#and how she began to heal at the end of the movie
jajanvm-imbi · 15 days ago
When are we gonna talk about this specific scene in Dos Orugitas?
Tumblr media
Abuela: "Ive never been able to come back here. This river...is where we were, given our miracle."
Mirabel: "Where...Abuelo Pedro....?:
This entire scene, Dos Orugitas, is so powerful all together, but the RIVER. The river is so important to the context of their family and the theme of generational trauma.
At this point we all know what Abuela's trauma is and how it affected everyone in the family, hence "generational trauma" part of the story.
Abuela Alma, while holding her 3 newborn babies, watched the love of her life be slaughtered right in front of her eyes in that river that night.
Tumblr media
At the very beginning of the movie we can see that Abuelo Pedro was standing in the river when he was murdered.
Once again, like we have already seen, Abuela put her own feelings about her trauma aside, and puts on a brave face to comfort Mirabel. But like she says to Mirabel, she had never been able to come back to that river herself, she was only there for Mirabel.
Finding Mirabel sitting at the river, the same place her husband was brutally murdered, must have been very triggering and painful. She was staring at the very spot she watched her husband be murdered.
But here's what's interesting about how the scene continues.
While Dos Orugitas plays, the story of what happened to Abuelo Pedro is shown in detail (at least more detail then when Abuela tells the story at the beginning)
We see Mirabel observing the scene for herself, implying that Abuela is telling the story to Mirabel in great detail, and Mirabel is finally understanding the pain Abuela experienced in that very spot.
Tumblr media
Abuela then apologizes saying, "I am so sorry. You never hurt our family Mirabel. We are broken, because of me"
Now, after understanding why Abuela acted the way she did towards everyone, seeing the pain she is still holding on to after all those years, Mirabel looks out and sees:
Tumblr media
The scene from Bruno's vision.
At first she didn't know where that scene was, but it was when she looked out into the river that she saw what the vision was showing.
Now in Bruno's vision it was very unclear who Mirabel was meant to hug in order to save the miracle for a long time, and it ended up being Isabela. BUT, Bruno's vision had two different outcomes, one when Casita fell down, and one where Casita didn't. How I'm choosing to interpret this is that, in the outcome where Casita didn't fall Mirabel would have to hug Isabela, which is what the vision ended up choosing to display, but in the outcome where Casita did fall, Mirabel would have to hug someone else, which is why the vision was so confusing for Bruno.
Now Casita obviously fell, which means the only way the miracle would be saved is if Mirabel hugged someone else. And because of that scene in Bruno's vision, Mirabel realized:
It was Abuela she needed to help
This is exactly why I think its a bunch of bs when people claim that Abuela was "forgiven too easily"
Mirabel saw Abuela's silent suffering, she saw how much pain was still in her heart from what happened that night, and how much trauma Abuela experienced. She understood why Abuela acted the way she did, and instead of getting angry, Mirabel sees that she is meant to help Abuela, and in turn, help everyone else.
Tumblr media
This river was the place where the most traumatic thing that ever happened to any of them occurred. The source of the family's generational trauma took place at this river. And Abuela herself admitted that ever since that night, she had never been able to go back.
Abuela had to cross the river too, to flee from the bandits (or whoever they are)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
But after she saw Pedro be murdered, she never stepped foot in that river again.
Mirabel understanding Abuela's trauma, and Abuela finally going back into the river after 50 years, you wanna know what this scene is symbolizing????
Tumblr media
After 50 years, Abuela was not only able to go back to see the river, but go into the river. WITH THE HELP OF MIRABEL.
Together, they walk into the river, finally understanding one another, and they both decide together that their healing starts HERE. The rest of the family can't heal before Abuela can heal, and Mirabel UNDERSTANDS THIS. So what does she do????? SHE HELPS ABUELA HEAL.
This entire scene is so important in understanding the entire movie, but the DAMN RIVER IS WHAT STOOD OUT TO ME.
I didn't get why they had to walk into the river in order for this scene to continue, but then it HIT ME LIKE A BUS.
Casita being rebuilt symbolizes the family healing as a whole, but the river symbolizes Abuela's trauma. Therefore, walking into the river symbolizes addressing and HEALING from that trauma.
God this movie is so beautiful and powerful and important.
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Teacher's Pet - Part 1
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Parings: Aaron Hotchner x (fem!)reader
Word Count: 2.8k
Tags: 18+/NSFW for language and sex talk, case talk, TW assault, feelings, flirty Aaron Hotchner, flirty reader
Summary: Working at the BAU isn't easy, but it's even more complicated when the reader has a crush on her unit chief-and everyone knows about it but him.
Authors Note: Hi everyone!! I am so incredibly excited to share this. Please please be nice because this is my VERY first fanfic ever and I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing. I want to give a special thanks to @wishuhadstayed for giving me inspiration and helping my anxiety writing it, @hotforhotchner11 for encouraging me, and @scuttling for proofreading it!
Part 2
Part 3
Tumblr media
The last case the BAU worked was something straight out of a horror movie. After doing everything possible to get to the latest victim, Emma, it still didn’t seem like enough. Yes the unsub was in custody and Emma was found safe, but he still brutally assaulted and murdered four women. As you sit there on the jet looking outside you wonder if sometimes the job is even worth it. Emma was saved and you and the team were able to get to her, but because of what the unsub did to her she will be severely traumatized and may never fully recover; it’s just really hard to be happy about cases that end like this. As you sit there and think about how her life is going to be after all of this is over, Hotch puts his hand on your shoulder and pulls you out of your thoughts.
“Hey, are you alright”
“Y-yeah. Yeah everything is good” you lie, giving him a small smile. Sinking into the chair across from you he gives you a knowing look. You look down at your lap and sigh. With a weak voice you finally speak up.
“Okay no. No I’m not okay Hotch. How can I be? You saw how we found Emma. Hotch she will have to go the rest of her life trying to get over the trauma he put her through and she’s still so young. We are the same age… how- how can someone get over that? I can’t even imagine.”
When you finally look up at him, his image is blurry and that’s when you realize you had been crying. Trying to wipe your tears before he saw them, he stands quickly and moves over to sit next to you. Opening his arms for a comforting hug, he pulls you into him. When you look up at him, the tears start flowing even harder. Wrapping his arms around you, he moves one of his hands up and down your back. Laying your head on his broad chest, the smell of his cologne and the steady beat of his heart slowly soothe your frayed nerves. When you pull back he is already looking at you.
“Y/N, she is okay. I promise you she is. She needs time to heal, but she has her whole family there to help her through it. She isn’t alone. Right now she’s happy she’s alive and that’s because of you. You made the connection that brought her back to her family. Y/N you should be so proud of that. I am very proud of you. You did well.” His praise made your heart flutter and through happy tears, a smile began to form on your face.
Aaron Hotchner is not a man who gives praise often, but when he does you know he means it. Through more tears you hug him firmly. “Thank you, Hotch. Thank you so much.” He grips you harder and whispers back “anytime.”
While you had been at the BAU for close to two years, your relationship with Hotch went much further back. Unbeknownst to the other members of the BAU team was the fact that he had been your professor for two of your classes while you were in the FBI Academy. It wasn’t actually a secret that he used to be your professor, but in fear of the team thinking you were only there because of Hotch, you kept that bit of information to yourself. It’s not like you would ask for any favors from him, right?
As much as you didn’t want the team knowing about the little crush you had on the Unit Chief, they found out – and they teased you relentlessly for it. So when the jet landed back at Quantico and Rossi invited everyone out for pasta night at his prominent “mansion,” in fear of being teased all night, you instinctively decline.
Hurriedly gathering your go-bag and files from your desk, you feel a warm presence behind you. The aroma of cedarwood and pine fill your senses and you turn to find Hotch’s penetrating gaze looking right at you. With nervousness sweeping over you, you try to look anywhere but directly at him.
“H-hey Hotch, what’s up?” you stutter as you’re still trying to gather up your things with clammy hands.
“Hey, are you alright?” he asks putting a warm hand on your shoulder. You sigh and look down. Dragging your eyes from his shoes all the way up his tall frame, you look into his deep dark brown eyes. His hair is tousled like he had been running his fingers through it and he had his suit jacket thrown over his arm.
Oh my holy fuck he looks so hot in that suit. What I would give to grab him by his thick, juicy thighs and wrap my lips arou— God Y/N snap out of it! He is your boss for crying out loud! Get it together, please!
You cough and avert your gaze somewhere else in the bullpen. Really, anywhere but on him. “Um, yeah. Yeah Hotch I’m fine I promise. I just really want to get home and get clear my head. Thank you though.” He lifts his hand off of your shoulder and you give him a soft smile.
The side of his mouth moved up into a smirk. “You know, you can clear your head while eating pasta with us at Rossi’s. It would be nice to have all of us together somewhere other than a police precinct. It won’t be the same without you… just think about it, okay?”
Why does he want me to go so bad?
Smiling and sitting your stuff back down onto your desk, you let out a small breath. “Okay. Yeah, I’ll think about it. But only if you come too. There needs to be at least one responsible person there with us.”
“Responsible?” he says, still smirking at you.
“Yeah! You know. To make sure no one does anything dumb or anything they might regret later. Especially after the case we just had.”
“Dumb huh? Do you plan on doing anything dumb Y/n?”
Still smirking at you, you feel your face burn under his gaze.
Looking away from his intense stare and down at his shoes, you stutter “N-no, Sir. No I don’t. I-I was just… just saying. I think someone should be there that won’t get plastered. And- and possibly a ride if we get too drunk. You know, just responsible.”
Jesus could you look more like an idiot Y/N?! Stop acting like this! He’s your boss and that’s it! Calm the fuck down.
With his index finger and thumb, he tilts your head up to look at him. His hands are like fire on your soft skin causing goosebumps to ripple all over your body.
“It’s okay Y/N, I’ll be there. Go home, get dressed and since I’m already picking up the girls I’ll pick up you too. How does that sound?”
Taking his hand off of your face, you swiftly grab your things off of your desk. “Sounds great!” you reply a little too eagerly.
“Good. Now get going before we are all late and Rossi starts complaining. I’ll pick you up at 8, don’t be late.”
“Y-yes, Sir. I’m leaving now.”
Hotch turns to walk away and stops and looks back at you.
“Oh and Y/N?”
“Yes, Sir?”
“Please call me Hotch. Sir makes me feel old.”
“I’m not thinking straight, sorry Hotch. I’m not sure why I did that” you say grabbing your jacket and go-bag.
As he is about to walk past you, he leans in by your ear and whispers “It has a nice ring to it coming from you though.”
Jerking your head up to look at him, our mouth immediately goes dry as he winks and begins to walk away.
What the hell was that?!
Tumblr media
After taking a quick shower and getting ready, you look in the mirror to put on lipstick. Hearing a chime from your phone, you check it and it reads:
Em: Hotch just picked us up! We are on our way!! Also we put you up front since we know how much you want to be close to your man ;)))
Groaning, you reply,
NO. I cannot believe you guys did that! I hate you all. And Em I have you know he is NOT “my man” Like I don’t even like him that much. Fuck off lmao
Setting the phone down, you grab your purse and check yourself in the mirror one last time before the they show up. Hearing another chime and expecting it to be one of the other girls, you pick it up.
HOTchner: On my way upstairs. Hope you’re ready.
I am! Walking to my door now
Immediately after replying, you hear a knock at your door. Walking up and opening it, you are immediately hit with delicious wood and pine scented cologne that fills your senses. There at your door Hotch stood in all of his glory. His normally gelled hair was still a little damp and fluffy like he had just gotten out of the shower. He had a black tee shirt on with a gray quarter zip on top of it that he had pushed up to just below his elbows, with dark-wash blue jeans and tennis shoes.
SHIT Y/n! Stop staring at him! He’s going to think you’re a freak!
Clearing your throat and looking down at your hands, you realize Hotch has been talking to you.
Looking back up at him with flushed cheeks you realize he caught you.
He chuckles at you and says “Didn’t your mother ever tell you it’s not polite to stare?”
Feeling your face heat up for the second time that day, you clutch your purse close to your body, shut the door, and shove past him.
“Shut it, let’s go. The girls are waiting on us.”
“Whatever you say y/n.. whatever you say” he says from behind you.
Tumblr media
Arriving at Rossi’s house, you were the first one out of the car. The combination of being shoved inside a car beside Hotch for 20 minutes, the girls making inside jokes, and them texting you about “your man” made you damn near suffocate. All you wanted right now was a big glass of wine and to see the rest of the team. Walking to the door you walked in and was greeted by Rossi, Reid, and Morgan.
“Bellissima!” Rossi exclaimed, greeting you with a hug and a kiss to the cheek. “I’m so glad you finally decided to come. Have a seat at the bar with Spencer and Derek, I’ll be there in a second.” Walking into the kitchen, you sat next to Morgan at the bar and poured yourself a full glass of expensive Italian red wine that was all too difficult to pronounce.
“Woah mamas! You lookin’ good! Who you trying to impress?” Derek asked with a chuckle and a raised eyebrow.
“Not a soul, Derek Morgan. I have you know I wore this for myself.”
“Oh is that so? You mean to tell me you didn’t wear that little sweater dress for our Unit Chief over there?” He raises his beer to his lips and jerks his head in the direction of Hotch. He's standing in the doorway of the kitchen leaning on the doorframe while holding a glass of scotch in his hand talking to Rossi. You briefly make eye contact with and he smirks at you. Quickly looking away you downed your glass of wine.
Getting up searching for more wine, you look at Derek and reply “I have no idea what you’re talking about Derek. What would I see in him?! He isn’t even my type.”
“Y/n, he IS your type. He is a dominate, older, suit-wearing, confident, FBI agent. You mean to tell me that’s not your type? I see you drooling over him constantly so don’t tell me he isn’t your type. You eye-fuck him constantly.”
You roll your eyes at him.
With a playful scoff he says “Okay, you mean to tell me if he called you into his office and told you to get on your knees you wouldn’t immediately drop to suck his d-“
“DEREK MORGAN!” You shout, regrettably drawing unwanted attention to yourself.
Laughing, Derek pats you on the back and says “I was just teasing, but you know you wouldn’t say no.”
Feeling the heat in your face intensify, you drop your head, grab your wine glass, and wander over to the girls.
A couple of hours later the team is gathered around in the living room munching on snacks, joking, and drinking around the coffee table. Hotch sits beside you, Derek on the other side of him, and Garcia next to Derek. Sitting on the other side of you are Emily, J.J. and beside her is Reid. Rossi sits on his couch watching everyone because, as he says “I refuse to sit on the floor in my mansion when I have a comfortable, expensive couch to sit on”.
It’s unknown who says it, but about 30 minutes later someone in the room (probably Emily) starts a conversation about kinks.
“J.J! You mean to tell me that hands don’t turn you on?!” Emily exclaimed, grabbing a shot glass off of the table. "Like okay for example, if Will is doing something like shooting his gun, you don't look at his hands and think “If only those hands were wrapped around my neck?”
Laughing, J.J. took the shot Emily handed her, wincing as it hit the back of her throat. “No, no I really don’t. Do I think about being shoved up against a wall though? Yes. But I don't think that’s called a kink. I think that’s called being a normal woman.”
“Well I personally think hands are sexy as hell. So I guess yeah, I have a hand-kink. Okay now what about you Pen? What is your kink that none of us knows?” Emily asks as she passes around more shots.
“Oh my love that would be spanking of course.”
Nearly spitting out his drink, Hotch’s eyes grow wide and he gets up. Feeling the alcohol kick in, you grab his arm and stare at him, giggling.
“And just where do you think you’re going?” You ask, taking the shot that Emily gave you.
Laughing and glancing around the room he utters “I've heard too much about my co-workers' personal lives tonight already. I’m going to the kitchen. Does anyone want anything?” The team starts naming off drinks and finally he looks at you.
“Would you like something more to drink, Y/N?”
Cackling in your tipsiness and still gawking at him, you hand him your wine glass replying “Hehe, yeah I do. Just a tall drink of water please.” Chuckling, he takes your glass and walks off into the kitchen.
After getting drinks for everyone with the help of Rossi, Hotch is on his way back into the living room when what he hears suddenly stops him dead in his tracks- his name rolling off of your lips.
“Oh yeah I 100% have this professor role-play kink that I can’t stop thinking about. God it’s so hot. So incredibly hot. But it’s so weird because I NEVER even thought about it until I had Hotch as a professor. God the things I’d let that man do to me, you guys have no idea.”
“Hotch was your professor?!” Derek yelled.
“You’re damn right he was- for two classes. I needed a new vibrator after that semester, WHEW!” You say fanning yourself.
Suddenly, Hotch feels the heat rise in his face, like he has no blood left in his body and all of it has gone straight to his head.
“Aaron you’re blushing,” Rossi says grinning at him.
“Shut up, Dave. She’s just drunk and not thinking about what she’s saying. It's fine.”
Still laughing, Rossi says “If it’s fine, why is your face as red as a beet? You like her too Aaron, don’t lie to me.”
Letting the heat dissipate from his face, he looks up at Rossi. Smirking as he’s walking back into the living room he says “I’ve always been well liked by my students, Dave.”
“There he is! My man!” Derek says, patting Hotch on the back.
“DEREK MORGAN SHUT UP!” You yell, throwing one of Rossi’s fancy pillows at his chest.
Hotch starts laughing and hands everyone their drinks. When he finally gets to you, he sits down back in his spot and hands you a glass of water. You look at him confused.
Leaning in, you whisper “When I said I wanted a tall glass of water, I meant you dipshit.”
Suddenly you feel his big, warm hands squeezing your thigh underneath the table. Breath hitching in your throat, you scan your eyes from his hand to his face. Leaning in, he gets close to your ear and whispers “That’s for later, sweetheart.”
What the FUCK did he just say?!
Tagging some of my moots!! If I forgot someone let me know and I'll tag you too!
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gold rush | one shot
Tumblr media
pairing: druig x eternal!reader
summary: in which the emergence takes place on centuri-six and druig once again loses everything he’s ever wanted.
warnings: major spoilers for the movie & includes references to my gold rush series, angst, descriptions of violence and death, slight fluff.
word count: 1.1k
a/n: this idea was given to me by @ateliefloresdaprimavera so thank you so much for the idea! hope you enjoy! also this was giving me very much petermj at the end of nwh vibes
masterlist - series masterlist
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
Everyone in Centuri-Six is going to die.
Thunder erupted out of nowhere as large waves began to emerge from the parting ocean. The sounds were deafening as the inhabitants cried out helplessly, homes torn apart, families ripped away from one another.
The planet was caving into itself whilst the birth of another began.
The ground shook under her feet while she looked around helplessly, watching the hand that was once submerged under the waves begin to reach out of the ground, wanting to be free of its cage. She watched while the ground parted beneath their feet, tearing a mother away from her baby. She couldn’t tear her eyes away as the mother was pulled into the cracks of the earth, disappearing and leaving the baby on its own as she faced her fate.
“We’re doing the right thing.” Ajax reassured her once again, watching another person get killed by the birth of the Celestial.
How is killing justifiable?
How is death justifiable?
She felt frozen, unable to move her body whilst the world around her began to crumble, the helpless screams crowding her thoughts while she was instructed to watch, to watch the people she cared for die tragically.
“Druig!” She called out, she saw him attempt to make his way towards her, climbing over the crumbling ground and stumbling his way towards her, once he was within arms reach he pulled her into him as the world around them continued to cave in.
She had been standing for what felt to be hours, the ache in her feet wanting her to do nothing more but lay down, she gently placed her hands on his back, flinching as Druig winces in pain, still healing from the earthquake that caused him to fall uncomfortably onto his back, they looked like two soldiers that were reunited in the midsts of a battle, minutes away from their tragic end.
“So, what a final night alive huh?” Druig attempted to crack a joke, he couldn’t stop longingly watching the crowds, wanting to save everyone from what was to occur. She sighed in response, head falling onto his shoulder as she leaned into him, wanting nothing more than to feel his embrace, to ignore the aching feeling in her soul that continued to weigh her down.
“Druig, I-” She began, stuttering over her words as a chunk of the ground narrowly missed the two, causing them to jump away in fear.
“Don’t, don’t say it.” He cuts her off, pulling on her hand and dragging her to somewhere safe, all he wanted was to protect her, to comfort her.
But there was no way out of this situation, whether he wanted it to happen or not, they were going to die.
The planet will crumble into pieces.
“You- you won’t lose me alright?” Druig hastily held her face in the palm of his hands, wanting her to look directly at him rather than the planet that continued to run to the ground.
“Hey, look at me okay. Look at me.” He demands, catching her eyes and forcing their eyes to meet once more. The pale blue eyes that once brought her comfort only caused her even more heartbreak while she continued to look at him, the man she fell in love with.
The man she was about to lose.
“We’ll find each other again, I promise.” He reassured her, thumb wiping the fallen tears while he forced a smile on his own face, incapable of hiding his own feelings.
“You can't get rid of me that easily, y’know.” He added cheekily, causing a laugh to escape her, he felt his heart stutter at the sound of her laughter, wanting nothing but to bottle it up, to keep it safe in a box so he could hear it over and over again and never get sick of the sweet melody of her laugh.
All he wanted was to tear her away from this nightmare, to keep her safe from their doomed fate, to protect her from everything that could cause a frown on her ethereal face.
He knew she was created by the Gods, nobody this perfect could exist unless they handcrafted by the Gods themselves, Druig thought she was perfect, even with her flaws she was the most beautiful person he had ever laid his eyes on, and if he could relive falling in love with her over and over again, he would do it, with no hesitation.
Because he knew that no matter what, no matter what planet, no matter where they were, he’d find his way back to her, he’d crawl from the depths of hell and kill and destroy everything in his path that kept him away from her.
He wouldn’t let their story end like this, so tragically. They were twin flames, forged by the Gods above and created for one another, nobody could separate Druig from her even if they tried.
“It’s okay- it’s going to be okay, when I see you again we’ll say it to each other, we’ll tell each other.” He promises, not wanting to hear the three words come out of her mouth as she got torn away from him, not wanting the last words he’d hear to be the words that would haunt him until his last breath.
He couldn’t tell her he loved her, not now, not as their lives began to end, not as he’s forced to watch her take her last breath ever as she loses the ability to live.
“We’ll find each other once again.” She stuttered out shakily and Druig nodded, pulling her impossibly closer to him as he watched her gaze fall behind him, his fingers trembled against her skin, ignoring the blood that dropped down his neck and the harsh cut on her forehead.
“That’s right, we will.” He promised.
Thunder clapped once again as the skies began to darken. He looked up and watched the meteors continue to pelt the broken ground. He couldn’t breathe without inhaling the scent of burning corpses as thousands continued to die, he couldn’t stop it, no matter how much he wanted to.
The end was near.
The head of the Celestial began to emerge from the shaky waters, continuing to rip itself away from the centre of the planet, destroying the planet as it did so.
Druig looked at her once again, hurriedly pressing his lips to her forehead as he tucked her into his chest, wanting her to feel nothing but him as it began.
The end of the world.
The Celestial tore himself from the cocoon created, careless about the inhabitants that once roamed the planet that crumbled into pieces, careless towards the Eternals that were devoted to protecting him, he rose from his restless slumber, destroying everything in his path, including the two Eternals that clutched onto each other as the world caved in, welcoming death once again.
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
druig taglist: @dontstopxx @itscheybaby @halsmultibitch @hereiamhereigo @redroomproperty @bellaiscool @justifymyfeelings @measure-in-pain @swaggieee @maddyt28 @minxie98 @bookthingz @whatdoyxumean @zofps @she-wintersoldat @the-killer-queenie @felicityofbakerstreet @bizzlepotter @elennory @camilaricci @thesecrethistoryofamanda @bittergomez @lalafl12 @dani5216 @no-trespassing-mtz @sweet-creature98 @luxuriouslokistan-3 @enderstones @ilbuioinduefamenopaura @sunnnyshark @nepturn @redbarn1995 @jordynanderson9 @thenas-heart @shell-lee-inc @zanmorgan @poemsforparker @s0-theking @lucyysthings @katherineeekai @eternallyvenus @juul4jesus @beep-beep-sherlock @popeheywardssecretgf @safeplaceholland @lightning-wolffe @poisoned-pineapple @ateliefloresdaprimavera
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demumbrigde · a month ago
How the rest of the Madrigals Gift ceremony went
okay i know i havent been active like all of 2021 but here at the end i made this headcanon list, bc encanto brainrot, ok enjoy:
Pepa, Julieta and Bruno: since they're triplets, they obviously got their gift the same day, but it wasnt immediately obvious what each of them got. Both Julieta and Bruno have to actively do stuff in order for their gift to work (cook and the ritual bruno has to perform), but pepa's gift made itself clear the next time she got angry and flooded the whole first floor of the casita.
Julieta gradually learned how to cook and the first time she made arepas all the familys little everyday cuts and scratches healed up. Eventually Bruno got a vision about something trivial, and along the way he learned how to make the visions more clear to him and made the ritual to enhance his gift.
Isabela: When it was Isabelas turn to get her gift everyone was so excited and nervous, but none more than herself. Then, as she turned the doorknob and flowers sprouted on in thousands, she laughed from relief and had the vines hoist her over everyone's head as they all cheered. But there was still a little pit of anxiety in her stomach.
Dolores: Dolores as the loud kid she was had been running around the town all day, excitedly telling everyone she met about the no doubt awesome power she was gonna get. The moment before she turned the doorknob was the last moment of silence she would hear in years. The moment after it felt as if everything exploded at once and she covered her ears and crumbled to the floor. The next few weeks she discovered the truth about every single villager, and she noticed how they all began to cast their eyes down when she passed them. She began to listen more instead of talking, and found ways to tell the difference between the voices of different people and family members, instead of hearing every overlapping voice in the encanto.
