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#and also am working on a dialogue based drabble that may or may not kinda dictate what my muse will be doing from here on out
heroquills-a · 2 years ago
( pltbhplbhbh )
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nofliight · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
fill out & repost ♥ This meme definitely favors canons more, but I hope OC’s still can make it somehow work with their own lore, and lil’ fandom of friends & mutuals. Multi-Muses pick the muse you are the most invested in atm.
tagged by: stole it from @sternenteile​ and honestly others tbh tagging: TAKE
my muse is:  canon / oc / au / canon-divergent / fandomless / complicated
Is your character popular in the fandom? YES / NO. [ for better or for worse, he’s THE face of kid icarus, after all. he’s a dork and funny and likeable and even if the fandom tends to get him WRONG (thanks smash bros) there’s no denying his popularity ]
Is your character considered hot™ in the fandom?  YES / NO / IDK. [ i don’t??? think so??? most people are too busy talking about how they think he’s like 5 ]
Is your character considered strong in the fandom?  YES / NO / IDK. [ EVEN THE FANDOM AIN’T GONNA MESS THIS UP. MAN FIGHTS GODS. CALL THAT WEAK. ]
Are they underrated?  YES / NO / IDK. [ make no mistake - pit’s got fans and plenty of them but he’s so MISTREATED by the fandom. his character is a lot more complex than he gets credit for and smash bros in particular is a big reason people think he’s just Big Dumb Baby Man ]
Were they relevant for the main story?  YES / NO. [ HE’S THE MAIN CHARACTER, THE CENTRAL FIGURE UPON WHOM THE NARRATIVE IS STRUCTURED AROUND, YEAH HE’S PRETTY RELEVANT. Uprising is literally made to tell the story of a war exclusively through the perspective of a single side and Pit (and Palutena) are the EMBODIMENT of that whole side. ]
Were they relevant for the main character? YES / NO / THEY’RE THE PROTAG. [ and a perfect one at that. he’s literally a perfect protagonist don’t tell me i’m wrong cause i’m not ]
Are they widely known in their world? YES / NO. [ pit is beloved by humans... and mocked by the Gods. seen by most as a spineless extension of palutena’s will, most “respect” of any variety goes to palutena while he gets treated as a joke 99% of the time... and it’s not like Palutena gets too much respect either ]
How’s their reputation?  GOOD / BAD / NEUTRAL. (????) [ Uhhhhhh... it’s an odd one. Short answer is that Pit’s a good samaritan who’s done a lot of good BUT most of the gods think protecting humanity is a Folly and a Joke and that Pit’s just a pawn of Palutena’s and while the humans do hold a lot of respect for him, uh............. let’s just say, some humans on the surface have reasons not to be too happy with him. ]
How strictly do you follow canon?  —  about as much as I need to to respect one of my favorite video games of all time. while kid icarus uprising is a comedic game most of the way through it has a lot more nuance and depth to itself, its world, and its characters than one can see at first glance, even after a full playthrough. if you let yourself get invested in the characters, take a closer look at the dialogue it provides, and acknowledge the central, core storytelling message of the game for what it is, there’s a lot more to pull out than one would think. that being said, it’s still a comedic video game and one that I think could use some more expansion. though the game is inconsistent there seems to be the consensus that pit is like a child and I’m not into that, mine’s a bit more showing in his cynical and snarky side after all he’s been through and overall there’s a lot of expansion on the base while building it into something unique.
SELL YOUR MUSE! Aka try to list everything, which makes your muse interesting in your opinion to make them spicy for your mutuals.  —  imagine your typical bootstrapped anime protagonist. someone who, when younger, was a runt who couldn’t meet the expectations of others, was looked down on, and found himself crushed and hurt and near-killed by a great tragedy that he was forced to claw his way out of to make himself stronger. Now imagine all of that with a character who comes out still able to have a very real smile and ultimately comes out of it a self-assured, chipper goofball with a good heart. now put that together with all of the darkness and depth you would have expected to be there, but scattered realistically throughout the attitude of someone who does genuinely want to keep a positive attitude. someone who is sincerely an optimist who’s grown past his weaker days, but isn’t quite so simple as he’d like to believe. all of that combined with someone who can’t read, is willing to eat ice cream off the floor in times of duress, is extremely easy to fluster and can channel his goddess’ power to slay GODS? you got one strong man.
