#and he cant help it. he just snaps ''he loved me back!''
loveshotzz · a day ago
Caught Up In You
Eddie Munson x Fem! Reader
Summary: Eddie is helping Steve and Robin move into their new apartment in the city when he meets their cute neighbor and her cute dog. Takes place after the events of season 4. Obviously in this universe he lived.
Warnings: None right now but there will be smut in future chapters. First fan fiction I’ve written in years, be nice to me please lol. And my apologies I cant figure out how to add a keep reading on my tablet. Let me know what you think and if you want more chapters!
PART 1: I love this city.
“Are you lifting at all DINGUS?!” Robin’s voice rasped.
Eddie was broken out of his trance of taking in Steve and Robin’s new neighborhood. They had finally did it, gotten out of Hawkins and moved a 6 hour drive away to the bustling city of Chicago. Well, Steve and Robin did. Eddie promised he would be joining them after the summer wanting to help his uncle save up before he finally flies the nest.
Looking over he’s met with the sight of his two best friends struggling to bring Steve’s massive dresser through the threshold of their front door. Rushing over he grabs the middle relieving some of the weight for Robin.
“Thanks Munson, at least someone is able to lift as much as me. Aren’t you suppose to be an athlete Harrington?” She scoffs as they shuffle through the entrance.
Steve just huffs and rolls his eyes focusing on leading them to his room. Finally setting the dresser down on the carpet he runs his hands through his perfect Harrington floof.
“Maybe Robin, I’m a little tired considering I drove the Uhaul the whole way here since you still don’t have a license.”
“Hence why we moved to a city with impeccable public transportation.” She smirks smugly at the blonde haired boy.
Eddie chuckles at his friends antics making his way back outside to grab more before Robin can make another snarky comment. He’s hit with the muggy-ness of the city heat instantly, his messy bangs already clinging to his forehead and he’s silently scolding himself for not bringing a hair tie.
The sound of a dogs bark snaps his attention to the house on his right and that’s when he see’s you for the first time. Long black hair clipped up lazily in a big clip, blunt straight across bangs framing your heart shaped face perfectly. He sees the metal of your septum piercing when the sun hits it. Tattoos littered all over your soft pale skin which is only covered by a pair of black biker shorts and a grey Van Halen crop top. Headphones on and a look of concentration covered your face while you scribbled away in a notebook. A small black pug at your side who was making direct eye contact with him. Then he realizes he’s the reason for the barking. He lets out another loud bark finally catching your attention and your green eyes meet his instantly. Eddie can feel the heat rise up from his neck to his cheeks, god you are even more beautiful looking at him dead on. Breaking eye contact Eddie looks down at his dirty boots before sneaking another glance and you haven’t looked away. Eddie can feel his eyes growing wide. That’s when you smile at him and give him a small wave. It takes him a minute to comprehend what just happened before giving you the biggest smile and maybe a way to excited wave back. His reaction makes you giggle and bite your lip before looking back down at your notebook.
“Seriously Eddie?” Robin’s voice breaks him out of yet another trance. “You haven’t grabbed anything? Between you and Steve it looks like I’m unpacking by myself.”
“Sorry Buckley.” Eddie coughs scratching the back of his neck turning away from you. “I kinda got distracted.” With that he sneaks another glance at you. Nose deep in your notebook.
Robin’s eyes follow Eddie’s where she spots you and then your dog. Eddie should have been more prepared for the next reaction.
Robin’s exclamation grabs your attention almost immediately. Looking up from your notebook you see the cute metal head you had been making eyes at now joined by a shaggy haired girl who was waving and yelling at you now. You take your headphones off and take in the moving truck behind them. New neighbors.
“Hey! I’m Robin! This is Eddie and” just then the blond hair boy you’d seen earlier emerged from their house. “This is Steve!”
“Hi, I’m y/n.” You wave back shyly sneaking another glance at the dark curly haired boy to see he was looking right back at you. The eye contact making him bite his bottom lip and look away.
Eddie watches you stand up and he can take in your whole body now. Curves in all the right places and can see even more tattoos he hadn’t noticed while you were sat. God the city is great. Slowly you began to make your way over to the fence that was separating your properties your dog following closely behind. Eddie can feel Robin vibrating with excitement next to him.
“Calm down its just a dog.” Eddie hears Steve mutter as he joins them in the lawn.
“It’s not just a dog, its the cutest dog I’ve ever seen!’ Robin squeals as you reach the metal fence it only comes up about waist high on you.
“Thanks, Herman is the cutest dog in the world.” You giggle picking him up. Eddie wish he could record that sound, your voice is like silk to him. “Do you wanna hold him?” You ask slowly passing the dog over to a more then willing Robin.
“Yes yes yes yes!” Another squeal before grabbing her new best friend.
“Herman, like Herman Munster?” Eddie asks hoping he’s right to earn some brownie points with you. Your eyes are on him again before you answer and Eddie can hardly handle it this close.
“Yeah, You’re like the first person to guess that.” You smiley sweetly and Eddie feels like his face might break if he smiles any harder. “Clearly you have great taste.” You add with a wink.
Eddie thinks he might combust. He catches Steve in the corner of his eye clearly catching onto his feelings during this interaction and he’s biting back a laugh.
“Well obviously we have a lot to do today but we should get together for a neighborly dinner tomorrow night you can tell us all the best spots in the city” Steve suggests “I know Eddie over here would love that.”
Eddie wants to slap the smug look off Harrington’s face but then he sees the blush that spreads across yours and now he might want to kiss Steve. As Robin hands you Herman back over the fence you steal one more look at Eddie.
“Uhhh yeah” you stammer nervously “That would be cool. I can bring over some wine or beer or whatever.”
“Yes! Getting drunk with our new neighbor already. Love this city” Robin exclaims making you laugh and its another sound Eddie wants to record and keep forever.
“I mean its Chicago its what we do.” You joke “I’ll let you guys get back to it, it was really nice meeting all of you.” Your eyes linger on Eddie longer then they should wanting to keep a mental image until you see him again tomorrow.
Eddie watches your go back to your porch letting out a breath he didn’t know he was holding.
“Now if that’s not motivation for you to get your ass out here I don’t know what is.” Steve laughs patting Eddie on the back before making his way back to the truck.
Eddie’s already trying to figure out a ways to get here before the summer ends as he takes one last look at you before going back to a already irritated Robin.
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roughentumble · a year ago
I've had this fic idea for the longest time and your post about illusions reminded me of it, basically it's a total ripoff of djinns in spn showing ppl what they want most, very land of the lotus eaters
Jaskier's stuck in this idyllic illusion where he and Geralt are together and everything's perfect, they travel and fight monsters and Jaskier sings songs but Geralt never gets hurt and Jaskier doesn't sleep around, they're together and in love and it's wonderful
And then Jaskier gets ripped out of it, finds out it was all an illusion and he's devastated bc now he's had what he wants most and thinks he'll never have it again, not really, and it's driving him crazy
Geralt eventually takes him to Yen to see if she can help, thinking maybe there's lingering effects of being trapped in whatever illusion Jaskier was put in, and Yen's prodding trying to figure out what he saw in the illusion, what was so wonderful he nearly wants to be put back into it, and Jaskier finally snaps, "He loved me back!"
ohhhhh shit i dig this!!!
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mushroom-winners-proof · 3 months ago
Ok, if were using Billy Zanes Voice, then absolutely Ansem SOD jumps up that list, it compliments his titty out look. Billy Zane did so good with the voice, all academic and dark and really captured the characters essence. Richard Epcar does a good job dont get me wrong, but i feel he lost some of that academic feel.
i've made An Illegal Amount of posts talking about billy zane's ansem and comparing his work to epcar but yeah BIG agree
it's not that epcar is a bad voice actor- far from it he's voiced a handful of my favorite characters and he's done a wonderful job at that. but epcar's performance is like... it sounds lke he's voicing a totally different character if that makes sense
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rohan-defender · 5 months ago
#going insane.#sighs. much to my dismay i really am a full time jojo fan now#as much as i tried fighting back LOL. and tried clinging onto bnha but sobs. ive pretty much. accepted where im at#but HELP. going insane. had to block a [email protected]ękų shipper on this blog HELP lol.#i hate those guys so much but. did not expect to block em on my jjba sideblog#idk its funny that some of my issues have followed me anyways#but yeah. LMAO. i do not like bąkųdekų shippers. as is. i dont even like bakugo as a character#i hate that kid sm. yall havent seen me go off but GOD lol. his writing sucks and hes just so shitty. i do not get his appeal.....#look i love assholes but. rohans never told josuke to kill himself yknow?#that and. eugh. bakugos just a shitty chara in general. hes. not even that nice to his own friends. eugh.#at least my rude guys are nice to their friends. but god. hate that guy lol. im glad i dont see him at all anymore so LOL. ty jojos <3#that and. he only constantly beats down on deku. its not enjoyable to watch at all. 😐 like he hates him for being weak and. EUGH.#bad taste in my mouth honestly. if i were deku i woulda snapped by this point and told him to fuck off.#not to. go back to rohan but. he doesnt hate josuke bc he thinks hes stronger. that and. at least they'll work together when their asses#are on the line. meanwhile bakugo cant even cooperate w/deku when their asses are on the line. their fighting when they need to work#together and its like. GOD. bakugo shut up. your ass is gonna die if you dont learn to work with others but AUGH. i hate bakugo. so much#but. eugh. im not against a rivalry or even charas hating each other but. AUGH. deku doesnt even hate the kid back#he just wants them to be friends again and its like. awh poor guy. that aint gonna happen :( but waaah its sweet youre so forgiving#but rohan and josuke are funny bc its mutual hate but. theyre not gonna kill each other and they can get along#rohan chooses to be a hater. so josuke just makes the best of it by having fun messing w/rohan LOL#if rohan decided to not be a hater im positive josuke nd co. would be like 'YESSS its about time you finally came around to us'#and THAT is the difference. its why they're hilarious and its why i think their hater moments are funny and worthwhile LOL#sorry for rambling. i needed to be a hater for a second ok. that and. i think deku should just drop bakugo and stick up 4 himself more#actually. deku is why i like koichi LOL. ppl hate lil koichi for being just some guy but. i absolutely love it when you have that one kid#who is literally just some guy. i love that kinda character i love it when theyre literally normal and just some guy LOL.#difference is koichi :D eventually goes from being more timid to standing up for himself. to his friends and to other stand users#hell he even gets onto rohan at the end of diu and rohan immediately switches up his act. nobody does it like rohan babeyyyyyyy#not to be a rohan defender here but LITERALLY hes so funny for that. he CAN behave he just doesnt <3#arra speaks#sorry this is long lol i am just. chatty today fellas.
