#and geralt goes a bit still. asks ''who loved you back?'' and jaskier doesnt say it but yen can see it
roughentumble · a year ago
I've had this fic idea for the longest time and your post about illusions reminded me of it, basically it's a total ripoff of djinns in spn showing ppl what they want most, very land of the lotus eaters
Jaskier's stuck in this idyllic illusion where he and Geralt are together and everything's perfect, they travel and fight monsters and Jaskier sings songs but Geralt never gets hurt and Jaskier doesn't sleep around, they're together and in love and it's wonderful
And then Jaskier gets ripped out of it, finds out it was all an illusion and he's devastated bc now he's had what he wants most and thinks he'll never have it again, not really, and it's driving him crazy
Geralt eventually takes him to Yen to see if she can help, thinking maybe there's lingering effects of being trapped in whatever illusion Jaskier was put in, and Yen's prodding trying to figure out what he saw in the illusion, what was so wonderful he nearly wants to be put back into it, and Jaskier finally snaps, "He loved me back!"
ohhhhh shit i dig this!!!
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witchersjaskier · 2 years ago
Jaskier who is practically immortal because his soul is always reincarnated whenever he dies. This was supposed to be a curse placed on by a wild mage but obviously Jaskier doesnt consider it that because know he can live on forever with his Witcher ^-^. (Sorry its messy but its 5am and I just saw your post thingy and love your writing so I'm grabbing the post with both my greedy hands and not letting go. ^-^)
The unseen issue of the curse, that the sorcerer probably failed to take into consideration, is that Jaskier doesn’t have to be reborn as a human. There are no rules saying that he has to be a human or even if there were, there are many ways to become immortal.
Jaskier is sometimes hit by those musings when Geralt takes a particularly long time remembering. It’s annoying and always leaves Jaskier exhausted.
He truly loves his gentle giant but Geralt could always be a bit of an asshole and being a Witcher only made it worse. He tries to be understanding, of course, he knows exactly what the boys go through with the trials (that life left many mental scars on him). Still, sometimes it’s hard to withstand all of that with his memories of countless lives spent loving each other.
Jaskier sighs quietly and watches as his love brushes Roach down, noticing the gentle smile on his face, how Geralt’s shoulders are much more relaxed now. He chooses to play an old song of his, from another life, from before the Conjunction, from one of the nights spent in Geralt’s arms.
It makes the Witcher pause for some reason, when before he never recognized any of Jaskier’s songs. He doesn’t stop playing, however, aware that sometimes memories take time.
When the sorcerer cursed him, Jaskier imagines that the point was to make him suffer through countless lives, but the real curse is waiting for Geralt to remember. Still, it’s a small price to pay for literal eternity with his love.
“What’s that song?” the Witcher suddenly asks, turning to look at Jaskier with those gorgeous eyes of his.
Only now Jaskier can understand why Geralt mourned his blue eyes when he lost them to the Trials. Geralt’s eyes are gorgeous, of course, but Jaskier finds himself missing his original blue-green ones. He still loves them though.
“Oh, an old one of mine, not very popular I'm afraid,” Jaskier says playfully. “I don’t play it much, people tend to think I’m making a spell or sometimes. It’s a bit too complicated for the simple folk.”
Even when he made it, back when there used to be a black crown on his head, Jaskier only played it for Geralt and their daughter. He will only ever play it for them.
“Hmm,” comes the response from his big oaf and Jaskier doesn’t hide his smile.
He plays another one, the one he composed for their wedding when Geralt was becoming his Prince Consort and the whole kingdom cried their names. This time, the Witcher sits down and closes his eyes, getting lost in music and Jaskier can almost see him, dressed in royal blue, walking down the aisle in a cape, the most beautiful sight in the universe.
Jaskier’s voice doesn’t shake but just barely, and he plays two more songs before he can’t take it anymore. He sends Geralt a wobbly smile and escapes to the forest, pausing only when he reaches a small river. He gets in, clothes and all and lets the water carry him for a second, calming the fire burning inside of him.
