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#and his charm is so    natural and unforced
class1akids · a year ago
[1/2] I'm planning to write a bakudeku fic set in the canon and I plan to develop their romantic relationship in the most likely and unforced way possible, so I wanted to ask you how you would develop it and if you have any advice to give me. For example what should I avoid? And how do you think they can develop romantic feelings for each other? And what would be canonically plausible for you? Sorry if I +
[2/2] Sorry if I disturb you but I love your metas and you have an objective way of seeing the various characters and the various relationships so I think your opinion would really help me! Of course answer me only if you feel like it and it's not too much trouble for you! (If someone else wants to reply in the comments I'm more than happy to read them!)
I’m not much of a romance writer myself, and I tend to enjoy more offbeat stories than straight-up tooth-rotting fluff. So remember, something that I may find nice or realistic could be a total turn-off for others.
I think for canon bkdk, the key is to build up the friendship properly first. You need to figure out where you want to set your story in canon? If you are setting it now - end of first year, beginning of second year - I think it’s more tricky to develop a realistic romance than let’s say setting it at the end of third-year, beginning of pro-Hero time where you can conveniently do a time-skip and pretend that they are already good friends and worked out all their problems. 
Tumblr media
If you are talking current relationship, BKDK is more rivals with grudging respect, with a ton of unresolved history, who keep each other at arms’ lengths, until they inevitably collide and blow up in some spectacular fashion. They can talk about OFA or cooperate in a battle, but they still move mostly in separate social orbits and don’t really discuss personal things except when they are yelling and fighting. 
So the first thing is to fix their friendship. This will require personal growth on both sides, though admittedly mostly on the angry gremlin’s side. He’ll need to become more emotionally honest (even with himself), be able to take risks at being vulnerable, learn to emote through other ways than anger and continue to become more outward looking. It would help to develop more empathy so he can learn to see things from Deku’s point of view. 
Here you could try to use as a shortcut a catalyst like a bodyswap, soulbond or truth-telling quirk (anything that can provide a window inside each other’s head a bit), or just meeting a person who could be a stand-in for Deku (like a quirkless kid who’s being bullied) so he can look at it as an outsider. 
Bakugou needs to get to the place where he both sees how fucked-up his treatment of Deku was, and wants to do something about it.  BKDK has a ton of baggage, which makes writing a healthy romance tricky (unless you want to write unhealthy coping mechanism romance, which has its own charm), so I think it’s good if they somehow clear the air in this “growing friendship” stage. An apology from Bakugou and Deku expressing his feelings would be good, so they’ll have sort of a clean start. Obviously it will never be in a vacuum totally, but they should have a shift here where they put the past behind them (it can rear up its ugly head sometimes though, that’s good tension, but sparingly).
Then continue to build intimacy - in whatever way. My preferred drug is mutual emotional support (and the keyword here is mutual!), but revisiting childhood memories (the good ones), developing their own little communication where they understand each other without words or developing a routine - e.g. training together, or make them sit together even after AM is gone in the breakroom, drinking tea - whatever you like. They should become each other’s best champions.
One of my favourite tropes are BKDK deciding to date for real and them realizing that it’s the same stuff they’d been doing for months/years. Like eating out, geeking out about hero stuff - this sort of stuff.  And also how effortlessly they are able to handle each other once they clear the air, like Deku becomes an expert of diffusing Bakugou’s anger without giving an inch, and Bakugou can snap Deku out of whatever spiral he gets into. 
I guess there’d have to be an AHA moment, where one or both realizes a sexual attraction. There is no need to overdo this bit, but like there can be subtle hints here or there before. Like establishing how a touch feels, borrowing clothes from each other, checking each other out. Here, I think some emotional constipation / overanalysis  / hiding stuff would not be out of character. (I hate love triangles, so I wouldn’t do that). 
Then there should be some sort of breakthrough - a moment that lowers their walls - this could be due to a quirk, drink, physical danger, injury etc that could push out a confession. Or it can happen on a random Tuesday night when one side just decides that they are sick of hiding. Both can work well. 
What I personally don’t like in some BKDK fics (but then again, it’s your story):
- when their relationship doesn’t feel equal - dainty Deku heart-eyeing strong hero Bakugou or strong Deku fixing poor broken Bakugou. 
- when either of them is given God-mode and can never be wrong - let them both screw up, let them both shine
- dragging the childhood bullying into the romance endlessly or pretending it never existed - neither is good. I like when the fic deals with the baggage. 
- when the romance turns them into pink, fluffy bunnies. Remember that you build on an existing canon dynamics and their friendship should be the foundation of the romance. So the romance shouldn’t erase their personalities - Bakugou should stay rough around the edges, Deku should stay himself, they both are hyper-focused on their hero goals, etc. These should remain there in essence. 
There is no need to drag down Kirishima or Todoroki to develop BKDK. Canon friendships can and should remain. 
These are my main no-no’s. 
But anyone having an opinion, please chime in. 
In the end, experiment with whatever feels natural to you - the most important thing is to have fun and be excited about your own project. 
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hana-thepacifista-child · 9 months ago
Hana’s parents (FOIOP rework)
Tumblr media
(( A new updated story for Hana’s parents.)) Rosie was a Celestial Dragon that lived safe and sound miles above the Glowing Sea in the Holy Land. She was the youngest sister out of her and her older sister Orchid. Although Orchid was the eldest sibling, her parents had a hard time marrying her off because most suitors didn’t find her that charming. Upon learning that Rosie was the more favored of the two siblings, she was placed for suitors instead. This caused envy to fill Orchid’s heart to the point were she resented her younger sister.  Rosie grew up inspired by stories about Donquixote Homing’s bravery to leave Marijoa for the lower realm, even though the stories told to her by fellow Celestial Dragons were in a negative light.  Rosie had tried one time to visit the wasteland but her royal caravan had been assaulted by ravenous pirate raiders not long after her departure. This caused Rosie’s parents to demand the World Government  to send them a body guard for their youngest daughter. Rosie was sent a pacifista marked as PX-21. Rosie thought that the pacifista was odd, she would notice that when no one was looking it would do something human; like scratch an itch, brush off some debris, or fix its hat. One day she caught the pacifista looking through her father’s favorite novel. When she made her presence known the pacifista was very weary of Rosie. It was afraid of what the Celestial Dragon would do to it now that she had discovered its secret.  A pacifista with consciousness wasn’t a real oddity, though their presence was very unwelcomed. Rosie could remember the older Celestials telling scary stories about how Bartholomew Kuma damned the world. It was said that after Kuma’s final surgery, his soul was expelled into hell were he made a deal with the devil. There were many variations of the deal, but the most popular one was that the devil would give Kuma his vengeance on the Celestial Dragons and in return Kuma would send the devil one million maiden souls. It was said Kuma was able to do this by allowing demons to possess pacifistas as vessels and from there they would seduce a maiden. The maiden would be cursed to bare an unholy creature that would reek unimaginable havoc upon the world.  Rosie remembered the scared faces of the other children at the thought of hellish creatures lurking in the lower realm, waiting to avenge the Tyrant Kuma. The Five Elders of course had been more concerned with these mutants. Reports and studies showed that these Ursa Minors had a unique Lineage Factor that enhanced certain aspects of their mothers race. A human Ursa Minor could be born with high intelligence, endurance, or strength. A Fishman or mermaid Ursa Minor could be more resistant to the radiation and other diseases that now plagued the world while those who are from the Long Arm and Long Leg tribe were very flexible than their non mutant relatives and seem to have a talent in jury rigging. Rosie didn’t know how far spread these Ursa Minors were but certainly not all of them were bloodthirsty mutants, right? Rosie had decided to give PX-21 a chance and showed kindness towards the human weapon. PX-21 slowly began to trust the Celestial Dragon and the two would eventually become close friends, trusting each other with their unspoken thoughts. For Rosie she wanted to go back down to the lower realms and live in the wasteland. PX-21 was very confused as to why someone who was born into a privileged life would want to leave for the chaotic world that was the wasteland. Rosie revealed that she could never really relate to her fellow nobles. Being in Marijoa always made her feel unwelcomed even if her people were friendly towards her. Even though the Celestial Dragons currently had the most freedom, it always felt like Rosie had to tip toe around glass. The tradition and ways of the Celestial Dragons felt like a constricting snake around her neck and with each holiday or specific rule the snake’s grip grew tighter. The choking grip came when Rosie’s parents had showed her the traditions of slavery. PX-21 asked Rosie what she would do if she lived in the wasteland. Rosie always had a fondness for gardening and thought about starting a farm, if the wasteland’s soil was still capable of supporting life. Rosie thought of starting her own traditions, were she provided for the wasteland rather than take. In return Rosie had asked the pacifista what he would do if he had been given freedom. PX-21 responded with something he thought sounded cheesy. “I’d live life to the fullest. I would wake up and admire each morning I was free, no matter how harsh the wasteland got. I’d just be happy being alive and free in mind.”  PX-21 had said this with sincereness, a dreamy smile on his face. He then looked over to Rosie, nervous. “And I would like it if....if you were there with me to enjoy that freedom.” Rosie felt her cheeks glow as the pacifista had revealed his love for her. She realized that her time with the Kuma look a like had drew her closer to him. This feeling felt so natural and unforced that it felt alien to the Celestial Dragon. For the first time this was her choice to make, no influence from any outside forces. “I..I’d like that very much.” Was all Rosie was able to say. Now PX-21′s cheeks were blushing as Rosie gently cupped his face and drew his lips to hers. The two shared a passionate kiss, they could feel each others heart beats through their kiss until they joined in unison. When the two finally part they knew they were meant for each other. They wanted to make their dreams a reality and the first step towards that was to escape Marijoa. It wasn’t easy as the two had to keep Rosie’s family and the other residents off their trail. Worry rose in the couple as Orchid seemed to be catching on to the pairs escape plans, so much so they were forced to leave ahead of schedule. It was late into the night as Rosie and PX-21, now calling himself Minoru snaked their way through the Holy Land’s security. After climbing over the wall separating Marijoa from the rest of the Red Line, Rosie took a tablet of radiation prevention medicine before being swooped up in Minoru’s arms. He sprinted with his fiancée in tow before jumping off of the Red Line. Their new lives begin today.
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davidmann95 · a year ago
Thoughts on team JNPR? Mainly Nora really, I love all my children, but she really is my favorite
Tumblr media
JNPR fills its role well: they’re never going to be center stage for long, they’re not the group the show’s named after, but they’re backup payers with lives and stakes all their own that establish how much everything that’s going on matters to those outside our immediate main characters, and can serve to either act as counterpoints to them or take point themselves in the rare circumstances where RWBY proper don’t have much to bounce off of. While no one of them on their own drives the story to the same extent as the four leads, their collective journey is as central as any in the series.
Jaune’s maybe the most interesting, purely because at the start he’s kind of the Worst, but he evolves into maybe the most pointed and crushingly sympathetic articulation of the series’ themes. Not that he’s some sort of awful human being in his first appearance - I mean, no more so than any other 17 year old, though it’s easy to have seen him turning out a not-so-pleasant person under different circumstances - but he grates hard, especially with the come-ons to Weiss. But in that regard he’s actually just as important an audience identification figure as Ruby, just from the opposite end: he’s the fan who grew up on stories but didn’t learn all the right lessons, even if by his basic nature he’s a decent-hearted dude who wants to help. Even as the dopey well-meaning dork (which is probably what makes him so valuable an audience surrogate for learning this lesson given the fans likely to be watching him) his entire story is about toxic masculinity - he’d rather endanger and humiliate himself and push away the first person to ever believe in him rather than admit he can’t be a Cool Male Lead Protagonist, but with support and love he’s able to pull his head out of his ass and figure out how to properly care for himself and those around him the way he wants to, even coming to his biggest self-realizations on his own. When he loses Pyrrha he quietly shuts down almost entirely for 3 seasons to stew in his heartbreak and guilt, with most of the rare instances of breaking that silence aside from standard friendly banter being sharp little moments of pain unmasked. He internalizes and tries to remain stoic and ‘heroic’ to force himself onwards until it nearly gets him killed, and the only solution is to finally realize he’s not culpable for others’ decisions and fully accept the love of those still in his life. His story is one of constantly getting out of his own way and over an unattainable unhealthy macho ideal, and in so doing he’s become the hero he set out to be; he’s the character who’s there to learn the lessons of the show.
Also I fully support his absolutely terrible new haircut, because I can 100% believe that on the road to recovery he would think “Okay, life isn’t so bad - I’m doing better, I still have people who love me, I’m becoming who I’ve always wanted to be! Heck, I’m kinda cool at this point after maybe if I try being cool this time it’ll work out better?” and then that happens.
Nora and Ren sort of have to be discussed together. Not because they’re not distinct from one another - they’re the *most* distinct, that’s the entire point of them - or even because they’re not good in isolation, but because what works so well about each of them is most plainly displayed around each other. They’re a simple, charming dynamic of boisterous fun lady/quiet wise dude until you learn about Kuroyuri and see the ways they let their guard down with each other when on their own, and understand how much of his discipline and reserved disposition are in response to his trauma, while her *everything* is reveling in having all that she didn’t grow up with and holding on as tight as she can (really, she might be the most emotionally well-adjusted character in the series). There’s this casual unforced tenderness with the two of them, and eventually letting Jaune all the way into their little family when he needs them most is one of the most powerful moments in the series. Though I could see their story being essentially done pending another shakeup - unless they really want to go into Nora’s background or their presumed years on the road together, but while interesting I don’t know that it’s necessary - they’re enduringly valuable members of the group dynamic and some of the easiest characters to root for. And Boop is top ten songs in the series, maybe top 5.
