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#and I’m responding to tina’s prompt with a kind of 5x07 speculation fic
eddie-diass · 8 days ago
there’s something about eddie getting shot and his blood splattering all over buck’s face that tells us they’re inextricably linked. the damage done to eddie is reflected back to him on buck’s face—both literally with his own blood and the shock in his eyes.
it was the moment eddie realized he couldn’t do This without buck. he didn’t quite understand what that meant. What that looks like.
they’re a unit. they’re buckandeddie. they’re two universes revolving around each other—caught up in each other’s gravitational pull—any movement by one moves the other, but they’re so tied to one another that it’s impossible to decipher the origin of the shifts in their positions.
and now they’re heading for a collision the moment the force becomes too strong to overcome.
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