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#and during pride month too...
thinkwithpastels · a year ago
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Pride Shades sticker collection available on my Redbubble!
I was too busy to get them out during pride month but better late than never!
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incorrect-klance · 3 years ago
Keith: I'm Keith, the Garrison Dropout.
Keith: Who are you?
Lance: Questioning my sexuality.
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sketch-shepherd · 3 years ago
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dabidevito · 3 years ago
dan doesn’t have to make a coming out video to show solidarity with his LGBTQ audience in pride month.
dan doesn’t have to make a video talking about sexuality (in general) to support his LGBTQ audience in pride month.
dan doesn’t have to make a 🌈 video because ‘it’d be nice if he talked about it’ to his LGBTQ audience in pride month.
dan’s 👏 videos 👏 are not 👏 about 👏 us 
if you see your story reflected in his, that’s great. i do too. 
if you decide to come out in any capacity during june, that’s great. i’m really proud of you.
but you should know that putting a voice to your queerness (or however you’d like to define it) doesn’t make you more or less queer. it just doesn’t. please understand that before you start projecting and pressuring dan to just do something during pride month.
(if something feels like too much for you too, it’s okay. i know. i see you, still.)
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leehama · 2 years ago
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OH I FORGOT TO POST THIS ONE TOO, I made this for Pride Month during June!
(I didn’t realize until after I posted that I used an outdated version of the lesbian pride flag for the Smiths and Madeleine, sorry!)
Read Gourmet Hound on WEBTOON!
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yexiu · 3 years ago
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Amadeus Cho Complete Reading Order
Issues are arranged chronologically, essential issues are bolded.
Amazing Fantasy vol. 2 #15
Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #100, 106
World War Hulk #2
Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #107 - 111
World War Hulk: Aftersmash #1
Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #112
Incredible Hercules #113 - 115
She-Hulk vol. 2 #30
Hulk vs. Hercules: When Titans Collide #1
Incredible Hercules #116 - 120
Hulk Family: Green Genes #1
Incredible Hercules #121 - 126
Hercules: Fall of an Avenger #1 - 2
Mighty Avengers vol. 1 #22 - 23
Incredible Hercules #127 - 128
Mighty Avengers vol. 1 #24 - 33
Incredible Hulk vol. 1 #601
Mighty Avengers vol. 1 #34, alternates with Thunderbolts vol. 1 #141, #35, #142, #36, #143
Incredible Hercules #129 - 133, 135, 137
Assault on New Olympus #1
Incredible Hercules #138 - 141
Incredible Hulk vol. 1 #607, 608, 610, 611
Heroic Age: Prince of Power #1 - 4
Incredible Hulks #613, 617
Chaos War #1 - 3
Chaos War: God Squad #1
Chaos War #4
Incredible Hulks #620
Chaos War #5
Incredible Hulks #626 - 635
Fear Itself: The Home Front #5 - 7
Savage Wolverine #2 - 5
Avengers vol. 5 #35
Totally Awesome Hulk #1 - 22
Generations: Banner Hulk & the Totally Awesome Hulk #1
Totally Awesome Hulk #23
Incredible Hulk vol. 1 #709 - 717
Champions vol. 2 #1 - 20 (ongoing)
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goldenraisins · a month ago
i can’t really explain but this image reminded me of you. hope you’re having a good day 💌
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HDNDHSKFBSKDNDK so far today i've learned that furryphobia is even worse than homophobia 💔💔 zayn was right 💔
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hellerism · a month ago
What did she change her profile picture to, sorry I searched 'daneel ackles' on instagram and her handle did not show up
Tumblr media
and here’s a link to her profile if you want to make sure im not lying
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nowiseedaylight · 2 years ago
‪absolutely no one:‬
‪me during pride month:‬
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panharmonium · 25 days ago
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au spinoff of my sister @padmerrie’s modern-day bookends au (au-ception!) where kakashi takes responsibility for sasuke after his family dies except in the early days kakashi is still rooming with obito because they’re 21 and broke and still in school (and haven’t had their semi-falling-out yet).  obito feeds sasuke nothing but pizza and soda and couldn’t get him to school on time if you paid him but he does always have the biggest, happiest smile for the smallest, saddest kid.