Luisa: Luisa only hoped she could get something useful, something that could make things easier for the family. So when she turned the doorknob and at first felt nothing, she was a bit disappointed. But when that same evening her toy fell under the bed, she instinctually lifted the bed high up in the air to pull the toy out. As she did so, she turned around just to see Augustins jaw drop as he stood in the doorway.
Camilo: Camilo had been joking around in the weeks up the ceremony, while also getting more jittery. Rolling on the balls of his feet, he waited while abuela gave her speech to the assembled crowd. When it was time he laid his hand on the doorknob. Abuela almost fainted when he turned around and she was looking at her own mirror image. But Camilo quickly turned into Felix and grabbed her in his arms before she could collapse to the floor.
Mirabel: well...
Antonio: We saw his nervousness, and his guilt over getting a gift and Maribel not getting one, but we also saw how he got more confident in his gift over the course of the movie :)
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g-e-r-a-s-k-i-e-r · 9 days ago
Encanto headcanons
The first day he moved into his new and improved room, Bruno had a lot of visitors.
The first one was, predictably, Mirabel. She stayed for a while, admiring what Casita had created for him. Especially the new mood area, specifically designed to calm his nerves and quiet his mind.
Next was Isabela, who shyly handed over a bouquet of brightly coloured assorted flowers. This began a tradition where, every morning, he’d find a brightly coloured bouquet waiting for him outside his door.
Antonio and Camilo came after, Antonio with a huge grin on his face and Camilo trailing behind him with an apology in his eyes. All it took was Bruno ruffling Camilo’s hair and complimenting him on his amazing theatrical skills, and they were the best of friends from then on. Antonio was thrilled that Bruno loved his gift, a little book with different scenes to play out his rat telenovelas that Antonio had spent all morning carefully painting.
When he opened his door next it was to Dolores. She gave him a long knowing look, then smiling gently, gave him the package she was holding. When he opened it to reveal an exact replica of the plate he’d drawn onto his table when he used to live in the walls, a single tear rolled down his cheek. She said that she’d heard him every night on the other side of the wall, eating alone. She told him how she had thought it was wishful thinking on her part, her way of feeling like he was still with them. She vowed to him that he’d never eat alone again.
Julieta brought him some refreshments, as he was quite exhausted by this point. She told him how much she had missed him, how dearly she loved him, and how she never gave up hope that one day he’d come back. Pepa joined them, soaking them all as she wept in happiness for getting her baby brother back.
Finally, Alma. They talked for hours. The pain in his eyes cut through her heart like shards of glass. She knew that apologies alone weren’t enough, so she vowed to her son that she’d be better. For the miracle, for the family, for the townsfolk, but mostly for him. She also silently vowed to herself to do everything in her power to make her only son smile again. When he broke down, she held him as she always used to. Stroking his hair, singing softly to soothe his pain. When the tears finally slowed, she guided him to bed, pulling the blankets over him as he swiftly fell into an exhausted sleep. She stayed there for hours, watching over her son.
Bruno awoke the next morning with hope in his heart. A healing feeling began to spread within him as he remembered the day before. He recalled every individual hug he’d got from every single member of his family. Even Agustín and Félix. Luisa had almost crushed him. He was here, with his family. They had a long way to go, but he knew now that he wasn’t alone. His family loved him and he loved them in return. He was finally home.
Whoa, didn’t mean it to get so deep at the end there. I don’t even know where this came from? This movie man, I mean it isn’t just a kids movie, y’know? I do know that it’s 2.23am and I need sleep though… 😂
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twin flame // gw x reader
words: 3.8k
series genre: angst, fluff, smut (all in due time)
warnings: jealous george, angry george, charlie x reader kinda, mentioned ronmine, mentioned hinny, mentioned bleur, percy weasley slander, alcohol consumption, spitting kink (sorta if you squint), cringey pet names, mediocre writing at best
a/n: idk how many parts this will be,, maybe 5. but i already have the ending in mine. happy reading loves!
part two | part three | part four
twin flame (n.): an intense soul connection, sometimes called a "mirror soul," thought to be a person's other half. it's based on the idea that sometimes one soul gets split into two bodies. one of the main characteristics of a twin flame relationship is that it will be both challenging and healing. this is due to the mirroring nature of a twin flame; they show you your deepest insecurities, fears, and shadows. but they also help you overcome them and vice versa—your twin flame will be equally affected by you.
george weasley. what could you say about george weasley? he is… charismatic. funny, charming, fiery, pretty. everything. george is everything. he’s your best friend, of course, since the two of you were young. your fathers worked at the ministry together, so you and your siblings had playdates with the weasley siblings all the time, whether it be at your house or at the burrow. george is three years your senior, and he’s extremely protective of you. more than your soulmate, george is your twin flame—platonically, of course—that’s all that it would ever be. solely a platonic connection. at least that’s what you thought…
after the war, you and george became even closer. something about both of your lives being put on the line brought the two of you that much closer. after the war, you moved into the apartment above the joke shop with fred and george and began working as the store clerk and attendant. your parents had, unfortunately, died in the war and left just you and your siblings. when you told your older brother that you couldn’t stay in the house filled with memories, he completely understood. fred and george offered you to stay with them, and how could you say no to your favorite twins and your best friends? and besides, fred wouldn’t have let you say no. especially after you saved his life, pushing him out of the way of the falling debris. (fred weasley is alive. no i don’t take criticism.)
the transition was possibly the easiest thing you had ever gone through in your life. living with fred and george was a dream. it was all late night movie dates and cooking dinner together which ended up with the three of you throwing various ingredients at each other and laughing your heads off. this meant that you guys often ended up flooing to the burrow, and eating whatever it was that molly made for dinner that night.
that leads us to another point. molly. she absolutely adores you. she thanked you a million times over for saving fred’s life, it’s not something that she would ever let you forget. she’s like your second mom, and she thinks the world of you. everytime you saw her, she was sure to remind you that you could just give her a call if fred and george ever got out of line and she would be sure to put them back in check. not that you ever needed to, the twins were lovely to be around.
you were finishing up with your last customer of the day as george was locking up the doors and fred was beginning to clean up. just as the last customer walked out, george walked up to you and sat atop the counter in front of you as you were wiping it clean. “oh, please make yourself comfortable,” you remarked sarcastically as you threw away the clorox wipe.
“thanks love, i did,” he smirked. you rolled your eyes with a giggle as you began your count of the money in the register. “so as you know… we’re closing the shop up for christmas,” he began.
“georgie, if you have something to ask then please ask it,” you lightly teased.
“mum wants you to come to the burrow for christmas. i, of course, would also love for you to come. but mum’s threatened me a million times over if i don’t ask. i told her that you had your own family but she absolutely insisted at least ask you. she also told me to tell you that charlie would be there. as well as ron and hermione and harry and ginny and bill and fleur,” george spoke.
“well gosh, if charlie’s going, then i have to be there. after all, he is the hottest weasley brother,” you joked. if you weren’t so oblivious, then you would’ve noticed the look on george’s face after your harmless joke. you would’ve noticed the way his jaw hardened and his nostrils flared. you would’ve saw that way his gaze turned icy and the vein in his neck began to protrude in just the slightest as his face turned the slightest shade of pink. and you absolutely wouldn’t have missed the way that his chuckle wasn’t truly one of humor. you wouldn’t have missed how tense he became and you definitely wouldn’t have missed the ice in his tone when he replied.
“good one, love. are you coming or not?” the words were harsh, but you paid no mind. you didn’t catch it, but fred did. you also didn’t catch the harsh glare that fred sent his twin brother. or the way that he mouthed harsh words at him as he fixed him with an even harsher glare. but of course… you were oblivious. to you, george saw you as nothing more than a very good friend. a younger sister even. after all, you were ginny’s age. but to george…? to george he saw everything.
you were charismatic. funny, charming, fiery, pretty. gorgeous even. you were… ethereal. you were george’s everything and he was your’s. but the two of you didn’t know that. both of you were hiding a huge secret from each other. one that neither of you dared reveal. you didn’t dare tell anyone. your crush on george weasley was a secret that you were absolutely prepared to take to your grave. nobody knew. okay well that’s a lie… harry knew. but that’s only because the bugger was practicing his stupid legilimency and failed to tell you that you were the subject.
your heart fell to your ass when you heard the loud gasp harry let out and you turned to see his wand aimed at you. “you like-“ you practically flew across the gryffindor table and shoved your hand over his mouth before he could reveal your secret. the action had all heads turning to you, causing you to sheepishly smile and offer a wave before pulling away from him, demanding that he follow you. “you like george?!” he whisper shouted once you had finally lead him into an abandoned classroom.
“yes, but harry please don’t say anything, you have to swear it on your parents!” you exclaimed.
“that seems a brash, no?” harry raised a brow.
“swear it, potter! or i’ll hex you into oblivion,” you threatened.
“i swear it! i swear it!” he put his hands up as if in defense. you nodded once before pivoting on your heel. “he likes you too,” he spoke behind you.
“stick your foot in your mouth!” you grumbled, stomping away.
it was three days before christmas, and you fred and george were fully packed. you were sat in george’s room, kneeling on the floor as you packed your last few items and began to zip your bag. there was a soft knock on the door before it opened. “all ready, butterfly?” george asked. that’s another thing about the weasley twin—he had called you butterfly for as long as he could talk. you figured that it was because the two of you would chase butterflies together when you were little. once, a blue monarch landed on your nose, causing you to let out the sweetest giggle. if you ask george, he’d tell you that it was that exact moment that caused him to fall in love with you.
you looked ethereal. the way the blue monarch landed gently on your nose and you just let out the purest giggle. “georgie, look!” you exclaimed quietly so as not to frighten the creature as the giggle fluttered in your chest and tumbled past your lips. it was then that he knew. the sun shone on you so perfectly, like a spotlight almost. like the ball of fire in the sky was made for you and you only. the smile on your face was unmatched as continuous giggles spilled past your lips and your hair cascaded down your back. george fell in love with you that day. and at that moment, he decided that he would stop at absolutely nothing to see you smile like that again. to hear you giggle like that again. in that moment, everything was okay. there was no wizarding war. no death eaters and no voldemort. no dark thoughts and no fear. there was just you and george. and the pretty blue butterfly that made him fall in love.
you looked up at him and shot him a smile before nodding. he offered you a hand and you took it, allowing him to pull you up from the floor. he carried your bag down the stairs for you and the three of you stood in front of the fireplace. “you first, butterfly,” georgie smiled and kissed your head. you stepped into the fireplace and fred handed you the floo powder. you called out your destination before throwing the powder. you stepped out at the burrow and were immediately tackled into a hug.
“y/n/n!” ginny exclaimed, lifting you from the ground and twirling you in the air.
“hi gin,” you wrapped your arms around her neck as a giggle tumbled past your lips. fred stepped out after you, and her reaction was less than thrilled to see him. she simply waved after she set you on the ground, dragging you into the living room as she ignored the younger twin that had now also stepped out of the fireplace.
“great to see you too, baby sister,” george teased lightly.
“don’t care george!” she called. you greeted arthur and molly before kneeling in front of the coffee table in the living room. charlie, hermione, fleur, and harry were each sat on the couches and ginny kneeled next to you. “sooo… tell us everything!” she exclaimed excitedly.
“about what?” you asked with a giggle.
“about george!” she whisper shouted as she slapped your shoulder.
“there’s nothing to tell, gin. he’s my best friend, he has been since we were young,” you explained, trying to force the heat that was creeping up your neck away.
“bullshit, y/n! harry already told me, now spill it all!” she demanded.
“harry!” you pressed.
“she threatened me if i didn’t tell her!” he exclaimed. “and i’m more scared of her than i am of you,” he defended with a nervous gulp.
“well i didn’t tell anyone, y/n. only fleur and hermione,” she waved it off.
“dude!” you slapped her shoulder.
“well we didn’t tell anyone, mon amour,” fleur assured as she sipped her drink.
“i… may have accidentally let it slip to charlie a few minutes ago…” hermione spoke sheepishly.
“you told charlie?! he can’t keep a secret to save his life!” you whined.
“hey, ‘m right here!” charlie defended. “and i didn’t tell anyone but my dragons, and they can’t speak. so i’m doing better than eighty percent of the people here,” he smirked.
you groaned as your entire body heated up in embarrassment. “this is awful. absolutely awful, ‘m gonna die. if he ever finds out i’ll actually die. what am i gonna do?” you whined as your arms came up to cover your face.
“we’re gonna make him jealous, bunny,” you heard charlie’s voice and suddenly the burly, bearded man was straddling you and pinning your arms above your head.
“what are you on about, weasley?” you glared, skeptically.
“well y/n/n, it’s no secret that you’re… well… a huge pussy,” gin began.
“hey!” you exclaimed indignantly.
“she’s not wrong,” charlie defended, causing you to turn your glare to the astronomically muscled man that still had you pinned to the floor with one hand, using zero of his strength. you had tried fighting him off, but you gave up as you had been squirming and struggling for upwards of forty seconds, and the man hadn’t even budged, nor had he broken a sweat. it took zero effort for him to pin your body to the floor as he straddled your waist and kept your arms pinned down with one hand.
“okay so, what’s your diabolical plan, gin?” you asked as you let out a sigh.
“actually, it’s my plan. the same thing i did to ron with viktor, you’re going to do to george with charlie. you’re going to use charlie to make him jealous. the both of you will be here at the burrow for a few days at least, and george will as well. you make that boy suffer. make him want you. force his hand, make him make a move, whether he wants to or not,” hermione explained.
“charlie’s already agreed to help so you can’t say no. we don’t want to hear it,” harry shook his head.
“you told him ‘accidentally?’” you looked at hermione in disbelief as you put the word in air quotes… well as best as you could with your hands pinned above your body.
“no it was absolutely on purpose. we needed his help. bill’s already married, ron’s got mione, no one likes percy, and fred’s his twin so george would be able to manipulate the situation and act like fred and make you spill all the beans,” ginny said.
“i like percy,” you weakley defended the third weasley sibling.
“no you don’t!” harry accused.
“no i really don’t, he gave me four detentions in one week during first year,” you grumbled.
“merlin’s balls, four?!” charlie exclaimed above you. “why so many?”
“i didn’t know how to tie my tie,” you pouted. “and it was a violation of uniform, so instead of being a nice person and teaching me, he served me detention everytime it was untied,” you told them.
“yeah percy’s sort of an asshole,” you all murmured agreements at harry’s statement before molly called you to the kitchen for dinner. charlie stood up before pulling you to stand and you all walked to the table. you sat between charlie and bill, and across from george. you missed the strange look he gave when you didn’t take your usual place beside him as you were too absorbed in your own mind with how the plan was going to go and if everything would go according to plan or not.
“so, y/n, dear how have you been?” molly asked. “we’ve missed you dearly. i’ve caught up with all of my children except for you, what’s it like living with the rowdiest of my boys?” she asked, kindly.
your face heat up again as molly called you one of her children before you began to answer. “it’s awesome. fred and george are sweethearts. i’m the attendant and the clerk at the joke shop and it’s honestly just… a dream. i really love it,” you smiled widely as you talked about life with the twins.
“and uhm… any… special guys?” ginny pressed, gently nudging your shin with her foot under the table.
“ginevra weasley!” molly chastised.
“what, mum?! it’s a genuine question!” ginny defended.
“nothing serious,” you shrugged with a nervous chuckle. “there is a guy that i guess i kinda have a crush on. but i think he sees me as nothing more than a friend,” you shrugged, telling the truth about your crush on george, but turning your gaze to charlie before averting your gaze quickly. you heard a deep chuckle come from charlie on your right before he pat your thigh, causing heat to rush through your entire body once again. this time, you didn’t miss the unmistakable clench in george’s jaw and the way his nostrils flared, signifying that he was positively pissed.
the rest of dinner went by completely uneventfully. it was rather quiet actually, untill it was time to clean up. you, ginny, hermione, and fleur helped molly clean the table and the dishes as the boys all went to the living room. “well,” molly began as the dishes were finished. “percy, your room has been turned to storage, sorry dear. fred and george’s beds have been moved to ron’s room, so there are four beds in there, and your room holds all my knitting. charlie’s room is available, as well as bill’s and ginny’s. you may decide how you all sleep,” molly offered you all a smile before she and arthur bid you all goodnight and went up to his room.
“gin, you can share with hermione and y/n, yeah? perce, you and i can share my room. bill and fleur will take his, and george, fred, ron, and harry can all sleep in ron’s room. sound good?” charlie laid it out. everyone agreed with a small shrug and no arguments. “perfect. now that that’s all out of the way. gin, where do mum and dad keep the firewhiskey?” charlie smirked evilly.
ginny squealed excitedly as she stood and rushed to the kitchen. she came back with two bottles of firewhiskey and bill and charlie got blankets before you all went outside. the guys laid out the blankets by the fire pit as george and fred began to start the fire. “c’mon, bunny,” charlie motioned you over. “come sit with me,” he pat his lap.
heat rushed through your body for the fifth time that night as you stalked over to the man and sat beside him. he pulled you to be sitting in between his legs and your breathing picked up just slightly as a million and four nerves ran all throughout your body. “really need you to relax f’me, bunny,” he whispered into your ear as he brushed your hair off your shoulder, purposefully brushing his fingers across your neck, causing goosebumps to arise on your skin where he had touched. his arms wrapped around your shoulders and he pulled your back to rest against his chest. “s’just me. y’ve known me your whole life,” he reassured you gently.
“just you,” you scoffed. “just you who is literally the hottest weasley brother and possibly the hottest man on the planet. just you who i’ve had a school girl crush on since i was five. just you who is actually sex on legs,” you rolled your eyes. “just you,” you mocked with another scoff as you shook your head.
charlie openly laughed at your small rant, causing you to elbow him in the ribs. “okay, okay, sorry bunny. but really, i need you to relax. georgie won’t be jealous if he sees how tense you are around me,” he reasoned as he began to gently massage your neck and shoulders before moving his hands down to your collarbones and continuing back up, effectively loosening your muscles, causing you to relax more into him.
“alright. lads, ladies, ron…” ginny began. ron furrowed his eyebrows before turning to glare at the insult from his little sister. “truth… or drink?” ginny smirked as she held up the bottle. “everyone drink enough to get you feeling it and then pass it along so we can start and nobody can tell lies,” she laid out the ground rules before she drank the firewhiskey.
you, fleur, ginny, and hermione drank significantly less than the guys as it took more for it to hit them than it did to hit the four of you. you giggled drunkenly from your place underneath charlie’s chin as you began to feel the effects of the firewhiskey. it was unexpected, but you weren’t complaining as charlie’s strong, veiny hand wrapped around your throat and pulled your head back to look up at him. you let out an involuntary whimper as he poured the firewhiskey into your mouth and you quickly swallowed it, causing him to smirk (basically this tiktok). “good girl,” he whispered as he kissed your forehead, making you let out another small noise of satisfaction.
“okay!” george called loudly, interrupting your moment, and making you smirk. everything was going according to plan. “i’ll go first then, freddie,” he called. fred turned to look at him with a raised brow. “what’s going on with you and johnson, then?”
“nothing, you know that, mate. went to the ball as friends in fourth year, we keep in touch but we’re nothing more than friends,” fred shrugged.
“so you wouldn’t mind if i made a move then?” george asked, turning to look at you, tauntingly. your jaw clenched and your nostrils flared as you felt a big, green cloud of jealousy begin to blossom deep within your chest.
“uh… go ahead,” fred shrugged, confusion lacing his tone. “ginny, have you and harry had sex yet?” fred asked.
“blue. y/n, which of my brothers do you want to fuck the most?” ginny totally ignored fred’s question and gave you a chance to fire back at george with your own rage.
“charlie,” you answered quickly, staring back at george just as tauntingly, jaw still clenched, glare hard and icy. george’s jaw clenched harder if that was even possible and you didn’t miss the eye roll. “mione, are you and ron official yet?” you moved on.
“no, not really. we’re exclusive to each other, but he hasn’t asked me to be his girlfriend yet,” she answered, doing her best to ignore the tension in the air.
you and george’s eye contact never broke throughout the entire game. your faces never changed. it turned into a competition of who could make the other more jealous. your faces were set in stone. jaw’s clenched. nostrils flared. glares icy. tones cold whenever you answered a question. one thing you knew for sure… this week with the weasleys was gonna be a shit show. it would either end in heartache or a new relationship. who knew?
the week brought upon two options. you came to a fork in the road. option a would pour gasoline onto your twin flame. expanding it untill it exploded and brought upon a future for you and george that was even brighter than your flame. option b would pour water onto your twin flame, completely fizzling it out. destroying the most amazing friendship you’d ever come to be apart of.
you truly hoped it would be option a. with your whole entire being, you prayed to godric, and salazar, and helga, and rowena, and merlin, and every single one of the gods you knew that would listen that it would be option a. but with the way that just tonight alone was going… your hope slowly began to fizzle out.
you fell asleep with that prayer in your mind. you fell asleep hoping the week would fuel your twin flame. you fell asleep with both george and charlie weasley running all through your head. wondering just what was going to come about. the night was long and completely restless. you could do nothing but sit and wait. to see what would result of your twin flame.
one thing you were completely sure of was that you would make george weasley your’s. just like hermione said, you would force his hand. you would make him want you.
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Hii can I request like a Chris Evans x Reader and the reader and chris are married and like the reader is a actress and the reader and chris is doing like a interview at the late night show idk and the reader get ask what is the most jealous moment or what got her jealous in chris‘ movies and the reader confess like when chris do the s*x scene or when chris is kissing another girl and chei is kinda shock? Bc he didn’t know that...you can do whatever you want at the end thank youu!
Jealousy Is A Disease
Pairing: Chris Evans x Wife!Actress!Reader
Warnings: mentions of miscarriage, mentions of pregnancy, mentions of childbirth, mentions of a rainbow baby, angst, fluff. 
A/N: I definitely cried while writing this thinking about my siblings that my mom miscarried but I hope you enjoy it!
Tumblr media
You took a seat next to your husband on James Corden’s couch for the interview for your new movie, Rainbow.
“So you two are starring in a new movie together, called Rainbow. Can you tell us a little bit what its about?” James asked, and Chris cleared his throat before speaking.
“It’s about a married couples journey through having a miscarriage, and trying to heal from that, and trying to find the courage to go through a second pregnancy when Hope, Jack’s wife, finds out she's pregnant with their rainbow baby.” Chris explains and James along with the audience claps.
“It seems like a very heavy topic, how did you two tap into the emotions of your characters?” James asked, and you smiled before answering. You knew this was a question that would come up, and you had told Chris you’d handle it as your loss was still a little fresh to him. It was to you too, but you were much more confident speaking about it. 
“Well, as you know, we have a daughter name Celestine, but about a year before she was conceived, we unfortunately lost a baby, who we named Gabriel, and we definitely struggled. It was a hard thing to go through, so when we were approached with this project, we both knew that it was meant to be.” You explained, and rubbed the back of Chris’s hand when he sniffled.
“Sorry,” He chuckled and wiped his eyes. 
“It’s totally okay. Loss is hard, and it’s totally okay to be emotional,” James explained, and the audience clapped. Chris smiled and wrapped his arms around you before he spoke. 
“Okay, let’s continue before I burst into tears again.” He joked, and everyone laughed along. 
“Okay. Now, since you two are married, did you find it hard to work together?” He asked, and Chris shook his head but you nodded. 
“It was amazing working with my wife, and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.” He said, and you laughed.
“What about you, Y/N?” 
“Absolutely hated it.” You said, and the everyone burst into laughter. “Nah, I'm just joking. It’s been amazing working with him. I’d visited him on set before, but watching him work and working with him are two completely different things.” You said and James nodded. 
“Is there anything that makes you jealous when watching him work?” James asked, and you laughed and groaned. 
“Oh definitely. Sex scenes. I hate watching him film them. Watching them after the movie comes out, now that's different because its the hottest thing on planet earth, but I definitely see red when I have to watch him film it.” You said, and while James and the audience laughed, Chris looked at you in shock.
“Based on the look on your face, Chris, I’m guessing you didn't know that.” James laughed out and Chris shook his head. 
“I 100% didn't know that,” he said with a laugh as well. Everyone calmed down and the interview continued.
Tumblr media
The interview concluded soon after, and you and Chris were on the way back to the hotel. 
Chris reached over and grabbed your hand and squeezed it, his other hand on the wheel. “I’m sorry those scenes made you jealous. If I'd have known that, I wouldn't have made you watch.” he explained, and you shook your head.
“It’s okay babe. Just makes me happy that I’m the only one who can make you cum as hard as you do.” You said, and Chris laughed. 
“Thank you for everything you do though. Seriously. Thank you for giving me Celestine, and thank you for Gabriel.” He said, a stray tear falling down his cheek while he thought of his son he never got to meet.
“It’s okay, baby,” You said, reaching up to play with his hair as more tears ran down his face. “He’s watching over us, and he’s so proud of all the things you're doing. Celestine may not get to meet him while she's on earth, but she’ll always have her big brother watching over her and protecting her.” You said, and Chris nodded.
He reached over and kissed you. “I knew I married you for a reason.” He joked, and you laughed and he began driving again. 
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That’s sweet dreaming ~ Tomura Shigaraki 🐍/☁️/🍋
This is a ‘You choose’ ending short story!
Pick from routes A, B, or C.
Angst, fluff, smut being the end choices.
Summary; After watch a Christmas movie of a happy family, y/n is left with her own vision of such a life.
TW; each route have their own as well <3 this one is sadness after witnessing such a happy family on Christmas movie, wanting a family of their own.
Both Shigaraki and y/n had been busy with various jobs and issues within the LoV, y/n trying to help in every way she possibly could, from going out on missions, to making sure Shigaraki had eaten or drank anything. But with the rise in work activities, their intimacy with each other began to be a few and far between. Though y/n and Shigaraki needed no physical affirmation of love to each other to know how much they were deeply in love. Y/n, a once mighty rising hero given the wrong end of the stick of life, her once promising future looked dismal after a failed mission left her for dead, her quirk being the only reason she lived.
