#and he says ''i dont-- i dont want to be some monster's meal living out a fake life in my head. its not that. its just--''
roughentumble · a year ago
I've had this fic idea for the longest time and your post about illusions reminded me of it, basically it's a total ripoff of djinns in spn showing ppl what they want most, very land of the lotus eaters
Jaskier's stuck in this idyllic illusion where he and Geralt are together and everything's perfect, they travel and fight monsters and Jaskier sings songs but Geralt never gets hurt and Jaskier doesn't sleep around, they're together and in love and it's wonderful
And then Jaskier gets ripped out of it, finds out it was all an illusion and he's devastated bc now he's had what he wants most and thinks he'll never have it again, not really, and it's driving him crazy
Geralt eventually takes him to Yen to see if she can help, thinking maybe there's lingering effects of being trapped in whatever illusion Jaskier was put in, and Yen's prodding trying to figure out what he saw in the illusion, what was so wonderful he nearly wants to be put back into it, and Jaskier finally snaps, "He loved me back!"
ohhhhh shit i dig this!!!
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red--atlas · 2 months ago
Food headcannons Because im procrastinating again :) and i tried doing dialogue, it sucks and i don't think im going to stick with doing this but i just thought about giving it a shot
The Gang
If Dust is eating a sandwich he HAS to have the crust cut off or he won't eat it
"Dust, you're an adult, right?"
"Uhh, yeah?"
"Then why did i just watch you cut off the crust of your sandwich"
"Because its yucky"
"oh my god, I have a 7 year old working for me"
Horror can really eat anything, he has a harder time eating greens plainly so he'll often put the perfect amount of everything into every dish he does and it always turned out great.
"Have i ever told you how much i love your cooking?"
"only.. every.. single day"
"Good, because this is excellent"
"glad to hear"
Cross is known for his love for chocolate but he probably just has a major sweet tooth in general and would rather eat sweets then literally anything else
"Cross, thats your 24th monster candy in a row, eat some real food"
"No, monster candy is good"
"Cross thats not a ask, thats an order"
"Orders denied"
"You- you can't do that-"
Killer can and will eat anything but he would Rather have snacks throughout the day then 3 meals but when he does eat he eats a lot and he eats fast as hell
"Killer, slow down! Thats your third plate in under three minutes"
"Oh- whoops, i mean hey theres enough for all of us so whats the harm"
"the harm is you're always sick afterwards because of how fast and how much you ate"
"pfft, as if old man!"
"Don't say i didn't warn you"
Nightmare may seem like the dad of the gang and he doesn't need to eat to live so he never really paid it any attention but he tried steak for the First time and was amazed how good it tasted
"this is called steak"
"Horror, this is the best thing i have ever tasted ane I want another one, please and thank you"
"heh, alright boss"
Error cannot eat large meals since he couldn't eat while being in the anti-void so he likes to eat the leftovers instead of being there for the actual meal
"iM hErE foRr ThE foOd DoNt mMinD mE"
"Oh, good morning Error- its on the top shelf of the fridge like always, are you staying to eat?"
"yEaH, Im bOreD iN tHe AnTi-vOid"
The Stars
Blue is the cook of the house so he spends the most time in the kitchen but his food is.... edible at least. But it's gotten better with time
"this is better then last time! You're really improving blue!"
"thank you! I think I added to much salt tho"
"yes, yes you did but thats okay"
"the magnificent sans never gives up! Back to the kitchen i go!"
Ink is the most prone to forgetting to eat, so he has a schedule where if hes done painting or working on something he'll grab something small to eat
"wow you're actually eating something"
"yeah, i finished 7 paintings and i needed something to keep me occupied while i think and food is something easy to get"
"oh, well as long as you eat something"
Dream is a big food person, he doesn't like cooking it but he Loves eating it
"ooo what is that?"
"its a Russian dish 'Beef Stroganoff', a friend of mine helped me make it!"
"it looks so good, and probably tastes even better!"
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kooktrash · a year ago
I woluld like to request a mix of these in a fic if you dont mind 20,7,10,11 in oneshot with Jk...thank you...if you do it and even if dont...its fine 🙂 have good day :)
you weren’t lying when you said you wanted a mix 😭. okay so I tried my best and I hope you like it, I kinda was already planning on writing something similar anyway.
In Life and Death
Tumblr media
summary: he spent his childhood locked behind thick cinder locks, shut off from the outside world, you were all he’s ever known and all he will ever know.
warning(s): princess x knight, vampire x human, childhood acquaintances, enemies to lovers, ANGST, childhood trauma, mentions of blood. violence, implied smut.
- His eyes were dark, staring at the large portrait in front of him. You wore a deep green gown, flowers laced through the waves in your hair, nose pointed upward. He hated everything about it.
It was the same look you’d given him as children. The look that meant you were better. Better than he’d ever be, better than any of the other humans amongst the kingdom. He was tempted to draw the silver sword from it’s place on his belt, and ripping through the portrait that sat on top of the mantle. “If you stare any longer, you might think something inappropriate,” your voice was venomous and chilling. You spotted him. Where he stood in the foyer, you found him. Your moves were quick, from the staircase to the lounge chair before his eyes could catch any sight of movement. You were faster than he’d ever be.
“You’ve found me,” he muttered, turning away to leave, “I should leave again then.”
“Relax Jungkook,” you rolled your eyes unbothered, “It amazes me how easily I can get under your skin. I can hear it in the way your heart beats.”
“What did we say about you doing that? Can you just let me be for once?” He argued. “You act like such a child sometimes, I wouldn’t bother you if you didn’t make it so easy for me.”
It was true actually. He made it easy for you, always showing distaste in things you did or said. Ever since you were children.
When his family had moved into the kingdom under the new Human Act of 1992. ‘Humans seeking immunity from the vampiric world may choose to reside within the kingdom walls as servants, guards, spies, and chivalry.’ He was only a little boy. He’d seen the king, your god awful father tear through homes, blood shed everywhere he turned. It was like that for ten years, and when he was born his parents didn’t know how much longer they could hide. So his parents chose to hide in plain sight, under the king’s pointed nose in an attempt for Jungkook to have a safe childhood.
His parents proved their high intelligence early on in their arrival, earring positions as house servant and guard, which meant he was allowed to live at the castle—whereas some of his friends were forced to live in the dirtiest parts of the kingdoms doing the worst jobs known to man—fit for man in a vampire’s eye. Though his position wasn’t the worst, it wasn’t the best. Growing up the humans under their rule were allowed to attend school at the castle, relieving education in the many forms of art and science.
Of course the children of their world always had the upper hand over him—and you were one of them. Especially when it came to the physical training your professor’s would put you through. Being one of the few residents of the castle, he was always the human paired with princess Y/n. It was an embarrassment to him. The way you’d calculate his moves by the goosebumps on his skin or the rate of his heart beat. You were always five steps ahead of him, kicking his feet out from under him, pressing your sword into his chest, taunting smile to prove you were better yet again.
But it wasn’t you who’d cause the bruises and scratches adoring his body growing up. You wouldn’t put your hands on him outside of physical training, or taunt him for his bloodline, treating him like a meal lesser than. It was your companies. The sons and daughter of the most noble families under your father’s rule. Kim Namjoon, the meanest of them all would torment Jungkook day and night. His crush on you had always been evident, and the thought that some low human like Jungkook lived in your home was enough to make child Namjoon boil.
And it wasn’t that you never defended him. On the contrary you always liked Jungkook’s hunger to strive in the worst environments, but he didn’t care for your help. Because even if it was only because of you that Jung Hoseok, the son of the general, never sank his fangs into Jungkook’s neck draining him of all life—he hated you. He hated your need to save him. Like you thought he was incompetent and stupid, which he wasn’t.
So you were a little petty because of it. Where you wanted to be friend a growing up, he wanted nothing to do with you. You couldn’t understand why. You never mistreated him, or did horrible things. On occasion you’d taunt him for not being able to climb the tallest tree when you were seven, or having to sleep through the three-night blood moon festival. But now you couldn’t care less about him liking you. Because whether he liked it or not, your family was ruling over his, and it would always be that way. You’d always have the clearer skin and riches whereas he’d stay locked in his bedroom until you commanded otherwise.
- Today you sat in your father’s bedroom. You were surprised when you saw a guard lead Jungkook in. He was dressed in his knight attire, not looking down at you as he stood in the back waiting for your father to speak.
Your father would never openly admit it, but he cared for Jungkook. You could always tell by the way he’d supply him with everything he needed, he wouldn’t do that for every human. You understood why. It wasn’t a secret that your parents wanted a son, someone to rule the kingdom once he was unable to. And there were only a handful of children in the castle other than you, and your cousin Jimin, the other three were human.
Jimin never managed to impress his uncle, never being the bravest and boldest in physical training. Or the smartest and most hardworking. He basked in the treasures your families had, choosing luxuries over everything else. So Jungkook was the next best thing. Despite being human, Jungkook never stepped down from combat or exams. He showed his pure will, holding his own like Jimin could never do. So instead of praising Jimin, your father carried his praises to Jungkook.
“As you both know, after the journey to Deagu, I’ve become terribly ill,” he had started, “I can feel myself growing weak from whatever position those bastards shoved into my heart.”
“And Y/n, you are coming to the age of marriage. Your mother and I had discussed your debut into high society, but with that came the risk of a stranger ruling the kingdom—turning everything I built into nothingness. And though I do not wish to expand our territories, I wish for someone to take my place as the ruler. But, you are a woman and not fit to reign.”
Your stare hardened, listening to your father’s rant, knowing deep within what he’d be getting at. “Jungkook, you’ve proven yourself over the years to be reliable and intelligent despite being human. Your knighthood brought honor to your parents, and me. But I wish more from you.”
“So I have decided, that on the first night of spring, you two will come together in matrimony, and Y/n you will turn Jungkook for the sake of the kingdom. My days are limited, not once in my five hundred years of life did I imagine I’d have to marry my daughter off to a mortal—but that is something that could be changed, and you will change it.” Your father said.
Jungkook could feel every bone in his body ache to run away, his fear becoming true at the words the king spoke. The thought of being like you against his will, a monster hidden in the night, no heartbeat to love or feel.
For once, as the two of you were dismissed into the hall, had you been left dumbfounded. He expected you to taunt him, laugh in his face that you of all people would turn him into his own nightmare, but you said nothing. Maybe it was your reading of his unsteady heartbeat, or your own worries, but it was quiet as the two of you walked along the narrow corridor.
“It is the first time I have found you wordless,” he began, “I should be dancing with joy at the silence but instead I wonder why. Maybe this is a form of karma for your never ending teasing growing up.”
“Karma? I have done nothing but treat you nicely, yet I am the one being punished, I cannot marry yo—a human,” you mumbled, stepping quicker, “My life will be ruined.”
“Your life?” He scoffed following you into your study, “Last time I checked princess, you aren’t the one going to be killed on their wedding day by some—monster.”
“Oh god Jungkook,” you groaned, “Aren’t you tired of the same insult every time? I get it, you think I am a monster, and I think you are nothing but a pathetic mortal who thinks his mediocre combat skill is enough to survive against my hands. We cannot help what we are, so if you plan on showing your distaste in this all, use a different excuse. I am the one who should be seeking pity.”
“That’s all you ever do,” he said strongly, “Because you are a spoiled little girl. You have everything someone like you could ever dream of, yet you complain of having to marry me?”
“That is because I do not love you!”
“I didn’t even know you were capable of feeling such intense emotion of the heart when you lack one—“ your hand hit across his cheek. It was much more painful than he could ever imagine. The blood dripping down his face, horror running through his mind as puddles fell to the floor. He wasn’t scared of the thought of blood in a vampire’s home. He was angered by your lack of consideration in him and his wants and needs.
“Do you see the dark and rich liquid dripping down?” You asked stepping closer to him, “It is a sign of your weakness in my world. And as of now you are still nothing but a little human boy, and you will always be that deep down. So I would watch what you say to me until our wedding day, because I will not hesitate the next time you speak to me like that.”
“Now,” your cold hands touched his suit, straightening his shoulders, “Clean up your mess before I send one of those ravenous prisoners waiting for a taste of human blood again after you.”
- He hated you, with every ounce in his beating heart. He hated that he couldn’t do anything to hurt you. To taunt you. To make you feel less than. To make you understand that he was the one that everyone should have pity for. Because nothing in your life would change other than your marital status. Everything in his would.