Now the OPPOSITE, list everything why your muse could not be so interesting (even if you may not agree, what does the fandom perhaps think?).  —  his positive attitude is what most people will see when speaking to him, because for what it’s worth, he’s not actively lying about his depth. he’s a cheerful, jovial man with a big smile and a love of the world around him - which is all well and good, but his depth is something you have to find, even if it is reasonably clear if you’re willing to look. he’s also portrayed as a bit unreasonably dumb at times, and though I personally justify the worst of it with proper explanations, I can understand reducing some of the value of the character in favor of seeing all of his Jokes
What inspired you to rp your muse?  —  i made my original pit blog, flightlesswarrior, on a total whim after playing kid icarus uprising. cute character, fun premise, why not? but over time, and with numerous plots I was able to take part in exploring the serious, not so serious, shipping, tragedy, and going back through the game to keep my muse rolling, it occurred to me more and more with time just how nuanced and interesting pit and co. really are. pit embodies many of the things i really, truly love in a protag, falling firmly on the side of good, having a heart of genuine gold, and having nuances and parts of his personality that are less than savory without making him seem like a contradiction. he’s got depth, he’s got story, there’s a lot to explore and flesh out... and he’s also just a nice, friendly guy who gets along well with others. plus, i’m drawn to dorks.
What keeps your inspiration going?  —  a) love for Kid Icarus: Uprising. a game that helped me gain a deeper and more insightful understanding of character development, subtle storytelling, optimism still tinged with legitimate and healthy cynicism, and overall something that changed my understanding of character development and storytelling forever. and b) spite. the fandom treats him like an idiot baby and smash DOES NOT help matters so i have to remind others that he is a veteran of a war, a socially inept loser with few real friends, and someone who’s kindness and optimism was shaped and molded by its hardships in a way that doesn’t require a near-breaking point or a reminder that “this guy could be evil you know” to show how someone can still keep a positive attitude in spite of all the shit life throws at him.
Some more personal questions for the mun.
Give your mutuals some insight about the way you are in some matters, which could lead them to get more comfortable with you or perhaps not.
Do you think you give your character justice?  YES / NO [ i’d like to think i have?? but i also acknowledge that he’s become something of his Own in some ways that do intentionally diverge from sakurai’s intentions. ultimately though, even though i may not play him completely true to text, i try to be as loyal as i can be to the spirit of the character. ]
Do you frequently write headcanons?  YES / NO / SORT OF? [ when i can!! but??? the problem is my mind really, really likes to reiterate the Same Damn Points i have to make with characters that draws me to them - and you know, writing the same hcs over and over is generally considered poor form?? ngl i also prefer to let the writing do the talking unless it’s something that’s not gonna show so 90% of the time pit’s open enough that all but the darker sides of his mind are lain out before you. ]
Do you sometimes write drabbles?  YES / NO [ maybe??? once or tWICE???? but i need to write more ]
Do you think a lot about your Muse during the day? YES / NO [ I REALLY DO, HOO MAMA. i have a lot of thoughts about him, his depth, potential relationships, goofy thoughts, more serious fanfic ideas im never gonna write and don’t get me started on how many SHIPS i have to think about for him ]
Are you confident in your portrayal? YES / NO [ my portrayal is made out of spite for portrayals in the fandom and some supplementary material that gets him wrong - it’s kinda hard to do that without the confidence ]
Are you confident in your writing?  YES / NO / ??? [ it’s uhh........ complicated??? i don’t think writing is my expertise, tbh. but it is the best way i have to show the passion i have for characters, by putting their nuances into actions, by allowing them to shine from who they are their core, by exploring relationships and scenarios and struggles and hope and everything that can flesh a character out. whether or not i’m a good writer is something i’m still sorting out - but i’m proud of my ability to develop a character, and to that end i feel like i’m doing fine ]
Are you a sensitive person?  YES / NO. / SORTA. [ on one hand......... very. i have a tendency to overthink everything i do and look back at moments i made an ass of myself that keep haunting me throughout my day - they haunt me. i only have two fears: what my immediate friend group thinks of me and the crushing existential weight of worrying one day i’m gonna ruin everything i am SOFT. that being said, i’m also hardheaded and stubborn and i’m not afraid to go off on someone i don’t have much respect for if it comes down to it. i’m easy to anger when it comes down to it you know i guess that proves the point huh i’m not stonefaced at all ]
Do you accept criticism well about your portrayal?  —  i try to? it’s a bit touchy for me I admit just because I do take portrayals and try to make them my own, but i am willing to listen if someone has any points they’d like to make that i haven’t acknowledged properly. if criticism IS had, lemme know, i do wanna hear it!