Y/n’s quirk was known as ‘life’, a rare form of a nature quirk. This allowed her to grow plants and trees from seemingly nothing, air particles she transmutes to become a living organism of sorts, whether be a plant cell or animal one, she could make it out any cell around. She’d lived underground for years after being trapped under a fallen building, she made gardens without sun, water when there was none.
That was until Kurogiri found her, an accidental portal, a wounded man beside him laid weakly on the ground. Y/n healed his wounds with her quirk as best as she could, but her quirk wasn’t exactly meant for healing. She allowed the two to stay with her until the wounded man recovered a bit, treating his wounds with various plant remedy’s she knew. Y/n would later come to find the wounded man was named Shigaraki, a unusual romance bloomed from there.
But now y/n finally sat down on the computer chair in their room, looking at the book collection in the corner of the cold room. Though it was cold, y/n made sure to practically create a small nest for them to retreat to, plants and vines with flowers that bloomed with no sun, laced every corner of the room, beds and seats of such of course not covered.
The news always left a bitter taste in her mouth, making the hero’s out to be the good guys while all she was reminded of was that they left her there, no search team or anything. So bitterly she snatched the romper from the side of the nightstand and turned it over to a Christmas movie, the ones she’d always loved, happy families living in a carefree world.
But the second she didn’t leave when they invited her to the LoV was the second y/n gave up all chances of a family. Now she laid on her side, under the covers with her head and hands peaking out from under. She watched the movie before she drifted away into a dream of her and Shigaraki having a family of their own, happy and out free in the world. Unknown to her of the tears that ran down her face subconsciously as she slept.
The only thing to wake y/n was the feeling of her cheek being caressed and kissed gently, as though she shatter.
“Shiggy?” Y/n mumbled quietly rubbing her eyes.
“Why were you crying? Did something or someone happen or hurt you?” He pushed y/n’s hair behind her ear carefully as to not touch her fully, all while practically whispering to her.
“Huh? What do you mean, bubs?” Y/n asked softly, confused as she sat up next to him who looked concerned to say the least.
“Your… you were crying y/n.” He held her face carefully with 3 fingers each side. “I don’t know exactly what it means to cry in your sleep, but I didn’t like it… I don’t like you crying. It makes me feel… something.” He tried to explain but got frustrated after coming short.
“I was? Oh no, I’m sorry baby, I’m okay. Promise.” She hugged him as he clung onto her figure.
“Why?” He pulled back to look at her with his bloodshot eyes. “What made the one I adore cry…?” The way he praised her made it obvious the day was rough and he needed her love just as much.
“Well I,” she paused, debating on whether to voice her anguish at something not changeable. “There was a movie. A Christmas movie. But I’m the movie there was this family, they just seemed to happy to be together at the end… I ended up falling asleep watching it, so in my dream-”
“You and I had a family too?” Shigaraki ended her sentence already knowingly.
Route A 🐍;
Route B ☁️;
Route C 🍋;
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may-fanfic · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
After You’ve Gone pt 2
summary: Natasha is broken up, after her decision to cheat on you splits the two of you apart, unbeknownst to her, Wanda is there to comfort you 
warnings; cheating 
word count: 3,492
pt 1 
a/n: was honestly so conflicted on how i should end this story but i hope you guys enjoy 💕
((feel free to send in any request you may have)) 
taglist: @madamevirgo​
Natasha moved through the compound, ignoring her teammates' calls as she tugged her earphones over her ears to block out any more noise. When she made it to the training room, she was relieved to see that it was empty. Natasha honestly couldn't be bothered right now. All she wanted to do was beat the living shit out of the punching bag, anything to get you out of her head. It seemed to be a constant in her mind, the way things ended so terribly, all because of her. Even in her dreams, she sees it. She hadn't heard from you since despite how many times she tried to reach you.
She knew for your sake; she needed to leave you alone. You were going through it as much and, if not, more than her, but Natasha wanted you, no, she needed you back. Her life felt empty without you. Her days felt all mushed together into a jumble of nothingness. For the past couple of days, it's been hitting her hard. The reality of it finally settling in ultimately. For the first couple of weeks, she convinced herself that she'd be at the compound for training, but as time went on, it was apparent that this was the place she'd have to call home once again.
It was the week of your honeymoon; she was a wreck, spending most of her days cooped up in her room or training. She should've been with you having the time of your lives, but instead, she was bounded to her bed, her phone in hand as she prayed you'd call. You never did.
----- A soft knock sounded at your door, you let out a gentle whine. You didn't want to see anyone. You just wanted to sit here and hope that eventually, you'd feel better. All you could do was watch sad romantic movies and cry. It wasn't healthy, you knew that much, but you were healing.  You knew it'd take time before you felt like yourself again. You just wished you could fast forward to that.
Another much harder knock sounded, causing you to groan, forcing yourself up from your couch. When you pulled the door open, you were met with Wanda's kind features. She wore a smile, but it fell because of the frown and puffiness of your eyes. You were in worse condition than the last time she saw you. You hated that you were the cause of the pout that played on her lips, so you tried to force a smile. "hey, maxi!" you tried to sound cheerful, but your voice was hoarse from crying.
"Hey, babes." you were glad that she didn't question you. You just wanted to enjoy her presence without the reminder of Nat. you let out a gentle sigh when she tugged you into a tight hug, nuzzling your face into the nape of her neck. If you were honest, you were glad that Wanda was here. If she weren't, you'd probably be watching some sad movie, devouring another carton of ice cream.
After she settled into your home, she offered to make you some dinner, you accepted eagerly. You couldn't remember the last time you had a good homecooked meal. "um..." you began as you watched the woman stir at the pot. she looked over her shoulder at you briefly, taking in your features. She knew you well, so she expected the words to spill past your lips even before they did. "how's nat?" you questioned, leaning against your head.
Wanda hated that you were asking about her after everything, but she also couldn't help but swoon at how caring and thoughtful you always were; that was one thing she loved about you.
"she's-" she paused for a moment, shrugging casually as Wanda looked back down at the pot. "not good." she chose to be truthful, telling you carefully how Natasha is barely even seen around the compound. You frowned lightly. You hoped that she was doing even slightly better than you. "oh..." you frowned, observing as Wanda moved with ease as if she was made to become a chef. She was such a natural. You wondered if, in some other life, that's what she'd do.
"How are you, though, baby?" you hummed lightly, sipping at your water for a moment so when you talked, it didn't come out too scratchy. "I miss her," you confessed, causing wanda's heart to pound. She knew you were compelled to miss her, but she just wished you could forget about her entirely. Wanda spun away from the stovetop, wiping her hands on a rag before she moved over to you. "I know you do, but you deserve better." she frowned when you shrugged.
"what was that?" she questioned, waving her finger around you, causing you to look up at her shyly. "what?"
"that shrug!" you let your shoulders drop in defeat as the woman leaned over the kitchen island to reach out for your hand. There was no reason for wanda to be holding your hand right now, but she'd find any excuse to touch you.  "You don't think you deserve better, hun?" her voice was so soft, the gentleness of it could make you cry.
"I don't know if anyone is better than her," you confessed. Wanda's chest tightened; she could be better. How didn't you see that? It pained Wanda in all honesty, she spent most of your friendship trying her hardest to win you over, and all you ever saw was Natasha.
"You deserve someone who won't cheat on you before your wedding." Jealousy was laced in her harsh tone, which made you look up at her, but she looked down at your intertwined hands. Her manner was always so gentle and soft when she spoke to you, and now all you could feel was anger radiate from her. she squeezed your hand gently, her thumb caressing your knuckles which let you know that she wasn't upset at you for your foolish thoughts.
"I just want you to be happy," she admitted, her voice soft as her eyes fluttered up to meet yours. "Anyone who could hurt you like that isn't worthy of your love." she was right, wanda was always right, and as much as it pained you to admit even if you ended up back with Natasha, you knew you'd never love her the same.
Natasha laid in silence, her eyes trained on the ceiling. She tried her hardest to think about anything else other than you. Anything would be better than the wicked thoughts that taunted her. She knew she deserved it. She was a horrible person that deserved to be tormented for her actions. Her eyes burned with tears as she thought about you; the simple thought of your smile made her stomach hurt because now all she could imagine was the fact that she'd never be the reason for it again.
You were truthfully the best person she'd ever met, and because of her stupid decision, you were out of her life for good.  She hated that she was too stupid to see how much she wanted to commit to you. Her chest burned; she wanted nothing more than to go back in time to change everything.
She knew she'd stay home with you and spend the night showering you with nothing but love; that's all she wanted to do right now. She wanted to rush into your home and tell you a billion times that she was sorry, but she knew deep down that it wouldn't be enough, and she was emotionally ready to be turned away. She just wanted to ask to start over with you; she'd hope you'd say yes. "Nat!" Clint's voice boomed before her door swung open; she sat up in her bed, wiping frantically at her watery eyes.
"Listen, Nat! You fucked up, okay? But you can't just lay here forever." his voice was harsh, and it made a knot form in her throat. His tough love always worked before, but as she met his eyes, her lips quivered; it was clear that it wouldn't work this time, so he let out a soft sigh.
"Natty, I know you love her-" he paused to move beside her on her bed, his hand finding a place on her shoulder. She let out a soft sob, her hand coming to fly over her mouth while the other rested against her chest. He reeled her into his chest, holding her close against him. She wasn't a terrible person, she made a mistake, and Natasha needed to own it.
"You hurt her, Natasha... but you're not horrible..." he whispered, caressing her arm as she cried. She felt horrible; she felt like a monster. Her body ached as she cried, gripping onto the man's shirt in agony. Everything was so perfect between you and Natasha; there was never a reason for her to do what she had done. She wished she just spoke to you; you could make all her worries melt away.
Clint hated seeing Natasha in so much pain, he pitted her, but he couldn't help but be mad at her. He set you two up after months of Natasha pining over you; why would she ever want to mess that up? He could see how insanely flawless the relationship was; he could never justify her actions even if he tried.
"I just want to talk to her." she cried out, causing the man to sigh; he was her friend before anyone else's, so with that thought, he pulled his phone if his pocket and dialed your number. It perked her curiosity as the phone rang, and when it connected, she could hear your soft voice echo through the phone; it eased her completely.
"hey, kid," he spoke softly, causing you to hum lightly, greeting the man. You knew why he called; you didn't have the strength to hang up; you wanted to hear her. "is Natasha there?" you asked softly, your eyes fluttered closed, your heart pounded as you waited for his response.
"yeah..." he answered after some time, his gaze snapping down to the girl with tearful eyes. "she wanted to talk to you," he whispered, causing you to rub gently at the bridge of your nose. You shouldn't, you really shouldn't, but you wanted to. It scared you how much you actually wanted to speak to her; you hardly went that long without her, and now it had been nearly a month of no contact. You missed her; it was a haste decision when you uttered out, "put her on."
Natasha loved Clint at the moment; with shaky hands, she took the phone, watching as he got up and left. "hey baby," she rasped out, her eyes already watering up. "have you been crying?" you asked softly, rubbing your sweaty hand over your sweatpants. She cleared her throat, leaning back onto her bed to try and ease her nerves.
"Are you okay?" you questioned when you got no response. Natasha expected you to yell at her, tell her that she had no right to be so sad when all this mess was her fault but instead, you were the same usual soft, compassionate person that she fell in love with.
"I just miss you." her voice shook as her eyes began to flow freely once again; if she closed her eyes, she could see you, your bright smile that always managed to make her heart race. "I miss you too." it gave her hope that she shouldn't have. she tightened her hand over the phone, holding it so close to her ear so she couldn't miss out on anything you had to say.
"I know why you did it, Nat... I was scared too,"  you stated, your eyes clouded with tears, and your throat burned. "but I loved you, Natasha, and I was just so ready to be with you forever." That hurt her; hearing your voice break physically pained her more than anything ever could.
"I wish I could take it back. I only want you." this was a moment of weakness, you knew that, but Natasha's voice was so genuine and soft.
"Natty, as much as I want to tell you to come over, I can't, baby." The usual pet name rolled over your tongue too quickly; you hardly caught it until it sounded into the phone. "I know," she whispered, tugging her blanket over her body to form some comfort. "I'm sorry."
"I forgive you."
"I spoke to her," you whispered to your friend as she lounged in your bed, helping you find an outfit for Tony's wedding. She sat up swiftly, her eyes trained on you. "why?" she tried her best to keep her emotions at bay, but it was hard as she gazed at you.
"Clint called." you shrugged, moving to the mirror to look over the tight dress you pulled on. You could still see wanda in the mirror, roll her eyes. Your eyebrows knitted together in confusion.
"you aren't thinking about getting back with her, are you?" she questioned, her heart cracking when you shrugged. "I don't know, wanda, maybe." You ran a hand through your hair when she huffed out.
"That's the dumbest shit-"
"I thought you wanted me to be happy!" you suddenly turned, inching your way over to wanda, anger dripping from your words. Why couldn't she be a good friend and tell you that getting back with her isn't that terrible. she shot up from the bed, nearing you, causing your breathing to hitch as you looked up at her. "not with her." you huffed lightly, moving to turn away from her but she caught your wrist.
"Why do you care so much, wanda? It's my life!"
"Because I love you! I can't stand to see you get hurt again," she yelled out; she never raised her voice at you before, but tensions were so high, she couldn't control it. "I've watched you fall in love with her time after time. I can't do this anymore!" with that, the witch left you there, your breathing uneven. Your thoughts were scattered as you tried to understand it all; Wanda loved you.
How couldn't you see it before? Now that you thought about it, it was painfully obvious. The girl had been practically throwing herself at you for years; you always just figured it was friendly and innocent. You knew everything was different now, though.
You moved quickly through your home, eager to find the woman who just confessed her love for you. You managed to run down the stairs just in time for Wanda to be opening up your front door. "Wanda!" you sounded desperate as you called out for her. she let out a soft sigh, turning her head to glance over at you.
Wanda softened when she noticed the faint tears that clouded your eyes. "Don't go." you pleaded; her lips parted when you choked out a sob.
"Don't leave me, Wanda," you begged, and in an instant, she shut the door before making her way over to you with open arms. You cried out when she embraced you tightly, pressing a gentle kiss to your hairline. You wrapped your arms around her shoulders, nuzzling your face into her neck.
Wanda knew this would take some work, but she was willing to try if you were.
----- When Natasha first saw you, she was starstruck. Natasha felt the same way she did the first night she met you, like a high schooler with a crush, but then she noticed how your fingers laced with Wanda's. It was a couple of months since the breakup, she still felt broken up about it, but you looked like you were happy. The way you grinned when you embraced Pepper and congratulated her made Natasha's heart pound.
It should've been the two of you who were celebrating your marriage but instead, she was staring at you from across the bar, not daring to make a move to talk to you. She didn't want to ruin your night. She'd do anything to ensure that smile stayed on your lips. You were all that Natasha wanted; she was sure you'd be the one she let getaway.
When the music slowed, you didn't hesitate to urge Wanda to dance with you, and she agreed quickly. Her hands rested gently across your waist as she stared down at you with pure adoration. "You know..." you started, your hand coming up to rest gently against her cheek. She leaned into your palm, beaming at you.
"I want this if you can give me the time." wanda leaned forward to press a gentle kiss to your forehead; wanda could wait forever just an ounce of your love. She has waited this long; if you needed time to heal, she could give you that.  
"Take your time, baby." her voice came out so soft, and you couldn't help the smile that formed on your lips. You wanted to thank her, but you knew words wouldn't be enough; wanda had been there whenever you needed her; you felt like there was only one way you could really repay her, so you leaned forward and caught her lips in a gentle kiss. It was quick, but it proved that you were serious.
Honestly, you always had a slight crush on Wanda way before Natasha; you swept it under the rug when you met the spy, but now as you stared up at her, your heart swooned. It scared you, but you knew better than to imagine Wanda ever hurting you.
"Don't hurt me," you whispered out, leaning your head against her shoulder; she let out a gentle sigh. She knew you'd have so many underline trust issues because of Natasha, but Wanda could never imagine herself ever doing something like that. You were so sweet and precious; all Wanda wanted to do was protect and care for you.
"Never," she promised, her arms growing tight around you, as much as it frightened you, you trusted her.
As much as you wanted to pretend that Natasha didn't exist that night, you knew you couldn't do that. The only way you could do that was if you had closure. With a shaky breath, you followed the woman out to the balcony, noticing the way she hugged herself for warmth. "Hey," you called out, your voice wary when she turned.
She knew she lost you when you looked at her with a gentle smile, you extending your hand offering the drink you had brought for her, she took it, thanking you lightly. "so wanda?" she questioned softly, you couldn't help the smile that formed on your lips at the thought of the girl.
"yeah..." you uttered out, wrapping your arms around yourself when the breeze blew. "I always had that feeling," Natasha confessed, offering you a tiny, almost knowing smile. You wondered if that's why she grew so hesitant.
"what do you mean?" you raised your eyebrow, looking out into the view. It was calming to be so high up, looking over the city. "You never looked at me the way you did her." she shrugged; her eyes lingered on you as you stood next to her. "I did love you," you whispered, snapping your gaze over to her; she nodded. "I love you," she expressed, her smile turning sad. "but I'm happy for you." you sigh, leaping forward to embrace the woman.
She needed that; she honestly did. She felt eased as she held onto you, not quite ready to let you go, and she was glad that you hadn't moved. "we'll be okay." Natasha muttered, causing you to nod, nuzzling your face into her neck. You knew that you and Natasha could be friends; everything would work out the way it supposed to, and that thought left you content.
"you ready to go, baby?" her voice boomed, causing you to break apart from the hug, looking over at the woman in the doorway who held her jacket open for you. You smiled lightly, moving away from Natasha to greet Wanda, slipping yourself into the coat when she held it up for you.
"I'll see you later, Nat." she nodded, looking over at the both of you as wanda's hand slipped into your own. "See you." she smiled weakly at you, and then you turned with wanda and left her there. As much as her body ached, she was glad you were okay. She understood that she fucked it up; she'd have to live with that for the rest of her life.
If she was honest, she still felt a thread of hope, even if it was absurd to think. Crazier things have happened in her life; maybe she was just in denial, or perhaps she was right. After all, you always ended up back with her.
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storiesofthefandomlovers · a year ago
Pedro Pascal Masterlist
Other fandoms:
Owen Grady
Tumblr media
Love in an Elevator: Owen and the reader are always arguing, the current argument is about the reader transferring to the new I-Rex enclosure to become it`s handler, which means leaving Owen and the girls. Owen is angry, and confronts Claire in the control room. They end up stuck in the elevator, and anger eventually leads to something else. (smut)
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 
Strangers in the Night: Owen and the reader meet at an annual masquerade work party, where Claire drags the reader (her assistant) along, and she ends up meeting Owen. The only problem is she doesn’t know it`s Owen, thanks to those pesky masks. (smut)
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6
Best of British: Owen always felt like he didn`t need help doing paperwork, until Claire brought the reader in to do it for him. The raptor trainer instantly resented the help, until he heard the reader`s English accent, and that`s when things get interesting.
Baby You`re Mine: The reader works with Owen, and fantasizes about him every day, but the raptor trainer doesn`t notice her…until someone else does.(smut)
Leaving Home: You and Owen were childhood friends, growing up together. You did everything together and eventually, at age 16, you realized you were in love with him. The problem? He was going off to join the Navy.
Returning Home (Part 2 to Leaving Home): The reader and Owen are reunited after years of lost contact.
Yes Mr. Grady: The reader works with Owen in the Jurassic World (she is his assistant and has a big crush on him), but she always ignore him, trying to sneak every time he calls her and looking for something to occupy. When Owen notes that, he calls her in his office and she treats him with much formality, calling him “Mr. Grady” which leaves Owen angry. (smut)
Summer Lovin`: Anon Prompt- Hey 👋 I love your writing, you’re amazing writer so keep going!! 😘 and I have a request if you don’t mind 😊 Could you write some Owen Grady x reader, where reader is jealous and then somehow get hurt and is transported to hospital, while Owen can’t find her? With fluffy and happy ending 😊 thank you so much for your writing!
Reunited Lovers: Could you do a Owen Grady X reader Smut where the reader is an old lover of Owens and they bump into each other at the park and ba bam magic happens lol…..I love your writing (smut)
Missed Briefings: Anon request: could do you do Owen Grady x reader where she was at his bungalow and he was shirtless (no shirt on) and like he’s flirting at her but she’s having a stressful day and he comforts her and cuddle her, he was calming her. Fluff I thought it would be cute
Peter Quill x Reader 
Tumblr media
Fooled Around and Fell in Love: Based on the song from the soundtrack where the reader is in love with Peter.
Cherry Bomb: Anon Prompt: Reader loses their virginity to peter quill and once it’s over they realized they bled because of it, causing the reader to be embarrassed but he is loving and reassuring (smut)
Finally Home for Christmas: Anon Request- peter quill x reader where the peter and reader are hopelessly in love and its their first Christmas together.
Come A Little Bit Closer: After escaping from Planet Ego, Yondu survives and encourages you and Peter to finally admit your “unspoken thing”
You Can Borrow My Clothes: Anon Request- the reader is saved from the Guardians of the Galaxy but she doesn’t have any clothes because they’re all messed up and she can’t fit in Gamora’s because she’s curvy in all the right places so she has to wear Peter’s clothes and the reader is all flustered and everyone is kind of appreciating how she looks and you can make up the rest.
Let`s Celebrate:  Anon Prompt: Hi could you do a Peter quill x reader where the reader is Gamora's friend and Peter can't take his eyes off her when she comes on the ship. Thanks 😀
Pre-Mission Quickie:  Drabble request “Let me pick the music for once” and “I remember that night” (smut)
Worth The Wait: Drabble request “Let him be” and “What are you waiting for?”
Dean Winchester x Reader
Tumblr media
Wildest Dreams: Based on the song by Taylor Swift (smut)
I Love Rock and Roll: Dean meets the reader at party, and they connect. Circumstances separate them, but will they find their way back to each other?
The Odd Couple: The reader doesn’t drink or cuss and is on the shyer side, and everyone sort of questions why her and Dean are together.
The Time Traveling Hunter: request-: Hi, would you write a dean winchester X plus size reader? I was thinking it could be when he goes back in time to old Hollywood. He might find the reader as a assistant and find her attractive. But she is convinced that all the attention she gets from him is a joke? I think it would be funny also if she imagines things like cell phones and tech we have today and he wants to bring her back to the present.
Wade Wilson (Deadpool) x Reader
Tumblr media
Blinded by Love: Wade is back with Vanessa after defeating Francis but eventually she leaves him and he is comforted by his roommate.
Waffles of Love: Deadpool walks into a waffle house, gets swept into a speed dating round. Meets several quirky people that either just aren’t right or REALLY don’t fit….and at the end, the reader.
The Hit Woman: The reader was a past girlfriend of Wade’s prior to weapon X and they were forced to go separate ways because of a job offer she got overseas. They cross paths again and hit it off like no time has passed (smut)
Chimichangas of Love: Deadpool smut
Kiss or Kill: The reader is a mercenary hired to kill Deadpool, but when the two meet Deadpool prefers to take a fancy to the reader and tries to kiss her and flirting, while she tries to kill him. At the end Deadpool wins.
Green Eyes Deadpool: Deadpool becomes jealous from the attention the reader receives from certain males.
Getting Over Vanessa: Deadpool’s trying to move on about Vanessa then he mets the reader, they hook up, he uses her, then falls for her. (smut)
Dance Off: Deadpool and the reader playing “Last Dance” on Wii only with sexy songs. Deadpool teases and flirts with the reader because of her sensual dance, so she proposes a deal: who get more points in a match of 3 songs wins, the loser has to serve a penance.
Sniffles: The reader wakes up and has come down with a horrid head cold and Deadpool stays in bed with them caring for them.
Painted Douchebags: Some douchebags make fun of the reader because she’s short of stature and a girl. The player doesn’t want to play anymore, but Wade convinces her. During the game, Wade takes care of the bastards who joked about his girl.
The Reunion: Deadpool spying over her girlfriend while she’s attending her highschool reunion. He ends up blowing his cover when he saw some guys (aparently his girlfriends best friends) being flirty with her.
Liar! I Love You:  Deadpool meets the reader at the Stark Tower for the first time and fells head over heals in love with her. But he can’t express it normally. She also tries to be cold and grumpy towards Wade but he reads her like a book. They always ends up bickering.
Light in the Darkest of Times: Deadpool and the reader meet during program x and the reader is the one telling Wade about Francis and cracking jokes with him but she died during experimentation and Wade avenges her death.
You`re Perfect: The reader is Weasel`s sister and when he goes to the bar he finds her instead and he tries to hide but she makes him take the hood off and hugs him telling him that he’ll always be perfect for her.
Revenge: The reader’s trying to get Wade back but Wade’s having his revenge to her by being too mean to her. Though he still loves her even if his hurt.
Anything You Want Baby: The reader is pretty much a prostitute, but also a mercenary and they meet on a kill mission and he recognizes her. (smut)
Whip My Hair: The reader cuts off a lot of her hair.
Contain Yourself: Wade met reader as one of the victims in Weapon X and has a very uncontrollable power. He became fond of her and protected her from being used by Francis.
Text Me: Deadpool texting his girl while doing his (very dangerous) mission.(implied smut)
All`s Fair in Love and Prank Wars: Wade likes to prank everyone. The reader wants to take revenge for every single prank he did to her. They began a “prank war” that lead the two of them to fall in love.
Where Have You Been?: The reader is Deadpool’s best friend and after wades ‘death’ she joins X-Men (her power is energy manipulation) and when she sees him she slaps him telling him where has he been and then hugs him.
