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tennessoui · 8 months ago
I loved the new chapter of your tattoo au, it was amazing and so sweet and Anakin just keeps digging and digging like he’s planning to get to the other side of the globe to escape when Obiwan finally finds out (also, all your little comments always makes me laugh ☺️). And ur Olympics au!!! I can only imagine all the memes about Anakin when the camera catches him drooling over obi wan’s ass!!!
Wanted to thank you so much for all this content!! Great as always, it has been a crucial part to help me keep going with university (I think I thanked u for giving me the serotonin necessary after my mid term exams) and now… I finished!! I had 3 finals yesterday (from 7am-8pm) and the last one was today!! When I saw you posted a new chapter!! that was just the best way to end the day!! Thank you so much 💗💗
ahh i love hearing this lil life update!!! congrats on finishing with your finals!!!!! and i cant believe you had 3 in one day that sounds absolutely awful and i hate it for you but now you're done <3<3
thank you for the love for tattoo shop au <3<3 she is coming along so nicely and i can't wait to give yall the last chapter !!!!
and omg this is a avenue of the olympics au i have not yet thought about but 100% you're so right i can imagine the memes ramping up to the olympics and then opening ceremonies everybody posts their 'happy 'anakin skywalker almost tripped because he was too busy trying to find obi-wan kenobi in the british team' day!!!'
along with like countless other memes of just anakin's face and like when they sit next to each other to watch other events everybody on the internet takes pictures and posts like 'guys the event is over THERE you will not find the olympic swimmers in each other's eyes no matter how blue they are'
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swhurtcomfort · 2 years ago
We all know Obiwan hates Quigon's habit of adopting pathetic lifeforms! Can we read something where Quigon leaves young padawan Obiwan (like jedi apprentice age) to take care of one of the lifeforms while he's away, and something goes wrong?
Listen, okay, Obi-Wan puts up with a LOT.
He put up with the shriekhawk with the broken wing
He put up with the flesh-eating plants
He put up with the wild anooba that chewed up his boots (but not Qui-Gon’s boots, mind you)
But when he comes home and he sees the huge cardboard box on the floor, he just KNOWS this one is going to take the cake.
Inside are five fluffy, stripey, tooka kits all squirming around on top of each other in a Fluff Pile and making high-pitched sounds
He doesn’t even have to say anything, Qui-Gon sees his face and starts explaining how the mother tooka was hit by a speeder outside of Dex’s place, and they’re only a week old, and oh and by the way the Council’s assigned me to a sting operation in lower Coruscant tonight so would you please take care of them for a few hours?
And Obi-Wan is so young and so newly apprenticed at this point that he’s afraid to argue too much, but internally he is like ARE YOU KARKING JOKING. He:
a. Has classes tomorrow. You know, actual IMPORTANT responsibilities
b. Was supposed to go to Space Dave&Busters or something with Bant and Garen tonight and doesn’t want to miss it
c. Values his SLEEP wtf he is NOT getting up at stupid hours of the night to bottle-feed the kits
It’s the circle of life, master, they’re wild animals. If they can’t fend for themselves then nature will take its course.
Cue debate over the living force vs. the unifying force because Obi-Wan cares more about the bigger picture and Qui-Gon is more OF COURSE WE CAN’T SAVE EVERY TOOKA OUT THERE BUT WE CAN SAVE THIS LITTER AND THEREFORE WE SHOULD
But Obi-Wan is a good padawan, so miffed as he is he still stays home with the kits and bottle-feeds them every two hours, and cleans them up when they get milky drool all in their fur, and dries them off like Qui-Gon instructed so they don’t get cold, and keeps them in their box with the heating pads.
The smallest of the kits is acting a little weird though
It’s not eating much and it doesn’t roll around and mewl like the others, it wanders away from the Fluff Pile and sticks its head in the corner of the cardboard box
Obi-Wan keeps picking it up and putting it back in the Fluff Pile so its siblings can keep it warm, but it keeps isolating itself again.
He notices it breathing really slowly and shivering, so he picks it up and tries to feed it a little extra but it won’t take the bottle, so he gets a dropper instead and manages to get a tiny bit of formula into it that way, but mostly it ignores the food and just tries to cuddle up to him.