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bunnywritesmarvel · a month ago
calling eddie by his name instead of the usual 'babe' or 'baby' and he thinks hes in trouble
you wandered into yours and eddies room, staring down at the assembly instructions of the coffee table you had just bought.
"hey, eddie, i know i said i could do this myself but can you help me real quick?" you asked, not looking up from the paper.
you missed the way he tensed, quickly setting aside his guitar and making his way to you.
"uh... yeah, of course."
"great!" you headed back into the living room of your new home, eyes still scanning the words on the page. "i cant get this tightened down enough, and i dont want it to be all wobbly and uneven."
eddie nodded, uncharacteristically quiet as he mulled over the day in his head. maybe you really did want him to help and he just didnt pick up on the signals? he forgot to put gas in the van and you had to go and do it, but you brought him back a snack from inside, surely you werent mad at him about that? shit, what was the date?
"you okay, love?" you laughed softly, waving your hand in front of his face to snap him back to reality.
"did i... did i do something wrong?" he asked, and the hurt puppy dog look on his face made your heart melt.
"what? no, baby, what makes you say that?" you set the paper down, handing him the little hex key that came with the table. "this one right here."
he didnt look at you, a little embarrassed at being so anxious over such a small thing, instead focusing on tightening the little screw keeping the leg in place.
"you called me eddie."
"...isnt that your name?" you laughed softly, not quite understanding.
"well yeah, but you never call me eddie." he set the key down after tightening it, taking the other screw you handed to him and placing it in the hole, tightening it with his fingers as much as he could before going back to the key.
you thought for a moment, trying to recall the last time you called him by his actual name.
"huh. i guess i dont." you laughed, grabbing his hand to get his attention. "did you think i was mad at you?"
"yes!" he sounded exasperated and you laughed more. "i thought i forgot our anniversary or something, fuck. i was freaking out!"
you snorted through your laughter causing eddie to grin.
"no! jesus, im sorry baby. im not mad, i promise."
he laughed in relief, shaking his head before leaning over the little coffee table to kiss your head.
"im glad. had me scared for a minute."
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h4rring1on · 9 days ago
hello!! if you can and want, could you write some angst with steve x fem!reader in which reader feels insecure - in a way that she thinks she's annoying because she talks too much and sometimes too loud, and one day, steve has the party over for a movie night and one of the kids mention that she talks too much and she's too loud while steve goes into the kitchen for something (or to the bathroom, whatever). so from that moment on she tries to speak as little as possible until steve brings it up to her one day and comforts her about it.
i'm sorry if it's too specific, if you can't do it, it's alright! your writings are some of my favourites on tumblr!!! 🌼💗
you and steve never really had any major problems, little fights every now and then but it wasn’t big. you still loved each other, you completed each other
but sometimes, just sometimes, you’d wonder if you really did complete steve. moments like this would always come up, like you’d be play fighting with steve and you’d say “i’m gonna catch you!” a bit too loud
when that would happen, you’d quiet down, you’d be the same, just calmer and more quiet. steve never really notice it until one day, where it became way too clear for him not to.
you were with the party, everyone was wrapped around blankets, popcorn and snacks in hand as they watched the movie, steve was next to you, holding you close as you watched
“wait i don’t get it—how did all that happen when her boyfriend was just sleeping, he must’ve noticed, right?” you asked
“hm, don’t think so, it was outside so he couldn’t have heard it” steve explained
“ohh, yeah right” you said, steve then told you he was gonna go get more snacks from the kitchen
“that one’s my favorite” you pointed to the girl on the screen, you liked talking about the characters and movie overall
“oh my god” mike whined
“we get it, jesus” lucas said
“what the hell, guys?” dustin said
“im sorry dustin i cant take it anymore” mike said, “cant you go one minute without talking? it’s so annoying! we can barely hear the movie because of how loud you are!” mike rolled his eyes and dustin smacked him
“oh…i’m sorry” was all you said, you turned back to the movie and snuggled closer into your blanket, wishing you could hide under it forever. you wanted to disappear, to go away.
you zoned out as the scene kept replaying in your head, you knew it. you finally knew what they truly think of you, what they hate about you. and it was exactly what you hated about yourself
you felt steve sit next to you, making you snap back to reality
“got you your favorite” he smiled and gave you the bag, you slightly smiled and ate in silence
ever since that night, you barely spoke. when you’d visit steve, you’d just listen and nod when he’s speaking. only time you’d actually talk is when you had to give a verbal response.
even then, it was low and wasn’t the way you used to talk, it was worse when you were around the party, you wouldn’t utter a single sound. you thought nobody would notice, but steve did. very much.
steve was working robin’s shift, so it was just you and him, he called you earlier, asking if you could come over since he’s closing the store now, you muttered a small ‘mhm’ and went to the store, helping him close up
he was talking to you about one of the customers that came today, and how they’d taken so long to decide what movie they wanted
“can you believe it? 45 minutes just to pick ghostbusters, it’s not even that hard of a decision to make” he said as he put away the tapes, he looked to you and saw you nodding
“let’s go sit for a bit, take a little break” he said and you nodded again, he sat in front of you, holding your hand
he called your name, and you shook your head in question, “you know i love you, right?” he said and you nodded, “you know you can tell me anything, right?” and you nodded yet again
“did i do something?” he asked and you furrowed your eyebrows and shook your head, “talk to me” he said, his tone frustrated
“no” you shook your head
“then tell me what’s wrong” he asked and you stayed silent, “i know somethings wrong, please—tell me why are you acting this way?”
“what way—“
“are you serious?” he cut in, “you’ve barely said a word to me for the past few days, i know theres a reason—talk to me, please.”
you looked at him for a bit and looked down, “there’s nothing wrong, okay? just—some people finally decided be brave enough to tell me the truth”
“what truth? what people—“
“the truth is that im annoying!” you snapped, “that im annoying—and loud, and talkative. and im happy to hear it because they’re not wrong. they’re not! i should actually thank them for finally telling me what’s wrong with me.” you sighed
steve looked at you with such hurt in his eyes, “who said that?” he asked in a low voice
“why do you even care—”
“why do i even ca—are you—because it’s a lie! everything—they’re all lies! baby, who cares if you like to talk about things more than others do, who cares if you’re loud? you’re you and thats what matters, whoever said that is saying complete bullshit, and i don’t care about it. i just—“ he sighed and held your hand tighter, “i miss your voice, i miss the way you get excited about things, i miss the way you talk on and on and on, i miss you. i miss you, peach.”
a smile found its way on your face and you hugged him tight, “i love you, stevie” you said
“i love you too” he smiled, a feeling of comfort finally coming back to him, to hear you and have you in his arms again.
you two held onto each other for a bit before letting go, “now, you wanna tell me who in their right mind said that?”
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sinclaiirs · 6 days ago
hii do you think you could write a baby blurb of steve and y/n going out together but nobody knows? she’s on the cheerleading team/goes to see him in a game and the other team cant stop staring/looking at her so he snaps? thank uuu
jealous and pouty steve >> i hate this and it kinda wasn’t exactly what the request asked for but my mind was so blank
“y’wanna tell me what all that was about?” your voice was soft, gentle, laced with obvious concern, one hand cupping steve’s jaw while the other held a cotton ball soaked with rubbing alcohol. you dabbed it against the cut on his eyebrow, swiping a little at the dried parts as he winced, scrunched his nose and pouted his lips slightly. he was avoiding your gaze, staring pointedly at your lettered necklace as if it was the most interesting thing he’d ever seen.
“nothing.” which was a total and complete lie because steve had gotten into a fight in the middle of his basketball game, had ended up with a bust face and a ban from playing for the foreseeable future. from your place on the cheerleading bench you’d watched your boyfriend shove into the captain of the other team, shoulder hitting his so harshly the other boy had stumbled out of the court lines and before you knew it fists were swinging and steve’s eyebrow was bleeding. you’d seen the captain say something, all smirks and cockiness and steve had reacted almost instantly, shoulders tensing as his face twisted into a glare. you weren’t exactly sure what could have possibly been said to make him react the way he did.
“steve, what happened?” your voice was a little firmer this time, fingers knocking softly beneath his chin to tilt his head up so you could meet his eyes, cotton still slipping over his skin. you scooted closer to him on the bench, more than aware that the few people still left in the gym were watching you, the girls from the cheer squard and steve’s teammates, a few left behind students. you felt a little awkward, a little under pressure because despite having been dating steve for four months now it was still very much a secret and you could almost feel the confusion rolling off of people. confusion over why you were helping him clean up, why you were watching him with such worried, love sick eyes. or why steve’s fingers settled in the bare skin of your thigh, just beneath your skirt when he let out a sigh.
“their captain was just saying shit and it pissed me off.” your skin burned from his touch, your hand wavering as you reached for a bandaid, fumbling to tug one from the first aid bag you’d rushed to get the second you’d spotted blood. your friends were leaning against the far wall, eyes narrowed as they glanced between you and steve, trying their hardest to understand what the hell was going on. the gym was still a loud hum of noise, people getting ready to leave, people staying behind to talk excitedly about hawkins win but when you looked at steve it was just the two of you, silence settling around you.
“what kind of shit? you were pretty angry, steve, it can’t have just been basketball trash talk.” you dabbed again at his brow bone, this time with a dry cotton ball, the trickle of blood having finally come to a stop. you weren’t sure why you were asking because you had a slight feeling you knew the gist of what had been said, knew it had something to do with you. the captain had been leering at you all night, had even had the nerve to graze his fingers over your back when he’d passed you on the way to the court, bending to mutter in your ear that he couldn’t wait to see your performance. you’d brushed it off, tried not to think about it but he’d sent glances your way the whole game and on more than one occasion steve had ran into him when he’d spotted what was happening. you figured it was more likely something the captain had said that had started the fight rather than his actions.