With every cycle, it’s harder and harder to keep going, to stay strong while the love of his countless lives doesn’t remember him. Jaskier tries to be strong but still he cries, his tears mixing with water, sobs shaking his body.
He stays like that for a long while, until the fire in his chest goes down somehow and he can finally focus on this outside of his own pain. That’s when Jaskier hears his darling Witcher running to him.
Immediately, the bard sits up and unsheathes his long claws, senses picking up but Geralt just enters  the small clearing,. Hair messy and eyes wild. They focus on Jaskier immediately and his Witcher lets out a sound of pure relief, unlike anything Jaskier heard of him in this life.
:Jaskier,” Geralt manages to say. It’s different now, somehow, more tender, more desperate, more like…
Jaskier’s head snaps up just as Geralt crosses the distance between them and pulls him into the Witcher’s arms, Geralt’s head hidden in his neck, Jaskier’s clawed hand tangled in his hair.
He doesn’t dare to hope but the Witcher is now shaking in his arms and he feels just like he did when they last said their goodbyes, holding each other on the bed as time claimed them.
“I love you,” comes the response. “Love you so much, Jask, I’m sorry-”
He just can’t listen to this anymore, so Jaskier pulls on Geralt’s hair and then kisses him hungrily and oh, it’s like always, slow and passionate and full of pain and the most incredible kiss in all of Jaskier’s lives.
They’re always like that.
“I love you too, dear heart,” he replies through the tears, staring Geralt in the eyes. With his thumb, he gently wipes the tears from his Witcher’s face. “I’m so so happy to see you again.”
“Husband,” is all Geralt replies. “My husband in red.”
Jaskier laughs.
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reineyday · 2 years ago
geraskier zoom conference hc's based on that 'and they were video conferencing' post
(this has turned into a fic in point-form oops; also it's more pre-slash 'cuz this quarantine is ongoing and i don't have any specific ideas about how a relationship discussion would go or be handled over zoom haha)
it starts as a group conference call between yennefer and triss and jaskier and geralt probably because yen and triss and geralt run some sort of small business and they need jaskier for something artistic probably (he's a freelancer)
let's say they have some sort of start-up to do with children's education somehow, inspired by ciri, and they want to start a small educational web series and they want music in each episode and so hire jaskier as a composer
geralt is in charge of episode content because this web series is gonna be about mythology and he has a masters in it and has done a fair amount of traveling for it (and lowkey has been learning about different kinds of myrhs and legends and heroes and monsters all his life alongside swordfighting thanks vesemir)
ANYWAYS at first they just talk about work: geralt knows which myths he wants to talk about and how, but can't quite come up with a good narrative because he has a bad tendency to ramble on about very precise specific details that get boring, and he also doesnt know how to set the tone for children despite having one himself
jaskier suggests they make the show centre around a hero that is a witcher who goes off on adventures meeting all these creatures, and jaskier already has some fun ideas for songs
jaskier thinks geralt isnt very forthcoming but he's clearly interested in the project and there's excitement in his eyes when he says ciri will like something they write together
geralt also gets kind of moody about inaccuracies (like a nerd 'cuz he is one lol), and jaskier thinks it's funny and likes to pull his leg by saying they should just change this detail or that detail and that he's allowed bc he's the composer and he's taking creative liberties
about three zoom meetings in, they decide the witcher should have a horse and jaskier says they should give it a name and geralt says "roach" and jaskier laughs and asks about cockroaches and geralt looks... petulant??? and says there are fish called roach too and he meant the fish, and jaskier feels fond and relents and says yes fine the horse's name is "roach"
the next video call they have, they start talking again about work and jaskier's trying not to focus too much on the fact that geralt has shown up with his hair braided but goodness it makes him look softer with the way it pulls back and some strands of hair escape to frame his face
geralt eventually notices and hmms his questioning hmm (and when did jaskier start distinguishing the difference?) and when jask asks about the braid, geralt's face goes EVEN SOFTER and says ciri can't practice braiding on her friends' hair at school anymore so she practices with him and jaskier's like "well fuck that's it this is it ive never even seen him in person but here we are this is a crush oh shit"
