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solohux · 13 days ago
Hello Lottie dearest. I was wondering if you would be willing to write some encouraging words as Hux to whoever is reading? While many things in my life are getting better I am finding my self a bit down and depressed. Mostly these feelings relate to body image, self confidence and a feeling that I am not meeting life's expectations. I know that these are things that many people struggle with and most days the feelings aren't so bad but other times they can be all consuming, like today. Please do not feel obligated to write if this is something you don't feel comfortable doing.
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OPEN MESSAGE- - - - - - - - - - -
Good evening, Lieutenant Emerald. Forgive the arrival of my message when you are off-shift but I thought it necessary as your commanding officer—and your friend—to contact you.
It was pleasant to spend some time with you in the mess hall this evening but I do not approve of some of the things that you spoke about and, as your General, I must bring these issues to your attention at once.
Let me begin by saying this;
You are enough. You are.
Even without looking at your personal records, I can tell you that you are one of the finest officers to ever grace the First Order. Your presence here is valued greatly, both as an officer and a person. I shouldn’t be revealing this confidential information to you but I have had reports of other officers asking about your well-being because you do not seem like yourself.
I have seen the way you look at yourself when you pass your reflection, the way you spoke about yourself to fellow officers. I refuse to wear my heart on my sleeve but I shall bear all for you, Lieutenant, because I know that you need to hear these things that I have to say to you.
I know what it is like to look in the mirror and dislike what you see. I know what it is like to see the way others look at me and hear their insults. I command respect and I strut on the bridge as though I am invincible but I’m not. I can still hear my father’s words in my mind but my uniform is like my armour; nothing can penetrate it because I am worthy of it.
You are the same, Lieutenant. What you see in the mirror may not please you but those thoughts are like my father’s words; wrong. Negativity about your appearance, whether that be from others or lies from your own mind, is exactly that; lies. Are you here? Yes. Do you manage to get through each day? Yes. Then that makes you a worthy and valued person and, if I may be so bold, beautiful. How can a person with such a strong heart and soul be ugly?
Whether you think you are as thin as a slip of paper or otherwise, you are not. Your body is the tool in which you will conquer your obstacles and annihilate your enemies; how can you become General one day if you do not trust in yourself?
Your life, your path, has no wrong choices, dear friend. You are not behind or failing or lacking, you are exactly where you need to be in this vast galaxy—even if you do not believe that. It is no secret that I believe that everything has a place, that everything has order. You are in the place where you are most needed now—and if that place is in your bedchambers then I would say that it is a good place to be.
Low moods and bad feelings do not take away from the fact that you are a tremendously valued person. Sad days and mean thoughts are not you, Lieutenant. Your smile and your interests and your values are you. And I know that you are worthy.
I know you are suffering, my friend, but you are not alone. I am with you, the First Order is with you. And I’m sure that if he were to stop breaking my consoles for a kriffing moment, Master Ren would be with you too. Perhaps we can approach him for some advice on how to help you with your problems. You did not hear this from me but I know that Ren himself suffers as you do.
Even the strongest of warriors have anxieties and shed tears. You are not alone.
My chambers are open to you any time. Millicent would enjoy a visit, I’m sure.
Always here.
Tumblr media
General A. Hux
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gardenerian · 21 days ago
I laugh at how s11 is still this wary thing to talk about. At the end of the day s11 was so circus like I don’t think any “changes” that happened are even done properly where they pose truth or are what you have to believe. The whole thing is up to interpretation. And yes I think the writers clearly had a motive with stuff but then again they didn’t explain it. I’m usually one who has to side with canon but s11 canon is not explicit. Things we hated can easily been mistakes for Gallavich.
i just - sigh. i am of two minds when it comes to s11.
like. on the one hand - what a disservice, ya know? a disservice to the storytelling they used to be so capable of. to the characters, to their relationships.... to the themes that we cared so much about. not to say they always handled things as they should, but the decline in quality is obviously well-documented. what a shame for such a powerhouse of a show and cast. to go out like that? ouch. and, honestly - this has less (not nothing tho kasdhf) to do with ian and mickey. the rage just comes from an overwhelming DISAPPOINTMENT with how they dropped the ball for so many others - fiona and lip in particular. if i let myself, i can still get pissed.
but then again, who gives a fuck? who cares? the characters were already caricatures of themselves at this point, so why did we expect anything else? why does it matter? everyone did well enough, we know they're gonna be okay, and now they're ours. why must we discuss meaningless bullshit ad nauseam? i do not give a FUCK about 11x07, i barely give a fuck about 11x01. i just. don't care. there are plenty of other things about the later seasons i would rather talk about.
but for the most part, i don't like to discuss s11 much bc i don't think it serves us anymore? people get emotional and, honestly, they get kind of mean. at this point, think what you want about those storylines. they're yours now. there are still worthy conversations to be had about this show, its characters, and its stories. there are things to meta and explore, things worthy of our time. this.... ain't it. so bring on the fix-it fics and let's move the fuck on, yeah?