He’d be torn to pieces into this emotionless monster like you. One with lack of emotion and compassion. He’d be forced to rule over land that was taken from people like him. And he’d never be treated as an equal despite his status. Despite his status as future king, he’d always be seen as a little human boy wearing shoes too big for him to fill. And he’d be a traitor to his kind, reigning over them with a fear that he’d never be able to get them out from under the vampire’s reign.
He was at his window, pacing back and forth, stake in hand as he dragged it along the brick enclosing him in his tiny space. After the death of his parents he was never able to call this place home again. It was empty, the plaque hanging in the tiny kitchen, with his father’s time of death and reward for serving in the human division of their army. His mother growing ill from broken heart, dying in her sleep in the bed he’d long thrown out due to night terrors.
“Have you heard?” It was distant, the voice of one of the vampire guards speaking from outside. “Princess Y/n is to marry that human knight, Jungkook.”
“Careful, he might hear,” the other guard spoke up. The guard scoffed, “And what of it? He should feel thrilled at the privilege he would be receiving. But from what I heard, Lord Taehyung is throwing a fit on his estate at the news.”
“It’s already traveled?” “Yes, and word is, Taehyung and Y/n had been promised to each other at birth, but now that the king is on wasted time, he has made a change of plans.”
- “To think, you had a real reason to be upset!” He stormed into her room after her fitting the next morning, “It’s not because I am human is it? It’s because I am not Lord Kim.” Your hand covered his mouth tightly, pulling him away from the door, “Be quiet, what on earth are you talking about?”
“You wish it were Taehyung instead,” he huffed, “And because it’s not you took your anger out on me.”
“I took my anger out on you because you caused it,” you answered simply, “Now get out. There has been too much talk on the wedding as it is and I do not want to hear more from you.”
- Throughout the years, his body had grown used to the night life. Instead of feeling tired he felt wide awake by reality. The ceremonial bells had begun as he waited at the end of the isle. He had no time to Tun, nowhere to go without being found. And they you were dressed in a traditional wedding gown of the kingdom, hair twisted into waves with red petals laced throughout. He knew you could hear the unsteady beating of his heart, everyone could, but he tried to hide face.
The king sat in his throne next to the queen, the ceremony ready to start as you arrived in front of him. Neither one of you smiled, looking each other directly in the eye, or leaned closer. This was the end of his human life, and he couldn’t even enjoy it.
How was one supposed to enjoy something as beautiful as death when he wasn’t even promised that in the end?
He could barely hear the minister over his own rapid heartbeat, the blood rushing to his face was evident as well and it made the words leaving his lips sound strained, “I, Jeon Jungkook, Knight of Ilchimony, human from Seoul, take you, Princess Y/n L/n, to be my wife, to have and to hold from this day forward; for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in life and death. To spend the rest of eternity with you.”
“Princess, do you accept?” “I do.”
Jeon Jungkook was not the first human to be married into vampiric nobility, nor would he be the last. And it involved a sacrificial ceremony of the mortal to give themselves completely to their lifeless partner. Though everyone in the castle was currently celebrating the wedding, Jungkook was in the fitting room getting dress in white. You were off somewhere else, neither of you had spoken to the other since your vows. Neither had had contact since then, not even a kiss for marriage, instead both being presented with a cross on the forehead of the king’s black blood.
You presented in front of the audience, dress in a silk red dress, hands shaking as you could hear Jungkook’s heart beat fast from a room over. Your mother presented the white cloth that had been giving to her by her grandmother. You were standing on a blank sheet, there to protect the marble floors from Jungkook’s soon to be mess. He came out, cheers echoing off the white walls of the banquet, he looked you in the eye and you could see the way they glistened in fear. You looked to your father who nodded his head waiting patiently for the turning ceremony to begin.
“Here in front of you all tonight, is Princess Y/n, ready to begin the taking of this human’s life as he promise eternity to her.” The minister went on. Jungkook held his head high, not wanting anyone to see the fear in his eyes but everyone heard his unsteady breaths of fear. You took a step forward, Jungkook kneeled down below you, stretching his neck to you. This was all new to you too.
Of course you weren’t a stranger to the taste of human blood, it was your only need to survival. But as a woman raised in the high society of this world, you’d never felt the feeling in your pointed teeth tearing through human skin. It was seen as filthy and unladylike for a woman of your status to hunt for her own food—always being served to you in silver goblets.
You filled your head with visions of when you were children, and your envy for Jungkook and his ability to grow old and die. You would never feel the sweet release in that way. You’ll never value life in that sense, time in that sense. Because unless a vampire was killed or poisoned, they could live on forever. And you were coming close to the age where your body would no longer grow older, forever being stuck at the same age. And through your visions of another life you sank your teeth into Jungkook, feeling the life leave his body with every sharp breath he took, body slowly collapsing as if it was unaware of the spectators and music playing in celebration.
“Prince Jeon Jungkook will be in a deep sleep for two days and two nights, before he is born again as the next ruler of our kingdom!” The king shouted, smiling proudly as you stared down at Jungkook, never finding him this still and quiet.
Tumblr media
Never in his 23 years of life had he been filled with such void that he was during his slumber. Waking up with silence and loudness filling his ears like they’d never before. The feeling of nothing running through his body, or the coldness of his once warm hands.
And it was something not even you’d be able to understand, where you were born with this nightmare he had been given it on his wedding day. He had no one to confide in over the sudden dryness in his mouth.
“You are awake,” your voice was the first thing he heard as you stepped into the foreign bedroom. It wasn’t his home, and this wasn’t the clothes he’d been given. You sat on the edge of his bed, a rich sweetness filling his nose. He looked down at the golden goblet in your hands, mouth watering. “Whatever that is, get it away from me.”
“You need it,” you told him, he was much stronger than you were at the moment. Your venom running through his veins, but mentally he was weaker and maybe he’d always been. “My body is no longer mine to own so I will let it rot as my final flee of ownership.”
“Not once did I imagine a man would say his body wasn’t his to own,” you brought the goblet closer to his lips, hand running through his hair to try and calm him. He no longer had the beating heart you relied on before to know how he felt, but his shakiness let you know.
“Do you want to know why nobles are not allowed to hunt?” You asked, watching as he fought against the burn to taste the liquid, “Because turning someone involved a sacred bond. And if nobles were to turn just anyone, they’d been as scum. So it is saved for special cases like matrimony or childbirth. And whether you like it or not, we are now bonded together.”
“I am not drinking human blood,” he spoke through gritted teeth. You sighed, setting it down on the nightstand next to him. You felt a bit of embarrassment as another thought occurred. You strained your neck, pulling your hair to the opposite leaving an open invitation for him. Something inside him erupted, seeing you in such a vulnerable state to him, all thoughts of the true horrors of this world leaving as he began to water at the mouth.
“You are in luck that I am not human,” you mumbled, “This is supposed to be a very sacred act between lovers, but as we are lovers in the eyes of the kingdom, I will let you have a taste.”
The body he had been unable to move minutes ago was sitting up on It’s own. Color coming back to his face as he went through the pros and cons. Something inside him had grown hungry for you, for your taste and you were letting yourself be devoured.
He hated every ounce of you since your were children. Your rapid growth over his. Your lack of need for sleep or human food. Your body never growing wary after physical training. Your soft voice that he would hear in his sleep, accepting him for who he is. Your constant need to protect him over others. He had hated it all for a long time.
But he could not lie that his hatred has simmered into their adult life. He was annoyed by you but he was never able to say he hated you again. Instead he’d find himself fighting for your approval, putting himself in situations he knew you’d react to, taking part in your little games.
And maybe it was the venom coursing through him that gave him the courage to admit this, or maybe he had always believed it deep down. But he was in love with you, every monstrous part of you he wanted as his own.
But he couldn’t find it in him to blame your venom. Because he had the feelings king before he was turned but shoved them deep down, disguising it as anger for you when in reality it was anger in himself for loving you without it being reciprocated.
And he was alongside you as children as the kingdom’s elders told stories about vampires falling in love with humans, soulmates from another world stuck here together in life forms made to be enemies. So he couldn’t rule out the possibility that it wasn’t your intoxicating venom that made him hungry for you.
So he caved into his need for you, unbeknownst of his new strength, dragging you to him as he sank his teeth into your neck, letting your sweet taste fill him warmly.
You gasped at the roughness of his grasp, falling into him. “I love you,” he muttered in between breaths.
“No you don’t, it’s my venom talking,” you winced as he pulled off, wiping at his lips, the feeling of fullness finally filling him.
“And you love me,” he said breathless, “And that is how it has always been between us but it was never spoken into reality. And maybe it is your venom that is finally pushing my feelings to the surface but I can no longer deny my need to have you as mine.”
“You hate me.”
“Because I loved you,” he reassured.
“I hate you.”
“But you love me too.”
A/n. Listen I wanted this to not be EXACTLY smut, bc I wasn’t sure if you’d feel comfortable with it. It was hard mixing all these prompts but I hope I did it justice enough. 😭I left the ending as is in case you wanted to request a Drabble filled with angst or smut or whatever. Love ya bestie and don’t be shy to request more ✨
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frankie-undead-dame · a year ago
This is my attempt at the Fluff ABCs for Frankie the Undead. Please be gentle with criticism because I cry easily. I’ve taken some ideas from @lovestruck-lasagna.
Taglist: @writingfromthetomb @beebubb
A = Admiration (what do they absolutely adore about you?)
Your dry sense of humor. It perfectly matches his insults and he doesn’t have to go out of his way to make you laugh. He just says what he’s thinking and you laugh and agree.
B = Body (what is their favorite part of your body?)
Frankie appreciates a good smile, and for many reasons. He learned to read smiles (fake vs real) early on and uses it to gauge people, so he pays particular attention by default. He’s a sucker for cute dimples, and loves the way your nose scrunches and your eyes close.
C = Cuddling (how do they like to cuddle?)
He loves late at night when you share the couch and he can read a good book, sip on some whiskey, or puff on a cigar. He really doesn’t care what you’re doing, he can tune out the TV or you prattling on about your day and make comments to show he’s listening. Put your feet in his lap, lay on top of him, make yourselves mummies in blankets, so long as he can reach his glass he doesn’t care. He just wants to be with you.
D = Dates (what does their ideal date with you look like?)
Stay in date nights are his favorite. He doesn’t really like to “share” your attention. He likes to either cook a meal together or order takeout and watch a movie. Particularly black and white gangster ones, or older horror films. Likes to tease you if you get scared and grab onto him. He’ll pat your head and say something like “oh there there, don’t be scared! I won’t let the big, bad monster getcha!” (Like your neighbor isn’t a 7 ft tall children murdering clown demon) If you go out, he prefers less crowded places outdoors.
E = Emotions (how do they express emotion around you?)
He’s a spitfire and he knows it. He tends to explode and then after a few minutes apologizes gruffly and explains himself. “WHY WERE YA OUT UNTIL MIDNIGHT, THATS SUCH A STUPID THING TO DO!” “Sorry, Frankie.” “…… ugh just, please get home earlier from now on. It’s dangerous and I worry about you.” Definitely doesn’t hug you close so you don’t see the relief and worry on his face. Nope!
F = Family (do they want one? If they do, when?)
He misses Amy desperately. He wants a little girl in his life again, although he’ll never ever admit it. He’s hesitant to make relationships because he doesn’t want to be hurt again. But, if you go out with him to the living world, you’ll catch him staring longingly at parents and daughters when he thinks you’re not looking. If you ask him what he’s looking at, he’ll shake his head and spit out a line about children being obnoxious but you can tell he’s blowing smoke.
G = Gifts (how do they feel about gift giving? What are their habits when it comes to this?)
If the underworld wasn’t so dangerous, he’d love to drape you in the finest silks with diamonds and rubies dripping off of you. However he doesn’t want you to draw any unnecessary attention to yourself. So, he settles for things you don’t really see in public. He also doesn’t like to be found out about it. Your gas tank is filled, the bill you were worried about has mysteriously been paid, your favorite ice cream is in your freezer when you know you ate the last of it yesterday, and hey, didn’t you spend this $20? Why is it in your wallet? If you ever bring it up he’ll just shrug and say “How strange!”
H = Holding Hands (when/how do they like to hold hands?)
He’s torn about PDA because he doesn’t want you to become a target because you’re associated with him, and people stare at him enough because of his appearance. But on the other hand, he wants to show the world that someone as worthless as him (don’t say that we love you Frankie) has such an amazing person that loves him. Will absolutely grab you and passionately make out with you with one hand on your ass and the other flipping the bird to the cheeky bastard that told the broad beside him to watch out for the zombie.
