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#and honestly good for him
screenietv-crafts · 13 hours ago
Scar really said “I know I’m not gonna be here for a long time so I’m gonna have a good time” and then immediately started causing problems
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mushroom-jeans · 2 days ago
i love how it’s just so fuckin easy to tell that Jay is one of the, if not the, design teams favorites, especially after the redesigns
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daddymakkiandbunny · 2 days ago
Beep beep passing through
#bunny - rambles#just another one with vents in the tags lmao#please kindly ignore i just dont really have anyone to talk about this to irl so I just vent here where no one will notice#or atleast care much which really should be whats happening#anywho Im getting this feeling again where I want to run away and deact or give Makki away to someone more worthy to help mod him#I've felt very down on it for a good couple months and this month kinda took the cake#I dont want to let anyone down but not being on as much to help answer his asks makes me feel like I have and I dont want that#I just dont feel as qualified anymore to be a charanon mod but at the same time the second I leave I know Ill miss it and regret my decisio#im yet again torn and it's not like it's really a bad thing Im just disappointed in myself for the majority of this month on this account#well this account and his#I want a do over on all of this honestly but I dont want to let go of all the nice and precious memories Ive started and shared#with everyone Ive met#this is probably because Im stressed with less hours on work and other irl things but it sucks feeling this way#I know I cant please everyone and it honestly sucks that I cant learn that and drill it to my head fast#I just want everyone happy#I know I've already let one down without even getting the chance to talk but its alright#some things are meant to end eventually I suppose#Ill ponder over it more...I dont want to act impulsively#I dont want to make people sad is all that Makki isnt the most active#that alongside my other accounts and moving my writing blog to a new one..#aaaaaaaa Im hungry#this is hunger speaking#hungry means too honest for shit and mopey#i dont like being mopey#oh welp#tw vent#delete later#im going back to my writing blog and staying there for a while
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berrryshortcake · 2 days ago
oh fuck bestie i forgot to tell you i went out with florist boy again! so we went to eat after work (since we get off at the same time)
he literally is just so nice and funny and cute i loose it every time he does anything
but get this after we ate he was like ‘did you wanna come over to my place?’ and i was a little nervous because it was late and i don’t know him super well but i was also horny and not thinking strait so i was like ‘sure’. so (i sent my friends my location just is case, and i have my pepper spray lmao) but i went to his house and i met his bird and we ate ice cream and just got to know each other. it was so nice and he also had a clean house and it smelled nice which is absolutely a plus
unfortunately... we didn’t do anything else...😔
but it was a nice time... but it woulda been nicer if he just absolutely railed me
i’m [redacted] too
i let out the ugliest “oh my god” laugh JHJHSJHDD but hey!! you may have not gotten railed but you’re getting there bestie 👀!
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fallenoutoflove · 2 days ago
I’d have to be at the lowest most depressed lonely point in my life to go out with someone who is in an open relationship for “the summer”
No hate on open relationships but there would be no way for me to be satisfied in that as a relationship is ultimately my goal long term.
Was supposed to have a cute date and then discovered he clearly has a gf back in the town he goes to school. Like uh no?