Finally there’s Pyrrha, who’s a fundamentally brilliant idea from jump: the translation of the great, noble and honorable golden knight archetype to a context where sword-wielding mythic heroes are common enough that there’s a high school for them is a really nice but kinda awkward high-achiever who’s been pushed into a celebrity she never asked for. And of course it’s the audience surrogate in Jaune who’s learning about this world alongside us who doesn’t know her any more than we do and therefore just regards her as another member of the cast unlike everyone else in her life. Watching the two of them slowly tear down each others’ barriers - his insecurities and overcompensating, her uncertainty and exacting composure forced on her by circumstance - and seeing the best in each other as they were the first to come to one another blind is a simple arc but maybe the best executed of those original 3 volumes, and that love story and her inherent nobility gives her ultimately having to do what heroes often do the emotional force necessary to be the primal underlying loss propelling the journey from there on out. Her role going forward is for me one of the biggest question marks the show has to offer: Lost provides what would seem a resolution for JNR, but as noted, she and what her loss represents are SO fundamental that it really *can’t* be the last time it comes up in a major way when there are still at least several seasons remaining. Whether the emotions and consequences of her passing are going to be dug up further, or if a resurrection could in fact be in the cards (which I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to given some odd details of her death in the first place and that it’s certainly possible to imagine it being done well, but that would be a frighteningly fine needle to thread without pulling apart so much of what works about these characters and themes; really, the possibilities and risks there would be a whole other piece unto itself), she’s central in life and death alike as an ideal, as a champion and a martyr and a friend, that every other hero remains silently defined against.
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kinounaniresource · 2 years ago
Interview with Uchino Seiyou
This interview was also posted in April when the show was about to start. I’ve translated a similar interview with Nishijima Hidetoshi here.
Tumblr media
The show is based on a popular manga. What did you find appealing about the manga?
The manga is written by a female author, but the story is also relatable to a guy like me. The art is very detailed, I like the facial microexpressions. Centering the story around a gay couple makes it different from the mainstream, and I thought it was just a really great manga overall. The cooking scenes are all mouth-watering, making you want to try the recipes.
I’ve played a gay character before on stage, but this is my first time on screen, so I was excited to be able to see my gay self. I also knew I’d be playing next to Nishijima-san, who I thought was perfect for the role, so I was thrilled to accept the role. I’m glad the project is finally taking off.
You said you were excited to get to see yourself as Kenji. How did you prepare for the role?
Since you can’t actually hear the characters speak in the manga, I’ve been studying the lines and Kenji’s facial expressions to figure out how he talks. You really have to think about how feminine you can make him sound. There’s a scene where a lady hits on him at work. So, I thought maybe his way of speaking isn’t that feminine, and I should make him sound like someone who could be perceived as straight.
Shiro-san is a lawyer, so he isn’t out due to his position, which puts him under a lot of stress. Compared to him, Kenji can live out and proud, so I thought maybe he isn’t as afraid to appear slightly feminine in some moments. That sort of thing. I’m constantly figuring this stuff out as I play him.
What is your impression of Nishijima Hidetoshi-san?
When I first met him, I thought to myself, “What a beautiful man.” That’s how strong his aura is. He’s a gentleman through and through, you can’t find any dirt on him. I’m a hot-blooded guy, whereas he is very calm and rational. Discussing our performances with him is easy because he is always so down-to-earth about it.
Nishijima-san’s Shiro-san feels like he’d jumped out of the manga and come to life, so I don’t think they could’ve topped this casting. I obviously get a lot of inspiration from the manga, but also from Nishijima Hidetoshi-san as an actor, so working with him is fun.
Nishijima-san praised your performance as Kenji, calling you cute.
Seriously? Maybe he was just trying to flatter me. I’m sure some people will find my performance a turn-off.
Is there something that you’re paying special attention to in order to embody Kenji’s cuteness?
I’m not sure how to answer this since I don’t know what’s cute about me. But I think, whether you’re a man or a woman, when you do something 100% from the bottom of your heart, whether it’s crying or sulking, in those moments you’re cute. So I’ve made it a rule to give 100% of myself when I’m with Shiro-san.
Kenji’s blood type is O, while Shiro-san is either A or B. In contrast to Shiro-san who counts every yen, Kenji’s defining characteristic is that he’s very easy-going. He’s like a big dog expecting to get a treat if he just stays close to Shiro-san.
I’m type AB, so I’ve always admired those who are type O. I understand Shiro-san so well that I almost want to ask if we could switch roles once a month. The challenge has been to convey the charm of a character whose temper is very different from me.
How do you see Nishijima-san’s Shiro-san?
Cool (heart symbol), like that. Kenji likes Saeba Ryou from City Hunter, and he sees him in Shiro-san. “Oh my god! I’ve found Saeba Ryou!”
Nishijima-san’s performance is very unforced, so I can believe that he is Shiro-san. We have a food stylist who prepares all the food seen on the show, but our chemistry is so natural that I almost feel like Nishijima-san has cooked for me.
Perhaps the feeling is mutual, because Nishijima-san said he’s still thinking about you after he gets home.
In that case, I’m still thinking about him in bed.
I feel like there’s a bit of Kenji in your body language, or should I say femininity...
(Spreads legs, lowers voice) Me?!
You became a different person! I’m in Kenji’s costume now so it might be because I’m still in character, but in the past a lot of my female co-stars have pointed out that the way I talk is feminine. My co-star Yamamoto Kouji-kun has said the same, so maybe I’m wired that way.
In one scene Kenji gets really jealous because of a text from a woman. Was it different from playing a different-sex couple?
Jealousy happens regardless of sexuality, so it wasn’t different in any way. However, Kenji is an emotional guy, so I play him with a lot of range. Nishijima-san was like, “You went there!? Didn’t see that coming.” He freaked out.
Gay couples belong to a sexual minority, so there is a tendency for straight people to view their world as unusual, but having spent time talking to them, I think they really aren’t that different from straight relationships. That’s why I play this couple as I would play a straight couple. However, depending on your perspective, a man getting so excited over stuff may seem funny, but for this character those feelings are real, so I want to play them with honesty.
How do you create the natural ease between Shiro-san and Kenji?
These characters hug and kiss in their daily life, but maybe because we’re both guys, you can get a bit shy. When that happens, you can’t be authentic in the moment. That’s the challenge. I thought that maybe we should hug for 30 minutes before shooting. We talk about it and do fine-tuning from scene to scene. This couple has a physical relationship just like a straight couple would. The challenge lies in Yoshinaga-sensei not showing it. Creating a bond that feels lived-in without physical intimacy is difficult for us. Nishijima-san and I have talked about how to recreate Yoshinaga-sensei’s world with the physical relationship also in mind. We often talk about how we think they’re like in bed. Well, maybe not often. Sometimes. You need to play these characters in a way that hints at what’s behind the curtain even if the audience can’t see it, and if we’re not on the same page, it won’t translate. Authenticity emerges from physical intimacy and communication, so Nishijima-san and I are aware of the gravity of it.
Promo pics from the show were met with excitement from fans of the manga who called the reproduction 100% accurate. Is there anything you keep in mind when doing a show that’s based on an existing story?
I do feel the pressure. I respect the original work, so my approach is to take parts that I think are good, absorb them, and give them a human form. However, since you have actual humans playing these characters from the page, some divergence is inevitable. I think the more you like the manga, the less amenable you’ll be. I’m the same. That’s pretty much unavoidable, so if we can make the fans feel like this could be one version of the story, we’re doing something right. It all depends on how well we’re able to absorb the allure of the manga.
We’re shooting for three months, so sometimes I go back to the manga to get a feel for the vital parts. Kenji is neither tall nor slender, but I hope everyone can still enjoy the live action versions of these characters.
Your character doesn’t cook. Do you?
I sometimes follow recipes from Cookpad, but mostly my cooking consists of grilling fish or meat and frying vegetables, nothing fancy. Doing this show has made me want to try out some of Shiro-san’s recipes, so I have them saved onto my phone. Do you have any favorite meals or meals you’re looking forward to on the show?
They were all my favorites... I really liked the hearty soumen and the takikomi gohan. What I’m looking forward to is the course Shiro-san makes every Christmas: spinach lasagna, mentaiko dip, red wine. Can hardly wait.
We asked Nishijima-san what he would like to cook for you, and his answer was the Christmas course. We’re on the same wavelength.
What would you do for him in return?
Probably say, ”so good” like Kenji. I’d pay him back with my sincerity.
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elliemarchetti · 2 years ago
Somewhere to Start (part 4)
Aka there’s a little trouble in Krumione's paradise 
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Words: 1263
Hermione got up early on Monday morning and dressed up absent-mindedly: someone had noticed Viktor’s absence on Saturday night and the gossip had come from the Durmstrang ship to the Gryffindor common room, where Ginny, like the intelligent person she was, had connected the dots. When she had told her the previous evening that they would have breakfast together before the lessons started because they had to talk, using the same accusatory tone Mrs. Weasley used when she needed to make her children confess something, Hermione had been caught off guard: all Sunday, although she had spent almost the whole day trying to help Harry with the dragons’ dilemma, she had heard whispers and assumptions, made mainly by the female student body, about where Viktor was and what he had done the previous night, but none of them contemplated her. The theory with more supporters was that Viktor and Fleur had gone out together and swam naked in Great Lake, but Hermione couldn’t understand on what it was based on, since the two champions of the foreign delegations  never spoke to each other, at least as she knew. For a while the thought that someone might think that Viktor and Fleur were a beautiful couple, that it was natural for them to get together, had annoyed her: she had known, though not so thoroughly, the boy behind the public figure and it was a lot more than a pretty face and a charming foreign accent, something that Hermione couldn’t have said about Fleur. In the end she realized that she certainly didn’t have to be influenced by unfounded gossip, although the idea that everyone saw Viktor as someone ready to see a girl naked made her uncomfortable. Would they also see her as an easy girl, if someone had discovered their meetings in the library? Her friends surely didn’t, since they were waiting for her at the Gryffindor table, obviously curious, but also willing to respect her time, provided it wasn’t too long.
“"Well!“ Ginny snapped after about ten minutes. "How did it go?”
Hermione sighed. How had it gone? They had done forbidden things together, which had been exciting, and he had trusted her and her spell skills so much that she could use a Bedazzling Hex on him. It had been the best compliment anyone could have done to her, as well as a very intimate moment, although no one else would have called it like that. And when he suggested that they could hold their hand to not get lost, it had been tender and utterly unforced, which she had feared it would’ve been if they kissed. But even those were things that could not be said, because Angelina, although it was evident that something was happening between her and Fred, would have killed to say that she had kissed the best seeker in the world. So Hermione thought that indescribable was the best of the answers, although it didn’t seem to satisfy the two girls, who were hoping to learn more.
“How did he behave?” asked Ginny, sounding more and more like a mother, or an older sister,  and not as the youngest of the group. Hermione didn’t even have time to think about it, let alone to reply, for an ecstatic murmur rose from the Ravenclaw table, where the Beauxbatons delegation was. An owl as white as snow had just dropped a beautiful white rose, which apparently she must have received from a secret admirer,  in front of Fleur.
“I’m sure it’s from Viktor. How romantic!” exclaimed Emma Vanity, snatching an amused smile from Angelina. Hermione turned to search for Viktor’s eyes but he didn’t look at her, all caught up in a thick conversation with his friends. No one seemed particularly pleased, but Hermione could not hear what they were saying with all the fuss that the girls who had risen to congratulate, though Hermione didn’t quite understand for what, with Fleur were doing and furthermore would not understand a word, certain that they were arguing in the their native language.
“Surely from Viktor.” Ginny said, imitating Emma’s dreamy voice, and although her friends seemed certain that he would never do such a thing, the seed of doubt and uncertainty had been planted in Hermione’s mind, so much so that she managed to avoid Viktor helping Harry to train and focusing on the study and lessons with extreme fervor until Tuesday. She shouldn’t have, but she had followed Harry and Professor McGonagall to the champion’s tent, which was where she and Viktor first saw the dragons. She didn’t know what she wanted to do, maybe revise the spell with Harry one last time, but being there again made her even miss their fingers intertwined together so she hid in the bush, waiting for the woman to go away, and then sneaked near one of the flaps. Inside Ludo Bagman talked about what was going to happen, informing the champions that as soon as the public had sat down he would give them a bag from which to extract a model of the dragon they were going to face. Hermione mentally reviewed the information she had accumulated over the course of those days. The Common Welsh Green was certainly the least dangerous, although no one had to be underestimated, while both the Swedish Short-Snout and the Chinese Fireball had their deadly peculiarities. The Hungarian Horntail was certainly the one to be feared most because of the spikes coming out of her tail and the fire range of more than one hundred and sixty yards. Hermione prayed that neither Viktor nor Harry draw him out, but she almost let out a curse when, by exclusion, she realized that it would be her best friend to face her.