the first time geralt laughs is because in one of their meetings, jaskier decided he was gonna be chill and wear a work shirt but just his boxers with stupid cartoon pizzas on them, amd he feels so comfortsble he forgets he's just wesring his underwrar 'till he gets up to grab his acoustic guitar and geralt sounds like he was startled into laughter and yeah, that's right, he's wearing stupid boxers and he flushes but geralt looks pretty amused and jaskier did that so he's not too embarrassed
halfway through the session after that, where jaskier has given up on slightly professional looking clothes but has committed to wearing something over his boxers at all times, he hears some barking and he sees a german shepherd's nose enter the bottom of the frame by geralt's arm
jaskier is obviously like YOU HAVE A DOG and geralt explains ciri usually plays with him during their meetings but they decided to go earlier that day and when jaskier asks what the dog's name is, geralt pauses and looks a cross between irritated and embarassed and then says "roach"
jaskier laughs and laughs and geralt just looks on stoically and it's not on his mouth but jaskier can see the pout in his eyes, but after he's done laughing, all he says is, "like the fish" and geralt smiles a tiny smile and shakes his head and jaskier's a goner, truly
one day, jaskier is caught on trying to find the perfect wording and chord progression for one of the episodes, and focuses on his guitar and keyboard for a while as he toys with this key and that rhyme, and when he looks up, geralt is in a kitchen putting on tea and mixing something in a pot and it's an hour past when they usually hang up
"you could have stopped me, you know?" jaskier asks, but geralt looks at him and hmms and jaskier feels all warm goddammit
he tells jaskier to go take a break and jaskier obliges and brings his laptop to his kitchen and they kind of just have tea together for twenty minutes before something dings and geralt has to go 'cuz it's dinner time for him and ciri
the next meeting, geralt shows up and his daughter's there in the background and she has hair like geralt's and a sunshine personality the complete opposite of geralt (though they both give off disintguished kinds of vibes)
jaskier is charmed; she's a great cheerleader and a wonderful person to run ideas by especially considering she's the target age group for their show, and when she makes a comment about how she wishes she could play the ukulele she got as a gift two years ago, jaskier brightens up and says he can teach her
now jaskier zoom calls a little earlier so ciri can have a short ukulele lesson before his work meeting with geralt, and it's so nice whenever he hears ciri practicing off to the side or roach barking from out of the frame and jaskier wonders what it would be like to truly be in the house with them
the next meeting after, they go a bit too long again bc they were arguing (well, jaslier was actually pulling geralt's leg some more, to be honest, but he can't help it if that's how he flirts), and ciri shows up and says it's time for food and when jaskier says he'll leave them to it, ciri suggests he just stay on amd they can eat together
geralt doesn't immediately say no and actually seems to be waiting for jaskier's answer so jaskier says yeah okay, and he grabs some food and they all have dinner together and they get to talking and jakier and ciri bond over disney movies and ciri says she wants to watch them together the three of them and yennefer and triss
the watch party happens and over zoom yennefer seems deeply amused the entire time and triss keeps giggling and geralt seems extra annoyed for some reason but jaskier enjoys himself and sings along to the movie and he tries not to imagine sitting right next to geralt on his couch on the side not occupied by his daughter
jaskier wakes up with a headache very close to their meeting time one day, and kind of just opens his laptop while he's lying in bed and opens the window to wait for geralt to start the meeting while he reaches over to get his ukulele 'cuz it's the closest instrument to his bed and the easiest on his brain when it's pounding like this
when he settles back against his headbkard and pillows once more, geralt is looking at him with a frown and asks if he's feeling okay, to which jaskier replies he's fine it's not covid he just gets headaches every now and then and it sucks but he can still compose (and he shakes his lil uke at the camera)
geralt says no he should sleep and when jaskier pouts he says he's going to sit here and wait for jaskier to put down the damn ukulele and drink some water and eat a granola bar and then tuck himself back into bed and he looks all fierce about it while he says it and how can jaskier not lug his laptop around while he does these things and fall a little more in love
