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xstarlightsupremex · 2 months ago
How Cassian can stand in a room with Nesta and hear how negatively she views herself and hear how she believes that she doesn’t deserve him but still had the audacity to remain silent through it all is beyond me.
I was expecting some kind of declaration at this point or even an awkward (but earnest) speech disproving all the things she said to prove to her how he really sees her. But we got nothing. 
Cannot believe how this book was marketed as a romance/healing book. And the nerve that Cassian was written to acknowledge that he still had an apology and declaration to make but to not show that in their book.
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peculiarmarsu · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
For some reason I really wanted to have Pallas, probably due to her being one of the few moos Arknights has. Horns and fluffy ears so good.
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heretherebedork · 3 months ago
Finally watched Not Me now that it’s done, and overall really enjoyed it! I was surprised, though, because I didn’t really think the narrative ever suggested Black and Gram were a romance. Had I not seen so much chatter about that on tumblr, it never would have occurred to me. But I do think the show set them up as close friends in the first half, and then that just… disappeared when the real Black returned. I don’t really get what happened there or why they shoehorned in a Gram/Eugene plot.
Okay, so there's a few steps to the GramBlack romance idea and they range from book canon to White suggesting that he though Gram liked Black due to the card in his room to the way Gram seemed to act differently around White-as-Black than anyone else did.
Canonically to the show it was obviously only a close friendship only it totally wasn't because there was no sign of friendship whatsoever when Black came back and that... that's where I get frustrated.
Because we literally didn't get a single scene with just Black and Gram. We didn't get a single word of worry from Gram about Black being missing for literal weeks. We didn't get Gram wondering where Black was after he rescued the entire gang from the hospital. We got... nothing.
Who would ever watch the last few episodes of the show and believe that we were told that Black taught Gram that Oxygen Is The Freedom of The Soul and that he worried tended his wounds after an incident with a fire? No one. Not a single person.
The romance was all hints and book canon and teasing. But the friendship was a real, serious letdown.
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dwtfruit · a year ago
taps the sign rapidly that says "Peer pressure was what Techno called it but it was along the lines of being coerced. Saying he could've killed Schlatt and Quackity changes nothing because that could have been said from the beginning, since Quackity and Schlatt literally never wear armour."
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femalenacho · 8 days ago
had the world’s worst phone call with my dad after six months of not talking to him (his choice) for father’s day because he “wanted” me to call him according to my mother 😐
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salt-volk · 29 days ago
I was waiting for the custom reset so I could restock on quest turn-in items, but the custom got spun before I woke up. Previous week's custom also got spun a few hours after rollover. Rip, I guess I won't be questing for a while. Spinning feels like a waste after the custom has been spun. I wish the game made it more fair for people in different time zones already...
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ego--x · 10 months ago
This just in -- I resumed working on my Final Fantasy VIII fanfic!
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unusdd · 2 years ago
I spent 10 demon vouchers and only got a basic ssr so I was like fuck it let's spend my last one in hopes I'd at least get an ssr cheat card but nope, I got lucky as hell
Tumblr media
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prcdigic · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
me, remembering my gio has a bunch of little half-vamp hcs: oh no im thinking i might make a sep verse for this in the future though just so i can go Full Vampire with gio.........
but for now im going to see how i can subtly integrate the flaws dio could have given him without him knowing they weren’t normal just bc i find that.. interesting. especially for giorno, who is already not normal whatsoever.
so anyway here’s a brief summary of what i have on that ;
the vampire gene lays dormant until giorno’s stand manifests, all linking to when gio’s hair turns from black to blond.
it’s a part of why he has such ridiculous power  ( like being able to sense life all around him, at all times. it’s not a power he can just  “ turn off ”  because it’s practically ingrained in him....... and it’s also very vampire-y araki im watching you ).
giorno’s  “ aura ”  i guess you could call it has been hinted at several times over the course of vento aureo, that it’s very much like his father’s in a way that attracts special attention and effects the people around him without giorno directly meaning to do so. which is a trait dio had gained as a part of becoming a vampire, that special allure that people found enticing and inspirational, so i hc that to be more of a vamp inheritance.