“Well, here we are!” exclaimed Bagman. “Each of you extracted the dragon you will face, and the numbers refer to the order in which you will challenge them, understand? Now I must leave, because I will do the commentary. Mr. Diggory, you are the first: you mustn’t make nothing more than going into the fence when you hears the sign, all right? Now, Harry, can I tell you two words outside?”
Harry replied affirmatively, and although she was curious to hear what he wanted to tell him that made Bagman act all secretively, she waited for them to go away just enough so that they wouldn’t see her enter the tent. She acted so instinctively that she didn’t even know what to say when she attracted the gaze of all the three occupants. Not that it was somehow necessary: ​​Viktor almost ran to her and held her in an embrace so strong that he risked breaking her ribs.
“What are you doing here?” he asked, once he had let her go, but he didn’t even give her time to reply that he already reminded her that she shouldn’t have been there and that if they discovered her she would get into trouble.
“I had to see you…” she whispered, sounding like a child. She didn’t know how to apologize to him, she didn’t know how to tell him that she should never have avoided him, especially at a time like this, only because of her insecurities and some stupid gossip, so she said nothing and let him embrace her again, although this more hastily. A whistle sounded in the air, and Cedric stepped out of the tent, giving them a last puzzled look. Perhaps that scene hadn’t mitigated his concern, but as long as nothing wrong happened, she didn’t care that much.
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canyouimaginethatstory · 2 years ago
11. Secret rendez-vous (Lucifer/OC Imagine)
Imagine: #1.   You living with the boys, but secretly dating Lucifer. #2.  Lucifer becoming fond of you since your the only one who seems to keep in mind he is actually an angel.
Summary: Roselynn Winchester is the younger sister of the boys. She's smart, just as good at hunting as her brothers, knows anything and maybe all things lore she can find, oh yeah the one thing her brothers don't know is, she's dating Lucifer. When the brothers go away for a hunt she gets some much needed time with her archangel. (Massive amounts of Luci fluff!). 
This is a work of my own.
Roselynn sat in the bunker library with her two older brothers reading a lore book on sirens. Not because they had to hunt one, but because she found them kinda cool. “Find anything yet?” Dean asked Sam.
“Yeah,” Sam said, “I think it’s vampire’s next a few towns over,”. She tuned her brothers out as she read. Suddenly she heard an all to familiar voice in her head.
“Hello, my beautiful rose,” Every time he called her that a big smile always spread across her face.
“Hey my handsome devil,” she thought back. She knew he’d hear her.
“So the town is about a two-day drive?” She heard Dean ask. Sam nodded.
“Are dumb and dumber home?” she heard him ask her.
“They are now, but they’ll be leaving soon for a hunt,” she answered.
“For how long?” Roselynn could hear the hope in his thoughts.
“Two days,” she thought back.
“You comin with Rosie?” Dean asked. She rolled her eyes at her oldest brother’s nickname for her.
“No, I’m feeling a little blah today,” she lied, “maybe Cas will go with you,”.
“Two whole days with my lovely rose,” she smiled, “let me know when you’re sure they’re gone,”.
“Promise,” she thought back as she watched her brothers pack for the hunt. She was soon following her three brothers (she always considered Cas a brother too) out to the Impala. She gave them each a hug and told them to be careful. She decided to wait about half an hour to make sure they were gone. While she waited she got ready. She put her red hair up in a messy bun, threw on her favorite pair of pajama shorts and a T-shirt that said “Lil Miss Devil” on it in red glitter. She knew he loved the shirt. After she knew it was safe she called him using their little private way of talking when her brothers were around. “They’re gone,”. Not even two minutes later she felt a pair of strong, cold arms wrap around her and she smiled.
“Hey there dove,” he whispered into her ear as he pressed his cool lips softly to her neck. She smiled and leaned against her archangel. She turned her head to gaze into those beautiful blue eyes.
“How is my angel today?” she asked.
“I’m much better now,” he said resting his head against her’s, “I missed you,”. She smiled.
“I missed you too,” she turned around in his arms and planted a soft kiss on his lips. Then she got to see the one thing she loved so much. Lucifer’s actual genuinely happy, unforced smile. There was so much more to the fallen angel everyone either couldn’t or refused to see. Yes, he was the devil as humans called him and yes he could be evil, but with her, he was one hundred percent the opposite. He was sweet, loving, gentle, protective. Everything she could have ever hoped for.
“So what does my beautiful rose wanna do?” he asked as he snapped and made a white rose appear in her hair. She always blushed when he did that.
“Well I was gonna make some lunch,” she said.
“Oh no,” he said sweeping her up in his arms bridal style. She giggled, “my princess is not gonna slave away at a stove. Not when her prince is here to care for her,”.
“Well, what a lucky princess she is,” she giggled as she kissed him again. He carried her to her room and laid her on the bed.
“How about lunch in bed?” he asked.
“Only if I get snuggles with my prince after,” she said.
“Whatever you request my princess,” he said as he leaned down and gave her a soft, sweet kiss, “now what would you like for lunch?”.
“Hmm,” she hummed thinking for a minute, “something sweet, but fruit related,”. He smiled and snapped his fingers and a tray with a bowl of freshly melted chocolate and fresh strawberries appeared. She went to pick up a strawberry and he gently grabbed her hand.
“No no,” he said as he grabbed a berry and dipped it in the chocolate, “allow me,”. He held the berry up to her mouth and she bit into it with a giggle.
“You gonna spoil me you keep that up,” she said.
“A princess should be spoiled,” he said feeding her another berry, “especially mine,”. That went on for a while until she was full and he made the tray vanish.
“Now someone promised me royal cuddles,” she fake pouted. He chuckled and laid on the other side of the bed and pulled her to him with her back facing him. They laid there for a while as he took her hair out of the bun so he could play with it. He would switch between running his fingers through her hair to gently massaging her head. She felt herself dozing off, but smiled when she heard Lucifer start to sing.
“There’s a lady who’s sure, all that glitters is gold, and she’s buying a stairway to heaven,” Lucifer would sing her Stairway to Heaven all the time. He remembered the first time she heard him sing it. She said it was like an angel was singing it. He then chuckled as her cheeks turned rosy pink and she realized what she said. He was sure that was the moment she had stolen his heart. As he finished the song he smiled at the peacefully sleeping woman in his arms. He hadn't planned on falling in love with her, but now he couldn’t picture himself without her.
When they first met he was sure she would hate him just like everyone else. They had first met when her brothers and his brother Gabriel had tricked him in order to open a rift to apocalypse world. As she watched Castiel cut his throat he saw her wince and thought he caught a glimpse of sympathy in her eyes. Then when he managed to get free and jumped into the rift, he managed to gain some trust by saving Sam and letting them handcuff him. Her brothers never caught on, but the whole time they were there she would sneak in little talks with him. The moment he started to warm up to her was in the junkyard after he and Gabriel had their little spat. Lucifer was still by the truck, but Gabriel had walked away. “Hey,” he heard someone say and looked beside him to see Roselynn, He was a little shocked when she gently grabbed his hand, “just because that’s what he says and thinks, doesn’t make it true,”. She then got up on the tips of her toes and planted a kiss on his cheek and with a smile walked away. Then he remembered when Sam had pushed him down and told him he wasn’t going back. The look of anger on her face caught him by surprise. It looked like she wanted to protest, but Sam pushed her through the rift before she could say anything.
He decided he was gonna spend these two days pampering her. Usually, he would sneak in at night and they would stay in her room so the bone heads wouldn’t find out. He very rarely got her all to himself. He kissed the top of her head and just held her for a while then got up and to go plan the rest of the day with her.
She woke up about eight that night. She felt more well rested than she had in a while. The hunting life does that. She looked around but didn’t see Lucifer anywhere. She walked out of her room and into the living room where she spotted her angel reading. “There’s my sleeping beauty,” he said getting up and walking over to her. She smiled as he wrapped his arms around her, “sleep well?”.
“Very,” she answered.
“Feel like going somewhere?” he asked.
“Where?” she asked.
“That’s a surprise,” he said.
“Sure,” she said, “let's go,”. He smiled and snapped his fingers and she was dressed in a warm sweater, coat, jeans, and snow boots. He was wearing a thick leather jacket. She looked confused.
“It’s cold where we’re going,” he said as he wrapped his arms around her, “ready?”. She nodded, “Then close your eyes?” he said. She did and held onto him. She felt the ground shift for a moment then they were still. She felt him turn her around. “Open your eyes,” he softly told her. She did and gasped. He had taken her to see the actual northern lights. They were so beautiful. She smiled as she watched the purple and green lights mix together and shimmer in the midnight blue sky. Lucifer walked her over to a blanket he had laid out on the ground. He sits down and pulled her into his lap and they just stared at the lights. When she knew he wasn’t paying attention she would stare at him. She loved the way he seemed to completely relax when he was focused on something nature related. She loved to listen to him go on about how it was his father’s last flawless creation both plants and animals included. The pure admiration in his eyes when he talked about or was around nature made her heart flutter. Like now, his eyes were glued on the lights. A small, peaceful smile on his face. She smiled, kissed his cheek, and rested her head on his shoulder. After a while he noticed her starting to shiver. “Do you want to go home?” he asked.
“Whenever you're ready,” she said. Not wanting to take him away from the lights if he was enjoying them. He smiled and before she knew it they were back at the bunker on her bed. She looked down and noticed she was in a pair of warm pajamas.
“Did you enjoy yourself?” he asked. She smiled.
“I did,” she said, “the lights were even more breathtaking then I thought,”.
“Only your beauty can compare,” he said caressing her cheek. He swore he could get lost in her hazel eyes.
“My charming angel,” she said. He leaned in and gave her a slow, passionate kiss. Needless to say, they spent the rest of the night in bed. The next morning Roselynn woke up. She looked around but didn’t see Lucifer. She did spot a note on her nightstand with a rose on it. It said he would be in the kitchen. That's when she noticed the sweet smell of either pancakes or waffles in the air. She quickly brushed her teeth and took a brush through her hair and headed to the kitchen. She stood in the doorway and watched. Lucifer was actually cooking for her. She walked in and wrapped her arms around his waist. “You’re not gonna stop until I’m spoiled rotten,”. She said. He chuckled.
“Anything for my princess,” he said. She looked at the stove and saw he was making chocolate chip pancakes. One of her favorites. She jumped onto the counter behind him and watched. He soon finished after making three pancakes and plated them. He drizzled some syrup over them and turned to her. “Your breakfast my lovely rose,” he said sitting the plate down beside her. Like always he insisted on feeding her each bite.
“Mmm,” was all she could say. They were cooked perfectly.
“Good?” he asked.
“My compliments to the chef,” she said.
“Well if you wanna thank the chef,” he said with that smirk of his as he snapped his fingers and an apron appeared on him, “could always do what the apron says,”. She looked down and it said kiss the chef.
“Don’t mind if I do,” she said as wrapped her arms around his neck as he placed his on the counter on both sides of her as their lips met.
“So what would my princess like to do today?” he asked.
“Well I know there is a nature walk nearby,” she suggested and smiled at the way his eyes lit up.
“Really?” he asked, “you wanna do that?”.
“I do,” she said, “especially since I know my prince well enjoy it too,”. He smiled and hugged her close. After she finished breakfast she got ready. She put a pair of white shorts and a matching tank top on. She decided to put her sneakers on since they would be walking a lot. She put her hair in a ponytail. She walked back into the bunker living room where her archangel was waiting.
“Ready?” he asked. She nodded and hugged him holding on. They soon found themselves in the middle of a forest path. The sounds of birds and the smell of flowers and trees where everywhere. Roselynn smiled at the big smile and childlike gleam on Lucifer’s face.
“So peaceful out here,” she said as they headed down the path. They came across a patch of light pink shaded flowers, “those are so pretty,” she stepped off the path some to look at them closer.
“Those are called windflowers,” Lucifer said picking one and placing it in her hair, “part of the buttercup floral family,”.
“The name fits them,” she said as they continued to walk.
“Hmm,” she said.
“What?” he asked.
“I was thinking,” she started, “no one else is here, maybe we could explore off the path,”. Lucifer’s smile grew wider and he grabbed her hand as they got off the path and deeper into the forest. Just as they crossed a fallen tree log they noticed a bunny hopping out from a bush. “Aww hi there little guy,”. She said sitting on the log hoping it would come to her.
“He’s hungry,” Lucifer said as he set down beside her and summoned a baby carrot in his hand. He leaned his hand down and soon the bunny grabbed it. It let them pet it as it ate. “Thank you,” he said looking at her.
“For what?” she asked.
“For coming up with the nature walk idea,” he said. She smiled and hugged his arm.
“Anything to make my angel as happy as he makes me,” she said. He smiled and leaned down giving her a long, soft kiss. They explored the forest for hours. The sun started to set and Lucifer scooped her up earning a surprised giggle from her and he fluttered off to another part of the forest. When he let her down they were standing in front of a lake deep within the forest. The sunset painting the sky in shades of yellow, orange, and pink. “Wow,” she said as Lucifer wrapped his arms around her.
“Beautiful isn’t it?” he asked resting his head on her shoulder.
“Beyond,” she responded. They both just stood there gazing out at the sunset. They had been standing there for a few moments when Roselynn’s stomach started to growl.
“Is my princess hungry?” he asked. She nodded. “How about I take you out for dinner?” he offered.