“You just want to feel snug, don’t you,” he muses as the kit wriggles right into the crook of his elbow the same way it was hiding its face in the corner of the box before. 
And that’s how Qui-Gon comes home at 3 am to find Obi-Wan with a heating pad on his chest, cradling the sick fluffball and whispering gently to it while he frantically reads about tooka kittens on the holonet 
The kit has only gotten weaker despite all his efforts and Obi-Wan tries to explain, tears is his eyes, and Qui-Gon puts a hand on his shoulder.
“Oh Obi-Wan, it’s okay. There’s nothing you could have done.”
“What do you mean, Master?”
“This one is the runt, Obi-Wan. It might not make it. It’s sad, but it’s nature’s way sometimes, that is why tookas evolved to have such large litters. It’s okay.”
And Obi-Wan is suddenly like NO. It is NOT okay! I’m invested in this and he’s mine and I took care of him and he has to be okay!
And Qui-Gon is silently laughing his ass off because when he left 6 hours ago Obi-Wan hated the kits with a burning passion, but you know what, fine.
“Alright, Padawan.”
“I said alright, if it matters to you, then let’s do our damnedest to save this little fellow.”
The healer on duty in the Halls is kind of like…uh, you want me to spend time and resources doing what now? But between Qui-Gon’s inarguable glare and Obi-Wan practically on the verge of tears, she gives in.
“Obi-Wan, dear, you’re going to have to let go so I can take a look at him. There we go.”
She puts the kit in an incubator made for babies and gives it some fluids, Obi-Wan insists on staying nearby because “he’s used to having his littermates all around, he won’t understand why he’s all alone”.
And in the light of morning the kit seems a little bit stronger. Obi-Wan coaxes it to take some formula. He is overjoyed, and Qui-Gon is secretly super relieved.
It’s around then that Obi-Wan starts to realize he is never, ever, ever going to live this down.
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kitten1618x · 4 years ago
I was tagged by @kittykatknits xoxo😘
1) How many works in progress to do you currently have in progress?
Currently just 2 -one for each of my favorite fandom ships: Jonsa and Bethyl, but let’s not even talk about the mile long list of ideas I’m cooking up for future fics! I try to keep myself on a regimented update schedule, so I’m afraid to take on too many WIP’s at once.
2) Do you/would you write fan fiction?
Every damn day ... it’s my ME time.
3) Do you prefer paper books or ebooks?
Nothing compares to the actual weight of a book in your hand -but what I read mostly is fanfic, so ao3 on my phone, it is!
4) When did you start writing?
Geez -for as long as I could pick up a pen and paper. I used to love creative writing in school. When I was 19 I typed out my very first manuscript on my dads antique typewriter (and used the entire ink ribbon -which I have yet to replace).
5) Do you have someone you trust that you share your work with?
Nothing gets to ao3 or ffnet without my “editor” Ben’s approval. He’s been working with me since I first started hosting my work publicly. Also, my beta @everythingjonsa -her input is imperative and invaluable, and I love her. I’ve also been known to bounce my ideas off of @myrish-lace-love (like an entire extensive fic plot once, and bless her patience), and check my asoiaf facts with @direwolfpupy 😘
6) Where is your favorite place to write?
I’ve written entire fics in the notepad of my iPhone. With my special needs children, I’m literally always on the go, and therefore, I have no time to actually sit and write (unless you count laying at the foot of my bed at night and usually passing out in a puddle of drool on my phone screen). The only time I use my laptop/desktop is when I’m proofreading/spellchecking and uploading my fics -otherwise they are just expensive desk paperweights.
7) Favorite childhood book?
On My Honor by Marion Dane Bauer
8) Writing for fun or writing for publication?
Fun for now -perhaps one day I’ll have enough courage to send something out.
9) Pen and paper or computer?
iPhone notepad ...upload on the pc.
10) Have you ever taken any writing classes?
I took a year long course in journalism ages ago -maybe that counts?
11) What inspires you to write?
The better question would be -what doesn’t?
I’m tagging @everythingjonsa @myrish-lace-love @letjonsnownap @obiwan-katnobi @scullylikesscience @direwolfpupy and anyone else that wants to join in. No pressure!
