made them uncomfortable, in a way he kind of did but for a different reason. Maybe it was because food was his thing so he noticed how others reacted when they ate foods they did or didn't like. So he was really surprised when they found him later and apologized and asked him if he still wanted to go. At the time it made him really happy, even more so now. He felt his cheeks flush at the last sentence, did MC really feel that way?
⦁ He had seen how distraught MC was that day and when they told him what had happened, he offered to help. He usually got good grades and didn't think anything of it, but when they threw their arms around him out of the blue, and how happy they were, he got a little embarrassed. They just looked so cute and he found himself wanting to see them more so he told them they could come to him for anything. In a way they were really special to him, and he too liked them in more that just a friendly way. He felt really happy though, that they trusted him so much.
⦁ Things had gone back to normal since that day, mostly anyway. By the time dinner came around and MC still wasn't home, he went out and looked for them. Luckily when he texted Simeon and Luke, Simeon replied that they were at Purgatory Hall baking with Luke. He still wasn't sure how he felt at the time, since learning that MC also had feelings for him, but he didn't want to make things awkward so he asked if Belphie could go for him and bring them home. He replayed the events of the day over in his head, but this time from MC's point of view and how he would have felt had they acted as he had... He didn't want to make things awkward again since things had mostly gone back to normal but he also didn't just want to ignore the fact that they both had mutual feelings for each other.
Belphie ⦁ MC texts him asking if he could bring their notebooks they forgot ⦁ They were supposed to have a study session in the planetarium but MC had forgotten their things in the attic ⦁ He opens one of the notebooks to quickly scan over the notes they were supposed to study ⦁ These are not school related ⦁ This is their diary, and what’s more, there's a lot about him in it ⦁ His eyebrows furrowed and he settled in to read what MC had to say about him.
Diary Content ⦁ " Beel asked me today if I was mad at Belphie, if we had a fight. I was confused and told him no and asked why. He explained that he noticed when I would see Belphie, I'd usually try and leave the room, or I'd avoid trying to look at him again. I hadn't realized I'd been so obvious about it, but I couldn't explain the reason why to him. He told me Belphie was starting to get depressed, and mentioned that I might have had a change of heart due to the incident. I told him that wasn't the case at all! This is a mess....I'll either have to get over myself or tell Belphie the truth...It's not fair to him I'm acting like this."
⦁ "Belphie's noticed I haven't been coming over for naps as often, I always tell him I've got stuff going on. I used to be fine with cuddling for naps, was totally okay with waking up and having his arm slung over me. I don't know when it changed but I started feeling shy, I was less comfortable with him touching me. Not in a bad way! Just....I got hyper aware anytime he touched me, my heart would start pounding. And in the cases that I couldn't come up with a good reason to say no to a nap, I kept as much distance as I could. Saying I felt too hot to be all wrapped up has been a good excuse so far, and it's not a lie."
⦁ " Ugh! Everytime I try to talk to Belphie about why I've been acting so weird, one of his brothers comes around! Or Simeon...or Solomon...or Luke...It's like now that I'm trying to confess, everyone can sense something is about to go down! I just...want to tell him that I like him as more than a friend and if he can just bear with me so I can get over it, I mean he obviously doesn't feel the same and I don't want to make things more awkward and lose my best friend. Part of me wants Belphie to like me back, as more than a friend, but the other part knows that'll never happen and I need to just get over it."
His Reaction ⦁ At one point he barely spoke to MC aside from meals and in passing, they either didn't reply to his texts, or they took forever. He thought maybe they had finally come to their senses and realized that they actually hated him, and for good reason. Even though he knew they had every right, it still made him feel depressed and lonely, angry even sometimes; and one day he'd vented to Beel. While it irritated him that his twin had told MC, he was relieved to read that MC's behavior wasn't in relation to the incident. But now he was curious about what it WAS about.
⦁ He had noticed MC had been avoiding him in a sense, and at the time he wasn't sure what he'd done. But in the times that they had stayed over for a nap, they would practically be hanging off the edge of the bed, or as far from him as they could get. They told him they were hot, which given the red face and sweating, he believed. He had actually planned to get a fan and a mini air conditioner so they would be more comfortable, he still planned to, but now he had a different reason in mind.
⦁ Belphie remembered the various times MC would ask to talk with him, only to change their mind whenever someone else was around. He was actually going to ask them to meet him at the planetarium tonight and demand to know what was going on. But his brain stopped working when he read MC liked him. Like liked him. He laughed because he was doing the same thing, but he was much better at hiding his feelings. He'd had centuries to master it after all. He was tempted to let MC go through all the embarrassment of a confession after what they'd put him through lately, but right now all he wanted to do was find them and wrap his arms around them and tell them how dumb they were for crushing on a demon. A demon who was just as dumb for having a crush on a human.
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twstpasta · 11 months ago
Scenario for Lillia as a single dad to and adopted daughter.
Tumblr media
“Sooooooo,” Lilia began, sliding a plate of what looked like a casserole that had seen the worst of the Thorn Witch’s fury, “How was school?”
“You literally go to school with me, papa,” you reminded, gently prodding it with your fork. Was- Was that green ooze? Eugh. You tried your best not to shudder too visibly. Silver, your adoptive brother, shot you an apologetic glance from across the table as he pushed some of his food around his plate.
“Details, details. I want to hear all about your day! Did you get lots of homework? Tests? Find a boyfriend?” Lilia sang, plopping down in his seat and scooping up some of his food (if you could even call it food) and taking a bite. You nearly gagged at the sight of your father downing the practically inedible mess as if it were a three Michelin star meal.
“It was the same. Professor Trein giving us a boatload of textbook reading to study and the usual reading quiz tomorrow,” you replied, setting your fork down and deciding to order a pizza later. “No boyfriends yet.”