“I’d love that, but I know you don’t eat,” she said.
“I can fake it for a night my beautiful rose,”. He said as he held her tight and zapped back to her room in the bunker. 
“I should get dressed,” she said.
“Allow me,” he said snapping his fingers. She looked in the mirror and she was dressed in a long sapphire blue dress with matching heels and her hair was done up in a braided bun. Lucifer was dressed in a black and white tux. “Hmm, you’re missing something,” he said.
“What?” she asked confused. He snapped his fingers again and a tiara with small blue sapphire stones on it appeared on her head. She blushed and Lucifer chuckled.
“You are so adorable when you blush,” he said pulling her into a hug. She giggles and kissed his cheek. He zapped to one of the nicest restaurants in town.
“You sure you’re ok with this?” she asked.
“Any time I can show off my princess I’m fine with,” he said with a proud smirk on his face. They walked in and got a table right in the center of the dining area. The waiter seated them and handed them their menus, “Order anything you want,”. She scanned over the menu. She settled on steak and a Ceasar salad. Lucifer ordered the same thing and a bottle of wine when the waiter came back. They enjoyed their meal and talked about the extra time they got together. As Roselynn finished eating Lucifer stood up and held out his hand. “Care to dance?” he asked. She smiled and took his hand.
“How could I refuse,” she answered back. He walked her to the little dance floor area. He wrapped one arm around her back and held her hand with the other as she placed her free hand on his shoulder. They danced in silence for a while.
“Have I ever told you why I fell for you?” he suddenly asked. She had, to be honest, she always did wanna know what made her special enough to earn his trust and eventually his love. She shook her head. “Most view me as just some monster. The worst evil out there. No one ever seems to remember I am an angel, but you. You treat me so much different. You don’t show fear or disgust. You seem to acknowledge that I’m an angel every time we’re together. I can show a side around you I can’t anywhere else. Thank you,”. She smiled.
“I could never see you as a monster,” she stated, “and no matter what anyone else ever says or thinks you will always be my angel,”. He smiled and leaned down to whisper in her ear.
“You will always be my princess,” he then softly kissed her as they continued to dance.
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Tumblr media
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lastpic21 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
The day you go to get your new puppy always has a bit of magic about it. It is a day of anticipation and excitement, dreams and possibilities, hopes and aspirations. Puppies have a way of reducing even the most serious adult to spontaneous displays of childlike delight. This is part of their charm. A puppy touches something very deep in us, and when we first hold one in our arms it is easy to be swept away with blind enthusiasm. Who would suspect the challenge that awaits us?
Nevertheless, a puppy’s “magic” is deceiving. Whether this day is truly blessed remains to be seen, and so we offer a word of caution: enthusiasm that is not grounded in reality—not supported by knowledge and understanding—has a way of fizzling when ordinary problems develop. Once the puppy passes the novelty stage, once he becomes a familiar part of your household, the true nature of the relationship becomes apparent, and second thoughts may arise. New owners can quickly lose interest. Always keep in mind that a sustained relationship requires a more substantial foundation than mere enthusiasm.
Beyond the joy and emotion of getting a puppy—beyond the good feelings this new bundle of life inspires in us—lies a deeper, more profound reality that should be the anchor of any relationship with a dog: adoption. Adopting a puppy means bringing him into the heart of your home, and developing a healthy relationship demands plenty of hard work and dedication from you—especially now, at the beginning. The day you adopt a puppy begins a new phase in his existence, one rooted in his earliest experiences yet now poised to take fresh expression in your life. How he develops now depends largely on you. The puppy is no longer the breeder’s, no longer his mother’s. Today he becomes your puppy, a new member of your family, and this means you become parent, companion, pack leader—the puppy’s closest friend.
If this sounds sentimental or idealistic to you, think again. Canines are among the most sociable species in the animal kingdom. Whereas a wolf pup is naturally integrated into the wider pack with his brothers and sisters, your pup does not have that possibility. Instead, he adapts himself by establishing his closest social bonds with you and those you live with, treating all of you as his fellow pack members. It is now up to you to teach your pup his proper role in your pack family, a process that begins the moment you adopt him.
As we have seen over and over again, a puppy builds on previous experiences, and this is especially true of his first few days in your home. Good habits start from the beginning. Planning ahead, taking the time and energy necessary to help your pup make a smooth transition to his new home, increases the probability that his good behavior will continue to develop into maturity. The opposite is also true. High amounts of stress, careless house-training procedures, pampering, and improper discipline, to name just a few potential problems, can get the relationship off to a rocky start and lead to serious problems later on. Since it is reasonable to assume that this puppy will be an intimate part of your life for the next ten to fifteen years, you should put serious thought and effort into these first few days in order to establish a sound framework for the future.
With this in mind, let us take a detailed look at your pup’s first few days with you. During this time, the guiding principle should be to minimize unnecessarily stressful experiences and to establish a natural rhythm to which your puppy can easily adjust. Since there is so much to remember, having a clear set of guidelines will help bring order and understanding to a potentially chaotic period and reduce stress for you and your puppy. The following suggestions will get you and your dog off to a good start, one that you will appreciate in the months and years to come. “In my beginning is my end.”
At the Breeder’s
A puppy should be adopted only when someone can stay with him most of the time during the first week to promote house-training and socialization. This may mean sacrificing a week of vacation; however, the long-term benefits make it worthwhile. Speak with the breeder in advance and arrange to pick up your puppy on the morning of the first day of a long weekend or planned vacation. This will allow the puppy to spend most of the first day with you and will hasten his adjustment to both you and your home.
Ask your breeder not to give the puppy food or water on the morning of pickup. Most do this routinely, but it is best to confirm. Fasting will not harm the pup and reduces the likelihood that he will get carsick and vomit on the way home. Also, we advise that you bring at least one other adult with you, since it is difficult to drive and watch the puppy at the same time. If you have a long trip ahead of you, you might consider carrying a crate in the car; however, if you do this, you should have the breeder expose the pup to a crate several days beforehand.
If your puppy has already been selected for you, you will naturally want to spend some time with him when you arrive at the breeder’s. When you first meet your pup, sit or crouch down to his level and start playing with him. We like clients to take ten or fifteen minutes to make friends with the pup before we start answering particular questions and going over the necessary paperwork. This gives the new owners’ initial excitement and anticipation a chance to subside and helps everyone pay closer attention to instructions during the interview.
New owners ordinarily have lots of questions for the breeder, so it is wise to make a list of them beforehand. In addition to specific questions about the way the puppy was raised and the type of personality he possesses (in the litter as well as by himself), you should ask how he scored on his Puppy Aptitude Test (see appendix). The results will suggest specific guidelines for handling your particular pup andwill help you avoid management errors during the first weeks.
Make sure that you get a written record of the immunizations and wormings your puppy has received. If your pup is purebred, you should be given a copy of his pedigree and the AKC registration slip. Though you may have a particular type of dog food in mind for your pup, it is always best to continue feeding the brand that the puppy is currently eating for several more days, gradually changing to the new brand. Sudden shifts in diet add stress and can lead to diarrhea or loss of appetite. If you do not plan to use the brand chosen by the breeder, ask if he can give you several days’ supply to help with the weaning process.
The Ride Home
Keep the ride home as relaxed and low-key as possible, allowing whoever accompanied you to do the driving. Unless you are using a dog crate, cover your lap and the seating area next to you with a towel or old bedsheet in case the puppy gets carsick. Let the pup ride in either location, and keep one hand in gentle contact with him. It is best to avoid any kind of coddling or doting behavior, especially if the pup starts to whine, since this only reinforces whining as an attention-getting behavior. A certain amount of whimpering is to be expected; if things get too noisy, try putting the pup on the floor between your feet: the vibrations of the car often have a calming effect. Do not punish the pup for whining or vomiting. On the way home, stop periodically and let the puppy stretch his legs, but stay away from any area that is frequented by other dogs, since your pup is not yet fully vaccinated and is vulnerable to contagious diseases.
Introduction to the House
When you arrive home, first take the puppy outdoors to the spot you have chosen for his soiling area and wait for him to eliminate. Normally after a car ride the puppy will have to relieve himself, and when he does so, be sure to praise him enthusiastically. Then bring the puppy into the house and allow him to walk around and explore, keeping an eye on him from a distance. Do not be surprised if the pup seems a little disoriented at first. Even the most outgoing puppy will experience strain or confusion in a strange environment, separated from his littermates. Be calm and reassuring, and allow the pup to adjust at his own pace.
If, while exploring, the puppy shows interest in chewing something inappropriate, gently distract him by focusing his attention on a squeak toy or meat-scented nylon bone. Do not discipline the pup at this time. Should your dog not seem interested in the toy or bone, entice him with some play-inducing gestures such as quick clapping or rubbing your hands along the floor. If he starts to follow you around the house, encourage him. Tap the side of your leg (or jingle keys if the pup is used to them) and call his name as you walk, praising him as he comes along and investigates the different rooms. During these first days, whenever your pup begins to focus his attention on you—either to follow or simply tolook up at you—say his name in a cheerful, pleasant tone that encourages him to hold eye contact. These simple dominance exercises quickly teach your pup his name while presenting you as his leader in a way that builds confidence and trust. Conclude the session by crouching down and playing with him on his level for a while.
Keep the introduction to your household quiet and unforced, allowing the process of bonding to develop in a relaxed and gradual manner. For the first few days, it is important not to overwhelm the puppy with visitors who are curious about the new arrival. Don’t introduce your pup to friends and relatives until you are certain he has made a smooth transition, usually after two or three days. Then you may initiate a variety of important socializing experiences, described later.
Usually puppies are not interested in eating as soon as they get home, since everything is unfamiliar. Hold off feeding your puppy for at least a couple of hours until he has begun to settle down. Then offer him some food, and when he has finished eating, take him out to his soiling area and wait for him to eliminate. Puppies typically have to urinate and/or defecate following eating and drinking, waking (short naps included), vigorous play, and chewing a bone. If the pup has not eliminated after ten to fifteen minutes, take him back into the house for several minutes and then try again. Repeat this procedure as necessary. When he does finish, praise the puppy and again bring him into the house. He should now be ready for a nap.
Young puppies require plenty of sleep and should have several naps during the day. Choose an area that is safe for the pup when he cannot be supervised and that is not isolated from family activity. Usually the best location for this is the kitchen, since it is large enough for the dog to move around in and can be easily blocked off with one or two gates. Make sure the area is puppy-proofed for anything that could be dangerous, such as electric cords, small and chewable objects (rubber galoshes, shoes, etc.), and anything made of wood. We also recommend adding a shipping crate to serve as the pup’s den during the day. As described in the next chapter, throughout the early stages of house-training you will be keeping your pup alternately in either of these two confined areas. For this first nap, leave the door of the crate open (you can tie it so that it does not shut if the pup knocks into it) and place comfortable bedding or fake fur in the crate itself. Puppies will naturally seek the security of the den atmosphere on their own. Do not be concerned if the pup initially starts to whine in his confined area; wait for him to relax and fall asleep and then periodically check on him to see when he wakes. At that time, take the puppy out to his soiling area and let him eliminate.
During these first few days, you will need to pick the puppy up from time to time to help him get around; young puppies are rarely conditioned to a leash at the breeder’s, and it may take at least several days for the dog to be relaxed with the lead. While you should encourage a pup to walk on his own whenever possible, unfamiliar experiences such as going up stairs may initially require some help. There is a right and a wrong way to pick up your puppy.
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Tumblr media
@bornpariah​ asked:   𝚈𝙾𝚄, 𝚂𝙸𝚁, 𝙰𝚁𝙴 𝚂𝚄𝙿𝙿𝙾𝚂𝙴𝙳 𝚃𝙾 𝙱𝙴 𝙲𝙷𝙰𝚁𝙼𝙸𝙽𝙶.
     “Am I failing?”  A chuff of laughter, and the Inquisitor’s mouth turns in a wry, affectionate smile. Dorian is standing close in and nearly against him, closer than is perhaps strictly casual—but then Josephine was doing the same only moments ago, and many times before, murmuring insistently the names of the people on approach. Names, titles, their most likely meanings in coming to be introduced.  What they want from you.  It doesn’t offend Halwn, genuinely, since a strange veneer of depersonalization stands between his idea of himself and his idea of who he is at this moment:  the Inquisitor, a curiosity or a vast resource, a danger or a dream. A saint, some of them think. A devious, grasping pretender, others would say. A liar. A heretic. But when Dorian tugs at the slightly jaunted lines of the collar of his formal coat, those thoughts are gone, and that small smile deepens on his mouth until it settles on one corner, and Halwn feels like himself again. Whole, and in one place.
     It’s been a long night, punishing, and dull. An Orlesian affair, but populated primarily by clerics and the nobles who’ve invited them, and so lacking all the usual hedonistic interest and sensory entertainment that an Orlesian affair, sometimes inadvertently, provides—strikingly familiar to Halwn, since the parties in his youth were much the same as this one. Excuses to remind ones social circle of the magnanimity of one’s faith, if that faith is fashionable. Baking cakes for Chantry sisters. Wining and dining the clergy. Party is perhaps an over-generous descriptor.