“he just,” steve sighed again, let his head tilt a little into the palm of your hand when you stroked your thumb over the skin beneath his eye. you wanted to kiss him, wanted to kiss every inch of his skin until he felt okay, until his anger ebbed and his smiles returned but your worry of peoples opinions still held you back, made you think twice as you started to press the bandaid over his cut. “he just kept talking about how hot you looked in this outfit and how he was gonna take you out tonight and-and how he wanted to see if you were as flexible naked as you were in this skirt. he just wouldn’t stop talking and looking and when i told him to stop staring at my girl he told me all your friends had said you were single and of course they did because, i mean, to them you are and then he went on and on about your legs and your ass and i don’t know i snapped because who the fuck does that?” he drew in a ragged breath, one that caught on a wince again when your thumb smoothed over the now in place bandaid, your lashes fluttering a little at the jealousy laced in steve’s tone. it was one you knew so well, one you used often whenever you heard girls talking about him.
he squeezed your thigh in an almost apologetic manner but you could still see the lingering anger in his eyes, the fire that hadn’t yet been put out. you hated that your friends had told the captain you were single (even if it was true in their eyes), hated that it had led to steve getting hurt. you let your fingers trace down the side of his face, pressed even closer to him. “i think the guys have figured us out, i know you weren’t ready to tell anyone and i’m sorry that my friends have probably found out because i can’t-”
steve’s words fell short abruptly because you’d moved forward and pressed your mouth directly over his, soft lips melting over his as you kissed him. you pressed your hand to his thigh for leverage, guided your lips over his for a few moments, ignoring the hushed whisper that settled over the people in the gym. you pulled away with a final kiss to the corner of his mouth.
“i don’t care that they know, i just wish you wouldn’t have gotten into a fight. you know no matter what he said i was never gonna go with him.” you nudged his nose, tried not to think about the sound of your name coming from the direction of your friends. “i’m yours steve, even if nobody knew it.”
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s0dium · 24 days ago
Teachers pet
Professor!Toji x Student!Reader
Tumblr media
A/n: This is for @sanoinc collab (sorry if im early)! Hope you guys enjoy. Also if you're a writer and want to be moots, drop by my inbox!
Synopsis: In which you have a deep infatuation with your professor Toji Fushiguro
Warnings: Inappropriate relationship, unprotected sex, rushed sex, pet names, age difference, masturbation, (reader is 18-21 and Toji is in his early/middle thirties) semi public sex, choking, riding, dry humping, spitting, squirting, cum eating
Tumblr media
Toji Fushiguro was what all the girls of the campus would talk about and if you were lucky enough to be able to take his class, then you'd understand why.
Its because Toji Fushiguro was an enigma in the most alluring and fascinating of ways.
Everything about him exuded attractiveness and charsima. From how he spoke with conviction in each of his lectures to just how infuriatingly handsome he was, it was almost impossible for you not to slip a hand under your panties to the thought of him on top of you at night.
You swear that every time you lock eyes with his green ones as you sit in the lecture room, your heart stops. And when he says your name, god when he says your name, you wonder if that’s what herion feels like.
You know it’s wrong. You know it’s wrong that you’re spending more time on your appearance before a class, wearing shorter skirts and tighter t shirts in hopes he’d spend a just a second longer looking at you. Or how you sweetly smile at him with glossed lips just to see the scar on his lip move as he smiles back. And you know it’s wrong when you watch the muscles underneath his tightly fitted polo shirt move and you just can’t help but your your thighs together in neediness.
And you know it’s just puppy love. You’ve taken a few psychology classes before so you know it probably has something to do with daddy issues or what ever. But even as you stand in his office you can’t help but let your eyes wander to just how big his hands. And you cant help but wonder how they will feel inside of you.
“Y/n are you listening?”
Tojis stern voice snaps you back and you quickly compose youself.
"Yes, sorry Mr.Fushiguro." You respond as you clear your throat.
Toji raises an eye brow before readjusting in the seat behind a wooden desk and slightly leaning over the surface.
"Miss l/n" His voice lowers and you cant help but shiver "Over the course of this year you have proven to be an exceptionally bright young lady, one of my best students. So why," He reaches for something in the desk draw and pulls out a few papers. "Have you been failing these final tests, just weeks before the semester ends?"
You glance at the tests and gulp, keeping your mouth closed and lips pursed resulting in Toji to let out a sigh.
"Y/n, you know if you continue on this path, you will have to retake this class."
You slowly nod.
"And the remedial class wont be taught by me."
You're face fell upon hearing those words.
"Wait what?" You stammer. "I-I thought, thats not why I-, wait no why didnt anyone tell me I-" You cut your self off when you find your self looking at a wolfish smirk spread across Toji's face.
"So I'm the reason why you're failing." He says slyly and your face immediately erupts into a bright red hue.
"NO! No its not like-well it is but, NO no-"
"Y/n come here."
He cuts your blubbering off by motioning for you to come around the desk toward him. You comply, keeping your eyes glued to the floor as you approach him, playing with the ends of your skirt.
You dont look up, continuing to play with your skirt with your hands.
"Y/n look at me."
You look up not only when you hear the command but when he grabs one of your hands and holds it in his own.
"Why do you want me to be your proffesor that badly? Its not like im going any where you can always drop by my office to say hello."
You harshly bite your lips at his words and furiously shake your head.
"No Mr.Fushiguro, I cant- its because....."
You can hear your heart beat in your ears and your throat seems to be closing up. You're not even aware that the words are slipping past your lips until you hear your self.
"It's because I like you." Your voice comes out as a meer whisper and you have to bite back the tears that threaten to spill from your face.
"What was that?"
"ITS BECAUSE I LIKE YOU!" You practically yell. "I've liked you seen I first saw you and I cant stop thinking about you Mr.Fushiguro you're all I think about day and night and I know its wrong, I'll get over it but," It was too late, there was no going back now, adrenaline rushed through your veins as you spilled every thought that coursed through you're mind. "I cant help it! You're the reason why I spend so much time getting ready in the morning or why I stay after class to help clean up. So please cut me off now before I say anything more because-"
Sure you asked him to cut you off, but what you dont expect is it to be done by him pulling you down by your hand for a kiss.
It takes you so by surprise that you dont even react for a few seconds, until something clicks in your brain and you immediatly start to reciprocate the kiss.
Its messy, spit smearing on either side of your lips as you both hungrily make out with each other. You let out a soft whine when he brings a hand to the small of your back and guides you ontop of his lap so you're fully straddling him in his chair. You thread a hand through his dark hair in an attempt to bring him impossibly closer to you, so you can taste even more of him warm mouth then you already have.
As you separate for air, a string of spit connects your tongues.
"I've been thinking about you too y/n." Toji says under his breath before diving into another kiss.
You let out a yelp when two of his hands grab either side of your hips and start to grind your cunt onto his hardened buldge underneath his pants. The stimulation to your clit has you whining but its not enough, so you reach down underneath your skirt to move your white panties from your sticky cunt to the side, revealing your bare cunt.
"Oh shi-" You gasp when you feel the friction on your clit and immediately bury your nose into the crook of Tojis neck making him chuckle. It was the type of scent you could breath in over and over again, the type that made your cunt squeeze around nothing and your gut twist. You dont even notice that he's unbluckling his belt and undowing his pants until you feel him reach under and pull out his dick.
You're eyes go wide when you're met with the sight of his angry red tip that was leaking milky white fluids from the slit. It was big, your imagination did no justice to Toji's size. Your mouth goes dry and another wave of arousal washes over you.
"W-will it fit?"
Toji lets out a snort and you notice the glint in his green eyes, how he seems a little more wild, unhinged.
"I'll make it, come on we don't got much time."
Toji guides your hips up so your hole is aligned with his weeping tip. Your about to slowly lower your self onto him when Toji grabs either side of your hips and slams you down onto his dick. A guttural moan escapes from your mouth as the absolute wind is knocked out of you.
Dull pleasure and pain clouds your brain from how the tip of Toji's dick smushes against your cervix and you cant help but let your eyes roll to the back of your head. This feels like a culmination of all your desires, everything you've been dreaming about for the past year, it was all so overwhelming.
"Come talk to me y/n." Its taking every last bit of Toji's self restraint to keep himself still inside you, to check if you're ok before he cant hold back anymore. You felt better than he expected, his fist was nothing compared to the warmth of your wet walls gripping his dick.
 “S’fine,” you manage slur out, “M’fine, just feels so good.” 
At those words, Toji grabs your ass, the fat of your skin filling the creases of his fingers like dough, and begins to lift you up and down the length of his dick. He is slow at first, letting you get use to his size before you start to take lead; using the strength of your thighs to lift yourself up and down.
"Yeah thats it," Toji hums, moving his hands to lift up your t shirt, cursing under his breath when he see's your not wearing a bra.
You alternate between grinding on him and bouncing up and down and Toji latches his mouth onto one of your bouncing nipples and moans into your skin.
Only seconds later fatigue starts to hit you and your arms and legs begin to tremble. You let out a whine and Toji catches on.
"I got you baby." Toji grabs ahold of the underside of your ass and thrusts up in out of you at a frightening speed.
The pap pap pap of his hips against your fill the room and the chair shakes with every movement. You're both a sweaty moaning mess as you fucked each other in carnal desire; lips frantically attaching to each other in a wet mess and breathing ragged, fast and sometimes slow.
“You’re so warm.” he murmurs into your ear. "Cant get enough of this cunt." Toji chuckles, lowering his head and letting a glob of spit land right on your pulsating clit. The thicker liquid covered it completely, as he pressed his groin on it, making sure that the stimulation of it now is unbearable.
The burning pit of desire in your stomach was causing you to feel something weird, something different.
"Ah, m'feel weird T-t-toji, m'feel different."
"Oh you gonna cum? Better do so soon before class starts."
You dumbly nod at his words grabbing the cloth of his polo shirt for dear life.