I = Injury (how would they act if you got hurt?)
Panic. Sheer panic. He’s so afraid to lose you, any injury is serious and cause for alarm.
Frankie:*bursting into a hospital lobby, screaming to be taken to f/n l/n immediately**running in the opposite direction the nurse pointed in panic**bursts into exam room 30 seconds later* “Y/N!!!!! I came as soon as I got the message, WHATS WRONG!!!”
You: *sitting on the table, reading phone* “Oh, I have a sprained ankle and they don’t want me to drive so can you give me a ride?”
Frankie:*slowly blinking* “Uh, yeah no problem…”
You: “lemme guess, you heard my name and hospital in the same sentence and ignored everything else.”
Frankie:*hanging his head* “go wait in the car, I’ll go apologize….”
J = Jokes (do they like to joke around with or prank you? how?)
Not actual jokes, but he loves to sit with you and insult people. He’s an incredibly sweet person to you, but no one else. (Except service people, like nurses and waitresses. Just the general public) he doesn’t think pranks are funny or practical, which is one of the many reasons he and LJ butt heads. If LJ or Will prank you or him, he’s raising hell.
K = Kisses (how do they like to kiss you?)
Love kissing your lips. He’s actually really self conscious about his mouth stitches and constantly frets they feel weird to you. Neck kisses are another favorite and are extremely private to him. He also likes to hold the back of your hand against his lips and tell you what he’s thinking, no matter how mundane. Kiss his stitches. Please. Just do it.
L = Love (how do they show you they love you?)
He has trouble saying it to your face. He’ll whisper it to you when he thinks you’re sleeping, and he’s been known to leave little notes around for you to find. He thinks protecting you is the best way to show he cares.
M = Memory (favorite memory together?)
The day you finally broke down and told him you loved him. He knew as soon as he looked into your eyes and saw your smile his goose was cooked. He was very abrasive and hoping against hope that you’d leave him be. He knew you deserved better. He was so afraid to build a relationship and love again, he wanted to distance himself and if he was an asshole to you, it would be justified and you’d do it on your own. What he didn’t expect is for you to be so kind to him. Upon your initial meeting, he had been a little harsh, but helped you (if there’s enough interest I’ll do a fic about it) and so when he subsequently was a jerk to you, you were curious and determined to find out what he was hiding. He finally had been mean enough to make you cry. He had never regretted something he did before. He immediately wanted to cradle you to him and beg your forgiveness. Normally when he insulted you, you’d have a snarky retort in reply. But not this time. You fell to your knees and clung to his legs and demanded to know why he treated you so poorly and proclaimed your love for him. It was probably by accident and you were so distraught you didn’t even know it flew from your mouth, but hearing it, he couldn’t take it anymore. He didn’t care about the consequences, he just wanted you. Hearing that you loved someone like him made him so happy, he knew he’d treasure the memory forever
N = Nightmare (what is their worst fear?)
Losing you. Period.
O = Oddity (what is one quirk they have?)
What ISNT odd about this man?! A cute one is he always winks with his green eye.
P = Pet Names (what do they like to call you?)
I HC that he was born in the 30’s, so he calls you “doll” a lot but only in private. He uses your name otherwise so it’s not as obvious to people watching you’re together. He will absolutely refer to you as “the dame” to others. The equivalent of “the boss” or “old lady.” “William! The Dame is trying to take a nap, so shut up or I’ll shoot you!” You call him stitches to tease him in private and are the only person allowed to do so.
Q = Quality Time (how do they like to spend time with you?) Either taking naps or couch potato time. Also, low key likes to cook with you. He can’t cook for shit, but likes to “help” by handing you things or chopping things for you. Is a super good taste tester, self appointed.
R = Rhythm (what song reminds you of them?)
Stitches by Shawn Mendez (PLEASE DONT HURT ME!!)
We don’t have to Dance by Andy Black (referring to how he can’t really show you affection in public but he loves you)
S = Secrets (how open are they with you?)
He’s open about himself and what he’s thinking, and will always take what you say into consideration. He doesn’t like to keep things from you, but he does omit some detail about his jobs if you ask about them. He just feels like you don’t need to be stressed about it.
T = Time (how long did it take you to get together?)
LJ picked up on Frankie’s fondness of you almost instantly. He and Will decided to do what they could to get you together in the interest of making Frankie less of a grouch. If it hadn’t been for them insisting that he was good guy to you, you probably WOULD have let Frankie’s prickly nature drive you away. It took a year or so for you to break down.
U = Upset (how do they act when you’re upset?) A powder keg of insults, foul language, and bullets. Has actually never called you a name outright, and would absolutely never physically hurt you. When he was deliberately being rude to you, he’d insult your actions rather than you. “Stop acting like a dumb broad!” Vs calling you a bitch to your face. He usually calms down quickly, and is hardly ever angry at you, only when you put yourself in danger.
V = Vaunt (what are they proud of? Do they like to show you off?)
He likes that he’s scary and tough looking so that when you’re with him, other men scatter pretty fast. Has had many occasions where he stepped away and someone came to flirt with you and he came back and had the pleasure of scaring them.
W = Warrior (how do they feel about you fighting? Would they fight for you, beside you, etc?)
You are not allowed to do anything dangerous, ever! Will teach you how to use a gun and how to counter things like chokeholds, so you’re less vulnerable. Will absolutely lose his mind if he learns you’ve put yourself at risk. He will shoot someone so fast for you. Takes every person as a threat to you and will pick fights with somebody that accidentally bumped into you. Do NOT test this man.
X = X-Ray (how well are they able to read you?)
You are an open book to him. He’s learned to read people well, and he takes his time studying you. Can tell if you’re getting sick before you can. More than once he’s handed you a bottle of Tylenol, leaving you bewildered, and shrugged and said to take them because you’ll have a headache in a few minutes. He can pick up on your emotions easily and has learned what to do to handle them.
Y = Yes (how would they propose to you?)
Honestly, marriage isn’t that important to him. He’s not opposed to the idea at all, but like you’ve been together for this long, you love each other, is it really necessary? You’d have to tell him you want to be officially married. He’ll buy you a ring, to show that you’re taken, if nothing else, but he’ll wear his around his neck under his tie so it’s not obvious he’s attached to anyone to discourage his rivals using you to get to him.
Z = Zen (what makes them feel calm?)
The smell of your perfume. Holding you in his arms and taking deep breaths makes all of his troubles go away.
Tumblr media
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capri-ramblings · a year ago
Can I request headcanons for yandere Riddle,Vil and Kalim with a witch princess s/o that was engaged to them like shes trying to escape them only to fall in love with them while in 'time out?'(isolation) and she becomes more loving toward them afterwards? you dont have to do this if you dont want to I've just had this scenario in my head for a while
I'm sorry this took very long to complete,poisy 💖 the idea was a heavy one to do but I loved doing it!
Please Refer to Pinned Post!
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts
- "You thought you could step a single foot out of my grounds and I wouldn't notice?"
- The collar clamped around your neck weighed heavily on your shoulders and despite the fumes of defiance running through your veins, your knees buckled and you fell.
- Right at the feet of a red tyrant.
- "What a silly,rabbit."
- Riddle looked down at you with a mixture of anger and pity. The way the two emotions in his eyes spiraled against one another made you recoil with fear.
- You knew better than to have tried your luck at escaping his grasp, but the opportunity seemed rare and oh so tempting.
- And you were never the obedient type
- Not even when your parents demanded you to marry Riddle.
- Your magic affinity and his would lead to a string of perfectly bred mages after all. You couldn't say you didn't understand their enthusiasm and desperation.
- But Riddle was suffocating. Every little detail meant something to him and if you thought your governess was strict, he's proven you wrong.
- Maybe as an outsider you would've seen him as appealing. He was good looking after all, prettier than most of the girls you've ever seen in the village really, and he had his wits about him along with that snobbish intelligence.
- The colour of his hair was unique. Red like roses and eyes as grey as a silver bullet. Sharp as one too, and like a rose,he of course had his thorns.
- You wouldn't know it until you came to hold the bouquet in your hands. The way the thinness of it seeped into your flesh and only ever drew blood once it was pulled out. One wouldn't realize the stinging pain until they had it all over their bodies.
- You couldn't stand him.
- "Look at me when I'm talking" Riddle jerked your chin up roughly, the sweetness of his floral scent wafting through your senses.
- "Why? Are you expecting eyes to have ears now?"
- He scowled at that. Brows knitted furiously together as his eyes narrowed and his grip tightened.
- Snarky. Riddle wouldn't admit it but that fiery spark of yours set not only his temper but his entire being on fire. He didn't know if it was from the desire to tame you into obedience or that if he adores that fighting spirit of yours.
- You weren't the type to let others drive you around your own life, and maybe Riddle preferred that over a meek,young wife.
- Still,you attempted to run away from him and now you're being sharp tongued.
- Of course he was livid. Anger practically fumed out of him then, but surprisingly enough he kept it on a rather strained hold. Was it because he knew you'd try and run from your engagement to him? Or did he started having a soft spot for you? Who knows.
- It only made sense to him that he kept you alive. Your punishment would be in the dungeons.
- You objected. Obviously. Did he think you were some kind of animal?
- Ah,but then he leaned down to your ears and cooed ever so softly that if you refused this punishment,the next one would be at the cost of your family's life.
- That did well to shut you up.
- The isolation was what surprised you. You thought Riddle would've at least sent down people to break you if he didn't do it himself, but instead you were shoved into the dark cells. Food came by everyday,three meals each. You were given a bed and a small closed corner to clean yourself.
- And that was it.
- Riddle never once went down to check on you,no one did really and you began to wonder whether it was because he had his hold on you and that it made him confident you wouldn't try to run again or people had simply forgotten you.
- You didn't care for long though. You didn't need anyone checking in on you, especially not Riddle himself.
- Or so you thought.
- The silent walls of your prison began to sound like static and half the time you swore you'd hear whispers. Your appetite slowly declined as well and sleeping became a reluctance.
- The guard who watched over you said nothing when you asked him if Riddle planned to keep you here forever or if he was going to show up at all.
- As if his lips had been sewn shut.
- It was maddening really,to hear yet not be heard. As if you existed only in your own mind.
- One time you almost wanted to slam your head against the concrete, anything to keep that damned static sound out from your head.
- But then, the door of your confinement rattled opened and Riddle stood in the doorway.
- You had never ran towards someone as quick you did then and even Riddle barely caught you in his arms, as he was forced back by your embrace and almost stumbled on his own feet.
- He felt so real. So very vivid your skin almost felt like burning from the warmth he had.
- "Please...Please... Please...Take me with you.!" You cried, vision blurred by the sudden tears welling up in your eyes. Your hands fumbled to grip on him. Thoughts puddled.
- Riddle bit back the smile on his lips, wrapping his arms around your shivering body as he pulled you closer to him.
- How pathetic.
- You looked like you'd been deserted on an island. Had isolation really tamed that wild spirit of yours?
- Riddle wanted to laugh, to sneer in your face and ask you why a method to break dogs worked on you.
- But then again, it was adorable as well. Seeing how you clung to him so desperately.
- Riddle always did wanted you to submit to him after all.
- "Hm? Take you where?" He asked,voice slick and cruel like a whip, but his hands were gentle and endearing when it came up to caress your cheek, and his natural floral scent sent shivers down your spine.
- "Home." You pleaded, "Please take me home with you. I promise I'll never leave your side again,Riddle. Please."
- His lips curled into a smile then.
- "Of course,my lovebug."
Tumblr media
Kalim Al-Asim
- The poor boy is heartbroken.
- How could you have thought to run away from him? Was he not treating you well enough? Did he made you angry? Upset even?
- The questions swirling in his head makes him want to vomit.
- Kalim is quick to have every one of his servants search for you, and with the aid of Jamil, he does it fairly well, finding out your runaway path and dragging you back into his arms within mere hours.
- He doesn't seem angry though, and the way he wraps his arms around your trembling body tells you that he's more grief-stricken rather than angered but there's this hazy look in his eyes that causes an unsettling churn in your stomach.
- When you try to pull him away, to let your defiance spark it's colours, Kalim's grip on you tightens and the painful sensation of his nails digging into your skin makes you cry out.
- He doesn't apologizes, instead he buries his head into your chest.
- "Why did you run?" He asks, voice cracked and dejected as he lifts his gaze to meet yours.