You Versus Me: The reader met Wade during the project x stuff, but got taken by Ajax during the fire and then forced to fight Wade against their will.
Lightsaber Monologues: The reader is sleeping and he wakes her up with kissed and movie quotes in a story-teller voice.
Pour Some Sugar on Me: The reader is Deadpool`s girlfriend and a stripper. He goes to watch her perform sometimes and once he’s just super horny and then they have sex once they go back home. (smut)
Beach Day: The reader goes to the beach with the Avengers for the day and they all hit on her much to Deadpool`s dismay.
Age Is Just A Number: The reader is 20 but acts Wade’s age and he thinks its weird to be with her at first.
Drive My Car: “Fuck, I feel like I got hit by a car. Wait I did? And it was your car?” and “The skirt is short on purpose” word prompt.
Hanging On: The reader has a biokenisis power where she can affect the biology of living things (make them move/change physically how she wants) and is able to heal Wade. Vanessa had broken up with Wade and once she heals him he leaves to try and get her back (she expecting him to). She leaves for a while to try and get over her feelings and Weasel explains to Wade why she left when he asks where she was.
Bullets of Love: The reader is married to Deadpool and he comes home late a night with bullets in his back and the reader has to nurse him and he tells her how much he loves her!
The Beginning of a Beautiful Partnership: Before he became Deadpool he entered a bar and killed someone and everyone freaked out and ran away except for reader who didn't even flinch and when he goes to her she simply says "i'm not over with my drink yet" and she's so beautiful and powerful and sassy? Mix between tony stark and wade wilson himself and they somehow end up having sex (smut)
X-Force Interview: You saw the ad for a superhero team and after acquiring mind reading powers, you thought “fuck it” and decided to interview. You never expected to have a in-depth interview.
Steve Rogers x Reader
Tumblr media
Ev`ry Time We Say Goodbye: The reader is a secretary for a big-wig company and lives a safe life, but one evening her friends convince her to go out dancing. Little does she know that her life would change forever.
10 Things I Hate About You: Steve & Y/N absolutely hate each other after an incident in the tower leaves them both embarrassed. Not a day goes by without them arguing but what happens when Tony traps them in an elevator?
The Seduction of Steve Rogers: @tubbypeachwriting request: Oh goodness gracious could I request a Steve Rogers x thick chubby reader smut if that’s ok where the reader surprises Steve wearing red lingerie when he gets home, that other Steve Rogers x thick reader got me good so I just had to request. (smut)
I Like You A Latte: Anon Request-  Could I request a Steve Rogers x thick chubby where the reader works in a local coffee and he goes in there throwing all kinds of pick up lines that Tony told him to use at the reader about their butt.
Green Eyed Steve: Anon request- Hello babe, could you write about reader reuniting with her old male friend in one of Stark’s party and Steve gets a little jealous (a lot) and he can’t stop watching her and others bothering him about it? I’ll leave the rest to you cause you’re amazing!
Before We Fight, Love Me: Steve finally returns to help save the Earth from Thanos but before the fight, he reunites with the reader. Feeling are exposed resulting in a passion fueled romp before the war forces them apart. (smut)
The Manhattan Adventure: All you wanted was a quiet drink after a terrible day at work. Little did you know that you would met Captain America in a bar and end up walking around Manhattan on a whirlwind adventure that ends with both of you getting your palms read and a prediction you never dreamed of.
Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls:  As a princess, you obey and serve your country but when a handsome painter comes along, commissioned by your parents to create your royal portrait, you can`t help but break the rules (smut)
It`s Been A Long Time: Steve and Y/N were close, really close, before the events in CW, some would say in love, but once the war is over, Y/N disappears without a trace. Steve is left to wonder where she went while he looks after Bucky until he finds her again in the unlikeliest of places and just when Thanos is looming nearby to destroy everything they hold dear.
I`m Here: Anon request: Hi! Sorry to bother, but if you have enough time, could you make a Steve Rogers X Reader where she comforts him after Bucky and Sam's deaths with some fluffy smut? Not pressuring you or anything, it's completely fine if you don't want to do it, have a great day! (smut)
If I Loved You: Anon Request: Slow dancing with Steve! So. I love to slow dance. I especially love when someone rolls you out and then in so that your back is against their chest. And being dipped. Holy hell, slow dancing is just the best.
The Midnight Stroll:  Steve`s mind is whirling with thoughts about his responsibilities as an Avenger so he takes a walk to calm down his racing mind. He comes across a coffee shop with a beautiful singer who reminds him of his past life and his night changes in a way he never expected.
The Spy Who Loved Steve: The reader was in love with Steve for two years and was heartbroken when he started dating Sharon Carter. She joined the CIA as a femme fatale and was assigned to expose a Hydra plan to destroy the world. As she undertakes her mission, she sees a familiar face from the past, Steve Rogers.
The Thanksgiving Report: Steve Rogers and reader are at Clint’s for Thanksgiving. Steve and reader arrive separate due to a mission, but when reader walks in Steve is in awe. She immediately walks into kitchen and offers to help Laura. From Steve’s seat at the table he can see her clearly and when she bends over to take the food out of the oven, his hand involuntarily clenches around the edge of the table. Seeing this, like a child, he coyly moves his napkin slightly to cover the now dented table and excuses himself and reader (smut)
Scott Lang x Reader
Tumblr media
My Tiny Hero: Scott and the reader have been friends since college, she has loved him since the firs time she saw him and has stuck with him through everything: college, his marriage to Maggie, Cassie, his divorce, and his prison sentence- can she still stick with him during his new adventure, Ant Man? Does he feel the same about her?
Bucky Barnes x Reader
Tumblr media
Insecurities: Anon Prompt- Hi love, I love your writing and if it’s not too much to ask can I request a Bucky x chubby reader where she’s an avenger and has a super crush on Bucky and Steve plays matchmaker? Thanks!
Perfect: Based on “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. Anon Prompt: What about a Bucky x reader when they’re at a stark party and perfect by Ed Sheeran comes on and Bucky dances with the reader like he would in the 40s and gets all crinkly eye smiley and it’s super fluffy?
Rooftop Confessions:  Drabble using “You think I’m frightened of you?”  and “Can I show you what I’m proudest of?”
Plums: Anon Drabble Request: “You scared me, dickhead!” and “We keep meeting” 
Dear Bucky: Y/N and Bucky were childhood friends and when Bucky goes off to war, they exchange letters
Dear Bucky, It`s Me Again: Part two to ‘Dear Bucky’
I`ll Always Be With You My Love: May I request a Bucky imagine and both the reader and him were taken by HYDRA before but now they're fine with the Avengers and anything as long as it's Fluff and Smut thank youuuuu!❤ (smut)
A Royal Affair: Y/N is a regular girl who lived a regular life but today that all changes. She is marrying Prince James Buchanan Barnes of Brooklyn.
Let`s Get Physical: Y/N heads to her local gym every night after work where the highlight of her day is seeing him: the sexy beast of a man who haunts her dreams every night. What happens when they are both in the gym alone?
Working Out The Kinks: The reader is talking with Nat about kinks and stuff they like, Buck over hears and decides it's his best opportunity. (Biting, pinning upon the wall "like a masterpiece", teasing, just raw fun, fluffy passion PWEASE. I'm just not feeling all that good and I figured a good nsfw fluffy passion would do the trick! (smut)
The Right Partner:  Y/N has always been insecure about her appearance but when she meets Bucky in a dance hall and he asks her to dance.  Her whole life changes. Will it be too good to be true?
The Bucharest Fugitive:  You are a student in Bucharest which means your accommodation is less than luxurious. Your old building has hardly any occupants but you soon discover a certain Winter Soldier in your living room and he needs a place to hide. (smut)
Read My Mind Request: the reader is Telepathic and she can speak to him through minds. However, Loki teaches him to be able to do the same. And both Bucky and the reader have silent conversations day and night, get closer and then end up in smut? (smut)
Baby: Based on the song Baby by Bishop Briggs (smuttish)
The Best Man:  You had sworn off of men after a string of douchebags telling you that you needed to lose weight. Until you meet Bucky, the best man at your best friend, Peggy`s wedding, and you are the maid of honor. Can he change your mind? 
Steve Trevor x Reader
Tumblr media
A New Year`s Kiss: Y/N had never been kissed before. Her early draft into the war did not allow much time for romance but the young woman had developed feelings for her colleague, a certain spy named Steve Trevor. Steve & Y/N are undercover at a German party and partake in a traditional new year kiss with a twist.
To Be Human: Diana has a cousin who is the daughter of General Antiope, (the reader) who follows the Godkiller to the world of men and helps her on her journey. On the way, the reader falls for a certain American spy/solider. (smut)
Jim Kirk x Reader
Tumblr media
Captain with Benefits: Anon Prompt: hi. can i get jim kirk imagine, where he and reader are friends with benefits and she falls in love with jim but he only wants sex. you can write the end however you want. (smut)
Newt Scamander x Reader
Tumblr media
Strange Magic: The reader helps Newt on his trip and when Jacob has to walk into the rain, so does she, but she remembers everything because she was adopted by muggles and is actually a wizard.
Loki x Reader
Tumblr media
Divine Intervention Anon Prompt: Loki smut? Where the avengers (including Loki and Bucky) are on the run from Thanos because he has discovered avengers tower and it’s not safe to live there anymore. They find a hotel and realise that they are one room short and everyone dibs not sharing so that leaves you and Loki together. There is only one bed and no sofa so you share the bed with Loki and I’ll let you take it from there😏😉 Please and thank you with a cherry on top! Xx (smut)
Do You Love Me? : Anon Drabble Request: Could you possibly do Loki x reader for 4 or 46? Thank you so much for your time- “Have I done something wrong?”  and “I know I don’t say it a lot, but I love you”
Reunited in Sakaar: The reader leaves Asgard under duress and finds herself on Sakaar under the care of the Grandmaster. What happens when the love of her life, Loki, appears on Sakaar when he was the one she was running from? 
Remember Me: Request- reader was once loki's lover on asgard, a fierce scholar and warrior, but died in loki's arms on a Battlefield. Since then loki has been bitter and dark. Now on midgard and working with the avengers, reader is spotted by both thor and loki. They were there for loki to repent. Reader do not remember loki. 
The Appraisal:  Based on this audio from British Filth where Loki is your boss and you head into his office for your annual review…little did you know he`d be appraising more than your work. (smut)
Thor x Reader
Tumblr media
A Thunderous Arrangement Anon Request: hello can I request one with Thor where reader and him were arranged to marry each other but Thor never really treated her as a wife but one day he sees someone flirt with her and get super jealous? thanks anyway.
Every King Needs A Queen:  hi i love your writing so much i was wondering if you could possibly do a thor smut, with him after the ending of IW or ragnarok please (smut)
God of Coffee: Request- Thor and reader in a coffee shop. In which Thor basically has never dealt with coffee before. Makes it even funnier if its Starbucks and you're having to explain all the terms to him
Stronger Than Me: Anon Request: Hey! Can we get a request where Thor and reader are dating and one day she wakes up and walks out for breakfast and hears Thor bragging about how strong and sweet she is? I feel like he would do that a lot lol
Arthur Curry (Aquaman) x Reader
Tumblr media
On The Hook: The reader and Arthur don't get along and are constantly fighting but is that the truth? (smut)
Your Highness:  Arthur is now the king of Atlantis and like every king, he has a throne but he also needs a queen. Luckily, the council have some suggestions but there is one that Arthur wants (smut)
The Mandalorian (Din Djarin) x Reader
Tumblr media
The Many Faces of Love (completed): The reader and Din are in love and on Mandalore waiting to be married. Yet until that day comes, they cannot see each other`s face and spend their nights together in darkness. How do they react on their wedding night when they see each other for the first time? smut*
Part 1* Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8*
Blind Pleasure: The reader thinks the Mandalorian tolerates her for the purpose of her looking after the child. During a bounty hunt, Mando leaves the reader and the kid in a cantina with a comm. They run into trouble and Mando saves the day...what happens when they forget to turn off the comms when they return to the ship? (smut)
Hungry Eyes:  Din can`t help but watch you move around the Razorcrest in the dress you wore for catching a bounty...what happens when he can`t keep his eyes off of you? (smut)
A Mandalorian Drabble
Another Mandalorian Drabble
Another Mandalorian Drabble
Clumsy: Request- Reader doesn't know what is happening but Mando knows what Cara is up to by the way Cara always take care of Yoda so you two can get some alone time. It crescendos as Cara basically makes reader trip into Mando's arm making Mando a flustering mess and the reader making him having to explain finally what Cara has been trying to do these past few months
To Be Alone:  The reader is the daughter of an Imperial general who has hired the Mandalorian to escort his daughter to her betrothed in Alderaan. The job is simple but what happens when feelings emerge and things get complicated?
Money For Nothing: Based around Ep 6 “The Prisoner” - When the Mandalorian accepts the mission from Ran, he is thrust back into a life he thought he left behind. How did he endure the immoral morons back then? Breaking into the prison is a breeze but what happens when Qin isn`t the only prisoner Din discovers locked up on the New Republic ship? (smut)
Purple Haze: Din has had enough, he has to escape. He visits the local brothel on the planet you are currently docked on, and seeks comfort from a stranger. What happens when he is offered something he yearns for: the chance to be with you? (smut)
Your Love Is My Drug: Din and the reader have been married for a couple of months and Din makes it his mission to show her how much he loves her every night by worshipping her body. However, the reader can see the glint in his eye whenever she handles the cuffs for the bounties and the silent yearning to take her and show her who she belongs to when a local gets a little suggestive. She finally confronts him about it and together, they decide to experiment and hopefully, Din will be able to give into his darkest desires.(smut)
Javier Peña x Reader
Tumblr media
Falling:  Based off of the song Falling by Harry Styles. (smuttish)
Someone You Loved:  Javi is back in Laredo and sees Lorraine. He also sees his best friend from childhood, Y/N. Old feelings are reignited but what will Javi do when he decides to head back to Colombia? (smut)
El Baño: The reader is undercover for the CIA and pretending to be the new girlfriend of Don Berna. When a certain DEA agent gets involved with Los Pepes, he also struggles with the risky business of lusting after the girlfriend of a narco (smut)
Por Amarte (Part Two of El Baño): Javier and the reader are back in the United States and getting used to life as civilians. This is what happens after the crazy events in Colombia between Y/N and Javi as they navigate a new life together (smut)
Dímelo (Part Three of El Baño):  Javier and the reader arrive back in Colombia to hunt down the Cali cartel. What happens when things get more complicated than they ever imagined? (smut)
Nunca Te Olvidaré (Part Four of El Baño): Javier and the reader have a lot of things to contend with while Javi attempts to take down the Cali Cartel. Will they be able to stay strong when their pasts come back to haunt them? Or will their happy ending fade away before they can make it back to Texas? (smut)
Four Weddings and a Funeral (On Hiatus): Based on Four Weddings and a Funeral. Javier sees you again at the wedding of your high school friends and the old spark you once had is reignited. Will it survive the evening or will it burn out before he heads back to the DEA Headquarters in Houston? (smut)
Part 1* 
Motivation: Javier, Steve and Y/N have a late night in the office reviewing files for new intel and decide to call it a night before heading to the local bar. Y/N notices something different about how Javier reacts to what she says and decides to act on the desire she has been hiding for the past year (smut)
The Casanova of Bogatá: The reader and Javier are friends with benefits. While working at the CEA department, a few of the guys compare Y/N to the informants Javier “works with.” What will Y/N do when Javier comes over that evening with a pizza and a six pack of beer? (smut)
Catch Sicarios, Not Feelings: It's Javier’s first day back at the Embassy and along with being the new head of the DEA, he also gains an assistant. Javier dismisses Y/N and tells her he doesn’t need an assistant to fetch him coffee but what happens when she turns out to be the best asset he could ever wish for - both professionally and personally? (smut)
Háblame Sucio: The reader and Javi are secretly friends-with-benefits but their partner Steve has no idea. One humid day, you are waiting for Carrillo and Javier takes advantage of the free time...much to Steve’s annoyance (smut)
Fix You (On Hiatus): Two lonely souls seek out the same therapist and meet in the waiting room: one has mandatory sessions and suffers from insomnia, the other has returned from Colombia and reluctantly seeks help to battle his own demons. Will they be able to find what they are looking for from their therapy sessions and maybe, along the way, they find the peace they yearn for in each other?
Part 1
Teach Me Tonight (Complete):  Y/N and Javier both have things to talk about when he visits her apartment one night. Y/N tells her partner about her crush on Brad from the CIA and reveals that she is a virgin and has barely been kissed. She wants to make sure she can impress Brad and asks Javier to educate her on all things sex and seduction (smut *)
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 4.5 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15
Just Push Play (Part of Teach Me Tonight): Javier and Y/N decide to watch a porno together and Y/N suggests using the camcorder her dad bought her for Christmas to record their own version for Javier to watch when he goes out of town (smut)
Teach Me Tonight Drabble 1 (smut)
Only The Good Die Young: When Javier Peña returns from Colombia, he struggles with the idea of his soul being tarnished by the questionable decisions he made to catch Escobar and the Cali Cartel. He seeks solace from the religion his mother followed before her death but instead finds you, the niece of Father O’Leary, and someone so innocent, Javier struggles to ignore the pull he feels towards you until one night in a shitty bar changes everything (smut)
One Day At A Time: What if Javier never met Lorraine and he never left her at the altar? What if it was you who left him on your wedding day? And when he returns to Laredo after being dismissed from the DEA, he sees you again at Danny’s wedding. Only when he sees you, you aren’t alone.
Oberyn Martell x Reader
Tumblr media
The Rose and the Viper:  Margaery is getting married to Joffrey and you are heading to Kings Landing with your grandmother, Olenna for the celebrations. As the unmarried, older sister to the bride, rumours swirl about you and your single status. Upon your arrival to the capital, you head to the baths to clean up and relax- what happens when a certain Dornish prince enters the ladies baths by accident and you invite him to join you? (smut)
You Should See Me In A Crown: Oberyn and his wife remain in King’s Landing for Oberyn to participate in Tyrion’s trial. During their stay in the Red Keep, Y/N is drawn the Iron Throne and one day Oberyn finds her in the throne room and well…let’s just say he indulges in a fantasy he has involving the Iron Throne. (smut)
The Golden Rose: Oberyn and Ellaria visit their preferred brothel in Sunspear searching for the perfect woman to continue Oberyn’s legacy. Ellaria is no longer able to conceive so she assists Oberyn in finding the best candidate to have his ninth child. When the brothel owner brings you into the room, Oberyn and Ellaria immediately know they have found the perfect one. (smut)
Agent Whiskey x Reader
Tumblr media
Train Kept A Rollin:  Whiskey and Prosecco are assigned to gather intel from a married couple while pretending to be married themselves. There is just one problem: the Statesman agents can`t stand each other - how the hell are they going to act married?
Maxwell Lord x Reader
Tumblr media
What’s Love Got To Do With It (complete): Maxwell Lord is successful, handsome and can have anything he wants with a snap of his fingers. He is living the American dream until his mother turns his life upside down by going behind his back to organize an arranged marriage to help take Chimtech Consortium to new heights. The only thing worse than not being in control is that his bride-to-be is you, the one person he cannot stand (smut)
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 6.5 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17
WLGTDWI Drabble #1
Frankie Morales x Reader
Tumblr media
Always Be My Maybe (ongoing) Frankie ‘Catfish’ Morales has sworn off of relationships. He had his heart broken too many times in the past and he has learned his lesson. He knows that no woman could possibly love him enough to sit around and wait for him to come back from missions with no word if he is dead or alive so he decides to stay single and save everyone the trouble. However, his steely resolve disintegrates when he is getting drinks with Pope and notices you across the room. What happens when one night changes everything? (smut in most chapters)
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15
Tom Hiddleston x Reader
Tumblr media
Yes Prime Minister:  Thomas Hiddleston is the new Prime Minister of the UK and you just joined the staff at Downing Street. After an embarrassing first encounter, you and Tom grow closer but then the American Ambassador, Chris Evans, comes along to No. 10 and is taken with you. Downing Street has seen it`s fair share of political drama but never a love story (smut)
Mystery Man 
Tumblr media
Loneliness Kills: Loneliness was consuming Y/N until a certain man walked into the cafe she was sitting in and began to change her outlook on love and the idea of soulmates.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
More Than Words:  During the Covid-19 pandemic, the lockdown has everyone going a little bit crazy but your mysterious neighbor keeps you entertained with his guitar playing. One day, you head outside and finally see him playing his guitar. What happens when your unusual meeting during a terrible time leads to something beautiful?
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jeonkook02multifandom · 5 months ago
DFel-Arguments:Harry and Eugene.
Here's the other two for Arguments.
    •When Harry gets upset, he gives the silent treatment.
    •Its been almost two years since reaching the Safe Zone, finding a cure, and starting vaccines.
    •Harry's father, Brad, tried to make amends with his son, however, Harry refused to talk to his dad.
    •One day, Brad had showed up to where Y/n and Harry where staying. He had wanted to talk with his sons girlfriend.
    •"How do you think I can reach out to him?" His father asked.
    •"I really don't know, he's been hurt deeply, for a long time, Harry needs time." Y/n spoke softly.
    •Just then, Harry had came out of the shower, asking Y/n if she just wants to order food and watch movies.
    •When he saw his father.
    •"Leave." Harry spoke sternly, cletching his fists at his side.
    •Brad nodded his head before turning and walking away.
    •Y/n turned to face her boyfriend, of whom had a look of disappointment.
    •Harry shook his head before sitting on the couch and turning in the tv.
    •Y/n went to sit on the couch with him.
    •"Harry?" Y/n spoke.
    •Harry stood up and went to the kitchen to get himself some water.
    •When he came back to the living room, Harry sat in the couch on the other side of the room.
    •Smooth, Y/n thought.
    •Remembering that her boyfriend mentioned getting take-out, Y/n ordered his favorite. And while they ate he was still silent.
     •"Harry? Please talk to me," Y/n pleaded, "your father came over, I know how you feel about your father, but I was trying to be civil. I'm sorry he hurt you and your mom, I can't even begin to imagine how much pain you went through."
     •"He could have hurt you too." Harry snapped "what if I let him back in my life and he goes back to his ways? What if you get hurt?"
     •Y/n noticed the tears forming in his beautiful eyes and walked over to him. Taking Harry into her arms.
     •"No matter how many times I try to forgive him, I slowly feel him disappointing me again. He scared me for a long time, still does. I'm afraid that that's my future, that I'm going to end up like him." Harry wrapped his arms around Y/n.
     •"Forgiving is hard, especially when you've and someone you love has been hurt. When you forgive someone, doesn't mean you have to keep that person in your life, it means you forgive them for the greater good, to at times be the bigger person, to use your experience to grow and be a better person, forgiving is a part of healing and growth." Y/n looked up at him, whipping away a tear, "I'm not telling you that you have to forgive him, but it will help you move on and heal."
     •Y/n took him into another hug before continuing, "besides, you'll never end up like him. You're better than he is."
     •Harry kissed the top of her head. "I'm sorry for getting upset."
     •"I'm sorry too." Y/n pressed her lips against his, "wanna cuddle?"
     •"How can I say 'no' to that?" Harry smiled at her.
     •The couple spent the rest of the night cuddled in each other's arms.
    •Y/n and Eugene sat in Eugene's car that was parked in a supermarket parking lot.
    •The radio was slightly turned down as the young couple was going back and forth of what to have for dinner.
    •Y/n wanted Mcdonald's, Eugene wanted Taco Bell.
    • The fight was stupid, but they were hungry and just wanted to go home.
    •"We had McDonald's last time." Eugene argued.
    •"So what? We also always have Taco Bell." Y/n argued back
    •Eugene stayed silent. He hated arguing, especially when both of them were so stubborn.
    •So he began to think of a compromise.
    •Y/n didn't like his silence, "you can't think of anything to say back?"
    •Before Y/n could say anymore, Eugene turned in his set to face her, he cupped her face, tracing her cheek with his thumb.
    •"What?" Y/n asked.
    •"You're so stubborn."  Eugene smirked before pressing his lips against hers in a soft kiss.
    •"Kissing me now to have your way?" Y/n remarked.
    •"If you could listen, I came up with a compromise." Eugene sighed.
    •"How we both can have what we want and be happy, by you getting Taco Bell and me getting McDonald's?"
    •"Great minds think alike." Eugene smiled.
    •So that's what they did, Eugene got Taco Bell and Y/n got McDonald's.
    •"Eugene?" Y/n looked over at him.
    •"Yeah?" Eugene answered keeping his eyes on the road.
    •"I'm sorry for our argument, it's just I was really craving McDonald's, and I started my period before we left, so I'm moody and hungry," Y/n said with tears in her eyes, "and all I want to do is cuddle with you, stuff my face with food, and watch movies, even take a nap."
    •Eugene reached over and held her hand, bringing it up to his lips to kiss the back.
    •"Angel, it's okay, I'm sorry too. But hey, now we know we can compromise. And I'd love to cuddle and watch movies when we get back. And I'll give you tummy rubs."
    •When they got back home to eat their food, they even compromised on a movie, the new one they've been wanting to watch.
     •Y/n laid in her boyfriend's arms, her head on his chest, while Eugene rubbed a hand up and down her back. Both shared a blanket.
     •After a couple movies, Eugene realized that his girlfriend had fallen asleep. He smiled softly before bringing the blanket closer to her shoulders. His kissed the top of her head
     •"Sweet dreams." He whispered before falling asleep himself.
