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#and as far as the krennic cape goes i am basically fantasy cloak-ifiying it so it's not like i'm lifting either whole-cloth
astriiformes · 28 days ago
Was digging through our collection of patterns to see if there were any I could use for Hunter’s shirt (the blue one, not his tunic) and pants, since they’re both pretty simple and I figured there was something I could probably rip off easy and the answer is yes, there’s a pattern I picked up a while ago with the intention of making myself some everyday clothes that should work without much modification at all, but the thing is, uh’s very clearly Simplicity’s knock-off Jyn Erso one, and the fact that I am now drawing at least a little inspiration from both the primary protagonist and antagonist from the same goddamn movie for this costume does feel like it portrays Hunter’s specific brand of moral turmoil..... well.
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