Do you like questions, which help you explore your character?  —   Y  E  S
If someone disagrees to a headcanon of yours, do you want to know why?  —  not that everyone who disagrees with my opinions has to explain themselves of course, but i do sincerely like the chance to learn if something i’m doing doesn’t quite feel right. even if it’s one-sided and i’ll come to disagree, i’m happy to listen! even if i don’t agree with the disagreement head-on, i like to keep them in mind and see what i can shift around to acknowledge them if necessary
If someone disagrees with your portrayal, how would you take it?  — neutral?? i mean don’t be mean about it, but if you just think my pit doesn’t seem right or it doesn’t click right with your muse i’m not gonna throw a fit about it. everyone’s allowed to view a character in their own way - and even if i may get salty about those who oversimplify him, it IS anyone’s right to view him how they will.
If someone really hates your character, how do you take it?  — agree to disagree tbh. i can’t pretend it wouldn’t disappoint me, but it’s not like, worth ending a friendship over or anything. everyone’s got their own viewpoints to run on
Are you okay with people pointing out your grammatical errors?  —  sure, within reason! i take pride in my grammar but i know that with my fast typing and often running on only a few hours of sleep some problems do slip in through the cracks. while i generally either catch them or just Die with them i’m all ears if i mess up
Do you think you are easy going as a mun?   —  uhhhhhhhhhh well i’m?? kind of a socially anxious mess honestly which DOES make being easy going a bit difficult BUT i do try and be friendly and sociable as i....... can. i’m too scared to talk to people and CAN say some dumb things but i’m not a hardass or anything!! i like to talk and Yell and shitpost and pretty much do anything but write tbh DHFLKSJDF
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shinrasfirst · a year ago
fill out & repost ♥
Tumblr media
My muse is:   canon / oc / au / canon-divergent / fandomless /
Is your character popular in the fandom?  YES / NO.
Is your character considered hot™ in the fandom?  YES / NO / IDK.
Is your character considered strong in the fandom?  YES / NO / IDK.
Are they underrated?  YES / NO.
Were they relevant to the main story?  YES / NO. (I mean? I’m not sure? I hope he will be more important, but as it is, he could have been cut out of Part 1 of the remake.)
Were they relevant to the main character?  YES / NO / THEY’RE THE PROTAG. (Except that he kinda saved him.. I can’t answer these questions, I am so biased.)
Are they widely known in their world?  YES / NO. (?)
How’s their reputation?  GOOD / BAD / NEUTRAL. Depends on who you ask, I’d say!
How strictly do you follow canon?
There isn’t much canon to go on, first of all. I am taking what I can get and expand on it. There’s probably some stuff about him that I don’t know, because I am notoriously bad at researching things properly, and also I forget stuff. So.. he’s canon-based as much as possible, but then majorly fleshed out by my own ideas because otherwise he’d be a very two-dimensional character.
SELL YOUR MUSE! Aka try to list everything, which makes your muse interesting in your opinion to make them spicy for your mutual.
He’s wild and fun and crazy and could make for some interesting threads---
He is actually compatible with a lot of muses because he technically works for Shinra, but then doesn’t seem to give a lot of fucks about his employment status, meaning he can also work with the other side without me having to change his setting much.
He’s gorgeous. Look at him.
He is flirty and easy to smut with.
He has a completely unknown backstory that could be explored c;
Did you see that ass?
Now the OPPOSITE, list everything why your muse could not be so interesting (even if you may not agree, what does the fandom perhaps think?).  
He’s a bit nuts. If you’re looking for a predictable, soft, sweet romance or friendship, he is not your guy.
He'll probably die young. And there shall be angst and pain.
I’ve seen some people really reduce him to a maniac to lives on the road to attack random people. If that’s your idea of Roche then I am sure you wouldn’t be looking for threads with him~
He is tough to write love/romance with. Like proper romance.
He has a completely unknown backstory.. so my version might differ greatly from what you have in mind.
What inspired you to rp your muse?  
I played the Remake and driving on those motorcycles was insane but kind of fun - and then shows up this guy who just drove right into my heart as soon as he popped up on the screen, laughing like a mediocre villain from YuGiOh. I thought that was all it was going to be, but I was thrilled to see that it wasn’t. I just love this character. I rewatched his fight scenes with Cloud a hundred times. He is so.. peculiar. I just couldn’t stop thinking about him, and then I saw a bit more of him on tumblr, fanarts and such, and I wanted to give it a shot :)
What keeps your inspiration going? 