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rere-the-writer · 4 months ago
Hey I love your angst and fluff the most so could I request a Mikaelson poly x Heritic Reader it’s like there wedding similar to Jos and Alaric and Tristan stabs her with a steak when they say death do us part and instead of like living happy ever after with Elena Live happily ever after Being the rulers of New Orleans and they act like there going to abandon her but they don’t and one they get back to the compound they can’t get some of the wood shards out so she’s not healing and slowly starting to desiccate so she has to channel the Mikaelson’s to bring the shards to the surface and she did it and fell unconscious and they wait a minute to hear her slow heart beat pump
Hell Yeah time for some angsty fluff
Warnings- Angst, fluff at the end, Angry!Mikaelsons, violence
A/N: I reworked this about twice because I many ideas for this
You breathed trying to calm your nerves as your sister helped you ready to marry your lovers. Most of your family refuse to come not because you were in a poly relationship but because you were marrying the Originals vampires.
"Grandmother has things set up for the ritual."
"Let's do this." You said ready for your father to walk you down the aisle. The march began and your lovers looked at you feeling their breathing stop. You were dressed in a gorgeous wedding dress that was a off the shoulder mermaid dress.
The ritual was something your coven had done for hundreds of years as they were Heretics where they link their magic to their life partners.
"You shall stay linked until death due you part." Your grandmother said giving you a cup of wine to drink from and having Elijah do the same. You gasped as everyone screamed seeing your dress turned red and Rebekah caught you seeing having been stabbed by a stake.
"Forgive me Elijah. But I want her dead for rev....." Tristan didn't get to finish as Elijah's hand was in his chest.
"You are forgiven." Elijah said tearing his heart out watching the body dropped as Klaus quick to pull the stake from you.
"S...s...stop.....it is....too.....late for me." You croak out bleeding as Kol bit into his wrist holding it up to you but you weakly push his wrist away but Kol got his blood in your mouth. Rebekah was shaking as tears fell from her eyes as Finn comfort her as the three was trying to save your life.
"No love we can't do that."
"You need.....to..go after...." You didn't finish as Klaus picked you up making you cry out in pain and Elijah rushed over cooing at you kissing your head. They were worried that they were going to lose you. The Originals loved you as you loved them unconditionally and to lose you would be losing apart of themselves.
"We aren't abandoning you, love."
The desiccation as working slowly as Klaus was trying to pull the wood shards from your heart once they got you home. Rebekah was running her fingers though your hair as you tried channeling their magic pushing the shards out.
"Love?" Klaus croaked out when you had stopped moving and your breathing stopped as for a moment they thought you were dead.
"Wait....her heart." Elijah whispered as they heard your slow heartbeat then moved cleaning you up. They waited for you to wake while doing so they took care of the Strix killing them.
You had finally woke a week later as you were healing slowly and you moved getting out of bed when you were suddenly be kissed by Rebekah.
"Beka." You mumble against her lips flushing and feeling Kol pressed up against your back kissing your neck.
"We were worried you wouldn't wake up."
"Where are the other three?"
"Right here love." Klaus said as the younger Mikaelsons moved let's you hug the hybrid as Elijah kissed your head and Finn kissing your hand.
"How did you get the wood shards from your heart?"
"I channeled you all. I didn't mean to worry you." You tell them as Klaus picked you up kissing your cheek.
"As long you are here. Our beautiful wife." Elijah says smiling as they took you down stairs setting in to watch a movie. You smiled gently knowing that for the next few years they were going to be every protective. But you couldn't picture yourself with anyone else as you chuckled seeing Hope pounces on her father joining you all to watch the movie as you settled in Elijah's lap.
"I love you all."
"And we love you baby."
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hangesfirstwife · a month ago
Rekindle (Drukkari x F!Reader) Part 1
Summary: After the splitting of the eternals, my family, I was lost. But at least I wasn't alone.
Warnings: Follows most of the eternals movies besides what I add in so SPOILER WARNING, Some fluff, Typical movie violence, my first time writing, not proof read.
Information about you: You are the goddess of witchcraft, magic(you can imagine it as wandas powers but a different color), the moon, ghosts, and necromancy.
Part 2 Part 3
Tumblr media
Alone is what I would be if Makkari wasn't here with me.
Tenochtitlan 1521 CE
The wars were heart breaking. Seeing these people fight each other. We should have never let them advance. But that's our job, to help the humans advance, and look where that has gotten us. This place in complete ruins. As the people were going on in their war, we were fighting ours, the deviants. The others were in the woods, while Me, Kingo, Ikaris, and Gilgamesh were still fighting off the deviants. Thena and Makkari had went to go join the others. As the threat of the deviants seemed to be no more, us four went to go join the others as well just in time to find Druig about to take control over the humans fighting.
"Don't do it. We never interfere in their wars" Ajak said to stop him. "It's not a war, it's genocide. Their weapons have turned lethal. Maybe helping them advance wasn't such a good idea after all, don't you think Phastos?" Druig questioned. He was right. This has turned into something I wouldn't have ever dreamed of and I could tell Druig was deeply hurt. "Technology is apart of their evolutionary advancement process Druig. It's not an element I can stop." Phastos responded back. "No, not you, but I can." And he was completely right. He was powerful enough to put an end to this lose and to this killing. "Driug, I know how much you care for them, the humans, and I agree, but you should think carefully about the decisions you're making." I told him.
"It's too late. You're all going to die in the end." Everyone averted their attention on Thena. She seemed to not be herself and her eyes were glowing white. "Are you ok?" Sersi asked as Thena began to create a weapon.
She then began to attack. She almost hit Sersi, but Makkari was able to push her out of the way. Makkari had gotten up and began pushing Thena away, getting injured doing so. Thena was close to stabbing Makkari, but I held her hands back with my magic, averting her attention now onto me. Thena was making her way up to me, readying to go for the attack with her weapon. As Thena was about to stab me, Druig had managed to push me out of the way before anything grave could happen.
Ajak was now standing in front of Thena, outstretched her hands to Thenas temples to calm her nerves, help her go back. It seemed to work for a moment, but only for a moment, an explosion in the far back setting her off again. Thena was now readying to attack Ajak. But before she could, Makkari had pushed Thena back, falling down in the process. But before Makkari could get back up, Thena had stabbed her in the stomach. Gilgamesh had saw this, and he was now fighting Thena.
As Gilgamesh is fighting Thena, Druig and I were making our way quickly over to Makkari. Rage and downhearted is all I felt. I tend to let my emotions get the best of me, but now isn't the time for that. "Makkari." That's all I could say. My best friend, my girlfriend was injured and all I could do was hope for the best until Ajak makes her way over. "She'll be fine y/n." Druig, my bestfriend, my boyfriend . He was the best source of encouragement.
Ajak was now by Makkaris side healing her wound. It was a relief to know she was actually ok even though I knew she would be in the end. At that same time Gilgamesh had knocked Thena out to put a stop to the attacking she was doing. "Will thena be ok?" I asked feeling at bit sorry I had to restrain her like that earlier. "She'll be fine, I just knocked her out." Gilgamesh responded.
"Let's get her upstairs" Ajak said. We didn't know who that was, but that Thena, wasn't our Thena. "Let me take her." I offered seeing Ikaris a little hesitant knowing Sersi was also hurt during this. Before getting up I sign to Makkari *"You ok?*" *"I'm fine"* she signed in response, giving me a thumbs up. Using my magic I lift Thena up and fly us both upstairs in the Domo.
I placed Thena down on the table, everyone gathering around awaiting her awakening.
Thena woke up to see everyone standing around her, not knowing nor understanding why.
"What happened to me?" Thena asked. "You hurt Sersei Thena, you attacked everyone else, Phastos, y/n, you almost killed Makkari." Ajak told her as Thena began to sit up. "I can't remember." Thena had said and we all knew that it was the truth. She really didn't remember.
"You have Mahd Wr'ry. You mind is fracturing from the weight of all of your memories Thena. The only option is for your memories to be erased so you can start over again." Ajak had told her. "And what if it happens again? She almost killed her." Druig says starting to get visibly frustrated. "She could've killed all of us. You're begging her to let you erase her essence." Druig took a step forward towards Ajak.
"Druig, I know you are angry-" Ajak started not being able to finish her sentence. "ANGRY! These past 5000 years we've been trusting you and look where that's gotten us! I watched the humans destroy each other when I had the power to stop them! Do you understand how it feels to live with that kind of pain?!"
I knew how much Druig had cared for these people. He cared almost as much as Sersi. I also knew how much he's been suffering in silence in watching the human use what we helped them advance with destroy each other. And that was tearing both me and Makkari up, knowing that the person we care about most feels this way, and that's heart breaking.
"What if the mission was a terrible mistake. Do you really think we are helping this people build a better world?" Druig had asked now speaking to the whole group. Druig now turned around and watched what was happening below him. "We're the same as those soldiers, pawns for their leaders, blinded by loyalty. But that stops now."
Druig had begun to take control over the soldiers minds. Each one droping their weapon and facing him. "Free them!" Ikaris had flown full force, pushing Druig into the wall." "You'll have to make me." Druig had retorted back. I had used my magic to pull Ikaris off of Druig. Ikaris and Druig have always been like this. I've grown used to it by now.
"STOP!" Ajak had took a couple steps forward. I released Ikaris and him and Druig finally stood down. "If you want to stop me you'll have to kill me." Druig had said. And that broke my heart because I knew he was right. There was no stopping him. "Druig gave a faint smile to me and makkari and signed to us *"I'm sorry."* before heading down, and leaving, taking the soldiers with him.
And that was the last time I had saw him. The eternals spilt and went their separate ways. Nobody offered for me to come along, not even Druig so, alone is what I would be if Makkari wasn't here with me right now and I am forever grateful, that she, my girlfriend is.
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sleeping-on-cracking-ice · 11 months ago
pls do part two of “you're everything you once hated” 🥺
Alright! I originally wasn’t going to do a Part 2 of this but a few people have asked so here you go! 😙
You’re Everything You Once Hated | Suguru Niragi
{Alice In Borderland Masterlist}
{Main Masterlist}
Character(s): Niragi (ft. OC, Ann, Tatta, Hatter, Kuina)
Summary: You attempt to escape Niragi to replenish your visa by yourself, but he catches you and makes sure you won’t do it again
Warnings: (okay here we go) blood, toxic relationship, abusive relationship, obsessive themes, suggestive themes, graphic violence/torture, needles, being held hostage, deranged behaviour, reader is traumatised, implications of a panic attack, dehumanisation (kind of?), mention of amputation, mention of suicide, guns, knives, reader sees a corpse, minor character death
Word Count: 4.6k
*reader is female
Author’s Note: this is quite heavy and messed up, so I recommend people under 15 don’t read this
Tumblr media
The young man leant against the large building, holding a small rose in his sweaty palms as he waited for you to arrive from your after school class. He winced as the thorns slightly caught on his olive skin. He sighed and craned his neck back to rest on the wall behind him. No matter how much he attempted to distract himself, the rate his heart was beating kept bringing the nausea to his stomach.
The sky was painted a soft mix of orange and pink as the sun began to fall asleep below the horizon. Valentine’s Day couldn’t have created a more romantic atmosphere for Niragi, he couldn’t mess it up now or he would let cupid down himself.
“What the hell am I even doing?” he questioned himself, wiping his brow with the back of his wrist. “She probably doesn’t even see me this way. We’ve been best friends for years, if she felt something she would’ve told me by now, right?”
He was stressing himself out, continuing the doubt whether his idea was good or not. He was considering dropping the rose and just walking away, being too afraid of the reality that he had been in love with you for years and had never been able to voice it. He felt embarrassed about himself, making his head fill with insecurities and doubts.
His phone vibrating in his pocket pulled him from his thoughts. Niragi reached into his blazer and pulled out his device, noticing a text from you.
‘I’m on my way,’ it read.
He heard your footsteps around the corner and straightened himself up, letting out a sigh to relieve tension. He knew there was no going back now, so he had no choice but to go ahead with his confession.
Just as he was about to turn the corner to meet you, he noticed a male voice that echoed yours, making him freeze in his tracks. He kept himself pushed against the wall, trying to listen to what you were saying.
“I mean, movies are cheap at the moment. Do you want to go see one together?” Niragi heard the boy say. His heart sank at the males words and his hand holding the rose fell from his chest to drooping towards the ground.
Your voice, that was all too familiar to Niragi, answered him. “Sure! I’m busy this afternoon, but I’m free this weekend on Saturday.”
Saturday. Niragi frowned. You and him always went to the park together every Saturday to have a picnic together. You wouldn’t forget about that, would you?
His disappointment turned into anger suddenly. The exhilarating emotions filled his mind and heart so quickly, it took him off guard. As his hand twitched slightly, he shook his head to remove the thoughts from his head.
“Okay, I’ll send you a text later to talk about times and stuff,” the boy said. Niragi’s curiosity got the best of him and he peeked his head around the side of the building to catch a glance of who you were with. He wished he didn’t.
It was one of the young kids that picked on him in Science class, which you weren’t in. Niragi felt betrayed, but tried to reassure himself that you just didn’t know what this guy was really like.
“Bye Y/N,” the boy muttered shyly, making Niragi fume at his fake behaviour. ‘He obviously is just trying to get in her pants,’ Niragi thought to himself, jaw clenching in annoyance at your blindness.
The boy leaned close to you and left a soft kiss on your forehead making you smile and wave happily as he walked away. As soon as he disappeared up the stairs a few metres up, Niragi leant back so you couldn’t see him.
He felt tears building in his eyes, so he quickly wiped them away before you found him. He jumped as he saw you turn the corner, hiding the rose he held behind his back.
“Hey Niragi!” you exclaimed, having the same gorgeous smile that you always conveyed around him. Usually the small action would make him melt into the ground. But at that moment, he didn’t think anything you did could make him feel better.
“You okay?” you asked, leaning close to his face with your eyebrows raised. His heart beat picked up, noticing how your lips were only a few inches away from his. He turned his face to the side, hiding his blush. “Yeah, I’m just tired,” he lied through his teeth.
As he kept up his innocent façade, small droplets of blood slowly drizzled down his wrist from the tight fist enveloping the thorned rose. His confined anger flowed through the blood that spilled from the cuts in his palm, but he didn’t feel a pinch of pain through his tensed muscles.
Perhaps one day, the world would give him another chance to show his love for you.
You woke with a start as someone busted through the door of the room, looking around in a panic at who would enter so suddenly. Your eyes widened as you caught sight of Niragi, stumbling into the room with his usual sniper rifle slung over his shoulder.
“Sorry love, did I wake you?”
You stayed silent, sitting up properly and watching his movements closely. You didn’t trust a single thing he did or said, so you still remained on high alert whenever he was in this room alone with you, despite the fact you had been sharing the room with him for three days.
“You getting hungry? I brought some food up last night for you while you were asleep,” he said, placing his rifle on a small table. You watched as it collided with the wooden surface, flinching at the loud noise.
You hadn’t been able to leave the room since your injury. You had been shot in the foot by an overly sensitive militant woman who you weren’t even sure was still alive after the beating Niragi gave her in front of you. His behaviour during that time alone was enough to you terrified, especially the fact that it is impossible to run from him now.
But the lack of movement on your foot has proven to help and you have noticed the bullet wound healing quite well. The ointment and bandages you apply regularly on it (no help from Niragi) has been working perfectly, and you were praying for the moment you could move your stuff back to your own room and escape Niragi’s unpredictable and psychotic behaviour around you.
As if he read your mind, Niragi spoke up. “How’s your foot? Is it getting better?”
The sweet tone in his voice was so contradictory to his intentions. You hated the fact that he thought you fell for his fake façade. To be honest, he probably knew you didn’t believe him, but continued with it to keep you on your toes.
You glared at him through the top of your eyelids, keeping your head low in suspicion. As Niragi sighed from your unresponsive behaviour, he strutted over towards the bed that you were laying on. You panicked and used your arms to push yourself away from him, being terrified of his presence alone. Spending only a few days with him was enough to make you realise how despicable of a human being he actually was.
“Shh, calm down. It’s just me,” he attempted to calm you.
You froze as he sat on the bed nearby your legs. A pained expression grew on your face as he slowly lifted your injured foot to place it gently on his lap, running his hand carefully over the bandage you had applied before going to sleep.
“Does it hurt?” he asked, glancing up at you. You shook your head no, watching as he smirked slightly and turned back to it.
“I’m going to have a look at it,” he demanded, beginning to unravel the bandage on your foot.
You remained still, watching as he was unusually careful. It made your adrenaline run rapid, not knowing when he was going to suddenly snap.
As he pulled the final layer off your foot, relief filled you when you saw that it was still fine. The injury had turned into a small hole in the top of your foot, no blood or redness in sight. Maybe perhaps you could walk again soon, and be able to replenish your visa that was due to end in a few days.
Unfortunately, Niragi wasn’t as happy about this knowledge, and he intended to do something about it.
“Hmm,” he hummed in thought, leaning over to the night stand and picking up a small unwashed needle that he had kept there. It was left there by Ann a few days ago, as she had to come to the room to stitch up a cut that Niragi had obtained during a game.
Your eyes widened at the sight of him holding the needle close to your bullet wound. “W-Wait, Niragi,” you stuttered, nervous about his intentions. “What are you doing?”
Niragi glanced up at you, a devilish smirk painted across his face. His expression made your stomach churn and you attempted to pull your leg from his grip. Your heart rate picked up and you began to panic when he refused to let go.
“Don’t worry, this won’t hurt much. Just... try not to scream.”
Just as you were about to protest, Niragi pinned your foot onto his lap and pushed the tip of the needle as hard as he could into your bullet wound, making you let out a silent scream and thrash in his hold.
You screamed and screamed and screamed, a horrific pain continuously shot through your foot to your leg. You swore at some point it felt like he was cutting your foot off.
“NIRAGI!” you wailed. “STOP! PLEASE!”
You begged and begged through your cries of pain. After what felt like a century, Niragi pulled the needle out of your foot slowly and placed his hand over the wound to attempt to stop the bleeding. You were now lying on your back, sobbing lightly into the sheets and given up.
You felt Niragi caress your face with the back on his hand lightly. “My little princess needs to stay here, where I can keep her safe. You can’t leave. There’s horrible monsters at The Beach and I would hate for you to fall prey to one of them.”
You felt like screaming at him. How could he be so blind, so ignorant. He was the monster, and he failed to realise it.
He placed your leg off his lap, making you let out a small cry. Niragi crawled further up the bed next to you and sat on the sheets. You were facing away from him, not even daring to turn to look at him. You could hear him unbuttoning his checkered shirt, seeing it fly over your frame and land on the floor. A shiver made its way up your spine as Niragi’s hot breath hit the nape of your neck and his warm limbs snaked around your torso. He placed his hands underneath your shirt and softly caressed the skin of your stomach whilst nipping at the skin on your neck.
“You’re so pretty. You have no idea how much I’ve missed you over these years.”
His words sounded so loving, so sweet. But your reaction was the opposite of what he wanted. A slow, sorrowful tear traveled down your face and you began shaking in his embrace in fear of having him so close. You wanted to close your eyes and wake up back home, back in your own bed with your family’s hushed conversations spread throughout the house. This wasn’t home, this was absolute hell.
“Why are you shaking? Are you cold?” your tormentor asked. He removed his hands from underneath your shirt and pulled on your shoulders to make you turn over to face him. You kept your eyes shut tight, refusing to submit to his demands.
He pulled you close once again and placed his hand on the back of your head to push your face into his bare chest. Niragi’s usual smell of blood and metal filled your nostrils, making you grimace against him.
You continued to shake, not being able to control your movements. Niragi sighed, tucking his chin on the top of your head and nuzzling into your hair, taking a breath of the all too familiar scent of the shampoo you’ve always used for your hair. How you managed to find the exact one in the Borderland was beyond his understanding.
The smell made him feel at home. The comfort he found in you was too strong for him to handle, making him become deranged at the thought of you being back in his arms. It scared him, how much he actually depended on you to keep him happy.
And while he continued to hold you close and smile happily at the feeling of your soft breath against his chest, he failed to notice the continuous flow of tears that cascaded down your face and the shaking of your hands that gripped the top of your own thighs violently, trying to realise the tension of the adrenaline in your veins.
You had had enough.
Niragi did nothing but put you through absolute torture and trauma no matter how much you attempted to reason with his psychotic self. Bruises littered your body from his usual violence, committing to the awful promise that he was going to make sure you couldn’t leave the room.
You were imprisoned. It felt as if you were trapped in a cage that had the easiest lock in the world to pick, only you didn’t have hands to unlock it.
So two days after the needle incident, you decided you were going to escape, even if it killed you.
You had to replenish your visa, considering it ended the next night. You feared that Niragi would just leave you to die, not caring about your visa, so you had to take it upon yourself.
You may have had an infected bullet wound and a nearly crushed spirit, but you weren’t going to let this be your end. You had to at least try.
“Oi, I’m leaving now,”
You shifted your eyes from your hands resting in your lap to the tall, deranged man who stood at the door of your room. He had his usual black and white buttoned shirt on, charcoal hair tied up at the top to keep it out of his face and his relaxed hand tucked into the pockets of his dark jeans. You almost felt disappointed. How could such a handsome man be wasted by such a horrific mentality.
He carried his loaded sniper rifle in his arm, fiddling with the trigger as he awaited an answer from you.
You nodded your head and turned back to your hands, twiddling your thumbs nervously. You stayed frozen as you heard his footsteps make their way over to you.
Niragi lifted your chin with a harsh grip to your jaw and smashed his lips onto yours. You closed your eyes tightly in discomfort, feeling his desperate lips bite over yours hungrily. It made you feel sick to your stomach.
He pulled away, your lips connected by a string of saliva, making him chuckle. “I’ll be back kitten. Maybe I’ll bring you back a present,” he suggested, raising his eyebrows.
You nodded once again. You knew what he meant. Perhaps an amputated hand of one of your friends? Or the eye of a seeker/hunter to remind you of the “monsters” he’s hiding you from? At this point, you were desensitised to it.
The feeling on his lips on your head brought you from your thoughts. He softly stroked his hand through your hair, tucking slightly on the ends, making you wince.
“Stay here, and don’t answer the door if someone knocks.”
And with that, he left. You stayed completely still for a few minutes, waiting in case he decided to come back just to torment you further.
After you were sure he was completely gone, you shifted to the edge of the bed and swung your legs over the edge to stand up. You had practised walking around the room on your injured foot for the past few days when Niragi wasn’t there, so you had grown used to the random aches that shot up your leg from your bullet wound while walking.
You waddled to the door, slowly swinging it open and grabbing the small knife that sat on the table nearby. You had to have some kind of weapon in case something was to happen.
As you stepped outside, a few people were still making their way down the halls towards the lobby. You noticed a young man that you had somewhat befriended when you first arrived at The Beach named Tatta. He stopped in his tracks when he saw you, a smile growing on his face.
“Y/N! Where have you been?!” he exclaimed excitedly, running to you and throwing his arms around you in a playful embrace. You grimaced at his loud voice, being afraid of a certain someone potentially hearing him say your name.
“Hey Tatta,” you said back, giving him a right hug. You swore you felt like you could’ve cried in his arms from how deprived you were from normal human interaction without the fear of being assaulted.
“Are you coming to the games tonight?” he asked, pulling back from the hug and keeping a hand on your shoulder. You nodded. “Can I stick with you?” you asked with hope in your eyes. Tatta smiled and hit your arm lightly. “Of course! I’d feel better going with someone I knew.”
You agreed and began walking down the hall towards the lobby together in a comfortable. Tatta failed to notice you being more cautious, checking around corners before you turned and whipping your head around to glance behind you every now and then.
Just your luck, a ten of spades. You swore the world just wanted you dead. At that point, you had become used to the never-ending bullshit that was thrown your way.
You clawed your way to the table that held the card. Holding the single piece of cardboard between your fingers had never felt more satisfying. You slid down against the wall near the registration area, limbs shaking from the muscle strain you faced during the game. Tatta knelt in front of you, rubbing your knee in an attempt to comfort you, but nothing he could do would make you feel better.
Back at The Beach, you sat in the lobby on one of the leather couches, rubbing your foot to try and ease the aching pain coming from your wound. You had heard when you arrived back that the executives had called a meeting, so you weren’t too worried about running into Niragi.
You closed your eyes and crossed your arms over your chest, rolling your head back to rest against the couch. Moments like that were complete bliss. For a moment, you were able to forget your current situation.
A sudden hand on your shoulder ripped you from your meditation, and you turned your head to see none other than Kuina with a red face and heavily breathing from running. “Hey Y/N,” she started. You sat up and turned around fully to face you.
“The executives want you in the meeting. They heard you collected a high number card and they need you to deliver it.”
Your heart dropped at her words, realising what was coming for you. You had to walk into that meeting room, where Niragi stood. He was going to find out about your little adventure you had without him knowing. Adrenaline filled your senses from the thought of what he was going to do to you.
You slowly stood up, wiping your sweaty hands on your shorts and checking your card was still in the front pocket. You gulped heavily and nodded to Kuina. “Okay, I’ll head there now.”
Every step towards the meeting room was another towards hell. The more stairs you climbed, the more nausea filled your stomach, the more thoughts filled your head. You were seriously just considering throwing yourself off the roof of the hotel, as that seemed like a better option than facing Niragi.
You arrived in front of the double doors, freezing in your path. You don’t know how long you stood there, sighing shakily and attempting to crack your knuckles to relieve tension. But still, as you lifted your hand to push on the large wooden door, your arm shook like a leaf.
You trudged in, hearing the room fall silent at your entry. You refused to look up from the ground, keeping your widened eyes locked to the carpeted ground until you reached the end of the table.
“Ah, Y/N. Finally! Care to show your card?” you heard Hatter ask. You glanced up and caught sight of all the executives gathered around the table on chairs. One of which was of course Niragi.
You locked eyes with the psychotic man, and your stomach dropped when you saw the scowl on his face. He was staring directly into your soul, eyes hardened with anger and unforgiveness. If looks could kill, you would’ve been on the floor dead before you even made it to the table.
