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Pen review: Pilot G-2 05 black gel ink 🖊


I have loads of work to do, so why not procrastinate it by reviewing some pens! This pen is my all time favourite and the one I’ve been using for school since junior high. Pilot does not disapoint with their G-2 gelpens. This one have a 0,5 mm tip with a writing width of 0,25. The ballpoint provides a smooth writing experience and the document proof, black, gel ink have a consistent flow with pleasant pigmentation. Refill is avaible.


  • Smooth writing
  • Does not dry up
  • Refill avaible
  • Different colours and widths avaible
  • Retractable tip, writing not disturbed by having to take on and of cap.
  • Document proof
  • Accesible, avaible at almost every book/pen store.


  • Not water proof, slight smuding by highlighter.
  • Not avaible in tip size under 0,5 mm


Really nice pen for note taking, the rubber grip makes it comfortable to use for a prolonged time. Only drawbacks are that it will ruin your highlighter and that the tip could be a size smaller.


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Woah, a lot has changed since the last time I redrew this one. For one, I’ve switched to traditional B/W art. I also changed Hiroshi’s name to Hidde. For tradition’s sake I colored it digitally, though, but I’m planning to upload some B/W stuff soon!

This took me about two weeks, I’m seriously getting quicker!

The third picture was done 1.5 years ago, and took me over a month.

The last picture is 3 years old, and drawing that took me over 1.5 years at the time (I’m not even joking it was ridiculous I’ll never do it again).

Anyways, I’m happy with my improvement and hope to post some more traditional stuff soon.

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Name Card -pt 1-


Back when I was on the veeery beginning stage of my calligraphy venture, I immediately wanted to try to make a name card. I want to make my name calligraphy even prettier, but since I can’t do elaborate flourish and lines yet, I decided try and decorate it in what I can sort of do: by adding doodles.


Just simple lines, with thin upstroke and thick downstroke principles. Sparkle doodle here and there, ‘coz that’s not hard and it’s a sure way to add more charm on your drawing if you don’t know what to make.

The names are whoever I randomly thought at the moment. This one happens to be the name of a classmate in high school. I like her name.


I tried using flowers and leaves this time. I remember feeling pleased when I finished “Darwin”. I didn’t plan where I’m going to put things, other than it has to be round shape caging the name. It’s a freestyle practice, after all.


Second attempt at using floral themed doodles. Wanted to make circular wreaths, but since I didn’t look at any reference and only used my memory and imagination, it’s kinda wonky.


This one is still rather wonky, but I’m pretty satisfied with more flowers I managed to add, and more moderate pacing on the leaves. I used the same name again, since I want to try “Kana” on a different doodle theme.


This name card is an attempt on using dip pens after only a few weeks practice. Still testing the limit of the strength I could use on the nib and practicing fluidity.


Another example of using dip pen on a name card. I used Niko G with Speedball oblique holder, and the ink is Higgins Eternal from my 1st workshop leftover. Paper is just regular store bought drawing paper.

Overall, it was a fun little experiment to do when you’re just starting. I wanted to share my early experience for future documentation xD I want to definitely try this again, if only to show how much my strokes have improved since I made this–despite it is still only months since I started anyway. So it would still be horrible xD

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