#naruto#art#bookends#he's like me#we'll see what the future holds#to be clear this is not the actual au; it’s an au on top of an au that i drew just to make myself happy#because sometimes you just wanna see a scenario where sasuke has kakashi and kakashi has obito#and obito has issues that are easier to deal with than ‘i committed mass murder in order to run away from my problems’ XD#also i wanted to draw sasuke with a dinosaur bed like the one my sister and i saw at ikea last month#so here they are!#two distant cousins plus the guy who ought to be inducted into their clan just by virtue of a lifetime of proximity to their many issues#kakashi withdraws from college almost immediately to work and is perpetually exhausted#he tries to hide it#but sometimes he passes out during obito’s regular ‘hit me with the hot gossip about elementary school’ sessions and sleeps like the dead#(obito is more invested in the second grade social group dynamics of sasuke’s class than most of the second graders tbh)#'naruto brought Cup Noodles for lunch AGAIN?  he's never gonna get ahead if he doesn't start bringing dunkaroos to trade like everyone else'#anyway it's not your traditional family dynamic but it's what they have and they're doing their best#though it doesn't last very long for reasons that are too complicated to get into here#involving uchiha pride/insularity and externally imposed pressures from certain distant family members#and the mistakes obito makes while trying to live up to expectations that he isn’t ready to meet#obito splits and kakashi and sasuke are on their own after that#but there are some ways in which obito always feels like the absent third member of a three person family unit even though he's never around#he IS a member of sasuke's family technically#and he and kakashi care about each other too much and have too much history to ever really extricate themselves from that relationship#even if an older sasuke sometimes gets fed up on kakashi’s behalf and wishes kakashi would do just that#they all do care about each other really; it’s just messier now#but they do sometimes think back to that tiny cramped apartment and wonder what it could have been like if obito had just kept it together#and stuck around
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lazy-cat-corner · a month ago
Excuse me I’m sorry but I need to vent.
Fans right now screaming that a canon bi character in an (allegedly) m/f relationship is bi erasure is the reason why I was afraid to come out publicly as bi. There I said it!
You know what the first thing my mom said to me was when I came out as bi? “You could still marry a man, right?” She meant no offense to it but that shit stuck with me and still does! Why? Because my childhood internalized biphobia would say something like that to myself when I was afraid I was attracted to women attending a homophobic all girls catholic school.
Nothing has to be -phobic for you to dislike a ship but for the love of god LEAVE 👏THE 👏BIS 👏OUT 👏OF 👏IT!👏 I don’t want my sexuality to be part of your stupid fandom wank, thank you very much. I have real issues that matter with my sexuality and your fictional ship isn’t one of it.
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bookmartian · a month ago
Who could have predicted that the turtleneck scene was also the coming out scene? Marvel knew what they were doing with that one.
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swagievsky · a month ago
thinking abt the fact that they couldve made it clearer that loki falling in love with themself—a FEMALE presenting part of themself—isn’t narcissm but rather ??? self love and acceptance and finally being able to BE who you really are. and the tva (society) is trying to get rid of this part of urself and !!! AND !!! she even said !!! that she wasn’t supposed to exist BUT HERE SHE IS !!! and nevertheless she perseveres and is herself thru and thru and isn’t that such a great metaphor ????? that you can’t erase these parts of people as much as you try ?? that acceptance has the power of liberation ????
instead it just reads like another cishet white couple ... ik loki isnt cishet but does the """""average"""" viewer know that
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julieeexcheeen · a month ago
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indigo--disco · 3 years ago
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Their scrubs make the colours of the bi pride flag... during pride month ❤️💜💙 This made me too happy 😊
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