eventually it becomes totally normal for jaskier to just hang out for long stretches of time, whether or not they talk about their witcher web series, and they cook together and hang out in their pajamas and jaskier and ciri have their music lessons and their disney nights and geralt even starts getting him to work out during some of their work breaks by doing 8 minuts abs
(jaskier was pretty adamant about not exercising but said he's do it just the one time but after 8 minutes of pain, geralt was flushed and kind of sweaty and said he needed to chamge his shirt anf then just took it off right there on the camera before he walked out frame to grab a new one and jaskier had to rush to pick his jaw off the floor before going to change out of his own sweaty clothes and yeah so he does 8 minute abs with geralt sometimes now)
once, geralt sends him a zoom link for a meeting at 2am on a night when jaskier can't fall asleep (his sleeping schedule's been so fucked since quarantine started) and when jaskier joins him, he looks like hell and he apologizes but when jaskier says he probably won't sleep for another three hours anyways, geralt looks the tiniest bit grateful and asks if they can work so they do, and if jaskier writes a song that's a little more like a lullabye dyring their meeting, and feels like his heart is about to burst when geralt, who'd moved from his desk to his couch, nods off while jaskier softly sings to him, well... jaskier doesn't know what to do with himself after he makes sure geralt is properly sleeping and then leaves the zoom meeting
they work and work and really get to know each other and then, all of a sudden, there are no more songs to be written for their witcher series and jaskier says "that's the last song, i think" and geralt hmms but neither of them hangs up
jaskier bites his lip and says, "i'll see you at the team meeting we'll have with yennefer and triss to wrap up my contract, i guess?"
and geralt says, "you should add me on facebook; we should keep in touch for future projects"
jaskier tries not to feel too bummed out because this is still a connection point and also yay more creative projects with the hot man he is probably definitely in love with and also potentially more money! but he's still a little bummed and then he decides if he's going to feel bummed he should at least do something about it and he says, "i will! you know facebook has video chat too"
and geralt hmms again but there's definitely a smile, and it's even an actual smile! "im aware," he says, and then before he hangs up the zoom call he looks stern and adds, "dont forget about ciri's ukulele lessons" and honestly jaskier wasn't expecting to continue with them but he's relieved they can still keep doing those
he shoots geralt that friend request and sates the need to scroll down his wall by going through geralt's past previous profile photos instead (they're usually of him and ciri and they're adorable)
and then, delight of delights, the next day around when they usually have their meeting, there's a video chat request from one geralt of rivia coming through facebook, and even more delightful: geralt's clearly on his phone and he only waits on the screen long enough to make sure jaskier's there and to give him a quirked eyebrow and a trademark hmm before he turns the camera around and jaskier is treated to an outside view and a walk with geralt and roach via mobile
and thus geralt becomes a fixture of his every day life
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starivaille · 2 years ago
a long ass barista au for geraskier
Tumblr media
i’ve always been into coffeshop/barista aus so imagine this [ geralt as this “insomniac uni professor workaholic” regular at this cafe that jaskier works night shift for +  jaskier as a musician and part-time barista and they find each other as calming company at late nights over coffee ]:
geralt is this uni history professor who comes as a regular to this cafe/bakery which is very very close to the university he works at and he just loves the atmosphere there,, the music is good and it’s none of that mainstream pop his students seem to rave about plus the drinks, especially the espressos and flat whites they make are just sublime
shoving a ‘keep reading’ here (sike doesn’t work on mobile,, but like eh) bc this post is super lONg,, i swear it’s worth it
he totally wears black, grey, sometimes plaid sweaters, shirts, flannels- everything he wOre was meant for comfortable fashion (but lets face it, yen was the one who fixed his wardrobe up from the same set of black tux and white sweater and a set of plain trousers,, which waS fIne,, but cmon faShionabLE GERALT) 