New headcanons about him that pop into my head. Finding other people who love him and talking to them & rping with them! Like with all muses, I tend to love them even more the longer I play them, compared to when I start out, because new stories around them develop, I get a clearer image of their character and backstory in my head, and new plans for their future :) On a more to-the-point level: quotes, poems, music, images, all those things give me inspiration. Also similar characters in other media, or stories that fit Roche and that I can recycle and reform into part of his.
Some more personal questions for the mun.
Give your mutuals some insight about the way you are in some matters, which could lead them to get more comfortable with you or perhaps not.
Do you think you give your character justice?  YES / NO. According to whom? I am alright with the way I write him, or I’d be doing it differently. Would Square Enix think I am doing a good job? Idk. Do other Roche rpers think I am? Idk. Does it matter? As long as there are people who enjoy writing with my version of him, I am doing my job, I think :) There are Roche portrayals I find “better” than mine in some ways, more developed, but I don’t really compare myself in that way. 
Do you frequently write headcanons?  YES / NO.
Do you sometimes write drabbles?  YES / NO.  
Do you think a lot about your Muse during the day? YES / NO.
Are you confident in your portrayal?   YES / NO. Yes and now because while I stand to the way I write all my muses, Roche in particular is one I haven’t fully developed yet. There are things about his story I am still unsure about or have no clear ideas for yet. So, I’m not feeling insecure when I write him, but I am not overly confident in throwing him in any situation, because something might come up that’ll require me to think harder that I’d have to while playing.. e.g. Rufus.
Are you confident in your writing?  YES / NO. I’m no Rowling, I’m no Tolkien, I know that. But I think my writing is alright. I try to put some internal thoughts in my replies, describe the scene abit, offer some dialogue if applicable, and move the action forward. I am not writing a book here, I am writing something interactive, so my partner is my main concern aside from telling the story. I do feel like I’m doing an okay job at that, so in that sense I am confident in my writing.
Are you a sensitive person?  YES / NO. I’m not entirely sure what this is referring to, but generally I’d say no. I can deal with most topics, it’s pretty hard to offend me, I’m open to most things, and there are very few issues I feel like they can’t be solve with just talking about them.
Do you accept criticism well about your portrayal?
It depends? I almost never get constructive criticism. What I absolutely accept is things like.. someone correcting mistakes I’ve made in terms of timelines or canon facts, because I am lazy by default and tend to not research something well and just wing it. So it might be that I’ll put some fake news into my threads that I have no problem with if someone corrects - actually, please do, I’ll gladly fix it. (Especially if they’re relevant to your muse.)
If someone dislikes a headcanon of mine or something that is particular to my portrayal of Roche, that’s really not something I aspire to change. I have my ideas of him and everyone else has their own. If a friend came to me and told me a certain headcanon of mine makes no sense because of the canon storyline or whatever, and it sounded valid to me, I’d consider that. That wouldn’t offend me. If someone just told me they dislike an idea I had, that is the kind of criticism I don’t really accept. That’s not criticism to me, that is a personal opinion that we disagree on. It’s not my problem if someone dislikes my portrayal, they don’t have to interact with it. I take no offense in that, unless it’s reported to me in a rude manner.
With regard to my writing? I don’t ask for criticism and I don’t really want it either. I know what areas I have to work on in order to improve, I don’t need anyone to give me pointers there. I have enough of that in my academic papers at university ;) This is a hobby, so I’m trying to have a good time and good plays with others, I’m not trying to win any awards. However, if I post a reply my partners aren’t sure how to work with (e.g. they need more dialogue, or more action) I am absolutely willing to edit it, no problem. Also, not just on tumblr/in the RPC but in general, people are really really REALLY bad at giving constructive criticism. It never ceases to amaze me how much people suck at that. Like I said, I don’t get offended easily, but it makes me laugh sometimes (e.g. after presentations at uni) how horrible the feedback comes across sometimes. And then everyone gets butthurt and I once again marvel at the fact that no lecturer ever gives advice on how to give good feeback. (I guess because a lot of lecturers can’t do it either.)
Do you like questions, which help you explore your character?  