     Halwn has been relegated to the center of the room by Josephine’s strict order. At another gathering, it would be the center of the dance. Here, however, it is like a ringed circle at an animal bazaar. The prepared site of the evening’s most frightening curiosity. That curiosity is Halwn, the Inquisitor, though the people who come to gawk at him are only a series of disapproving Chantry Sisters wishing to make their disapproval public, or a few who have, far more disconcertingly, attempted to kiss his hand or touch his face, and then some bored stream of nobles who are quickly whisked away by the Ambassador before they can demand explanations over why they weren’t consulted in one decision or another, or, worse yet, attempt to introduce him to their various marriageable offspring. Since Dorian’s approach, the circle has gone still and empty. They are standing alone at its center. Closer, yes, than is perhaps strictly casual, and Halwn cannot help but feel there is something protective in the way that Dorian crowds him, in the open way the mage turns his head and sweeps his eyes over the ring of guests, keeping their distance now, smiling at them so unabashedly. A pleasantry and a invitation into the sparring ring all at once, keeping them momentarily at bay.
     When Dorian has finished straightening his collar, and smoothed it, Halwn touches the back of the mage’s hand before it falls away. Just a brush of fingertips across the delicate metacarpal ridges there. Grateful, but easily perceived as accidental.
     “Will you stay with me a little longer?”
     The quizzical quirk of Dorian’s brow bends Halwn’s smile into a smirk. He leans a little closer, voice pitched low and conspiratorial to murmur just the left of Dorian’s hairline, where the sillage of the scented oil in his hair is best detected. A small, albeit greedy, indulgence. Halwn goes on to whisper in a playful pantomime of sharing secrets:  “They won’t come within half a league of me when you’re here.”
     True as the tease may be, that is not the reason Halwn wants Dorian close, and they both know it. The warmth in his pale green eyes is proof enough of that. Still, the quip earns him a rich little burst of startled laughter from the mage and, predictably, this makes Halwn feel flush with a sense of satisfaction. The Inquisitor straightens again and resumes the facade of casual, almost soldierly rigidity that he was taught as a child, meant, then, to convey an unforced sense of presence. Now, it’s only rote:  straight shoulders, straight spine, chin slightly lifted and gloved hands folded neatly behind his back.
     “I will try to be charming for you, though you've decided that it’s against my nature to be so,”  It is Halwn’s turn, now, to arch a quizzical brow. The smile, creasing his cheek in a faint dimple, expresses very clearly, undeniably, that Halwn is very much aware of the fact that he is charming—disarmingly so, when there is a subject who looks in need of being charmed. In a singular way, Dorian is nearly always that subject, and has been since not long after their first meeting;  a fact that the Inquisitor should do more to conceal. He won’t, but perhaps he should.  “They dislike us both already. Think how much more they will dislike us if we seem to be enjoying ourselves.”
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filmgoldlesbians · 3 years ago
do i even have unpopular opinions you have to give me a topic ddsfhdfkjdfi don't have 4 opinions so i'm just gonna explore one in a lot of detailthe idea that a character that is more complicated is necessarily better is a pretty bad one. i think characters are always going to be more simplistic than a real human and that's necessary in order to put across whatever message/purpose the character exists for. a human might sometimes, for example, lie and then other times tell the truth without any particular reason, just because humans are like that. But a character, it would work better if they consistently lied, and only told the truth in significant situations that say something about their character, whether their growth or how they can be honest around a person, something with a point. whenever a character acts inconsistently, there's always someone who replies to criticism going "but people are complicated!!" and it's like yeah that's true, but with a character you sometimes need to simplify them so that they make sense as a character. there are times when inconsistency works, i love the zero escape virtue's last reward cast (one of my favourite game casts i've seen so far) for how they will be hypocrites blaming you when you betray them then brushing it off when they betray you. but that serves a purpose, it fits the themes the game is exploring.i think it's a bad way to look at characters to assume that a more complicated character is always better. take for example the protagonist of tokyo ghoul, by tg re he is an incredibly complicated character, a long history of abuse and traumatic experiences, poetry he spouts every time something bad happens to him, a mess of complicated relationships with various people. it's boring to me to read. because for how complicated he is it doesn't actually make him any more interesting, like we get it he's tragic, but in the end he was more fun and likeable at the beginning when he was more simple and his simplicity fit with the themes of his character, a good natured kid who tries to be good in a world where it's very difficult to be good, who's efforts to be a good person just hurt people around him more. it was an interesting concept, and adding complexity to it didn't actually improving it. giving him a tragic backstory of being abused by his mum was less interesting than him trying to follow his dead mum's advice to never hurt other people and seeing how much suffering his uncompromising refusal to hurt people causes himself and others. it may be simpler but it actually leads to a more compelling narrative, cause all the fucked up ~character development~ and ~dark symbolism~ the series kept adding to his character and everyone else in the series just led to the takeaway point being "wow the world sure is fucked up" cause when you throw so much complexity for the sake of complexity itself at the audience the complexity stops having meaning. sometimes a simpler story is a better onei think there are definitely times when a character could do with being more complicated, but i think it's important to look at the level of complexity required for a story to function and not try to under or over kill it. I don't like Luffy, he bores me personally, but I'd have a hard time saying one piece needs a protagonist more complicated than Luffy. One piece is a story about defying the law and values forced on you by others and following your own values and dreams, doing what you feel is right, fighting for people you think deserve to be fought for, and people you like or love. It's about friendship and exploration and adventure. Luffy is the perfect protagonist to suit those themes, he's wild and adventurous, does what he wants, hates seeing people treated like shit. He loves his friends and has a ton of fun mucking about with them, and thinks the world of them. He's funny and enough of a dick to be not too annoyingly sweet and sunshine boy, is in general the kind of magnetic likeable character who attracts both in world characters to want to side with him, and real people to want to read about his adventures. He's simplistic as a character and that's fine. It's not something I personally resonate with, I like the more complicated (but still fairly simplistic) supporting characters like Nami Usopp and Robin, and enjoy arcs that focus on the conflicts of their relationships (water 7, ennies lobby, arlong park) than themes like following dreams. But it works for so many people and fits the themes of the story so would I say I think luffy would be a better character if he was more complicated? no i would notI think an easy criticism to make of a character you don't like is that they're "One dimensional" or another phrase suggesting the problem with them is that they're too simple but I think it doesn't help to look at a character and go "they're not that deep tho" when it's far more useful to ask what purpose a character exists for and how well they are used for that purpose and if that purpose is compelling.Female love interest characters aren't usually boring because they're too simple, it's because their purpose is only to be loved by the main character, so it doesn't matter how much complexity you add, ooh she got raped by the villain and is traumatised, ooh she has a complicated love triangle, ooh she fights sometimes and is an Empowered Female Character, if all the complexity you add is only to explore how the male protag feels about them they're never going to be a compelling character. And compelling is so much more important than complicated. Mario is a compelling character because he's fun and fun to play and fun to look at, adding a dark backstory and a ton of insecurities and who fucking knows what isn't going to make mario any more compelling than a simple fun to play guy who jumps a lot. That's what makes him compelling.My favourite game character (probably) is a flirtatious guy who dances everywhere who pretends to be heartless and only care about being promoted but is actually only so dedicated to getting promoted so he can save his friend from being executed for a crime he didn't commit, which he blames himself for. There's plenty more complexity you could add to that, but I don't think it would make me like him any more than him being an eccentric dancing passive aggressive guy who calls everyone baby and pretends to be a heartless bitch but actually just wants to save his friend already does. He's exactly what the game needs: a fun eccentric character who moves in a very amusing way and has great dialogue to maximise the expressive charm that is so appealing about the game, what the plot needs: a mysterious character who keeps throwing a wrench into things and is hiding things until he realises working with you can be beneficial and can reveal plot twists and exposition the audience needs to learn in a very unforced way, and he's exactly what i enjoy: an eccentric gay bitch with a good heart, dubious morals and an interesting motivation. He doesn't need to be any more than that, and adding more would lead to messier writing with no real purpose that took away from the game's charm, not adding anything to it.So yeah not about that write more complicated characters bs, write better characters not more convoluted ones god this is long play ghost trick
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Tumblr media
Full Fathom Five by Jackson Pollock
    Our final piece from Jackson Pollock fully displays the wonder of his drip technique. Full Fathom Five is a tumultuous piece that exhibits Pollock’s perfectly balanced style and chaos. Let’s take a look.
    The basis of every Pollock painting is the underlying/ overarching structure. So that again is where we must start. There is perfect order to this painting even if it seems impossible. Take a look at the lights and darks, the line quality and the rhythm, even the colors. Everything is spread evenly. The viewer is not bombarded with a central scene or side scenes rendered in thick globs of paint, but instead a beautiful mixture and rhythm that spreads evenly across all four corners of the canvas.
    Rhythm is Pollock’s key to success. Paintings are nothing without emotion being invoked and Pollock’s works clearly invoke that emotion. Lines are smooth and flow evenly, varying their quality from thick to thin, sharp at some angles but smooth in others. Again, balance is key.
    A very specific color palette is being used by Pollock, gray, green, blue- aqua? Something in that range. It makes for a rather relaxing work with dark and light mixed intermittently. However, what is interesting is the yellow/ brown/ red implemented- ochre maybe? It really draws the eye since it stands put. I feel as if it was Pollock’s way of staying interesting and defying standard artistic conventions. What most artists would abhor, Pollock embraces.
    Pollock uses an interesting and intermittent amount of thick and thin lines. As mentioned earlier, his transfer between the two seems natural and unforced, giving the painting its rhythmic vibrant feel. He is a master at the balance of line weight and quality.
    Another great Pollock embraces the viewer’s eyes. One can’t help but fall in love with his charming and unconventional methods.
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postsantablog · 2 years ago
Curator Panu Johansson's thoughts about the media art pieces in the Young Arctic Artists exhibition of 2019
The third incarnation of The Young Arctic Artists exhibition is currently displayed in Gallery Napa and Studio Mustanapa in Rovaniemi, Finland. The theme for this year's exhibition is the Transmission of Knowledge and the show contains works from altogether eight artists around the Northern Hemisphere. The exhibition has been curated by yours truly in cooperation with Ninni Korkalo. In the following writing I will introduce some of the media artworks of the exhibition. Simultaneously I'll try to open up their background slightly and also present some of the thoughts they have managed to provoke.
The first piece of the exhibition greets the spectator already before arriving to the gallery space. Norwegian artist Guro Rex's video work The Universe Is Da Club is displayed on the gallery window. Short video loop documents an event where a young woman, dressed in the Norwegian national costume, pops up a bottle of champagne. What pops up on the screen after this, is the title of the piece on cheesy gradient letters. It feels almost as if the piece is asking: Are you glad to be alive today? Maybe you should, 'cos this particular space and time, this cosmos, is the place to be.
The world of Guro Rex continues downstairs in the first room of Gallery Mustanapa. Firstly the space contains a monitor, where several videoworks are running on a loop. Secondly, on the walls there are a few examples of a somewhat autobiographical email project that the artist is running. And most importantly, this project is something that everyone can participate in. All you need to do, is send a message saying ‘what is love baby don’t hurt me’ to and voilà – you will soon start to receive gallery spaces right in to your inbox!
The same personal voice of the author can be heard in the presented videoworks. They are an interesting mixture of just about everything, as if they were results of continuous creative explosions. As a spectator they make you anxious: you have a feeling nearly anything could follow. The colourful mixture of numerous elements create associations towards  Jacolby Satterwhite and the continuous poses maybe a hint of Pipilotti Rist, but above all these works seem to be influenced by the current world of online videos on social media.
The ingredients of the videos are familiar, but they are somehow exaggerated so that the result becomes completely overloaded – and fun. The hand-held camera seems to suffer from a chronic shiver, images are transitioned with a very lofi pixelated crossfades and somewhat unrelated clip art animation loops just keep on appearing. Fairly cheap looking background templates are also in frequent use. The videos are mostly concentrated on a person or two, who speak or perform straight to the camera. Sometimes the outcome resembles a video diary, other times a performance. Expressions are unashamedly overstated and voices are often pitched either helium high or extremely low. The chit-chat rolls around topics we all know, from various ”projects” to why ”I'm better than him, they just haven't discovered me yet”.
As mentioned, these elements are something that we all know, but it's also important to emphasise that these videos are not plain parodies, nor critique. They clearly benefit from being exhibited in large numbers, because this way it becomes obvious that they are rather parts of the personal expression – or dare I say universe – that the artist has created. Of course it easy to draw links and connections to many directions. For example, one could say that these videos reflect how the artist is looking at our own time through a distinctive prism and simultaneously manages to capture something that is culminating right now. This could very well be the case and that might partially create their charm. One the other hand, their appeal may simply come from the fact that this universe actually is _the_club - and nuff said with that!
The Norwegian Sámi artist Elina Waage Mikalsen presents a piece called “Mun bijan iežan beallji ránu beallji vuostá / I put my ear next to the looms ear” in the exhibition. The author defines the work as a sonic loom and that is indeed quite an apt description. During the exhibition the actual piece is displayed in two different contexts. First Waage Mikalsen performed with the piece at the exhibition opening and throughout the rest of the exhibition period the piece is displayed with a running audio loop that was recorded from this performance. Both forms also stand independently on their own feet, hence you can enjoy the exhibited piece without seeing the opening performance.