yEn is totally the one who made sure every trouser or set of pants or jeans he owns were tight-fitted and somehow it went from being asked on a couple dates tO several with some of his students (who every much HATE hIm bc he’s super straightforwardly strict) eyeing him all lessons, with some of the guys entering in, their mouths slightly ajar
we get it,, geralt’s just a broody as fuck history uni professor 
anYways,, geralt has insomnia and his love for coffee and being a workaholic is NO HELP,, bc once the university library comes to closing hours, he just walks over to the cafe and for the first time, there’s a newbie
and god fucking damn he’s beautiful from a distance-
he’s got tussled brown hair, a silver stud on his left ear and he’s just adorned with so so much silver, he’s got a necklace and a couple rings and his white shirt is slightly unbuttoned a couple down, his chest hair slightly exposed and the apron just adorns his figUre so so well
 he’s looking down cleaning the espresso machine when geralt juSt comes in, at 12 in the am,, restless as fuck,, his mind wanting to get on with marking of the recent semester assessments and thinking about how a random fuck would totally calm his thoughts for a while- but insTEad he’s hEre in this godforsaken cafe where no one is here at thIS GODFORSAKEN TIME of the DAY
and geralt just groans and orders an espresso and sits in the far corner once he just slides the money for it and everything’s fine when he just takes out all the papers he has to mark with his pens and his laptop where he registers the grade aND ITS FINE untIl
he hears the “““too pretty for it to be true”“““ barista call his name cheerfully even though no one is here and it’s not even his name- this man just randomly calls out for the white wolf and he just walks over there and IT’s STILL KINDA FINE
and then, their eyes meet and geralt’s lowkey mesmerized with the way his beautiful blue eyes pierce through his soul, waking him up, meeting the yellow and jaskier just says, “an espresso for the white wolf” and he smiles and geralt hates that someone’s so smiley at this time of the night
and somehow he just sinks into his work, getting drowned in it and his cup somehow gets replaced with another without him noticing once it’s finished and 
this happens for several nights and they just have this mutual agreement/ friendship where they don’t talk and they just acknowledge the fact they’re companions for the rest of the morning until sunrise and they learn small stuff abt each other through their orders,, mostly jaskier learning stuff about geralt
like how he prefers espressos over flat whites and how he actually rly likes fruit tea with a shortbread cookie to go which he later pockets into his coat pockets, leaving crumbs
and finds out through a call late at night at some point,, that there’s this girl (it’s ciri!!!)) who he takes care of and brings cookies for and often tells her not to worry abt his health and that’s totally how he finds out tHIs mAn is a raging workaholic and An INSomniac 
it’s also that that jaskier finds out he does wear stuff other than hot professor clothes when he comes in w ciri who eatS so many pastries when geralt brings her sometime over at the evening and ciri and jaskier talk and become friends and totally become texting buddies,, and she sends memes that he gEts but somehow the whIte wolf doesnt and her name is “lil cub” in his contacts with a snowflake and a heart and they send cat and dOg Videos anD MOVING ON-
there’s nice music playing and it’s jaskier’s original music,, which only ever plays at night shifts
also at some point, geralt finds out his name through a barista in the mornings, and learns oh, his real name is julian and it kinda fits (not thAt his opinion matters, at l  e a s t  for now)
one dawn, at 2 in the am, bc this damn cafe/bakery,, jaskier just brings over the coffee with a sandwich, and says, “here’s a meal for the white wolf, sincerely,, jaskier”” and he just continues talking like- “you know with the way you’re like this, i’d say you’re not helping yourself,, you look like you think a lot and the coffee doesn’t help and with that much of coffee in ur system, im concerned you’d die.” and jaskier just waits patiently for a response-
geralt doesn’t respond,, but rly he’s a bit indifferent bc ppl always say how much they care abt him, but they always leave 
“fine be ThAt WaY”“ - jaskier at some point bc he’s tired of seeing geralt tiring himself with coffee and just changes the music to soft mainstream love songs to piss him off bc he’s noticed the way geralt’s face scrunches up when he hears pop play during his night shifts and he feels like- HA TAKe ThAT WhIte Wolf- and jaskier totally thinks this out loud
and geralt responds after some silence, his laptop’s keyboard’s keys stop clacking and he just outright says, “the music, jaskier.”