You focused on the task at hand and pulled the card from your pocket, placing the somewhat damaged ten of spades on the table. Hatter reached over and held it close to his face to examine it as everyone watched. Well, everyone except Niragi, who held his piercing gaze on you. You swore you could feel him burning holes through your skin.
“Hmm,” Hatter hummed in approval. “Thank you very much Y/N, that will be all,” he said, making a shooing movement towards you.
You nodded and thanked him before quickly walking out of the room. As soon as you stepped out, you broke into a sprint towards you and Niragi’s shared room.
You had to leave the room before the meeting finished. You feared the absolute worse.
When you arrived at the room, you ripped open the door and scrambled inside, groaning at the pain your foot was in. You didn’t have a choice, you had to hurry.
You made your way to the large closet, immediately reaching for the top shelf to pull down the miniature machine gun that Niragi stored up there as a spare. You weren’t sure if you were supposed to know about it, but you managed to spot him tucking it underneath the clothes at some point.
As you were shuffling around the cupboard trying to find some bullets desperately, annoyed and stressed sighs and gasps leaving your mouth, you froze when the sound of the door opening hit your ears. Immediately assuming the worst, you grabbed the door of the cupboard and closed yourself inside, attempting to enveloped yourself in the piles of clothes and resources.
The keyhole in the door of the cupboard allowed you to have a small space to look through. You closed one eye and glanced through the hole, spotting Niragi placing his sniper rifle on the bed and untying his hair, running his hands through it in stress.
You didn’t dare even breath, keeping all your limbs tucked close so you didn’t knock over anything. You were so afraid that Niragi would even hear the sound of your heart beating, as it was as loud as a drum in your own ears.
You grimaced as a sudden putrid smell filled your nose. The smell of fresh flesh that you were all too familiar with from living in the Borderland. You turned around in the cupboard and moved to the side so the light of the keyhole would at least somewhat illuminate the small space. The sight in front of you was enough to make you throw up.
There sat Tatta (or at least, Tatta’s remains), empty eyed and leaning against the back of the cupboard. Bullet holes littered his once kind face, probably counting eight at least. You covered your mouth in horror, letting out a loud cry at the sight, pushing your legs against the ground to scramble away from your dead friend.
Once again, just like the other day during the needle incident, you screamed and screamed and screamed. You fell backwards out of the closet, curling into a small ball and screeching into your palm in horror at the now clearer sight of your friend’s corpse. 
Everything was crumbling around you. Your voice was being ripped to shreds at the back of your throat. Your mind was falling apart, not being able to handle the traumatising events that you’ve faced, breaking and tearing itself apart. Your body was broken. Bruises and scars scattered your frame like an artwork, each one holding a connected traumatic event.
Niragi sat on the bed, watching as you screamed on the ground over by the corner of the room, tears sliding down his tanned cheeks.
What had happened to you? Why did you change so much in these few years?
Niragi slowly stood and made his way over to your shaking frame, hooking his arms underneath your shoulders and knees to lift you bridle style. He smiled sadly down at your shivering frame, not being able to control your rapid movements.
“Aw baby, you’re a mess,” he cried, a sob escaping his mouth halfway through his sentence.
He brought you back over to the bed, crawling on his knees to the centre of the mattress and crossing his legs to lay you in his lap with your head tucked into the crook of his elbow.
He brushed your hair with his fingers, trying to ease your breathing as you kept your eyes tightly shut in fear. “I tried to warn you. Look what happened,” he chuckled through his tears, motioning his head over towards the cupboard. “Do you like your present? I saw you walking with him on your way back to the hotel and thought it would be perfect. Why don’t you like it?”
You opened your eyes and looked up at him with fear all written all over your face. You didn’t dare move from his embrace, being too afraid.
Niragi smiled as he caught sight of your glistening eyes, reaching a hand up and stroking his thumb along your cheek. “You’re so pretty,” he breathed out, leaning down and placing a gentle kiss on your lips.
You brought your shaking hands up and rubbed your face before finally speaking up. “I want to go home,” you desperately whispered, turning your head and pressing your face against Niragi’s clothed chest. He watched as you brought your hand up and gripped the material of his shirt in your fist tightly, conveying anger and stress through your grip.
“You are home kitten,” he states, rubbing his cheek against your head. “I’m your home. I always have been.”
He wasn’t lying to you, and that was the pill that was hard to swallow. Niragi had been your source of comfort for so long, and for once in your life, it felt foreign to lay in his arms and to look into his night eyes.
Oh how weird it felt to look at something that conveyed such sweetness, such delicacy and such empathy, only for it to be utterly ruined by its environment.
You’d like to think that it wasn’t either of your faults. But in the end, it doesn’t depend on the environment, it depends on how you react to it.
Neither of you were perfect, but you were both incredibly different. It never would’ve worked between the two of you, and being in the Borderland did nothing but strengthen that fact. In the end, your differences would either tear you apart from each other emotionally, or you would tear each other apart limb from limb.
Author’s Note: Hi everyone! I’m back to finishing off the fanfic requests that have been sent to me because I finished all the prompt scenarios. I won’t be doing another part to this because I honestly struggled for so long trying to figure out a plot for this one 😭 But anyway thanks so much for your patience. I’ll be uploading these fanfics as quick as I can! ❤❤
Small addition to this fanfic talking about Niragi’s motives and intentions
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pjquill · 4 months ago
What If S1E4 Meta: The True “Heart”
The same way Stephen couldn’t let go of Christine in the fourth installment of What If...?, I haven’t been able to shake this episode off and out of my head since watching it. I’m pretty sure it’s put me through the grieving process. Lately, it’s been haunting me like a ghost, and while mentally revisiting it for the fourteen millionth time, I realized something BRUTAL that I just had to share ASAP!
Hear me out, homies. What if...
The running theme and title of the episode was Stephen Strange losing his “heart.” But although the setup and storyline seems to suggest the euphemism refers to Christine Palmer, it doesn’t! The “heart” of Stephen Strange is not the girl of his dreams he lost in that car accident, but the greater man he had gained.
OK LISTEN. Let me have a shot to show you what I see (even in shite quality, pardon my crappy screenshots). Let’s start with the DS1 recap, 'cuz I’m still not over the first movie, either, and it’s relevant.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Like the watcher explained, after the devastating and tragic death of the love of his life, Stephen Strange began to look for answers. Not different from Stephen Strange of the sacred timeline, he was obsessed with reversing the great loss and trauma he’d endured. It was with the same perfectionism that made him a great surgeon, that Stephen sought the power to “find his own way back.”
... By any means necessary. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
They both discover that “power” they were searching for when they stumble upon time magic. However, Stephen is lectured that time magic is something that could risk the stability of the universe, and should never be done lightly and certainly never for the sake of one person over all others. Although harm is not his nature and Stephen doesn’t want to hurt anyone, he struggles to give up on his quest to heal his hands, or alternatively, to resurrect Christine. He was told a solution wasn’t out there, but found it in the Book of Cagliostro.
Despite every person that told him it couldn’t be done, Stephen can’t accept that. He won’t admit there’s nothing that can be done, there has to be something he can do. He’s conceited with the delusion he can alter his past to better his present. And he won’t be swayed of it.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
But when the Ancient One fell, Stephen Strange rose to take her place and fend against the invading Dormammu. He saw for the first time the world that was so much bigger than him, that he could do so much good for, more than good only for himself. He saw the millions of lives that had not yet been lost to tragedy he could prevent and save from it, even if not what hardships had already been done and could not be undone in his own life. Things he could save, not fix.
And it wasn’t his own life he saved with that time magic in the end, but earth itself. And Stephen Strange became something much bigger than himself. No matter what he’d lost in that car accident, he learned there was still much more he could gain, regardless of what he’d lost. He didn’t need to fix his hands. They were still good.
Better than his brilliant mind, was his beautiful heart. 
His capacity for goodness, not greatness.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And yet, for all the good he’d achieved and learned, on the two year anniversary of Christine’s death, Stephen can’t help but get sucked into his past, and in a moment of weakness, allow his grief power over him once more. He can’t stop reliving the past. He loops it over and over again, trying to reverse fate, trying to find a way to spare Christine and find that “miracle” that must exist to spare her.
The Ancient One has sensed his presence and meddling with the Eye of Agamotto, and warns Stephen that the path he had set himself on would lead him only to more pain. When Stephen refuses to be reasoned with, the Ancient One brandishes him with a single blow before he escapes into the past. He thinks she missed. She didn’t.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
But *ahem* seriously, notice how Stephen was struck mid center his chest, directly over his heart. It was in that moment that Stephen Strange lost his “heart,” as the Ancient One had knocked it out of him, just as she had knocked him out of his own oversized head when they first met. Theory: she cast a spell to separate Stephen’s heart from his mind, the two halves that make one complete man.  
Because even if Stephen Strange’s mind was still set on Christine Palmer, his heart had been changed, and there was still hope for it. And Stephen Strange’s heart had enough with “living in the past for one day,” and chose instead to share drinks with Wong.
Meanwhile, Stephen’s “mind” searched the Library of Cagliostro for a way to reverse an absolute point and save Christine. Eventually, he found the answer he was looking for. He needed more power, that could be obtained by otherworldly creatures. Now, harm is not in Stephen’s nature. On his first attempt, he actually tries asking “nicely,” and ends up getting ass kicked.
O’Bengh, the librarian of the books of Cagliostro, patches up his body and tries to warn Stephen. He may have lost his heart, but if he he keeps going at this rate, he was well on his way to losing his mind.
Tumblr media
But Stephen didn’t heed those words of warning. He distorted his body, darkened himself with every sacrifice he made for Christine’s sake. So caught up in the memory of Christine’s greatness, Stephen had forgotten he’d once had one of his own. Christine was all he saw. 
So obsessed with her, he lost himself.
When Strange returns to O’Bengh’s side, the librarian has aged and is dying. He reveals the passage of centuries Stephen has spent devoted to this madness. As someone Stephen thinks of as a friend passes away, Stephen can’t think to cherish these last moments or listen carefully to his final words. All he can think is to use his magic to spare O’Bengh, which O’Bengh refuses, trying one last time to reach through to Stephen before giving up and leaving hope to the “heart” to be strong enough to withstand and stop him.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
*Wink, wink, wink.* Do you see it now?
Now, onto the confrontation between heart and mind. Stephen’s mind can’t achieve anything if his heart isn’t in it, and I love the symbolism of that. He must get it on board first, unite on both fronts.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Stephen’s heart can recognize that this isn’t love, but the work of his broken mind lost in a delusion. And Stephen’s so far gone down the rabbit hole, he won’t even listen to his heart. Instead he ignores it, even burns the cloak of levitation... the very symbol of his finding something new that could uplift him after spending so long down on his knees in the past... and he burnt it to ash. When his heart won’t be persuaded, he resorts to trickery, attempting to con his heart with the same delusion that haunts his mind. It’s the same Christine that Stephen first was hung up imagining when he picked up the eye of the Agamotto and got himself into this mess, his trump card.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
But again, the heart cannot be deceived. It knows Christine is dead, and it realizes the fantasy his mind is pursuing is not the same as the Christine they once knew and loved. More importantly, his heart remembers that there are other people who need him now, people that are not beyond saving. And the mind is done playing.
If his heart won’t come willing, then he’ll just have to beat it into submission until it can’t make a single sound of protest, and then swallow it whole. Stephen makes the ultimate sacrifice the Ancient One had tried so hard to prevent, and abandons that heart she saw so much potential in and inspired her to teach him.
This episode AMAZINGLY tackles the narcissism and arrogance that hides in specific shades of grief and depression. In believing our problems are greater than anyone else’s, that no one else could understand as Stephen insisted “they didn’t know her!” The selfishness that comes with refusing to see the world or those around you that still need you and choosing instead to chase the memory of the ones you’ve already lost, who are beyond saving. If we choose those delusions over our reality, in the end, we will lose everything, and the ones who will pay the price for your arrogance won’t be you, but the ones you loved. Even the memory of the one you loved, that you twisted to fit your mold. There’s a selfishness in seeing only the bad of what was rather than the good of what could come.
Tumblr media
Unless you want to end up alone inside a cold and empty shell, maybe it’s time to listen to your heart, and move on.
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deceitfuldevil · 9 months ago
Arrogant Part 1
Part 2
Pietro Maximoff X Reader
Summary: You saved Pietro’s life during the battle of Sokovia and he’s nothing but arrogant about it, causing you to hold an unhealthy amount of resentment towards him. But what happens when you two are sent away on a month long mission and the hotel only has one bed? A classic enemies to lovers “there’s only one one bed?!” trope, really.
Warnings: so much swearing, angsty as fuck, near-death experiences, etc.
Word Count: 3.5K
Tumblr media
You had been a part of the Avengers for a little over a year now, you had joined shortly before the battle Sokovia. Steve insisted that you were a crucial part to the team with your healing abilities and whatnot, Tony agurged that with no other powers or special training you were more of a risk than an asset, but after Natasha offered to take you on as her apprentice there was no question left on whether or not you were to join.
In the end you became very vital, saving one of the newest team members' lives; Pietro Maximoff. You had patiently awaited a call for help over comms, and right at the end of the fight in Sokovia Clint shouted over his radio at you “Hey L/N! How powerful are those healing abilities of yours?” You furrowed your eyebrows as you walked towards the exit of the helicarrier, having a feeling you were needed. “Pretty strong. . . why do you ask?” you said, pressing a button to call Rhodey over to fly you to the ground. “That new Maximoff kid just shielded me from a machine gun. He’s littered with bullets, but he’s still breathing.” You sighed, “I’m on my way.” Rhodey flew you down to the floating city, and thankfully you were able to save the silver-haired man from the brink of death. You passed out soon after reviving him though, and slept for about three days after that too.
As soon as you woke up an unfamiliar woman hugged you tightly, whispering thank you about a million times. “You’re welcome?” you said with a questioning tone. She pulled away and smiled awkwardly. “Sorry, sorry, I’m Wanda Maximoff. The man that you saved a few days ago. . . he is my brother. I don’t know what I’d do without him, thank you so much,” she said with a grateful tone. “It’s nothing, really. I’m glad to hear my powers came to good use,” you said with a faint smile, still very tired.
A few hours later you got to meet the man you saved, and oh my god was he handsom-
“Look! It's the suka who just had to be the hero and ‘save’ me,” he said, gesturing to you as you walked in the room, using air quotes when he said “saved”.
Oh my god he was fucking arrogant.
“Y/n why don’t you come with me?” Wanda said, quickly walking towards you as she held out her hand. But you disregarded her and snapped back at him raising your voice “Excuse me?!” “You’re excused. You should know I can do more than just run fast, I would’ve healed from those wounds in no time.” Pietro spoke with this annoyingly high sense of confidence that made your blood boil. “Asshole! When I saved you I could feel that you were minutes away from death! I overworked myself trying to save your arrogant ass!” you shouted back at him, ready to storm towards him but Wanda held you back. “Sure you did dragâ. Next time don’t bother yeah? I can handle it.” You scoffed at this as Wanda started to pull you out of the room. “No need to worry about that, motherfucker, I’m never doing shit for you ever again!” you shouted; it was safe to say you resorted to, vulgar, language when you got mad.
Sometimes you wished you never saved him
Wanda had brought you back to her room, and you let out a bitter laugh. “So I guess only one Maximoff is grateful for my powers huh?” She only shook her head “I’m sorry, he can be quite. . . conceded.” You raised an eyebrow at her almost mockingly. “Really? I couldn’t tell,” you said, your tone dripping with sarcasm.
“My brother thinks he is above it all, even death. When we lived together at the HYDRA base, one guard shot him in the foot because he wouldn’t stop running literal circles around him, but it felt like the guard had simply stepped on his toes. The wound healed in two hours, and after some more testing HYDRA figured with his improved homeostasis and increased metabolism that his immune system was quicker than average as well, allowing him to not only not feel the shock of painful altercations but to heal quickly from them.” Wanda explained, sitting down on the edge of her bed.
“So I really did use my powers on him for nothing?” You asked, sitting down next to her.
“No, he really was minutes away from death. . . I could feel it,” Wanda admitted quietly. “He may be acting like an asshole for now, but I’m sure he’ll warm up to you eventually,” she reassured you, rubbing your back.
But sadly Wanda ended up being the only Maximoff that ever warmed up to you. The two of you actually ended up becoming very close friends. Her brother was a completely different story; you two were constantly at each other’s necks and quite frankly it annoyed the hell out of the rest of the team. One time you both put an early end to movie night in the compound because Pietro claimed that you were sitting too close to him and that he could “feel your bitchy-ness radiating onto him” and he didn’t like it. There was probably 6 or 7 feet in between the two of you but that didn’t stop him from starting a petty argument with you.
It was mid-June, and a few months after the one year anniversary of the battle of Sokovia.
Steve and Tony had recently discovered that there was one HYDRA base still standing, but it was disguised  as an art museum. Hundreds of very real and priceless artifacts littered the walls of the last standing fort. Bruce pointed out it wouldn’t be a good idea to send the whole team in, or any of the longer standing members for that fact. This mission called for someone who was less recognizable in the public's eye, but also someone who was familiar with HYDRA. After a few days of Tony trying to convince Steve who he thought was best for this long mission, he gave in and called a team meeting.
“We have a complicated mission ahead of us, but only two of us will actually be on the playing field.” Steve said turning to the projector as a picture of the HYDRA base turned art museum was displayed. “The mission will be 4 weeks long, you'll need to go undercover as art connoisseurs and pretend you're interested in buying one of the ‘museums’ pieces, and infiltrate their base when you go to pick up your piece. Then is when the rest of the team will join you,” he explained, looking over to Tony to break the news to the team about who was going. “For this mission we needed someone who isn’t as well known as Cap and I, and someone who’s dealt with HYDRA before. . . Y/n and Pietro, that would be you two.” Tony said, averting your shocked gaze as he flipped to the next slide and tried to brush over what he just said.
“Oh no way in hell that’s happening. We’ll kill each other before we even reach the base,” you said, crossing your arms over your chest dramatically.
“We thought you might say that, but Tony and I thought long and hard a-”
“That’s what she said.” Pietro said with a snicker, making you roll your eyes. “See?! You can’t possibly expect me to carry out a month long mission with this immature asshat!” You exclaimed, pointing to the careless man across from you.
“As I was saying, we thought about the decision to send the two of you out on a mission together for a long time. We figured not only would this give you both an opportunity to go on an undercover mission, but also to make amends with each other,” Steve said firmly, but his tone meant nothing to you; you were still pissed about this whole decision.
“I have no amends to make with her.” Pietro said bitterly, staring you down as he said it.
“The rest of the team would beg to differ, Speedy.” Tony said, making you look around the room as everyone nodded awkwardly in agreement.
“Your bickering and petty fights not only annoy the team, but it’s hindered us on past missions.” Steve pointed out, making you go quiet. You sat back and listened to the rest of the mission being explained as steam practically came out your ears.
The plan was that you two would lead HYDRA on for about 4 weeks, and when they let you in to purchase one of their pieces the rest of the team would come in and attack. Of course the mission was bumpy at first, you and Pietro arguing over who was going to drive to the hotel. After you pointed out that he drives like he runs and you both would surely get a ticket and blow your covers before you even got to the hotel, he threw the keys at you begrudgingly.
When you pulled into the parking lot you began to feel like this whole mission was just one sick prank on you and Pietro, or like you had died on your last mission and were now living in your own personal hell. The hotel, if you dared to call it that, looked older than Cap and only had one other car in the parking lot; which you could only assume belonged to the owner of this sad place.
After checking in and getting to your room you saw two twin beds with sheets that reminded you of your grandma, a mysterious stain on the carpet you didn’t dare to question, and a half-filled trash can that only made you wonder when this room was last cleaned.
“This has to be some kind of cruel joke.” Pietro said, setting his bag down on one of the beds.
“For once Speedy, you read my mind,” you said with a defeated sigh. You set your things down beside the other bed and went to the bathroom to unpack your toiletries. Opening the door to the bathroom, a large rat ran out, causing you to scream and run to your bed, jumping on top of it. Pietro merely looked at you and started laughing hysterically.
“Can you stop being a dickwad for 5 seconds and get that thing out of here?!” You shouted at him, pointing to the rat that was scurrying by the door.
“Don’t tell me you’re afraid of this,” he said, picking the rat up by its tail as he started to walk towards you.
“Come any closer and I’ll kick you in the throat, don’t forget Natasha’s been training me for a year no,.” you said, getting into a fighting stance as he walked closer to you.
“And who’s to say I can’t take it?” He taunted, raising the rodent higher as he was getting ready to throw it at you.
“If you both don’t grow the hell up right now I might as well just call off this whole mission.” Tony’s voice boomed over your VR calling device, causing you both to look over at his frustrated face on the 3-D screen that floated above your device. Pietro quickly backed away and let the rat outside, and you got down from the bed and stood in front of Tony’s hologramed self.
“How did you even call?” You asked as Pietro stood next to you.
“F.R.I.D.A.Y alerted me that you two had arrived, and I wanted to check in so I patched myself through. If I had made that decision maybe two minutes later you’d be in Y/n’s rat soup buddy.” He said glaring at Pietro, who mumbled out a quick apology to his superior.
“You both will leave for the museum tomorrow at noon, and will remain there for about two hours as you ‘tour’ around. You’ll actually be surveying the grounds and keeping an eye out for hidden cameras and possible secret doorways. Blocked off exhibits would also be a good thing to note. You’ll visit every other day for a week, and should be invited to one of their after-hours showings. They will think you’re interested in the art if you keep coming back. Capeesh?” Tony spoke quickly, clearly wanting this conversation to be over.
After agreeing to the plans you all exchanged goodbyes and went to bed. The rest of the week went by painfully slow; every time you’d come back to the shitty hotel room Pietro would try to prove he spotted more hidden cameras than you or looked more convincing undercover than you did. Not only were the petty arguments tiring but the nights sleeping on the old twin bed that felt like it had more springs than mattress made the week overly-strenuous. But it was finally Friday, and at the end of your time at the HYDRA-base-turned-art-museum, an employee approached you with a pamphlett in hand. “I’ve noticed you have an eye for some of our finest pieces, miss. I’d like to invite you to a private showing we’re having tomorrow night of our most priceless works. Your boyfriend is invited as well.” He spoke so plainly you were almost convinced he was a robot. Hell, Vision’s voice had more personality than his.
“Oh he's not my-” you started, correcting the man in front of you, but you stopped yourself. “Thank you, we look forward to the event,” you said with a tight-lipped smile, walking off as you went to find Pietro and get the hell out of there.
When you got back to your room Pietro couldn’t believe that you were the one that got the invitation to the after-hours event.
“I stared at meaningless paintings for days on end just for you to get the invitation?!” He rambled as he dug through his luggage for something to wear tomorrow.
“If it makes you feel any better the man that handed me the invitation invited you as well,” you said sheepishly, feeling kind of bad for the man that constantly annoyed you to no end.
“He knew my name?” Pietro asked, turning around to face you.
“Well no, he invited my. . . boyfriend,” you said staring down at your feet, feeling an immense wave of awkwardness overcome you.
“Oh fuck,” he said with a frusted sigh. “You know what this means right? They think we’re together, and if we don’t act that way tomorrow night they might get suspicious.”
“In your dreams loverboy, you probably just want an excuse to feel me up.”
“As true as that might be the roadrunner is right L/N. If HYDRA thinks you’re a couple, then you have to act like a couple.” Tony’s voice boomed over your VR system once again.
“God can you please stop doing that?!” You shouted at Tony as he just shrugged. “Not my fault you kids don't call to give me regular updates like you should,” he said simply. You and Pietro gave him a brief rundown of the past few days and set up plans for tomorrow night. You were to be “enamoured” with each other as Tony called it, and to express interest in a specific piece that was supposed to be displayed that night. Wrapping the meeting up you hopped in the shower as Pietro went to bed, telling you not to wake him in the morning.
Jumping out of the shower you exited the bathroom and saw Pietro sleeping soundly in his bed; he looked so peaceful when he was asleep. When he was awake he always looked so angry and frustrated with everything, but when he was asleep he looked calm and beautiful.
You quickly shook your thoughts away as you got into bed, turned your light off and drifted off to sleep. Having sweet dreams of the man in the bed five feet away from you.
You both got to sleep-in the next day, which was nice and made you both a lot less bitter towards one another. But the evening came by fast and you had to get ready for the event, which the invitation listed as a “black-tie event”. Pietro sat in bed scrolling on his phone as you went to get ready, claiming he’d be ready in 5 minutes or less when the time came to go. You let out a defeated sigh as you went to go and get yourself ready. About two hours later, ready you were. You wore a sleek black dress that went down to your feet but had a beautiful slit up the side of your leg, and a loose plunging neckline. Your hair fell neatly just beyond your shoulders; you felt no need to put it up for this event.
“My god it took you long enough! You must’ve been in there for-” Pietro started, getting up from his bed. But he stopped and froze at the sight of you. “Draga mea. . .” he said quietly under his breath, using his speed to run over to you as he continued to gawk at you. Pietro reached his hands down to snake them around your waist but you slapped his hands away as you backed away from him. “We are not boyfriend and girlfriend until we walk through the doors of that museum, got it asshat?” You asked with an impatient tone, seeing that he was still not ready. “I guess I better hurry up then,” he said with a wink, running off as he used his powers to get ready in about 2 minutes.
Stopping in front of you he held out his hand. “Ready to go printcessa?” He said with a smirk. “You’re ridiculous,” you replied with a laugh, placing your hand in his. It was a new feeling, one that made the very pit of your stomach tingle. But you just chalked that up to nerves, this was a big mission after all.
You walked into the museum hand-in-hand as you presented your invitation to what you could only assume was the ticket collector. He opened the red velvet rope for the two of you as you walked into the museum, which had been completely reimagined since yesterday for tonight's event.