Feverishly, your pussy tightens around his cock, your mouth opens but no sounds come out of it. His hands that were holding your legs could feel the apparent shaking while he watched you struggle to contain yourself with the burst of liquid from your entrance.Your orgasms runs through your body like a lighting, igniting every single nerve just to come crashing into you in a wave of relief.
Toji works you through you're orgasm until his hip stuttering as he buries himself deep and comes so hard he's seeing white.
"Oh fuh-" He gasps, eyes fluttering and lips slightly parting, and you swear to god its one of the most beautiful sights you've seen. You whined at the feeling of warm seed filling you up to the brim and you unintentionally, probably instinctually, squeezed around him, drawing more out. Without thinking you reached down where some dripped down at the base and brought the liquid to you're mouth; licking you're fingers clean and savoring the salty taste.
"Shit, you're really a piece of work Y/n."
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sinnerlillith · 2 months ago
stay strapped
he’s called “Eddie ‘the freak’ Munson” for a reason ok. that reason is: he likes being pegged.
Includes: established friends with benefits relationship, praise kink, sub eddie, dom (F) reader, strap on, Eddie gets called a pervert, missionary, choking, finger gag, finger sucking, begging, anal fingering
word count: 3.3k
summary: you go to a “toy” store with robin and decide to try your new toy out on eddie, and boy does he have fun. 
Tumblr media
    “Robin, put that down!” you giggle quietly. 
     “But it has a massive suction cup...you think if I put it on my head I’ll look like a uni- no, a dildo-corn?” she laughs at her own joke. You roll your eyes with a smile. she places the veiny rainbow 7 incher down and returns back to your side. 
     “We’re in an adult store, how about we act like adults too?” you say looking away as you browse the dildos. your eye catches a jet black strap on dildo, but it doesn't look like a typical dildo. You pick it up to examine it.
     “Beginners anal dildo? why do you want that?” asks Robin as she peers over your shoulder. So thats why it looks like that, you think. Its slightly curved backwards with pleasure curves on the bottom for extra stimulation. its about 6 inches long, but not too thick since it’s for a beginner. You could only think of one person to use this on...
     “For pegging of course. I also need a strap, preferably pink.” and of course, robin knows where that is. she takes you further to the back of the store. 
     “I like this one the best, and it comes in pink. Didn't know you were that kinky, y/n” Robin teased. You just smiled a flustered smile as you eyed the strap.
     “Whatever Robin, don’t act vanilla with me” you thanked her for the recommendation and purchased both items, along with some lube. After your day with robin, you head back home thinking about how to ask your friend- well, friend you hook up with sometimes- if he wants to even be pegged. You don’t want to freak him out, but you love experimenting with him. Eddie isn't vanilla at all, but you’ve never tried any sort of anal stimulation on him. 
You decide to just give him a call instead of asking him in person to save yourself from the embarrassment if things go wrong. You think about how to ask him. Should you flirt first? Should you be direct? You finally come to terms with the fact that its just a question, not a big deal.
You dial his home number. As it rings, you get more and more nervous and before you lose your confidence, you finally hear the line connect. “Munson residence.” Its Eddies voice, except it sounds a little off, like he’s eating something.  
Munchies, you thought to yourself. He is a bit of a stoner after all. you decide to cut right to the chase anyway.
     “How do you feel about pegging?” 
You hear a chip bag fall to the floor, followed by a short silence. You cant see, but Eddie eyes widened and he stopped chewing. Thank goodness his uncle isn't there to see the mess. 
     “y/n? what happened to ‘hi’ ‘whats up’?” 
You cant help but laugh, and as he heard you laugh on the other end of the line, he too giggled his stupid signature high-eddie-munson giggle. “Yeah I’m too high for this man” he says putting his hand over his flustered face. 
     “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” you said between small laughs. “I just had the idea when I was at the adult store with robin-”
     “You were at an adult store?” he interrupted “And you say I’m more horny than you. You’re a freak, sweetheart.” 
You smiled at his name for you. “Well you're the one who occasionally has sex with this ‘freak’, and I haven’t seen you complain.” you snapped back playfully.
He would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy you being in charge in the bedroom. He had a strong feeling you were into being dominant at times, which is why he initiated the idea of a friends with benefits relationship with you. And how could you refuse? Seeing such a pretty boy below you, hair spread across the pillow, the back of his hand over his mouth to attempt to cover his flustered face. His tatted chest heaving up and down, covered with your hickeys and bite marks. Of course, he failed to cover that pleasured face of his fully. His big brown eyes always showed what he really wanted.
And his whines. You swear you’re addicted to them, he’s such a pretty whiner. He seems ashamed of his noise, but you love that he’s noisy and you praise him every time. 
     “Ok y/n, how about you come by in an hour and we’ll see if I’m into pegging.” he says with a smile that you can practically hear in his teasing voice. He’s excited to see what you come up with, but he definitely needs time to freshen up first. 
You smiled at his confidence, knowing that soon enough he’ll be a whimpering, whining, begging mess. “Ok dork, in an hour.” you replied and hung up. 
You knocked on his trailer door waiting for it to open. When it did, you see Eddie wearing black plaid pajama pants and a Metallica tee, the total opposite of your tight cropped tank top and shorts. Only Eddie would be in pjs before sundown, but damn does he look good in black. His ringed fingers lift as he gestures for you to come in. He’s barely even holding eye contact with you, even though he’s smiling since he’s happy to see you.
You smiled at him and decided to immediately start teasing as you entered, noticing his shy manner. “Well well well, looks like you did your hair for me, huh pretty boy?” you noticed his hair had less frizz and looked softer. He took a lock of it between his fingers and covered up his grin as he closed the door. He turned to you, looked down at the floor as his face heated from the nick name you called him. his grin got wider, looking back up at you.
     “Gotta freshen up for the lady, right?” he responded. You both walked to his bed room. You placed your bag full of your new toys and lube on his bed. You sat at the edge of the bed as he crawled into the middle, placing himself against his pillows on the wall where the head board should be. He leaned back, watching you reach into the bag.
Your eyes look up and meet his. “You wanna see it, dont you?” you teased him with a smile. He looked at you, and back down at the bag with a small smile, and then he nodded. “Use your words, Eddie. c’mon big boy.” you said, with a very different tone than earlier. A more sultry tone, the kind of tone that made him heat up.
     “Ok, ok fine y/n. I want to see it, just stop teasing” you giggled, and then pulled out the strap and dildo. You watched his face closely, his smile faded and he gulped. he tensed up, but not with fear. Instead, it was with arousal. “oh shit” he blurted. 
    “Yeah, ‘oh shit’ indeed.” you connected the dildo to the strap and placed it back on the bag. “if for whatever reason, you feel like you changed your mind, just let me know. Ok pretty?” your tone turned into a gentle one. He sat up and looked at you. He holds eye contact and says “yeah yeah I know, just get on top of me.” 
Your eyebrow raised. “excuse me?” then you see Eddie finally realize he gave you a command when you're the one thats supposed to be in charge. 
     “I mean, please get on top of me” he corrected himself. you climbed on top of him as his back was still slightly angled up against his pillows so he���s not horizontal. You're now straddling him, his big warm hands find your waist as he slightly grips it. Your hands travel to his long hair, which is definitely softer than usual. Your thumbs find his face and gently tug him until your lips meet. The kiss is slow at first, patient and sweet. Moments later, when your hips begin to grind on him, but very slowly and his grip on you tightens. The kiss gets wetter and harsher. Your tongues brush over each other and you think to yourself he’s way too good at this kissing shit. 
You break the kiss to lean your head to the right, brush his hair back off his neck, and leave teasingly light kisses on him. His eyes flutter and he finds it hard to keep them open, so he moves his hands down to grip your ass. This drives you just as crazy as your kisses on him does, causing you to kiss his neck heavier, and once you lick a stripe from the base all the way up slowly to his ear, he groans. You then gently bite on his ear lobe and his mouth falls open, letting out a small curse.
    “damn it, sweetheart just- please” you bite his neck, starting softly. “you can be rougher with me, you know” he whines. 
     “What a pervert” you say in his ears. and thats all it takes for the tightness in his boxers to get even tighter. his grip on you tightens too and his breath hitches. You slide your hands down his clothed chest agonizingly slow as you bite his neck again harder. You then start to lean a little further back to take his shirt off revealing his tatted chest once again. He catches you staring, but you push him back onto the pillows roughly and discard your own shirt. You look back down at his flushed face, noticing him catching a glimpse of your lacey bra.
     “You’re so bea-” his compliment is interrupted by your fingers shoving into his mouth. His eyes widen, pleasantly surprised while he looks back up at you.
     “shut up.” you say firmly, but this only turns him on more. he begins to suck on them and his big hands find their way down to your thighs, the rings on his fingers shock your skin in his grip. his hips buck up into your forming wetness. “Good boy” you say quietly with a smile, but not quiet enough for him to not notice. The look on his face changes after your praise, his eyebrows are angled more downward at the edges and drool comes out of his mouth as you slowly pull your fingers out just so you can push them back in.
His head is spinning, his ears are red hot, and his dick.... well its only getting harder and harder and you haven’t even touched it yet. 
     “I can tell you’re getting even more excited, baby. Wanna tell me what you want me to do about it?” you tease. He whines against your fingers, his voice is completely muffled. “Oh thats right, you cant speak. do you want permission to speak, baby boy? hm?” He nods frantically, eyes squeezing shut. It’s like he’s begging without words. You decide to play nice and pull your fingers out, giving him permission. His breathing shortens and his voices is almost trembling.
    “please, please, fuck me.” he pants. “I need it, so bad... I’ll be a good boy I promise” he rambles. His eyes are erotic as he licks his lips and you bite yours.
    “And how do want me to fuck you, pervert?” you knew exactly how he wanted you, but you wanted to hear him say it. You wanted to hear him beg for your strap, beg you to spread his legs, finger him, fuck him, choke him, whatever you wanted to do with him. His big and needy brown eyes trailed over to the strap at the end of the bed. You turned your head to look too, and then turned back at him. “you want that?” his eyes met yours again and he nodded.
    “Why so shy? you still aren’t using your words, Eddie. Wheres all that confidence gone, hm?” You tilted your head to the side with an innocent smile while grabbing his face with one hand so he stays looking into your eyes.