and jaskier is like teasing him and it TOTALLY BACKFIRES
“wHAt is it,, you Don’t like mUSic like this??? you’d much rather prefer thIS?”‘ and he plays his recorded music from soundcloud and geralt just goes hm and its one that sounds satisfied and jaskier miGht fucking start crying bc
someone fucking appreciates His wOrk,, his acoustically sang original work,, with a few folk elements in it,, often playing with a lute
and he jusT sTAmmers- “y-you like my music??”
another fucking hm and jaskier just about catches sight of a smirk as geralt returns to work - jaskiEr might just combust,, he’s a blushing mess and when he looks over at geralt he’s like looking back with this smirk and he’s rly fucking beautiful- this white wOlf- with his neat white hair and studded ear and black sweater and his voice is kinda smth he’d lovE to hear speak fuLl sentences fOr Days on END
and before geralt leaves the cafe,, he just leaves a napkin with his number and his name,, left on the sandwich and jesus chrISt it tAkes him SO LONG TO ACTUALLY SAY SOMETHING thROUGH TeXt
and its so so obvious bc geralt looks at him at night expectantly until jaskier just says fuck it,, do u wanna like go for drinks at this live bar i work at during saturdays?? and they dO go and geralt doesn’t talk much
and jaskier totally gets in fucking trouble with a regular at the bar who punches him out of nowhere and breaks his guitar and jaskier might fucking cry bc that’s his first-ever guitar and its broken so he cusses at him and he gets hurt even more and geralt has to come in convince him to pay for the guitar and pay respects to the man that provided him entertainment for the night and how it’s only right for a human to do so
““““leave him alone,, he’s just an artist.”””” 
and jaskier totally gets another guitar a couple weeks when he goes shopping with geralt to get one and they totally end up fucking when jaskier invites him over for dinner at his apartment after shopping a month later 
and it happens like this: it’s like they stare at each other,, forget the food,, and kiss with netflix playing in the background and they go to jaskier’s room
geralt just murmurs smth abt “”going too fast””” and jaskier’s like stfu you stuck up history professor,, we’ve been eye-fucking for months and you visit my live bar performance every saturday and listen to my stoopid rants abt music- jut fuck me already,, iF anything we went too sLOw for my taste
geralt calls out his name jaskier when it feels too good sO good, until he repeats it like a mantra,, holding him, hands firm onto jaskier’s body and he just calls out “jas, jas, fuck, jas-”
and ohmygod the way geralt just smothers his nose in the crook of jaskier’s neck when they’re facing each other, jaskier riding him, and jaskier’s like “you’re like fucking art, ohmygod,”” but geralt is thinking shut Up shut up you’re art in his head and he just hm’s It bc honestly he’s relishing in how close they are rn and how jasKIer smeLLs so sO good
and its like- fuck fuck,, im rly attracted to you sex it ends with jaskier just holding on a bit longer before they cuddle with geralt half asleep, saying,, “i think i might just love you, but also like i think it might just be the afterglow,”” and he fucking laughs to ease the atmosphere but its a bit of a miserable laugh and he feels stupid bc he’s rly used to ppl leaving right about now, rly done w his antics so he falls asleep exhuasted, holding onto geralt’s arm
geraLt STAys in the morning, his hair is unkempt as fuck and  it’s the first thing jaskier sees and he’s got these golden eyes he’s super mesmerized about 
the first thing jaskier totally says is, “shit,, there’s a fucking angel in my bed and im not sure if-”
“jaskier, shut the fuck up and make my coffee.”