- "Why are you always running?"
- You want to tell him, but the way Kalim stares at you with such a yearning blandness then causes you to flinch, rendering you speechless as you stare up at him.
- He lets out a laugh then, a sound that sends chills down your spine.
- "You look so scared...I wonder why?"
- You wince when Kalim raises one had to tap on your cheek gently,the pad of his thumb cold once it settled on the top half of your lips.
- "It's like you're looking at a monster."
- You were, weren't you? Isn't that why you decided to run away? It has to be.
- Your escape and almost succeeding in it causes a wire to snap in Kalim's mind. The last shred of sanity he held doused in a fire that sets his delusions aflame.
- You've finally brought out the worst in him, and even then he still loves you. Still wishes to keep you in his arms. You should be grateful because if he had grown stale towards you, Kalim would've had you beheaded.
- He still punishes you though, that's a given since you made him worry and caused such a fuss in his home, it was only right for you to amend for your wrong doings.
- The fact that Kalim himself dragged you to the dungeons was something you thought you'd never see, and though he held you by your wrists rather than your hair, this was definitely not the Kalim you knew.
- "It's going to be cold here at nights and there aren't any servants near by but I'll make sure someone comes down to feed you and bring you some clean clothes while you're here." He says this so casually, as if throwing your would be wife in a dungeon deep beneath his family's palace was a normal occurrence.
- But you didn't dare talk back to him. A part of you felt that if you did, a fate worst than this would be your only option.
- So, you stood there, stiff and uncertain as Kalim watched you, head tilted to the side before he extended his hand to run his fingers through your hair.
- "You're so pretty. I hope this helps you to love me...I wouldn't want to hurt you, after all."
- Kalim locked the doors to your cage, the sound of the keys turning in its lock so hollow it almost seemed unreal. Detached from reality.
- "Rest well,okay?"
- That was the last time you saw Kalim, and perhaps you were exaggerating it, but it's been almost two months since you've seen or heard from anyone at all with the exception of the servants who come to give you your meals and spare clothing. And even they don't talk to you, acting as if you were some sort of taboo subject to even spare a glance to.
- The lack of social attention and connection was as infuriating as it was depressing.
- You were never much a socialite to begin with, but you enjoyed a fair share of conversations from time to time. It was only normal,of course. What living creature could live without the presence of others anyway?
- It came to a single point where you actually started yearning for Kalim's bright smile, the way he seems to always want to dote and pamper you
- Though it's true that you never indulged him in it when he was openly offering them to you, now it was a whole other story.
- It was so lonely,cooped up in this dungeon where not even light came through. Food started tasting bland and hard like cardboard and your clothes felt suffocating.
- If only Kalim would come by and visit you....
- The way you sprung up on your feet when Kalim did come visit, had you almost seem like an eager puppy wagging its tail at the sight of its owner's return.
- Kalim seemed pleased to see you too, the bland look in his eyes gone and instead filled with the exact warmth you've craved for months.
- It was almost laughable, really. How easily you came to succumb to your weakness.
- "Sunshine! I've missed you a lot!" Once he came near to the bars of the dungeons, you mustered all your strength to grab at him from inside, your eyes filled with tears and body trembling.
- "I missed you too, Kalim! I'm sorry for trying to leave you...I won't do it again..so please..."
- The rest of your words are slurred and incoherent but all the while you sputter them out, Kalim looks at you with all the fondness in the world and he tells you that it's fine, that he forgives you and he's going to take you back.
- You're already muddied by your broken thoughts, your set of your logics stirred away from all sort of common sense.
- Kalim feels bad that he kept you in a dungeon hexed with a mind break spell but it's all worth it isn't it?
- Now, you'll finally be the loving wife he knows you can be.
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit
- Vil isn't having any of this disobedience.
- How dare you go around taking advantage of his fondness for you and try to run away from your engagement.
- You were promised to him by your parents. Your dishonour to it is an insult to him, and anyone who dares insult Vil will feel his full wrath.
- The fact that he decided to keep you alive is already another sign of his affection towards you, though you still choose to be stubborn. Throwing your harsh remarks as if he's the villain when really, the one who caused this whole mess was you yourself.
- Vil doesn't get you even throughout the years of growing up with you as your betrothed. While others envied your fate of being bound to him, you acted like it was some kind of chore.
- As if you had no choice and that being married to Vil was a fate worst than death.
- He hated you for that. Who did you think you are? Do you think he liked the notion of being married to a simpleton like you? A witch with no special entitlement?
- You should be grateful.
- And if you refused to even be that, then perhaps you ought to be disciplined. Beaten into submission.
- Vil doesn't mind really. He's been waiting for years for a time when you'd slip on that damned attitude of yours to give him an excuse to act as the wounded husband.
- And it works of course. Your parents are devastated by your little stunt, apologizing to Vil and begging him to forgive you.
- He plays the kind, understanding gentleman part so well, that when he turns to look at you, you almost believe he'll let you off easily.
- But once the audience disperses, Vil's true colours show themselves and you're suddenly engulfed in this sick punishment of his.
- A dance of waltz that leaves you breathless and worn.
- He's always been so suffocating and controlling. Thinking he owns you like some sort of accessory. It was why you were repulsed at the thought of marrying him.
- So, when he came to tell you the consequences of your actions, you laughed.
- Isolation? Was that the best he could come up with?
- Vil smiles at your reaction,his eyes raking in your figure as his fingers twirled around his magic pen. A look of haughtiness etched into his expression.
- The next morning when you wake up, head dazed and limbs sluggish, you're surprised to see that Vil isn't there with you, and once you got dressed and headed down to the dining room, you halted at the door. There was no one here too.
- You let the silence settle in, the unusual emptiness enveloping you like a poorly fit glove.
- You call out,not for anyone in particular yet still for someone. When no answer came, you did it again. And again. And again. And again.
- Until you have to stop yourself from running down the third flight of stairs to the fifth hallway you've entered, and freeze in front of the giant french window overlooking the serene view outside.
- Is this what Vil meant? This was his doing, wasn't it? You didn't know anyone else who could be so twisted after all.
- The sun doesn't even set yet you're already worn and as if summoned by your state of exhaustion, you're back in your room. A chill runs down your spine, and you decide to slip into bed even if you stayed awake the whole time.
- The next day and the day after are all repeats of your first day. Round and round it drives you to a corner and you're wondering why you're even continuing this chase. This game of Maze you found it impossible to win.
- He'd trapped you in some sort of spell, keeping you in a loop until your mind's gone hazy and the frustration of running and screaming turns into a silent pleading.
- You wanted it all to stop. You couldn't think of running anymore, you couldn't actually think in general. The days rewound itself but your body still required rest and though food was never an issue, the way the bags under your eyes weighed down your vision told another sort of struggle.
- When was the last time you managed to sleep?
- What day was it?
- What were you doing?
- ....Where is everyone?
- Where was Vil?
- Shouldn't he be here already? The wedding ceremony was going to start anytime soon, right? It's not like him to be so late. He's always the first to arrive....
- The spell breaks the moment you sit up in bed and lose all track of time and logic.
- Vil ready at your side as you open your eyes and see him sitting on the chair beside your bed.
- He's smiling. You wonder why he's so happy.
- Didn't he hate you?
- "Good morning, Daffodil" Vil reaches out to tuck a few strands of loose hair behind your ear, his voice gentle and soft as he speaks.
- You open your mouth, but nothing really comes out but a weak sigh. God,your head felt dizzy.
- Luckily Vil was there, you felt warm in his presence, and when he brought a damp towel to wipe at your forehead, you leaned into his touch.
- "....Thank you. Happy...I'm happy...Vil is here"
- How cute. You couldn't even form proper sentences anymore.
- Vil would've laughed then but he enjoyed your new sense of submission to him, at least now you're acting a bit more grateful than before
- Yes, this was the right way after all. How things should be between you and him. No more stubborn attitude or ungratefulness. No more frustrations.
- If you continued like this, Vil might even consider teaching you how to talk again.
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thespiantherepist · a year ago
Werewolf Bakugou x reader |Part one|
Warnings: Mentions of nudity, abusive relationships, cussing, euthainasia, and sucky writing.
Your boyfriend was always an asshole. You didnt even know why you started dating. He'd stolen, lied, hit you, bossed you around.
Hell, just as you thought life was getting better the cunt goes, and cheats on you!
The man told you flat out, "I've been screwing another chick, its been a gas!"
Then he left.
When you called him about his dog that you thought he left at your house, he said he left it at the vet.
Even worse, he took it to go get euthanized!
The dog he'd just gotten. Sure the dog was almost always in a foul mood, but at least he'd never hurt anyone!
You were livid.
You almost started crying on your way to the vet. Stepping in through the door you told the vet the story.
They knew you, and knew how your boyfriend had acted towards you. They let you get him from the back.
"HI Papa!" The large Fawn coloured dog turned its eyes to you. They burned into your soul.
You shivered, the dog had spooked you sure, but you took pity on him.
"Lets take you home yeah?"
The dog seemed a bit happy to hear that he was going home. He still looked annoyed though. Grabbing his Red leash you attached it to his spiked collar.
Getting him in the car was a hastle. He kept crawling over the seats. Then when you put your hand up to block him from the front he'd growl off handed.
"Down Katuski!" You yelled excitedly, pointing your finger to the ground.
He didnt move.
"Katsuki baby, down!" You said softer this time.
The dog huffed, and layed down instead.
"Uggh, forget it."
Then he barreled out if the car, hoping over you, and dragging your body through the lawn.
The dog stopped abruptly. He looked at you, seeming aggrivated. You stared right back up at him.
When he got inside he ran straight to your boyfriends room. Then he turned in a circle.
He walked to the Garage.
He looked at his chair, and he placed his paw on it.
He layed his head down. He looked sadly at the empty space of the couch.
When you saw the sad display your heart nearly broke. In the time you, and your boyfriend were together the only time he seemed happy was when he was with Katsuki.
You went to go pet him.
It backfired.
he bit you hard.
You lurched backwards, holding your now bleeding hand. Tears sparked in your eyes, and with all the stress built through the day you broke.
The dog in front of you seemed genuinely shocked, he started slowly walking forward.
You backed up.
He growled, taking faster steps to you, and pushing your chin with his snoot. He leaned the top of his head against your uninjured hand. He sniffed you, nudging his nose agaist you, he started licking your tears. Getting more assertive, he started licking tears from your cheeks rougher than before.
You started to giggle, as you were being pushed over. You fell on your back, chuckiling as the dog above you tried to lick your mouth.
You pet him, lightly shoving his face away from yours. He huffed as you stood up.
He sat down. Then cocked his head to the kitchen. You turned your head as well.
"You hungry pa?" He looked at you as if you were stupid.
"Ill take that as a yes."
You walked to the kitchen, dog trailing proudly behind you. Wrapping your hand in gauze first, you gave him some kibble. The dog thanked you by licking your uninjured hand briefly.
He wagged his tail slightly, you giggled taking out some chips to munch on.
He looked up at you.
Then he nudged your crotch.
Your crunchy treats fell to the ground.
"No!" You cried in despair, as you saw the oval shaped crisps beibg eaten by the dog.
"TRAITOR!" You yelled playfully.
The dog waved his tail.
"Youre an asshole." You joked. The large dog in front of you boofed indignantly.
You sat down on the couch after you, and your dog were finished with your meals. You looked at the fluffy monster. "I love you so much you overgrown Pomeranian!" You said grabbing the side of his face, and shaking it.
He barked loudly, several times. Sometimes in a series. It would die down with a boof, then pick back up again.
"Yah, Yah thats enough. Im going to bed."
You got up, and walked to your bedroom, keeping an eye on the dog laying on your couch.
When Katsuki knew you were asleep he changed. He looked to the door where your room was separated from the living area.
He rolled his eyes , as he walked to the landry room to get changed. He thought about you while walking there. His tail mindlessly waving.
'Where the fuck is the dude?' He thought as he made his way there. His tail stopping its maneuvers. He opened the door to the landry room quietly. He stepped inside.
Looking around he noticed most of your ex boyfriends belongings were gone. His jackets, his favourite bong, his t.v and gaming system in the corner.
'So thats why the chic-... she. was crying.'
He thought to himself. Looking around the laundry room, he searched for your ex's clothing. He only found a discarded Nirvana tank, and some basketball shorts.
'He's not going to be using these anymore.' He thought, he painstakingly tried pulling on the shorts. 'WHY DO HUMANS WEAR THESE THINGS?'