    “oh god y/n, just please fucking use me already” he panted. you turned around and grabbed the strap, then told him to move further down the pillows so he can lay horizontally.
    “I cant use you with all those clothes on baby boy. strip for me.” he quickly took off the rest of his clothes and laid back. Sure enough, his dick was ridiculously hard and firm, waiting to be touched. You stood up to take your shorts off, but kept your underwear on so you could place your strap over it. you got back on the bed, arms beside his hips. You placed yourself in between his toned legs so you could get ready to prep him. You looked towards the man who’s beneath you, legs slightly spread, hair splayed across his pillow that his left hand grips behind him, while his tatted right arm is over his mouth. His eyes are squinted in desperation. “You look so adorable Eddie...” you say as one of your hands comes down to brush downward against his thigh, then back up again. You place your hand underneath his thigh and lift it up “I’m going to need you to hold your legs open for me, ok?”
He obediently holds both of his legs back and open so you have access to him. you move your hand from off his thigh up to the side of his head. You lean down and kiss him, biting at his bottom lip making let out a soft whimper. Your tongues touch and caress each other, as your opposite hand comes up to his mouth “open.” you command, and of course he opens as you place your middle finger in his mouth. He sucks and his tongue swirls around it as you praise him for being such an obedient boy for you. You go back to making out with him as your hand trails down to his hole.
The moment your finger makes contact, he gasps and you swallow that gasp with your mouth still on him. You circle his rim slowly, making him squirm at the unfamiliar yet pleasurable contact. His legs move on their own and hook around your lower body, making your strap poke at his own lower body, causing his mind to race. Your head turns to the right as it moves down his neck again, except this time, you’re incredibly rough. He asked for it after all, so you suck harsh marks on his neck ignoring his curses. This is also when you stop teasing his rim, and push your finger in. Slowly at first, then you wiggle it inside to get him to loosen up as you pull it back out, just to put it back in again. His hand finds its way to your hair and the other to you back, desperately trying to find something to hold onto as his body burns with pain from his neck and pleasure from his hole. “Relax Eddie, you’re tight.” you say against his skin.
     “Jesus fucking christ y/n” he moans, “you’re crazy”. your finger moves in and out faster, but his moans only increase. 
     “Sounds like someone wants another finger” you tease. you lift yourself up off him, finger still inside. You look down at the mess you’re making out of him, all these marks on his neck, sweat on his head making his pretty curls stick to him. His lips wet and red from all the biting. His chest is rising and falling with his mouth open and sighing. You turn away to get the lube so you can add more fingers and go faster. you squeeze some directly onto his hole, and continue pumping. “How does it feel, pretty?” but he can barley answer. He nods and pants out a “good, feels so good... mm, want more” and you oblige.
You add a second finger, and its a little easier to slip in. You can tell he’s starting to relax. his eyes roll back before he shuts them in pleasure. 
     “oh fuck, dont-ha, dont stop..” he lets out a whine. “please, please-” his requests are cut off by your hand around his throat. You squeeze, just enough to make him see stars, but not enough to have pressure on his breathing. Your fingers are moving even faster now, his left hand wraps around your arm thats choking him and-
is he...? oh my god... he’s pushing my hand down further on his throat..
     “You really are a pervert, huh. Wanting me to choke you with my fingers inside of you” you taunt him with a grin. his eyes trail to yours and he has a stupid smile on his face. You know it’s about time to fuck his brains out, so you release his throat and pull your fingers out of him to grab the lube. You lube up the strap and aline the tip with his hole. Your hands snake to his firm hips and grip. “lift your legs up further. thats it, good boy.” Your eyes meet his. “are you ready now?”
    “Hell yeah” he says lightly, still breathing heavy and still smiling. You push in slowly, your hips meeting his lower body, observing his face. His eyebrows tighten, and then relax. his mouth is hanging open. 
     “holy shit, y/n” he lets out an open mouthed groan, and holy shit it’s hot.
You pull out to the tip, and thrust back in carefully. you do that not even 3 more times until he’s squirming again, with both his arms reaching out to grab your own. “more...” he says in a full on whimper. its pitchy and whiney and oh so perfect. You smile down at him.
“is that how you ask, Eddie baby?” 
“more, please”
“thats my boy.”
You thrust only a little bit faster, but end them harder, like your punctuating your thrusts. Both his hands go to cover his mouth as he squints his eyes shut. his pitchy moans are muffled, and his legs begin to shake every time you enter. 
“Let” thrust 
“me” thrust 
“hear” thrust
“you” thrust
His legs are fully trembling, he’s now even more sweaty, and so are you. his hands move off his mouth and his voice is clearer. 
     “there it is....” you coo, “theres my pretty boy. keep making those noises for me honey” with the biggest smile on your face. 
he cant handle all the praise, all the roughness, and he sure as hell now cant handle your hand pumping his shaft matching your thrusts. His legs shake around you, his panting increases and so do his groans. 
     “im gonna... damn it, gonna cum” his head goes back, one arm falls over his eyes and the other above his head, resting on his hair. you push his legs up with both hands. Your thrusts don’t falter but you start to pant now, you feel yourself getting tired but you power through. 
     “lets see it then, huh? make me proud, pretty boy” you’re hitting just the right spots and its driving him to his climax fast. He reaches down to touch himself since you stopped, and he gets himself off to your thrusts, praise, and breathy moans at the sight of him. It's beyond erotic. All you hear is his noises, skin slapping skin, and the wetness of his dick as he pumps himself infront of you. He looks absolutely perfect.
Soon enough, his cum paints his stomach. He's whining and thanking you, but you're still moving in and out of him. Your thrusts are slow and soft now as you bend down to kiss all over his face.
"you did so good, Eds. That was really fun you know."
You pull out and discard the strap while he catches his breath. "That was... definitely intense... holy shit" he says between deep breaths as he lifts himself onto is forearms.
"But did you like it?" You ask, concerned.
"Did I?" He says flirtatiously with a dazed fucked out look on his face "I think that's obvious. Now I need to get this-" he gestures to his cum still on him "-off of me and smoke again"
You started putting things back into your bag, except the dildo so you could clean it, until he grabbed your waist and pulled you so you would fall back onto the side of him.
"or" he mumbles suggestively, "you could sit on my face?"
now would y'all believe me if i said this was my first fic I’ve ever written in the history of ever? i did absolutely nothing productive today except for this. i hope everybody is wet and shaking rn after reading this because i was stressed making it 💪🏽
More of my pegging Eddie writing
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mrfoox · a year ago
Can't tell if I've lost my patience because of age or medication but I sure don't know how to feel about it
#miranda talking shit#I mean ive always been a kinda patient person and i still think i am? But patience about ....#If someone doesn't act nice towards me or if i don't get along with them?#I used to let people treat me however they wanted for years or many months until i finally got fed uo#Now I'm like... Uh... Actually ? Nah i dont really like this so imma just head out#I still feel bad about it somewhat and especially if i cant find anything specific why i dont like someone ?#But i guess i have gotten enough self respect and love so I'm at a point where i can realize that im not always at fault and wrong#This has probably been evolving for years but i only started noticing three years ago#Started talking back to my friends when they blew up at me for something i couldn't do anything about and such#Can say that person is roo. Hes very quick tempered in the moment so he can blame things on others in game. But i will always just snap back#Now. And since the start he always apologized like 2 min later because hes good#The boys have definitely helped me with handling shit and people ... I still take more crap than i probably should and invest more energy#And time emotionally than anyone else does for me but ... Ive also moved my limit for acceptable shit ill take a lot#Im sure i seem or sound like a bitch bc of this but I'm too tired and literally too emotionally exhausted to let someone else shit on me for#No reason. I know people are probably angry at me about all sort of things that are valid bc im a wreck#But id rather they tell me what ive done or said instead of just acting or saying shit fo me like...?#One cant be nice 24/7 but uh... Tell me what you want from me or what ive done to upset you instead
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mari-the-bimbo · a month ago
Bro, you got me OBSESSED with dormmate Sukuna (I read it all in one go)! You're so talented, god fucking dammit I love your writing!
I do have a request though but please feel free to say no if you don't like it, but I'm a thirsty bitch for some angst so could you make a dormmate Sukuna where he gets into an argument with the reader and say some mean stuff in the heat of the moment and she leaves? Like, she takes the car as leves, vanishing without saying another word and he doesn't know if she's okay or anything like that, and you can finish with some fluff idk I just had this idea while taking a shower lmao
Dorm mate Sukuna: the storm brewing
A/N: Is it even a series if I don’t randomly add angst before the confessions? 😼Thank you for the request! Hope you enjoy! <3
Tumblr media
“Oh boy” Yuuji sighed as he exited the dorm. He knew the storm was coming, Yuuji already heard the news about Sukuna beating up one of your male friends and as he watched you make your way over to Sukuna, he knew it was best to stay out of the incoming mess.
“- you can’t just beat people up Sukuna, all he did was talk to me”
The tatted, unbothered dorm mate shakes his head. “Everyone knows he’s a fuckboy y/n, it’s not that deep”
“No he’s not Sukuna. And he wasn’t even flirting with me! He was asking about my day because he’s my frie-“
“Aren’t you the one always complaining those college boys annoy you? Shouldn’t you be thanking me?” He asks dryly as he takes a puff of his cigarette tiredly.
“No Sukuna! I won’t thank you for beating up of friend of mine!” You snap.
Sukuna is stunned into silence. Then a crease formed in his eyebrows, why were you getting so defensive? Can you not just have some trust that he did it for a good reason and leave him alone?
But that was the problem. Sukuna himself knew there was no good reason.
Only a bad reason. The reasoning of him wanting to kill any man that looks your way lately. The reason that repressing his romantic feelings for you was starting to consume whatever pieces of sanity he had left.
“Why did you do it?”
Why did he do it? Because he doesn’t know how to process his feelings for you? It confused him, frustrated him and your insistence was only driving him more mad. He needed to be alone and figure it out. Your questions started to sound like a headache.
But he wasn’t the only one going mad. Rage filled your body as you watched your dorm mate ignore you and groan as he rubbed his head instead. It’s almost as if he saw your feelings as irrelevant. If only you knew the real reason.