jaskier leaves the fucking bed, getting his sweatpants on, his face flushed- like did he just??? that HAppened last night riGht??? and he’s making coffee and geralt joins him with his boxers on and his unbuttoned flannel being the only things he was wearing- and jaskier is like shit,, “” i rLY RLY MiGht BE In LOve w You”” and he’s thinking this out loud,, a nd jaskier is thinKing suPEr LOud,, not realizing he’s speakinG it ,, “”you prolly need no one,, the last thing GeraLt needs is SoMeOne needing hIm,, lEst want him lIke I DO”””
and geralt kinda just looks at him softly like,, “””jaskier u fucking daft fool why are u so stoopid”””
and geralt just fucking says, “and yet... here we are.” 
and he just drinks jaskier’s coffee he made and jaskier just smiles at him, almost embarrassed and geralt’s like,, “you know your singing is like ordering a pie without filling, right?”
iT Starts this argument which ends in jaskier fucking realizing it’s a joke and he plays for geralt this new song abt this blue lark falling for a golden eyed eagle and how its wings have broken in pursuing someone they fell in love for
and it’s just- rly soft,, my dudes
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roughentumble · a year ago
I'm almost afraid to ask...
What are your werewolf au ideas?
GSHBDKSND oh its not horny or anything its just like. kind of angsty, but like, in that way where sometimes angsty daydreams are fun, you know?? like
ok its like a geraskier thing cuz im a one trick pony, but basically geralt gets cursed, three nights a month he goes all wolfy. he's an intelligent werewolf with pretty great self control, BUT he's like, ridiculously worried that he's gonna snap and hurt people. (he's not, but, you know, he's had to put down werewolves for that before, and he's not a man with a lot of faith in himself, So.)
uhhhh i cant remember how jaskier finds out tbqh, but after traveling together a while, it comes to light, and jaskier is of course very "its just you, im not scared, and im not judging you." they hang out, they figure things out, and geralt starts to relax.
so all the time he's been cursed, he hasnt gone back to kaer morhen-- its only been a year or two, but still. he feels like they'd know right away, he's worried they'd just put him down, he doesnt think they should get used to "monsters in the keep", he just feels Real Bad about it, but jaskier convinces him that this is his family, they'd understand, and they must miss him.
geralt agrees, eventually, goes up to kaer morhen with jaskier in tow.
but once they get there, he just... totally refuses to explain anything. none of the other witchers have sussed out that something's wrong(other than jaskier's hushed whispering about how geralt should "just tell them, they'd understand")
geralt's genius solution is, he'll just sleep outside three nights a month, he'll bring blankets and his fur will protect him. jaskier doesnt like it, but he's not about to tell geralt's secret, and he cant bodily drag a werewolf inside, so. his only condition is that he gets to sit outside with geralt for a bit, cuddle with him n' such. their excuse is that theyre gross love birds who are going out for moonlight picnics. everyone buys this, partially because its sort of true, partially cuz no one wants to walk in(or out) on them fucking.
it actually works the first trio of nights, to jaskier's surprise, but the 4th night they try they arent so lucky-- they forget something inside(a bottle of wine, a blanket, who knows) and eskel is like "i'll fall on my sword, be the one to bring it out to the happy couple". he steps outside, and what does he see?
a gigantic werewolf pinning jaskier to the ground.
bit of a frenzy after that, eskel attacking and shouting for backup, trying to keep the werewolf in sight while also looking for geralt, getting between the monster and jaskier while jaskier shouts-- eventually jaskier gets through to him though. thats geralt, dont hurt him, its geralt.
geralt isnt saying anything though(despite the fact he's perfectly capable of it, even transformed), and eskel sortve misunderstands. doesnt really get that this has been a long-term affliction, and assumes this is the first transformation. so with geralt not responding, eskel says "not right now it isnt," and gets his hands on one of the training blades they keep in the courtyard.