Absolutely! It helps a lot. Sometimes it’s a real challenge, but those are necessary and very welcome while developing a character. Other people often think of things I didn’t even consider, so I welcome it when they come into my askbox with these questions :)
If someone disagrees to a headcanon of yours, do you want to know why? 
Maybe? If it was a friend or an rp partner, I’d hear them out for sure. If it was someone I don’t even write with.. maybe not. Like, what’s the point? Clearly I made up my mind about it, so why would you come to me to inform me that you see it differently? Go right ahead, neither one of us writes these games, so both our versions are equally right or wrong. If it’s about something that could lead to an interesting discussion, though? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.
If someone disagrees with your portrayal, how would you take it?
I'd say some people like chocolate ice cream and some like vanilla. That’s okay. I’m not trying to please everyone on tumblr, I’m here to write what I want to write and if just one other person likes my portrayal, that can be enough for me :) If someone dislikes my portrayal, they’re free not to interact with me.
If someone really hates your character, how do you take it?  
I’ve written more characters that were absolutely despised by a good chunk of the fandoms I was in, than characters who were loved, I think. I couldn’t care less. If someone hates Roche - or any of my muses - that’s their thing and has nothing to do with me. As long as they don’t feel the need to inform me about it or send me hate over it, what’s it to me? I don’t need people to like my favorite characters, it has no influence on how I feel.
But also.. why would you hate Roche? Look at him, he’s amazing :D
Are you okay with people pointing out your grammatical errors?  
Sure. English isn’t my first language, I’m sure I make mistakes all the time. I’m not embarrassed by that, everyone makes mistakes, even people whose first language is English. That being said, don’t go weeding through my posts looking for mistakes, because I won’t go back and fix them in most cases, so it’s really a waste of time~
Do you think you are easy going as a mun?
I think so. I’m pretty relaxed most of the time, and I try to be polite and kind in any situation that comes up. I don’t get offended unless you’re accusing me of something I didn’t do, twist my words, insult my friends, or act like a total brat. Before I start a war with someone, I’ll usually withdraw myself from the situation. I am pro-unfollowing/blocking if I dislike someone. I would never send anon hate or write a call out. I’m not here for that. I think we should all try to be kinder than we feel, we should all show respect for others and tolerate differences, and we should try to treat people the way we want to be treated. Live and let live.
That’s about it, congrats for filling out!
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wanderingpages · a year ago
Hi!! I binge read all of your drabbles and ur work is SO GOOD!!! Like holy shit I felt the sexual tension in your works more than the original books tbh. Do you have any writing tips? Any inspiration? I LOVE LOVE LOVE your writing style and i really hope I can write like you some day.
Thank you so much!
Sexual tension is my MO ngl I like writing foreplay more than actual sex scenes lol.
You will most likely consume what you want to create, adapt from what you picked up on and stray from things you disliked, so...
Below the cut is a load of advice you definitely don’t need from me:
Movies, books, poetry, music, social media - and not just stuff in your social circle or specific niche, explore out side your comfort zone. Take that 4 am Youtube rabbit hole all the way down, my guy.
Baz Luhrmann is really good with aesthetics so it’s nice to watch his movies if just for the visual appeal. Also Romeo + Juliet was A+ dialogue - which is something you should also pay attention to; I hate hoity toity proper speech dialect so I never write period pieces 🤷🏻‍♀️ I watched this art house French film called Blow Up and I hated it so much but I still appreciated it?? It made no sense but I still liked certain things about it. Clueless, it’s just the best adaption of Jane Austen’s Emma and it’s incredible that it’s not even discernible because it’s so innovative. Quinten Tarentino is really good at telling stories so I like looking for all his plot twists even if I don’t like the movie as much. (I hated death proof so much but it was still interesting to watch). Pulp fiction, how three different stories turn into one was incredible to me and I loved that even in the original grudge movie remakes. Boring movies, scary movies, funny movies, what did you like/hate, how would you change it and why. Similarly with series and shows, what makes it good in your eyes? Don’t copy it, but try to emulate that.