“Sukuna hello???”
He squeezed his eyes shut trying to cancel out your voice, it’s the last thing he needed right now. God please just stop-
“Sukuna im asking you a question!”
“AND IM ASKING YOU TO SHUT THE FUCK UP!” He roars, throwing his cigarette on the kitchen floor.
Now it was your turn to be stunned into silence.
Silence fell upon the room. All that could be heard is Sukuna heavy panting after his string of vile words. Vile words that he knew weren’t true.
You stare at the man in front of you. You don’t see your loving, manly dorm mate who you have feelings for, just a selfish, violent man. And suddenly you realised you didn’t want to be in a room with such a man.
Before you turned away, you saw the instant guilt in his red eyes as he watched a tear fall from your eyes, but it was too late.
“Save it”
And those were the last words Sukuna heard from you as you left the dorm without a word.
Sukuna slumped back into the chair in defeat at the sound of the door. What has he done?
Rough fingers pulled his dishevelled pink hair in frustration as his mind flashed pictures of your teary eyes.
Sure, he’s made you cry before, whether it was pulling your hair, or eating your food, but never heartbreak. Never that. He was supposed to be your hero, not the villain. He was tired of being the villain. For once he was just supposed someone’s beloved. But now he ruined that too.
He wasn’t going to look for you, he’s done enough damage already. He always knew he wasn’t good enough for you. Today he proved it.
To think all of this could’ve been prevented if only Sukuna understood love.
Tumblr media
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lvnarhees · 3 months ago
take it || l.h.s
Tumblr media
pairing || heeseung x afab!reader
word count || 0.7k
genre || smut. minors do not interact.
warnings || pussy slapping, thigh slapping, squirting, rough sex, dirty talk, unprotected sex, mention of cum/cumming inside. literally just relentless heeseung, use of the words baby and slut
description || maybe you shouldnt have made heeseung jealous
maybe making heeseung jealous wasnt the best way to get fucked(or maybe it was).. because now here you were completely naked, with heeseung between your legs, delivering harsh slaps to your reddening pussy.
"this is supposed to be a punishment but your so wet that youre practicly leaking on the bed. you like when i smack your slutty little pussy dont you?" he asked as he landed another smack to it.
"yes hee" you whined as you squirmed on the bed, trying to keep your legs open so that you wouldnt make the situation worse for yourself... not that you would mind.
"i wasnt gonna fuck you because you definitely dont deserve my cock for what you pulled earlier, but i just cant help myself" he said as he smacked his hard and heavy cock on your swollen clit.
"what was it you said earlier? something about sunghoon fucking you better than i can?" he asked as he placed his leaking tip against your dripping entrance.
when you didnt respond, heeseung landed an even harder smack to your inner thigh. which caused you to cry out and say "yes hee"
"yes what?" he asked as he rubbed the sting away.
"i said that sunghoon can fuck me better than you can" you said quietly
"you know.. i really dont think he could. i dont think sunghoon could get you even half as wet as i can. you know why?" he asked as he slowly started pushing into you
"why" you breathed out, trying to ignore the pain of the stretch.
"because this pussy is mine and only mine." he finished and watched as you sucked his cock in.
your hands found his wrists and squeezed tightly as you tried to breathe through the pain. "too big" you whined out
"im almost in baby, you think you can take a little bit more?" he asked you, stopping his movements to check on you.
you nodded for him to continue and he did, moving a little bit more before bottoming out, his cock completely buried inside you.
"youre always so tight and ready to be fucked and stretched out. i bet youre already thinking about my cum arent you?" he asked you as he pulled his hips back slowly
"yes hee" you moaned out, letting go of his wrists and letting your hands grip the blanket under you instead.
"youre such a slut for me baby, we just started and youre already thinking about me pumping you full of my cum" he said, speeding up his thrusts.
"fuck baby, i wish you could see the way youre stretched around my cock. you always take me so well" he said to you, his words going straight to your pussy, causing you to clench around him. he knew that you loved when he spoke to you like that and used it to his advantage every time.
he fucked you at a steady pace but because of the previous assault on your pussy, it didnt take long for you to reach your orgasm. "thats it baby. cum on my cock"  but he didnt stop or slow down, still chasing his climax. heeseungs stamina never failed to surprise you.
"take it baby. take my cock" he whispered as he pulled out just enough for the tip to just barely be inside you before forcefully slamming his cock back into you. he continued fucking you into the bed and you could feel a new feeling bubbling up inside you as you let out a bunch of nonsensical words and moans.
"just a little more honey, im so close... just a little bit more" he said as he leaned over you, resting his hands near your head. his hips began snapping into you harder than before and you could feel yourself slowly sliding up the bed with every deep thrust into you. "hee its too much.. too big" you cried out as he continued to slide into you, cock violently sliding against your tight walls. "you can take it baby. i know you can.. fuck youre so tight."
"hee i cant.. please.. i can't.. i-" you were cut off by a rushing feeling in your head and before you knew it, you had squirted all over heeseungs lower torso.
"holy shit thats hot... can sunghoon make you do that?" he asked as he lined himself back up with your ruined cunt and slipped in to continue harshly thrusting into your throbbing hole.
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bobaji · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
+ this blog contains dark content.
check out my other content!
Tumblr media
♡ missionary.
♡ xiao is a fan of closeness and altho he is unfamiliar with human intimacy
♡ he can't help but appreciate the feeling of you clinging to him, your body pressed against his
♡ and the sound of you whining in his ear as he makes you cum on his cock
your arms are wrapped around his waist, your face buried in his neck as he works his hips against yours. you let out the sweetest symphony of sounds, moaning and crying his name, babbling about how good his cock feels.
it makes his head spin, listening to you lose your mind from how well he fucks you.
your tits are pressed against his chest and he can't resist wrapping one of his arms around your waist, intent on feeling you close against him as he makes you cum.
it's messy too. it always is. the position allows the tip of his cock to prod your g-spot, making you cream messily all over his cock.
and the way you cling to him and tremble in his arms while you cum nice and hard is breathtaking.
Tumblr media
♡ he likes to have you bent over
♡ sometimes he bends you over any nearby surface
♡ but most of the time he's got your face buried in the bed, a hand fisting your hair to keep you there
♡ while he fucks you until you're squirting and creaming all over him
one hand is fisted in your hair, meanly keeping your face pressed into the pillow. your moans are muffled and the fabric soaks up your tears as you cry.
kazuha' space is brutal and deep, fucking his cock into your gushing cunt without a care for the way you cry and squeal, wiggling your hips when he pressed too deep.
"hey," he snaps, "don't run from it. you're gonna take all of my cock in this pretty cunt, understood?"
the sob that rips from your chest is music to his ears, sends goosebumps erupting all over his skin. before you started dating him, you'd never suspected that sweet, charismatic kazuha would have such a sadistic itch inside him.
one that he took out on your your cunt until you were crying and trembling, fucked completely dumb. just how he likes you.
Tumblr media
♡ loves it when you ride him
♡ he always wears this infuriating little smirk while he's laying back, his arms tucked under his head
♡ he offers no assistance, preferring to simply watch you cry and tremble as you struggle to fuck yourself on his cock
♡ in the end, however, he takes control bc listening to you beg is just too much for him to handle
his bottom lip is trapped between his teeth, his eyes locked on the way your tits bounce with every movement you make. his cock is buried in your cunt, twitching and drooling precum with every spasm and clench of your walls.
you're dangerous, a beautiful minx, stuffing yourself on his cock like man, grinding your hips so you can roll your hard little clit against him. still, your eyes are teary as stare at him, chest heaving as you pant from exertion.
"thoma..." you whine, pausing in your bouncing so press your hands against his chest, "i wanna cum, please, i need to cum."
he gives you a crooked little grin and shrugs his shoulders, "no ones stoppin' you, pretty."
"cant!" you sob, "need you to make me cum, please?"
who is he to deny such a sweet request?
and when he turns you over to pin you against the bed, a few thrusts of his perfect cock has you gushing all over him.
Tumblr media
♡ kaeya is a fan of the mating press
♡ not because he wants to breed you
♡ but because he loves how cute you look when he's got you pinned down
♡ and how you cry for him because the position allows him just a little too deep to be comfortable
♡ and he likes the way you try to run from his cock when he bottoms out
his hands are pressed against the backs of your thighs, keeping your knees pressed to your chest. your mouth hangs open as a flurry of cries and wails escapes your lips from the harsh pace of his hips as he stuffs you full of his fat cock.
"what's the matter?" he coos, condescending, "my cock too much for you? does it hurt?"
"y-yeah," you whine, teary eyes locked on the way his cock stretches your poor little cunt open.
"but it feels good, doesn't it?" he laughs, "just look at the way you cream around me."
your face flushes hot at his filthy words. but he's right. you can see the thick ring of white around the base of his cock. he makes a show of slowly pulling out, grinning as your cunt clenched at the sight of your own messy cunt coating his length.
"nasty girl."
Tumblr media
© bobaji 2021. do not modify or repost.
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hanmas · a month ago
you calling me baby made me 💞💞💞
however, now to the thoughts: whenever i think of hanma i can't help but think about how he loves to tease you to the point where you tear up and your bottom lip starts quivering from how frustrated you are. however, as soon as he gives you what he wants, he can't help but lose himself in the way you feel, the way you taste and sound. pretty boy gets so overwhelmed, he even overstimulates himself because he doesn't want to pull out just yet. definitely mumbles a raspy "what the fuck" every time he thrusts his pretty cock into your perfect cunt because he simply can't process it. that's usually the reason why he ends up pushing you into a mating press, messy hair sticking to his sweaty forehead, cheeks flushed and eyes rolling into the back of his head with each thrust. 🥺
(its lowkey messy but hanma gets me a little too excited despite the fact i barely talk about him)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
☰ CONTENTS ⋮ nsfw and 18+, fem! reader, fingering, edging, dacryphilia, unprotected sex, creampie, overstimulation, mating press, pussy drunk hanma 🫶🏽
Tumblr media
“what? you cummin’ already?” hanma chuckles, just a little too smug in his demeanor as you sniffle up at him, eyes still hazy from your orgasm and thighs quivering from their spot wrapped around his waist. he grins when you whimper as his thumb rubs over your clit, squirming under his touch like you have been for so long. 
and he’s so mean, curling his fingers into your cunt, finding your spot so perfectly, so easily—and just when you feel yourself drawing near your release, just as you’re about to fall off the precipice, he pulls away with a giggle while you stare up at him with wet lashes and quivering lips, utterly devastated. he loves it, loves how desperate you get, loves the way you’re a wet, dripping mess in between your legs—and you haven’t even came yet, loves how you whimper his name and sniffle so pathetically when you sob at him to just let me cum already. 