Tumblr media
Elina Waage Mikalsen performing at the exhibition opening. Photo by Kaisa-Reetta Seppänen
The artefact of the piece is an old loom that used to belong to the author’s grandmother. For the piece the artist has modified the old device in a way that it has become something completely else: an instrument. Where there used to be weft threads, there are now strings. These strings are then bent with rocks whose weight tightens them and makes them playable. During the performance Waage Mikalsen also placed several mics around the object to capture the sound of the strings but also the resonances, tones and noises from the object itself. Further on, these sounds were yet modified with electronic effects.
Tumblr media
Photo by: Kaisa-Reetta Seppänen
The cultural background of the piece lies in the Sea Sámi culture around the area of Olmmáivággi/Manndalen, where the author’s Sámi roots are located. This area has maintained a rare handicraft tradition of vertical loom, which is the type the loom of the piece also represents. These looms are used to weave multipurpose textiles called as rátnu. Previously used in various purposes in everyday life, today these textiles are more of a decorative. The making these handicrafts was traditionally concerned to be an area of women, and they were sometimes made also together in groups.
The audio of the piece lasts about ten minutes. It  starts off with clacks of wood and scraping of the strings. Delay and reverb are apparent right from the start as well. As the works moves ahead, slowly but steadily more and more electronic particles start to appear in the sonic architecture. At one point the strings really start to vibrate and the intensity clearly grows. Banging of the stones can also be heard in the background.
During the last minutes of the audio the author's own singing voice sneaks in to the aural landscape. Do you know the moment when a piece all of a sudden comes beautifully together - when all just clicks? With this work, this is that moment. It is intriguing how this one additional element turns out to be the last piece of the puzzle, that nails the whole. The presence, that is already in the piece, suddenly becomes somehow audible, materialises. But whose presence is that? Is the voice a howl through times, from the past to the present? Or is it the other way around - from here to there? Or perhaps it's both at the same time? In any case one could say that in the piece several elements and their presence overlap in a natural, unforced way. That is: the presence of the author at this time and the strong presence of the history through the artefact. Thirdly there is the soundscape which reflects both today and the past and thus ties these two delightfully together.
Overall, the associations that the works creates in different directions are compelling. Bent strings of course point towards the world of traditional tonal music. When listening the piece, particularly Finnish group Memnon comes to my mind. However, to be precise this piece is not about that. It is neither a collage nor musique concrète which use old archival recordings to create new entities. Nor is it the type of experimental music, which is based on sole experimenting with the technology. Instead of all this this, I would  say that this piece is a fascinating effort to interpret the material culture of the past and a soundscape related to it in a completely new way – to put one's own ear carefully against the loom's ear – and place it in the new framework of contemporary art.
Guro Rex's pieces are not the only ones located in the Gallery Mustanapa. The large backroom of the gallery contains a two channel video installation In Silico by Laura Heuberger, who is a Swiss/Italian artist currently living in Northern Sweden. The title of the piece is an expression, which means “performed on a computer” or “via computer simulation”.
Tumblr media
Photo by: Janne Jakola
The piece starts off with a monologue that addresses someone, perhaps the spectator, straightforwardly. The voice is soft and gentle, although the timbre sounds slightly like a machine:
“Hi. Please make yourself comfortable...I never know what to say in these situations. I'm very quiet sometimes. I'd usually rather listen...What's the best icebreaker you've heard? Once, I had someone approaching me with one of those very cheesy pickup lines. It was so weird...I like travelling, seeing new places, meet new people...But it's been a while ago. Now I'm here.”
As the piece advances the viewer travels through different micro- and macrocosms on the screens. Visions that unfold could be sometimes interpreted as pulsating stars and planets orbiting in space, other times as bustling bacteria and other microorganisms under a microscope. The flow of water or other liquid is also a reoccurring theme. The images are accompanied by occasional glimpses of peaceful ambient soundscapes.
On the audio track the aforementioned chat evolves into a long string of topics that reminisce old childhood memories, personal diary notes and philosophical pondering about the nature of existence. But not without interruptions. What takes turns with the gentle voice number one in the audio track, is a second voice, which is clearly synthetic. With a very dull intonation this second voice goes through conditions and details, which would allow a human mind to be simulated. In contrast to the previous personal touch, the overtone of the second voice is clearly formal and academic. That is not a surprise, since the parts spoken by this voice no.2 have been quoted from the article Are You Living in a Computer Simulation? by the Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom.
What Bostrom is claiming in the article has become known as the simulation argument. Basically what he is saying is, that in the future as the computing power increases the simulation of the human brain might be possible. Bostrom does not claim that we are currently living in a simulation. However, he argues that there are three different unlikely scenarios, out of which one is almost certainly true:
1. Mankind will never evolve to a level where human mind can be simulated.
2. Or then it does, but for some reason – such as ethical or simply a lack of interest – this kind of technology will never be taken in use.
3. Or, we are currently living in a simulation.
The idea that the whole reality as we perceive it is just an illusion, is of course not new. Already Plato presented The Allegory of The Cave that aptly demonstrates how our view of the existence could be only one out many possible. Also the Chinise philosopher Zhuangzi has introduced the famous dream argument, which has also been called “The Zhuangzi Paradox”. According to it we can't really say weather the whole reality is actually just a dream or not. The idea of the reality being simulated or otherwise artificial is also a common theme in Sci-Fi. Already in 1977 Philip K Dick presented that we are living inside a computer simulation. Still, I would say that the modern simulation theories are simply mind boggling.
If the reality around us can be just a simulation or a dream, how do we truly know what’s real? I guess the answer is, that we profoundly don't. But on the other hand: if something feels real, isn't it real - even at some level? And what is “real” anyway - how do you define it? What is the opposite of real? False, unreal, bogus or artificial? Are the stories in the piece real? Does it matter?
Tumblr media
Photo by: Laura Heuberger
One of the biggest merits of In Silico is pointing out the vagueness of the border between something authentic and synthetic, real and unreal. It is almost impossible to define it - let alone in a universal way. Another important question that the work touches is the way we are accustomed to outline the situation. You have to be this or that: true or fake. Is this kind of starting point - a dichotomy - even a valid way to describe the actual situation? When talking about simulated reality, most people will probably go over to top and think of something like The Matrix. If something like this is even remotely the case, is a completely different thing. More probable is that this kind of simple reality/illusion  juxtaposition is a man made concept. The validity of our reality can certainly be questioned, but a good way to begin the process might be to concentrate on our start off assumptions first.
Young Arctic Artists exhibition is open in Gallery Napa and Studio Mustanapa until July 30th.
Panu Johansson
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culturenosh · 3 years ago
week of 10/15
heard fifth harmony, fifth harmony a nice, sleek, concise collection of bops. nothing here is “work from home” level, and the whole project feels a little second-tier, but weirdly i think it suits them. without grand expectations attached they’re allowed to just be direct, mature, and good; their playfulness remains intact and they don’t have to justify it anymore. “make you mad” knocks. antisocialites, alvvays “archie, marry me” bangs and always will. i like that this album doesn’t really try to match that song and explores different possibilities for them - it feels more varied, sonically, and the sound is a little brighter than the debut. not much stuck out to me, which was the same problem i had with their first album, but it’s pleasant. luv is rage 2, lil uzi vert this record has great atmosphere. i like how it leans toward indie-rock and cloud-rap for its sonic landscape - “the way life goes” reminds me of, like, mates of state or broken social scene, the kind of wintry pop-leaning rock i loved when i was 14. it’s too long and could use a bit of a trim on the back half, but it’s a great listen anyway, inventive and fun and dark and silly in equal measure. wash & set, leikeli47 i like the compactness the album has - many of the songs don’t hit 3 minutes, mirroring the short and sharp nature of her rapping. she’s an able singer but the songs she sings are noticeably weaker, lacking the same kind of attitude and confidence that her rap tracks have. the album is good but a little... shallow in spots? it feels very instagram-ready, if that makes sense - not very ambitious. i think she has grander and more specific work in her, because her presence and lyrics include a power that doesn’t fully come across in the production, which is slightly too eager to please. “attitude” and “look” are amazing. now, shania twain i LOVE shania, and i’m glad she’s back. i like now’s sonic landscape - the production is very bright and has a kind of metallic, unearthly sheen that counters the lived-in grit and natural warmth that her voice has. it’s the same kind of trick she’s always pulled but pushed up even higher, even more abrasive in spots. the songwriting is more personal and better for it. the album does attempt to fit her into the modern musical landscape in parts, and those are probably some of the weaker moments, but they’re bridged by her immense charm anyway.
seen i feel like perhaps i should note tv shows that are in-progress? i’ve been watching a lot of tv lately but i find it hard to comment on shows before finishing them. terrace house: boys & girls in the city i fully love this show - it’s calming and boring and yet so addictive. i like how unforced the drama is, i like the roundtable discussion element, i like how its take on reality tv fakery is basically “let’s watch these Totally Normal Young Adults live Totally Normally Glamorous Young Adult Lives.” it’s straight as hell, which is annoying, but i genuinely yell at the tv watching it, so it’s doing something right. riverdale, s1 i love teen tv so this is right in my sweet spot. i like how knowing it is with teen tv tropes, how it tweaks things like the overbearing parents and the spoiled rich girls and the homecoming dance and so on. the fact that it’s doing this with archie comics characters is an added frisson, and the casting is crazy on-point. the only issues i have are that archie is the least compelling character - his onscreen version doesn’t preserve the comics’ genial likeability, makes him too much of a sensitive sadbro - and the show doesn’t handle its nonwhite characters very well. charmed, s1 this is pure comfort-food tv. the atmosphere is so cozy and reminds me a lot of home, of friends’ houses and the witchy hippie atmosphere i spent a lot of my teens around. it’s not good, at all, but it’s fun. holly marie combs’ performance as piper is actually quite good, which makes it a little ironic that she’s not the Name that her costars are.
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inkdrinkershadowsinger · 4 years ago
Harry Styles: Astrology Interpretation
 Credit to Café Astrology
The regular font is straight from their website, the italicized is my thoughts.
              One of the standout characteristics of those born under the Sun sign of Aquarius is their unwillingness to follow the beaten track. Yup. Many Aquarians aim to free themselves of personal and social conditioning. Long hair, open in interviews about body issues, etc. Love is love. Rainbow flag toting babe of babes. Aquarians can be surprisingly stubborn. The trumpets in Olivia. Can be very fixed in their opinions. This seems true.
            Aquarians are usually well-liked. Everyone says how friendly he is…everyone who meets him, whether it be a fan encounter or another celebrity. There is one meet and greet interview that I saw where he was the only one who went in and talked to the people in the room and the fan’s family, shook their hands, the whole lot with the biggest smile on his face. He is very friendly and people seem to really like him for that. Very charming.
            Aquarians are generally very clever, witty, and intellectual. He always has a comeback. He’s very clever, maybe pseudo intellectual. There was that photo of him at the airport with a book of poetry by Rumi. If he’s not as smart as we all think, he wants to come off that way.
            “Be true to yourself” and “Don’t follow the crowd” are mottos easily associated with this sign. YES and YES. And they treat people from all walks of life as equals. He said something about it in their last book about that’s how his parents raised him to be. If you’re “quirky” and “different”, all the better. Quirky is probably one of his top descriptors.
            Rebellious and Revolutionary spirit. You can hear that in this album for sure. He wanted to make his own path, his own sound, and you can hear this sort of spirit in those songs.
Sun in 4th
            You invest much of your pride and energy into your personal and private life, your home, and your family. Privacy is important to you. You are naturally protective of your family, including your heritage and personal life. He seems fiercely protective of his family. For as much as he is in the public eye you hardly ever hear anything about them, and that’s a bit of a miracle.
120 Trine Sun-Moon
            Your emotions and your will are at peace with one another. He likes who he is and where he’s at as a person. He seems very content. You are likely personally popular mainly because you expect harmony in your relationships. Very well liked again. You are attractive to the opposite sex… Have you see him? Gorgeous, but so sure of himself that he looks cocky at times, very haughty.
            You may not be prepared for conflict and you often avoid “rocking the boat”. He has been screwed over by people in the past that he thought he could trust. We all remember that New York crew, I think. Now, he’s learned from that, and maybe now tries to play the middle man. If he doesn’t say how he feels about this or that then he can’t be caught out, so he just plays it cool. Vitality is usually good and quite constant. He always looks fresh, vibrant, eyes wide and glossy. He always looks very healthy and very present, awake. At any rate, you are not as prone to the kinds of ups and downs that plague those with challenging aspects between the Sun and Moon. This is because even though your life goals and your emotional needs are different, they are in harmony. You get the vibe that he doesn’t care. If it’s nothing big, he lets it go which would make him very peaceful.
            He likes public life. He loves the spotlight. Usually gets on very well with his parents. That seems clear with his momma.
  305 Conjunction Sun-Venus
            It is generally quite important to you that you are personally popular, to come across in a pleasant way, and to be like and appreciated. He’s a people pleaser. You are diplomatic and a veritable expert at smoothing over and sometimes glossing over problems. People pleaser again, sometimes even at his own expense. When expressed negatively, you can be superficial and two-faced, and you can be very much tied up with appearances….your own, and sometimes others. I can see this too. You have a fine eye for style and enjoy pleasing surroundings. Fashion seems like something he really enjoys and takes pride in. You tend to rely on the power of attraction to bring people to you, rather than aggressively pursuing love interests. He seems like he’d be lazy in this area. You are most attracted to people who express interest in you, or who respond well to your charms. But gets bored after he catches them. You are not the type of person who overtly pursues people who appear indifferent to you. Cause he doesn’t want to work for it. You are not competitive in the aggressive sense of the word, and you are not someone who loves a good chase. What I just said.