“Mmmm, shame,” Lilia remarked, swallowing another forkful of casserole. “There’s a lot of bachelors here that I think you’d get along with nicely. What was his name again? Keito? From Heartslabyul? He’s a jolly fellow.”
“You mean Cater?” You corrected. “Papa, you’re in the same club as him. How do you not know his name?”
“Hey, you try having centuries worth of names sitting in your head. It gets confusing,” the fae shrugged. “How about you, Silver? How was your day?”
“The same. I trained with Sebek for a little. He’s as spunky as ever,” your brother answered. You raised an eyebrow, a little code that you two quickly adopted as the ‘dinner food is bad, so we’ll order pizza later’ signal.
“Fun, fun. He has so much energy! So fun to tease,” Lilia laughed. “He’s so young and eager. Golly, I wish I had his spirit sometimes. Any boyfriends for you, Silver?”
“No,” Silver curtly cut off. “I would have told you if I started seeing someone.”
“Jolly, jolly,” the foxy fae hummed. You rolled your eyes and stood up.
“I’m not feeling too hungry, papa. Is it okay if I do homework and eat later?” You asked.
“I might do the same too. Professor Crewel gave me a bunch of stuff to do as well,” Silver swiftly added. Lilia looked at you two, tilting his head quizzically.
“I forget that the two of you still have much to learn. Well, it’s reassuring that you two have a thirst for knowledge!” He chirped, clapping his hands. The food in front of you two disappeared, much to your relief, and Lilia looked proudly at you two.
“I’ll bring you guys a snack later, so don’t strain yourselves, okay?” He chuckled. You deadpanned at Lilia.
“That won’t be necessary, papa.”
Tumblr media
“My sweet star, are you awake?” Lilia whispered, knocking at your door. You set the book you were reading aside, all snuggled up and ready for sleep.
“Come in, papa! I was just getting ready for bed,” you replied. Lilia gave a smile, pushing your door open and tiptoeing into your room.
“Ah, it only felt like yesterday that I was singing you lullabies and giving you kisses on your forehead to try and get you to go to sleep,” he reminisced. “You were such a cute baby. I took so many pictures of you and Silver.”
He looked at you fondly, sitting by the side of your bed and brushing some of your hair aside. “Today was a successful day, yes? Even if things were rough, I’m proud of you for sticking it out and doing your best. Life isn’t easy, but no matter what happens, you’re still my little shooting star at the end of the day.”
You smiled, biting back a good-natured snort. “You’re so sentimental, papa. You could give Dante a run for his money.”
“Fufu, you pick up some skills if you’ve been alive as long as I have,” he chuckled. He stood up, facing you. “Anyways, it’s late, and you should sleep. You have another long day ahead of you tomorrow.”
“I’ll be fine. I always am,” you replied, shrugging.
“I have no doubt that you will be. Let me tuck you in,” Lilia replied. He took your sheets and pulled them to your throat, gently patting the blankets down to make sure you were tucked in, nice and snug in a cocoon of warmth.
“I’ll see you tomorrow then,” he whispered, planting a gentle kiss on your forehead. “Goodnight.”
“Goodnight, papa,” you replied, watching him turn the lights off and start to head out. “I love you.”
He paused, beaming softly and turning around to give you a quick glance.
“I love you too, my child.”
Tumblr media
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coconut-cluster · a year ago
Wait a target on Roman’s back? How does that go?
OH thank you for asking, i rambled about this to @thelowlysatsuma the other night aklsjskgjl
So it starts out with Remus coming home to his little cabin in the woods one day and finding the door smashed to pieces, the scarce furniture inside broken and tossed around, and the little stockpile of stolen goods he had saved mostly gone, save for some worthless knick-knacks - the only thing in order is the little table in his “kitchen” which has a little slip of paper with a poorly drawn dragon on it. 
Now, Remus and the Dragon Witches go back a bit. When he first arrived in the West, he did a bit of an oopsie when choosing his first coach to rob, and he ended up stealing a good few things from a Dragon Witch member right off the bat. Impressive? Sure. Stupid? Indubiously. Seriously one of the dumbest things he could have done. He’s a little bit of a reckless doof sometimes.
And obviously the Dragon Witches are violent, merciless, a whispered name in the towns that make up the Northwest - yknow, the usual for a notorious gang, everyday stuff. The point is, people don’t mess with them, but not only does Remus mess with them, he does it often and usually just for fun. 
So, upon finding that his house has been trashed by the gang (admittedly in retaliation for one of his other misdeeds against them), he does what any reasonable person in his position would do. 
He steals one of their horses. 
Needless to say, this is kind of a last straw for the gang; he’s intercepted their robberies countless times, made a fool of them in front of the townspeople who are supposed to fear them, and now he’s done something so simple yet just ridiculous enough that the leader of the gang - Medea (whose horse he stole, haha whoops) - just snaps and decides, yea, he’s getting thrown down a mountainside ASAP
Problem is, he’s not at his house anymore. They go and stake it out for a couple nights, waiting for him to arrive so they can ambush him, but he just....doesn’t show up. 
(He has, in fact, taken up residence in his favorite bounty hunter’s humble abode for a couple nights, much to that bounty hunter’s chagrin, but the DW don’t know that.) 
Medea is peeved, the other gang members are both also peeved and nervous because Medea is peeved, and they’re sitting in the brush outside an empty cabin - no stolen horse or cheeky outlaw in sight - being peeved as a whole when one of the gang members speaks up. 
“Maybe he’s at the saloon down there,” he says, and points vaguely down the hillside because the town isn’t actually visible from where they are, but it’s, y’know, down there. 
Medea takes in a very slow breath - she’s ready to kill a man, mind you, and very capable of doing so - and without looking at the member, because her eyes are closed - again, ready to kill a man, and the man she was planning on killing isn’t in the vicinity to be killed, so you can imagine her frustration - she says, “Why. In God’s name. Would he be there.” 