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ninja-knox-ur-sox-off · a year ago
Hello there Knox, I love your art! It’s always so expressive, and I was wondering if you have any tips on drawing expressions? Mine always look really... flat I guess? No pressure, just wondering if you have any suggestions!
Don’t be afraid to exaggerate!! My style is pretty cartoonish so it gives me a lot of freedom with that; art get’s a lot less stiff if you relax into it and don’t be afraid to make things squish and wobble a li’ll. 
And never underestimate the importance of lines!! Lines like a little line under the eye can give the illusion of exhaustion, or between the brow it can make an expression more pained. The smallest line on a face can change the expression completely, so use that to your advantage! >:D
Best I can say is practice! Explore! Put dots and dashes and lines in places where creases in the skin might be; make faces at yourself in the mirror and watch how your face reacts, look at styles you like and try and replicate them; art’s all about exploration and practice, learning new tips and tricks and practicing until your style becomes you. 
I wish you the best of luck on  your art journey and hope that was able to help you bit! HAVE AN AGGRESSIVELY AMAZING DAY, ANON, and thanks for stopping by! <333 
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cinaminrolll · 5 months ago
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ellsey · a year ago
Tumblr media
Do you like Dousy? Do you like Emma? Then do I have the fic for you!
Daisy Johnson has lived a charmed life with lots of friends around her, including her neighbor/best friend Daniel Sousa. She's pretty sure that she has an algorithm that can predict the compatibility of two people, and now she's ready to make sure everyone around her is happy in love.
Yes, this is a modern Emma AU.
Read Chapter 1 on AO3
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canisbasilicum · a year ago
Y’all...bless y’all so much for the appreciation. Just wanted to say that if it’s unclear, the collar in my last original post is a piece I made myself! I sat down a week ago and decided I was gonna do this, ordered (an excessive amount of) new material, got it in the mail 3 or 4 days ago, and just set to work...got a couple more pieces planned, so stay tuned for that ya buncha cute heathens <3
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notachair · a year ago
Me seeing Eurovision trending only to see most people are just complaining about the Norwegian entry lol
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anciientboosh · a year ago
If anyone ever wanted to know what makes me scream at the top of my lungs and then lay in the floor in fetal position and sob? It's Noel reading out my comment on PAOTW
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heathers2ashes · 2 years ago
Sorry that I'm too fat
Sorry that I don't like the colour pink
Sorry that I don't like how long hair feels against my skin
Sorry that I'm scared of being attractive because you got it in my head that attractive people are only allowed to be attractive if they want to be sexually abused by every man on earth
Sorry I don't wear the pretty jewelry you buy me, you told me ugly people don't deserve pretty things and you always say I'm ugly
Im sorry that the perfume you buy me makes me feel ill so I don't wear it
I'm sorry I like girls even you told me men are evil and that I should never fall in love with one
Sorry that I process information slowly and that I struggle with basic maths and English, i was to scared to ask for help in school because you and my teachers made it clear only stupid people did that
I'm sorry i hide in my room all day, you told me I'm only safe at home and the only person that feels like home to me lives in another country
Sorry I'm failing in college, you made me feel like I'm too dumb to belong in my class
I'm sorry that I like doctor who, CSI, robots and dinosaurs
I'm sorry i stutter and get words wrong
I'm sorry I have a lung disease
I'm sorry that I hate myself and feel like I just get in the way so I don't talk to people
I'm sorry that I pull out my hair, scratch myself, bite myself and hit myself but you don't like it when I scream or cry when I get upset or angry
Im sorry i was Born late
Im sorry You wanted a smart, beautiful, straight cis house wife of a daughter but instead you got a dumb, ugly, queer kid
Im sorry i have something wrong with my hips
I'm sorry that I struggle processing verbal speech
I'm sorry that I sometimes don't like getting hugged and kissed
Im sorry that I wake up everyday wanting to kill myself
Im sorry i exist
But fuck you for blaming me for existing when you forced me into this world because you "needed" a child despite your body telling you it wasn't safe
Fuck you for neglecting me and telling me to shut up when I try to tell you something
Fuck you for ignoring me when I tried to tell you my problems
Fuck you for making me hate myself
And fuck you for not taking responsibility fot your goddamn fucking actions
Merry goddamn fucking Christmas, Mother, and a happy new fucking year
(read the tags before you react pls)
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spacemancharisma · 3 years ago
a reminder that if someone makes a post that is positive towards their parents, that is not an invitation for you to jump in and talk about how abusive or terrible your parents are.
an ever bigger reminder that if someone makes a post that is negative towards their parents, that is absolutely not an invitation for you to jump in and talk about how kind and wonderful your parents are.
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blacckestrose · 2 years ago
I miss Yoongi so much.
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thezerada · 3 years ago
Friend’s friend on discord: “But he has small dick ;)”
Me: “So? More big dick energy than on you atleast”
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possumpunky · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Do You Love The Colours Of The Children's Hospital?