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inkognito97 · 5 years ago
In the vampire au with vampire obiwan and vampire dad quigon when they visit quigon's clan do they sleep in coffins?
“Mother, father, may I introduce to you my Padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi,” with a gentle yet firm push, he brought the young vampire before him. The boy looked weary at the two tall individuals, who looked so much like his Master and then he bowed, mumbling, “At your service,” while doing so.
It was obvious that Geela Jinn had immediately fallen in love with the little red head her son had brought with him. And from the looks of it, Quane Jinn approved of his son’s little shadow as well.
Obi-Wan however, was a little shy at first, not trusting the strange people. It was understandable, especially if you considered the latest run in he had with a couple of Initiates. Qui-Gon was not bothered, he knew his little one would warm up eventually. And he did, as soon as his father praised the leech they had brought. The Jedi Master had quickly agreed, when his student had asked him if he could bring Jeeny with him, since he did not trust anyone else with feeding her. Now the leech was placed on top of the refrigerator, happily sucking on a piece of bloody meat that Qui-Gon’s mother had provided. She found it adorable that the little Padawan had such an uncommon pet.
Dinner was also an interesting affair. All members of Qui-Gon’s family and clan, where about his size and body stature, some were taller and some were smaller. But Obi-Wan… the boy was WAY smaller than the rest of them, which is why he had to sit on his Master’s lap to even bee able to look at the table. Not that the young vampire minded, he contently snuggled against the other’s chest and waited patiently for the meal.
Geela had prepared her specialty. Qui-Gon had no idea what the name was, he only knew that the bloody flesh from their own animals was very delicious and from the looks of it, his Padawan thought so too. The Jedi Master had decided it would be easier, if he just fed his Padawan, so he had cut the meat on his plate to small pieces and was switching between eating it himself and feeding it his Padawan. That they were sharing the same fork, did not seem to bother either of the Jedi. Meanwhile Geela and Quane exchanged a glance and held a whole conversation through it. They way the two Jedi in front of them were acting was… suspicious, especially since they did not know their own son to act so openly and fatherly. There was just one logical explanation, Obi-Wan Kenobi had to be their grandson.
Later that evening, while the adults were talking, Obi-Wan was quickly fallen asleep. It had been an eventful day for him, getting to know knew people was always exciting, especially for growing boys. Short before long, he was yawning against his Master’s chest and he buried his head in the older man’s neck, who patiently and carefree allowed it. 
Again the two older Jinns exchanged a look. There had to be a lot of trust between the two. A vampire, who allowed another vampire such access to his neck, was either suicidal or had a very close bond to the other one. They guessed it was the second case.
“So dear,” Geela spoke up, “tell us a little bit about young Obi-Wan.”
A smile appeared on the bearded Jedi’s features. “Well mother, he was brought to the temple as an infant, barely born and he showed his first signs when he was three years old. I also took him under my wing then, he became my unofficial Padawan until he was old enough to actually claim the title.”
“What do you mean by ‘taking him under your wing’?” Quane wanted to know.
“I took care of him, taught him, made sure he was clean and that he was fed properly,” he made an ongoing gesture with his hand.
Quane and his wife thought the same. Their son had an… incident… with a nice young lady and the result was the ginger haired angel sleeping currently in the long haired vampire’s lap. He was brought to the temple and eventually Qui-Gon had taken responsible. That was the only explanation they got.
“Can he transform?” asked the only woman around the table.
A grimace appeared on the Jedi Master’s features. “He is still struggling with the basics, he does not have his fangs under control yet and I decided to wait with the transformation lessons.” He hesitated, “I had hoped that he could learn better control while we are here.”
“Ah, away from other influences and without disturbances,” Quane guessed and his son nodded.
“I may have a book somewhere that deals with such problems… perhaps I can find it,” Geela stated.
“I would appreciate it.” He really would, Qui-Gon himself had never faced such difficulties. 
“I… I still got one question,” Quane would do it now, “Obi-Wan… he is… he is your son, right?”
Qui-Gon blinked, but then his gaze softened and he looked warmly at his sleeping charge. “He IS my son… in all but blood.” THAT certainly took the two older vampires by surprise.
“Now, if you’ll excuse me, our travel was tiresome. I am sure my Padawan would agree with me,” he chuckled at the lad who was mumbling in his sleep, “We shall retire.”