Kids books, just quick ganders are enough. Most of them are actually clever with alliteration, metaphors or rhyme schemes/ rhythm and while juvenile, it’s easily adaptable. The Stinky Cheeseman by Jon Scieszka is the reason I’m hilarious and dark lol. Read stuff you hate; I read The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides, and I absolutely could not get through it without skimming. One passage, I didn’t even know I was reading a sex scene until something about kissing was mentioned. I get it though (based on what the story was about - the male narrators' obsession with the girls who were practically mysterious creatures - an obsession that lasted thirty years after the suicides) I can see why A LOT of word play was used. It makes sense, and it is beautiful sometimes, flowery, don’t get me wrong, BUT turns out I dislike purple prose and I try not to use it too often. The Stranger, by Albert Camus, made me really like reading (and hearing people talk) about absurd philosophy and existentialism. To this day, it’s still one of my favorite pieces of writing. I think it helped me realize you CAN write the way you think and it can still be interesting even if the topic is so incredibly dense. Adding commas and em dashes and parenthesis can actually set a pace. Just as short sentences can set a tone. Read outside your favorite genre, read some 1990 contemporary ya or some super boring 2019 new adult. Read stuff with plot and without plot. Find out why you hate or like a character, why a character you don’t like is still detrimental or a character you love only works well as a secondary character.
But, even books you like, don’t kiss the authors ass. I cannot stress this enough! Especially on this here website! Ive seen people go to great lengths to prove their author can do no wrong at all, and in contrast, I’ve seen people tear down authors like that person is Hitler. There’s always going to be something you hate about your favorite books, and you can choose to deny this but deep down you know your fave could have done *something* different. Acknowledge that and learn from it. That’s what most fanfic is anyway, right? Once you know why something was not right, You (Or at least, I) find that you want to write things differently, want to not do those *Bad* things. Remember Twilight? Of course you do, and I love that damn series, even though I KNOW half of the entire series was filler. Hell, NEW MOON was a whole filler book. I know its not literary genus, but I genuinely would not be writing if it weren't for fanfiction dot net forward slash book forward slash twilight. Also, that soundtrack was banger, which brings me to my next note.
Music! I grew up with lots of 90s hip hop and r&b. I know way too many lyrics that I shouldn’t have learned as, like, a five year old but I appreciate now, even if it’s about not knowing what “luv” is while simultaneously understanding the artists dgaf what it is. I, in turn, also appreciate characters who don’t give a fuck, too. I might hate them but I also respect it lol. New music with stupid lyrics or equally obscene shit. Even if you think a song is stupid, it still tells a story, whether its based on ego and riches or something deeper like drug abuse and love lost. Lyrics and beats help you understand an artist’s personality, you can probably use that to base a character off of or even a scene like that baseball scene in Twilight; Supermassive Black hole by Muse will never not automatically make me think about Alice throwing that ball to Rosalie (Also, can we just appreciate that vampires playing baseball in thunderstorms is kinda fucking clever?). Also, word play is often cleverly done in music. Billie Eilish’s Ocean Eyes always hits for me. “Burning cities, Napalm skies. 16 flares inside those ocean eyes.” WTF does that mean? IDK but god do I feel that. And maybe sometimes you want to say what you mean point blank and not over use metaphors, but now and then a clever line doesn’t hurt.
Same with poetry! I read Milk and Honey, enjoying it at first until I was like ‘ok I get it ur sad and different, bitch me too, next.’ I actually never finished it lol.  Charles Bukowski is hit or miss for me. Sometimes i feel his words and other times i literally want to scream!!!! Night Work by him comes to mind, and jfc it gets me so mad. I understand why, though and I end up writing just as aggravating (secondary) characters.
Keep your comfort zone but, step out side of it as well. I did so many things in 2019 that was out of my comfort zone, minuscule things like listening podcasts (which, now I like ) to big things like, bungee jumping. It puts things into perspective. Didn’t like bungee jumping but I loved the adrenaline rush, I understood it, I wanted more of it and I could actually describe it, and if i can describe it to myself then whoever I’m writing about can also describe it, feel it, even. Podcasts, on the other hand, made me more aware of what’s going on outside of my city and I even found myself doing research I later used in my writing. Do things you probably wouldn’t on a good day, basically, then write it down.
Write anywhere and anything! short pieces to full pages. I have a notebook of phrases or conversations I had or overheard back in high school because it just blew my mind and i thought it was either funny or profound for a bunch of teenagers. Half the stuff I posted is me typing bullshit on my phone in the middle of the night, then i retype it in a word doc and either add or take out of it. My notes are a jumble of nonsense most of the time. I hardly write full sentences, sometimes I skip around and emphasize on lines I know for sure I want to use, skip around some more and maybe write an ending, then in word, I try to fill in the spaces. Experiment too! Maybe you want to focus more on emotion than dialogue or dialogue more than emotion? See what fits for the theme you’re going for.If you don’t like it, rewrite it.