He heard a chocking sound from the door, still butt naked, as he couldbt fit his tail inside the shorts.
There you stood, one hand on your quickly beating heart. The other curled around the doorframe.
"What the fuck are you staring at shorty?" Bakugou asked rudely, turning around fully.
'Who is this man, and why is he naked?'
"w-who are you?" You asked confused, and trying not to look down, instead looking at the ceiling.
"My eyes are down here." He said loudly.
"Youre naked!"
"I dont see the problem with that." He said confused, and angry.
"Why should I its my house!"
He yelled back the dropping the shorts in his hands. Then you noticed, the bright red eyes, the colour of his hair matched your dogs. He stood tall, and proudly, had a tail, and ears. But you didnt want to believe it. You took a step back in fear, to which the man took a few steps forward.
"Listen human, I want to be comfortable too!" He shouted, angrily. "I was only trying to put on clothes incase of a situation like this!"
This guy was loud.
"I dont know what you're talking about. Youre a human too." You said out of breath, and trying to keep yourself from looking down once more.
Then he roughly pushed your head back with his middle finger.
"Im a dog dumbass!"
You flinched at his volume. He sighed, "Let me get dressed, and I'll explain it to you."
"So youre a werewolf?"
"If you want to phrase it like that, yeah dumbass." He said gruffly, trying to open a bag of hot cheetos with his teeth.
"I dont thi-"
--Part two coming soon--
Tumblr media
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annamusewrites · a year ago
Family isnt all about blood.
Tumblr media
She finally was happy and felt safe, she shouldve known you cant stop running from your past and not have it catch up on you, but she doesnt want to lose her brother or her loved even if it meant she suffered.....she really shouldve expected this after all, she was a Taylor and no one walks away from that family.
It didnt really bother her that her brother never settled down with a partner, he had his reasons and trust issues that Ana knew, as long as he was safe, that's all that would matter for now. Granted, she would love for him to find someone but she wasnt going to force that on him either. They were both there for one another and he had accepted Ransom as well. Truthfully, she couldnt be happier and maybe that was the problem. Her happiness had blinded her to what was to come.
"Dads in town" those words made her drop her fork and look wide eyed at her brother but then she picked up her fork "guess he found out about my new job" her tone was flat, their Dad could go to Hell for all she cared right now. He abandoned them so he didnt exist and she wasnt going to let him play the Daddy role just because he found out his so called daughter now had money.
She felt Marty's eyes on her but she carried on with her meal "if he calls you, dont answer" she looked at him "I'm not that stupid" "i wasnt saying you were, I'm just....protective" his words made her smile, she had two protective men in her life, her brother and the love of her life and she loved them both for it "I know" she reached out for his arm "but that man isnt going to walk into our lives again after everything. He had his chances"
No more was said about that man for a couple of days, she got several missed calls from an unknown number and after checking it wasn't anything to do with her work, Ransom or his family, she blocked and ignored any more. She shouldve known ignoring him wouldnt make him go away.
"I'll be over later, just need a shower....an actual shower " she smirked into the phone "give me half an hour and I'll be there. I love you" she hing up the phone to Ransom as she walked into her house. A shower and a change of clothes was a must, she wanted to get rid of work more than anything right now.
Closing the door, she gasped as a hand went across her mouth and dragged her back, her heels falling off her feet as she tried to stay upright. She felt the coldness of the gun resting on her temple, god she wished she hadnt known that feeling and she tried not to panic but then she saw her brother on his knees, all bloodied up from what looked like beatings.
Was this to do with sleeping with the wrong gal? It couldnt of been, Ransom had made sure he knew to only go after single women and Marty wasnt that stupid anymore. She swallowed against the hand as she tried to take in the dark setting, any detail to use against the people not allowed here. Her eyes begging for any sign that he was alright.
"You always were an ignorant brat" that voice made her blood run cold, how did he find her? As if to confirm who he was a tall man now came into view, taking her in and she knew it was the bastard father that abandoned them for money. The hand slid from her mouth and she spat at her father making him slap her hard and grab her throat. She heard Marty try and struggle to help her but then her father laughed "I see you've finally got your mothers fiesty side in you. Shame it didnt help her or you now"
Before she knew it she was tossed onto the floor, her head hitting the corner of the coffee table making her groan out. "Rich little Princess doesnt share with her family" Ana looked up at him "you're not my family, you walked out on us"
Her father grabbed her by the hair, pulling it with no remorse as he made her kneel infront of her brother "no I kicked your good for nothing brother out, you just followed like a weak little puppy" she chewed her inner cheek refusing to whimper at the pain he was causing her by pulling her hair. She looked at her brother, tears stinging her eye with the pain "you're not even half the man Marty is" again that earned her a toss to the ground and a kick to her back.
Biting back the groan, she exhaled harshly as she heard her brother beg for him to stop hurting her and turn back to him "no" she went to push up on her arms only for them to wobble but she didnt care "let him be the monster he always was"
This time when she was dragged by up to her feet she could feel the metallic taste of blood in her mouth, but as she was pinned back to the wall, she felt the suffocating pressure of a hand tightly over her mouth and nose as she grabbed his arm and dug her nails in his arm as he watched her try not to fight for breath.
"Be a good girl and I'll let you breath" there was only one perfect to ever call her that and it certainly wasnt him. It made her feel sick hearing it from those lips. She felt his other hand grip her throat as tears streamed down her cheeks, her lungs begging for breath but she wasnt gling to fight for it either. Half an hour, she just had to last half an hour and then Ransom would call her and wouldnt get any answer and knew something was wrong but then he would walk straight into this and she couldnt bare the thought of him getting hurt. What was she going to do?
Finally he was allowed to breathe as she fell to her knees gasping her breath. Maybe he saw her not struggling as compliance, right now she could care less. Blinking she tried to focus clearly then she heard her brother scream. Looking up she noticed the knife wound "no" "no" she was grabbed again and pinned to someones body as she growled out but she couldnt move.
"I'm going to fucking kill you" her brother growled out and Ana didnt have any complaints there. She hears her cell ring, fuck, it couldnt of been half an hour already. Her father got her phone and showed her the caller ID, Linda was calling her and as her father tossed her phone out into the hallway, she felt a dreaded feeling that having not been able to reach Ana, Linda would phone Ransom. She was in two minds if that was a good idea or not.
"Havent changed at all, still the low life whore than ever, Martin" her father sounded displeased but when was he happy "your sister achieves alot more than you but still needs teaching on how to act properly. What? You both thought I'd let you walk away, embarrass me and I'd never punish you both for it? Thanks to Ana taking on that job and a very helpful assistant I found exactly where you loved"
Her mind whizzed trying to think who wouldve given out her address, she was going to fire that person....if they ever got out "What do you want?" Her words seemed to echo around the room making all eyes appear on her "what inwant is respect and I'm going to get it from you both one way or another. You're both coming back home, whether it's in a body bag or three back of the car is up to you"
"Go to hell" both her brother and her seemed to say at the same time, she kicked back making the man holding her back off and groan "fucking bitch" he grabbed her by the hair "going to teach you a fucking lesson" he dragged her by her hair up the stairs, each step hitting her body like a punch as she tried to struggle and groaned out. Hearing her brother try and get free and call for her made her suddenly want to panic but she wasnt going to show the bastard dragging her she was now scared.
She heard commotion downstairs and her cell phone ringing, now she did want Ransom to come in and somehow not get hurt. Being rescued wasnt such a bad idea. She whimpered as she was thrown onto her bed, trying to get her mind focused on anything but the pain. As her legs were dragged she reached out ontop of the bedside table remembering she had opened a letter with her mothers old fashioned letter opener and managed to grab it. "Going to make you behave bitch" she rose her hand and plunged the letter opener into the side of her neck "go fuck yourself" blood splattered from his neck as she turned her head away and managed to crawl under and away from him as she panted sat on the floor out of his reach as she watched the man who worked for her father bleed to death. She didnt dare think what he was going to do to her as she desperately tried to control her breathing.
Her phone rang again and maybe she shouldve tried to make a run for it. Maybe by some miracle whoever was ringing, more likely ransom, would hear the struggle as she was captured again but she also knew that would cost her brothers life and she couldnt lose him. Swallowing, she blinked , she had killed a man, but it was in self defence but that thought tried to over take her.
Her hands was shaking, as far as she knew there was this dead guy and her father left. Crawling slowly to the body she yanked the letter opener off his neck, trying not to get too much blood on her. She gripped the letter opener tightly and looked under her bed. Didnt Ransom leave a cell under here and said he would collect it later? God she hoped he hadnt collected it already. She smiled as she felt the cell in her hand as she looked through the contact until she reached Ransoms main cell number, but as she dialed his number, she screamed as she was yanked back. She hadnt seen the other man in the room downstairs, another person with her father. She threw the vocal under the bed enough not to be seen as she kept screaming in hopes if Ransom picked up he could tell she was in danger.but not enough that the man grabbed her would know she had another cell.
Against the stairs left their marks and neither touch of the other man was gentle. She was covered in blood and likely to have bruises now too "the fucking bitch killed Roma" he threw her onto the other chair and tied her up.and gagged her. She struggled under the harsh slap of her father stung her face so much she felt like he had taken her skin off, even if it was impossible. She had to save her brother as he was bleeding, god knows to death but now tied down she was trying to think how. "Guess we're going to play this the hard way then. Bring it in" Ana swallowed, it could be anything knowing him and she couldnt quite see what it was as inwas dragged behind her.
"Marty all will.be forgiven, are you going to come.back.home?" Marty knew what that really meant for them both "fuck you" he moaned through his pain and before Ana could realise what was happening her chair was thrown back into.something ice cold. She realised it was a large tub of ice cold.water behind her as she struggled to not breathe in. There was noise.coming from above the surface but she couldnt make it out as her lungs fought for air then she was sat back up coughing for breath.
"Ana come home" Ana looked through her wet eyes "I'd rather die" again she was fallen back into the ice water. A father who tortured his children was no father at all but what was new for her? She gasped for air as she was pulled back up hearing her brother begging for her tonbe let go and he'll go back if she wasnt hurt anymore. They had broken her brother and she couldnt blame him really "no...no. I wont let you go back there" her throat was grabbed, she needed more air and then she heard someokenwalk up her steps "go check it out"
The other man left as her father looked back at her "if youd rather die then so be it" he whispered against her ear "you're not worth the rescue" with that he pushed her chair back into the water and let go, raising the gun he pressed it against her brother forehead.....
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Day 3: “Don’t you dare, don’t walk away from this!”
Tumblr media
The camp is particularly quiet and that sets off alarm bells in Piper’s brain that make up for the silence surrounding her. Grabbing her trusted Katoptris she slowly, cautiously makes her way out of the cabin. The ever-green fields spread out before her, looking undisturbed, but the quiet seems to get louder. Where is everybody? She checks the ridiculous Barbie watch Leo had bought her as a gag gift and frowns. It’s not meal time. The camp should be abuzz with activity, with people going to their various assigned camp duties. The panic increases, buzzes behind her skull, and all of a sudden she is sprinting towards the center of camp, the campfire, the dining hall, the great house. There is no-one.
Her breathing is hard as she stands in front of the great house doors and knocks frantically.
“Chiron? Mr D? Anyone?”
No reply.
She pulls Katoptris from her side and examines the shining blade, begging for something, anything that will show her what is going on. The only thing it reflects is the crease between her eyebrows and the grim line of her lips. Shit. She stumbles to the front steps of the house and collapses, head in her arms and shoulders shaking with fear. What is she going to do? How is she going to fix this? What is she even supposed to fix? Her panic borders on hysteria and it blocks out everything. All she can hear is the blood rushing in her ears. Her eyes refuse to open. She’s only half aware she’s hyperventilating. It is not a mystery then, when she doesn’t notice a being materialise before her.
“Why are you weeping daughter?” A voice like harps, and pianos sings at her.
Piper whips her head up to see the faces of her mother, changing every few seconds. Famous actors, iconic women, Jason, Annabeth, another lady Piper had seen at a mall and instantly fell in love with. The faces continue to shift and change but she is in too much shock to care.
“Mom?” She rubs her eyes, hoping she’s seeing something. It is never a good sign when any god shows up, especially her mother. “What are you doing here?”
“You summoned me, daughter,” The goddess smiles and Piper winces as it physically brightens the world.
“Where is everyone? Why am I alone? What happened?” A dam inside her breaks, hot tears streaking down her face.
