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artsploon · 15 days ago
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family weirdos gotta stick together -
based off an idea I had at like 3 AM that Mirabel embroiders Bruno’s ruana post-canon 
this is lk rushed so yeahhh hjkdhsadsf
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nerviovago · 9 months ago
Italian firefighter saves small kitten and then cries his heart out ❤️
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spielzeugkaiser · 6 months ago
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Other people: f e a r
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nadja-dyke · 2 months ago
utterly obsessed with how in the show, turning someone into a vampire is framed as an act of love, but in the movie petyr was just turning people for shits n giggles. he didn’t fuckin know who deacon and nick were but he just turned them because he could
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thememerman · 13 days ago
if episode 3 showed us anything it’s that Boba is 100% the person that cries when they accidentally hurt their pet like can you imagine the rancor squealing if Boba stomped on its foot?? Boba would spend the night outside in the sand just to punish himself. Fennec would stand guard and try to convince him to just COME BACK INSIDE and THE RANCOR IS FINE and he just babbles incoherently about breaking trust and what if he’s not a good father before Fennec finally gives up and snaps open a lawn chair and resigns herself to a full night of sighing in exasperation and listening to Boba’s occasional sniffles
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bitchthefuck1 · a month ago
I would give any amount of money to see Jesper's face when he found out Kaz bought Inej a ship and found her parents.
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tomanstwindragons · 3 months ago
Wakasa , helping kid inui with math : okay so if you have 3 dango sticks and I ask you to give me 1 dango stick , how many would be left ?
Inui : zero cause I would give them all to you since you like dango :)
Wakasa , holding back tears : disgusting , get out of here
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syntiment · 8 months ago
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Like a shrike to your sharp, and glorious thorn - 
Might be a lil inspired by the headcanon that piglin bump their heads against people to show affection. After years of being around each other, they both get pretty good at it.
And to specify this is PURELY PLATONIC affection! They are best friends your honor!!
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softieskywalker · 7 months ago
i think the key difference between george lucas's star wars and disney's star wars is that lucas is a man with an ideology. someone with a point of view, and all that entails. which comes with ideas of revolution, anti-imperialism, challenging the status quo, cultural appropriation and racist stereotypes. complex and contradictory ideas because that's how artists are: complex and complicated people. disney is not. disney is a corporation. a corporation can't have ideology, because ideology defeats the purpose of profit. and when the only thing you do is to turn on the movie manufacturing machine before you sit down and plan what ideas are you trying to convey to the audience, then your results are going to be washed out corporate garbage. and because when you're a giant corporation who only cares about selling to the widest audience possible, you can't take sides. you can't decide on an idea. because you want to sell your product to people who are on the entire political spectrum. which results in movies without ideology, without purpose, without soul.
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dirtymutt · 2 months ago
yknow we don’t Always have to infantilize trans men and transmasc people in kink ??? like it’s okay to make them big and tough and masculine, even when they do bottom !!
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whaliiwatching · a month ago
OOOOH also about 'human skin techture TM - consider the blaschko lines mayhaps as an interesting real thing
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after a loNG while of redrawing poses and zero research on various ultraviolet sight patterns…. i agree with you. thank you
bonus pic i got from messing w gradient maps
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jellolegos · 6 months ago
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korra: * holds gently* :)
edit timelapse
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zephyrine-gale · a month ago
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resident space alien 
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7greentears · a month ago
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Not only are they Erik of Azreal he is also Erik, Befriender of Rats.
Has a great love for these wonderful creatures. Simply adores their little hands and adorable faces. They will frequently leave off dishes of food for the rats and lets them sit in his shoulders/helmet.
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princeanxious · a month ago
*Dragon!Logan, pointing to Virgil: ....Mine.
Human!Virgil: what?
D!Logan: I have laid claim to the fairest in all the land. What's not to understand?
H!Virgil: ...your kidding right? I'm like?? Just some dude??
D!Logan: My draconic eyes do not decieve me. 'Some Dude' or not, I have selected you as mine. Dragons do not make mistakes when selecting their mates. You are perfect.
H!Virgil, blushing a bit: Oh. Uh. ....Okay....?
H!Virgil: ...Sssso when is the wedding then? ...like, in spring? Fall, maybe?
D!Logan: Fall is preferable. We shall discuss those details in due time. Come.
(*by dragon I mean humanoid dragon)
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biggerthanriver · 26 days ago
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gosh am I feeling so cute and soft lately
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ruubesz-draws · 11 months ago
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So, @kaiju-krew and I were talking about Mothzilla stuff and we both agreed that Godzilla is a big grumpy who’s only soft around Mothra
“He’s such a friggin N E R D”
(PS. They’re married)
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lovelyvincent · a month ago
i’m here now.
david shaw x gn reader; fluffy & grumpy davey
Tumblr media
david coming home late from a pack meeting, which had carried on much longer than planned due to the quinn situation. feeling drained and tired, all he wants to do is have a hot shower, and be with his angel. however, when he walks into your shared bedroom he stops when he sees you… there you are, on his side of the bed cuddled up to a fluffy wolf plush. david had grumbled about buying it for you a while back, but when you made such a fuss over the soft creature because it reminded you of your boyfriend, he couldn’t say no. david shook the memory from his thoughts, before climbing onto the bed and leaning over you.
“angel… why is this imposter in my place?” he mumbled close to your ear, while stroking your cheek and gently brushing the hair out of your face. you giggle sleepily holding the plush close to your chest, peering over your shoulder to look up at your equally as sleepy boyfriend. “you know he keeps me company when you’re not here, davey.” he furrowed his eyebrows with a scowl on his lips, which had you shaking your head before cupping his cheeks gently. “well i’m here now, get rid of it.” he huffed, leaning into your touch, and the both of you smiled with tinted cheeks at the silly behaviour of you both. “i love you davey” you say, moving the wolf plush to the side and opening your arms out wide for him. “love you more, angel.” he sighs, melting into your warmth.
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softhyungkyun · 3 months ago
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dokyeom used puppy dog eyes… it’s super effective!
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inkedmyths · 4 months ago
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Jonathan Sims. The man who got touchy about the slightest misfile, lectured him over typos, went on long lectures over professionalism, and whom he was fairly sure lived in nothing but crisp dress shirts, sweater vests and a perpetual scowl. That very man, now dressed in an old T-shirt, worn jeans, was cooing at a pile of kittens in his arms.
Martin was fairly sure he must have hit his head at some point. There is absolutely no way he was seeing this.
Thursday's entry for @alternatearchivesweek! Yes I chose Animal Shelter AU because I wanted to draw Jon with a pile of kittens. What of it
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