Thesaurus dot com is your friend! Or even right clicking a word on word and checking the listed synonyms (Unrelated, what’s a synonym for the word word?). If you notice you’re using the same word (Noun? Verb?) too often and you don’t think it flows well, look for another one. Word of the day dot com was like mandatory for me in my high school AP English class, but it came in handy. I started using words I’d never even think to use before.
Finally, have people read your work whether it’s a friend or randoms on the internet. Let them tell you what they liked or hated. You don’t have to take what they say to the heart, but ask yourself why you DIDNT write it the way they wanted. A previous ask mentioned something that actually had me thinking, would the person actually do that? Maybe, but is it relevant to the plot? Does it make sense? Should I add it in? Basically justify what you wrote and it may actually help in aiding with the rest of what you will eventually write.
Hope this helped in some way and good luck on anything you write.
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the-cryptographer · 4 years ago
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Thank you so much for the ask! ;^;Also, sorry, these are extra long emblematik. I tried to double answer on them because I got double asked on both of them.
For the Fanfic Ask Game. Send me stuff if you haven’t already.(Or send me stuff if you have already. Not picky.)
V: If you could write the sequel (or prequel) toany fic out there not written by yourself, which would you choose?
Although I often am inspired to write in response to the themesand tropes in other people’s fanfic, I don’t often think of doing directsequels or prequels.
(For some reason though, I thought of As Clever Does (Harry Potter) I thinkit was a pretty clever bunch of snippets. I wouldn’t mind continuing the linewith a couple more.  Also it may havealso started my interest in Pansy and Luna interacting further, which is kindof a thing in my drafts for Built Out of Whole Cloth, so maybe I’ve already startedwriting a sequel to it in that sense, heh.)
OKAY, but here’s a realexception. And, even more amazingly, I might actually write it:Since Animomactually put out an open challenge for sequels to Snowblind (ygo), I kinda gave thething too much thought and ended up with a plot, and told her about it. Andsince I think it could also kind of work as a standalone with some minimalexplaining I might do it.
The gist of Snowblind is that Kaiba and Jounouchi pile ontoan airplane after something happens to Yuugi. And then the plane crashes in amountain snowstorm and Kaiba has severe eye trauma. And then they bitch at eachother and make moves on each other (while quite possibly being steeped in regret for not making moveson the people they actually liked) as they huddle together to stave off impendinghypothermia. Then they may or may not die. (It’s a really good fic, btw.)
I think the ambiguous ending does more for the fic than anyconclusion could- But, during the fic, Kaiba says, ‘Blind and alive would bepathetic, but blind and dead won’t matter,’ which is just tempting fatesadistic authors, lbr. It wouldn’t necessarily be a continuation in a thematickind of sense, but just following from the concrete series of events laid outin Snowblind I thought it could be fun. Me in comments section:
I admit I kind of considered doing a [sequel], followingfrom Mokuba being on the case of saving them. Something where Kaiba was blindand Jou was a couple toes short, and Kaiba had hooked his sensory system up toa kind of constantly updated virtual reality that was synched with camerasaround his office and house. And then Jou kind of bursts into his life andforces him not to be a shut-in and drags him outside and out of bounds of hisvirtual reality sensor field. And probably Yuugi’d still be around andeveryone’s uncomfortably unsure about how everyone else feels.
I think I wrote this thinking it would theoretically be a JouKaific, since it was based on one. But tbh I’m kind of feeling now that it wouldwork better as a friendship fic with some other ship (rival? polar? buddy?) onthe side. JouKai as friends that slept with each other once in extreme (andextremely awkward) circumstances is honestly just about as good as foreverromance JouKai. I (friend)ship it.
Anyhow, I still don’t know if I’ll write it but, yeah~
On an unrelated note, do you know what needs a sequel, emblematik?Your sightshipping drabble. I would read all the fic about Isis and her babyhaving brunch with Pegasus. Love it~
 F: Share a snippet from one of your favouritedialogue scenes you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.
From Missed Signals, Lost Lines(pkmn)
“Silph’s using you, you moron!”Green shouts. “Team Rocket paid them off, and now that the Silph bigwigs havecashed their checks and realised what a shit deal they got, they’re using youas leverage. As a fucking bargaining chip.”
Pikachu sparks dangerously, inwarning, and Green withdraws his hands.
But it’s enough to get a riseout of Red.