“Well, he hangs out there a lot, don’t he? With that crowd and all. Just thought he mighta went down there insteada here.” 
“What crowd?” 
“I dunno - I’ve only been in there a couple a’ times for a drink or two, ‘course, but there’s a couple fellas he talks to, ain’t there? The bartender, and th’guy who ain’t from around here, sometimes, an’ his twin, I thought. Tha’s all.”
And the entire gang goes silent. Medea finally opens her eyes and stares at the treetops for a second before very slowly turning to the member, her eyes flashing. “His what?”
“...His...twin?” Medea just blinks at him. The member looks around quickly and tries to backtrack, because no one’s looking at him but Medea and he can tell he’s messed up somewhere. “I jus’ meant- they look awfully similar is all, like twins do, y’know, like brothers? Right?”
Another gang member leaning against a nearby tree - Rufus, Medea’s second-in-command - pipes up, “You’ve known he has a brother this whole time? And ya didn’t think to tell us that?”
“Well, I-”
“Nevermind him,” Medea cuts in, the anger in her face quickly melting away to something far more gleeful, excited. “A twin, huh?” 
(The berated gang member looks between a smiling Medea and Rufus, who seems to have telepathically picked up on her plan and is also smiling, and frowns. This gang member is admittedly one of the Dragon Witches’ softer faces - he doesn’t even really like being in a gang, but his brother was in it before him, and he doesn’t want to disappoint his family and whatnot - and though he doesn’t dare speak out again after his blunder, he’s mostly just hoping they aren’t gonna to kill Remus’ twin or anything. He has an awful pretty voice. It’d be a shame if it went away. Also, murder isn’t really a fun part of the whole gang thing in this member’s opinion, but what can you do.)
“Well boys,” Medea starts, hauling herself to her feet and surveying her twig-covered crew with a disgruntled glance, “I think we got another stop to make tonight.”
The next morning, Virgil wipes down the counter at the saloon and watches the door, because it’s nearly noon. And Roman is late. 
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ame-fanapprentice · 11 months ago
Werewolf AU headcannons
There’s so many variations of werewolf stuff out there so for consistency's sake I picture werewolves having the ability to change at will except for on full moons, where they're forced into their werewolf form.  Lots of these are more for when they’re transformed whoops
Thick, white, Semi-Curly fur.  Looks more like a big dog than a wolf
He can still do magic so you bet he tries to make himself look smaller/cuter for food
Was born a werewolf, grew up with Muriel acting more wolf-like than human.  Now that he’s fully grown he’s trying to catch up on learning human behaviors.  
Because of this he acts like a wolf in a human’s body most of the time.  He’s gettin there!!
Has figured out a recipe for wolf-safe chocolate he only entrusts to his friends.
Will put his head on your lap or shoulder when he wants attention.  Likes when his limbs are played with.  Enjoys when you mess with his paws and let them flop around.  
Runt of a litter of were-direwolves
And before you start asking why a runt, direwolves in fiction are described to be as big as horses while in real life they’re the size of African lions. Either way, they’re big heckin boofers
Has his ear chipped off, walks with a slight limp, lots of battle scars that poke out of his fur.
Only Asra is allowed to groom him, maybe MC if they're gentle enough
Almost always in wolf form.  He’ll only transform if he has to go into the city.
If you scratch behind his bad ear he does the leg shake thing.  He will only let you pet his head...maybe his neck if you’ve reached a high enough friendship level.
Wasn't a werewolf at first but got turned into one by Asra
He got them long lanky doggo legs.
Very pretty pelt though: nice, healthy, and fluffy
Can't howl. I'm sorry. He was a bad singer as a human even though he had fun doing so, as a wolf he just sounds like one of those huskies screaming
Still getting the hang of transforming, so don’t be surprised if you see him with his ears/tail popping out of his clothes on occasion
Gained a desire for tummy rubs.  He still doesn’t understand why.  Please this mans was already touch starved as a human give him a good ol’ head scratch when he’s a wolf and he’ll love you forever.  
She's. So. Smol.
Put her next to Asra when they’re both transformed, you’d think she was still a puppy
Has such a beautiful howl you'd think she was just singing normally
Like Asra, somehow managed to have curly fur. Though hers is a lot more wavy instead of small loose curls
Like Julian, was turned into a werewolf instead of being born one.  She’s got a way better grip on transforming though and really only lets her features pop out when she starts to get really stressed.  
Her favorite thing to do is lie on her back in her garden and sunbathe, tummy out
She sploots.  
Only other werewolves know that Nadia is a werewolf. She takes the days before, during, and after a full moon to work on various projects and while many people are suspicious no one can really confirm or deny her being a werewolf.
Is very beautiful! Nails well kept, fangs hardly yellowed, somehow still kept a lil bit of her lashes while transformed, long, red, carefully groomed fur.  
Thinks being forced to change on a full moon is dumb. Has a million and one contraptions to keep her life as normal as possible for when she's a wolf.
I think she was turned into a werewolf by Lucio?  Definitely by accident if so.  
Loves being groomed!!  Brush her fur, file her claws, add some lil scritches while you do it.  
On rare occasions, if you catch her at the right time, you’ll see her blep.  Only a lil blep tho..
She’ll always deny it but she’ll lick her paws when she’s anxious about something.  Nail biting isn’t something she’ll do publicly, but when she’s by herself her old habits come out.  
Dresses for wolves?  Dresses for wolves.
He's the reason why so many people are suspicious of Nadia being a werewolf
Has a cape specially made so that he can wear it while he is and isn't transformed.
When he gets angry he transforms into a wolf.  He’s gotten better about it over the years, but his ears and snout begin to poke out of his face when he starts getting mad still.  