“baby, haven’t even been fucking you for that long,” he smirks, “my cock just that good? makes you feel that good, huh? just, can’t hold back can you, doll?”
“‘s too much, shuji,” you sniffle, lips pouty and swollen from all the biting and kissing. he chuckles again, leans down and presses a gentle kiss between your brows, gives his hips a small thrust that makes you squeal lightly before you wrap your arms around his neck. 
“i know, baby,” he hums, “but you can go a bit longer for me, can’t ya? haven’t even filled up this pretty ‘lil pussy yet.” he’s already snapping his hips again, groaning against your mouth as he presses his lips onto yours, eyes fluttering closed at how tight you hug him, how perfectly you mold around his cock and take him so well. your walls squeeze around him as his swollen tip kisses your sweet spot, and with a gasp from you and a grunt from him, you’re both panting against each other’s mouths, breath erratic as it comes out in labored huffs. 
“sh-shuji, fuck,” you cry, “feels so good, feels s’good!” you’re sobbing, tears trickling down your cheeks and pooling at your chin, making you look so pretty, he thinks he can cum from the look aline. hanma groans as his hips pick up their pace, steady rhythm turning sloppy as he slams into you desperately. 
“that’s it, baby, that’s right,” he growls, “keep takin’ me like that. jus’ needed me to fuck you real nice ‘n good, huh?” 
hanma can’t stop, can’t even think about slowing down as you suck him in and flutter your walls around his length. it’s warm, feels almost too good, it makes his mind fog and his hips snap until his skin is slapping against yours and there’s a ring of your slick and his pre cum at the base of his cock. his balls slap against your ass, and before he can help it, he has one leg hooking over his shoulder so he can angle himself to thrust even deeper. 
“shit, shuji, ‘m so full,” you mewl, hips rising up and meeting the cant of his own halfway, and if his eyes weren’t squeezed shut, broken moans spilling from his parted lips, he might’ve thrown a cocky little grin in your direction. you sob as his thick vein drags along your walls, as he sinks deeper into you, hitting all the spots that make your eyes shut and the coil in your belly tighten. 
it’s out of nowhere—your orgasm crashes over you before you can even register it’s near. he looks down at you, sees the tears on your cheeks and the broken expression on your face as you whimper, and then his thumb rubs harsher circles against your clit until your thighs are shaking and your back is arching. your mouth parts in a silent scream as you cum, walls spasming around him so tightly, he almost finds it hard to move. 
“fuck—s-stop squeezin’ so tight, baby,” he grunts, “‘m gonna…’m gonna…o-oh shit,” his voice lilts off to a whine as he reaches his own high, cum spilling into your sopping cunt and painting your walls white. you feel his cock twitch with every thick rope of cum, feel his tip slam against your spot perfectly even in his sloppy thrusts and messy kisses as he moans against your mouth. “god—what the fuck,” he whispers against your mouth, unable to process the way his spine jolts with pleasure every time he bullies himself into your slick heat, “fuckin’—what the hell.”
it’s too good to pull away, his cock is aching and spent and it hurts just a little as he fucks you even after he’s finished cumming, but the burn is so good, feels so overwhelming in the best way possible, so addicting he couldn’t pull away even if he tried. 
“need more,” he mumbles, “fuck i can’t get enough of you. such a pretty fuckin’ pussy, jus’ need more,” he grunts as he grabs the back of your other thigh and brings your leg over his shoulder. your knees are pushed higher as he all but folds you in half, cock sinking deeper, fucking you fuller, slamming into you needier. his navel bumps along your clit with each roll of his hips, swollen and sensitive and throbbing, and you slowly feel another orgasm build up, too much yet just not enough. 
and then you make the mistake of peering up at him through wet lashes and hazy eyes, make the mistake of watching right as his eyes roll back while he lets out a choked gasp, make the mistake of taking in his flushed cheeks and messy hair as it clings to his sticky forehead. it makes you contract around him, pushes you that much closer to cumming once more, pulls a hiss out of him as he grits his jaw.
‘shuji, c-can’t,” you whimper, “can’t cum again—”
“oh yeah you can,” he cuts you off with a growl, groaning lowly as he feels his cock twitch, indicating he’s close once more. he looks down, watches in fascination as his cock push past your entrance while he slips in and out, watches the way you suck him in so easily, watches the way his cum spills from your abused cunt. it drives him just a little madder than before. “you’ll keep cummin’ till i say you’ll stop,” he mumbles, “fuck, you feel so good, ‘s good, s’ so fuckin’ good,” he rasps. 
and when you squeal again, scream a broken, “shuji, shuji please,” he can’t help but push your knees higher and slip his cock into you faster, nothing on his mind but filling you up and fucking you full. 
“one more,” he pants, “gimme one more”—and even though you know it’ll never stop at one more, you nod quickly as more tears spill down your cheeks. “that’s a good girl,” he grins, “my good girl.”
Tumblr media
© hanmas do not plagiarize, repost, translate to other sites, or recommend on platforms outside tumblr such as tik tok
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hiraya-rawr · 6 months ago
Cats & Dogs (Gorou brainrot)
about: Kätzlein Reader (from the cat clan like Diona and Sucrose) having a love-hate relationship with General Gorou. Slight Kazuha x reader if you squint. Kazuha having to deal with all your drama. Mean!Gorou bc you're a cat and he cant help it scenarios.
contains: gn reader // this is a crack drabble, the human-animal behaviors mentioned are speculative and not canon to genshin.
note: just played gorou's hangout event and hes such a softie! wrote this since i wanted to explore more on mean!gorou.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Imagine joining the resistance. Your acquaintances are about to introduce you to the general and all of a sudden, your flight and fight instincts as a cat trigger.
"Y/n? Are you okay?" Kazuha asks as you look around warily. You always had good instincts, it was almost animalistic.
"This.. this place seems dangerous." He tilts his head at you confusingly.
"That can't be. This is the central headquarters for the resistance. It's the safest place there is." He reassures you, opening a tent. You approach a small group of troops surrounding a table where blueprints and battle strategies are laid out.
All of a sudden, you smell it.
"Ah! Kazuha, my friend! Is this your-"
"A dog!" You all but hiss, your tail and ears striking upward. Gorou seems to have realized as well, his posture switching to one almost ready to pounce. There's a low growl emitting from him.
"A cat? Kazuha, you dragged in a cat-"
"Is there a problem?" Kazuha asks, his expression calm but there's a ghost of a smirk on his face. This is interesting.
It was then that you realize how rude your reaction must have been. Embarrassment filters its way to your cheeks as a blush. You're dignified people, not animals. Gorou snaps out of it as well, standing back to an upright posture but you notice the stiff raise of his tail.
You cough and he lets out a low ahem, eyes glancing away from you.
"N-no. Of course not. No problem at all. The resistance always welcomes new... comrades." Gorou glances at you, offering a hand out. You slowly reach for it to shake.
"Y-yeah, I'm glad to be here, general." You say, shaking his hand firmly. The soldiers look on awkwardly, unsure of how to react towards this coincidence. People of the dog clan and cat clan aren't common, after all. And to think they'd meet here, in the middle of war, of all places.
Interesting indeed. Kazuha thinks.
Gorou taking advantage of your cat instincts and making fun of you for it.
"Look Y/n, a feather!" The general says, swishing a long feather up and down your face. You glare at him, opting to look away from the tempting display.
As if, you think. I'm not some cat that runs on pure, animalistic instinct. Who does he think he's dealing with?
You notice a bright red light on the grass and pounce on it, eyes turning to slits as you paw at the light. It flickers away and you trace the source back to the snickering general.
"I can't believe you fell for that," he laughs, arms over his stomach as one hand flickers the light again. This time, you know better to ignore it.
"I'm-" An embarrassed blush rises up your cheeks, mouth agape not knowing how to escape the situation, "I'm telling Kazuha! KAZUHA!!" You screech, leaving the dog scrambling after you.
You taking advantage of his own animal instincts and making fun of him for it.
"Pfft. Such a good guard dog for the resistance. Right, Kazuha?" You say tauntingly towards the general after catching him bark away a squirrel in an otherwise empty training ground.
Kazuha sighs, thinking to himself: please leave me out of your lovers quarrel.
Gorou growls at you, eyes narrowing down. "I was just shooing away the squirrels. There's nothing animalistic about it. Right, Kazuha?"
"I never said it was animalistic. I just said you're being a good guard dog." You purr, tail swishing.
If it weren't for Kazuha, Gorou would have pounced on you, barking. (and you'd climb on Kazuha's shoulders, hissing the dog away, if that ever happens)
The entire resistance is aware of your dynamic and as much as they want to laugh, they bite back their cheek and pretend nothing's happening
"KAZUHA!!!" Your screech echoes across the camp. The troops sigh.
"They're going at it again, are they?" One of the men ask, continuing to eat his meal.
"The general released some of the guard dogs. They're supposed to be trained, but..."
"KAZUHA!! Tell your friend Gorou to get these mutts away from me!" Your hiss fills the air and there's another loud sigh, presumably from the anemo user.
You're on one of the watchtowers, hissing down at the pack of guard dogs barking up at you. Kazuha stares at the sight with a deadpan expression.
Gorou walking in your quarters to see you with a bag of... catnip.
"THEY'RE AN ADDICT!" He screams to the camp and you shush him loudly.
Everyone in the camp sighs. They just want to go to sleep. Why was the general in your quarters this late at night anyway?
You know those random screeching dog/cat sounds out in the streets at night? Yeah.
The camp is livelier now. There's an abundance of hissing, meowing, growling, and barking, quickly followed by a mutual "KAZUHA!" coming from the two people.