“So that’s what?!” Red shouts.“Just now leave?! We walked out?! Letting Rockets now do what they want?! Theysteals! Killing!”
“No, that’s not what I meant!”Green protests. “Fuck Team Rocket, and everything they do, it’s just…”
Green sighs. “You can’t fightthem here, on their terms. This is bigger than just you and me. You can’t Red.You…”
Red ignores him. He chargesforward.
Green reaches out to grab hishand and yank him back, ignoring Pikachu’s warning sparks.
“Stop, Red!” he commands. Thenhis voice goes soft. “Your Pokémon could get hurt. Seriously hurt. And…you. You could get hurt Red.”
Red huffs, because he knows hisPokémon are strong at this point. Giovanni can’t touch him.
Green feels Red’s disaffection,though. And he reacts to it.
“Dammit, Red!” he flares up. “IfI tried to go traipsing off to Unova, you’d stop me! Wouldn’t you?! Or at leastyou’d come w-”
Green stops abruptly. He letsgo of Red and steps back. He raises his hand to his head and laughs bitterly.
Red feels the steady tug on hisheartstrings, softening his hard expression. He wants to tell Green he’llfollow him to Unova or Kalos or anywhere in the world, if he has to.
The impulse is too weak,though. And it’s not true, besides.
Red doesn’t say anything.
Green has his eyes covered withone hand.
“No. Never mind. You’re right.How would I know what the fuck you’d do?” Green spits.
That’s not what I said, Red thinks.
Green swings his arm down offhis face and grins.
“Fine. So, you are readyfor Boss Rocket!” Green says. “Well, Red! I’m moving on up and ahead! AmI a genius or what? I’m going to the Pokémon League toboot out the Elite Four! I’ll become the world’s most powerful Trainer!And you can do whatever you want. Don’t sweat it!”
Okay, maybe this exchange is an odd one to choose forseveral reasons
Red barely talks.
When Red does talk – broken English, because languagedisorder fic.
I didn’t even write that last line of dialogue. It’s lifteddirectly from the game text.
But it’s maybe because I’m working around all those thingsthat makes me like it. I feel like there’s a clear sense of a back and forth –action and reaction – between the characters, and even in how Pikachu does and doesn’t intervene.And I think that’s captured even despite the fact that only Green is reallytalking.
It was also a strange because the context and tone of thefinal quote isn’t very well established in the game itself, so distorting itinto this really sarcastic context in a way that made sense made me prettyhappy.
And also this conversation marked the first real break inGreen’s arrogant/cocky façade in the fic, and writing the way his anger andconcern radiated out beyond his control felt really significant and I hope Icaptured that well. I like the next big dialogue scene with Green, right afterRed defeats him at the Indigo Plateau, for the same kind of reason.
But, idk, sorry emblematik, Iknow you probably care more about ygo. I really liked a lot of the dialogue fromthe Wepet Renpet SetoKisa drabble. From Set’s conversation with Isis:
Set turned his head down.“That’s not what I-” He huffed and abruptly steered the conversation around.“Why is it, Isis, that you must always butt your nose into my affairs?!”
“Well, it’snot as if you butt into my affairs,” Isis said. “If I didn’t do it, what elsewould we talk about then?”
It would have been an easystatement to rebuff, had Isis made it to anyone other than Set. He frowned,crossed his arms, and returned to staring moodily at Kisara.
“Ooooh, I’vehad enough of this!” Mana announced. She stuffed the last of her cake loaf intoher mouth, pushed the rest of the bowl away, and licked the crumbs off herthumb. She stood abruptly and swallowed heavily before speaking. “I’ll takecare of this!” She jumped up on one foot, winked cheerfully, and began to skiparound the table.
Sorry, Iknow I’m not funny but the idea of Isis calling out Set on the basis of himbeing not nosy enough and being uninterested in her affairs (read:self-absorbed) just really gets me giggling. And Mana’s dialogue was alsoreally fun to write.
Also I think the combined conversation between Mana, Set, Atem,and Kisara later on also came out astoundingly well. I wouldn’t say it’s my best work,but just-
Anytime I get more than four characters into the same conversationtogether it becomes really, reallyhard to decide who speaks up when and how much. And, naturally, there arecharacters you want to focus on, and it’s hard to decide if it’s natural forthem to be one of the louder voices in the conversation, or if you’re shuttingthe other characters up too much. Anyhow, I find it so difficult, I can’t helpbut be proud even with passable attempts at group dialogue.
 Thank you for reading~
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