Albino??  Maybe??  He’s got very pale fur that’s super thick.  Like, if you put your hand through it it ain’t comin out without a fight thick.  
He sheds everywhere.  Starts his day off with a bath just to get the loose hair out and it still doesn’t help.  
He’s also always super hot.  His body is build for the tundra, not Vesuvia.  And yes, he will make sure everyone knows this.
Is still wobbily on three legs.  His prosthetic is mainly designed to be a human arm instead of one that can be used for both forms.  
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alphabetaus · 3 years ago
Hey there, how bout some AUs between army please? Theres a lotta cop aus but not much on our boys in green. Thank you:)
I had to do some research for this one, and I’m pretty sure most of it is correct, but if you spot any mistakes please let me know!
Army AUs
“I can’t believe I’m stuck with you in my section. I don’t want to be slowed down because of some rookie!”
I messed up and got yelled at by the sergeant. It’s been a tough week so it took a toll on me emotionally, you suddenly stepped in and straight up told the sergeant to back off. Of course, this did not go down well and now you’re serving a punishment of having to run 20 laps round the camp. 
But, when I tried to thank you later, you brushed me off and pretended nothing happened???? What’s your deal??
You do realise that, like, it’s the 21st century and people don’t pretend to be older than they are anymore? Did you seriously think you’d get away with it with that baby face?
It’s your first time out in the field and it’s obvious it’s getting to you a little bit. How about we stick by each other today? We can keep an eye out for each other. Everything will be fine, don’t worry.
“You can’t die, not now! You said everything was going to be fine! ”“…I-I’m a pretty good liar.”
We all mocked you because of how hard you worked and how much you tried to impress the sergeant of our section. But, turns out, you’re pretending to your recently deceased friend in order to earn their family some money. We don’t make fun of you anymore.
I’m surprised you can still be so positive after the shit we’ve been through.
“Why am I always deployed with you? Are you following me or something?”“It’s because we make a good team, you dipshit.”
I know this is meant to be ‘serious military business’, but during the drill I saw you wearing the full camouflage and honestly; you wearing that bush hat is the highlight of my week. Stand still while I get a picture.
Quit putting your weird shit in my locker! Everytime they do a locker inspection I have to explain why [X, Y, and Z] are in there! Keep your weird shit to your weird self next time. 
I don’t think I’ve ever played this many games of poker in my life. 
And I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone get so competitive about poker before.
So, you’re telling me, I lost my best packet of emergency cigarettes to you in a game — AND YOU DON”T EVEN SMOKE? 
Half of our section died in battle today. Now it’s just you and me in this empty, depressing room.
Oh my god, how did you get [insert contraband here]?? You have to share some with me!
Private time is called private time so I can get away from you lot. That is not an invitation to sit on my bunk and start chattering away like no man’s business. 
“Do you think —”“I swear to fucking god if you ask me if pigeons can think I’m gonna smack your head against that wall.”
I don’t know how, but you make even the shittest and most boring (ie. doing nightly rounds) jobs fun. 
You were ejected from the army due to cowardice. I used to think that you were a low-life piece of shit like everyone else but, one day, I ran into when I was off duty and you explained everything. Now, we’re devising a plan to try and regain your reputation and get your job back.
Stop stealing my stuff! It’s labelled for a reason, idiot!
Who wrote ‘dickhead’ on my uniform in Sharpie? Whoever you are, I’m gonna get you for this!
How did an adorable, fun-loving, goofball like you get into the army?
It’s weird seeing how someone’s personality changes so suddenly out in the field. It’s strange thinking about how an hour ago you were showing us pictures of your nieces/nephews and now you’re one of the most valuable and deadly assets to our regiment. I’m not sure if I should be terrified or amazed by you.
I hope this helps!
Please tag/credit me in any works you may publish using these posts. I’d love to read it!
send in requests!
- Jess.
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yikesharringrove · a year ago
Hi! I hope you have a great day! Billy taught Max to skate (obvs.) and at one point she forgets her board in the car when he drops her off at the arcade. And, well, he can't help himself; he goes to a secluded parking lot and, you know, sees if he still got it. And of course Steve spots him. (Sorry for any messed up grammar/spelling.)
My dad was one of those guys that would break into peoples pools in the California drought. There’s a SUPER good doc called Dogtown and Z-Boys about the era, and how these kids pretty much invented pro skateboarding. They made a movie based on the whole thing called Lords of Dogtown if you’re into that kinda thing.
Billy doesn’t really wanna go home.
He has an hour in between dropping Max off at the arcade and bringing her back home, didn’t want to just like, sit there as his father found any reason to be pissed off at him.
He thought about going to Family Video to bother Robin and Steve, but he went yesterday and he’s been trying not to make a habit of flirting with Steve every day, especially with the way Robin’s been looking at him, like she sees right through him.
But he looked over, noticed that Max left her skateboard in the car.
He hasn’t skated in years. Not since he got his car and could get places way more efficiently.
But her board was right there, and he kinda wondered if he still got it.
He took it around to the lot out behind the arcade, behind Family Video and the garage.
He remembers teaching Max when she was a kid. Well, more of a kid than she is now.
It was on of the first things that ever bonded them, Billy pushing her back until she got the hang of it, teaching her how to take turns. They used to go to the top of the steepest hills they could find, and just zoom down the whole thing.
He took a running start, hopping on and swerving around the parking lot.
He had forgotten how fun it was, how freeing it felt to him when he was a thirteen year old kid, flying through the streets of San Diego.
It felt amazing, made him forget about all the shit, the monsters of the midwest, how much he hated his father, how much he loved Steve Harrington.
He jumped off, kicking the board up, we going to take another lap around the lot, and then-
“You’re really good.” He turned around, startled at the voice.
Steve was sitting on a crate, cigarette in one hand.
“Oh, thanks. How long you been there?” He took a drag, offering it to Billy. Their hands brushed as they passed it.