“You’re not alone Piper.” That infernal smile is still on her face, “You have never been alone.”
She looks up, confused, incredulous, lost. “What are you talking about?”
“What are you planning daughter? Why do you feel so heartbroken?”
She glares at the goddess, “I’m heartbroken, Mother, because for some reason the entire camp has disappeared, all my friends have disappeared.”
Aphrodite considers her, head tilted, eyes calculating, and then she smiles again and it gives Piper a headache.”No little one that’s not it. There’s something else.”
The demigod growls in frustration and covers her face with her hands. “Please go away if you’re not going to be of any help.”
Her mother ignores her. How surprising. Possibilities run through her head at lightning speed, trying to figure out reasons and angles for this mass extinction. Every single one comes up blank. There is no way a monster killed everyone. This camp survived not one but two wars. Not even an army of monsters could wipe them out. Maybe someone was playing a trick on her. She pinches her arm. Nope she’s still here. Very much real. There is just nothing, and no-one and it is never-ending.
“OH MY!” Aphrodite squeals, clapping her hands as if she’s just won a trip to the stars. “You’re going to do it aren't you? Well, I never Piper McLean.” She grins, “You’ve really surprised me with this.”
“Mom,” She growls, fed up with the goddess’ rambling, “What are you talking about.”
And completely on brand the goddess simply gives another of her neon smiles and says, “You best wake up now daughter. I think i’d like my week’s entertainment to begin.”
And then the demigod is screaming down a tunnel and jerking awake with her heart in her feet and her lungs in a knot. The faint smell of roses hits her and she knows whatever just happened it was not a dream. Quickly she scrambles out of bed, grabbing Katoptris from underneath and sprinting outside. The camp is a live and well and full of rushing demigods, harpies, and nymphs. She takes a deep breath and lets the sound of activity settle her panicked core.
“Pipes?” A familiar voice calls from somewhere. It takes everything in her not to cringe. Instead she takes another breath, this time for courage, and opens her eyes to see Jason Grace jogging towards her.
“You okay?” His brows knit in concern, and the little scar on his lip whitens as his mouth forms a hard line of worry.
“I- I’m good.”
“You sure? You seemed really scared. You burst out of the cabin like something was attacking you… or us.”
She puts on a pretty smile, one that most people fall over, “Promise, i’m all good. Do you want to take a walk to the strawberry fields?”
Jason stares at her for a second longer before nodding, almost to himself. “Shall we?” He holds out an elbow, like the gentleman he has always been.
She almost reaches out to take it, habit pulling at her muscles, but at the last second she steps away. “Uh, no don’t worry. I think i’m coming down with something and i dont want to pass it to you.” It is a flimsy excuse but her mind is still frazzled and she doesn’t have anything better.
They walk in silence for a while, taking in the world around them. The silence has never needed to be filled when they were together and although there are a million thoughts racing through every crevice of her mind, she is still comfortable. It’s a blessing. It’s going to make this a thousand times harder.
“Jase,” She says softly, and there must be something in her voice because his blue eyes flash and he stops in his tracks, turning to her.
“What’s wrong?”
So they’re doing this right here, right now. Okay, she had been preparing for weeks. Pulling an Annabeth with drawn out complicated plans and multiple backup plans just in case.
She takes a deep breath and looks directly at his golden face and lightning eyes. “I think we should break up.”
He blinks at her, blinks again. Stumbles back. “You want to what?”
“This isn’t working anymore Jason. Neither of us are happy.”
“No.” His voice is hard, “No. Do not speak for me. I thought this was working. I thought we were happy.”
She winces, “Jase we don't even know each other. Not really. Our whole relationship is built on-” She is cut off abruptly as he looks at her, and she sees the soul behind his eyes cracking. It is a struggle to keep herself from splitting in half.
“I spent so long trying to figure out who I was and where I belonged, and the one place I felt myself was by your side.” And then he’s walking away, stumbling like his body is struggling to hold him up.
“Don’t you dare,” Piper starts, her voice soft; he freezes on the spot. “Don’t walk away from this.”
He whips around like she slapped him. “I am not the one walking away.”
It shoves a knife in her heart.
“And you know what the worst part about this is? It came out of nowhere. You didn’t even talk to me about it. We don’t even know if we could have tried to make it work.”
She doesn’t have anything to say, she has too much to say, nothing is coming out. He nods once. She makes a strangled noise. He walks away. She doesn’t say goodbye.
Piper Mclean sinks to the earthy ground of the strawberry fields and feels like her heart has a canyon sprinting through it. But there, rolling down the cracking walls is relief. And for this she cries harder.
‘I’m sorry Jase.”
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msf-diamond-dog · a year ago
Okie dokii
1. What’s one animal you wish you could have as a pet but can’t?
2. Favorite thing to wear to sleep?
Usually just shorts and a tshirt
3. What song really gets you going?
Right now, Lights Out by 3Teeth
4. Where do you usually eat your meals?
In my bedroom
5. Favorite meal: breakfast, lunch, or dinner?
I dont eat breakfast or lunch so
6. Most embarrassing habit?
Bein an asshole
7. Chocolate or fruity candy?
8. Soft or hard tacos?
Depends on the taco, man.
9. Worst way to break up a fight?
/ryan stiles voice/ you guys wanna stop a fight
10. Best thing to say in an elevator of strangers?
I aint talk to people
11. What color/design are your bedsheets?
Just gray flannel
12. Any hidden talents?
I aint even got any obvious ones,
13. Favorite thing to drink out of (mug, glass, etc.)?
I love a good pint glass.
14. Socks or bare feet around the house?
15. Favorite board game?
Candyland bitches
16. Do you sleep with the fan on or off?
Always on
17. Heat on or keep it cold with lots of layers?
Cold with lots of layers.
18. Do you sing in the shower?
19. Favorite song to belt out at the top of your lungs when you’re alone?
Grave by Hellyeah
20. Last thing you cried about?
Anxiety attack a couple weeks ago
21. At what age did you first have alcohol?
21, didnt have any before then
22. Relationship status?
Single but into someone
23. What’s the most amount of money you’ve spent on a single item of clothing?
I dont spend a ton on clothes but I think I payed like 60 dollars for a band shirt once
24. What do you typically wear to formal events?
Nicer clothes than usual?
25. Favorite memory?
Just bein a chill happy kid honestly,
26. Gum or breath mints?
27. Favorite shoes?
Mah boots.
28. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
This whole how I look situation.
29. What is the natural state of your hair?
I gots a shaved head
30. Have you ever had braces?
No, wish I did though, I hate my smile
31. Most dangerous thing you’ve ever done?
32. Most embarrassing thing your parents have caught you doing?
I dont know really. I think I embarrass my parents more than the other way around
33. Last time you had an orgasm?
A couple nights ago
34. Celebrity crush(es)?
Legit dont have any. I have no connection with any of them so
35. Windows or Mac?
36. How old were you when you learned to ride a bike?
Uhhh 7. Our neighbor taught me.
37. Makeup or natural?
Both. Both is good.
38. What color do you wear the most?
39. Favorite season?
Winter all the way
40. Umbrella or rain coat?
I live in the desert and it hasnt rained in like 6 months so neither. Whenever it rains I just stand outside.
41. Have you ever fallen out of a tree?
Prolly happened as a kid but I dont remember. We had a tree we all used to love climbing at the house I was a youngin at.
42. First car you ever owned?
Same car I have now, my 91 Nissian Pickup.
43. What time do you usually go to bed?
Anywhere from 12 to 2 am.
44. Are you a competitive person?
Not really no.
45. Least favorite color?
46. First pet you’ve ever owned?
A fishy
47. Sweet or salty?
Why not both
48. Favorite pasta dish?
Anything with basil and olive oil 👌
49. Favorite kind of chips?
Nitro Takis are the shit
50. Talk about something you’re passionate about.
Music. Nuff said.
51. What are some of your hobbies?
Music, video games, gunpla, legos, anything that kinda creative really
52. Caffeine? If so, what kind?
53. Favorite kind of pizza?
Extra pepperoni with anchovies 👌
54. Fast food or sit-down restaurant?
Fast food. I dont like eating around people
55. Lots of acquaintances or a handful of close friends?
Close friends.
56. Something that ruins your appetite?
Being in a bad mood
57. Favorite labels about you?
58. Are you a religious person?
Not anymore. I grew up that way but organized religion always pisses me off. Im much more spiritual
59. Night out with a bunch of friends in public or night in with one friend having deep conversations?
One friend
60. What size shoe do you wear?
11 1/2
61. Favorite thing about yourself?
The fact most people cant read my sarcasm
62. Have you ever told someone you loved them first?
I dont think anyone has ever told me first
63. Have you ever had sex on the first date?
Kinda sorta?
64. Heroes or villains?
Maximals all the way.
65. Favorite fruit?
Prolly mangos or strawberries
66. Least favorite fruit?
Unripe melon.
67. Favorite vegetable?
68. Least favorite vegetable?
I like all the ones ive had Im not picky but the lowest prolly be carrots?
69. How many plates can you eat at a buffet?
Usually 2 or 3
70. Favorite dessert?
71. Do you play any sports?
No, never been my thing
72. Age you learned how to swim?
7 or 8 I think.
73. Tell a funny story.
My boss keep salt lamps in every room of his house "just in case" of rfid waves (???) but refuses to wear a mask when he goes out cause "theres no proof it does anything".
74. What’s one interesting thing about your culture?
How much closer the brown side of my family is compared to the white side
75. What’s one annoying thing about your culture?
All the gossip, man.
76. What job would you be terrible at?
Math teacher.
77. Would you rather watch a TV show or a movie?
TV shows
78. What’s your favorite compliment to give?
Anything that makes someones day a little better!
79. What’s your favorite compliment to receive?
I do not like receiving compliments i always feel awkward
80. Has your opinion changed on something recently?
Not that I can think of off the top of my head
81. Do you always order the same thing at a restaurant or order something different each time?
Usually the same thing
82. What’s something you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t yet?
83. If you could learn to do anything right now, what would it be?
84. Favorite physical feature about yourself?
85. Least favorite physical feature about yourself?
The whole the things
86. What’s one amazing thing you did that nobody was around to see?
Survived 👈👈😎
87. If you could change your height, would you?
Maybe, I feel pretty short
88. What’s something you would rate 10/10?
Holding hands
89. Heels or flats?
Why not platform boots
90. What’s something you wish you had more knowledge about?
91. Would you want to be famous?
92. What’s something you would get arrested for?
Prolly trespassing
93. What’s your spirit animal?
Water bears 🤔
94. What’s the luckiest thing that’s ever happened to you?
Won tickets and got to meet Jonathan Davis so that was pretty cool
95. Are you the type to have an organized mess, or no mess at all?
Organized mess
96. Do you tend to make decisions based on the past, present, or future?
All of the above if able
97. Are you a planner or a more spontaneous person?
98. Thoughts on the oxford comma?
99. What do you hope never changes?
How close the sun is to the earth
100. How would you celebrate your 100th birthday?
I aint ever wanna be that old.
Thank you Audi!!
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rexlatin1 · a year ago
DevilDoms Children
Mention of religious ideals and personal beliefs! If you think even for a moment this may offend you do not read.
Thoughts and opinions are welcome I would like feed back.
Ok obey me tumblr I have this little idea on babies in devildom...this can apply to the celestial realm too if you want. But all demon babies save for in the royal family possibly have to be 100% planed and consensual. Theres no way for them not to be. And are not born in the normal sence either. Let us start with a freshly spawned little D.
Tumblr media
No horns no hat only color at most. They only reach this stage when they grow in society however not particularly devotedly cared for and develop into their respective sin. Most little Ds go off in the wild an become demon creatures. They spawn when ever a demons vice is sated and or satisfied. And maybe sometimes the opposite. A wrath demon getting all the anger they want out. Gluttons hunger tamed. A prideful one humbled. Lusts can go either way sexually satisfied or sexually un intrested. Envy is a extremely specific and special case where they have to exceed whatever the envy was over and be proud of it. A Energetic sloth. Charitable greed or no longer feeling there sin. Etc. These are all momentary things. Some are more common then others. Ones that come from Lusts are the most common. Envy being a close runner up. Prides and wraths being the the least. Gluttons in numbers are the smallest amount in population due to often being eating right after spawning but appear more often then wrath and pride. This only determines what they'll be in the future...if they aren't raised from spawning. They are capable of sentient though if they're taught things. Some are taken in as pets they're able cultivate into a sins respective creatures. Sometimes they end up as unfortunate food. Little Ds are the most versatile creatures in devildom. Some of the oldest and smartest creatures formed from animals and monsters little Ds have turned into. Many being prophets. Prophets are not common place in demons. Most demons dont live long enough to make connectections. Barbados Being an exception partily raised by some of these proffetic creatures as his time as a wild little d. Growth rait is not a thing in devildom. Barbados when actually born was already older then even Diovolos great great great ancestor dispite being born the same day as Diovolo. I will get back to this.