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meadowheartss · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
i would put a little bit of writing here but im tired im lazy and i stayed up all fuckin night to finish this shit and it is now almost 7:40 am as im writing this. dear god help me i am so tired
anyways hi sorry i havent been posting much here or on my main blog im on hiatus sooooooooo :/
but anyways yeah. warrior cats
#accident#warrior cats#warrior cats oc#wc#wc oc#wc art#wc oc art#the one on the left (blackish-gray and white) is darkstar or alternatively a younger version of him named uhhhhh darkfrost? darkstrike?#i forgot what his warrior name is#anyways#the one on the left is darkstar-whatever and the one on the right (white and grayish-black) is snowstar#and basically the context for this is uhhhhh#snowstar (leader of tc) and cedarstar (leader of sc) had a kit (darkstar) and#darkstar lived with cedarstar#and then snowstar came along and took him bcak to thunderclan#and then eventually snowstar killed cedarstar by#and basically she just kinda uhhhhhhhhhh abused darkstar in a way#and so basically this is darkstar finally Snapping and just fuckin roasting snowstar for being a piece of shit mother#(and honestly she's just a piece of shit leader)#but anyways basically this is just part of like. darkstar's terrible horrible no good very bad life#one of the various events that happened in his life that basically made him the way he is now#(and uh yknow after all this shit happens he kinda ends up becoming a murderer and shit so thats! thats great! lovely!)#wow i sure do love absolutely torturing my oc's <3#i sure do love making my oc's go through all the same traumatic events that iwent through as a young 4-10 year old <3#also uh no im not back from hiatus yet. for anyone who's wondering. even though no one's wondering#and even though no one's gonna read through all this shit#well. maybe one person will. maybe. who knows#but anyways yeah. just thought id post this here. let everyone know i havent died yet (unfortunately)#anyways im going to bed(?) now
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soot-spots · 3 days ago
as a former leash-and-harness kid, the first thing to do when you break free (or in my case learn how to unbuckle the leash from the harness) is to book it as far as possible
tommy just happened to help start a nation
he got really side tracked man, happens to the best of us
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aleximedicus · 3 days ago
i gotta say, i’m about 220 pages into js&mn and it may just be because show!lascelles is the fc i use for lewis, but. i kind of stan book!lascelles. anyone else out here or am i just,
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art--school--wannabe · 4 days ago
hm.  i am bottling up all the things i have not yet oh idk.  DONE and so i uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh have returned to my default state of looking at references for the unicorn tattoo i wanna get
#apparently one of the best references for what i'm looking at like for its position/body#is uh...........a b*rnum poster.  which.  makes sense but i'm not exactly fond of the guy.#i'll be using the poster as reference because like it's got the horse and the ring of fire but like.  eeh.#how do i even explain the style to the artist whenever this does happen.  like.. traditional style but like with some extra carousel horse#sprinkled in there if yk what i mean can you do that for me#i mean to be fair i think i'm pretty clear in like what i'm looking for.  it's just a matter of finding the right artist#like..............................if my dad wants matching tattoos i sure as FUCK am not doing something stupid#unicorn.  hoop of fire.  the unicorn is mostly black and white with some red mixed in because van halen colors.#tbh the van halen colors are more important to him but i like the color scheme since that was what i had in mind from the beginning#then at one point he was like 'oh we could do the trans colors' yeah um thanks for being supportive now but um.  My Vision#and.. also.. we both have the same skin tone.  those colors would have to be hEAVILY altered in order for it to fade good i think#like yeah i'm gonna be doing more pride stuff and honestly i consider the unicorn a pride thing already#but if i just started putting pastel pinks and blues on me.. that's not gonna look good.  it really isn't.#like it needs to be rooted somewhere in reds and greens especially if i'm going for color.  because those don't like.. clash..#i'm overthinking this and comparing tattoo ink with makeup colors but like same idea.  i don't wanna pour money down the drain#for something that's gonna really need touching up a lot and also just not look great in the first place
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twomewtwos · 4 days ago
warren's hatred for anybody wanting his video game adaptation to be anything like the game it was adapting was sooo funny like babe write ur own vampire show that'll flop bc it's not based off anything instead of relying on the castlevania wiki. what the fuck is a lenore? bitch ill kill u
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lucky-klover · 4 days ago
I had an odd dream rn with my nap. 3 guys were tailing me across a school campus. So that’s unsettling. I think I recognized 2 of them. But I can’t remember them now that I’m awake.