“Whole time. Keith gives me decent smoke breaks. Says I’m a better employee when I’m not in there to fuck stuff up.” Billy passed it back.
“Keith’s a little bitch.” Steve laughed, smoke coming outta his pretty mouth.
“I didn’t know you skated.”
“Who do you think taught the shitbird?” He sat down on a crate next to the one Steve was perched on. “Used to just, go. Would hold on to cars and let them take me wherever they were headed. Haven’t done it much since I got my car.”
“Did you used to, where you in that group that would break into people’s back yards? Skate in their empty pools?” Steve’s eyes were bright.
“Woulda been if I had been born about ten years earlier. Nah, used to go ride down the boardwalk by the beach, go to skateparks. Sometimes I would catch a bus going uphill, and would just ride the whole thing, dodging cars and people. I’d forgotten how fun it was.”
Steve had this little smile on his face, the little fond one he would only give to Billy.
“I wish I could do it. I used to like, ride my bike around like literally every kid that grew up in Hawkins.” Billy stood up, tugging on Steve’s wrist.
“I’ll teach you.” His eyes were wide.
“Right now?”
“Yeah, Pretty Boy. C’mon.” Steve just gaped at him. “It’ll be fun.” Steve stood up, crushing the cigarette.
Billy got him situated on the board, told him to lean in whichever way he wanted to turn, that if he got spooked to just step off.
He gave Steve a shove to get him going, sending him squirreling into the old lot. Steve leaned, brought the board back in Billy’s direction before losing steam, stepping off and bending over to pick up the board.
He was laughing loudly, his eyes crinkled at the sides.
It was so sweet, made Billy think about what could be.
He pictures taking Steve to the boardwalk. He pictured teaching him to surf, kissing him in the ocean.
He pictured the way Steve’s shoulders would get burned red under too much sun, the way his eyes would look honey-gold in the setting sun.
He watched Steve nearly eat shit falling over, and pictured this perfect life together, the two of them growing together, in love.
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water-dance · a year ago
The Gigi and Bizio show
Some highlights:
Ermal shows us the full version of the video he was sent by his friends
Actually, without the last part, he says it’s a lot of awkward videos of him and he doesn’t want us to make fun of him
Bizio is late
Fabri making fun of Ermal’s hair and Ermal making fun of his hair in return
Fab not understanding how Ermal didn’t get a notification of his IG story “But I tagged you! I used the @!”
Ermal asking Fab if he has stopped buying undersized shirts to highlight his chest
Ermal saying that journalists always tell him Fab is so hot
Libero interrupting them to say “Forget about Fabrizio Moro, there’s Libero Mobrici here, much better!”
Libero and Anita wishing Ermal happy birthday
Libero saying that Ermal is older than Fab
Ermal asking Fabrizio if he’s burned the fisherman’s jacket
Libero says he plays at the Playstation a lot, so does Ermal
They tried singing “Sono solo braciole” but they ended up just singing “Sono solo parole”
It was a mess as they didn’t have the lyrics but we do now know that one of the verses is “And closing the door to leave the roast chicken outside”
Fabrizio’s internet disconnected at some point
Ermal tells him to pay his bills
They talk about quarantine and writing songs, Ermal’s never happy with what he writes, Fabrizio says he always needs someone else to have a neutral opinion on his work, usually a producer
Ermal says “I can be your producer!”
Fab says they have to meet as soon as possible, when this whole quarantine thing is over
Ermal says “you can’t live without me?”, Fab says “well, that too”
Ermal and Fabrizio want to write a new song together
They talked about Sanremo and Eurovision
They ate something in Lisbon and both ended up sick, Paolo Pastorino had to step in to be Ermal’s stand-in, Fabrizio rehearsed with Pastorino
They want to open a bar together, maybe in Greece, selling drinks on the beach and Fab wants to roast lobsters while wearing shorts
Fabrizio’s first choice for a bar would be Costa Rica, he spent three months there
Ermal asked him how many women he left behind there, Fabrizio says none, Ermal asks “so, men?”, Fabrizio says none again, it wasn’t about love
Literally two seconds later Ermal makes him admit he had almost got married there in Costa Rica (???)
Ermal explains to him why “yellow and blue”, he says there’s these people who think they’re hiding a relationship, Fab asks if it’s some kind of cult. He also says he’d see nothing wrong with them being together
Suddenly, he looks at the chat and just says “wait a second, it’s all yellow and blue here”
Fab says that hair makes Ermal look like the Virgin Mary
Ermal leaves Fab alone while going to get a “surprise”
Fab starts talking nonsense like “are you finally going to brush your hair?”, “I think he’s gone to the toilet”
Ermal brings a cake, he’s bought it, Virgin Mary doesn’t cook
Fab sings him happy birthday and Ermal blows on the candle
Fabrizio got a message by the Eurovision staff but it’s in English and even using Google Translate he couldn’t understand so he asks Ermal to translate
Ermal starts teaching him English, Libero makes fun of Fab for being terrible at it
Ermal asks Fabrizio if his children also are always late, Fab says yes, it’s a Roman thing
Ermal says he used to have a girlfriend who would always make him wait a lot
Fab would have immediately dumped her, Ermal agrees, he did it in the end
Libero says he speaks “italiano correggiuto”, Fabrizio corrects him “italiano col rigurgito”
Ermal and Fab say goodbye while in the background you can see Libero has climbed on something and is waving his arms to say bye
I’m sure I’ve probably forgotten quite a lot of stuff, it was 40 minutes of pure gold material.