The showing went as normal. There were a lot of beautiful pieces out on display that night, however, not the one that Tony had mentioned to keep an eye out for. You and Pietro toured around the museum for three hours to no avail. The only times you got a satisfied feeling that night was when Pietro would tighten his grip on your waist when you conversed with someone else, or when he’d whisper a quick tip or a small heads up in your ear; sending chills down your spine every time.
On your way out, you tapped an employee on the shoulder to ask him a question. “Hi, I was looking for a certain piece tonight but just couldn’t seem to spot it. Could you tell me if this piece was here tonight?” You pulled out your phone to flash a picture of the art you were on the lookout for.
“Ahh the dușmani care s-au îndrăgostit, one of Oleg’s lesser known works. I’m sorry but it wasn’t here tonight, however I do believe it will make an appearance during Tuesday's auction though. Would you like an invitation?” He asked, reaching behind his desk and pulling out two tickets. You quickly said yes, taking the tickets and bidding your goodbyes. Getting in the car together you and Pietro high-fived each other in excitement over your achievement.
“Bad news kids,” Tony spoke, coming over the radio system of your car, making you jump. “You do that one more time and this mission will turn into a rescue mission for you, Stark.” You said bitterly, catching your breath.
“Do you want the bad news or not?” he inquired.
“What is it?” Pietro asked, loosening his tie.
“That hotel you were staying in had a rat infestation, and got shut down. All of your things have already been moved to your new lodging location, and the address is already in your GPS. Just know I’m sorry in advance and it’s all that was available nearby.” Tony explained, rushing the end of his sentence
“What are you talking about?” You asked, starting the car. “Buh-bye now!” Tony said, ending the call with no explanation.
“It can’t be worse than the rat hotel right?” You asked nervously as you drove out of the parking lot.
And then you walked in.
“Oh hell no” you said stepping in the door to the hotel room, and seeing only one bed.
So here's my first two-part story, what did you all think of the first part? Initially I was going to release this all in one part but after my last imagine did so well, it blew up really, I wanted to try out a two-part imagine and see how it goes over on my page. Obviously, feedback and more requests are encouraged!!
Much Love,
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falcqns · 9 months ago
Hii i have this request in mind like Chris Evans x Actress! Singer! Reader like the reader and chris dated for 3y idk but they broke up but the reader always visit chris’ family bc she treated them like family aswell specialy when the reader’s parents died so she spend Christmas there or any occasions bc chris’ family invite her and when chris got a new gf the reader is kinda hurt bc she still love chris but she try to look like she doesn’t care but then she released her new song its called deja vu (by olivia rodrigo) and she release it to her bday so when the song is released the fans knew its abt chris bc of the new gf (chris’ fam doesn’t like the new gf and the fans kinda didn’t support them bc of the girl’s attitude) and chris’ family invites her over bc they want to show the reader something and when the reader got there they surprise her for her bday and congratulate her and turns out chris is there too with his new gf🤨and the reader knew chris’ new gf hated her bc of her look and scott called you all to the living room and watch the mv of the reader’s new song and when the mv ends scott and the fam congratuleted the reader and chris’ gf is giving the reader looks again and chris is noticing it and when the reader is in the kitchen alone getting something chris talk to her and congratulate her and chris’ new gf wrapped her arms around chris and chris tried to stop her to make a scene but she started a scene and scream at the reader but the reader cut her off and embarrassing her and the reader prove the new gf shes first not her (idk if that make sense lol) and the new gf leave(idk you can make her a random name so its not only “new gf”) and the reader and chris talk and they got back together, you can do wha you want at the end this is just so random bc i was listening to deja vu and advance thank you if you do my request! Stay safe! ❤️ and im so sorry if this is so long
Deja Vu
pairing: Chris Evans x singer!reader
warnings: parents death, major angst, fluff. 
a/n: thank you for the request! Hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
You had known Chris since college, when you had met him in your communications class. You two had grown close quickly, and became best friends. 
He brought you home every Christmas Eve, before you would go home to your parents house on Christmas Day. You had always felt like a part of the family, so when your parents passed a way, you turned to him. 
You and your parents were driving home from a Christmas Day church service, when you were hit by a semi truck. It had completely totalled the car, and your parents had died on impact. You had been sitting in the back, and only had a broken leg from where your moms seat had been pushed back into it roughly. 
You had been pulled from the car and sat in a second ambulance, while your parents were transported in another. You knew you'd never forget watching that ambulance door close and drive away, knowing that was the last time you'd ever see them. 
When the police officers asked if there was anyone you could call, you didn't know what to do. Your parents were both only children, so you had no aunts, uncles or cousins. You were an only child too, so you had no siblings, and your grandparents had passed when you were little, your other ones passing before you were born. 
So when the officer asked you, you told him the Evans’ phone number. Lisa picked up on the second ring, and you tearfully explained what had happened as the shock wore off. She immediately said she’d meet you at the hospital, and not to worry, that she and Bob would take care of you. 
You were taken to the hospital and treated for your broken leg. Less than an hour after you arrived, Lisa arrived at the hospital with Chris in tow. They comforted you, and took you home with them. You stayed in Chris’s room for the first few days, and when you were given your own room, you still had a hard time sleeping alone, so Chris ended up in your bed with you most nights, not that he minded. 
You never went back to college, and instead turned to singing as a release from all the pain you were feeling. You started out posting covers on YouTube, and gradually progressed to getting a record deal with Interscope Records, which didn't surprise anyone who knew you. You had immense talent, and your parents used to tell you that they were counting down the days before you were a celebrity. 
Tumblr media
When Chris graduated college and told you he was moving to Los Angeles, he convinced you to come with him. Prices were high in LA, and he didn't want to be separated from you for too long, so you joined him. He got to be an actor, and you got to be a singer, which is what you both had wanted since you were younger. 
You went to every one of Chris’s movie premieres, and he attended as many of your live shows as he could. You supported him through all his relationships and his breakups, and played the middle man whenever he and Jenny would fight, up until the very end. You told yourself you did that because you just wanted what's best for him, but you both kind of knew that wasn't the reason at all. 
Throughout your time living together, you friendship grew, as did your feelings for each other. You'd be lying if you didn't have a small crush on him in college, and those feelings only grew as time went on, especially since the two of you decided to only get a one bedroom apartment. Mainly because it was cheap, but also because Chris made a decision a week after your parents death to never allow you to sleep alone because of the nightmares that would occur if he wasn't there.
So, when you won your first award for your first album, named ‘hand in hand’, he kissed you the second you came off the stage with your award in hand. It blew your mind that he felt the same, but you were happy nonetheless. You two began dating that night, and everything was perfect. 
Until, you were invited by 5 Seconds of Summer to be their opening act on their newest tour. You had agreed, and Chris let you go. You two had been dating for over 3 years, and you thought your relationship would be fine. 
You quickly realized however that that wasn't the case, when the two of you started fighting less than two weeks into the tour. The fights weren't anything major, more petty things like ‘did you change the Netflix password’ or ‘why did you take this piece of clothing, that was mine and it was my favourite.’ All around stupid fights. 
You had turned to Calum, who you were closest with, and he consoled you as much as you could. You realized however, that you couldn't be with Chris anymore when he drunk called you in the middle of the night while you were in the UK and got angry with you when you answered and told him to call you back in the morning when he was sober, to which he proceeded to brag that he slept with his co star at the time, Jessica Alba, you freaked out and ended things. 
You got a message from Jessica on instagram the next day letting you know that they did not sleep together, and that she was sorry he even said it. You assured her it was fine, and felt relief.
Relief because you got to the bottom of the situation, but also relief from your relationship. You didn't know what happened in those few weeks, but you knew the relationship was turning toxic, and you wanted to stop it before that happened. Neither you or Chris needed that. You told him you’d find a new place to live, and by the time tour ended, you bought yourself a house in Beverly Hills, and moved out of the apartment.
Chris moved out not long after, and bought his own house. He had tried to stay friends with you, but you didn't want that at that point in time. You were still hurting, and needed time to heal. 
Once you felt ready to date again, you were asked to be Calum’s date to the Peoples Choice Awards, you accepted. You knew Chris would be there, and you were hoping to talk to him, and maybe work it out. He had told you during the break up that he would always wait for you to come back, and that he still loved you, and always would. 
But you knew that wasn't the case when he showed up on the red carpet, with a new actress named Myra Woodfield. You had smiled at him, while trying not to break down inside, but he gave you a dirty look and rolled his eyes at you when Calum wrapped his arm around your waist for a picture. You furrowed your eye brows and took a good look at Myra. 
She looked almost exactly like you. Same build, same hair colour, same eye colour. The only difference is that she was slightly taller than you. You didn't know why he was replacing you, but it hurt. You pushed it out of your head however, and enjoyed the night with your best friend. 
Tumblr media
It was a few months later when you were awoken by the constant dinging of your phone. You unlocked it, and saw you had a lot of unread messages from Luke, Ashton, Michael, Calum, and your other best friend Ashe about Chris’s new movie trailer, you sighed. 
You watched the trailer, and sighed when it looked like a recreation of a bunch of moments in your relationship with him, only Myra was in your place. 
Your fans and some of Chris’s had commented on it, and Myra immediately became aggressive with them, and insulted them. She told them that you were a nobody who could make Chris happy, which she was glad about because she made him happy how. 
Within minutes of this happening the hashtag #cancelmyrawoodfield was trending on twitter. You shamelessly went through the tweets and like and retweeted a couple. Then an idea popped in your head.
With a quick google search, you had a plan. 
You had written a new song called Deja Vu after the peoples choice awards, and it was had been recorded a few weeks ago, and you just had to decide on a date to release it, and make a decision on the music video. Her birthday was in about 3 months, which gave you enough time to get everything in place to drop on her birthday. 
Was it evil? Yes. Did you care? Not really. Besides, you inherited your pettiness from your mother and you knew she’d be proud of you. You called your manager and label, and got it planned out. 
Tumblr media
When the new music video had been announced, Lisa called you and invited you home to watch it premiere with the family. You accepted, knowing Chris and Myra would be there, and that her birthday would get overshadowed by the release of your music video.
So, three weeks later, you were sitting with Lisa, Bob, Carly, Shanna, Scott, Chris and Myra in Lisa’s living room, waiting for the video to premiere.
Scott had picked you up at the airport earlier in the morning along with Carly and Shanna, and the four of you had a laugh about the face that no one acknowledged Myra’s birthday, not even Chris. It was mean, but no one liked her. 
Lisa absolutely hated her, but didn't want to upset Chris, so you got a call shortly after the PCA’s from her and the two of you ranted about her for a good two hours. 
You watched as the timer counted down from 10, and then the screen turned black. You took a deep breath and watched Chris out of the corner of your eye. 
You had searched for a while for a guy who looked similar to Chris, and you stumbled on Andrew Siwicki. He didn't look exactly like Chris, but it was close enough that everyone would know who the song was about if they didn't already. Andrew was a fan of Chris and hated Myra too, so he was more than glad to help you out. 
The music began to play, and you watched as the black screen faded in on two people walking along the beach, holding hands. 
“Car rides to Malibu Strawberry ice cream One spoon for two And trading jackets Laughing 'bout how small it looks on you,”
The next scene was a recreation of yours and Chris’s first date where you two had a picnic on the beach, and ended up splashing each other with the ocean water. Towards the end, everyone watched as Andrew picked you up and threw you into the water the same way Chris always did. 
You glanced at him, and could have burst into laughter at how uncomfortable Chris looked, but more importantly how angry Myra looked. 
“Watching reruns of Glee Being annoying Singing in harmony I bet she's bragging To all her friends, saying you're so unique, hmm,”
The next scene was you and Andrew (who was dressed as Ransom) on what appeared to be a recreation of the Knives Out set, running around with a dog that looked like Dodger chasing after you, the two of you laughing. The next shot was the two of you kissing behind a trailer, seemingly hiding from production. 
“So when you gonna tell her That we did that too? She thinks it's special But it's all reused That was our place, I found it first I made the jokes you tell to her when she's with you,”
The next scene was the two of you driving through Southern California, in a car that was almost identical to Chris’s. You two were laughing and singing along to the song, your hair whipping around you.
You took a deep breath, knowing this next scene would piss him right off.
“Do you get déjà vu when she's with you? Do you get déjà vu? (Ah), hmm Do you get déjà vu, huh?”
This scene was you, along with the rest of Chris’s family sitting around a living room that looked like the one you were in now, a Christmas tree full of presents in the corner. The camera panned across everyone as everyone was talking and settled on you and Andrew and the two of you recreated the scene where Chris whispered in your ear how much he loved you, and couldn't wait to start a family with you. 
“Do you call her Almost say my name? 'Cause let's be honest We kinda do sound the same,”
The screen showed you and Andrew saying goodbye at the airport, with 5 Seconds of Summer standing behind you. They weren't actually there when you left for tour, but Luke suggested it to piss Chris off, and you had agreed. 
Then there was a small montage of clips from tour, including a shot of Michael elbow dropping Ashton into a pool, which made everyone laugh, except Chris and Myra. The montage was followed up by you sitting on the floor of a dressing room and crying as you sent a text that said “I’m done.”
“Another actress I hate to think that I was just your type,”
Now you were on the red carpet, with Calum right beside you. You both were wearing the same clothes you wore on that night, you hair and makeup recreated perfectly. The camera unfocused on you as you turned and looked at Andrew and an actress named Alexa Morrison, who looked a lot like Myra, and they were recreating Chris and Myra’s actions perfectly. The camera swivelled around and came to rest pointing towards your face, as you looked in shock, and a single tear fell down your face. 
“I'll bet that she knows Billy Joel 'Cause you played her Uptown Girl You're singing it together,”
You were shown watching a movie trailer with Ashe sitting next to you, while you sobbed at what Alexa and Andrew were doing. You looked at the camera and began singing the song, while Ashe and everything else around you was frozen.
“Now I bet you even tell her How you love her In between the chorus and the verse (ooh) (I love you),”
You were sat on the bed in Chris’s red flannel that you had stolen before leaving for tour, and you were writing in the notebook aggressively with tears rolling down your face and singing.
“So when you gonna tell her That we did that too? She thinks it's special But it's all reused That was the show we talked about Played you the song she's singing now when she's with you,”
You were now being shown sitting on the couch, and watching Andrew run across the TV screen dressed as Captain America, an ice cream tub in your hand. You were wearing sweats and a t shirt, your hair in a messy bun.
“Do you get déjà vu when she's with you? Do you get déjà vu? Oh Do you get déjà vu?”
The camera circled around you before transitioning to the next scene. 
“Strawberry ice cream in Malibu Don't act like we didn't do that shit too You're trading jackets like we used to do (Yeah, everything is all reused),”
You were shown laying down in bed, and your eyes closing before an image of you and Andrew danced, dressed as Steve and Peggy in endgame, a scene Chris always told you the two of you would recreate one day. You had called Hayley and asked if it was okay, and she immediately said yes, and even came and watched you do the scene.
“Play her piano, but she doesn't know (oh, oh) That I was the one who taught you Billy Joel (oh) A different girl now, but there's nothing new (I know you get déjà vu),”
When your eyes opened, you were sitting at your piano, and playing while singing along. 
“I know you get déjà vu I know you get déjà vu,”
Suddenly, the piano disappeared, and you were left standing in an empty living room as the screen faded to black. 
The entire room burst into cheers as the video ended, except for Myra, who looked like she was going to murder you, and Chris who just clapped with a tight lipped smile. 
Tumblr media
Later that night after all the kids had gone to bed and Lisa was driving Bob home,  Scott had pulled you into the kitchen under the pretences of ‘helping him fix a drink’, which ended up just being the two of you gossiping about Chris and Myra, and the music video.
Suddenly, Chris walked in, and nodded for Scott to leave. You cleared your throat and ignored him.
“That was a good song, and an amazing music video.” He said. “I can see you're just getting more and more talented as time-” He began, as you rolled your eyes, and looked at him. 
“What do you want?” You asked bluntly. 
“I just wanted to congratulate you.” He said, and you were about to open your mouth, when Myra came slinking in the room with an evil look on her face. 
“Nice job, Y/N. I’m glad I could inspire your music video.” She said sarcastically, and you could tell Chris was about to defend you, but you opened your mouth first. 
“Well, I’m glad I had such a snake like bitch to draw inspiration from,” You said, and heard Scott, his siblings burst into laughter in the living room. Myra’s jaw dropped and she turned to look at him. You looked up at Chris, who was leaning up against the counter, and biting back a smile.
“You’re just going to let her talk to me like that?” She asked, and Chris sighed.
“Myra, don't start. Not now.” He said, she scoffed. 
“I knew you still loved her. Only a pathetic loser could love someone as ugly and untalented as her.” She spat, and Chris growled. You felt tears welling up in your eyes, and you ran out of the room, your drink abandoned on the counter. 
You ran into your bedroom, where you shut the door, and fell onto the bed in tears. 
Tumblr media
Back in the kitchen, Chris had gotten in Myra’s face, and was yelling.
“You need to leave. If you don't we’re going to call the cops.” He stated, and Myra rolled her eyes before storming out of the house. 
Scott turned back to Chris, and was shocked when he saw him in tears. 
“You need to work shit out with Y/N. It’s clear the two of you are still in love, and you need to figure it out as adults,” Scott said, his sisters nodding. Chris took a deep breath, and looked at your closed bedroom door.
Tumblr media
Chris walked up to your bedroom door, and took a deep breath before entering the room where he used to sleep in every night.
He opened the door, and saw you curled up in a ball on the bed, your body still shaking. He smiled sadly, and walked into the room, closing the door behind him. He sat on the bed behind you, and rubbed your back gently. 
“I’m sorry. Not just for what Myra said, but for everything. For breaking your heart, and for causing you so much pain. I didn't realize how much I was missing you too until we watched that music video and I saw how truly broken you were. I never noticed that before now. And I’m sorry I didn't. If I’d have, I could have fixed this sooner, and we could be together right now.” He said.
You furrowed your brows at his last sentence and sat up.
“W-What?” You asked, and Chris moved closer. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into a hug. 
“I still love you. So so much.” He smiled, and a tear rolled down his face. “You're my entire world, and not having you here is slowly breaking me apart. I didn't know just how much until today, but I can't live another day without you.” He said. “I’m so sorry I hurt you baby.” He sobbed, and his head buried itself into your hair. Your body shook with sobs too, and you turned around to face him.
“I love you too.” You sobbed out. “I never should have ended things, but-” You said, but were cut off by Chris’s lips on yours, and you felt yourself melting into it.
He pulled away a few seconds later. “Don't. It was my fault, not yours. I am so sorry, and I am going to spend the rest of my life making up for it, I promise.” He said, as he stood the two of you up and led you out of the room, and to his.
“Where are we going?” You asked, and Chris pressed a kiss to your cheek.
“I have to grab something.” He said. He opened his closet, and grabbed something out of the top corner before turning to you. 
“I said I planned on spending the rest of my life making it up to you, and I plan on keeping that promise.” He said, as he got down on one knee. You gasped, as he opened the box and your dream engagement ring was inside. “I want you for the rest of my life, and the next. Will you marry me?” he asked, tears pouring down his face, just like yours.
You nodded enthusiastically, and Chris stood up. He placed the ring on your ring finger and scooped you up. “I love you,” You choked out, and Chris sobbed harder into you. 
“I love you too, and I’m never letting you go.”
Tumblr media
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xoxo-teddybear · 12 months ago
Hey idk if I’ve asked for this before but can you do nsfw Bakugo x fem reader fic, where you do work studies with him. He’s obviously going to be a little older 3-6 years, and you two have know each other since you were kids and he’s always just been a little nicer to you and cared about you more than others, and when you are working with him you get hurt and he flips out. You’re really confused and your like “wtf why do you care this isn’t affecting your job” and he gets mad your not getting the hint that he cares about you in a “not friendly” way, he ends up tch’ing and just says frick it and confesses that he has feelings for you and you’re just like cool I reciprocate and he’s like “with”... it just gets frisky from there... Idk if this is like a thing you might be interested in writing about, but like it just an idea😃... Anyways I love your work please keep it up🥺(sorry for any grammatical errors I’m writing this at 2:30am)
What Took So Long? - Bakugou Katsuki
Bakugo x f!reader
Warnings: NSFW, f!receiving, mutual pining, angst, injury, fluff, cursing, all the good stuff
Summary: you and Katsuki have been close friends for forever, how long is it gonna take to realize both your love is mutual?
Growing up, you and Katsuki got along really well. You knew him before he got his quirk so you got to see his non-egotistical self. You saw the him that was kind and caring and he always looked out for you, always took care of you, always was there for you. In your eyes, you thought he thought it was in a big brother kinda way. Oh how that changed once you both became teenagers.
You both made it into UA, of course at different times, but you still kept in touch. You guys hung out like, everyday! It was always wake up, FaceTime, go to school, text throughout the day, and meet and go to either your house or his. It was like there was nobody else in the world except you two.
Throughout the years, you developed a small crush on the blonde boy. What went from a small crush turned into love. To you, it was unreciprocated love. He was 3 years older than you! He had to have seen you as a little sister. It only made sense! When you came to that terribly incorrect realization, you pushed back your feelings. What you had with Katsuki was special! You’re friendship meant the world to you. It didn’t matter if you wanted more, what you had was already perfect, there was no way it could’ve gotten better than this.
This. These moments. These memories being made with Katsuki kept you sane. As you both cuddled up and watched a trashy reality tv show in your room on your computer, you both threw popcorn at the screen at the cringe scenes.
“BoooooOOOOO!!” You both said as you threw a handful of the buttery snack. You both laughed at the moment as you settled down again. With you both laying on each other, your head on his, while his own rested on your shoulder, you were sure both of you would get neck pains the next day.
“So,” Katsuki started up a conversation, “how’s your third year at UA?”
“Ugh, don’t get me started. Classes got crazy hard outta nowhere. BUT, lucky for me, I have a UA graduate to help me out!” You said while nudging his arm.
“No way teddy bear, you’re finishing that on your own. As a graduate, that means I don’t gotta deal with that bullshit anymore.” He said as he popped some pieces of the snack into his mouth. With that, you pouted. Something he noticed and thought was insanely adorable. He poked your plump lips and told you, “hey, I’m helping you by letting you do your work study at my agency. You’re very welcome for that.”
“Helping? Suuukkiiii, you barely let me go out and fight. How am I supposed to get experience and actually do my work study if I don’t...you know..WORK?” You whined out. Katsuki had always been avoiding this topic. Yeah, he let you get your credits by going to his agency, but he never let you do any real hero work other than paperwork. Don’t get me wrong, you loved hanging out with him as much as you could, but it was beginning to get boring not doing anything at the agency.
“Y/N, no. You’re getting enough experience. Paper work is a big part in the life of a Pro,” he argued.
“Yeah, well saving people and actually getting out there in the field is a bigger part in the life of a pro.” You rebuttled as you flopped down next to him. You looked at him with puppy eyes and he knew what was coming.
“Pleaseee Suki!”
“Sukiiiiiii!!” You whined while tugging at his arm. He sighed before answering.
“One job, WITH ME, and that’s all you get.” He said while staring at you with a stern look. You smiled and jumped in the air.
So now here you are, on job number whatever. You weren’t sure how many you’ve actually been on because ever since your first job with Katsuki was a huge success, he let you join him more and more. You were almost like a partner to him now, fighting crime together. Except this time...things went a little south.
As the villain struck you down mid air with his quirk, you fell to the ground with a now burned arm. Katsuki saw red. No fucking way. No way in HELL is he going to let some shit faced freak bring harm to his teddy bear, his world, his best friend, and the love of his life. Yup. Katsuki Bakugou fell for his best friend. But could you blame him? You knew him better than anyone else, you guys got along so well, you were absolutely gorgeous and he was sure he’d give his life for you. 100%. So when this scum bag thought he could try and ruin you, he saw red. Blasting him a thousand times over and once he was sure he was out cold, battered, bloodied, and bruised he ran to check on you.
You were sitting on the ground holding your left arm where the burn mark was. Your costume was tattered and your head felt like it was gonna blow. Katsuki came along and didn’t really help with that all too much.
“YOU FUCKING DUMBASS!” He screamed. Oh, the throbbing your head had only increased with his booming voice.
“You see?! This is exactly why I hate bringing you along! You’re always gonna get hurt!” He said as he picked you up off the ground to help you stand.
“Of course I’m gonna get hurt Dynamight, my job as a hero includes a little beating every now and then for the sake and safety of others!” You replied, raising your voice as well.
“You’re NOT a hero Y/N!” He said as he reached out for your arm.
“Yet! Not yet at least! But I will be!” You replied while pulling away from him. His eyes were shaken and it was clear he was mad. You pushing his buttons didn’t help soothe his anger either.
“NO YOU WONT. Y/N ITS SO OBVIOUS YOU’D MAKE A SHIT HERO! YOU ALREADY GOT HURT ON SUCH A SIMPLE JOB, DO YOU HONESTLY THINK ANYBODY WOULD BE WILLING TO DEPEND ON YOU FOR THEIR SAFETY?!?!?” Bakugou heard the words he said and he thought he was doing the right thing. Granted, he knew the delivery was bad, but his message was in there. He didn’t want Y/N to be hurt. If she died on the battle field, Katsuki wouldn’t know what to do with himself. Y/N can’t be a hero, for her safety and his sanity. He loved her too much to have to watch her take beating after beating. However, Y/N took it in a completely different way.
“Are you trying to say I can’t be a good hero?!” You asked filled with anger and hurt.
“It’s H/N, Dynamight. That’s the name you’ll address me as for when we’re on the job. That’s the name you’ll have to get used to because I will be a hero!” You exclaimed.