more chaos-- everyone's outside now, jaskier is absolutely not having any of it but also three grown witchers versus one bard isnt much of a fight, no one's listening to him, and geralt's just pinning himself against the wall like a prey animal and not saying anything.
jaskier proves just enough of a distraction that geralt manages to hop a wall, takes off into the woods. jaskier is calling after him, while the three remaining witchers each make a gameplan(STILL not listening to jask). after a moment, jaskier darts and weaves and makes it just out of their grasp, so they've got a werewolf AND a bard loose in the woods in the dead of both night and winter, which. Bad.
eskel goes after geralt, vesemir stays behind because they need someone in the keep, and lambert's on bard wrangling duty. lambert doesnt have much trouble finding jaskier, but he does have trouble keeping a hold on him, because he's worried about breaking his tiny human limbs(and also he's wearing a lot of thick layers, which he has no compunctions about ripping to shreds to get out of lambert's grip.) he loses a boot and a sleeve to the ongoing tussle, as he keeps slipping out and darting away. lambert even tries axii, but the biggest trick to getting out of axii is just training a lot to resist it, so geralt and him'd run through that a long time ago, so his response is to go fake-limp, then kick lambert in the dick and run off into the night with one shoe.
lambert is extremely annoyed. its not jaskier's best plan.
he finds the cave that geralt had backed himself into by some miracle, and also because eskel'd made no efforts to hide his tracks and there are currently shouts coming from the cave. jaskier gets himself inbetween the two of them and refuses to budge. geralt's still pulling the silent routine, ears pinned back, looking like a kicked dog, and eskel's trying to coax jaskier away from the "monster".
lambert comes bursting in as well, pissed and sore, but stays near the entrance, the four of them locked in a sort of stalemate. the three of them argue about what to do, but jaskier is shivering because of his wrecked coat. eventually geralt breaks his silence to rumble out a worried "yourrr fingerrrs..."
(werewolves roll their 'r's in tw3. dont ask me why, just go with it.)
eskel and lambert are stunned into silence, and jaskier is immediately turning towards geralt, letting him fret and dote on him. slips his arm inside his jacket so his fingers dont fall off-- lets geralt wrap a giant, warm paw around his foot to get some heat back into it.
lambert's like "wait, so you CAN fucking talk?????"
it all got escalated way out of hand, partially because of eskel's reaction, but also because geralt was too ashamed to stand up for himself-- thought maybe they were a little bit right. was basically just going to curl up and let it happen, which he admits with some gentle prodding, and leaves eskel looking sick.
jaskier, though, is absolutely nuclear levels of pissed, because he was explaining everything, even how he'd known for months, and that geralt was perfectly safe to be around, but all the non werewolf witchers were just tuning him out. and geralt nearly died because of it. so he's, like-- he's unspeakably angry at all three of them.
eventually, they do all four make their way back to the keep(geralt carrying jaskier cuz he's still missing a boot), and explain everything one more time for vesemir. everyone looks pretty ragged, because it was a lot of drama very suddenly late at night.
geralt still hesitates in the doorway of the main hall, says he'll make the keep smell like monsters, that it's dangerous, but jaskier just gently encourages him inside and they curl up together in front of the hearth, nice and warm.
from there its little bits and pieces of geralt showing his werewolfy-er side, like dragging in a deer one night to devour raw by the fire. (he looks bashful about it, but jaskier insists its a part of their routine on the road, helps geralt clean his muzzle afterword.) and jaskier slowly encouraging geralt to relax, come deeper into the keep, curl up in a real bed.
jaskier gets less mad, but never quite gets over the fact that geralt's family proved his fears right. geralt gets less ashamed, but never fully sheds his anxieties about being allowed inside. everyone else gets less tense, but never quite sheds the shame of nearly killing their brother in arms while he was fully cognizant-- or quite comfortable with a "monster in the keep". it's still their first winter, tho, so with any luck things will someday get smoothed out.
[the porny ending is that geralt knots all three of them and this wildly smooths over any remaining tensions, but thats just a little fun off-shoot, not the Official Daydream Ending]
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