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thatadhdmood · 6 months ago
Hello... sorry for anon. Im pretty ashamed to talk about this with anyone. So, im in my twenties and since ive been little, i had problems with my personal hygiene. My mom yell at me a lot about it. I was diagnosed with adhd when i was a kid but i forgot cause i was too young. Now i found out and i was curious. Is this related to adhd?
hullo dont worry about anon 99% of my askers are on anon
thats adhd!
i need to actually take a shower rnow its been like how many days uhhhh a few days since i had a shower
but yeah as i was saying
problems with personal hygiene is adhd absolutely
it can do with like executive dysfunction and like just sitting there going i need to take a shower but smth is blocking me from doing it
sometimes i sit in the bathroom for 2 hours on my phone just waiting for my brain to go okay can shower now
i trick i use is i listen to music or podcasts in the shower so my brain goes yay shower exciting
it can also be like a sensory thing for adhd like when its like brushing ur teeth because some ppl r like that is bad texture
its also to do with the fact adhders have a bad time perception, time blindness, and terrible memory problems
so we cant remember when we last showered, and if we go oh today i will shower! if no one reminds us well just forget
i think at some point my mum had like a calendar where she wrote down if i showered
my trick is i just feel the top of my hair and if its greasy i need a shower
also i did too have problems with hygiene when i was little
i still have this bizarre memory of my mum putting me in the shower full clothed crying because i had been refusing to shower for like a week or smth
oh and hair brushing as well i hated that so much, my god i wuld scream a lot as child
i have hair down to my butt atm and i do not brush my hair
my mum gave up on getting me to do that
i just finger comb it in the shower and use a lot of conditioner and its fineish
but yeah dont worry a ton of ppl relate and r the same as u
its hard to be honest and vulnerable about being stinky 
but if me going im stinky helps other ppl feel better 
i will tell ppl i am stinky
OH and i always forget deodorant
its legit so hard to remember
and washing my face like thats soap on my face not a fan of that!!
the only stuff i have locked down are brushing my teeth and wearing my retainer at night
like everything else is a mess
so this is me saying do not be ashamed u r not alone
and my mum also yells at me a lot about it
at this point my family straight up asks me: 
when did u last shower? hey have u showered today? hey ur sweaty go shower!
being upfront and honest about stuff is just a better way to go about things
mmmm wish u luck on getting better at it tho
if its memory problems, try make a schedule to mark if uve done it and alarms and build a routine because routine helps u do it more
if its motivation problems, put some fun music or a podcast or a show to watch or get some fun soaps
good luck
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animeanxiety · a year ago
Tumblr media
|| Blushing Blanket ||
~ tsukishima x fem!reader ~
prompt: “You’re hiding under the blanket because you’re blushing?”
genre: ☁️fluff☁️ & slightly 💚lime💚
⚠️warnings⚠️: mentions dirty things like, sex, oral, orgasm, etc. 💚lime💚
|•| I will put a warning (⚠️) before the lime part for you to skip if you wish |•|
It was 5 days before finals, and everyone was trying crunch in some study time for finals in a few days. You and Tsukishima, your boyfriend, were studying at his house. It was honestly quite quiet when you two were studying, you guys let each other focus and do your own thing. But Tsukishima was getting bored of it because of how much he can comprehend so quickly, he shouldn’t have to worry about studying, but he decides to anyway. Just for good measure. You on the other hand was stressing because you need to make sure you remember how to do this and that, and remember these formulas and that formula. So you felt slightly pressured.
~ 1 Hour later ~
You have been studying for more than an hour now. Tsukishima had finished thirty minutes ago, but you haven’t. You’ve been sighing a lot when you were studying and of course Tsukishima being the observant guy he is, he notices this. You sigh one more time. “You good, shortie? You’ve been sighing for more than 10 minutes now.” Tsukishima remarked. “I’m fine, studying is just getting to my head.” you replied to his observant statement. Just then Tsukishima thought of something. He didn’t want to see you so stressed, so it’s about time you take a break and give him attention. The tall blonde walks over to you, where you sat on his bed. He crawled over making sure not ruining your papers and books. At first, he held you in his arms while you studied to not make it obvious that he wants to mess with you a little bit. You thought nothing of it apart from the fact he wanted to hold you in his arms.
Now this is where the fun begins. “ Hey y/n.. How are your studies going?~” Tsukishima questions you as his hands caresses your inner thigh. You flinch slightly, and he smirks at the fact you did. “It’s going f-fine..” You answered, your cheeks going a peachy pink. “Hm.. You’ve been studying for awhile~ How about a little break~” He suggested, his hands now caressing your upper body. “Not right now, Kei.. I need to study” You spoke firmly.
~few minutes later~
“You know..~ You’ve been working so hard~ Maybe you deserve a reward?~” He whispers in your ear seductively. You flinch again. Your body feels slightly warm, and.. aroused~ His plan was going accordingly and he was enjoying this. “Would you like it if I just sucked and kissed your neck a little?~👅” He whispered again in your ear, as his lips trailed against the back of your neck. You tried to ignore him and try to continue studying. Then you whimpered. He has started to lick, suck and kiss on your neck. Which turned you on more. Your body was getting warmer now that he was touching you in ways you didn’t expect today. “Enjoying this, princess?~” He whispers, moving his hand near your inner thigh. You tried to stay focused and study. “Knowing the little slut you are for me..~ I bet your core is craving for my touch..~ And my cock~ Right, baby girl?~” He remarks as he continues to kiss your neck. His hands get so close to your core. You almost want to moan. But you restrain yourself and study. He then picks you up slightly, and places you on his lap. You were startled to the sudden move, and he just smirked and continued what he was doing. Tsukishima kept this up for a few more minutes until he said something to make you so flustered. “I bet you’d love how I would lick you dry down at your core~ Your sweet moans would make a melody in my ear.” He remarks, not finished yet with what he would want to say. “Being the little slut you are, you’d love it when I would fuck your face with my cock. And how I would pound you into the bed~ Right, princess?~” He finally finished his statement. As his hands went up and brushed upon your ‘chest’, he said one last thing “I bet you’re so wet, princess~ You know what?~ How about I check?~” He remarks as his hands went down. “Ack! N-No!” You squealed, pushing his hands away. \(//∇//)\ You were so flustered and blushing, you put a blanket over yourself. Tsukishima just snickers.