  34 Conjunction Sun-Mars
            You are naturally competitive, and this trait is generally well-received by others simply because it is unforced, unaffected, and sincere. Can you imagine playing scrabble with him? No holds bar, cage of death with letters. WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT’S NOT A WORD???? You have good physical vitality. We’ve all seen the grey workout clothes + equally grey beanie. You may enjoy sports or games that are competitive, but not violent. Posh spice not sporty spice. You are more able than most to control your desires, aggressions, and instincts. He seems really in charge of his emotions like only something extreme could ever phase him. Uncontrolled impulses are offensive to you. He doesn’t understand highly emotional people. Doesn’t understand and doesn’t want to be around them.
  77 Square Sun-Jupiter
            You can easily gloss over realistic details and get yourself into debt, overindulging in food and drink, and promise more than you can deliver. He does seem to truly indulge in expensive fashions and jewelry, but not a big partier, because that would be against his abhorrence to all things too emotional. A lot of partying would make him feel out of control. You find help for your excesses. Lots of friends around willing to help spend that money, honey. You are generous, helpful, and charitable. We heard when he went to that event while they were on that last tour. And we’ve all heard Ed Sheeran’s pizza story. You can make promises you intend to keep, but have a problem with follow-through. I can see this. Saying yes to going out with your friends in the moment then calling and cancelling because your “sick” or you have to “babysit”.
  Moon in Libra
            Moon in Libra people have a strong need for partnership, without someone to share their lives with they feel utterly incomplete. Why he has so many friends. Because this drive for harmony, peace, and sharing is so powerful. Pushover again. Mental rapport with others is especially important to them. An Aquarian thing also. To be attracted to someone that isn’t very physically attractive, but who can keep up and challenge them mentally.
            Lunar Librans feel safe and secure when they are in a partnership. These are the people who seem to always have someone tag along with them wherever he goes. He always has company. They find strength and reinforcement in and through others. Often quite charming. Another one of his top descriptors we hear a lot. Moon in Libra natives simply can’t help but see flaws in their environment and their relationships. Likes easy going people, glossy people and things. Although diplomatic with acquaintances, when Moon in Libra natives argue with their long-standing partners, they rarely let up until they win. Stubborn. And winning an argument is a Libran specialty, in fact, they may not even believe what they are saying, but will adopt all kinds of ideas just to get the last word. STUBBORN!!!! In case you didn’t get it the first time.
            Instability in loving relationships, unfaithfulness, gives too much weight to the views of others and to public opinion. People pleaser, romantic relationships will always be second to long term friendships. ALWAYS
  Moon in 7th
            Curious and inquisitive nature, although more of an observer than person who asks many questions. Because he doesn’t really care about a lot. This position of the Moon indicates an emotional attachment and sensitivity to all that is ethereal, groundless, and eternal. We never learn, we been here before. These thoughts of reincarnation maybe, thought of another life, or the afterlife, some sort of knowledge for sure could be read in Sign Of The Times. You need frequent moments of solitude in order to recharge yourself emotionally and this need, while strong, can also lead to feelings of isolation and of being misunderstood. Emo Harry. You can become completely out of touch with what you are feeling. Emotionless. Negative expressions of this position is emotional immaturity. He definitely went through this at one point or another. Sympathetic to others, but not always emotionally available to help. Like everything else in his chart. This emotionlessness is something that repeats itself, though I think he is capable of great feeling, but only for people that he really cares for, and for those who demand it of him.
            73 Trine Moon-Venus
            You are generally very amiable and project a soft and yielding manner. True. You have a well developed respect for qualities typically associated with the feminine. “We respect women.” “We don’t call dibs.” “It isn’t a game.” How much he clearly loves his and respects his mother and sister. You should enjoy a good measure of personal popularity and success in your life. You can say that again. Although generally considered “lucky” with relationships and with money, this is less about luck than it is about a certain level of inner peace and positive energy that attracts pleasant situations. Very Zen.
  Mercury in Aquarius
            Very quick to contradict others, and to offer a different perspective. If he thinks they’re wrong, you bet your booty. Amazing powers of observation, and a quirky way of looking at the world. Everyone gives one answer, H gives a different one. Loves practical jokes and raising eyebrows. Hello nipple shirts J
            Good education, he is cultivated, likes literature, family life and family relationships. Yup. Yup. Your thinking is quite subjective, and in some cases narrow and biased. His way or no way. You are not quick to embrace a new idea or path, and can be quite traditional in your thinking. You get the feeling he is very traditional in how he approaches his romantic relationships. He wants to chase not be chased. You see very typical dates, very typical, traditional relationship roles as well.
  435 Conjunction Mercury- Saturn
            He is or strives to be mentally organized. Harry seems to have a great grasp on where he is, who he is, his strengths and weaknesses, where he wants to go and what he wants for his life and how to go about getting those things. Respects traditions and rules. Perfectionist.
  100 Square Mercury- Pluto
            You must learn to respect the weaknesses of others. This is probably really hard for him to do. It’s hard for him to see that since because he can do it or it’s something that he’s comfortable with that everyone else should be or should be able to as well. He thinks just because it’s easy for him that it should be for everyone.
  68 Trine Mercury-Ascendant
            He is intelligent, with quick and lively reflexes. He is preoccupies by his circle. He keeps busy and up to date with his friends and their lives. He is always doing something with them.
Venus in Aquarius
            They want you to see them as unique, rebellious, and a little provocative. He wants the world to see him like this. Although they may make quite a few of their own rules, they don’t want to follow the mainstream ones in relationships or otherwise. I think he’s very traditional in relationships, so I don’t know if I really agree with this. He wants that stereotypical sort of romance, the meet cute and the cutesy nicknames and texting and roses. I really think he wants and expects this because it is superficial. I think something more real or gritty wouldn’t be something that he would want, but would be something that he had to work toward. He wants someone very in control of their emotions, something who sees things like he does, and who approaches things like he does. Someone very in control of themselves, physically, mentally, and emotionally. They value lovers who are also good friends, and they avoid emotional displays or confrontations like the plague. He would be very stoic as a lover/ in love.
            Pleasing Venus in Aquarius involves letting them know just how interesting they are. He probably loves this, loves people fawning all over him. Put up with their occasional need to act superior on an intellectualy level….they are very proud of their unique ideas and visions. He would be proud of his album even if everyone else thought it was shit.
  Venus in 4th
            Strong friendships which can affect emotional life. He usually makes a good marriage. When he’s ready, yes, I believe so.
            You show your affection through nurturing. Taking care of you when you’re sick or in distress. I think he likes playing the hero, but not as much as Niall does. You don’t give your heart out easily, but when you do, you do it with great emotion. We haven’t seen this side of him with any of his relationships yet, I don’t think. A parent may be especially charming, beautiful, or otherwise Venusian. Have you seen Anne? The woman is gorgeous. Every time that boy is told that he’s beautiful, he should call his mother and tell her thank you.
  80 Square Venus-Jupiter
            He likes what is beautiful and sometimes ostentatious and spends lots of money for the sake of appearances. Jenner, Nadine, that one girl from the spa, model, model, other model…yeah he likes pretty, ostentatious things. He undergoes tribulations in love. Because he has high expectations. He wants someone fun, someone exciting and physically perfect who his friends love, someone that is comfortable with, but also something that challenges him. He wants someone who is a contradiction, someone eye catching. He wants so much in a person that isn’t actually the person and that’s going to get him into trouble later in life, for sure.
  Mars in Aquarius
            It can be a little difficult to understand exactly what makes a Mars in Aquarius native tick. And that’s absolutely fine with them, they enjoy surprising people. He wants to be unique. Because Aquarians are progressive and open-minded when it comes to the world at large, it can be surprising that on a personal level, Mars in Aquarius natives can be quite obstinate. Fixed in his views and opinions. Being seen as “normal” just won’t do. UNIQUE.
            With Mars, the planet of energy and drive, in an Air sign, these individuals get off on mental and intellectual pursuits. Scrabble, mind and word games. He like proving that he’s smarter than other people, and loving when he finds out he’s not. But only if they’ve worked for it. Aquarians are particularly adept at getting their own way. Manipulative maybe? In the nicest sense possible. Aquarians have a manner that is far too detached to come across too forcefully. Detached is a good word. Unlike with Mars in Aries or Leo, for example, you won’t always know you’re being dominated by a Mars in Aquarius native. Sneaky little heifer. One of the most pleasant characteristics of Mars in Aquarius natives is their willingness to let others be. They place a lot of value in freedom and individuality, theirs and yours. He seems very open to allow people to “do them”. Very non-judgmental as long as you’re not affecting him.
            In personal relationships, their approach to intimacy is definitely on the detached side. Especially in front of people. He’s not going to grab you butt, or make out with you in public. He’s gonna keep those things private. Which is different than what you’d think he would be like given that charming persona. The Aquarian ideal of equality works big time with this position, and the desire to push their agenda on others usually in creative, rather than aggressive ways, runs high. His whole album, you get the sense of equality and justice in the way that he speaks. You feel that its bug for him. He wants the whole world to be on is wavelength, to think about things the way that he does. Obstinacy and a superiority complex are this position’s least desirable traits. Stubborn and haughty. Openness to new ways of doing things (as long as they’re not forced upon him) is where they shine. He likes new trends, to try new things, herbal tea, no sugar hippie.
  Mars in 3rd.
            Lively spirit, alert and ingenious but sarcastic, critical, provocative. He is quarrelsome. Expresses himself easily, does what he wants. YES. You tend to know a lot about a variety of subjects, and like to share that knowledge with others (sometimes too forcefully). His thoughts are more important that someone else’s. You are likely gifted with manual dexterity, although you might easily become impatient with tasks. Have you seen me juggle????
  15 Conjunction Mars-Uranus
            Likes his freedom of action. I do this thing called what I want.
  Jupiter in Scorpio
            He attracts the most good fortune when he puts his “all” into a project or undertaking. The songs he put the most into are probably the best ones on the album. The ones with the most feeling is where he really shines, think “They Don’t Know About Us” back in the day. Enthusiastic for deeper studies and meanings. Rumi again. Values decisiveness, intensity, willpower, commitment, and strength. He’s very self-contained.
  Jupiter in 1st
            He is jovial, check, expansive, check ,dynamic, check, kindly, check, and altruistic, check. He has a good education and a prosperous life. He does seem very smart.
  Saturn in Pisces
            Likes to work alone. Read: He likes to be in control.
Saturn in 4th
            He needs to be dominated. ~Hello~ He has a sense of organization and accepts his responsibilities. If something needs to be done, he’ll do it. He seems very responsible. There would be no honey do list because he’d be on top of it. He is persevering and patient. He would make a good father figure. Kids probably really like him.
  29 Trine Saturn-Ascendant
            Pays attention to detail. Everything is calculated. There would be no throwing him a surprise party. He’d be all over that because he’d notice any change in your behavior instantly.  He likes to be with older people. His friends, former girlfriends, the London crew that he used to hang with before he moved to L.A. I think he would see younger people as being immature, even though he’s the same age. This could make him seem a little pretentious.  
  Uranus in Capricorn
            That one thinks nothing can defeat him. He seems untouchable. His mission in society, in the world means everything to him. He wants to improve the world at large, smaller things, people might not concern him as much as they should when compared to the big picture. It will be hard to from deep relationships this way.
  Uranus in 3rd
            He does not like routine and will regularly go on mission for work purposes. Like going to Jamaica to write his album. Next, Antarctica
 Sextile Uranus-Pluto
            He fights to improve his daily life. He works out, eats healthy. Sound mind. Sound body.
  6 Square Uranus-Ascendant
            He is nervous. I can see this in his striving for improvement. Especially in his younger years, do “they” approve or not could be a thought that haunts him.
  Neptune in Capricorn
            He is discerning, wise and sensible. A wise ass.
  Neptune in 3rd
            He has a lot of imagination and high ideals. This kid wants to change things. To be not another star, but an icon. He wants to be remembered.
  Ascendant in Libra
            Everybody seems to like Libra Ascendant natives. He is very popular. They come across as nice, pleasant, and fair. He does. Look a little closer at their lives and these people may have had quite a few problems in their relationships. Some of them have had a string of relationships, and it can be hard to imagine why! Because he’s beautiful, but I imagine nitpicky and bores easily. Besides, they simply don’t know what to do with themselves without a significant other. He likes to be wanted, admired. They have charming smiles. J Even if they were not endowed with good looks, they are attractive. He’s just off kilter enough not to be all American, perfectly symmetrical, but very attractive. Most pay attention to their personal appearance, the colors they wear, their hair, and the way they walk. Aside from work out gear, babe is always on point.
            A tendency to pass the buck and keep up that “nice guy” image are their worst qualities. A partner would most likely be blamed for not wanting to go out or for not having time to catch up with friends 8000%. Because he’s a bum, and doesn’t want to look like the bad guy, so he inadvertently makes his partner seem like the controlling wet blanket. Libra rising natives are usually attracted to competent, active partners. One more word about “clean eating girl” and I was going to vomit. Their relationships are often characterized by bickering or competiveness until they learn to drop their sweet image once in a while and to stop blaming their partners for everything that goes wrong. Café Astrology sounds bitter.