“You can’t be a hero Y/N! You’re gonna get hurt! You always get hurt! You’d be more of a burden on a mission instead of an advantage! So just stop trying ‘Cuz you’re never gonna make it!” He screamed at you. Is this what he really thought of you. That you were weak and wouldn’t be able to do jack shit? As your eyes began to water, you walked away from him in silence.
“Y/N...where are you going?” He asked you as he followed.
“Recovery girl. She’ll heal me up and I’ll be perfectly fine.” You simply stated.
“At least let me help you,” Bakugou said as he tried to reach out to you, but you only stepped away from him again, which made his heart hurt a little.
“Don’t touch me, Bakugou. I’ll be fine on my own.” You said.
“Bakugou? Who the fuck are you talking to teddy bear?” He said as he got all up in your face. You only rolled your eyes and stepped to the side. You used your quirk to get into the air and travel faster. In the dust, you left behind a confused and hurt Katsuki.
“Uhh....Okay! See you later for movie night!” He yelled out as he watched you fly off. You’d still show up, right? Yeah, you’d show. You always spent everyday together after school and work so it only made sense...right?
Well he was wrong. Really wrong. It’s been a week since you last spoke to him, the longest it’s ever been, and he was starting to get into a depressing cycle. Wake up, call Y/N. No reply. Get ready, spam her. No reply. Go to work, text Y/N throughout the day. No reply. Get out of work, go home, shower, eat dinner, do whatever while stalking your social media, go to bed, spam a little more, call twice more, and still. No reply. He misses his teddy bear.
Y/N doesn’t even go to her work study anymore. She’s been doing everything she could to avoid Bakugou, and he’s noticed it all too well. He still gave her the credits, he wanted her to pass of course, but he was also tempted to stop doing that just so she could show up and see him. Thankfully he didn’t.
Now here lies Bakugou Katsuki, watching a movie by himself again, hoping his crush and best friend would show up. But again, like every other night for the past week, she hasn’t shown. The end credits roll in and Bakugou sighs as he looks down, thinking back to all he said.
Bakugou flopped down onto his bed.
“Great idea Katsuki, tell your dream girl she won’t ever reach her goals. That’ll win her heart,” he sarcastically said aloud as he cringed at his own thoughts. Bakugou just let a few tears fall, before rolling over and going to bed. He had patrol in the morning, maybe it’ll get his mind off of Y/N.
Orrrr maybe not. Because here he was, Pro-hero Dynamight, following around his 18 year old crush as she walked home after getting some coffee from their favorite cafe. Should he have been on patrol keeping the city safe? Yes. But was he going to take this chance to talk to Y/N to fix this shit? Yes.
Once Y/N made it to her doorstep she heard a voice behind her.
“Glad you made it home safe..Maybe we could pick up on that trashy reality show now that we’re both here,” Katsuki said while trying to joke around. Y/N only rolled her eyes at the hero and attempted to put her key into the lock. Katsuki was quick to react though. He snatched her keys out of her hand before speaking again.
“Y/N please! I can’t live like this! I can’t live without you in my life. You’ve been absent for a week and it’s been driving me insane!” He said while holding onto your wrist.
“Katsuki, give me back my keys.” You calmly said.
“Y/N, just hear me out.” He also calmly said.
“And listen to you say what Katsuki?! That I’ll never be a hero? That even if I was I’d be a terrible one? That I should just give up and stop trying?! Don’t worry, I already have. So now, let me go-“ Bakugou shut you up with a kiss. You were shocked and froze up. He kissed you with such passion and you melted into it, closing your eyes and letting him hold you as he pleased. He speperated from you before speaking again.
“You are not a terrible hero. Y/N you’re one of the strongest people I know. If anything, you’d be a better hero than me...but if you got hurt, I don’t know what I would do.” He said looking down. You turned your head in confusion at his small confession.
“When you got hurt that day, I was livid. I almost killed that guy, just for scorching your arm. There are so many worse things that could happen to you when you do become a pro and the fact that I freaked out so bad over a little burn is insane! I just want you to be safe. I can’t let you risk your life when I need you hear with me the most...... I can’t let the girl of my dreams get hurt.” He said while placing his forehead on yours.
“When I become a hero, I’d be taking on an oath to put others before my own. And that’s what I choose to do. I’m gonna get banged up from time to time and I understand you’re worried about me, but you have to trust me when I saw I’ll always come back to you. I love you Katsuki.” With that, Bakugou slowly moved in to give you another kiss. This time, you kissed him back, letting your hands travel to his soft, golden hair as he pressed you up against the door.
You heard him unlock your door during the kiss, and as he separated he spoke.
“Let me show you just how much I love you Y/N.” He pushed open the door and continued to make out with you. Kicking the door to close it, he pushed you up against the wall. There he picked you up, and groped your ass, earning a moan from you. With your mouth open, he slipped his tongue in, tasting all of you. He walked to your bedroom, kicking open the door this time, and shutting it the same way as before. He dropped you onto the bed as you both giggled in excitement. You noticed something though. He was still in hero gear.
“Shouldnt you be on patrol, Dynamight?” You asked as he came up to kiss your neck and you pulled him in closer.
“Dynamight has something better to do right now, Teddy Bear. And you know what?” He asked while putting his face right infront of yours.
“Tell me what, hero.”
“That’s the exact name I want you screaming.” He smirked. He tore off his top and mask before taking off your own. He then attacked your breast. He pulled off your bra before taking a second to admire your perfect curves. He squeezed a mound in one hand before taking in the other one with his mouth, biting at your nipple. Leaving hickies all over your chest, he was proud to see the purple marks that now adorn your upper body. He pulled down your pants and kissed your inner thighs. Right at the center was his treat. He pulled at your panties and stuffed them in his pocket.
“Hey!” You said after you noticed what he did.
“My little souvenir. Don’t worry about it princess, I’ll buy you more.” He kissed up on your legs and saw your arousal glistening. He licked his lips as his ruby eyes dialated. He was excited. He took an experimental lick as you moaned at the feeling and he savored the sweet taste. He could help himself, he dove right in for more. As his tongue lapped up against your clit, you moaned out in pleasure.
“Mm...yess Suki! Oh fuck right there..” you said as you pulled on his hair. He smacked your thigh, receiving a yelp from you.
“That’s not my name, princess~” he smirked against your pussy. He stuck his tongue in you and you cried out even more.
“F-Fuck! Dynamight, pleasee...more!” He squeezed your ass in approval as your legs began to shake. He knew what was coming and used his fingers to rub against your bud.
“Fuck..cum for me princess, cum in my mouth and let your hero taste you.” He said as your squirted in his face and Bakugou suck your clit, collecting all your sweet nectar.
“What a good girl,” he said as he came up to kiss you, letting you taste yourself on his tongue.
“You ready for the main event?” He asked while giving you this cocky grin.
“Please..” you whined out.
“Please what, princess? You’re gonna need to be specific.” He knew what he was doing. He wanted you to beg. And you were going to do it.
“Mm..Please Dynamight! Please fuck me with your cock! Please fuck my pussy!” You begged. He smiled and smacked your ass.
“Good girl.” He said as he pulled down his hero slacks and stepped out of the material. Here he was, Pro-hero Dynamight and your now ex best friend completely stripped infront of you. His member hanging out with a hard erection and your eyes went wide at the length. He noticed this and tilted your chin up so your E/C diamonds could meet his eyes. “Don’t worry, it’ll fit,” he kindly said.
“Doubt it,” you sarcastically replied.
“Then we’ll make it fit, Princess.” You bit your lip in excitement. He pumped his cock a few times before placing the tip at your entrance. He rubbed his tip up and down you slit as he spoke.
“I’ve wanted this for so long princess, and now I’m finally gonna make you mine.” He said before he slammed in as you both cried out in ecstasy.
“Oh-oh my god..” you whimpered. He peppered your face in kisses to distract you from the pain. Once you adjusted to his size, you begged him to move.
With your permission, he began to thrust in and out of your heat, with hard, slow strokes. Both of you moaning as the sensation. The way he filled you up completely was euphoric. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss, moaning into it as he picked up his pace a little more. You could hear his grunts and soft moans as he sped up, enjoying the way your pussy held him tight.
“Mm...Harder, Dynamight...F-Faster..please!” You whined. Katsuki listened, and he listened well. His strokes went deeper, his speed increased, and he fucked you harder than ever as he went up to your ear.
“Yeah...you want it harder?...deeper?....Mm fuck, faster princess? You like it rough? You like how Dynamight fucks your tight little cunt?” He asked while you cried out in pure pleasure.
“Y-yesss. Oh my god yes Dynamight. Fuck me just like this...ahhh!” Bakugou grabbed onto your ass with both his hands as he pummeled into you. You gripped his hair and he moaned at the feeling. He sucked on one of your tits as he looked at you. God, you were gorgeous. The blush that covered your face, you mouth hanging open with a slight smile as moans fall from it, and your eyes looking up like you’ve been fucked stupid.
“Oh..I’m gonna cum! Please, I’m gonna cum!” You moaned out.
“Not yet Teddy bear. Hold it,” he said as he gave your ass a hard smack and pulled out of you. You whined at the loss of his cock and looked at him with begging eyes.
“Turn around princess. I want you on all fours.” He simply said as he continued to pump his cock.” You moaned at the sight of it and smirked to yourself. He watched as you dragged your hand to your center and began playing with yourself.
“And if I don’t listen?” You smiled as you moaned at the way your fingers rubbed at your pussy. Bakugou grabbed your hand and got in your face before you could go any further.
“Then the brat who wants to cum so bad will cum for me 100 times over as her punishment.” He said as a threat but you only took it the best way possible.
“Sounds fun..Katsuki.” With that, he yanked your hand away from yourself and flipped you over before slamming back into you from behind and smacking your ass again and again.
“Ohh fuck...Ah...you think you’re funny, huh y-you brat? Let’s see how funny you are when I fuck you so dumb the only thing you’ll know is my name.” He said as he pounded into you. Your cried were muffled as you screamed into the mattress.
“Don’t do that, princess, I wanna hear your pretty cries,” he said as he yanked your hair, lifting your head up. He grabbed onto your neck and kissed you as you both loudly moaned into it. He squeezed your neck ever so lightly but tightly as he placed his forehead on yours to look down at where you both meet and become one. He sped up at the sight.
“I bet you love this. I bet you love having Dynamight’s cock deep inside you. Can you feel me? Huh? Feel me in your guts? Feel my big dick deep inside you?” He asked as he looked back at you.
“Y-Yesss! Oh f-fuck...ohhh so big!” Bakugou smiled at your comments and felt you squeeze around him.
“S-shit...you gonna cum? Gonna come on this big dick?” He asked as his hand traveled to you pussy, rubbing at your clit.
“Do it! Do it now, cum on my cock!” You squirted around his cock and Bakugou continued to fuck you through your orgasm and you cried out, and your upper body fell to the mattress. His hands grabbed at your waist as he pounded your pussy. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and bit his bottom lip as he threw his head back moaning out.
“Fuck! Ohh f-fuck, I’m gonna cum. You want my cum princess? Can I fill your pussy with my cum?” He asked while looking down at you. You had little tears poking at the ends of your eyes due to the mass amount of pleasure and Bakugou came at the sight. His thrust stopped as his hips met your ass in a final push, while his cum went deeper into your pussy, filling you to the brim. You both cried out as he finished and he kept himself in there for a little until you both caught your breath. He kissed up your spine to your cheek as he pulled out and layed down next to you.
As he pulled you closer to him he could hear your soft voice.
“A-amazing...Suki.” You said as you nuzzled into his neck. He only smiled as he realized you forgot.
“I hope so, cuz we’re not done teddy bear.” He said while smirking. Your eyes went wide as you looked at him in shock.
“Your punishment. Remember? I want you cumming on my cock a 100 times over. I don’t even want you to be able to walk for the next week.” He said while looking you right in his eyes. You took on his little challenge and straddled his waist before pumping his cock a few times and hovering over it. He watched the whole thing and licked his lips at you.
“Fine then Dynamight,” you said as his hands traveled to your hips. “Show me what you got,” you said as you slammed back down on him releasing cries from both you and him. This was gonna be a fun, long night.
After rounds 2, 3, 4, and 5, you both lie on your bed completely fucked out as you held onto each other. Bakugou was contempt as he held you under his chin and thought you were asleep. You were only resting your eyes with a soft smile on your face. Bakugou kissed the top of your head before softly speaking.
“I’m so sorry for everything I said teddy bear. You are the most amazing person in the world. I just don’t want you to be hurt. I wanna protect you for the rest of my life. I love you with my everything and I really want you to officially be mine. When you wake up, I’m gonna tell you all of this.” Bakugou sighed. Now it was your turn to speak.
“You don’t have to wait Suki,” you softly spoke as Bakugou looked down at you in shock. “I already heard it all, and I want to officially be yours too.” You said while looking right at him.
“Heh..I thought you passed out,” he teased.
“Well then I guess you’re not as good as you thought, Dynamight.” You teased back.
“You tryna say I didn’t fuck you good enough princess?! Cuz I still got enough for one more round that’ll be sure to shut your mouth real quick!” You only laughed at his little outburst.
“I’m good Suki. Trust me, you did more than enough.” You said.
“You’re damn right. And by the way you were screaming my name, I’m sure of it.” He proudly stated.
“Shut up,” you rolled your eyes and softly spoke. You both gently laughed at the teasing and embraced each other once more, but this time a little tighter.
After a few peaceful moments of silence, you heard him speak up.
“So..you’re being serious about really wanting to be mine..right?” Bakugou asked with worry laced in his voice.
“Of course I’m serious Suki. I don’t wanna be anybody else’s but yours.” You said in the cutest voice. Bakugou blushed at the confession.
“Ok then teddy bear. You’re mine now, and I’m never gonna let you go again.” He whispered. “I love you Y/N.”
“I love you too Suki.”
“Yeah, yeah I’m good. I’m great actually, a lot of good stuff happened on my patrol.” Bakugou said as he drank from his glass of water.
“Dude. Seriously?” The red head said in disbelief. What could possibly make up for all the crimes committed on his best friend’s watch?!
“Seriously. Gotta go, talk to you later shitty hair.” Katsuki said as he hung up the phone. As he finished cooking, he brought two plates of food to the couch for Y/N and himself. He had to carry Y/N there.
“What was all that about?” Y/N asked as she took a sip from her cup and turning away from the trashy reality show you both were watching.
“Just another reason why you’d make a better hero than me, teddy bear.” You awed at the compliment and cuddled into him. If only you knew how serious he was being.
Kirishima would know. For he was the one running around like a mad man trying to stop all the crimes committed due to his best friend being absent thanks to his horny desires.
A/N: YAYYY MY FIRST REQUEST! I really enjoyed writing this one and I’m sorry if it wasn’t exactly what you were looking for. I’m hope you enjoyed it tho! Feel free to drop more request for me to do!💗🧸
P.S. New series coming on the way!
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wintersfilm · 11 months ago
𝐇𝐀𝐓𝐑𝐄𝐃 𝐇𝐄𝐀𝐋𝐒 ──── a bucky barnes fanfiction
summary: your healing powers allow you to make sure the team survives their missions but some members are just too stubborn to let you help them. ꒱
part one summary: bucky ends up in your hands during a mission, continuing the feud you had with each other. can you convince him to let you help him?
pairing / trope: bucky barnes x reader, enemies to lovers. ꒱
Tumblr media
‘𝐇𝐀𝐓𝐑𝐄𝐃 𝐇𝐄𝐀𝐋𝐒’ masterlist // playlist
Tumblr media
“JARVIS read vitals.” tony ordered.
“heartbeat detected sir, multiple injuries detected, seek immediate help.” JARVIS reported.
“strange, get him to y/n.” tony asked, as steve walked bucky to a portal strange had already conjured after hearing JARVIS’ report. bucky limped through the circular orange glow, metal arm wrapped around his torso, hugging away the pain he could feel in his ribs.
you were ready, an earpiece giving you a front row seat of the battlefield. you heard JARVIS’ announcement as soon as it came in and began prepping for bucky’s arrival. orange light sparked outside of the room, before bucky limped in. your jaw clenched at the sight of him, and by his expression you knew he wasn’t thrilled to be seeking help from you either.
“i don’t need your help.” he spat, still clutching his own muscular frame, body slouched over from the pain. his head hung low, him only bringing it up to stare into your eyes and show you just how much he didn’t need you.
“i heard JARVIS’ report, bucky, i think you do.” you responded, making him turn away from you in frustration. “just lie down, this will be over quickly and then you can go rest.” you bargain. he looks over, briefly thinking over your proposition, before walking towards you.
“be quick.” he mutters as he lies down on the bed. you hum in response, acknowledging his bad attitude with a simple response. you turn around and tug at the hem of his shirt, a signal to have him lift it. he pushes it up, exposing his torso slightly. your hands hover over his body, using your powers to locate the injuries.
you locate 3 separate injuries, pulling his shirt up a little higher, giving you better access. he flinches slightly as your hands come into contact with his skin, your cold palms already a comfort to his pain, something he would never admit. your hands move around to each injury. energy and relief flows through him, removing all pain that had been inflicted on him during the mission. you retreat to a new activity but watch as he pulls himself up, using his hands to shift his weight into a seated position on the chair. in the process, his shirt had returned to its normal resting position.
“you’re all done.” you announce. “go rest.” you’re trying to sound sympathetic but it comes out like an order and bucky reacts exactly like he always does, with an eye roll and an audible scoff.
“you’re not even a real doctor.” he says.
“i know that.” you reply, not rising to his comments.
“so why are you here?” he asks.
you turn around, a pen ready in hand to start writing details of his injuries for the mission report. he towers over you now, standing tall and fully healed, fully capable.
“because i can help people.” you simply reply. “your welcome, by the way, for the help.” you turn away and the exhaustion fills you up. you’re hoping your comment might make him leave but he hovers for a moment too long.
you let your body fall forward, a hand on the desk propping you up to keep you from collapsing. bucky doesn’t seem to notice as you continue writing the medical report. after a few moments you hear the door close behind you and bucky is gone.
that night, tony ordered pizza for the whole team to celebrate the win. you showed up a little late due to finishing the reports after you took a nap. bucky was your second patient that day and the procedure took all the energy out of you.
as you walk into the kitchen, the team greets you, waving you over to join them. you walk over with a smile, grateful for the time to rest. wanda approaches you with a huge smile.
“y/n, i just want to say thank you again.” she says and you wave her thank you’s off.
“it’s no problem, wanda, really it’s my job.” you reply, the room falling into a comfortable silence to hear you and wanda.
it only takes a few hours of socialisation before you feel the need to catch up with rest again, overpowering yourself earlier by working on wanda and bucky meant that you retained all their pain in the form of exhaustion. the energy needed to heal one person was enough to make you nap for a few hours, but you have never had to carry out two procedures before.
your eyes feel heavy as the movie plays on the screen, head pounding with the urge to sleep. you let your lids flutter slightly, unafraid of anyone seeing your state in the moonlight. you look around, just to be sure and catch bucky’s eye. he looks away quickly but his expression remains the same, full of hate.
now your forcing your eyes to move, rolling them and not even bothering to hide it. you stand up, not the first avenger to head up to bed. “night guys.” you say, a few goodnight’s whispered back to you in the dark.
you go to bed, head hitting the pillow with a soft thump. you don’t even bother to do your night routine, spilling into the sheets and falling asleep straight away. while you sleep soundly, bucky lies awake, somewhat aware of your powers and what they really mean for you.
he notices how exhausted you get, notices the way your mood is low and how irritable you become after a hard mission. he watches as you fight to hide your exhaustion around the others, how your eyes close softly and the way your chest starts to rise and fall in a steadier rhythm once you finally let sleep overtake you.
he doesn’t refuse your help because he doesn’t like you and he doesn’t insult your ability to help others because he wants to hurt you, he just wants to protect you from taking on the pain of others, most importantly taking pain from him.
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probablyaterf · 10 months ago
Not long ago, if someone asked me what it feels like to be a woman, I would have thought they wanted to explore metaphysical reality. Increasingly, though, the concept that one can “feel like a woman” has been presented as a self-evident truth. I struggle to understand what one means when they say they “feel like a woman,” despite being one, so I tried to parse it myself.
What does it feel like to be a woman? Let me explain.
There is a photo of me at seven or eight-years-old, grinning in my favourite red outfit — short shorts and a crop top with a little tie over my belly button. My skinny kid-legs are tanned by a long summer. I’m wearing pink and white flip flops — I still recall the squishy foam feeling under my toes when I wore them. There’s a backdrop of sunny pines.
When I look at the photo today, I also see the end of childhood looming in the dark spots behind the trees.
One of the first times I felt ashamed of my body was three short years later, when my breasts began to develop.
Seemingly overnight, I was no longer a girl or a child.
I realized — without understanding why — that my choices and actions were now subject to scorn and criticism.
Then — at around 11-years-old — I had a similar crop top as the one from the photo. I loved the top — it was comfortable and let me move freely. But when I wore it, I garnered comments from adults that made me bristle with perplexed shame.
“That’s not appropriate for a girl your age,” they said. “You could expose yourself.” “Why do you want to grow up so fast?” “Girls these days want to be women way too early.” “Oh, you’re wearing that top?”
I mulled over each comment and wondered what was wrong with me. Slowly and in vague terms, I understood my body had become sexual without my knowing or intent.
How could I be so disgusting? Why was I cursed with such an inappropriate body? Why could the neighbourhood boys still skateboard down the street with shirts off, staying cool, while my crop top now signified something else entirely? I didn’t have sexual feelings yet (I had played spin-the-bottle and felt no thrill; the desire I felt was only to fit in), but sexual feelings were being imposed on me.
To be female is to have your childhood cut short unfairly, I later learned. But not before learning an unshakeable, dysphoric shame.
Previously, I thought I would undergo a “coming-of-age” type process ending in the dawning feeling of womanhood. But this never happened.
Instead, the lesson of early female puberty was that my body was a sexual vessel sending out messages that were not within my control.
I was too embarrassed to ask my mother for a bra. The way I felt about my body made me too humiliated to utter the words I so desperately wanted to say. It felt like forever before she offered to buy one for me. (I still remember the horror I felt at the department store as she clumsily grabbed at a “training” bra while I stared at the floor, my heart pounding in my throat.)
In the meantime, I hunched my shoulders, wore double layers and baggy tops, and grew accustomed to pulling at the front of my shirts so the fabric would not cling to my budding chest. I felt that having a bra would lessen the vulgarity of my chest and allow me to feel less “wrong,” but exercise and gym class became unbearable nonetheless. I was incredibly self-conscious that others might interpret my running or jumping as a sexual display. I carried the burden of wanting to apologize for my indecency.
I never asked for menstruation products, so getting my period was another secret shame. I bought products whenever I could afford them; if I couldn’t, I just used toilet paper. My mom asked me once, when I was about 15, if I had my period yet, and I refused to answer. I hated leaving the house when I had my period. I hated my body for betraying me and for being uncontrollable. I made excuses to get out of gym class or social events when I had my period, often because I didn’t have pads or tampons.
To my horror, my breasts kept growing, and became large. I garnered a mix of positive and negative attention from teenaged boys and grown men.
Around the age of 14, my best friend and I were walking home from the movie theatre in our city one evening. We stopped at a small restaurant to go pee. The manager was a seemingly jovial middle-aged man who welcomed us to use the facilities. I stood at the bar while my friend used the bathroom first. The man asked what high school I attended and made some other small talk. He pulled out a shot glass and bottle of liquor, and filled the glass to the brim. “Here,” he said, and slid it towards me. I looked him in the eyes and he winked.
I drank it, happy to be treated like an adult, trying not to pinch my face into a sour expression at the burning taste.
“Now you have to show me your tits,” he smiled.
I didn’t respond. My friend arrived a moment later, and I sprung away to the bathroom with a mix of fear and confusion clutching my heart. (I know, I never should have left her with that man, but I was afraid to react with anything except false bravado.)
On the way out of the bathroom, I grabbed her arm and shouted, “Thanks, bye!” as we took off. Outside, I told her what happened as though it were a funny story. We laughed as though it were a funny story.
As all females know, this is but an example of a not-uncommon experience. There are too many stories to describe in detail; some of my own are worse, or violent. Men have asked me to do things, forced me to do things, threatened or done things to me. For too long, I silently agreed that my body was an invitation.
I was angry when I lost control of my body. When my breasts appeared and my uterus bled. When this foul and mutating vessel made everyone around me think that I, too, had somehow changed. Or — painfully, in hindsight, because I believed it was true — that I was using my body to send messages of desire or consent, when I was still only a child.
Of course, there are women who suffer more, and in more terrible ways. I can’t speak for them; I can only understand how womanhood is too often an imposition.
Earlier, I described having learned an unshakeable, dysphoric shame. Bouts of shame plague me still, in my mid-thirties. I want an androgynous body I will never have. (Though I recognize, in the rational part of my mind, no variation in body type would be an escape from the female sex.)
I have bridled with rage and self-hatred after seeing male colleagues glancing at my chest. Breastfeeding was a months-long nightmare of intense dysphoria, on top of the typically associated pains and struggles. The triggers are plentiful and often mundane.
I don’t know how to overcome this, just yet. There are balms, including radical feminism and radfem communities.
It has been healing to openly share the ways our bodies move us through this world. And to discuss how our female bodies — from which there is no absconding — often dictate our treatment and well-being.
After all, what do I know about how it feels to be a woman, apart from what I’ve learned while others — largely men — react to my being one? Nothing. I only know how it feels to be treated like a female-bodied person.
I don’t know what it feels like to be a woman. I don’t believe this feeling exists. I have yet to hear a satisfactory or sensical answer to the question.
Without a female body, there is no equivocating oneself into womanhood. There is no incantation or initiation that can transcend our bodily reality.
“Woman” is not a feeling. “Woman” just is.
“On Feeling Like a Woman” by Amy Eileen Hamm
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