“You’re hiding under the blanket because you’re blushing?” He smirks. “S-Shut up! Y-You’re the one who was touching me and saying all those things!” You stuttered due to how flustered you were. “I just wanted to tease you a bit~” He snickers. “A bit?! T-That was not a bit” You exclaimed under the blanket. “Okay for reall, come here shortie. Let me hold you in my arms. No funny business.” He says You move over onto him and lay on his chest. “You can study again tomorrow. You worked hard today.” “Mhm” You mumbled as you nuzzle into his chest. “I only wanted to tease you to get you worked up, haha.” Tsukishima laughs. “Shut up, Kei and just hold me here” You remarked jokingly, as he places a kiss on your forehead. Eventually you fall asleep in his arms. He smiles at how relaxed you are now. Sometimes he jokingly wonders how you fell in love with a beanpole like him.
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foxy-exy · a year ago
If you think either sounds fun to write maybe DIY bullet removal / gentle shushing or huddling for warmth / frantically feeling for a pulse with Andreil? These prompts sound so fun, I’m excited to read more of your fics!! :0
Holy shit u really out here showin up in my inbox sayin u read my fics when i absolutely lov ur art???? what is this buddy???? omg 😭💕
ahhh they really are fun, thank you for submitting these!! i’ve had a need to write zombie au aftg forever (i have scraps of one that i’m not sure if i’ll work into a postable fic) so have all of em!
(also uhh i was researching gunshot wounds and eVERYONE says don’t take it out, you could die without proper medical knowledge,, but it’s the zombie apocalypse ok we’ll pretend andrew knows some stuff from dr aaron…. don’t do this at home tho lol)
btw if i messed up tenses anywhere tell me i’ve been trying to get back into past tense after a long period of writing only present so i keep switching oof
Andrew must have been shot.
His chest felt punched in, collapsed, the gunshot had been loud and ringing and replaced all other noise. His answering shot - directly to the head of the terrified, pale, lone survivor of the grocery store they’d broken into - was muffled, and Andrew barely noticed the figure fall.
Andrew had not been shot.
Neil had stumbled backward at the impact of the first bang, crashing into almost empty shelves, had dropped like he was - like he was -
Andrew’s legs were moving before he knew what he was doing as his gun fell from limp fingers to skid across the floor, as his hands were going to reach for redredred blooming dark across Neil’s hoodie front, but he had to skip over that, feel for - god, was he - was Neil…
Andrew pressed two fingers deep into the dip of skin and bone at Neil’s neck - he was shaking, he could not still his hands, could not feel his hands - was it there? A little frantic flutter, still?
Neil gasped a half-voiced cry, mostly air crushed from his lungs, and Andrew cursed as he pulled Neil’s upper body into his lap, unzipping the sweatshirt, tearing at the shirt underneath. The bullet wound low on Neil’s shoulder brought the world back into sharp focus.
The moan of the dead gathering was loud outside - Andrew and Neil had ripped boards off the window and shattered their way into the building, hoping for supplies, but it had left enough of an opening for those two gunshots to attract attention, maybe enough to entice a resourceful corpse into tumbling their way through the window, too.
Neil’s eyelids fluttered and he whimpered, a guttural, terrible thing that had more panic lancing through Andrew. He pressed a hand to Neil’s face, to try and draw his attention away. They must not make more noise.
“A-Andrew,” Neil panted, but his blue eyes seemed hazy, unable to focus. “Help. Fuck. Fuck.”
“I know,” Andrew said, and clenched his teeth as his eyes fell again on the wound. The bullet hadn’t gone clean through. He’d have to take it out.
It took a lot to leave Neil, but the pharmacy section was worth it, even as picked over as it was. He found a water bottle, soap, antibiotic ointment, and bandages scattered across the floor, tumbled between, behind shelves. Painkillers were noticeably absent from the selection.
Neil was shuddering when Andrew made it back to him, was reaching to clutch at Andrew’s shirt front and crying in short, sharp bursts as Andrew flushed the wound, set his jaw, and began digging out bits of bullet.
Andrew’s hushes became one long, continuous “shh” that he hissed against Neil’s temple, lips brushing Neil’s skin as he felt for the fragments, blood oozing thick and slippery around his fingers. Flushed the area again, and again, ointment, bandages, and…breathe.  The zombies outside were loud but no longer close. Neil was shaking but quiet. Andrew could breathe now
“Thank you,” Neil finally whispered in a wrecked voice as Andrew ran his slightly cleaner hand over his face. Then, after a minute: “I’m cold, and I - will you - can we -”
Andrew huffed and slowly, gently, pulled Neil the rest of the way in. Neil curled against him, trembling, and Andrew wrapped arms still stained with Neil’s blood around him. They were together, they were able to take care of each other.
No, they would not die today.
(send me more H/C prompts from here!)
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ravennest1342-blog · 3 years ago
BTS Hybrid AU Hyung Line
I literally wrote this at two in the morning last night, panicking as I waited for the Fake Love MV to drop. So It’s kind of weird. . . because it’s my stress addled brain that drove me to this. I will say that the Hyung Line are not the normal hybrid types.
Kim Namjoon
Tumblr media
He is a 25 year old man.
He came up with a computer design that was way cheaper than the leading design and now owns his own huge company of out of this world electronics. (Most of which the public will never see.
He is also a leading politician for Hybrid Rights, which a lot of people find hypocritical considering he owns five hybrids.
But, as he’s explained in hundreds of interviews, he only made his ownership official with the documents and chips in their spines because he wasn’t allowed to shelter them in his home without those as it’s against the law.