  House 2 in Scorpio
            Financial success may come through handling other people’s money and resources or thanks to an inheritance. Or international stardom, whatevs. Finances can be substantial. Like 80 million dollars for a solo deal substantial.
  House 3 in Sagittarius
            Will be erudite, very intelligent, an open and independent spirit. Very honest. Very smart. He can do it, he doesn’t seek a lot of help.
  House 4 in Aquarius
            He will leave the family home reasonably young. 16 or so. Likes liberty, wants a life that is out-of-the-ordinary. Check and check. Like someone read his future here for real. Creepy.
  House 5 in Pisces
            With lofty feelings. Captain of the “you just don’t understand squad”.  Things do not always go his way. A meeting with a person who is either not free, too young or from a different family or social background means that living together will be done in the utmost secrecy while waiting for the change to legalize the situation quietly, without any trouble. This state of affairs will make him melancholy. A lovely little family will result from this union. Scandalous. Lifetime movie special here, folks.
  House 6 in Aries
            Ability to command, knows how to take up his responsibilities at work. Again, likes to be in control. Likes to direct how things go, to give permission to things, people but in a subtle way.
  House 7 in Aries
            Love-at-first-sight, marries without thinking. I think he’s too smart for this or they will be. It would have to be another Harry for this to happen, someone just like him. Doesn’t want to change his habits, so domestic quarrels to be foreseen. Unless they are very, very similar which is how I think he’ll end up anyway, with someone who is very much like himself.
  House 8 in Taurus
Happy old age, natural death.
  House 9 in Gemini
            Likes travel, meeting new people and knows how to appreciate them. He like to ask questions to strangers, but doesn’t come across as nosy or annoying, just politely interested and he has this ability to make people feel special when he does.
  House 10 in Leo
            He is a fighter. He is also a genie in a bottle.
  House 11 in Virgo
            Friends must resemble him, anyone having different ideas or ways of doing things cannot be friends. He accepts people with different ideas and may value their opinions and uniqueness, but wouldn’t want them to be in his inner circle. Very selective, very likeminded group of people. Possibly a lot of group think if they aren’t true friends, which it could be hard to tell, but he should be very discerning by now.
  House 12 in Libra
            Marriage doesn’t bring luck, honors come as he imagined they might. Love no, success, yes. I don’t know if I’d rather the former or not.
  A/N: I got this all from Café Astrology. Credit entirely to Café Astrology. This isn’t everything that was on the sight just the things that I thought were prevalent, if you want to read more I would enter Harry’s information on their site, it’s free and it gives you a lot of information. Do yours too while you’re there. I used the time 12:06 in the morning, but I know there is some conflict about when he was born, but I went with 12:06, if you want to check out the other time it’s something like 3 in the morning, google can tell you more than me. The italicized parts are my thoughts and comments, about how I see Harry based on what his natal chart presented about his life and personality. I am only a fan, clearly not an astrologer, and while it would be both awesome and illegal to own Harry Styles, I do not, in any way, shape, or form.
            Once again credit to Café Astrology.
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duanecbrooks · 4 years ago
She Made It After All
 "I'm not a great actress who can create a character. I play me."             Those were the words of the television icon Mary Tyler Moore, who, as you surely know, recently died of cardiopulmonary arrest with complications from pneumonia, to a journalist, summing up what, as she saw it, was her acting technique. Not only were said words incorrect by and of themselves as, as the TV-interviewing legend Dick Cavett pointed out, they represented a leonine misunderstanding of what comprises a believable and effective performance, they were an entirely unjust minimization of what she gave us television viewers these many years. And what she gave us television viewers these many years was unvarnished gaiety and laughter, not to mention, quite often, heart-tugging moments.             It all started, for me as with everybody else, when she portrayed the housewife/mother Laura Petrie on the classic TV sitcom The Dick Van Dyke Show. Like everybody else, I have fond memories of her strutting about in those tight black capri pants--which would alternate with a light-colored skirt--and looking quite scrumptious (The renowned cinema director Rob Reiner told a Playboy Magazine Interviewer a very humorous story concerning those pants. One day while Reiner was on the Van Dyke Show set--his Dad, of course, was the head honcho of the show--he became so turned-on looking at Moore in the aforementioned pants that he reached up and literally touched her ass. Moore, need it be said, was shocked and, need it be said, immediately told Reiner's Dad what his son had done. Which prompted the following dialogue between the Reiner father and the Reiner son. Father: "Did you touch Mary Tyler Moore on the ass?" Son: "Yeah." Father: "Well, don't do it again").             There are two scenes Moore was in during her time on that show wherein she most fully showed what she could do, wherein she best displayed her monumental comedic-acting chops.           .Sally (Rose Marie, of course), who usually did the typing during the Alan Brady writers' sessions, was--for a reason that, alas, has completely escaped my memory--unable to come to work. So Rob (Van Dyke, of course), after quite a lot of prodding from her, consented to allow wife Laura to fill Sally's place at the typewriter. During Laura's day on the job, she made a number of suggestions regarding the writing, some of which were quite good (Example: Rob and his colleague/friend Buddy [Morey Amsterdam, of course] had written a script wherein it was asked: "Why should we [Americans] want to go to the moon?" To which Laura piped up: "To find out whether it's chewy or chocolate cream"). Rob, however, rather than welcome his wife's input, was downright savage toward her, rather crudely telling her that she wasn't there to assist in the writing but to type and to stick to that. This behavior, sad to say, repeated itself several times. Naturally Laura became frustrated but when she tearily protested, Rob carved into her yet again ("You've been nothing but trouble ever since you've been here"). This of course was for Laura the straw that broke the camel's back and, after telling hubby off in kind ("The purpose [for my coming here] was to help you"), she stormed out, proclaiming: "I'm fired!" (Which caused Rob to yell after her: "You can't fire! I quit you!").       It was Moore's effortless charm during the office-writing scenes and, later, her deftly summoning just the right amounts of vulnerability and hurt in reacting to Van Dyke's verbal abuse that made that episode work, that were wholly responsible for its winning humanity.             .A teenage girl with whom Rob had become good friends--I, alas, have forgotten just what her position was in the episode--had developed a fervent crush on him, going so far as to openly tell him that she wanted to marry him. At first Laura was bemused by this but, as time wore on, she understandably became pissed. Which caused this dialogue between the Petries.                                                   Rob: "I'll tell [the girl] that if I marry her, you'll kill yourself."                                                 Laura, sardonically: "No, if you marry her, I'll kill you both."                                               (After a bit more dialogue)                                             Rob: "Well, I'm not going to marry [the girl]."                                                 Laura, with equal sarcasm: "Well, that's good news."         It was the unforced sass and pointed wit Moore displayed in this scene that had you watching, that kept you laughing.                 And Moore got even better when she got her own namesake television sitcom. The Mary Tyler Moore Show to this day stands as one of the most thoroughly stylish, most firmly adult sitcoms in network-TV history--indeed, there is considerable evidence to support the argument that it's the best such program in network-TV history. It was TV Guide that reported that when the show was being put together, CBS executives sent memos urging that there be "block comedy" scenes, like Moore being trapped in a roomful of monkeys and that "to jazz up the story," Moore "should date a visiting European prince." Happily, there were no--no--such times on the show. At all times--at all times--The Mary Tyler Moore Show grounded its humor in the recognizable and the believable. Also: Said program's episodes were always, always filled with what Moore herself would call "articulate, witty humor," never, ever devolving into the kind of televised hollering matches that were a staple of the "groundbreaking," vastly-overrated All in the Family--and, come to think of it, all of Norman Lear's prime-time sitcoms (One Day at a Time being the sole--the sole--exception). And while the Moore Show often dealt with topical subjects--anti-Semitism, the rise of the "happy-talk" television-news programs during the 1970s, the inequality in pay women experience in comparison with men--there was never, never the kind of self-applauding, look-Ma-we're-Dealing-With-An-Issue air that the Lear sitcoms--again, One Day being the only exception--took on when they did the same. Au contraire, the Moore Show's issue-exploration was always marvelously matter-of-fact, always blissfully devoid of self-indulgent chest-thumping.                 There were two episodes of the Moore Show, in particular, wherein its lead player best showed off her enormous talent, were the best frames for her towering ability.             .One episode--which was written by David Lloyd, who, come to think of it, wrote the vast majority of the funniest Moore Shows--began with Mary Richards (Moore, of course) happily working in front of a typewriter. We soon find out that she's written a short story, which she eventually gives to her boss/buddy Lou Grant (Ed Asner, of course), fervently urging him to read it and give her feedback. When Grant demurs on the grounds that if he tells Mary he doesn't like it, she'll resent him, she earnestly assures him that that won't happen ("Rather than hate you, I'll love you that much more"). Well, Grant agrees to read Mary's story and, after he does, gives her his honest reaction, which is quite negative. Despite the facts that Grant's negativity is given 1) very hesitantly and 2) very tactfully, Mary, as the man himself warned her she would be, is quite resentful ("You're really having a good time, aren't you, Mr. Grant?"). Being intensely pissed off, Mary storms toward the door, first telling off Grant ("[The fact that you don't like my story] doesn't mean that you're wrong and I'm right. It does mean, however, that you can do your own damn baby shopping"), then storming out, indignantly slamming the door behind her. We next see the two of them at a gathering at Mary's apartment, with Grant assuring her that he'll have her laughing again--by tickling her (Mary, with mega-intense sarcasm: "My, is there no limit to the realms of your expertise?"). Grant tickles her, but no dice: Mary doesn't even so much as crack a smile ("Would you like a feather?" she asks him). Naturally Grant gives up, repeating his view that Mary's story is inferior and telling her that she knows it. Here Mary, livid at him, blatantly lies, telling Grant that a major publication has bought her story. Grant, being chastened, backs off from his initial reaction ("I've never been so glad to have been proven wrong in my life"). Yet in time Mary confesses to him that she was lying--a fact, we find out, Grant knew all along. Here Grant throws down the gauntlet ("Mary, I don't know how you want to be treated...Do you want me to puff up your ego?...Treat you like some boob?"). To which Mary replies: "God, yes!" Knowing when he's licked, Grant at last finally tells our Mary what she wants, and has wanted from the start, to hear: "Mary, I loved your story."To which she smiles beatifically, coos: "Thank you, Mr. Grant," and, still smiling rather vapidly, leaves.               The comedic brio Moore showed in that episode, going from comedic earnestness to comedic disappointment to comedic manipulation to, at last finally, comedic satisfaction with stunning ease, powered that episode, gave it heft and spice.             .Through a series of events that would take too long to detail, Mary discovers that Grant had a one-night stand with Happy Homemaker Sue Ann Nivens (Betty White, of course). Grant of course demands that Mary sit on this information, not tell anybody for fear of how Sue Ann will react, an insistence that sends Mary into gales of laughter ("What are you afraid [Sue Ann] will do, hold a spatula to your throat?"). However, Grant persists and Mary, solely to pacify Grant, crosses her heart--as Grant demands she do. Yet in a very brief time Mary, in an act of damnable--and entirely uncharacteristic--insensitivity, breaks her vow and freely tells news writer Murray (Gavin MacLeod, of course) of Grant and Sue Ann's one-nighter. When Grant finds out about Mary's betrayal, he is of course deeply hurt and, displaying admirable maturity here, breaks off the friendship he had with her "I still respect you as a producer. I still want you to work here. We're still a business. But we're not friends any more"). Mary, fully distraught at this, breaks into tears, pleadingly urging Grant to reconsider. Her boss and former friend, however, is having none of it ("Have you finished crying so we can get on with business?"). In time, though, Grant hooks back up with Sue Ann, there's some business--sad to say, I've wholly forgotten what it consisted of--and then Grant returns to his office, where he discovers an anxious Mary. She after a while tells him about what she claims was a one-night stand, similar to the one Grant had with Sue Ann, with a leading TV-news person. And that leading TV-news person was, she dramatically claims: "Walter Cronkite." She sees Grant struggling to suppress a smile, so she goes at it a second time: "Roger Mudd?" She witnesses Grant struggling even harder to keep from smiling, so she bores in: "If you smile, that means we're friends again." The episode ends with Grant not only freely smiling but freely hugging Mary--clearly saying that he's fully forgiven her and that the close and deep friendship they shared is back on track.           It was in this episode that Mary fully, fully shined, being charmingly bemused upon hearing of Grant's assignation with Sue Ann, being charmingly gossipy when going against her crossing-of-the-heart and spilling the beans to Murray, and, at last finally, confronted with Grant being justly hurt by Mary's insensitivity and his ending the friendship he had with her and her struggling--successfully, as it happily turns out--to regain that friendship, being deeply moving and appealingly human.         It is all this great work, spanning not just one but two decades, that brings on prodigious regret and prodigious sadness that this girl who could turn the world on with her smile has been forever taken from us. However, we're compensated by the fact that, being able to catch her uber-deft comedic acting in not one but two television sitcoms thanks to DVD, we can savor her applying her stupendous talent and her stupendous professionalism--and, again, thanks to DVD, see with the Moore Show in particular that, in regularly bestowing upon us that talent and that professionalism, she really and truly did make it after all.        
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