“Of course dear, I have prepared your coffins in the guestroom. Though… had I known that your Padawan is so small…” she let the sentence trail off.
The older Jinn laughed heartily, “He can make somersaults in his coffin.”
“Don’t worry mother, we will manage.” He stood up and waited until his biologic mother had given him, and to his surprise, Obi-Wan, a kiss on the cheek. It was a tradition in his family, Qui-Gon had soon learned that. 
Qui-Gon felt just a little guilty that he had to wake his young charge up so that he could wash his fangs, but only a little. He had been drooled on after all.
“And where are we supposed to sleep?” Obi-Wan asked and from the feelings the older Jedi received through their bond, he could tell that the young one really did NOT know.
“We are going to sleep in coffins, little one.”
Blue-green eyes blinked. “But we aren’t dead…”
The bearded male laughed. “No Padawan, we are not. It is an old tradition, often seen in old families, that vampires sleep in coffins.”
The boy nodded in understanding, but he did not seemed thrilled. Not even, when Qui-Gon opened his coffin to reveal the softly padded insides. The wine red lining fabric was still cool to the touch, but it would grow warm with their body heat. 
“Hop in,” Qui-Gon encouraged and held the lid open.
But the ginger haired boy just shook his head and backed up. Almost fearful blue-green eyes looked pleadingly up at the older vampire.
“Nothing will happen to you and the lid is light, you can easily open it yourself,” the bearded man continued.
“I don’t want to sleep in a coffin,” he backed up even more.
A sigh escaped the older vampire and he gazed at his own ‘bed’ in thought. “And if we shared one, would that make it better?” He asked.
Instead of answering, Qui-Gon led the lid drop down and walked over to his own, much larger sleeping place. He pushed the equally wine red blanket aside and climbed into the wooden coffin. He moved a bit until he was comfortable and then he gazed at his young charge. 
“See, nothing is happening, i am not being swallowed alive,” he joked. “Now come here.” Obi-Wan was still afraid, not that Qui-Gon could blame him. He had been nervous about his first night in a coffin too. “Do you trust me?” he held out his hand.
A much smaller hand took his and gently, the older Jedi put his little one next to him, making sure that his head was cushioned his arm, before pulling the blanket over them. Then, he draped his free arm over the boy and with a wave of the Force, he made the lid move. His eyes never left Obi-Wan’s.
The young vampire was shivering, but Qui-Gon held him tight. “It’s dark,” he whimpered.
“Indeed, but that’s all there is too it. I am here little one, nothing will harm you.”
The Padawan made a distressed voice and Qui-Gon could feel the movement against him, until the boy pressed more tightly against his Master. Qui-Gon shifted too then. His left arm was still under his boy’s head, but his right arm moved so, that it was partly resting around the smaller male’s frame and so that he could hold his hand against the back of the smaller vampire’s head. He pressed a loving and reassuring kiss against his boy’s forehead.
“I am here dear one, I am here.” He repeated that little sentence a few timed in a gentle whisper and eventually, the tense body against his, relaxed to a point, where Obi-Wan was actually able to fall asleep. A relieved sigh escaped the long haired man and he too, could close his eyes now. One hurdle was overcome…
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immagetyouboy · 5 years ago
Tag 🌺🌺🌺
I was tagged by @daffodil-luhan! Thank you!!! <333
Rules: Answer thirty questions and tag the people you’d like to know better.
- Nicknames: Uhh I guess sometimes my friends call me Obi (for Obiwan lmao) but I usually just go by Aube! :3
- Gender: female
- Star Sign: Leo
- MBTI Type: ISFP I think? Idk, everytime I do the test the answer changes XDD But that’s what I got the last time so.
- Height: 168 cm
- Time: 3:16PM
- Birthday: July 27th
- Favorite Bands: If I go with just kpop, EXO, BTS, BAP, VIXX, NU’EST, 2NE1, DAY6… like way too many tbh.
- Favorite Solo Artists: Luhan, Zitao, Jung Joon-Young, UI
- Song Stuck In My Head: Come Back Home - BTS
- Last Movie I Watched: Spaceballs (A MASTERPIECE OK)
- Last Show I Watched: School 2017 / Fighter of the Destiny
- When Did I Create My Blog: April? Maybe March? Took a hiatus in june though and started my blog over in july.