this is more of an add-on to the above, but giorno’s physical appearance is affected as well. i know most people out here drawing gio like a reg twink but in canon we see on screen this boy has an UNUSUAL amount of muscle for a 15 y/o, jojo muscle norms aside. and again, his complexion is just downright beautiful because of his parents and the fact he’s got all these mixed super-powered genes. vampires being beautiful has always been a trope and i can definitely see it with gio.   
because giorno is like....  ¾ ‘s human  ( thanks jonathan )  he doesn’t gain a direct bloodlust, but he sometimes shows a habit of sucking on small open wounds he gets on his hands and ends up spacing out after. 
the sun obviously doesn’t burn giorno, the man practically basks in it every time he’s on screen, and it’s clear that jonathan’s hamon-related powers translate into gold experience. but he does have to use stronger sunscreen than most, and is unusually pale for someone living in napoles who goes out every day. 
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zephyrartz-home · 2 years ago
Sup, zep! What is you favorite tecnic to draw?
I can't tell you how much I would LOVE to answer this question but everytime I sit down an art demon enters my body and I black out until I'm done. I'm sure there's a technique I love and do constantly but man I have a strong case of CRS.
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khfriendlyreminders · 3 years ago
Square: Get VIP to increase the chance of getting Super Nova medals
Me: You know that just makes me want to even less out of disgust right?
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aggressionbread · 3 years ago
Dragalia teasing me with my boy again
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possumpunky · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Do You Love The Colours Of The Children's Hospital?
I'm so sorry what have I done
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thenextchapterbegins · 3 years ago
“Well that was an waste of fucking time. i dont know how anyone in hell is afraid of satan ive seen scarier piecies of mold.”
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g-a-y-g-o-y-l-e · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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lewiishamilton · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
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bisexual-cyborg · a month ago
eddie munson at the beginning of the school year: oh yeah im gonna corrupt these teens with d&d and rock & roll
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thehedgehogsdilemmaa · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the best kisses are about the hands
the kiss by francesco hayez // the kiss by gustav klimt // the meeting on the turret stairs by frederic william burton // the kiss by auguste rodin and details
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tallnoser · 5 months ago
today (27 Jan) is International Holocaust Memorial Day, so I've compiled a list of charities you can donate to which help to preserve European Jewish culture as well as supporting living Jewish communities, especially in Eastern Europe, as a way to honour victims of the Holocaust both by preserving their memory and by supporting the European Jewish communities that the Nazis aimed to destroy.
- YIVO [Link] ; founded in Vilne, Lithuania in 1925 and now based in New York, is one of the largest organisations for the preservation and education of Yiddish, as well as hosting the largest archive of Eastern European Jewish materials (23 million items) - including many which were rescued from Nazi book-burning by Jewish resistance. It is the ONLY prewar Jewish library and archive to have survived the Holocaust.
- World Jewish Relief [Link], formed during the Holocaust by the UK Jewish community to aid the evacuation of German Jews. The majority of their modern day work focuses on aiding vulnerable Jewish communities in Eastern Europe. They also provide aid to refugees, disabled and elderly people, and respond to international disasters across the world.
- The Yiddish Book Centre [Link] hosts an online archive of hundreds of digitised Yiddish books (many with translations), as well as a video oral history archive with 1000+ Jewish people of all ages and backgrounds telling their own stories, many in Yiddish (with subtitles). They also train new Yiddish translators and run lectures, education programs, film screenings, music festivals, and the world's first Yiddish museum.
- The Together Plan [Link] supports post-Soviet Jewish communities, especially in Belarus due to the current instability there. As well as supporting Jewish communities with aid, education, and community building; they also record and translate Holocaust testimonies, preserve Jewish graveyards, and run education on Jewish Belarus.
- The European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative [Link] works to preserve and restore Jewish cemeteries, particularly in countries whose Jewish populations were decimated by the Holocaust, which left cemeteries to be vandalised and fall into decay. This is an important act in honouring the dignity of the dead, as well as witnessing and preserving the presence of lost European Jewish life.
If you have no money to spare, consider spending some time browsing the testimony and history hosted on YIVO and the Yiddish Book Centre as an act of memorial instead.
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vilaneeve · 5 months ago
So my sense of smell is gone 🙃
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