Smell issues
Both of you gagging whenever there's an obvious stench or a recipe gone wrong in the camp. The troops think the shared quirk is cute, but you both find it bothersome.
"Wet dog smell," You glare at the general.
"I just came from the bath. How is this a bad smell?" He shrugs at you.
Kazuha learning how to handle the two of you.
"How about we go for a walk?" Gorou's ears perk up at Kazuha's suggestion, tail wagging quickly.
You're thankful for your friend dragging away that bully of a dog.
"If you two don't stop, I won't give out treats snacks," Kazuha says threateningly, holding back a bag of goodies. The two of you pout but immediately quieted down.
Same quirks
Gorou being one of the only few people to understand when and how you like to be pet.
The troops have a habit of petting you, something the general manages to escape due to his superior status. It takes a lot of your willpower not to scratch your fellow soldiers away as you know they're just being friendly and you're acting on pure impulse.
Gorou would have to step in sometimes, calling the troops to back off. His own ears twitching in irritation.
Napping in random places
There's a slight issue within the camp when it comes to lazy, sunny days.
You're found taking a nap in the craziest of places, usually under the sunlight. Gorou is the same as well and it's nearly impossible to get you two moving.
bonus: Kazuha pulling you up by the waist only for you to stretch like those really long cats, head and paws still on the floor.
Sitting together next to Gorou. Unknowingly, all the troops are observing how your tails are swishing in unison.
Gorou never uses water against you. It's not that you hate water, but there's a slight discomfort in being wet, perhaps it's a hereditary cat thing.
Napping with Gorou by the window under the sunlight. You didn't intend for it to happen, you just both fell asleep.
bonus slight nsfw: imagine heats! the comedic potential of going into heat istg that would be funny (or spicy, depending on how you see it)
note: why is tumblr such a quiet place compared to other fandom platforms guys talk to me 🥺 and to those that sent me asks, please wait a while since college has been busy!!
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bunnigrrrl · 28 days ago
Hii ! Just came across your work and I think I might have to get back into MHA because your dabi writes are literally making my day 😭 I love love love the corruption undertones in the drabble you wrote about him being with you in your girly room <3 would you ever consider expanding on it? I feel like he’d get rly into it down the line and start indulging you. yk buying you lil stuffed animals, picking out cute slip dresses for you to wear around the house when he comes over :( ahhhh
omg PWEASE >.< i cant handle this praise T^T i havent even watched mha in a minute but i luv the chatacters so much  that my luv for them cant die. I also have to ~get back into it~ but im really flippin happy tht ur enjoying my dabi stuff. gettin this kind of feedback truly makes me happi n so excited !! it makes me want to write even more. tank yew so much nonnie mwah mwah! now to expand on some dabi :)) I hope this lives up to ur expectations!!
Tumblr media
warnings ꒱ corruption + daddy kink
18+ mdni
Tumblr media
𝗗𝗔𝗕𝗜 tries to act like he feels bad for messing with someone as sweet and docile as you, but he would be lying if he said that seeing how innocent his girlfriend is didn't excite him. 
He likes to look through your wardrobe and see your panties with care bears, hearts, and bunnies on them. When he takes one out and holds them up to show you, you blush profusely and snatch them out of his hands.
He just laughs it off to disguise his need to fuck you in them. His mind is that twisted.
Dabi looks through your childhood books and toys and feels disgustingly fuzzy.
He really does like that you cherish such small things from your childhood, and he gets it, even though he never really had one :( Just seeing his gf in her happy place was enough for him.
He especially loves that you have so many stuffed animals on your bed and that they all have names. He likes seeing you ramble about when you got each one and how you came up with the names.
He tries to pay attention, but he zones out because he started thinking about how the last time he came over, he came in your throat while your teddy bear watched :p
He starts to feel a bit bad about his perverted line of thinking, but he’s suddenly snapped back to reality from something you said.
You quietly told him that the newest addition to your stuffy family (which was given to you by Dabi) is now named Touya. Mister Touya to be exact.
Dabi actually freezes.
You hold the black bear with a blue tie that resembled the color of his eyes close to your chest.
You cave in on yourself like you're hiding behind it. Your thin strap from the slip dress he bought you months ago falls down. Your doe eyes stare at Dabi while you take the bear's little tiny paw in your hand and wave at him with it.
He swears to the universe that his heart exploded into tiny little pieces. So innocent, so adorable, so flawless.
My girlfriend is so fucking cute, he thinks. 
You’re just always tempting him. The rainbow panties, the ruffle night dresses, your stuffed animals, it’s too perfect. He’s partially to blame considering he buys you most of them but you look just too precious in them.
That same night, with all your stuffed animals facing the wall (because he’s respectful ), he pounds you into the mattress and your moans are deafening.
"You're so rough—ngh!" you mewl. Your legs are wrapped around his hips to pull him even closer and deeper into you. Your hands are splayed out against his back, but are slipping from sweat.
"I can't help it, princess. Just wanna fuck you every time I'm around you."
His hips move at a shattering pace, deep strokes that make your toes curl and your pussy squelch audibly. 
"Whenever you miss me—miss this cock, I want you to grind that little princess cunt on Mr. Touya, okay?"
Cock drunk and in a daze, you scream yes, not even aware of what he's asking you to do. 
After you both cum, he's still not quite done with you. Your girlish and high-pitched cries are only intensified when Dabi nurses on your nipples and shoves his fingers in your cum filled pussy.
"Not there! 'm gonna go crazy if you keep doin' that!" You plead, slurring your words from the pointed pressure in your gut.
His big tongue roughly grazing your sensitive peak and fingers jerking into your cunny had you drooling over yourself.
He removes his mouth from your tits and speaks to you lowly, "You're so beautiful like this."
His thumb presses on your clit slightly, and your breath instinctively hitches.
"Who knew princesses could be so filthy.” Dabi chuckles aloud as he continues to wriggle his fingers even deeper inside you.
"Who does this pussy belong to?"
You tighten around him. "Y-you"
"Yeah. All fucking mine."
He kisses you smack on the lips with his much bigger tongue licking every soft corner inside your mouth. He separates from you to take a breath, and he rests his forehead against yours
"I love your fingers, daddy. I feel so full. I always want you touchin' me, and I always want you in me."
He stumbles a bit at your confession.
Dabi is truthfully shocked. His lovely girl who has such a hard time using her big girl words is telling him how good she feels. How she's always thinking about him being inside her, holding her, fucking her. 
The same girl who only picks Princess Daisy in MarioKart. The same girl who collects strawberry chapsticks, only uses pink kitchen utensils and cries when she’s teased too much.
He's truly changing you. His innocent girlfriend is blooming into something much darker, and he didn't want it to stop.
If corrupting you meant he'd see you gushing like this, he'd do it every time. 
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nyahoya · 4 months ago
"fuck, feels good"
the words snap you out of your focus to fall on your boyfriends face below you, screwed up and blushed, pretty purple hair laid out messily on his pillow. seeing him like this almost made the ache in your thighs worth it. almost. you could feel the sweat rolling down your back and face as you kept at it, ran's expression mirroring your own; sheen with sweat and brows pinched; concentrated. your hands were anchored on his hips to help with your ministrations, the bounce the mattress provided further helping you fuck your self up and down on "just the tip" like he had practically begged for. you were still sore from a few days ago and this was his best idea of a compromise. "c'mon doll, this way you can control how much you take, yeah?" yeah, whatever. you were tired and your legs were starting to shake but ran always made things sound so sweet, that sly smile and those pretty eyes always had you following along with whatever he wanted.
you couldn't deny how good it felt though. having him fill you up even with just the head was intoxicating for both of you. a ring of white had formed around the crown of him and he couldn't keep his eyes off it, purple pupils moving from your pretty face to the way your tits bounced in your bra down to where you were being split open. perfect. he'd have to talk you into riding more often. right now though he knew you were tired, he hardly ever had you on top having spoiled you into the pretty pillow princess he loved so much. and almost as if your thoughts were synced, you cried out above him.
"raaan", your hair falling forward as you let your head hang, thighs on fire and starting to get sore.
"i know angel, i know," he coos, running a hand up your calf "but you're getting close aren't you? i can feel you tightening up, feels so good around me."
ran's praise always gave you a second wind, your head nodding as you sniffle above him, his hands move to wrap around your ankles, squeezing in encouragement to finish what you started. and just like he knew your tells, you knew his, the ability to read each other's bodies becoming second nature at this point. his bottom lip laid pinned between his teeth and his hips were canting up to meet yours, the pattern of his tattoo rising and falling with each labored breath.
running on fumes with renewed fervor you rise and drop your body around him till you're squeaking in surprise, his thumb coming up to toy with your clit that had been begging for attention. the reaction is immediate as you clench around him, something muddled between praise and profanity reaching your ears. the added simulation has your rhythm faltering as you felt the coil in your tummy about to snap but wait- you didn't wanna cum like this, ran had trained your pussy to cum around his cock not just the tip. before your brain could catch up with your train of thought your hips moved for you, slamming down to take all of him in the process, filling you up perfectly the way only he knows how.
"fuckkkk!" both your heads are thrown back, coming undone electrically as ran's grip moves to your hips to gain leverage, your squeals music to his ears as he fucks his load up into you. your hands slip from where you held yourself as you collapse on top of him, ran now moving your body to pump whatever lasting cum he had stored.
your whole body feels numb as your chests heave against each other trying to catch your breaths, head buzzing with skin hot and sweaty, ran's cum starting to seep out down his balls.
"what happened?" he asks, winded.
"wanted all of it," you tell him between breaths, "needed it."
he laughs at your sincerity, kneeding the flesh of your ass. you whine and try to move away from his hands, "no more ran, im tired". your legs felt like jelly and there was no way you could do all that again. he kisses at your neck before flipping you so you're under him, grabbing your jaw to kiss your pouty lips till you're wrap your arms around his neck.
"i'll do all the work this time," he assures with kisses, dipping his tongue in to taste the inside of your mouth, "as a thank you."
and well... when he puts it like that, how could you say no?
@seraphdreams hehe. hehehehehe :( sweet talker ran :((
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