Little D's have to be cared for, loved, and raised before hatching and see two individual shapes and faces before they take any other form the a dark shroud in the shape of a baby. Only orgainal demons in this case the royal family and the brothers can have live birthed full demon children. Save for satan. Satan was born a fully formed little d from a different sin entirely *cough* Lucifer *cough* which was up until that point unheard of. They can with little ds as well but the royal family likes to keep their future true demons. There have been some exceptions but shush they dont wanna talk about it. 🤫.
When a little D is raised with the intentions of being someones child alot of love a devotion has to be put into them. When the time comes; which is rather random the amount needed varies; they will turn into an egg. You can have a child off the love of one parent or of thousands it doesn't matter. (Also doesn't matter what species gender or shape 👀. They are a form of asexual reproduction. Guess how you got the centaur and mermaids. "Oh my baby hatched!" Looks at you then fish tank behind you. 😂) Also in regards to humans little D's cause sorta a curse thing. Get a little more angry be a little too prideful a bit too hungry. You get it. They also have the same issues once they've been raised and hatched.
They also provide with the means to supply and support needed to deal with the vice. And once you hatch them the vice is no longer directly on you. For example with a glutton demon you become god green thumbs and you yourself don't need to eat as much. Walking by a dam tomato plants makes it unfavourable to pests but produces the best out there. Food is always tastier and better for you and them. Your meals fill you and the people you make it for even if it's just a small sandwich. And no I don't mean it simply makes you feel like your getting enough you actually turn into the most sustainable person out there food and drink wise. There will always be something available for you and even if it's a tiny amount it will provide a full perfect meals worth of energy and nutrients for your body. You become a charm in a sorta way. Lucky in whatever sence the sin can directly tie too. Great cooks, incredible business people, all around lucky, wonderful truly benevolent people, the type of people that could lead the world into a full peace if it weren't for outside forces. Type of people that'd be claimed to have come from gods then fall into some obscure small cult catagory believed to be devil worshippers by some other religious group. It's an extremely rare thing. Not just for how rair the contact would be but as there growing from a spawnling to and egg causes great detriment. Even with the bit of extra luck at the time it still can be to much.
Little d's cannot cause this sway with demons directly like with humans. Enough humans under the influence of little Ds presence can only turn opinions and views.
Once little d's hatch there environment and people around them determines there vice not what they would have been born with.
This isn't the only way demons and demon creatures come into existence obviously humans that are sent to hell is the main andd most common one.
Human demons receive punishments for past transgressions that very in severity and lenght. Once they have be delt whatever punishment they fall into normal demon society.
Truly evil humans are stripped of all feature and mind and become lowly demonic creatures that are often common food sources for demons
(Solomon has been the only human to raise one. A lust little D he got from his time hanging around Asmodeus after a very fulfilling 👀 time. One of the first of many demons he made pacts with afterwards. He had enough strengths from his pacts to survive a broken hearted depression and the pain of rejection from thousands weighed on him. His kingdom had all but completely abandoned him at the time. And the ones that stayed knew some of his secrets and only stayed for selfish reasons. He had the little d that loved him and he loved too. They stayed together and once it hatched there was a 360 in the kingdom around him and his little girl. Things went extremely well to say the least. He gained the love of even his enemies and other demons quickly fell in line with the hive mind around him. 70 pacts many with prophetic demons.)
(Barbados was a little d raised by ancient creatures to an egg and stolen by royal demons long ago. It was orgainally only to be a gift to the new born. But it never indicated any life inside. It had been passed down generations never even moving. To discard these eggs however will bring about a curse on the family of who ever does so. So it became a tradition of luck to have it near during delivery. Barbados had full control of his birth and had simply waited. He is the son of two trusted butlers kept close for if and when the egg was to hatch. He was unexpected but consented to in signed paperwork none the less.😂 Loved and cared for none the less too. 😊)
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rayneul · a year ago
Ray Route Bad Ending 3 Guide
(donʼt/never answer messages it give good heart so i suggest dont answer it :))
Day 1 & 2: skips days
Day 3: (100%)
00:31 – Under the Shimmering
Selection 1 I wanted to chill out more and then go to sleep. (Nothing)
Selection 2 I think your biorhythm will break living like that. (Nothing)
Selection 3 God, finally we’ll have some peace and silence.
Selection 4 Are you in a motorcycle gang? (Nothing)
Selection 5 Share with me some photos of your driver’s license, if you have some. (Nothing)
Selection 6 Wow! It’s you when you were younger! (Nothing)
Selection 7 You’re here to see me!! (Nothing)
Selection 8 Aren’t motorcycles dangerous? (Nothing)
Selection 9 When you’re feeling frustrated and all, playing games are the best! 0% accidents! (Nothing)
Selection 10 Tell me what happened back then. (Nothing)
Selection 11 V, you’re quite persistent. (Nothing)
Selection 12 Trying to deny it by myself is too hard. I need some help here. (Nothing)
Selection 13 Zen, what were you like back in the days? (Nothing)
Selection 14 You still look promising. (Nothing)
Selection 15 I lie low for a while. (Nothing)
Selection 16 V, do you normally clock in such late hours? (Nothing)
Selection 17 V, you go well with wine! (Nothing)
Selection 18 Good bye! (Nothing)
Selection 19 You have a lot to worry about. (Nothing)
Selection 20 I’m going to stay up late. (Nothing)
02:46 – Paradox of the Survival of the Fittest
Selection 1 I was testing the game you gave me. (Ray)
Selection 2 If you have something to say, come over yourself. (Nothing)
Selection 3 Then it’ll bloom twice as much flowers! (Nothing)
Selection 4 I feel sad for the weaker stalk… (Ray)
Selection 5 There’s nothing you can do, it’s nature’s way of survival of the fittest. (Nothing)
Selection 6 You’re right. The weaker stalk was the one that sacrificed! (Ray)
Selection 7 Wow…I’ll look forward to it, Ray! (Nothing)
Selection 8 It was fun. With hidden morals and all…. (Ray)
Selection 9 Ray, when are you going to sleep? (Nothing)
07:00 – Take Care of Your Health
Selection 1 Change your glasses into sunglasses lol (Nothing)
Selection 2 Huh. The name’s even suspicious for a start. (Nothing)
Selection 3 Isn’t that just a bunch of powders and not a drink? (Nothing)
Selection 4 Reports to police right now☆ (Nothing)
Selection 5 Send in an ingredients review documents as well. (Nothing)
Selection 6 You don’t even know the prices at the convenience stores? You must be joking! (Nothing)
Selection 7 Throwing it out down the drain…of something oyu made with great difficulty… T_T (707)
Selection 8 In other words, you’re distracted. (Nothing)
Selection 9 Tell me more of this cleaning fairy. (Nothing)
Selection 10 Awesome! Why don’t we learn its secret cleaning methods at the party? (Email from cleaningfairy)
Selection 11 Jaehee, good morning! (Nothing)
Selection 12 You are very persistent. (Nothing)
Selection 13 You just came in. Are you already leaving? (Nothing)
Selection 14 You really have only two friends? (707)
Selection 15 1011011…… (707)
Selection 16 It wasn’t too far. It was way way too far. (Nothing)
Selection 17 Stop getting distracted and get to work. (Nothing)
09:13 – Back in the Days
Selection 1 Did you get your license renewed? (Nothing)
Selection 2 I’m actually tired of seeing it since I’ve seen it numerous times. (Nothing)
Selection 3 Oh! I suppose the roads were familiar to you – (Nothing)
Selection 4 You must be happy. (Nothing)
Selection 5 It must have been worthwhile! (Zen)
Selection 6 Zen, I invite you to the room of mirrors. (Nothing)
Selection 7 I wanna be – most very best – (Nothing)
Selection 8 Great! I’ll catch Backpack Monsters by inviting him to the party. (Email from bmonster)
Selection 9 My eyes are screaming out with joy! (Nothing)
Selection 10 Welcome! (Nothing)
Selection 11 I want to see that performance- (Nothing)
Selection 12 AI role….?It must have been easy for an AI to play an AI role. (Ray)
Selection 13 Skin conditions are alwayd better when you’re young… (Nothing)
Selection 14 I want to know whom he’s having the meeting with – (Nothing)
Selection 15 It’s my father-in-law^^ (Nothing)
Selection 16 He would have received some hardcore education. (Nothing)
Selection 17 They have few things in common, but they’re also different – (Nothing)
Selection 18 A virtual world of their own… (Nothing)
Selection 19 Enjoy your meal- (Nothing)
Selection 20 Are you worried? (Nothing)
Selection 21 It kind of bothers me that there’s a secret V keeps even from his friends.
Selection 22 Bye- (Nothing)
12:22 – My Best Friend
Selection 1 I did- (Nothing)
Selection 2 Of course! Friends are really dear. (Nothing)
Selection 3 You’re friends with flower^^ (Ray)
Selection 4 I like lily-of-the-valley! (Nothing)
Selection 5 You can! Though more time would be needed. (Ray)
Selection 6 I’m jealous… (Ray)
Selection 7 I don’t think you’re obsessed with me. I’m just glad that you seem to care for me a lot! (Ray)
Selection 8 Who is this person? (Nothing)
Selection 9 I want to be with you…! My mind will not change. (Ray)
Selection 10 I want to see you today, Ray! (Ray)
14:09 – Small Cute Adorable
Selection 1 Is something wrong? (Nothing)
Selection 2 What’s your real job? (Nothing)
Selection 3 I secured your portrait of the deceased. Thanks. (Nothing)
Selection 4 I understand her. She must’ve been surprised to learn that your mission is a dangerous one… (Nothing)
Selection 5 I pray for your successful mission. (Nothing)
Selection 6 Such a delicate plot… This messenger is truly awesome. (Ray)
Selection 7 Is 3 days enough? Won’t you need a week? (Nothing)
Selection 8 …Let me hear it out first. (Nothing)
Selection 9 I was about to recommend the first one!! (707)
Selection 10 Seven! Sell your car to me! (Nothing)
Selection 11 Since it’s largely influencing the national economy…I think it’ll be larger than what we imagine… (Nothing)
Selection 12 Okay…Good bye. (Nothing)
Selection 13 I’m a person with a fragile wallet that gets billed with withholding tax. (Nothing)
Selection 14 Wouldn’t V’s mother’s hair color have been mint? (Nothing)
Selection 15 I wish a dragon would come to the party…. (707)
Selection 16 Let’s make an equal world for everyone together! (707)
Selection 17 Whoa… (Nothing)
Selection 18 Okay! Let’s invite it! (Email from dark dragon)
Selection 19 Wow- (Nothing)
Selection 20 You’ve put your effort in trying to find the most ordinary person! (Nothing)
Selection 21 We’re already too ordinary, and I don’t think we need to invite this person! (707)
Selection 22 What are you talking about? I’m sure you’re not really flying thorough the sky…. (Nothing)
Selection 23 Sounds dangerous…. (Nothing)
Selection 24 I don’t think it’s a good idea to trust all of Seven’t words. I mean, we’ve seen him playing tricks a lot….(Jaehee)
Selection 25 The party might become more interesting! (Jumin)
Selection 26 You don’t think V told those two to recommend only the weird guests to pretend to be holding a party, do you? (Ray)
Selection 27 I should pick up and finish up the work I was doing- (Nothing)
16:32 – Precious friend
Selection 1 V! Hi! (Nothing)
Selection 2 I think it’ll be fun! (Nothing)
Selection 3 Two friends gathered in a chatroom ^^ (Nothing)
Selection 4 Did you exchange any secrets? (Ray)
Selection 5 Is it a humiliating secrets that you can’t share with me? (Nothing)
Selection 6 V, you have a lot of secrets… What kind of secrets are you hiding from your father? (Ray)
Selection 7 I think it’ll be a good occasion to get together. (Jumin)
Selection 8 I think it’s was Jumin’s way of being considerate of you- (Jumin)
Selection 9 Do you have any stories…like secrets regarding V? (Ray)
Selection 10 Church…? I don’t think that type of religion can heal people. (Ray)
Selection 11 Who sang better? (Nothing)
Selection 12 So, who won? (Nothing)
Selection 13 Yes…Sometimes an emotional decision can worsen the situation. (Ray + Jumin)
Selection 14 Don’t you think this sadness isn’t something you can overcome? (Ray)
Selection 15 Bye. (Nothing)
Selection 16 I think Rika was more unfortunate. (Ray)
Selection 17 I’m going to take a break now! Take care! (Nothing)
18:24 – Explosion of Emotions
Selection 1 Yes, I did. (Nothing)
Selection 2 Doesn’t it feel like everyone is hiding something? (Ray)
Selection 3 Welcome, Zen the Gorgeous – (Nothing)
Selection 4 We were talking about Jumin. (Yoosung)
Selection 5 You should be nice to your relatives. (Nothing)
Selection 6 Whoa….isn’t that harsh? It was their daughter’s funeral…. (Yoosung)
Selection 7 Rika was adopted? (Nothing)
Selection 8 I didn’t know since Rika had a bright image… (Nothing)
Selection 9 It’s not easy to trust someone with secrets. (Nothing)
Selection 10 I think having someone next to you would help ^^; (Zen)
Selection 11 Yup. It is a heal-all-potion, the panacea. (Zen)
Selection 12 Don’t treat Yoosung like a child. He’s an adult. (Nothing)
Selection 13 I don’t think it’s a good idea to enforce your method. (Nothing)
Selection 14 Everyone might become more light-hearted when everyone reveals the truth! (Ray)
Selection 15 Seven maybe has a heart made of steel? (Nothing)
Selection 16 You can right through the wind with a VR game. (Nothing)
Selection 17 I hope you’re not taking your motorcycle for a trip around your neighborhood! (Nothing)
20:11 – Reason Behind the Curiosity
Selection 1 You’re on your way here? Wow… (Ray)
Selection 2 I’m not in my room yet…. (Nothing)
Selection 3 How much do you like me? (Ray)
Selection 4 I actually feel good. (Ray)
Selection 5 I acted naturally, not trying to pry out secrets. The AIs felt really natural…. (Nothing)
Selection 6 Yes! (Nothing)
 Story Mode – Going to the Garden… And She Doesn’t Make a Run For It
- Aren’t you busy? (Nothing)
- You talked about a garden. (Nothing)
- I want to go to that garden fast. (Nothing)
- It’s a little chilly. (Nothing)
- But…just what is this place? (Nothing)
- Already? I don’t want to go back. I feel trapped in there… (Nothing)
21:49 – Powder of the Coordinator!