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the-nysh · 5 days ago
Bakugou's relationship with Best Jeanist is quite odd. Firstly we learn it was not good, then Bakugou comes to value it and we get a change where Bakugou values Best Jeanist enough to save his hero name reveal for him (really for the audience) and there is a promise to intern with him again. At the brink of death Baugou pulls himself up to save Best Jeanist and tell him his name. In return Best Jeanist doesn't like his name, as far as we see doesn't visit him in the hospital and is now (1/2)
-Off with the top 2 and in the know about OFA. And that is no mentioning how Best Jeanist seemed exasperated with Bakugou as untameable in the Kamino arc the last time the two interacted before Best Jeanist helped Hawks. It feels weird because from Bakugou's end (out of nowhere) its set up that Best Jeanist is now someone Bakugou respects and cares for enough to honour him and go out of his own dying way to save but Best Jeanist barely seems to care about him in return. 
So interestingly I’ve seen this similar sentiment about Best Jeanist from other Kacchan fans before. :O From those same fans who feel Aizawa makes for a better understanding and sympathetic mentor to him too. I admit I really don’t know what to think about Best Jeanist myself, since the ‘taming’ of Kacchan’s behavior before, thru types of binding and negative reinforcement, weren’t to my taste. But since then it seems Kacchan’s internalized some of what BJ’s internship had to offer him, where even the design of his winter suit collar feels like a (cute?) homage to him of sorts. It’s...a little unclear what to make of that (including all the stuff you listed), but we know how Kacchan generally shows respect (in his own way) towards adults/authority figures/pro heroes. And Best Jeanist is no different, even though yeah they did have a professional mentor-student relationship (that we didn’t really get to see behind the scenes either), but other than that, to me they honestly don’t feel that close.
Like in comparison Aizawa has only done so much as his homeroom teacher, but the most one-on-one attention/instruction seems to be (or at least, we’re led to assume this is the case) from Best Jeanist. And perhaps on some level Kacchan feels like he owes him for dedicating/allocating that much professional time to him, and kinda makes it up thru these other little honoring gestures, which....can go by unappreciated or unnoticed (or in classic Kacchan’s case, misunderstood) by Best Jeanist in return. DX As you say, some things feel timed/structured more for the audience, by giving us the easy Best Jeanist explanation for why things like his hero name were held back only to be revealed now. And, while that works, the emotional believablity behind those explanations comes up a little short. So basically, my overview of Best Jeanist is kind of a *shrug* without much emotional investment in their relationship -as is- either. But I kinda agree with other fans that Kacchan deserves to have a close/sympathetic/supportive mentor too (beyond Best Jeanist?) just as Deku has with All Might.  
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pinkmatters · 5 days ago
bittersweet. (in another timeline)
you’ll always be my favourite “what if.” my perfect anti-climactic ending. i can’t help but lament what could’ve been if only the timing was right, if we were both in the right headspace, if we met in another place, another timeline. 
even now, i can’t help but to see you in this flawless glow. pink light, pink noise, pink matter. the flush of your cheeks when we met for the first time, the butterflies i felt when you said i was the thing that kept you going, the nights we spent staying up to see the sunrise.
i’ll dream about the sound of your raspy morning voice crackling through my laptop speakers. about how proud i was when i introduced you to my friends because finally, i could say “this time is different; he really cares about me!! i know you guys will love him.” about the hope i felt when you would tell your friends that i was your girl. 
when i think of bittersweet, i’ll always think of you. this is a bittersweet conclusion to the short prologue of our story, but i know there’ll be more chapters to come. i still value your friendship because i don’t want to lose you.
best friends, just friends to the end; better off as lovers, and not the other way around. i still wish things could’ve worked out between us to some end. as much as you and the universe are telling me that it’s impossible, i guess i’m too much of an optimist. 
i’ll dream about a timeline in which we had the chance to fall in love because i’m stubborn and i always want what i can’t have. but for now, i’ll always be here. the idealist to your cynicism. the incessant warmth to your bitter cold. the reluctant sage to your instalock jett. we’ll balance each other out and we’ll stay friends and i’ll pretend that i’m okay with that until i actually am.
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dayurno · 5 days ago
are you about to wreck my life with another long fic? because im ready.
yes :] tnotg's rebellious teen sister
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