He doesn’t mind the view of owner and pet, he just thinks that the hybrid should be able to say no if they don’t want to be owned and to live their own lives. Most hybrids do want an owner.
He spends his free time taking care of his hybrids (they are very high maintenance) as well as scouting the hybrid trafficking rings to see if any of his friends or connections can rescue hybrids — if there isn’t enough time he usually does it himself.
He may not look it, but he’s actually half hybrid. His mother was a tiger hybrid, but as human DNA is dominant over Hybrid, the chances of him being a hybrid were slim to none and so his DNA reads as entirely human. Normally babies like him are still born.
He loves brushing his hybrids hair. (Well Hoseok usually gets really shy because “I’m not the petting type of hybrid hyung.” And he’ll sink away a blushing mess but Namjoon thinks it’s cute.) I’m gonna right something cute about all his relationships with all of them I swear.
Over half of South Korea and most of Japan adore the man.
Kim Seokjin
Tumblr media
He is technically 16 years old but hybrids age twice as fast as humans do up to the age of ten, so when he turned ten he was really twenty in hybrid years and then his age slowed to normal so he looks like a 26 year old.
He’s very sweet and was kept by a very creul owner for the first eight years of his life due to his beauty.
He is an Ermine hybrid. Making him generally sweet and a bit vain.
Fun fact; did you know that hunters catch ermines by putting mud around the entrances to their holes, the ermine refuses to get its fur that it spent hours cleaning dirty and gets caught by either the hunter or his hounds due to this.
His old owner used to pour stuff on him (anything from coffee to bacon grease) to watch the boy have a panic attack.
He was bought by a nice old lady that just needed help around the house after that and was devastated when she died, he cried for weeks.
Namjoon found him right before he was sold to a man that likes hybrid furs.
He loves Namjoon and the other hybrids in house fiercely and usually stays in in order to keep it neat and clean.
He also loves cooking but usually locks the door otherwise Jimin will sneak in and play with his tail. (Aish! This brat!)
He gets scared easily and usually runs to Hoseok or Namjoon but mostly Hoseok because the younger hybrid has the most tight and warm hugs.
He goes to Yoongi if he needs help with the Maknae Line, Yoongi usually stands and snarls and barks/chirps a few curses and the Maknae Line all always get terrified and quiet for several hours.
He had never felt happier then when he got his identification chip — making him Namjoon’s hybrid no matter what and after the surgery he practically begged Namjoon for his pretty pink collar with real silver tags.
Tumblr media
Min Yoongi
Tumblr media
He is 23 in hybrid years, and 13 in human years. (Just don’t think about the human ages guys. They mature both mentally and physically twice as fast.)
He is one of the more rare hybrids, his breed is one that’s dying out because nobody wants them; apparently they are ‘to aggressive’.
He is a Mink Hybrid. (Those of you who don’t know what that is are probably so confused)
He is generally pretty hard core, independent, and aggressive. But he is also, once you earn his trust, sweat and caring and gentle.
He had a horrible start in life, having been constantly doped up on drugs that forced him into being able to have his heat early (heat is for mating and hybrids are not ready to mate until they turn ten.) He was used as a sex slave.
Fun fact part 2) When Minks mate it’s so violent it often looks like the female is being raped as they are biting and snarling at each other, but she’s really just testing the males strength, fact is, if she didn’t want to mate, the male wouldn’t stand a chance.
He is forever grateful to Namjoon but awkward about how to show it; in the end, he usually end up crawling into the olders bed at night and just gently nuzzling the older. He thinks Namjoon is asleep, but Namjoon knows and he thinks it’s adorable as fuck. Especially because Yoongi starts purring, and when he falls asleep, it turns into this little purr/snore.
The only time he ever seems really animated is when he’s comforting one of his boyfriends. Yes all of them are together.
He usually wakes up early once a month to drag Hoseok out of his hidey hole and spending the early hours of the morning doing nothing but praising and basically body worshipping Hoseok. Taehyung, Jimin, Jin, or Namjoon usually join in.
He is actually such a soft bean, and Taehyung is always trying to snuggle against his tail because “It’s so soft and fluffy hyung please?” “No, go ask Hoseok.” “Hobi!!!” Yoongi is wonderful at redirecting poor Tae.
Here is what his ears and tail look like.
Tumblr media
Jung Hoseok
Tumblr media
He is 23 in hybrid years, 13 in human.
He is very insecure about what type of hybrid he is, he thinks he is hideous and strange, he’s also one of the more rare and endangered hybrids in the world.
He’s a white tailed deer hybrid.
He had a surgery forced on him as a fawn that made it to wear he will never have antlers.
He is very friendly, and has the attitude and mindset that a dog hybrid would; generally very cheerful, giggly, and ecentric.
Namjoon found him when he was 20 hybrid years old at a huge auction and didn’t hesitate to blow away half his current money. (He got it all back in like a week.)
Hoseok loves his boyfriends a lot, when he isn’t paying attention, he emits this soft noise and starts nuzzling against them, if no one points it out (and they usually don’t) he usually goes into this really hazy and giggly yet possessive haze.
He loves sleeping in the same bed as Taehyung and Jimin at the same time; they all usually wake up with Hoseok’s arms and legs wrapped all around them and Hoseok loves that the Maknae’s are also curled against him and he usually just lays their practically glowing until he thinks he’s to hideous to be with such beautiful boys and desperately tries to leave without waking them up. Failure every time.
Here is what his ears and tail look like
Tumblr media
So, I’m a bit impressed that I came up with this while my hands were literally shaking waiting for the Fake Love MV to drop and my vision was blurry from exhaustion.
(My time zone was 3;00 AM and I am always super busy on Thursdays.)
If you want to read the Maknae Line one, just go to my Masterlist HERE
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