Selection 1 Hi-ho (Nothing)
Selection 2 Yes-I went for a walk in the gardens. It was great. (Ray)
Selection 3 I don’t know….  (Nothing)
Selection 4 This time it’s an insurance scam? (Nothing)
Selection 5 I’m holding the phone right now. (707)
Selection 6 What else did you find out apart from that? (Nothing)
Selection 7 You really didn’t come in very often before lol (Nothing)
Selection 8 A tad later, please. (Nothing)
Selection 9 I don’t know… Perhaps he’s not sincere about it. (Ray)
Selection 10 Can I change the channel? (Nothing)
Selection 11 Yes, I’ll order one box, please… There’s someone here who needs it… (Nothing)
Selection 12 Bye, Mr. Advertiser. (Nothing)
23:07 – Another Level of Salvation
Selection 1 Hell, Jaehee! You’re up late! (Nothing)
Selection 2 Troubled times, these times… (Jaehee)
Selection 3 I have a bad feeling about this…. (Nothing)
Selection 4 Yes…I hope they stop before they create more victims. (V)
Selection 5 Yoosung, what have you been up to? (Nothing)
Selection 6 Was it effective?
Selection 7 Are you ordering Sevenstar Drink!?
Selection 8 Isn’t that a virus…? (Nothing)
Selection 9 Sniff..I smell something….the smell of a spaceship burning… (707)
Selection 10 I’m thankful that he’s became brighter… (Jaehee)
Selection 11 Go back to the game.
Selection 12 Sounds like good words, but it’s always better to do an adequate amount of good deed. (Nothing)
Selection 13 It may be happiness to those that want to be saved by force…
Selection 14 Why don’t we, the RFA, inherit and continue that!?
Selection 15 Yoosung, it might be time for you to look for professional help. (Nothing)
Selection 16 Whoa, interesting! (Nothing)
Selection 17 Let’s invite him! I wonder what his next costume will be after the leopard. (Email from neuropsychiatry)
Selection 18 Yoosung, you’re leaving in a speed of light. (Nothing)
Selection 19 I think he just needs a way to vent out like that for now. (Jaehee)
Selection 20 I think I should get some rest too.
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strangegreensoul · a year ago
My family emigrated to this country five generations ago... I'm the fourth born here... I carry last names that aren't theirs cos someone wouldn't pay attention while writing them down or they wouldn't understand a dialect. Sometimes I blame them sometimes I don't.
I don't know my family story, they had a farm, says my grandma. I ask names but they cant remember anymore.
One thing I know is my grandma's grandma was what we now call a witch, she passed that down to most of the women on her family. Her name was Calogera.
My father's grandma was an Arab descendant woman from whom I have no idea but her skin color and her name. Amalia. The woman that could actually buy enough food to make her family a fancy meal.
Another grandma had to leave her husband behind, a child or two came with her. She lived till she was 70. I cant remember her name. Her last name was Altavista. Another name that it's not in my family anymore.
My father's father is an asshole. He never loved his family, he now misses a wife that he cheated and mistreated her whole life. She died 10 years ago. He wants to dream about her but can't. My family says that's because he made her life miserable. Everyone hates him. He now sits alone in his house. We all grew apart from him. The children he would hit or mistreat. My father was practically raised by his uncle and a neighbor whom he spoke marvels of. He left his house at 16. Never went back. He hasn't talked to his father since my grandma died.
My grandma has six siblings, one of them died around two years ago. Two siblings. Twins. Were stolen when born, supposedly dead, one appeared a few weeks ago, he is alive and grew up 50 minutes away from my family's house. The other died a couple years ago. They say he was the living image of my great grandma. The sibling that still live are all women. I cant recall all their names but I know them by nicknames i gave them when i was a child. The funny. The grumpy, the witch and my grandma. Susana.
I dont want to forget my family.
My family is one of immigrants. Farmers. Woodworkers. All they did in their lives was work.
My grandpa was barely there when my mum and aunt grew up. He was working. He loves them fondly. My grandma and him managed to build a home. Several times. They are in love. 56 years of marriage. Political and economical instability broke them down but they got up again. My grandpa says they are happy cos I can go to college. They didn't finished school. My mum finished it at 50. They say my life is going to be better than theirs. The have big Hope's and dreams.
I learn about my family's homeland online, atleast i think that's it. The country is correct. The town isn't. Far folk and myths seem to be everywhere.
I dont want to forget my
My father's mother was an artist. Sometimes I think it was the only way she had to escape. She painted landscapes of forests and houses of stone. She talked to plants. I like to think she was a fae folk. The magic in her hands was passed down. My father is the best with plants, they remind him of her, he calls her by her name, not mum, Nelly. Her magic got to me too. I can do almost everything with my hands. My friends call me Plant Girl. Flora. I like to think she would be proud. Illness took her in a week. My family was never the same again. Her mother was still alive, noone would tell her she died. My mother did, everyone hated her for that. We never ate together at Sundays again after she died. My baby cousins barely remeber her. One of my aunts can't let her go. My older cousin was rised by her, she got her name tattooed. She'll graduate from college this year.
I dont want to forget
I have lots of cousins and a niece I don't know because her mother was 16 when she was born. The smallest one is 2, she has purple eyes. We used to meet a lot. My grandma died. I don't see them anymore. My father family is a mess. He loves his cousins fondly. We had lunch the other day. I found out my grandpa was sick. Cancer. 2009. He didn't die. He made a full recovery. Everyone hates him for that. My grandma died shortly after. He saw her best friend last week. She hates him. She told him the truth noone wanted to tell him. He deserves all that he haves now. He is alone. I felt pity for him for a long time, I dont anymore. I called him a couple months ago, he didn't notice it had been 4 years. The last time I saw his face he asked me for a naked picture. I told my mum, she doesn't let me go to his house anymore. I hanged up the phone. I have no more hope on him nor pity. He is a monster and deserves it. He never loved anyone.
My mother's mother family was from a farm. Her father was a drinker, her mother was forced to marry him. 7 kids 2 dead. He died when my grandma was a child. My greatgrandma fell in love again, he was married, they loved each other. She died alone. Catalina.
My mother's father mother died wanting to eat something she actually enjoyed. Victorina. She followed diets her whole life. People could talk. My mother and aunt did the same. Sometimes I think so many diet pills was what made them easier targets from cancer. My aunt was given 8 months of life when I was child. She decided to see the world. She had breast cancer. It's been 10 years. Last year she was told she was cancer free. We now travel together. My mum was diagnosed when I was 2, skin cancer. Surgeries left her body full of scars. She shows them proud. 5 months ago she finally got told that she was fine, that's was it. The cancer was gone.
When my mother was pregnant a economical and political crisis torn down the country. My father lost his job. The had to leave the house they loved behind. They came to the house we now leave at. When my mother was 6 months pregnant there was a problem. I was born with 7 months. A underweight child, no job, no education. They managed to bring me up. My mum tends to leave half her plate, says she is not hungry. Gives it to me. We are okay now.
I don't want to
My grandma tends to switch languages to make me smile. My grandpa takes pictures of us when we are cooking or sewing. They teach me everything they know. They say it is just in case. They dont want me to start from nothing as they did. I'm their only grandchild. At some point I will be alone, they'll leave me. All of them. My life is perfect now, I don't want it to change. My grandparents worked all their lives, they are paid the minimum.
All my family comes from this place I know I shouldn't call mine because it isn't where i am from, tho, I think it it where I belong. I'm afraid I won't belong nowhere in my life. The country I was born at usually doesn't feel like home. I dont want to emigrate but I know I most likely would have to. I love my country but still it doesn't feel like...
The violence and lack of work made my family come here and are the same thing that's going to make me or my children go back to their country. No. I won't be welcome there. Fourth generation, I can't apply for citizenship.
I don't want
When I was a child my grandparents had to sell their farm, my grandma got sick. They came to the city. She is fine. My grandpa is sad they had to leave behind that life. Victor. City air used to make them sick. They bough a small land in the countryside, made a home for all of us.
They got me a dog too. Moha. She is 12, I'm afraid I'll lose her. She is a puppy at soul. She loves that farm. A friend of my father found a turtle on the street. She's been with us for 13 years. She loves strawberries. Sol.
My mum says she'll teach me a healing prayer on Christmas, her mother tought her. Her mother was tought by her sister whom learned it from her grandma. My mum's greatgrandma. The witch.
I'll like to think there is something hidden about my family. There are too many of us for life to be so...
I don't
My grandma can't remember her grandma's name, I don't want that to happen to me. I want to remember them forever.
My greatgrandpa's name was Emilio. My mum says I'm like him. An anarchists, a naturist. He ate different types of meat in a sandwich, as i do. I never met him. He died. Someone on the street stole his pension money. He was so angry.
Two years ago I went to the cemetery with my grandpa, we went visit his mother. I saw him cry for the first time. She is in a beautiful place. Someone stole the cross from her grave.
There are people that roam my house at night, my mum says I shouldn't worry. That it is her grandma, the woman from the cemetery. I know it's not just her, my grandma visits from time to time too. There is a dog in the garden too. We say hi to hummingbirds and monarch butterflies cos my grandma used to love them. They are her messengers.
My grandpa's grandpa was one of three sibling that emigrated here. My father half knows something of the bloodline of one, the other was lost for a long time. I started college. We had a group assignment. I'm used to spelling my last name but this girl tells me to just tell her cos she is used to. She tells me she knows my last name. No one does. She was the classmate of triplets with the same name on secondary school. I cry when I get home that day, it's the first time I heard of someone with my name. I'm so happy. My father tells me I have a cousin that has it too, the girl that left when she got pregnant. I've never seen that classmate again. I have so many questions but I know it's dumb to ask her. She wouldn't know.
I visited my grandparents. We made a genealogical tree. I know so many people now. I have everyone written down. I learn names and places that I've never heard before. Grandma and I laught for hours, now i can keep track when she talks about her cousins.
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