- Last Thing I Googled: …drooling emojis…
- Do You Have Other Blogs: Yep, I create stuff for the Sims 4 lmao.
- Do You Get Asks: Not often :(((
- Why Did You Choose Your URL: I wanted lyrics from one of luhan’s songs and since I want him for myself… XDD
- Following: 87
- Followers: 64 <33333
- Favorite Color: uhh… pastel rainbow?? Literally any pastel color.
- Average Hours of Sleep: maybe 5?? My ideal would be 8 but I have insomnia a lot.
- Lucky Number: 13!! X) Or 3.
- Instruments: …so like that’s… I have 56 cord instruments, but I can’t play any of them LMAO. They basically just hang on my walls and take a ton of space in my sad little 3 ½. It’s heritage from my dad so I can’t get rid of them.
- What Am I Wearing: Pastel blue (lol) tee and black shorts.
- How Many Blankets Do I Sleep In: In summer one. In winter like… 5.
- Dream Job: Owning my own bookstore!
- Dream Trip: Now that I’ve done Japan and Korea, I really wanna go to Ireland and Scotland. *^* Or maybe New-Zealand. And Australia.
- Favorite Food: …TOO MANY THINGS I CAN’T CHOOSE!!! But I guess since I have a sweet tooth, anything sugary lmao. With cinnamon.
- Nationality: Canadian/French
I tag: @madameemotional @chogiwapark @xiaolu-latte @creepy-luhan @7deer-ofthe-dawn7
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inkognito97 · 5 years ago
Succubus tahl being overprotective of baby incubus obiwan who hasn't told incubus quigon about his true species please?
“You seem troubled?” the female voice startled the ginger haired Padawan and he promptly whirl around.
“Master Tahl,” he explaimed, blue-green eyes wide.
But the female Jedi only smiled down at him and then kneeled beside him near a pond in the Room of a Thousand Fountains. “What is bothering you Obi-Wan?” she asked, but when she got no answer from him, she decided a different approach. “Do you want me to call Qui-Gon, do you want to talk to him?”
Blue-green eyes widened again. “No!” The Padawan flinched at the volume of his own voice. “No,” he repeated, a little bit calmer.
The Noorian Master hummed and out of his instinct, she put a comforting arm around the smaller boy’s shoulder. To her surprise, he actually leaned into the contact. A sudden thought came to the front of her mind. “I wonder what Qui-Gon would do… were he to realize that his little incubus Padawan was cuddling with his mate.”
“W…what?” she could not see his face, but she guessed he must have gone deathly pale.
“Obi-Wan Kenobi, you don’t take me for a fool, do you?”
He shook his head, his body was as tense as a wooden plant. “Of course not, Master.”
She chuckled, “I figured out what you were, the minute I saw you.”
“And you are not… disgusted?”
“Of course not,” she shook her head. Their kind was not liked in the galaxy, that much was clear, even to the young Padawan. “I am a succubus, little one.”
The boy’s head snapped to her. “Truly?” She nodded. “No wonder Qui-Gon is drooling whenever you are in the same room.” That earned him a genuinely amused laugh from the older female.
“Obi-Wan Kenobi, you are a very naughty Padawan indeed.”
He grinned up at her and Tahl was glad to see him happy again. She did not like it, when the energetic boy was sad or melancholic. 
“I learned from the best,” he puffed his chest.
“That you did,” she pulled the little incubus close again, wondering if she should tell him that his Master was one too. Then she mentally shook his head. That thick bantha head should tell his Padawan himself.
“Master,” the Padawan began hesitantly after a moment of silence, “is this also the reason, why there came a strange… smell from Qui-Gon’s bedroom.”
She pushed him into the pond, knowing that it was not too deep. Surprised, Obi-Wan spluttered indigently. “That is only for your Master and me to know,” she silently vowed to NEVER go into her mate’s bedroom ever again. “Now get out of there, you are not supposed to bath in the ponds. Also, I don’t want for you to catch a cold.”
“Yes mother,” the ginger haired Jedi joked, and together, they laughed while Tahl was ushering him back to the quarters he shared with her mate…
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