I'm so sorry what have I done
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adobe-outdesign · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
I was thinking about what social media, Tumblr specifically, would be like in the Pokemon universe. conclusion: not that different
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spritespi · 3 months ago
“aren’t you tired of being nice” no!!!! i’m tired of everyone else being mean!!!!!!!!
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alphacrone · 2 months ago
idk if any young person needs to hear this but when you work at a job you absolutely can google anything you don’t know or ask someone for help. school has you conditioned to think you have to have everything memorized all the time but let me tell you. I am dumb as shit and I am great at my job because it’s not a test, it’s just work. the more resources you utilize the better.
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madhyanas · 29 days ago
if wired earphones have a million fans i am one of them. if wired earphones have ten fans i am one of then. if wired earphones have one fan i am that fan. so on and so forth i can’t remember the rest of this meme
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heckyeahponyscans · 3 months ago
So in the past few years I’ve seen so many videos / posts that are like:
“Actually wolves don’t have hierarchies!  They live in family groups where the ‘alphas’ are mom and dad and the other wolves are their CHILDREN and offer their respect willingly! :D”
and I just have to say
how dare you try to make normative nuclear families out of wolves
Yes, a lot of the old “nature red in tooth and claw” stuff about wolves is nonsense. (Like anything from Jack London.) And anything ‘alpha’ you see sleazy men trying to relate to dating (yikes!) is especially nonsense.
But wolves are complex social creatures and they create complex social structures. Just as you can’t say “THIS is the way human society is structured. Just THIS single way and no other”, so too there is no single form for a wolf pack.  
Some packs are a mom wolf and a dad wolf and their wolf children.  Others are two small ragged packs that combine to form a large pack.  Others are packs where a lone wolf joins and eventually becomes a leader. Others are packs where a grown child-wolf has pushed their parent out of the leadership role.
Speaking of the latter, let’s look at the tale of Wolf 40 and Wolf 42.
Wolf 40, Wolf 41, and Wolf 42 were wild Yellowstone wolves, daughters of the alphas. Their father was illegally killed by hunters and shortly after ambitious Wolf 40 ousted her mother, driving her out of the pack.  Wolf 21 became the new alpha male, and 40′s mate.
Tumblr media
Wolves have personalities, and Wolf 40′s personality was “volatile”.  Imagine Scar from The Lion King combined with the boss from Office Space, and you have Wolf 40.  She habitually bullied the other female wolves, attacking them until they expressed abject submission.  And the wolves that got the worst of it were her sisters, Wolves 41 and 42.
Wolf 41 got tired of the bullying and left.  Wolf 42 remained, perhaps because she was close to Wolf 21, the alpha male.  Despite that, Wolf 21 did not interfere when his mate harassed Wolf 42.
Unlike 40, Wolf 42 got along well with the other female wolves, spending time grooming them and relaxing with them. Wolf 40 could have followed her sister’s example and built up positive social bonds. But she didn’t.
One day, Wolf 40 went out on an important task.  She was going to kill another litter of her sister’s pups--having done the same in two previous years.  This isn’t uncommon wolf behavior (but is not universal, as we will see.)  Typically only the alphas breed.
However, Wolf 40 never returned from her important task because Wolf 42--who previously had submitted to her alpha and sister, who had allowed the killing of two previous litters of pups--had had enough.  She fought back.
And the other female wolves jumped to aid her.
Collectively, they killed Wolf 40. Because “alpha” isn’t a magic cloak of protection, it doesn’t even mean “strongest wolf”, it’s just a job title.
The next day Wolf 42 carried her pups, one by one, to her sister’s den.  She set her children among the pups of her dead sister and raised both litters together. And when another wolf in the pack had pups, Wolf 42 carried them to the den to be communally raised as well.  She was the alpha female now and she made the rules, and the first rule was “we don’t hurt pups here.”
As for Wolf 21, he became the mate of Wolf 42.  Maybe he understood that Wolf 40 had been riding for a fall. 
Tumblr media
As alpha female, Wolf 42 continued to be supportive and kind towards the other pack members.  Wolves who had been nervous wrecks under Wolf 40 began to relax and come into their own; one of the former omega wolves gained self-confidence and became one of the best hunters.
“Alpha”, for wolves, just means leader.  They might be good leaders, whom you respect, or they might be bad leaders, who fill you with dread.  They might be your parents, or they might not.  Even if they are your mother or father, wolves don’t contextualize those relationships the same way humans do.
But one thing wolves have in common with humans is that they have individual personalities and experiences, and their actions derive from those.  There is no “typical wolf pack.” And I think that’s beautiful.
If you want to learn more about wild wolf dynamics, I recommend reading the annual Yellowstone Wolf Project Reports.  Which are FASCINATING.  There are also some good wildlife specials out there.
Wolves are my favorite animal. <3  It pains me to see them misunderstood as crazed bloodthirsty brutes, but it also pains me to see them woobified.  They deserve better than that.
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yardsards · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
there is a horse loose in the (children’s) hospital
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bedupolker · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Support your local park rangers
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