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#and also 2
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a sign (2021?) - found by husband
"ATTENTION: before sharting please fart on me thank you for your cooperation!!"
submitted by @alternaterag
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snorlaxatives · 2 months ago
the fact that 2016 was 5 years ago and 2022 is just 4 months away is making my eye twitch.... need a support group for people who can’t process the linear progression of time
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billiewena · a month ago
castiel supernatural is canonically in romantic homosexual love with dean winchester
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twofingerswhiskey · a month ago
the fact that dentists and doctors are kept in separate fields of study is super concerning because doctors being kept entirely in the dark about an entire area of the human body is costing people their lives. my dentist was able to tell me my jaw was shattered on one side. my doctors, some of which are top of their field specialists in pain disorders, all said they did not deal with teeth area issues and glossed over it as if having 5.5 teeth held up via calcium deposit and bone shrapnel isn't unhealthy. one of them is literally an ear nose and throat specialist. come on
edit: i'm not american this is not about america i am in canada and our system is different
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I went on a date with a girl last night and I have purple hair and wore a purple top and purple eyeshadow and she has a green chunk in her hair and wore a green shirt and green eyeliner………soulmates
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jorrated · 3 months ago
Babygirl I've created lore for fictional characters that are so complex you wouldn't even comprehend
#*drops an excel file of all the relationships and opnions of characters from the zè comics*#the comics: the green parrot want more money#my brain: clearly because he had to become a dad at like fuckin 20 years old of twins#because his sister ran away from home as a kid and then just dropped the twins on him without any explanation help or communication#leaving him to deal with the emocional labor of that plus two children that he wasnt ready for and had no financial help#it would also explain the personality of still being viewed as lazy/greedy can you fucking imagine???#all of that being dropped on you one day and now you gotta be a dad#the transition into being more responsible would definetely take some time#i know the comics tecnically exist around tge same time as the movies but idc#its much more interesting to see the comics show an younger zè and the movies an older one#also i think it would differenciate while still keeping parallels between his sister and della#like donald is an uncle because either theres kinda this expectation of della coming back#(depends on canon i guess i like to mix stuff. comics and cartoons)#or he really is just babysitting for a while#while José is his kids guardians theres no doubt about that#there is never an implication that he is taking care of zico n zeca for his sister#there isnt the expectation their mom is going to come back or anything#yeah#i think this way the characters 1. make more sense#2. arent literal brazilian copy paste characters of the other duck comics#petiton to make zé be called dad cause yeah#idk where i was going with this#but yeah#jo.speaks#cursing tw#abandonment tw
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chiptrillino · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
by decree of fire lord Zuko, first of his name, son of lady ursa, and prince Iroh, the burned, the phoenix prince, the aggressiv peaceful, bender of the colourful flames and wielder of the dual swords (if you know what i mean), master jerk-bender, the blue spirit, your friend lee with the good cup of tea, tea server during the weekend at the jasmine dragon open from 7:30 am to 7:00 pm from Monday till Sunday, ginseng 50% off and every 10th cup of tea free what a steal, daily heart attack for the kyoshi warriors, defeater of sleep, most comfortable living heater according to the avatar and his allies, best ichy spots scratcher; herby declares!
that if this post is granted 1000 notes, he permits princess Izumi first of her name, born under the south star, the peaceful, the sun drop, the sun flake, the soft wind, the gentle fire hazard, mini sparky, the living sunrise; to rise and keep lily pad frogs in the pond next to the turtledecks!
-approved and sealed
by fire lord zuko.
Sokka and suki are supposed to help him keep the fire nation in check. not teaching his daughter argumentation tactics and how to formulate contracts!
Sokka arguments that they are raising the future fire lord so technically "we are we are working ahead of schedule!" btw the lily pad frogs in question
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